Kate Beckinsale Shopping in LA

Posted on December 08, 2011

We were pretty hard on Kate the other day, so we thought we’d do her a solid.


Kate Beckinsale in Burberry

Kate Beckinsale shopping in LA.

Kate Beckinsale in BurberryBurberry London Double Breasted Short Trench Coat

Kate Beckinsale in Burberry

We love the way she looks here. We love a cropped trench coat and a big pair of shades on the right gal. Who doesn’t? The boots are pretty fabulous too, but Kate, sweetie, you should really look into pants. You clearly love your legs, though, and we can’t say we blame you. Also, your hair looks great! But you knew that already.


[Photo Credit: WireImage, bloomingdales.com]

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  • I dunno guys, I feel like every celebrity that I don’t really care about has that exact hair style. I am so sick of it. Sure, it’s shiny and symmetrical and whatever else but now it’s just starting to scream “photograph me!” 

    • michelle abeln

      i completely agree. i was just thinking how generic she looks; generically good, but still generic. the coat is a bit fab though.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. What I’ve always found appealing about her is that she didn’t look like the typical movie star glamazon; she seemed more like a better version of a regular person one knows. But all the pictures I’ve seen lately don’t even look like her. 

    • It’s the Middleton effect, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great.  At least she has the long top over the leggings.  I hate when women wear the too short tops that don’t end below the backside.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I don’t mind leggings as long as the top is long enough.
      I think Kate’s outfit looks adorable top-to-bottom.

      • Anonymous

        I agree.  If it covers your butt when your hands are in the air, then I’m fine with it.  But under no circumstances should I see your butt. 

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but leggings aren’t pants. What do you have against pants, Kate Beckinsale??

  • Anonymous

    Love every bit of it except for how she forgot to put on her pants. No one over 19 should wear leggings as pants. 

    • I wear mine as pants with really long sweaters — but they have to be the really thick, sturdy weave.

      • Maria Rosenfire

        My rule is that it’s fine as long as your butt is fully covered. Kate’s coat here is borderline.

        • Anonymous

          Not only does your butt have to be fully covered, but it has to STAY covered when you bend over.

          • Anonymous

            Yes.  My rules is does it stay covered completely when you put your hands in the air.

          • Well, my butt may not stay covered when I bend over, but I only buy the pant-type legs that are thick enough that you don’t see anymore than you would in skinny jeans, I promise:)  And once I’ve worn them for a bit, they don’t even hug that well because I sadly have white-girl pancake ass…

          • Anonymous
          • CQAussie

            This needs to be handed out to all and sundry.  Which is why I posted it on my facebook page.  As a PSA.  

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            Love it!

    • IDK. I seem to have that conversation weekly- with my 5 year old. “Honey, you can’t just wear leggings. Please put a skirt on, too.” Leggings are not pants, for anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I like that coat in white.

  • Anonymous

    Kate looks fine, but I’m really distracted by those leopard printed, very pointed, fug looking shoes in the background of the first photo. 

    • Anonymous

      ooh, I see it now.  It also looks like that person is wearing a cropped jacket made out of teddy bears.  

  • Look I’m sorry, but ‘tying’ your buckle belt is just silly. 

    • I never seen anyone wear a trench coat that *didn’t* tie the belt instead of buckling it.

      • I’ve never tied my belt on my trench coats… I either take them off or I let them dangle if I’m going to be taking it off so soon as to not make the buckle worth dealing with. 

      • Anonymous


      • Well I always buckle my belt. I’m starting a fashion revolution! 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like the stark contrast between white and black. She would have looked better in the khaki version in my opinion.

  • I hate the boots with the leggings and trench — they’ve got a very different vibe than the rest of the look.

  • Anonymous

    Would donning a pair of jeans killed her? It would’ve made the look perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my, kitties are bitter today. I think she looks fab.

  • I love that decorative buckle on the end of her tie belt. What were those called again? Aglets?

