“New Year’s Eve” Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on December 06, 2011

Darlings, it was the premiere of  “New Year’s Eve” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California and virtually none of the men could find a suit that fit them! It’s time we shined a light on this horrible state of affairs in Hollywood. Apparently, there are no tailors! Who knew?

By the way, does the commercial for this movie also give you migraines and simultaneous toothaches every time you view it?

Abigail Breslin in Marchesa

Ooooh, sweetie. That dress is a terrible shape, the skirt looks like a half-finished costume of some sort and the shoes are tacky.


Ashton Kutcher

Oh please. Go home.


Chris Colfer

How many vests can one babygay possibly own? Chris, you are way too young and way too gay too be in such a style rut.


Christine Lakin

Great color, but otherwise standard.


Cory Monteith

Tom will always sympathize, as a fellow brick-shaped big-and-tall, with Corey’s poor efforts in trying to find a suit that fits him. Tom doesn’t make nearly as much money as Corey and doesn’t have nearly the resources Corey does, so his sympathy only lasts for about 30 seconds.  Hire a damn tailor, Corey.  You can afford it. Also, gray and brown can work as a color combo on a lot of people. You are not one of them.


Darren Criss

Pairing matte and shiny blacks is never a good idea when you’re getting your picture taken.


Fergie in Monique Lhuillier

Also pretty standard, but she looks good. Could’ve used some colorful shoes.


Harry Shum Jr.

Thank you, Harry. At least we know SOMEONE with a penis in Hollywood cares about how they look.


Hilary Swank in Elie Saab

Cute. Boring shoes.


Jake T. Austin

You know what would have completed this outfit? If he’d attached a BP logo and a little stuffed bird covered in crude oil.


Katherine Heigl in Dolce & Gabbana

She looks great. The hair’s a bit Hillary Clinton circa 2000 and the shoes are a bit tacky – Seriously, stylists: peep-toes with bows are not the classiest look in the world. Stop deploying them. – but the dress is fantastic on her.

Kevin McHale


Lea Michele in Valentino

Pretty, but rather typically her, no? Time to shake things up, Lea.



It’s a bit on the business side of things, but he looks good. A black or maybe silver tie could have bumped this up.


Mark Salling

You may join Chris Colfer, Corey Monteith, and Ashton Kutcher on the bus ride home, Mark.


Michelle Pfeiffer in Dolce & Gabbana

There seems to be a red carpet micro-trend of doing tone-on-tone suede platform pump pairings with dresses in the red family (other examples), resulting in a look that’s matchy, without being exactly matchy. We don’t mind it too much, but we think there’s not enough of a contrast here. The dress looks great, but the hair is bordering on Baby Jane Hudson.


Ryan Seacrest

Whatever. At least the suit fits.



Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen

Too complicated. And the skirt’s not flattering.


Zac Efron

Guys, grey suits are for bankers. They don’t look very interesting in photographs unless you provide some interest in the tie or the shirt. Stop pissing us off.

But hey, your hair looks cute, Zac.


[Photo Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images]

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  • foodycat

    I really like Harry Shum’s shoes.

    • Anonymous

      ME TOO! His shoes, and Kevin McHale’s, are great. But Harry’s shoes make me wish they made them in girl sizes, maybe with a little stacked heel, so i could wear them. Or want to wear them; I’m sure they’d be at an insane price point.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed them till I saw your comment.

  • Kate Pearce

    I think Hollywood needs to import some British men’s tailors. Brits look way better in suits, I suspect it’s because they have to wear school uniform and get used to them at an early age. (off topic much?)
    Katherine Heigl for the women’s win. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Abigail Breslin is all grown up? Damn, I feel old.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with pretty much everything, except…

    one of my fave looks from Lea in a long time

    and Mark Salling can stay because he’s so hot I hardly notice what he wears.

  • Anonymous

    Ashton Cutcher = loser. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the guys, although some of them had some great shoes. Sad commentary when that’s all you can say.

  • Anonymous

    Are all the Glee kids in this movie or are they just coming out to support Lea (Or are they just hoping to meet Garry Marshall?)



    • Anonymous

      I was wondering the same thing. Is this a glee-meets-everyone-else-in-hollywood movie?

  • For some reason I actually kind of like the Abigail Breslin dress. It’s weird, but somehow it works for her age and build, etc. 

