In or Out: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry Prorsum

Posted on December 02, 2011

We adored this look upon first glance. After many more glances, we still like it, but we’re not sure about one or two things. Walk with us.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry ProrsumRosie Huntington-Whiteley attends the Burberry Paris Boutique Opening in Burberry Prorsum.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 CollectionBurberry Prorsum Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Joan Smalls

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry Prorsum

Let’s get this out of the way first: that skirt is FABULOUS and it fits her perfectly. We like the top – especially the color – but the uneven straps cause eyelid twitches and the fat bow looks a little silly. We go back and forth on the belt. It’s a fabulous piece and it certainly goes with the outfit but did it really need it? She’s certainly got the build for a sleek, high-waisted skirt. It’s not like the belt was needed to define her shape or anything. We like the simple pointy-toed pumps, though. But what’s going on north of the neck there? That looks like last night’s makeup and the hair looks like she just came from a brisk drive along the ocean with the top down. Is that why you look so pissed off, Rosie? Because the outfit’s mostly hot. No one’s going to say anything about your hair, doll. Well. Except for us, of course.


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IN! Colorful, bold, chic and sexy!

OUT! You’re never fully dressed without a smile, bitch!

Voting on Vera Farmiga’s chic schoolmarm look is still wide open, minions.


[Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe,]

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  • Anonymous

    Out, for the caption you put with that vote and for the faults with the straps, the make-up, the hair and the belt.  Too many misses toted up here.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Flippin’ Heck – that colour is FABULOUS on her.  I can forgive the hair and make-up.  IN!

    • Anonymous

      same here

    • Nancy Abrams

      Snooki wants her bump-it back.

      And just how skinny do you have to be to wear those horizontal stripes and still look thin?

    • Anonymous

      “Flippin’ Heck” – honey, are you from my home state of Utah?  Because that’s how everyone here talks!  

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I have to argue with myself again.

    Skirt IN IN IN
    Belt NOT
    Hair OMG OUT
    Makeup OUT
    Crooked top OUT

    Hmmm, that skirt only earned 3 “In”s so the 4 “Out”s take it.

    • Anonymous

       I so agree ! perfect count down.
      Why is she so pissed off ? 
      If she doesn’t want to be there give it up !

      cheers,  parsnip

    • Cathy S

      Perfect analysis. I concur. Out, except for the skirt.

  • foodycat

    IN: I like the makeup, the JBF hair and the skirt. The bit from clavicle to just under the bust is best ignored.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    That belt is so unnecessary. Still In, just not as emphatic.

  • Anonymous

    Out – belt is silly, hair all a mess.

  • CQAussie

    IN.  It’s a fantastic look for her and I love her simple shoes.  The colours and silhouettes all work for me.  Didn’t need the belt, agree.  

  • Anonymous

    OUT, she needed to balance out the top part. All I can see is the lovely skirt and the rest is dull. The model and her stylist did it better

  • Joyce VG

    JBF hair for sure!  She looks great. IN!

    • Anonymous

      That’s not JBF hair, that’s “I had insomnia and rolled around my bed all night and I’m too depressed this morning to even look at a comb” hair.

      Also, is it wrong that I want to find the valve and let just a bit of air out of her upper lip?  That thing looks painful.

  • Anonymous

    In. I think it looks great on her. I am not a huge fan of the belt, but all in all she looks great in it and it works.

  • Anonymous

    The bulky bow on the top makes more sense on the model, when it’s the thing that’s holding that open top together.  As for the crooked straps, it looks a little like the straps were supposed to go straight up, but she pulled them to the sides to give it a more interesting look.  Or she pulled them to the side because they were too long on her.  Either way, a little nip with some thread could have fixed it, but then, would she have to pay for it?  And I have to disagree on the skirt – it’s looser on the model.
    Sorry, but OUT.

  • MilaXX

    In, She looks good even if the hair and makeup aren’t up to her usual fierceness. I could go either way or the belt and I don’t mind the top.

  • Laura Schultz

    Yeah, OUT. The belt is weird and I don’t like the top. Still, this girl’s out is about 90000% better than my half in will ever be…

  • Anonymous

    I wish she was wearing the original top, but that bitch is nearly always flawless…IN

  • Ali

    IN, because that skirt is so, so fab on her.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the belt is a bit much, but I like the hair. A definite, envious IN.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks so awful and she looks so pissed off that it completely distracted me from the fabulousness of the skirt. OUT.

