In or Out: Rose McGowan in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on December 12, 2011

You get jaded over time as a fashion blogger. Styles change, points of view shift, and over time, calluses build up on your sensibilities. Things that would have had you in the past shrieking over their hideosity instead get measured, even approving responses. Such is the case with Rose’s dress here.

Rose McGowan in Dolce & GabbanaRose McGowan attends the 2011 UNICEF Ball presented by Baccarat in LA in a Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with a Judith Leiber clutch.

Rose McGowan in Dolce & Gabbana

Rose McGowan in Dolce & GabbanaIt’s not that we think this dress is ugly, but we can’t decide if it’s fun and pretty in a conventional sense or if it’s just a bit gloriously and deliberately tacky. We’ve looked at so many damn prom dresses and lingerie-inspired lace dresses that a lingerie/prom hybrid (with the extra added bonus of FLOWERS!) doesn’t even seem remotely odd to us anymore. But we still have moments like this, where we legitimately can’t figure out if we like something or not. Great colors; great shape; very flattering – it’s all good on those fronts. But it’s yet another dress that looks like a slip repurposed into a gown. We should hate that on sight, but the color and the embroidery go a long way to mitigate it.

What’s really making this look tip over into the IN side for us is the person wearing it. She’s about as well suited as anyone could possibly be for this dress. In fact, we imagine no one else would ever want to wear this dress in the future. “Oh, that Dolce & Gabbana with the embroidered flowers? I can’t wear that; it’s Rose McGowan’s dress.” Maybe this works for us because it’s the converse of our favorite fashion dictate: Girl this is SO your dress that no one else should be allowed to wear it.

As for styling, the purse and jewelry is wisely low-key, but we’re not digging her makeup. Kittens make the call:


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IN! I love a sexy + girly look!

OUT! This dress looks like it was put together with a glue gun.


Viola Davis’ housecoat and bad wig getup was sharply criticized by a disappointed commentariat, voting her a big ol’ OUT.



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

    • Mahar Mangahas

      The dress is great, but what on earth happened to her face?!

      • Ailsa Martin

        Car accident.

        • Charlotte Horseman

          Oh my gosh – just looked that up because I wasn’t sure if you were serious or not.  She did… so, OK.  My bad.  Poor girl. 

        • Mahar Mangahas


        • Terence Ng

          But the accident drove her sunglasses into her face, after she was cut below the eye. I can’t imagine why she got her lips plumped…

      • Charlotte Horseman

        Agreed – love the dress, love the hair – but her lips.  Oh… another beautiful girl goes too far.

      • Anonymous

        i was thinking the same… she’s SUCH a classic beauty, but someone did a hatchet job on her cheekbones (looks like she wanted more definition?) ~ i’m put in mind if the same doc who does the housewives of BH, maloof’s hubby. it’s just no good.

        oh, but for the purposes of the post: IN. i like it, and overall she looks great.

        • Anonymous

          It’s from fully reconstructing her face after a bad car accident.  Not really her choice.

          • Anonymous

            oh i had no idea she’d been injured ~ then all things considered, it’s a damned good job. she’s just unrecognizable and plastic surgery is so common now that i just assumed it was her choice.

          • mellbell

            That simply isn’t true. She was wearing glasses during a car crash and experienced some cuts around her eyes due to the impact. She went to a plastic surgeon to minimize the scarring around her eyes, not for a total facial reconstruction. Any other changes to her face were absolutely her choice.

        • Shona S

          AS MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY MENTIONED, she was in a car accident and took serious glass to the face. The poor girl has had many surgeries trying to repair the damage.

          Celebrities are people too. People have stories. And some of those stories and sad and don’t deserve our snark.

          • Anonymous

            AS I JUST MENTIONED, I HAD NO FUCKING IDEA ABOUT HER ACCIDENT. furthermore, i was literally the 2nd comment on the entire post, so all the comments about her accident weren’t up at the time. as soon as i DID know, i rescinded my statement, so take a damned ativan and lay off the caps lock, bro. if i stopped to google before i snarked, i’d never get anything done (and neither would tom and lorenzo), so if you don’t like snark, especially when it’s not mean-spirited ~ my comment really wasn’t, and i think that’s pretty apparent ~ then maybe you should hop on out of the bitter kitten sandbox, booface.