    See, TLo, the problem is that Ashton Kutcher doesn’t HAVE a home right now. He looks like a total douche here. 

    I’m not a Katherine Heigl fan, but DANG she looks great in that dress. 

    Kevin McHale looks adorable…

    • Anonymous

       Apparently, he also doesn’t have a neck. I used to shove my Barbies’ heads down to their shoulders. Kinda reminds me of that.

  • I actually think Zac Efron looks great! Plus, the fact that the suit fits earns him a couple of bonus points, compared to the other bums on the red carpet. Maybe if he’d employed a more interesting shirt and/or tie…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I thought it was a great color on him, and the fit was perfect! I feel like he just caught some of the leftover disdain for the other guys, since there was so much of it sloshing around (and deservedly so).

    • Anonymous

      Where’d my earlier reply go?  Anyway, I agree – I love this color on him! I think he maybe just got hit with a little leftover disdain for the other guys, since there was plenty to go around.

  • Chloe K. Evil

    Style rut or not, Chris Colfer is still as cute as a button. That may be my weakness for vests talking, though. 

    • And how adorable are the contrasting cuffs?

      • Chloe K. Evil

        Totally adorable! I love them.

    • Anonymous

      Sames. I love a good vest.

  • Judy_J

    Darren Criss….your shirt collar is making me weep.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen any commercials for this – is it a Glee-related project?  Or is there one actor from Glee and the whole cast just showed up to support him or her?

    • Just verified– Lea Michele is in it.

    • Just verified– Lea Michele is in it.

    • Anonymous

      I have seen the same commercial maybe 3 times.  I think Lea Michele gets on an elevator with Kutcher, Jessica Biel is pregnant, and Abigail Breslin flashes her bra in a subway. 

      • Eww, little miss sunshine flashes her bra? 

        • Anonymous

          At least it’s yellow…

    • It’s the one wherre SJP screeches “And this is not Girls Gone WYE-ULD!!!!”

    • Anonymous

      It’s another Garry Marshall “Let’s make a romcom in the style of ‘Grand Hotel’ or ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by hiring every star we can think of” movie, similar to “Valentine’s Day” (which Ashton Kutcher was also in, God help us). Lea is the only “Glee” kid in it, but since those kids work 18 hours a day together and live in each other’s pockets, I guess a lot of them showed up for support.

  • Based on this lineup I guess the movie is “women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a bunch of douchy teenage guys, and Ludacris”.  I’ll pass…

    • Anonymous

      And Ashton Kutcher. Ick.

      • Anonymous

        What is the appeal of Ashton Kutcher?  I’ve tried to find a way to find him hot or even likeable, with no success.

  • Ozski

    That’s my exact reaction to seeing the trailer. This movie embodies everything I hate about insipid holiday movies. Makes me long for “It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world” which actually had a much stronger ensemble cast. I usually hate what Fergie wears but  I am loving this frock on her.

    • The first time I saw the preview I burst out laughing and said to my fiance, “Look, Hollywood is once again trying to emulate the much-beloved Love Actually, an ensemble piece based around a holiday…seeing as how that Valentine’s Day movie was awful, they’re trying again with New Year’s Eve.” At this rate, I simply cannot wait until the Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Flag Day attempts.

  • Maybe it’s just jealousy since my boobs are too big to wear them, but I am so completely over dresses with below-the-tit necklines.

  • Anonymous

    Is Lea’s dress sheer on the bottom?  Are those her bloomers?  Because, no, Lea, just no.

    • Anonymous

      I think there is actually a slip under there (if you look at her ankles, it seems so, anyway) and the bloomer illusion is created by the sequins on the over-dress.

  • Anonymous

    Ashton Kutcher proves once again that he is a douche.  Harry Shum Jr. is, as always, the hottest man in the room.  He looks adorable here. Handsome, stylish, talented and hot. 

  • Anonymous

    Ryan and Zac found suits that fit, but were still boring somehow that’s a step up from most of the men.
    Harry and Kevin look fantastic.

    Abigail, Sofia, and Lea Michele made mistakes.The rest of the women look good in varying degrees.  I like how Hilary Swank’s hair is caught by the wind. 
    My favorite is Christine Lakin, that color is gorgeous on her.