  • Delysia LaFosse

    I loathe the belt with this – I like the idea of a belt, but not that one. Still, that skirt is just so hot that I think she’s getting an IN in spite of some problematic elements…

  • Anonymous

    Very IN. Plus, bonus point for not using the dead muppet that the model draped around her neck.

    • Anonymous

      I thought that looked like a slice of moss, myself. But Oscar the Grouch does come to mind, now that you mention it.

  • Anonymous

    bahahahahahahaha, omg OUT! tres tragique, rhw.

  • Susan Collier

    Hate the shirt straps and bow, but the skirt is fantastic. Can I come back in my next lifetime looking like her?

  • Anonymous

    The skirt is fabulous and the belt is a great accent.  But the top (especially the straps) throws the look off and combined with the messy hair, I’m voting out.

  • Anonymous

    IN- she really is so gorgeous she can pull off all manner of mistakes. The hair is awful but everything else looks stunning.

  • Alexandria

    I will say IN because even with the faults presented she still looks beautiful and put together. Ah, to be that genetically superior. 

  • Anonymous

    The skirt is truly fantastic on her and I do like the color of the top, but I kind of hate the top itself.  The belt is ugly and unnecessary, the shoes are just okay.  But that hair, that…hair…I can’t even…maybe she should take the top and wrap it around her head to make a hat ala Project Accessory.  I’m gonna have to go with OUT!

    Wow…that hair…

  • Anonymous

    I like it. IN. I like the inclusion of the unnecessary belt. And I like the hair too.

  • MandyM

    In but I agree about losing the belt and the sad hair and makeup.

  • Anonymous

    IN…the skirt is just that great on her because otherwise it’d be an easy out. The top and hair…egads! Those straps!?! That belt is not necessary and is actually too much. 

  • Sylvia

    IN! It may be her lips are so big and pouty she looks odd in photographs when she smiles.

  • Anonymous

    IN because a poorly executed belt is no match for a gorgeous supermodel. Better luck next time perfidious accessories….

  • Hannah P


  • Anonymous

    I really like the outfit, but the belt was definitely unnecessary.  That HAIR though.  Goodness.  I’ll say IN, but it’s a close one.

  • Lisa Weaver

    IN – love the silhouette. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The belt and hair look like she just won a wrestling championship. The shoes look pinchy and awkward. It’s almost like the belt, shoes, and clutch go with a different outfit entirely.

  • Judy S

    Overall worth an IN, but the belt does not fit the look.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Not just anyone can pull of a fitted skirt with horizontal stripes.  

  • Anonymous

    hate the belt but i love the rest!!!! in

  • Anonymous

    Big IN.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks too bottom heavy: the bold skirt w/stripes, the heavy belt, the black shoes…the top is practically a cami and doesn’t really carry its weight in terms of bringing something to the outfit.

    I think the skirt looks amazing on her and i like the color of that top. I guess I’m on the fence btwn In and Out.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Lose the belt and fix the top, though.  I actually like her JBF hair.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going OUT here.  I love the skirt, BUT, I hate the alterations made on the top.  It goes from chic to a little teen or younger.  My tipping point, though, is makeup that actually creates the illusion of a cold sore.

  • Anonymous

    She looks a million feet tall in this get up. I want to give it an IN for outfit, but OUT for her haughty unmade face.

    Decisions, decisions.

  • Vera

    The beautiful skirt keeps Rosie from being an out, but she’s only a lower case in. It may be her job, but Joan Smalls looks especially good.

  • penn collins

    Out. the belt doesn’t work, and LOVED the original with the hat…. (take a risk, work a hat on the RC) the skirt is so amazing…don’t mess it up, yet, she did. and if you notice the hair/makeup/disaster THAT much…then OUT.

  • Katie Evans

    The only thing that looks In worthy is the skirt.  OUT.

  • Peter Faso


  • Anonymous

    IN! the belt i think is off but the skirt is so gorgeous and the overall look is stunning

  • Lexie

    Out. But that color really is lovely. It would be an IN from me if she took off the belt, cut off the bow, and cleaned up her hair a bit. 

  • MandyJane

    In, but I don’t like the straps all wonky.

  • Lisa

    Ehh, it’s okay.  It’s a bit too simple.  

