In or Out: Jessica Biel in Valentino

Posted on December 08, 2011

Jessica goes for a theme look without being obvious about it.

Jessica Biel in ValentinoJessica Biel attends the premiere of “New Year’s Eve” at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City in Valentino.

Valentino Spring 2012 CollectionValentino Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Vika Falileeva (EXCLUSIVE)

Jessica Biel in Valentino

Jessica Biel in Valentino

Because if your movie, entitled New Year’s Eve, is opening, then why not get dressed up like it’s y’know, New Year’s Eve? Here’s why we should probably not be stylists: we’d take it to its natural conclusion and give her one of those shitty glitter tiaras and sprinkle confetti all over her before shoving her out the limo.

We like this dress a lot, but we wonder if we’re alone on that. Not everyone likes the puffy sleeves, after all. And that hem length tends to start arguments. Also, the horizontal lines across the waist and hips; personally, we think she can pull them off just fine, but again, our kittens are known to form opinions that don’t match with our own, the cheeky things.

Really, our two main complaints are at the very top and very bottom of this look. For such a covered-up dress, sandals are a really odd choice, we think. As we said, this dress screams “New Year’s Eve” to us; or at the very least, holiday party. It’s not the kind of dress that calls for open shoes. The other thing that bugs is the hair, which looks awfully limp and casual. You’re wearing Valentino at your movie premiere, honey. Give that dress the hair it deserves.


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IN! You’re WRONG, T Lo! Everything here is just right!

OUT! Would an up ‘do kill you, honey?


Now Rachel McAdams? THAT’S a gal who knows how to put together a glittery, holiday-appropriate look. The kittens voted her IN almost unanimously.

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  • Linde Hoff

    Love it — gorgeous statement here, in my humble opinion.  Hence, I vote “in.”

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Overall, it just looks too big for her. But I’m in a good mood, so, yeah, what the hell. IN.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Anonymous

    The sandal doesn’t bug on this one the way that horrid Moore look did (shudder). I like the bishop sleeve and the sparkle. She looks a little like Laurie Partridge from the thighs up. Laurie would be wearing a mini probably. In.

    • Cara Caldbeck

      She really does look like Laurie Partridge! She also looks less stiff than usual, so I’ll give her an in just for that.

      Now that you mentioned the mini, I’m imagining the dress if the horizontal stripes were extended into a mini with the bottom part of the skirt cut off. I might have preferred that on her.

  • Sobaika Mirza


  • BuffaloBarbara

    Sorry, guys, gotta go with “out” here–the dress is a shapeless potato sack with glitter on it.  Not attractive on anyone.

    • Agree with you 100%.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking Olympia Dukakis would look great in it. 

      • Anonymous

        Olivia Wilde?

  • OUT.  She never seems to get it right.  And she’s one of those celebrities I can’t stand for no good reason…though she is lacking in talent.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      She lacks in talent, self-awareness, charm, and an innate sense of style.

      Sorry. She irritates me.

      • Anonymous

        But she’s so pretty!  So pretty that no one will hire her!  You know, just like Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer.  Oh, wait…

  • I love the dress, totally.  Fortunately she is both trim enough and tall enough to be able to do the horizontal look across the waist and hips without losing her shape in the process.Her hair looks like she just left Spin Class, and her makeup needs to be turned up a notch to compliment her dress.  The footware choice is totally wrong.  Close toed, please. But I will still say, IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I like the dress well enough, but this is a “Girl that’s not your dress” as far as I’m concerned. She’s not reedy and willowy enough to pull it off.

    I feel like I’m always crabbing at these stars to pull their hair back or at least not wear it over their shoulders like this, so I’ll just let it pass…No, no I won’t. She needs either an up do or to at least brush her hair back off her shoulders.

    • Oh Dear!  We’re on the wrong side of the fence for once!  Though I can see why you feel as you do about the dress, I think its more an issue of styling, (or the apparent lack thereof) that is my quibble, I think she could be stunning in this, properly styled.