            • Shona S

              Just like you, many of the replies weren’t up when I posted my comment, including yours. Please continue with your regularly scheduled program of trying to sound too-cool-for-school on the internet.

            • Anonymous

              trying and succeeding, apparently.

              bye bye now.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Gurl, stop with the Duck Lips Pout!

    • Anonymous

      I kind of like the dress from the shoulders to the knee-level seam.  Below that, ugh.  The gathering and the train are icky and take it into Morticia Addams territory.  She also needs instruction in how to pose, because from every angle she looks like she is seriously afflicted with scoliosis. OUT.

      • Anplica Fiore

        Me too – the  fabric and design from the knees up is ok by me as well, but really dislike the ruffled bedskirt of a train.  Out.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      she certainly has the body for it, but the look is veering a little too close to bordello chic for me…OUT

    • foodycat

      You do have to grade on a curve – remember the days when she was dating Marilyn Manson and would have worn this without the lining? Such an improvement, definitely IN! Would have liked it better without the tacked on train, although it would possibly have looked even more lingerie-y at kneelength.

    • Anonymous

      Out, out, out!

    • Judy_J

      I don’t like the length of this dress.  That additional piece of fabric tacked on at the bottom looks like an afterthought. 

    • Emily Giovanni

      I am a little distracted by her “stick out the bottom and boobs” posing. OUT, mostly due to the offensive hem. But her hair is pretty and the colors look great on her.

      • BerlinerNYC

        Seriously. Wouldn’t it be creepy if the gown is actually constucted in such a way that it forces you to stand like that?

        At least her bare ass isn’t hanging out; this is hardly the most OUT she’s been…

        • Kiltdntiltd

          Back at the beginning of the 20th, they called it the S Bend, and corsets were routinely worn to force the body into that position.  Grotesque, really.  But no more so than the lengths people go to now to conform to the cultural norm of beauty.

    • Anonymous

      I’d give it a solid IN if it weren’t for the cheap black lace over it. To me, it simply looks like lingerie from the 80s.

      But the pattern and color are both gorgeous, so I give it an iffy-IN.  

    • Anonymous

      Out, just out.

    • Ali

      Since this seems to come up in every Rose McGowan post: She was in a car accident. She took glass to the face. Please stop harping on her “poor” plastic surgery. It’s not quite the same thing as Priscilla Presley or Heidi Montag, thanks.

      • foodycat

        And also, I think the second picture isn’t a poor-plastic-surgery duck-lips example. I think she is in the middle of saying something with an “eff” sound in it.

      • Kiltdntiltd

        I was unaware of this, Thanks for the heads up.  And my apologies for my prior snarkiness.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’ve had to point that out in a few previous posts about her. I wish T Lo would put a disclaimer at the end of posts about her.

        • Ali

          I agree.

          • foodycat

            I just think upholding the T.Lo tradition of snarking the dress not the girl would be good.

    • MandyM

      I think it’s a great dress for her. IN

    • Deb

      My first thought was that she couldn’t find the right shoes and so hid them by stapling the matching shawl to the bottom of the dress. From the knees up – in. Knees down – out. Sorry TLo – does that mean it’s 3/4 in? 

    • siao

      IN. I think it’s the fit that’s helping it, it’s like a glove and so she looks fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      Oh In. It looks perfect for the Charmed reunion party.

    • Anonymous

      Who is this person?

    • Anonymous

      the colors! the pattern! in.

    • Anonymous

      This is an IN for me, because I always felt D&G tiptoe the line between “walk walk fashion baby” and “it’s oh so tacky” pretty well. Plus, it’s flattering.

    • Anonymous

      From about the knees up, I think it’s adorable on her (and agree that it’s very suited to her).  From the knees down, it looks like bad curtains.  75% in I guess?

    • Anonymous

      Well, I’m not jaded enough to give a measured response, this thing is HIDEOUS! OUT. Stretchy black netting with flowers and embroidery over some slip thing with a tattered dish towel stabled to the bottom? Seriously? This is the tackiest thing I’ve seen this morning! OUT OUT OUT. Also – OUT. I actually liked her makeup and hair though.

      • Anonymous

        Thank God someone else feels the same way – I was wondering what all the INs were about!  Couldn’t have said it any better – HIDEOUS!