  • Anonymous

    OUT, Skirt’s too tight and her hair is a wreck.

  • Emily Smith

    In. I’d go gay for that girl.  so hot.

  • Anonymous

    The beautiful skirt almost makes up for the rest of it…

  • Kate Pearce

    IN=apart from the wonky straps I love that color and would wear that if I was a size 0

  • Anonymous

    Can I give the clothes an IN, but an OUT for Rosie. Get a hairbrush, girl!

  • Anonymous

    oh the straps are annoying but in between putting it on & fixing them over & over for one photographer after another she may have just lost track momentarily of where they were. i wouldnt take points off for that. the bow is built in, i actually kind of like it better in its even more engorged state on the model, but thats just personal preference. she doesnt need the belt, true, but it’s a fab belt & she’s tall & thin enough to wear it & it certainly doesnt detract, so why not? i think she looks great.

  • blue

    IN! The outfit is FABULOUS. I will forgive the hair; it was probably windy out just before she stepped in.

  • Brad and Anne White

    I would kill for the body to wear that skirt. Even though it makes me twitch, I’ll give the hair a pass. IN.

  • R. L.

    In but I have qualms about the uneven straps, bow, hair and makeup too.  The outfit is awesome and she wears it well.

  • Anonymous

    I like the skirt, hate the top (looks like she grabbed after a quickie) and the hair and face (same reasons as the top). 2 out of three missteps equals an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like this at all. And if her top lip gets any bigger, it will go up her nose whenever she breathes in. I know she didn’t used to have lips like that!!!

  • Emily

    Have to say Out – due to everything but the skirt.  Like the runway version of the top better.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I have a serious question for all the ladies who know more about boobs than I do. Here her bust looks to be about my size, about an A or B cup. How the hell do they make her boobs look so big in Victoria’s Secret ads? I am assuming the answer will further confirm my hate for VS and everything they seem to promote.

    • Anonymous

      V.S. has an arsenal of boob enhancement technology – physical and digital. I think of it as the go-to store for middle-aged, middle-income men who buy their mistresses overpriced lingerie, thinking it’s the good stuff.

    • Anonymous

      it’s cut & paste probably. just a guess, but i’ve done this work since the very end of 1993. i’ve put peoples heads on other peoples bodies, for example, for a company whose products are owned by something like half of those of us here in the US [they didnt wanna pay models or something]. would be the same thing w/ boobs.

      • Anonymous

        That is such a sad statement. A woman this beautiful isn’t good enough with her natural breasts? I hate society.

        • Anonymous

          i agree w/ you 10000%.
          i’ve never seen the photos but if there’s a real obvious discrepancy that’s probably how it’s done. that it is done is nothing i can get behind. except for cash, right now, i’m afraid. but thats cos there is so little of it floating around. elsewise, no. you are totally correct.

  • mrspeel2

    I think she’s giving us her very best Brigitte Bardot look. After all, she IS in Paris!

  • Samantha

    I wish she kept the top the same as the runway and left off the belt. Even so, it’s still pretty fab. In!

  • P M

    A weak Out. The top’s structure and the belt are making wierdness happen. 

  • Miranda Neville

    No. I mean, she looks good in anything but I hate this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I love the skirt but that’s about it. So, OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, it’s a seesaw on this one, but I come down on the side of IN.  That skirt is too fab to be outvoted by anything as mundane as hair, and the color on the top is magnificent with her eyes and coloring.

  • Ebba Svantesson


  • Anonymous

    The skirt is an IN. Everything else is an OUT and everything from the neck up is YIKES

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, I think she looks pretty damned good. And her top choice is far superior to the slutty rag the model is wearing. 

  • Sara Munoz

    Pretty but the model is WERQing it hard. Everything is better except the hat.

    If that doesn’t sound clear one way or the other, it’s not. I abstain from voting.

    • Sara Munoz

      You know what? She’s got such a sour puss and messy hair. And the accessorizing does suck. I’m in a bitchy mood. OUT.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    skirt makes it IN

  • Anonymous

    Oh that attitude…but the skirt gets her an IN.

  • Aly Light


  • Kiltdntiltd

    the outfit is an IN.  But girl, just how stoned ARE you?

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks great.  Love the skirt.  

  • Anonymous

    IN because she is only interesting to me when she’s got this pissed off look. Also her mouth is shut for once. She actually looks hot to me here, and never does any other time.