      • Anonymous

        Well, if the kids never see mommy and daddy disagree and work it out, they’ll never learn how to do it in their own relationships…

        I actually don’t hate the dress on her. I think with her athletic figure, it makes her look thick in the middle. I was thinking about this on someone like Kathy Cambridge and how phenomenal it would be. Definitely a lowercase out for me.

        • Yeah, her nibs the Duchess, would look smashing in this dress.  No question.

  • I just don’t think the dress is for her. It makes her look wide, which isn’t flattering at all on her, and also completely washes her skintone out because it’s the wrong colour. She looks like she’s been resurrected from the dead, bad hair and all. So, all in all, she’s an out.

    • Anonymous

      Oddly, I also thought it made her look wide (and I’m sure that girl is nowhere near “wide).  I’ll vote OUT too.

  • Nancy Williams

    Out. Though I love the dress, the fit’s only okay; that hair makes me sad (especially as it’s covering what appear to be some rockin’ earrings); the shoes are definitely wrong. 

    You know who would look effing amazing in this?  Your girl Florence.

  • I like the style of the dress but I’m over the bland colors on the RC. Automatic OUT for being a dull and lifeless color. The hair isn’t helping.

  • foodycat

    It’s IN, because the overall effect is pretty. The devil is in the detail. I feel like she got a pedi on the way to the event and had to stay in flipflops so it didn’t smudge. I also think that’s Florence Welch’s dress. It really wants to be on someone edgier.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Wit’choo, T & Lo, especially on the hair, which strikes a very discordant note.  The “cummerbund” is too wide.  Yup, I agree with BuffaloBarbara, a potato sack tarted up.  Mutton dressed as lamb.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting this comment cemented to the fence. Maybe I’ll get there. 

    It’s a hard dress to wear (that is, unflattering to many figures) but she DOES pull it off.
    But she could look so much better in a flattering gown.

    It’s sparkle done nicely, leaving room for those personal finishing touches.
    But she doesn’t HAVE any personal finishing touches.

    Except not-right shoes – that’s for us real people without loaners, money or the ability to justify formal wear as a business expense.

    And except a dull, dull clutch. See above.

    And except totally nothing Little Mermaid hair. NO. Over the age of 17, little mermaid hair is not right with formal gowns.

    But she DOES pull it off.

    Huh. Still cemented to the fence.

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is beautiful, just not on her…or how she’s wearing it. OUT.

  • BerlinerNYC

    This looks like what Florence would wear to perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

  • Anonymous

    Does she need a better bra, or is it just me? Or maybe it ‘s the hair? There’s something OUT about it, but I can’t put my finger on it….

  • I’m gonna stand alone (probably) and give her an IN, though I basically agree about the hair. If she were coiffed to suit the dress the reference would be too explicit.

  • Ugh. Bedazzled sister wife. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Stella, you beat me to it!

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the hair and shoes, and I feel like the horizontal waist thing would work better if it went as high as her waist.

    Nonetheless, she looks great, and those are quibbles. IN.

  • Anonymous

    This is a tough one. 

    I don’t particularly like the dress, but I do like elements of it…the puffy sleeves, the horizontal at the waist, the color and fabric.

    I don’t like the neckline at all and dislike the lack of skin showing.  It needs a break from all of that fabric somewhere.  I also dislike her hair here and yes, sandals don’t seem right for this gown and her feet look oddly out of season (although the model is also wearing sandals too.)

    I’m talking myself into an OUT on this one.

  • In.  The dress is gorgeous. I don’t mind the open sandals so much, kinda Grecian. But the hair and makeup is too casual, she needs just a tiny more oomph to keep up with the dress.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Love the dress.  Hate the hair.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving her an IN even though the hair/shoes (the model wears sandals, too…odd) could’ve been better. I do love the color of her hair and I think this dress totally flatters her slammin’ bod. I think her make-up is perfect as well.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Jessica Biel? 