  • Lea and Zac win the best hair of the year award, hairgasms both of them

  • I just started watching the first season of Glee with my 11-year old (most of the cast annoy us in a fun way, but Brittany is hilarious!). She has the biggest crush now on Harry Shum, Jr. After seeing them all on the red carpet, I understand why.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, Lea honestly? That skirt is SEE-THROUGH. And that carpet duster attached to her skirt should be used to deploy a little modesty to her top half. Or anywhere.

    Heigl looks like a Stepford wife in that getup.  Pfeiffer looks ready to murder whoever stuffed her into a dress made for the slutty 13-year-old at her frenemy’s bat mitzvah. Swank looks like she’s standing on a pier getting windblown and splashed.

    Shum looks great.

  • Marie Drucker

    How sweet that so many of the Glee guys came out for Lea. (They don’t get paid for this, right?) Comparing Lea’s dress in this post to Kristin’s in the ACA post… well, Lea can’t be much taller than Kristin. She finds dresses that fit. They may be “typical” but at least they’re not vulgar.

  • Poor Chris Colfer.  My guess is he’s falling back on his tried and true vests because of all the insane shittery their making him wear on Glee this season.  Honestly, what is that crap?  It’s like someone sewed together bits hand-me-downs from Ernest Borgnine and Patti Lupone. Gag!

    • Anonymous

      On the show they put him in outfits that cost thousands, and he shops at Target. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kevin McHale (and possibly Darren Criss) would raid Chris’s wardrobe for red carpet looks if they were all the same size.

  • Breslin gets a pass because of her age… and because she looks EXACTLY like my niece will in another 10 years, and it’s fun to watch my husband and brother start pouting every time she looks really cute because someday Lyssa will be the same age and dating:)

    Ashton has had a hard couple of months — working is such a strain — but still.  You haven’t announced any sort of severely debillitating illness that brings on significant weight loss, so such a badly fitting suit is not acceptable.

    It’s moments like these that I don’t understand all the complaints that Cory Monteith doesn’t look like a high school student.  Look at this outfit and tell me that’s not a high school boy with a hard-to-fit shape look!  Clearly, he is of the Method school of acting and feels he must dress as Finn would at all times.

    Darren Criss gets huge points because his shoes are POLISHED and nothing on his body is inherently ridiculous!  Progress!

    Fergie I can’t comment on — there is nothing too awful here but I find myself irrationally annoyed by her existence and unable to come up with anything nice to say.

    Harry Shum Jr is adorable and his clothes fit.  I love him.  (Though I really wish that shirt didn’t have a denim collar)

    Jake T Austin, whoever you are, you are not fabulous enough for a shiny jacket!  That is a look that requires commitment, not black jeans and a shitty dress shirt.  No.

    Katherine Heigl… I just can’t tell you how many things are wrong with that hair…

    The soles on Kevin McHale’s shoes fascinate me.  What’s going on there?

    That’s a mighty naked dress Lea Michelle is wearing.  Being more than a little bit OTT myself, I understand and appreciate it. 

    Why does Mark Salling own no real pants?!?  Every time I’ve seen him he has on jeans — they make very comfortable dress pants, Mark. 

    Michele Pfieffer I will hear nothing against ever.  She is untouchable as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t care how many awful style choices she makes.  I approve of any woman that can accept aging and not be ridiculous about it in Hollywood — she knows she’s never getting called to spend an entire movie in a patent bodysuit again, and she’s not complaining!  Her face still looks like it belongs to her not the Catwoman doll!  She has an actual sense of humor!  Love her.

    And finally, Zac Efron.  You may make a lot of stupid movies, and you may be (unreasonably) annoying because of the whole TEEN HEARTTHROB thing, but you at least dress appropriately for all occasions.  You get a star…. But it’s going to be silver until you break the mold a bit more.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Jake Austin is, nor do I care, but your critique elicited a bark of laughter.  Entirely spot on!  Lea Michele seems to be advertising her good china, which veers way over into “LOOK IN A MIRROR, for the luvaPete” territory.  I don’t need to see your moles, or the space between your legs when I’m looking at a floor-length skirt, Missy.  And that goes for the rest o’ youse dames.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Jake Austin is, nor do I care, but your critique elicited a bark of laughter.  Entirely spot on!  Lea Michele seems to be advertising her good china, which veers way over into “LOOK IN A MIRROR, for the luvaPete” territory.  I don’t need to see your moles, or the space between your legs when I’m looking at a floor-length skirt, Missy.  And that goes for the rest o’ youse dames.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much agree with your comments, T Lo, except for Efron. I think he looks great in that suit and it works for the occasion, especially given the crap  many of the other gents were wearing. Shum’s shoes are killer!!! I need the women’s version. Hell, my feet are big enough that I can probably wear the men’s.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Is Lea’s skirt sheer?? I need a new word for EW. Also, she must be freezing.