    • Mary McClelland

      Out. Tacky like the CMA awards. That’s actually Dolly’s dress from 1984 and she’d like it back, please.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  She looks better than I’ve seen her in ages and it fits her like a glove.

    • Aly Light

      I like it better from a distance– the close-up shot makes it look kind of cheaply made, I think it really shows off the lingerie quality.  I agree that it is SO her dress, and at least it’s fun. IN.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      IN – this is perfect for her.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a very quietly whispered “in” from me.  Hate the bottom, and I’m a bit tired of the lingerie look. But the fit and colors look so good on her, and she hasn’t overdone the accessories.  Wish we could see the shoes, though. They would probably make the choice between IN and OUT a bit easier.

    • Anonymous

      It does work on her, even if on paper it adds up to a tacky dress. I guess that is the definition of an In, isn’t it?

      In (but just barely).

    • Christina Brennan

      I like it.  IN

    • Laura Schultz

      IN, I guess. 

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      IN. Totally love it.  

    • MilaXX

      IN – It’s not earth shattering but she looks fine. Hair, makeup, fit, it all works.

    • Anonymous

      I actually really like the makeup…and the rest as well.  It’s an IN

    • Anonymous

      I can’t tell if I hate it because I hate it, or because of how she’s standing in it – stand up straight! Everyone’s going to look at your butt regardless of how you’re standing.

      Also, WHAT is with the duck face?

      No, that does it. She’s out. I just can’t take it.

    • Anonymous

      IN!  The right dress on the right girl.

    • Anonymous

      Eww … Out. Too much tacky.

    • Anonymous

      Boys, that Fergie nightmare has your heads spinning.

      This look is neither fun or ironic.  It is OUT.  

      The exaggerated posing, the palette knife makeup, the lace flower appliqués. A Vegas hooker could look this good.

      That is all.

    • Anonymous

      It’s an IN for me. an interesting print, pretty hair, and great accessories.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is a dress that shouldn’t work but does. I say IN, although her make-up is really aging her. Maybe she has to have it applied so thick and heavy to cover scarring, though? I don’t know.

    • Hilary Sain

      OUT.  It looks like a big, long, bra. 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I’d hate it if she didn’t look so good in it. I do hate the makeup, though.

      Still? IN.

    • Anonymous

      This is totally in. The fit is great, the color and pattern are unusual, she doesn’t look crazy, it’s pretty, it’s feminine without being ridiculous, sexy without being slutty.

    • Mary Stone

      OUT – GLUE GUN X-TRAVAGANZA.  The applique-d cheap bra lacy bits on the bodice, the very inexpensive looking lace fabric all contribute to the outness, but what killz it for me completely, is the fact that it saws her into 3 more or less uniform portions horizontally.  What it’s doing at the waist and at the knees is very unflattering, the attached, limp and wet-looking “ruffles” at the knee are truly sad.  This dress might look passable if it stopped at just above knee-length and came in a bit (got narrower) at the hemline.  Or not.  I actually hate the lilac color.

    • Anonymous

      Very ugly dress, horrid fabric. So OUT.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      it’s ugly. i like the color on her, but the dress is wrong because it makes her torso look thick, and that seam at the waist makes it look like old-fashioned underwear, and not in the fun Dolce Gabbana way. 

    • Anonymous

      It is just barely In, because “great colors; great shape; very flattering” but it is “a bit gloriously and deliberately tacky” which I think is D&G’s thing anyway. She looks fabulous and manages to elevate purple flowered lace over a nude slip into something dramatic and glamorous.

    • up with pod people

      Pretty as anything! In!

    • Anonymous

      Out.  Looks like a tablecloth. A thick one.

      Seriously though, what happened to her face?

    • Liana Brooks

      IN – It’s crazy, but she looks good in it.

    • Kathrine Marlow

      I think I would like the dress more without the bottom part.  It’s definitely her dress.  I agree with the makeup, too much for such an event/dress.  Still an IN though because she found her dress and is wearing the hell out of it. 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Suddenly, I miss fleurchons.

    • Natasha Fairweather

      IN – I love the look on her. Not on anybody else, though.

    • Anonymous

      That dress is horrible. Out. She deserves a better one.

    • Cathy S

      I just don’t know, so I’ll have to go with Out.

    • Julaine Haraden Morley

      Going for the glue gun assessment, and the “gotta pee” pose is doing her no favors. 