  • She looks beautiful. In.

  • Anonymous

    I WANT to like this dress, but I feel like my dislike for Ms. Biel is pulling me in the negative direction. She’s on my celebrity irrational hate list. Better styling and not being able to see her legs might have taken this from a narrow out to a narrow in. But as it were: OUT.

  • I like this dress a lot, and particularly for her.  She’s an athletic girl with broad shoulders so emphasizing her hips with the horizontal doesn’t bother me…it provides some balance.  Its a simple and elegant with sparkle, and its not a cocktail dress (which would have been even more cliche).

  • I like it! I’m giving her an in, because sometimes its nice to see someone on the red carpet not looking like a whore or from Little House.

  • Anonymous

    out. looks too big for her and, yeah, shoes and hair are all wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like so much of the hair we are seeing now has to be a backlash again overdone updos or something. She is basically wearing my Wednesday clean hair. WITH A VALENTINO.

  • lilibetp

    Out.  I don’t like the hair.  I don’t like the dress on her.  I don’t like the purse with the dress.  Sandals in NYC in December?  It was about 45 degrees last night!  The mani-pedi looked okay.

  • OOO, I share the concerns about the shoes, but I actually like it. It’s pretty, flattering, and offbeat without trying too hard.

    Personally, I covet the hair and cannot get behind the use of the adjective “limp” to describe it.

  • Judy_J

    The dress itself is fine; it’s the way she’s wearing it that’s all wrong.  She looks like she went shopping in a casual outfit, tried the dress on in the store, then left wearing the dress, leaving her casual outfit behind.  Hair, shoes, and makeup just don’t go with the gown.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In. She looks lovely!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Miss Starlett Goes to the Disco Lounge. All that’s missing is the curtain rod across the shoulders.

  • Anonymous

    In, but the hair is awful. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand her and I think this dress is ugly and I think she’s pretty but talentless and that movie looks like a hot mess. It’s all OUT! Dang, I need a nap.

  • Aly Light

    I hate it. Too heavy, too and too matronly– it looks like it time traveled here from a 1970s housewife’s “holiday” wardrobe. OUT.

  • I actually like it. However, I think I’d like it much better if it were in a different color.

  • Boring snoring.

    How do you get there when sparkle is involved?

  • Out- I like the dress but think it is too matronly for her.

  • Anonymous

    Really love the dress on her, the details are a little off but still an IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  If you’re going to use a sheer fabric, I say be obvious about it.  This dress covers her so much that it just looks like sparkles overlaid a fabric that is exactly her skin tone, and I say never wear a fabric that looks like an extension of your skin.  I also agree with the hairdo criticism.

  • Anonymous

    In.  Love the dress.  Very chic.

  • Anonymous

    In.  I love this dress.  The horizontal stripes would probably not work on a size 10 or larger, but those smaller sizes can pull it off.  The hem doesn’t bother me, I just wish I didn’t see toes peeking out.  So yea, bad idea on the sandals.  I rarely like her hair and the makeup is okay.

  • Anonymous

    All the details are wrong and I think the dress would look better on somebody else (like Charlize Theron maybe?) It’s just kind of wasted on Ms. Biel who’s 15 minutes are surely over by now.

    Eh, the dress is an in; she’s an out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I don’t think it’s a flattering dress for anyone. The horizontal band over the hips drags it down, the blouson top is matronly. It’s gorgeous fabric/beading, though, and certainly festive. A nice change from black and red for the holidays. 

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. I think I might like this a lot better if her hair was up, like the model on the runway. I really want this to be IN, but it’s just not working. Out.

  • IN.

    Though I do think that the long skirt with the full sleeve with the high neck is a bit too covered — I’d rather see it with a mini.  And on someone who isn’t Jessica Biel, ’cause she’s high on my irrational hate list.