    • Because it bear repeating…
      Though the eye of the needle/Time to loosen your tongue/Got a tip how to make ends meet/A-G-L-E-T, don’t forget it!

      I heart Phineas and Ferb.

  • I think she looks great.  Though I’m over the ‘leggings as pants’ trend.  

    • I’ve never gotten over the “leggings as pants” trend, although I know better than to wear them as pants now that I’m no longer in my early 30s, and it’s not 1989. I still wear them around the house, with a long sweater or shirt, but I miss not being able to wear them when I go out.

      And I agree. She looks great.

  • Love the coat and the boots! I don’t mind the leggings, they go pretty good with the coat and boots.

  • I once read that leggings should never be worn as pants…I think this is a good rule of thumb to live by over the age of say 25. Maybe it’s just me…

    • Anonymous

      25? I’d say 5! I saw a grandmother wearing legging as pants the other day…that’s when I knew the trend hand gone too far.

  • Anonymous

    That trench coat goes for almost $1,000. Yikes. And I was wondering if I could afford the one on sale for $50 at Lands End.

    • Anonymous

      Especially a blindingly white trench. White outerwear seems like something you wear a handful of times before it gets covered in grime.

      • Not necessarily — a lot of it depends on how easily cleaned it is.  I bought myself a bright white wool coat the year I quit smoking (My reasoning was that I was going to buy something I couldn’t as a smoker, and white wool qualified) and as long as I washed it regularly, probably once a month or once every 6 weeks, it stayed bright.  Even when I went too long between and it got dingy, one quick wash with extra detergent and some Shout poured into the water, and it was back to it’s former glory.

  • Cathy S

    The coat’s great. I wish we could see the boots better; they look nice.

  • If I had Kate Beckinsale’s legs, I’d go pantsless too.

    She looks fab.

  • Gorgeous Hair and love the trench.  Pants would have only improved the look.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, someone with long hair who has a Hair Style – meaning she actually put some hot rollers in her hair.  I love that coat too.  I thought those were like pants/tights.  I don’t care.  Pretty Pretty Pretty.

  • CQAussie

    I do love this look on her and LOVE the white trench.  But yes, Kate, pants.  Or even a nice fitted mini skirt.  Anything except JUST leggings.  Leggings are not pants.  

  • Anonymous

    She looks good, like the boots.

    Coat length is borderline, for my tastes, but demonstrably others disagree with my antiquated notions (just sit outside any high school or on a college campus).

  • Anonymous


  • there is nothing interesting about this, i feel like you just felt bad for ripping her apart the other day. but i still love you guys

  • Anonymous

    Oh c’mon about the pants. She’s not the Queen of England. She’s a starlet. She can wear leggings if she wants to. A very ordinary out shopping look, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

  • Anonymous

    LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. They will not become pants if enough people run around in them. I am not okay with them without actual bottoms. If this look involved a skirt or dress or something then sure. Shorts would have been fun and amusing like “I’m wearing daisy dukes in the winter” whimsical. But public pantslessness is not cool with me.

  • Mary McClelland

    I LOVE HER HAIR> major hair envy here! I have long dark straight hair but I am so rarely motivated to style it that I develop envy of Kate, Demi Moore, and sadly enough the Kardashian sisters. 

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great with the exception of the leggings. I wish they would go away. Forever. A pair of skinny jeans and killer boots and this would be perfect. I love how she’s being criticized for hair that looks “really good but too generic”. Tough crowd. 😉 

  • MilaXX

    I hate when people wear leggings as pants but I think she looks good here and realistically like she’s out running errands and not just posing for a photo-op ala Heigel

  • Love the coat. I don’t mind the leggings. I just don’t know how they don’t feel cold! Not a fan of the slouchy boots. Somehow I just don’t like those.

  • She is a member of the Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera society of “Leggings are TOO pants!” It gives me the sads.