    • Anonymous

      I realize I’m ridiculously predictable, but: it’s lace, it’s purple, it’s basically lingerie, it’s IN. I don’t care how tacky it is, she looks gorgeous.

    • Jessica Pippin

      It’s different. I think I would like it more without the train. Perhaps if it flowed better & the seam wasn’t so obvious.  But she looks great. IN. 

    • Anonymous

      only a ’90s babe could pull off this ’90s look. IN…ish.

    • Anonymous

      The further down you go, the more OUT this is.

    • Anonymous


      She looks great and rather sexy without being vulger.  I like the colors and pattern, and this fits her perfectly.  I don’t even mind the side sweep hair style in this case.  Not crazy about the pink applied flowers on the straps though.

    • Anonymous

      out, out out. it’s monday, my coffee isn’t strong enough, and I hate that big ruffle on the bottom.

    • Susana Reyes


    • Nancer

      Out because – despite what TLO says – I don’t think the fit is right. It is too tight through the hips, and it’s really dragging on the floor. The colors are pretty, but it looks like a mash up of a negligee and a prom dress.

    • Jenna Thomas-McKie

      In, but only because it’s Rose wearing it.

    • Anonymous

      In- colorful, girly and different.

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      I can’t stand her so I must recuse myself.

    • sweetlilvoice

      In for not being a gyno dress and for not being shear. 

    • Mariah J


    • Anonymous

      No. It looks to me like a dress from one of those cheap junior-girls mall stores: Forever 21 or charlotte russe or whatever the hell they are. Fits her well, but who cares about that when your dress is cheap and kind of oogly?  Is her pose in some way related to injuries from the car accident, or is she just standing awkwardly?

    • Alloy Jane

      Not a fan of the giant dust ruffle, it ruins an otherwise interesting and textural dress.

    • CQAussie

      I just don’t see this as anything other than lingerie.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Out, out out! She looks like a lampshade mated with hideously embroidered curtains.

    • Anonymous

      What’s going on with her posture? Why is she standing like that? Does she have a trick hip?

    • Anonymous

      I think the make up is kinda cute and brings out the ‘cute’ factor in the dress.  Overall, I’d give her an IN.  My only complaint is her posture.  Is that accident-related too?

    • Anonymous

      I hate those lace applique-thingies. They look like they came from the back of the sale rack at  JoAnns and were hot glued to the dress to cover cigarette burns. She looks pretty, but the dress is an OUT.

    • Joyce VG

      The dress is bizarre, but she’s working it. IN.

    • Lauren St Martin

      Out. I hate it so so much.

    • Summer Born

      OUT – glue gun all the way.

    • Anonymous


    • Now I am The Bee

      Mmmmm….no.  OUT.  Looks like a bad craft project, although her hair and makeup look nice….

    • Sara Munoz

      Yeah, that is so her dress, and she put the effort in.


    • Anonymous

      She’s IN, the only one who could wear it and make it look like anything other than a disaster. Very pretty.

    • Grace Ritt

      I like that you don’t notice that it’s lacey right away. The flowers give it a nice pop. Also, PURPLE! It’s a great color. Her hair looks FAB. IN!

    • Anonymous

      I think I like the dress, but something looks off.  She seems to be over-posing.  Like she’s got her torso turned precisely 35 degrees, chest out, tummy in, mouth pursed, cheeks sucked in between her teeth.  It all combines to make her look stiff, awkward and trying too hard–not the simple pretty her look seems to be aiming for.

    • Bethany Roullett

      There are elements that I want to like, but overall I still go to OUT.

    • Anonymous

      In – different, a bit kooky, but pretty.

    • Anonymous

      I really WANT to like this. Love the colors and even the stuck-on flowers. But…with the little tag-along train at the back it lost me. For some reason that makes it looks kind of dreary and sad. So I will sadly say “OUT!”

    • taodon

      Modern Saloon Girl – OUT

    • Megan Moore

      Dress – IN
      Face – OUT

    • Brittany

      It’s in. But only because it’s on her.

    • Sammi M

      Out. The dress just looks like a Soccer Mom’s “date night” nightgown.

    • Anonymous

      It is HER dress. IN

    • Anonymous

      I should dislike it for its underwear qualities, but she looks good.  In.