  • Anonymous

    I actually really love the dress.  It looks great on her.  And I don’t mind the sandals.  The hair… I can’t make up my mind on.  It looks great on her but I don’t know about it with the dress.  In.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    This is hard. One could say it could be a lot worse, but then again it does not have to be the worst possible in order to be OUT. If being IN were more of an exclusive thing than I think it is, this would be OUT. But I do like the dress.

    I do want to say IN, but that OUT prompt just spoke to me. Thus, I will have to go with an OUT in spite of earlier instincts.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress, and I love it on her. I bet its insanely pretty in person too. The hair is so-so, the makeup is pretty, the shoes are utterly forgetful and blah. A blue clutch & navy heels would’ve been pretty without being red (too cliche), and maintaining the subtle feel. The hair needs to go up, I adore the models hair, take note Jessica!

    Overall…in? I really like it, and the styling isn’t bad, just not the most ideal… Yeah, I’m going with in. I appreciate that its flattering without being naked far too much to give her an out.

  • CQAussie

    Her hair and the sleeves on the dress is making me think Glitter Hippie.  But still though, she looks pretty and the dress looks good on her so IN from me.

  • Anonymous

    I think I kind of love it, more on her than on the model. My only complaint is the sheer lower half. 

  • Normally I’m inclinced to judge harshly on this one, but the last shot magnifies everything that’s wrong with the look, and the first shot minimizes them (though the hair, dear, the HAIR…).  I’m blaming the photographer.  IN.  Happy Holidays, Ms. Biel.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got sad grandma boob. I mean, I know Jessica Biel doesn’t actually have sad grandma boob, right? She’s got a lovely rack. Return her lovely rack to her! By which I mean: OUT.

  • In, since glittery fits the occasion.  I want to put her on top of my Christmas tree.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous dress, she looks like the Chrysler Building, in a good way. My only quibbles are the naked toes and her looking like Morticia Addams from the neck up. Since I dislike her this makes her an OUT, despite ricking the dress. I humbly request one Florence Welch try it next.

  • Anonymous

    IN. The two things that I dislike-the hair and clutch-don’t overwhelm the whole.
    For some reason-the sheer probably-I am reminded of ancient Egyptians. But I bet they weren’t glittery. Well, not silver-grey glittery. Maybe gold, according to The Mummy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, I’m on the fence. On the one hand, I love the glitter factor here. I’m all about the sparkle and it’s a really cool looking dress, even though it has those atrocious puffy sleeves. I think her makeup looks really pretty too.
    On the other hand, it’s kind of not very flattering. Jessica has one of the best bods out there and you wouldn’t know it by looking at her in this dress. Hell, it’s not even flattering on the skinny model up there. I also agree with TLo that this is weekend hair. Surely she could have taken the time to have something gorgeous done to it.
    The open-toed shoes don’t really bother me; I like that she got a pedicure and the red toenails look really good. 

    I can’t decide, but I’m leaning towards an out.

  • Anonymous

    Immediately thought: gown, fabulous; hair, lazy and limp. A very reluctant “in.”

  • Anonymous

    I agree re the hair – just doesn’t fit the glamour of the dress. I like the dress but I’m not really wowed by it. I think she looks lovely but not stunning. After all this hemming and hawing, I give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love this dress on the model.  On Jessica it looks a little big.  And yes, the hair should have been up.
    I am on the fence, leaning towards an out, I think

  • Yeah, that’s errand running hair if I’ve ever seen it, and I’m not a big fan of the puffy sleeve, but in spite of all that I still say, “In.”  A lovely gown (and I love the red nails!).

  • Out. But a minor out. I don’t think she looks awful or anything, but not in material either. I do like the dress slightly more on the model, though.

  • I love the dress… on the model. There’s something quite _off_ about it on JB. OUT.

  • Mariah J

    Maybe its all the lines but she looks odd in this dress. The runway model, who is more waif-like, looks fine. I think this is a waif only dress. Sorry girl.

  • Anonymous

    What does she “do” – I can’t remember the last time I saw her in a movie.  And, if I have I probably didn’t know it.
    Clothes – meh – OUT – just because I’m a bitter kitten today.

