Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on December 06, 2011

First, a question to all the fashion people out there. With the rise in importance and prominence of both pre-fall and resort collections (both of which are quickly becoming de rigeur), isn’t it time to just take the 4 fashion seasons and name them after the actual seasons? Doesn’t it make sense, if you’re going to show four collections a year, to designate them your spring, summer, fall and winter collections? Because let’s face it: resort collections are essentially summer collections, fall collections are essentially winter collections, and pre-fall collections are essentially fall collections. What’s with all the confusing nomenclature?

Pre-fall collections are typically not as grandiose as spring and fall collections, but having sat mere inches from these looks as they walked by, it would be hard for us to argue that they’re somehow of lesser importance. Still, despite the luxury and impeccable craftsmanship on display, this really is a more subdued collection than what we would see from Oscar de la Renta during Fashion Week. Instead of an endless array of stunning gowns, there are more separates here; more wearable pieces, more pants than one would expect, and a greater number of suits. While the show does close with a number of beautiful gowns, it’s the slightly ’30s-inspired day wear that makes this collection. Gorgeous tweeds and silks, leathers and prints (and a little bit of fur) give the impression of fabulously cosmopolitan women dashing off during the day to do important (yet still fabulous) things. Oscar doesn’t really go for trends, nor does he set them. Instead, he utilizes his laser-precise knowledge both of his customer base and of women generally to give them exactly what they want: beautiful clothes that inspire one to murmur as they walk past, “Ohmigod, I want that.”



EXTRA SPECIAL SUPER-BONUS: We had the rare privilege of being invited backstage to watch the models have their hair and makeup done. We’ve been behind the scenes just enough times to know that they’re not always this, shall we say, genteel.  Even here, the OdlR predilection for quiet class and elegance is evident. By the way, we loved the tight, looped side-chignons the models were sporting. Very chic.

Look for our tiny heads on the left as the models come out. Lorenzo’s mostly obscured but you can see Tom’s big mug (in the glasses).

[Photo Credit: tomandlorenzo.com, gorunway.com – Video Credit: oscarprgirl.tumblr.com]

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  • Anonymous

    Very classy.  

  • Absolutely, breathtakingly devine! 

    Also – oh, look, no one’s touched the bagels backstage at the OdlR show.  Shocking.  HAHAHAHA! Bagels for models, as if!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that.  “why do they have food for the…models?”

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Must be for the frazzled young interns.

    • Anonymous

      coffee and Pelligrino for all!!

  • 3rd row black print dress…Love it! 
    How come you guys aren’t coming up on my Google Reader anymore?

    • Anonymous

      Me either! When I tried to subscribe again with the button on the bottom of the page, it just loads a blank screen.

      Can we please get this looked into?

      • We’re having issues with the feed at the moment. We’re trying to fix it as quickly as we can. 

  • Sara__B

    I DO want that, and that, and that, and that… 

    • Anonymous

      I sat there and watched the whole show, and I think there were perhaps 2 or 3 designs I didn’t want.  Talk about a gorgeous collection!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take all the outfits that include trousers, please. Thanks you.

  • Anonymous

    That first little suit is just exquisite. And the outfit with the second red leather skirt–the high-waisted pencil one–I want, head to toe. The shoes in that outfit call to me.

    I can’t say I really like any of the prints, really, even though I like the idea of these sort of abstract-art-inspired fabrics.

  • Anonymous

    As far as the collections and seasons go, I always thought Resort referred to summery clothes worn in the late Winter to resorts, so that doesn’t technically make them Summer clothes, does it? I agree it is all very confusing. The pre-Fall thing seems really new to me, though, isn’t it? I figured it was the designers’ way of keeping their product in our faces.

    Some of these pieces are stunners. That high-waisted slim leather skirt is fabulous. Too many other great pieces to list, but that last black gown also wows me.

  • Anonymous

    You guys have definitely stepped through the looking glass for sure! 

    Oscar de la Renta is one one my favorite designers, ever. He rarely sets a foot wrong. I love the way he’s playing with patchwork here, as well as mixing patterns. J’adore!