  • Anonymous

    How on Earth could all this money and (presumably) effort result in such a lackluster collection of snooze?

    The W.E. crazy train looks good in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    “By the way, does the commercial for this movie also give you migraines and simultaneous toothaches every time you view it?”
    Oh god, yes. I mute the TV whenever it comes on. The movie may be the best thing released all year (which I doubt), but I won’t see it, thanks to the ad.

    • Anonymous

      You mute every time the commercial comes on.  I change the channel-muting would still require me to see the images…

  • angela rose

    nary a comment about Lea Michelle’s completely see-through skirt?????????  classy dame.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure it’s not see-through – look at her feet. There’s an under-dress there.

  • Anonymous

    Katherine Heigl looks fantastic, if she is 45 and its 1996.

  • Anonymous

    As a group the guys look good.  Harry, Kenvin , Jake, Zac Ryan and an almost for Ludacris

    Christine Lakin  – who is that actress that she looks like? Jane Seymour?

    I swear Fergie going very slowly toward the Michael Jackson path of Plastic Surgery to being almost unrecognizable to her earlier self.

  • Anonymous

    Luda! Love him.

    Never thought I’d say this, but K Heigl looks the best here. Has the earth’s axis shifted or something?

  • Loving Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl (minus Heigl’s hair.) Speaking of hair, that shade of blond isn’t working for Fergie.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Is it just me, or does Seacrest’s crotch appear to be sucking his pants IN?

  • Judy_J

    Darren Criss’s shirt collar is making me weep.

  • Is Darrin’s suit black or brown? It almost looks brown to me with a black shirt, which is also yuck.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Hillary Swank’s shoes are boring at all… so there!!

  • Anonymous

    I  am convinced there is a painting of Michelle Pfeiffer locked away somewhere and it is looking all kinds of tore up from the floor up. Because this. bitch. looks. amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Darren looks like a tiny mobster. I find it very odd that he looks more italian than asian…one of his parents is lying to him.

  • Anonymous

    double post

  • Anonymous

    The guy with glasses is my favorite. And the girl with the mini crini is my 2d favorite. The others are unworthy  of my attention.

  • Anonymous

    Also, I bet every time Darren’s in the same vicinity as Zefron, he probably reaaaally wants to tell him how Harry Potter is his biggest fan.

  • The crotch on Darren Criss’ pants indicates that they’re too small…

  • Anonymous

    Abigail Breslin is too young to be auditioning for Miss Havisham.

    Edited to add that at least Zac Efron’s suit fits, his cuffs are peeking out and his pants are only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch too long. Big plus!

  • Is Kathreine Heigl still relevant? ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Abigail Breslin is too young to be auditioning for Miss Havisham.  Get that dress off of her!

    Zac Efron’s look, while boring, at least has the advantage of fitting, showing the cuffs, and needing the pants to be taken up by only  1/4 – 1/2 inch.  Pocket square and (I think) dark blue cute shoes, it all adds points for my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I quite like the grey suit on Zac – I think he looks almost dashing, but he did need a little color on there. I like the idea of Darren’s brown suit, but it’s the wrong shirt and the inseam is about an inch too high, hence the crotch explosion he is sporting.

  • Aren’t we going to talk about how Lea Michelle’s dress is see-through? No? Cause I think we should. Cause it is. She is taking this ‘I want to be like Babs thing’ too far.

    • Right?!  I am pretty sure I can tell how she wears her pubic hair, and that is WAY too much information.

  • Anonymous

    Katherine Heigl: trying to be a serious actress does not mean turning into an old actress. Toss the hair. 

    Sofia Vergara: experience has proven that dresses featuring openings to the wearer’s vagina are never welcome.   
    Can Michelle Pfeiffer look dated already?

  • What a horrible picture of Ludacris. :-/

    And yes, the commercial for NYE makes me want to throw things. Any flick that uses pop-culture references (whatever the “Kanye” line is) in its trailer is automatically lame.