    • Anonymous

      I should dislike it for its underwear qualities, but she looks good.  In.

    • Sara Parker

      OUT. On Halloween I kept craft glue in my purse in case of costume malfunction, and Rose here looks like she’s probably done the same.

    • Anonymous

      IN, even though I’m not a purple fan. It fits and flatters her. Very feminine and event-appropriate. But if you hand’t listed her name I’m not sure if I would have recognized her.

    • Anonymous

      yup that’s an IN. It’s a fun look.

    • R. L.


    • Anonymous

      In. I like the dress enthusiastically, but don’t love it. But she looks good. And her hair seems right for the gown, which has been a frequent quibble in a lot of the recent posts.

    • Anonymous

      I shriek over its hideosity.

    • Gustavo Casals

      She can pull it off, so it’s an IN.
      Still, I have to agree with the comments…what happened to the face?

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  Completely out.  It doesn’t look like the dress was put together with a glue gun, it looks like her slip was and she decided to ditch the actual dress.  These “lingerie-inspired” looks have always looked trashy to me, I don’t care what label you slap on it.

    • Anonymous

      I say IN, but she looks super uncomfortable, like the dress is forcing her to hunch over in agony…

    • Anonymous

      IN. her body is doing wonders for that dress!

    • Anonymous

      Horrid, cheesy dress.

    • Anonymous

      It looks heavily inspired by the early 1900s silhouette, which I like, and looks great on her. But it’s also so BUSY, she’s pulling it off more or less, but ultimately I think the print is just too much.

    • MinAgain

      It’s okay.  It looks a lot better from the front than the side.   That said, her hair is very pretty, and I like her lipstick color.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  i love the color and the little train.  the fit is perfect.  i don’t think it looks like a slip, it feels more structured than lingerie- or perhaps it’s just that her body fills it out so perfectly that it provides the necessary structure.  i agree, the makeup is too heavy.  it ages her.  how old is she, anyway?

      the second photo illustrates the model instruction “suck in your cheeks and stick out your lips”. done and done.

    • Celia

      OUT. Ugly.

    • Santa

      IN :)

    • Ruth Gottesman

      In. I love the color and pattern and she’s working the vavavoom aspect of it.

    • Charles Purdy

      Out. Out! I think the purple-lace-flower-applique reads a bit “grandma’s boudoir” … you feel it? Icky. Like, there’s a whiff of Avon talcum powder in the air…. She has landed on a good hair color, though.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome back, Cherry Darling! I think she looks really pretty here; I can think of many celebrities on whom this dress would definitely look super fug, but it just works perfectly on her. And I think that 2nd photograph is just a bad photo – she looks miles better than she did after her accident. It’s an IN for me!

    • Suzan Ayda

      What did she do to her face…? That doesn’t look like her natural self at all…

    • Anonymous

      In. But her face? Is it that ‘new face’ look? Why? She was so gorgeous!

      • Anonymous

        She was disfigured in an car (?) accident.

    • Anonymous

      I like the dress until I get tot he limp gathered shit at the bottom.  It’s just so cheap and limp looking.  And then there is the much altered face……. Giiirrrlllll, what did you do?!?

    • Anonymous

      OUT. The hem and the flower appliques take it deep into Tackyville. 

    • natalia h

      I liked the dress until I scrolled down. I hate the bottom of it.

    • Emily

      Out.  Bad dress, and bad work done to her face.

    • Ana Cedillo

      eeekk this one is a hard one but i am going to go with IN

    • Patrick Cleary

      Actually, any of the three stars of “Charmed” would wear this dress (though probably a bit shorter) for the show in the 90s. It’s very sister-witches.

    • Libby Rhoman

      You argue your point very well, but those flowers aren’t embroidered, they’re applique.  Which despite all the well put points about the appropriateness of the dress for the wearer should constitute an automatic OUT.

    • Anonymous

      IN, I like it, very pretty.

    • Katie Heim

      She looks great, except for the duck lips.

    • bloodshothalfblind

      holy fuck this shit is ugly.  

    • Anonymous

      I pretty much dislike D&G floral stuff on reflex by this point, but it definitely suits her.  IN.  

    • Anonymous

      Very PR pet store challenge

    • UltimaEsperenza

      Glue Gun.