  • Anonymous

    love it all.

    wow front row even 🙂

  • Of course Lorenzo is being blocked by a stupid iPad.

  • Oh my God, I’m in literal pain at not owning that first jacket… the last time I was that breathless I had a collapsed lung.  I WANT IT SO BAD!  NOW!

    Other pieces that my therapist will have to work overtime to help me deal with not owning: the dark red dress in the 3rd row (which I may be able to knockoff, so that may ease my pain) and that high-waisted cherry leather skirt in the 4th row…

  • CQAussie

    Holy crap.  These are such gorgeous clothes, I am so dying right now.  OMG I WANT THAT.  AND THAT.  AND THIS.

    Saw you, Tom!!  

  • Christina Brennan

    LOVE this collection.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Anonymous

    There’s not a single thing here i don’t like. I especially dig the two patchy herringbone jackets, the chevron print skirt, and the color block prints.

  • lilibetp

    My favorite is the pink evening gown.

  • The black and white prints looked better in the video, in the pictures the first five aren’t grabbing me. The color block dresses are intriguing and I think I love all those black gowns.

  • Anonymous

    Santa, please let me be rich and thin so that I can own and wear most of this collection. Thank you. 

    And now I will get my poor, fat ass off of your lap.

  • *Grabbyhands* OMG I WANT. Especially the 2nd suit on the first row and the red and black and white dresses on the 3rd row.

    I love it! 

  • Anonymous

    So…hemlines are either knee length or ankle length right now, nothing in between? Hemlines always confuse me. Just when I think I know where they should fall to be in fashion, the move an inch or two…

    • Here’s the correct rule to follow:  Hemlines should hit in the places that are most flattering on you:)  I don’t care how trendy a mini may be at a given moment, they look awful on me and I won’t wear them.  (Long torso, short legs, cares weight in hip and thigh… none of these recommend a mini!)

      • Anonymous

        Oh my goodness, I think I’m your Asian alter ego!  At least, build-wise.

        • Chantelle James

          I’m your Canadian alter ego, build-wise! At least I’m short (5′ tall) so some minis fall at flattering points for me. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, gentlemen, for taking up the cause for logical nomenclature.  Of course, because it’s logical it probably won’t get any traction with the publicists or media mavens.  Courage!  To the lexical barricades!

    And the clothing is dreamy.  Congratulations for your ascendency to the upper tiers of seating and invitations.

    • Anonymous

      “Courage!  To the lexical barricades!”

      I should start collecting quotes from minions which exemplify why I love reading the comments section here.

  • Judy_J

    Oh, to have enough money to buy even half of this collection.  I love each and every outfit.  Especially love the Jean Harlow/Carole Lombard inspired gowns.  Gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad other people are taking note of that outfit with the high waisted skirt. uber chic

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could sit on Oscar’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas. This is drool-worthy.

  • So I wondered as I saw the pics on Facebook last night why we never see the back of the looks when they’re presented?  I know you who are at the runway show get to see them, but in that picture from last night, the back of the black pleat-y flowy gown was stunning and I don’t get to see it here, so the dress isn’t as appealing.  This is an essential with wedding dresses because the back is seen more than the front at a wedding.  I’d love to see the backs!

    ETA – really like this show. 🙂

  • mm. fashiongasm.

  • Love the rich color palette here, especially the combination of deep red and flame orange in the 6th and 7th rows.  Plus the backstage photos are fabulous.  Thanks, TLo!

  • Kate Pearce

    Wow! lovely!

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Beautiful stuff! I just wish the picture in the video would not pause for no apparent reason like that, but I still sat through the whole thing. It was even better in motion than in pictures, BUT it must be even better than that seeing it in person! I have been to one fashion show only, and it was not even one of the really professional ones. I wonder if I will ever get a chance…

  • Anonymous

    I really like this collection–pure class.  Some lovely colors deployed…and have I mentioned how thrilled I am (for the umpteenth time) to see the black/white prints that keep popping up in collections?  Fabulous.