  • k. samir

    I can’t tell who the bigger douche is here: Mark Salling or Ashton. Ugh.

  • Fergie’s hair is actually cute when she doesn’t knife pleat it down the middle of her scalp–would that she styled it this way more often!

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, Abigail Breslin needs an intervention now, while she’s still young. Before it’s too late. Hiddy.

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, Abigail Breslin needs an intervention now, while she’s still young. Before it’s too late. Hiddy.

  • CQAussie

    It’s a universal rule – the more famous & well known stars in a movie, the suckier the movie.  

    Also….none of these outfits rocked my world.  

  • Anonymous

    Abigail looks really cute and Michelle still very beautiful.   Great color on her.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Lordy where to even start. I have to respectfully disagree with some of your takes. Corey gets a pass for wearing a plaid shirt with a suit? I think not. Fergie’s dress looks at least one size too small. Heigl looks utterly matronly. And Lea is showing way too much sternum. On the positive side, I think Abigail B. is the cutest of the bunch.

  • aimee_parrott

    Did Hillary Swank bring her own wind machine for posing?  She’s the only one who looks like her air is artfully blowing in the breeze.

  • Fergie looks like…a…lady…? I mean, the hair is pretty bad, but it nice to see her looking rather ‘normal’.  Kudos to Katherine, she looks fabulous.  Lea, oh Lea, you are believing your own hype.  

  • I really hate when the collar on a man’s shirt is a different color from the rest of the shirt.  It just reads sleazy to me… maybe because of the Hugh Hefner association?  Anyway, other than that I love Harry’s look.

  • MilaXX

    Gosh is gray the new black? I am convince that Harry & Kevin are the
    best dressed Glees with an honorable mention to Amber. The others are hit and miss.

  • Anonymous

    No more fake curls, vis a vis Michelle Pfeiffer here.  If you use a curling iron, it looks tacky and weird.  Maybe Taylor Swift has curly hair, but what you’re seeing is hair that has been blown dry and tortured with a heated barrel.  That’s why it looks so twee, and why she should just wear it straight.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my.  Spoken like someone with naturally perfectly straight or perfectly curled hair.  For the rest of us… really using a curling iron is “tacky and weird”? 

      that is a new one.    Perms, straightening, coloring,wigs blow drying, highlights ?  Forget about those who are follicle-y challenged!

      • Anonymous

        Heh.  I have vastly imperfect and often annoying curly hair.  I was trying to say that there are many egregious uses of curling irons by hair stylists on celebrities on the red carpet.  I’m not against any particular hair modification, but lately stylists using curling irons for fancy curly ‘dos often make the curls too symmetrical.  They end up with curls that are fake-looking and aging.  Curls don’t all look the same, which is part of their charm.  I think curling irons are often used for very pretty, subtle red-carpet waves.  Off the red carpet I’ll defend your–or anyone’s–use of curling irons to the death!

  • Anonymous

    I love you Michelle Pfeiffer. And I’ll always have a special place for you in my heart Zefron.

    Also, when did Lea stop taking style risks on the red carpet? I mean she looks
    very pretty and her hair looks amazing and incredibly shiny, and I am
    as always so jealous of her hair, but this is so… expected from her. Though
    I’m sure if she’d gone out there in something more adventurous she would
    have been criticized for that honestly so maybe it’s better that she play it safe.

  • Anonymous

    Harry Shum Jr., once again bringing that je-ne-sais-JGL to the red carpet. Bless.

  • there’s something strange going on with fergie. instead of matching her dress to her hair like so many women have been doing on the RC, it looks like she mixed clashing metals. the gold and silver is not flattering on her (or anyone?).

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele seems way too dressed up!! And at least Zac Efron looks like he tried!! That Chris Colfer looks like he is about to dash into song and dance, a chimney sweep in a Mary Poppins movie!! So silly. And Michelle Pfeiffer is still gorgeous. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Hilary Swank’s shoes are an IN. They are perfect for her dress

  • Anonymous

    Katharine Heigl looks like a hooker who married a small-town businessman and is now trying to look legit – in 1985.  Those are the tackiest shoes I’ve ever seen on someone not working a pole.  And she looks like a well-preserved 50 here.  So, just no.