    • Anonymous


    • blue

      If it ended at the knee, it’d be passable. I like the colors and the print. But it just looks like a sloppy mess on the bottom right now. OUT

    • Anonymous

      It’s definitely her dress.  It’s also very Dolce and Gabbana.  And it’s an IN in my book.

    • Samantha

      I kind of love it. I refuse to explain my feelings! IN

    • Anonymous

      why is she pulling that horrid face?

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  I don’t see the point of this dress and the draggy “train” has no place anywhere.   And why does she look like she’s getting ready to say the words “Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck?”  Just wondering.  

    • Anonymous

      The awkward obcious seaming that cuts up her body really irks me. For that, I say OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry. But no. No no no no no. I cannot in good conscience vote this in. I just can’t.

    • Anonymous

      Fancy hooker. Out.

    • Anonymous

      it looks like little flower appliquées c1972 were applied to a nightgown after it was dyed purple. it’s okay, actually, other than the loopy little train [whose dislike may just be my preference or, rather, non]. what i dont understand is what is actually making her, not the dress, tip over [if only slightly].

    • Greg Polansky

      OUT. The bottom part needs to be hacked off. 

    • Anonymous

      I love it – even though it reminds me of Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke…IN!

    • Anonymous

      On anyone but Cherry Darling this would be too much, but Ms. McGowan is working this thing. The only way it could be better is if she had a machine gun for a leg.

    • Anonymous

      Hate the bottom fall thingy, but otherwise an IN

    • Jane Morris

      No, no no. It looks like an old hooker’s table cloth. OUT.

    • Vera

      It’s not my favorite dress, but she’s wearing it well. IN. What I’d really like to see is an RC posed down between McGowan, VonTeese, and ERW.

    • Anonymous

      In. It is very “boudoir” but the colours are gorgeous, hair and make up are gorgeous- she looks lovely.

    • Advaita Waikar

      To me, it looks good from far. Up close, it looks really tacky. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      IN, but only on her. Wish they would have toned down the blush.

    • Anonymous

      Blerg. I guess it looks better on her than it would on most other people. At first I was thinking it might be OK if it stopped at the knee or if it didn’t have a seam at the knee, but really either way it would still be tacky. Although in that picture of just her face and boobs you can tell that it would be a great bra. But it’s not a bra. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      That is definitely her dress. IN!

    • Anonymous

      This purple is a great color for her, but the dress has some big issues. One of them is the pronounced seam across the skirt that cuts at a bad place — right across her knees — and makes her look stumpy. Also, it destroys any transition between the top and bottom halves and makes it looks like someone tacked two different skirts together with some rick-rack. The other pronounced seam across her midriff is also not doing her any favors, especially coupled with the way that she’s standing. Above that seam it does fit her well, but the problems outweigh the positives here. And, honey, that’s not your shade of lipstick. We can see every bit of texture in your bottom lip, and the brightness overwhelms your face. I’ll have to give her an out.

    • Amanda

      I would like this dress if it weren’t for that unfortunate pile of fabric at her feet…OUT!

    • Anonymous

      I’m having a hard time with this look because of the way she’s been photographed standing.  I think I might like it, but it’s just….weird.  Getting REALLY tired of the Taylor Swift  hair-over-one-shoulder look though.  I take points off for that.

    • Anonymous

      I’m having a hard time with this look because of the way she’s been photographed standing.  I think I might like it, but it’s just….weird.  Getting REALLY tired of the Taylor Swift  hair-over-one-shoulder look though.  I take points off for that.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Late to the party – my new granddaughter is taking a LOT of attention away.  Anyhoo, Rose gets an IN from me.  The dress fits her like a glove, and hair and makeup are good.  The only thing I hate is the ruffly hem from the knees down. 

    • Micaela Cannon

      Wtf to her face?

    • penn collins

      In, there is something about the lovely ‘puddle of dark purple’ at the bottom that just pushes it to the ‘in’ for me….

    • Anonymous

      Out half the appliques please. I weep over her face. She was easily one of the best faces in the biz…maybe she took a hit tot he eye but that does not explain the rest.

    • Shawn EH

      In! That is SO her dress!

    • Tina

      I think she looks beautiful — great dress on her! IN

    • UglyCasanova

      That’s Rose McGowan?  Did she have a face transplant?  

    • tom markiewicz

      OUT. i like the direction she was going in, i just think she went too far.