  • MilaXX

    I see tiny heads!

    Love this collection. As you said, very wearable but still very pretty. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the fur look, but I’m not a big fan of fur real or faux.

  • foodycat

    4th row, centre, is that a leather pencil skirt? Divine. 

  • Anonymous

    Love and want almost all of it!  Laughing aloud at the food for the models.

  • Anonymous

    Since I can’t wear them all at once, I want to hang them all up in one room and run through the rows with my arms outstretched and twirl around them until I pass out from an overload of gorgeousness. Or dizziness.

  • The fisrt coat, the black with white applique? Ohmigod, I want that. 

  • Anonymous

    Can I just have all the long dresses? And all the coats that aren’t fur?

  • Love it all. Also, is it just me, or did OdlR kick up his game in wooing Shelley O? I can see her in a good portion of these pieces. 

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean like the first look in the sixth row? When I saw that on the runway I immediately thought of her.
      Love the whole thing, love that color red, love the third to the last look-dark grey here, deep brown on the runway. And for the first time I liked booties, but that is because of the lacy cutouts at the top.
      If I could have any of them, I would like the eighth look, but the crossword puzzle jacket makes the first look a close second on my wishlist.

      • Actually, I more meant the belted sheaths and dresses that are tailored in such a way that look made for Miss O’s figure. 

  • Anonymous

    Classic, elegant and oh so very, very lovely. Thanks for sharing T Lo. 

    And I see your teeny tiny heads. How great to be in the front row.

  • Anonymous

    Good God, I DO want all of that!!  Especially the burgundy leather skirts and jacket…..and the blue dress, and the striped skirt, and the camel coat, and the strapless black gown, and….

  • They keep cutting away from the shot of you guys to show some chicks in dresses.  Honestly.

    Amazing collection, though.  I wish I were the sort of woman who wore these clothes which, even had I the money, I wouldn’t be.

  • Thank you for explaining “pre-fall”.  I was wondering exactly when it was…apres August but pre-November?  Just being “Fall” is so much easier!

    It looks very calm backstage.  Who is the food for?  I wasn’t aware the natives of fashionlandia ate foodstuffs.

  • Anonymous

    I adore those little lacy cloche hats.  And the polka-dot top with the trousers (in the video only, not in still photos).  AND the purple bag (second row, far right).  AND AND the silvery cabled cardigan.  In fact, I’m thinking if I look hard enough at the video I might be able to reverse-engineer that one and knit it myself.

  • Well the still pics don’t do these justice. I loved every drop, and would lick the plate.

  • Anonymous

    This is a gorgeous, red carpet-ready collection.

  • Anonymous

    Is it weird that my favorite thing about this collection are the two-toned tasseled loafers?

  • Anonymous

    So if I had the money I’d by this whole collection lock, stock and barrel.  I could do without the gowns, but hey it’s hypothetical right.

    I seriously covet that red, white, and orange sheath dress..so cute

  • Seventh row, far right: the dress I’ve been dreaming of for every single holiday party… sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Some gorgeous pieces here. But I have to say I can do without the drop waist trousers. I think they are unflattering and proportion skewing (I hate them on men too!)

  • Anonymous

    wow, I love just about everything in this collection–!!!

  • Anonymous

    that mustve been so much fun. it’s a long time now for me.

    as an aside, fabulous early 70s hair to go w/ one of the best OdlR collections i think i’ve ever seen. he really really hit it right on its mark this time. all i wish is that there wasnt, you know what i’m gonna say, so much leather & fur. why cant they make leather & fur in petri dishes? then we could all wear it w/ a clear conscience.

    edited to add:
    ps. he is touching on the trends [for example: mixed wild prints]. the only thing is, he is doing them better.

  • Anonymous

    Those orangey red pieces are SO beautiful and I can’t wear ANY of them…makes me look like those walkin’ dead zombies but they’re kinetic and dangerous and YU-UMMY!