     And speaking of shoes, I love Hilary’s.  Love her dress too.  Also love Christine Lakin’s and Fergie’s dresses.  But what happened to Fergie’s face?  I wouldn’t have recognized her.  Still, she looks good.  Harry is chic and hip and adorable, as always.  Kevin is close-but-no-cigar.  Is he wearing Skechers?  It looks like his soles are lighting up.  Zac Efron may look a little bit Wall Street but everything fits and he looks great. 

    Is Ashton dipping?  It looks like he’s got his mouth packed with chaw.  Rumpled suit, ugly shoes, yep, he’s a douche.

    Everyone else, please go home and start over.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I was just thinking how Abby Breslin looks like Al from Step by Step, only to scroll down and see the REAL Al!

  • I was in the 8th grade when High School Musical came out. I have yet to get over my Zac Efron crush… he looks very handsome here.

  • Anonymous

    Fergie looks classy for a change.  Michelle is AWESOME!  Hillary looks great!  What is with Katherine Heigl’s hair?  Hope that is for a movie, because it is making her look 10 years older than her age.

  • Anonymous


    I thought Darren Criss’s suit was a sort of dark brown, which I like better than if it’s shiny black. Could be a trick of the flash.

    I LOVE Kevin McHale’s shoes. He always gives me shoe envy. (This is speaking as a girl. I just love guys’ shoes.)

  • Anonymous

    This movie has WAY too many people in it and looks very stupid (coincidently it is made by the same person who did “Valentine’s Day” last year…)

  • Anonymous

    Why can men not dress with any style?!  I actually like Zac E best here, and I never like Zac E!  But props to Lea, yes that well has been gone to many times before but it’s a fabulous well.

  • wasn’t this movie called valentine’s day the first time around?

  • Anonymous

    I love Abigail…eternally “Bo” for me…but that dress looks like an upcycled lampshade with a scarf thrown over it for ‘mood,’ a la 50’s movie hookers.  Poor girl.

    I don’t care for Heigl, but her hair looks really cute here.

    I also like that some of the gals are deploying some colors we don’t often see on the RC.

  • Anonymous

    I am crying for Abigail Breslin’s feet.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Seacreast’s suit fits? Ah…no, wrinkled and schlumpy, I think. I like Zac’s suit, although the shoes don’t go. I think the gals are doing better than the guys here…

  • Anonymous

    Harry Shum… Penis….

     Thanks for making me feel like a dirty old woman TLo.

  • Lea’s dress is toooo muuuuch for a movie premiere. And is everyone from Glee in this movie?? 

  • Anonymous

    Harry Shum Jr. and Kevin McHale, boys I am so digging those shoes. Hands down the best shoes here. Period. 

    I’m not digging Lea SeeMySternum Michele’s dress. It’s pretty but the sheer skirt bugs.

    And yes, the commercial for the movie causes my blood sugar to spike to dangerously high levels. Like a giant jug of syrup.

  • Anonymous

    Katherine Heigl’s hairdo scares me a little. Otherwise she looks glamorous. Ashton seems to have embraced douche-yness as a lifestyle AND look. I don’t know who to slap first: Sofia Vergara for wearing that dress or Zac Posen for making it.

  • Anonymous

    From the thumbnail, I thought Lea Michele was Natalie Portman. Oh, my brain.

  • Mariah J

    Can they please stop making these holiday rom-com movies? They are HORRIBLE and are unnaturally lengthening Ashton Kutcher’s career…which cannot end soon enough.

  • Katherine Heigl has aged about 30 years with that hair.

  • Kevin McHale looks like the offspring of the 10th and 11th Doctors in that outfit.  

  • elzatelzabelz

    So many comments, so little time- 1) What happened to Fergie? Has she always been made of wax? Something is a bit off, 2) Lea and Michelle are my faves. I would give KH points for trying, but she’s on my “List of actresses I dislike because they seem like they’d be gigantic PIAs in real life”, 3) Harry Shum FTW

  • Anonymous

    the men are all wrapped up! The women must be freezing their nips off…

  • Anonymous

    Re: Lea Michele:  I am so not a fan of the deep plunging neckline.  It is an impossible dress.  If you don’t have the bust to really fill it out, then it doesn’t look as sexy as it is intended to look, but if you do have the bust to fill it out, it looks tacky.  That being said, I read once that actresses are literally judged (and cast) by male executives based on their “fuckability,” and whenever I see a starlet in a dress like this, I think she’s playing a game that has nothing to do with red carpet fashion and everything to do with positioning herself for her next role.