  • Anonymous

    In.  The hair might be a little Ann-Margret after a rough night with Elvis and straps are a little wonky, but her poise and that amazing skirt more than make up for it.  It would have been impeccable if the top were a square neck and had a bit of a sleeve in the same color.

  • Anonymous

    The belt is terrible with this dress.  And she does need a comb.  Otherwise, it looks great.

    A borderline IN.

  • Ana Cedillo

    ehhh i cant decide. its looks nice, but her hair is awful especially the antenas, and the bow is ugly, and i feel uneasy about the belt. the model looks better sorry rosie

  • Anonymous

    The top is really killing it for me. If I tried something on and it looked like that, I’d think “poorly made” and not buy it. What the hell happened, Burberry?

    I have no problem with the belt or the makeup, I agree she needs to brush her hair. But mostly I’m just pissed off about the top. OUT.

  • Ally Monge

    IN on the skirt alone…. I need that skirt.

  • Anonymous

    The belt looks fine to me. But the straps and bow are quite the issue. Overall though, I think she’s deserving of an IN!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think the name ‘Rosie’ just doesn’t suit her? It has connotations of plump cheerfulness which just don’t apply to this girl, lovely as she is.

    Outfit-wise, I think this is damn near werq-worthy. The belt is unnecessary but it’s so beautiful that its presence doesn’t detract from the outfit. The bedhead is forgivable.

    I’m glad they got rid of the hole in the top, and she didn;t wear one of those weird hats like the one the model’s wearing.

    This is very much an IN for me.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    The belt and the grooming are killing it for me. I love the skirt, and it really does look fabulous on her. I like the top as it is, but I like the runway version a lot better. Overall an OUT!

  • Anonymous

    IN! She looks great.

  • Meg P. W.

    That dress is too cute – I can’t give it anything but an IN.

  • Anonymous

    The model on the runway is wearing the bath rug on her shoulders because she’s ashamed of the eye twitch straps. 

  • Anonymous

    I am incapable of viewing this in an unbiased manner, as I have an irrational dislike for this girl (whom I’ve never seen in any movies and whom I wouldn’t even know of unless TLo covered her- see? irrational). I just cannot stand the look on her face, ever. And get some serum, honey!

    I do like the clothes, but I don’t like them on her. And there is no way those lips are all natural. They’re approaching Lisa Rinna territory. 

    (Is it weird that I’m kind of digging the oscar the grouch stole on the model?)

    • Anonymous

      I have no idea who she is either!  I’ve only seen her mentioned here and have never had any interest in Googling her. And I don’t like her snooty duckface expression, so, like you, I don’t much care for her…even though I don’t know who she is.

      Fame.  Live with it!

      • Anonymous

        Snooty duckface!! LOLZ. I’m going to try to use that expression as often as possible.

    • Anonymous

      According to IMBd, she has “acted” once.  Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.  Whatever that is……  I don’t get the boys fascination with her either, there are certainly better known, more interesting people to feature here.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah – I know *of* her “acting”, just never seen it as Michael Bay movies give me seizures (I’m assuming it’s Michael Bay). And honestly I don’t care how insignificant someone’s career is; if they dress interestingly I’m game for looking at pictures of them.  But this girl! She irks.

        Or maybe I’m just jealous because I’m seriously coveting that skirt.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Tom–the Lazy Girls’ Research Department!  :) 

  • Dee B

    She’s IN. Nothing wrong with the makeup/belt.  I’d prefer her hair another way but it’s no dealbreaker.  I hate the straps to the top, but still. IN

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting a major Jean Shrimpton vibe from these photos–only Jean’s lips were the ones she was born with.  Nevertheless, don’t mind the wind-blown hair with a casual look at all.

    The skirt is absolutely divine, and the belt is fine.  The top?  It’s better than it was on the model!  Love the shoes too.  The clothing looks so much better when it isn’t weighted down by a pair of clomping cinder blocks.

    So, IN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In for the outfit (although I am only so-so on the belt)  but an out for the “Paz de la Huerta” face and hair.  Seriously, that is JBF’ed hair but JBF’ed by 8 guys in the bathroom after doing too many lines of blow off the toilet seat.  Not attractive….

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Indeed it is…!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. In. For the overall. She is fabulous.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    First photo: IN. Last photo: OUT. Can I vote like that?