  • Anonymous

    very very nice stuff. I’d love to try at least half of it on if they made it in Big Girl Sizes. Which they don’t. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice to a collection not tailored to 14 year olds

  • While y’all are fighting over the red leather pencil skirt, I’ll just go ahead and take the full pleated one (4th row, left)…….  =)

  • Anonymous

    So TLo, I see no reason why Pre-Fall should be called Pre-Fall and not just Fall while Fall-Winter should be called Winter, 

    As a matter of fact, in 2008 Dior released their Fall-Winter collection as Fall and the pre-Fall collection was called Winter, at least on their website (Style.com probably lumped it in with pre-Fall). So I think pre-Fall is just a name that the industry has given these collections based on the time when they become available. Pre-fall will, obviously, be available before the fall collection.

    The reason for the name Resort definitely has to do with availability. Cruise/Resort 2012 became retail available in late october or november. Spring 2012 won’t be available until late feb/early march. So does it make sense to call it summer if it comes out before spring? Also, some designers take the name “resort” more literally and offer looks that are not just summery. ie Michael Kors Resort 2011, where the resort in mind is more like Aspen.

  • That lady in the hat! Wowsa! and she’s just a back stage minion. I want to be her

  • R. L.

    Fabulous!  I am having a fashiongasm.

  • Sean Wang

    Could anyone tell me the music in the video?

  • Anonymous

    One of your most entertaining posts!  Love the clothes (that blue/green floral dress is DA BOMB) and love all the backstage extras.  Thank you so much for taking us along!

  • Martha Anderson

    amazing fun looks.  Many I went



    Mondo is that you?  Big contrasty prints and color

    go figure

  • Anonymous

    I imagine we will see Shelly O in any number of those pieces and dresses in the coming year. Really great!

  • I’m almost weeping from want. Gorgeous collection!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE + want so many of the separates, plus the sleek dresses.  Sigh…

  • Anonymous

    2 things – 1.) I would wear 80% of what’s up on the runway, as-is.  That amazes me.  Most of it works perfectly for my size, shape and color, and I want it.  Next week, when I win the lottery, it will all be mine.  2.) I’m totally copying the hair for my next formal event.  Love. It.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, when he’s not drowning things in ruffles I do like Oscar de la Renta.

    Thanks so much for the video, everything looks better in motion. AND! Look at you guys seated in the front row! Just think, we minions “knew” you before you were noted fashion bloggers!

    Love most of the coats & jackets. Not getting behind long, cable knit sweater coats, though, even if they have a fur collar.The b&w was mostly wonderful. And I loved the long gowns-with-jackets.

    Lovely. I’ve never lusted after exciting clothes, just elegant & classic ones. Clothes like these is why I was borderline eating-disordered well into my 20’s, why I lost (most) of my excess weight after my heavy phase in my late 30’s, and why even now, health may have become the reason for my weight control efforts but clothes are much more motivating.  I think it’s time to start budgeting & sale-shopping for something really well-made and high-endish. It’s been a few years.

  • Many of these colors, especially the reds, are so rich and lickable.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Probably the only time in my life I’ve ever wished I were a stick-thin, middle aged Socialite.

  • Chantelle James

    I love almost all the clothes but I’m swooning over that silver gown in the second-to-last row on the left. I love the way it skims over the model, giving her sexy, womanly curves. 

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful post, guys. Loved the behind-the-scenes and the video. Nice to know that “our” TLo are such fashion celebrities with their front row seats. Next thing you know, you’ll have your own line and reality TV show.

  • Oh my. I want it all. 

  • well i get why they are named the way the are (the collections) from a retail point of view, but yeah it would much easier to just name it after what season they actually are.

  • love the hair, totally doing it like that as soon exams are over and i can do something to my hair again.

  • Anonymous

    I want it ALL. Luh him. 

  • M M

    Thank you for addressing that TLo! I was just ready to bitch about it yesterday, but feared I was somehow the ignorant one. I feel a little better knowing you two feel the same way. Now back to ogling this runway collection…

  • Anonymous

    These clothes look expensive in all caps!  And that is a compliment of the highest order!