  • Now I am The Bee

    So–was this movie written exclusively for the Glee people with some B-list celebrities thrown in?  Doesn’t bode well….

  • Anonymous

    Harry Shum is a breath of fresh air in this bunch. Parfait!

  • why does Katherine Heigl insist on having that haircut? did she really choose that haircut? and for like 2 years? it’s really horrible.

  • Anonymous


    1) Your caption for Chris Colfer includes one “too” that ought to be a “to.”
    2) I realize that it’s possible that Hollywood includes some men who identify as women, but even still, is it necessary to play the pronoun game when you’re describing “someone with a penis”?
    3) That may be the first time I’ve ever seen Sofia Vergara in an unflattering outfit. I didn’t know it was possible to have her bod and look bad.
    4) Oh, Michelle Pfeiffer. I suspected it before, but now I’m sure: you’ve succumbed to the Plastics Fairy. Why, girl? You’re one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and your bone structure would be the envy of almost everyone except Kate Hepburn. For the love of all things holy, stop now.

  • MilaXX

    I think this movie is trying to be another Love Actually. I doubt it will succeed.

  • Anonymous

    Hilary Swank’s knees are uneven…..did anyone else notice that…..am I turning into Adrian Monk?

  • I was beginning to think this was a Glee premiere

  • Anonymous

    Ludacris lives up to his moniker. Why does he always look like someone just smashed him in the face with a giant cartoon mallet?

  • Anonymous

    i think abigail breslin looks kind of nice. she doesnt always & she’s really young so i want to give her a teensy tinsy break, maybe. i mean, there are errors & it is marchesa but she looks pretty. too bad for the underpinnings. for the plastic petticoat perhaps she shouldve gone to chris march.

    the other ones are, you know, regular, although fergie, of all people, looks nice & michelle pfeiffer’s wearing a great color. colors.

    edited to add:
    isnt lea michele wearing the same dress as was unflattering on an olson sister a week or so ago? i think it was an olson sister. but i also think, after seeing it worn by someone & watching that someone get trashed a bit for it it was not particularly kind of LM to come out in the same thing only cut to the netherlands in sure search of sure publicity. i dunno. i am bothered by stuff like that.

    & i dont think it’s perhaps even good publicity for himself that ashton kutcher is throwing himself on the carpets right now.

  • im just glad lea isnt making that face she usually makes and is smiling. oh and why cant chris colfer dress like he does in glee??

  • I’m not quite sure how to put this, but has Kutcher’s face always been that… square?

  • Stephanie Bird

    Dear Pretend Gay Uncles,
    Usually, when a writer uses the plural pronoun “they” to refer to a singular antecedent, that person is clumsily attempting to avoid sexist language.  But when you wrote, “At least we know SOMEONE with a penis in Hollywood cares about how they look,” you have absolutely no excuse other than carelessness.  Please set a good example for us all. 
    Love, your Concerned Pretend Niece

  • Wish I could post some images from my vast archive of vintage masculine sartorial splendor as a retro-pretty  palate cleanser.  Just google ‘Rudolph Valentino’ to see what a suit should look like.  He wore some cray-cray in his day, but hot-d@mn, sh*t was tailored and FIT him :gets off soapbox:

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    is it just me or is Darren Criss channeling Tom Cruise?

  • Anonymous

    I actually kind of like Abigail Breslin’s broken Victorian doll look. This is assuming that’s on purpose, mind you. I think it’s cute, anyway, and she’s young enough to do it without looking all ‘Anne Heche in the neighbor’s yard’. You go, Abby.
    Ashton Kutcher is almost unrecognizable. Did he get a new face recently? I don’t keep up.

  • “You know what would have completed this outfit? If he’d attached a BP logo and a little stuffed bird covered in crude oil.”
    You guys are after mine own heart.  

    And Harry has some killer shoes.  

  • Anonymous

    ” If he’d attached a BP logo and a little stuffed bird covered in crude oil.”  — LOLOL! Also Harry Shum does look very sharp and put together. Kudos to him!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the reference to “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”  A classic movie and one of my favorites!

  • After wearing Kurt’s Hummel’s new clothes I’d dress like Chris too.

  • Harry Shum Jr is to die for here! Best dressed male, hands down.