    I do not mind the hair and makeup at all from afar, but up close?

  • Anonymous

    IN ’cause that’s a fabulous outfit, but she looks a little unhealthy. Have a cookie?

  • Ina Partosa

    IN. The bitch looks fab. I hate her. 

  • Anonymous

    IN, hard to argue with her, um, basics.  I agree the skirt is the key piece here, the belt an afterthought, and the top looks a little askew and like something you could grab at Forever 21 to satisfy your need for something teal.  I love that shoe, it’s such a relief not to see the silly putty platform pump … which would have been the go-to choice for most with this look.

  • Anonymous

    THe belt is totally unnecessary and the bow is wack, but this is stil an IN IN IN

  • Anonymous

    IN.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

  • Anonymous

    “IN”! She looks fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Out – it is the belt that ruins the look.

  • Anonymous

    I think the belt actually takes away from it. Her hair and makeup don’t bother me, though. Her attitude does a bit. The skirt and top are so great that she gets an IN.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT.  That belt is definitely messing it up.  It really doesn’t look like it belongs.

  • Taija HU!

    I can forgive the make up but the hair, not so much.. And the belt sort of takes away from the outfit. So it’s an OUT purely because the more I stare at the photos, the more agitated I become about the small details.

  • Nancy SM Waldman

    IN. The outfit is unusual and looks perfect on her, even at that difficult-to-pull-off length. Love the belt, too.

  • L.

    A reserved IN.  Love the skirt, color of the top, all the accessories, esp. the belt.  Agree w/you on the top, but still like it better without the wet-look furry thing on the model.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Everything from the bow up ruins the look.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Everything from the bow up ruins the look.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great on the model and pretty good but not great on her. The hair is a total loss and I think the runway shoes were better. The hat helped the look, too and it sure would look better than the fly-away hair.
    Nice try, but OUT!

  • BerlinerNYC

    The hair is a hot mess, but it kind of works. The color of the top is amazing, and the skirt is mesmerizing. But that stupid belt is so attention-grabbing that it ruins the whole look for me. Regretfully, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, purely on attitude, or lack therof. She bugs.

  • Anonymous

    out.  She can do (and has done) so much better.  And much as I hate to admit it, her expression is the thing that put me over the edge.

  • Grace Armstrong

    IN for sure. I like the changes made to the outfit. Frankly the runway model looks ridiculous. What is the fur thing on her shoulders? Why the hat? I don’t even know.

  • AWStevens

    Doesn’t need the belt (that statement infinity plus one).  OUT

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she just woke up. She must have had a nap in the limo.

  • Joy Yeager

    That hair just overwhelms the fabulous skirt and everything else positive happening here…OUT

  • Ruth Gottesman

    In. The outfit is fabulous, I really like her makeup and I’ll excuse the hair.

  • Samantha Irene

    Belt is def not needed, and seriously – why is she not smiling at all! If I had that skirt and looked that good in that color top I would be ear to ear grinning – or giving some FACE. Out for lack of smile and belt.

  • Anonymous

    Out. No to the belt and the alterations in the top, both of which ruin the line of the dress.

  • Anonymous

    i give her a big IN.  of course the skirt is fabulosso, i like the color on her.  the bow should go and then the belt could stay, but wish it was a bit smaller.  it’s adding bulk.  love the shoes.  her lipstick is smeared like she just laid a big wet one on some lucky person.  the hair would not look so bad if she weren’t standing in front of a white backdrop.

    can’t buy the runway look at all.  she’s wearing a jockey’s hat with an avocado bathroom rug slung over one shoulder, and the shoes look cheap and clunky.  she forget to tie up her blouse and the pinky purple clutch relates to nothing.  

  • Anonymous

    LOVE! I agree about the hair, she needs to fix that. And I think a narrower belt, maybe? Something about it is off. But otherwise, I adore this.

  • Anonymous

    Love the JBF hair and makeup.  Love the clothes.  IN

    One complaint:  could her lips get any pouffier?

  • Anonymous

    IN. Love the belt. She looks better than the model…of course.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what is more gross, that belt or her lips.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    I think the bow is cute! I love the entire outfit, except for the belt. She could have brushed her hair, but definitely IN.

  • Anonymous

    In – could that lip of hers be natural?

  • Anonymous

    IN.  It’s so interesting, fits like a dream, and that shade of blue is wonderful.  I’ll forgive the hair though it makes me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Too hard to vote.
    Love skirt.
    Love top color, straps & bow too wonky.
    Belt – no. Too clunky for that clean, sharp skirt.
    Like shoes
    Makeup-fine, no stars.

    She’d be in were she a mere mortal. Oh well. In, but the skirt & natural bone structure are carrying you, girl.

  • Anonymous

    I hate the shoes with it, the straps are wonky and her face pisses me off. OUT.

  • Linde Hoff

    Belt ruined it, in my opinion.  Also, why not where something more interesting and polished as a top than a swimsuit cover up?  She started well pulling on the skirt, but it went downhill from there, unfortunately. 

  • Merneith

    I really liked this dress a lot on the model but Rosie here is not selling it. Out.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I was thinking maybe she fell asleep in the limo and her hair got all tousled.  Or maybe she had, um, a friendly visit with someone.

    IN for the fabulous outfit.  But someone buy this girl a hairbrush!

  • Barbora


  • Veronika Kaufmann

    she looks like a stoned zombie. and I really hate pointy shoes. So no. 

  • Mags

    IN! She looks fab.

  • Victoria Pavlova

    IN. And damn her genes.

  • Anonymous

    I say Out–so close, and yet so far. Hate the belt and the sloppy top.  The skirt is so fab, but this whole look could have been so much better.

  • Nicole Merrill

    Out. The belt is too wide and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t even see the rest of the outfit or how her hair/makeup is because that goddamned belt is to goddamned wide.

  • Liana Brooks

    OUT – It looks sloppy and over thought. Lose the belt, don’t show up on the RC with bedhead, and do something with those straps.

  • Stacy

    Her lips are starting to scare me….

  • Anonymous

    She is so beautiful, that I have a hard time criticizing her.  So I covered her face with my thumb and realized that I am hating the belt, and the top looks rumple-y.  And her hair’s a mess.  But I love the dress and after I moved my thumb, her pretty long neck and killer bone structure in her face sent these hypnosis waves from the screen into my eyes.  IN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m eating a bread and butter sandwich at 2 AM and I declare this an OUT! Simply because, aside from the crazy straps making me all dizzy and the top sitting waaaaay weirdly low on her chest and the egregious belt, I just do NOT like the attitude, Miss Huntington Worthington Whitington! Wipe that bitchy frown off your face and be GLAD you’re gorgeous and not eating a bread and butter sandwich at 2 AM. 

  • rebecca

    I give her an IN – she looks like a goddess. But it’s an In with misgivings. The belt, to me, is a tad too heavy. Still, she is amazing.

  • Mary McClelland

    OUT> although, I like elements of this look. The belt is dreadful with this look and the top looks sloppy from afar. 

    Really has she gotten thinner? Perhaps she needs a snack break?

  • Jessica O’Connell

    This is hard because that skirt is FABULOUS and the color looks great. Love that blue on her. Agree, that the straps are making me a little twitchy, but it’s not that bad. But I hate the belt with it, I just don’t think it works with the outfit, and she has some serious bedhead there…maybe she had a little too much fun in the car on the way over?

    I’d say OUT but still, the skirt and color are awesome. I want that skirt. I couldn’t pull it off, but I want it nonetheless. I’ll take the top too please, just because it’s my favorite shade of blue? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    a fab skirt isn’t enough for me and my not-feeling-generous self this monday morning. OUT, girl.

  • Anonymous

    begrudgingly in.

  • Angie O’Brien

    Skirt is so fabulous that is makes the IN.

  • Anonymous

    Remove the belt and I love the look. She can certainly pull off this sort of thing, horizontal stripes, wonky straps and all. 
    JBF hair is one thing, but this really looks as if she muscled her way through a wind tunnel to get there.

    Also…I know she has those sensuous full lips, but she always seems to me like she’s pushing them out even further, pursing and pouting them to within an inch of their lives. It kind of annoys me, sorry to say.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    IN because the skirt’s so fab. And the colors are good. I prefer the model’s shoes. 
    She’s physically beautiful but her facial expressions make her look stupid and empty. Too bad. 

  • katie

    I love that outfit (and belt) so much I’m going to excuse the hair. I think her makeup looks pretty. IN.

  • Anonymous