  • Pennymac

    Not an OUT but neither an IN. I want to like this, but the over all effect for me is MEH. And I hate her hair. Its like she was out shopping and tried this dress on, liked it, and decided to wear it out of the store and directly onto the RC.

  • Anonymous

    Big IN. Love it. And I think the hair and sandals hit just the right note to bring it down a bit for a movie premiere. I love the way it’s completely covered up but sexy due to the fit and sheerness of the fabric.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the footwear and the hair is pretty underwhelming, but she looks so great in the dress. A big ole In from me.

  • The hair is all wrong, and I think the poofy sleeves (which I don’t hate) just aren’t the best choice for her – she looks awfully broad-shouldered. Still, nothing too terrible, so she gets a half-hearted “in.”

  • bloodshothalfblind

    IN, but i hate the hair.  if she had just put her hair up, this could have been a real stunner.

  • Erin Nice

    Out. I don’t think this suits her at all. And I just plain don’t like her. But this out is about the dress. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    IN. Really pretty, but I agree that the hair doesn’t live up to the dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Very tasteful, very pretty. If she was over 70 years old not only would this be an IN, it would be a WERQ. But Jessica dear, although I think you have just an average face you do have a smokin’ scorchingly hot bod. You can do more with it than this. Out because with the hair and makeup this look reads like you’re either lazy, unimaginative or scared. And if you really want to be an A-lister, that simply won’t do.

  • Sara__B

    I’m on the fence with formerlyAnon. The gown is gorgeous and unusal, and Jessica looks good in it, but the styling is all wrong. Everything is too ordinary or colorless. (Her toes are the only pop of color!) Those statement toes just helped me decide. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It strikes me as matronly. It’s lovely–for someone much older.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I don’t mind the hair or the sandals at all.  The dress may be covered up, but it’s sheer.

  • Anonymous

    she looks good! IN!

  • Anonymous

    Is she wearing the sandals from the runway look??  I can’t tell.

    I agree about the hair, but she’s still IN.

  • Anonymous


  • I vote out.  It’s not that I don’t like the dress in theory – it looks fine on the model, but for reasons I can’t out my finger on it didn’t translate to Jessica.  It looks almost a little schlumpy.  Something is off.

  • I love it. To me it has kind of a fun seventies vibe, which makes the hair make sense. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It’s too 70’s and not modern enough.  She looks like 50 year-old Christmas tinsel.  And the hair doesn’t go with the dress at all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with IN – and it’s because I REALLY want metallic strappy sandals to be the go-to shoe instead of hideous nude pumps.  While I actually agree with you that the shoe choice looks odd, I am just so pleased it’s not a nude pump that I can’t do anything other than give it an in.  

  • Unfortunately, I vote OUT.
    I think it would be great if it fit her better in the chesticle area. The extraneous fabric there turns the whole look into a 30s era MOTB.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll go against the grain here and say IN.  It’s not the most flattering dress, but I think she’s carrying it off.  

  • Anonymous

    I actually love this and I don’t usually feel much of anything re: Ms. Biel except sorry for her and her inexplicable devotion to Timberlake. That aside I think she looks soft and pretty without trying too hard which is a refreshing change coming from her. The sleeves are gorgeous on her frame. IN

  • she looks like a sister-wife on a trip to vegas.

  • Anonymous

    It looks very matronly to me. I think that’s a combination of the fabric, the color, the sleeves and the bands at the waist and hip. I am O-U-T on this one.

  • In. Love the dress. The only thing I don’t like is her hair.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I think she looks really pretty and pulls it off well – even the horizontal detailing.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    meh. i think it’s all in the detailing for this one — and the details are all wrong. out!

  • Anonymous

    This is not her dress. Her (not an insult) thicker frame doesn’t work in a waspy dress like this. And also, the hair, it has to be up or she looks like she’s trying to dress up as the impromptu NYE Angel on a decaying Xmas tree. 

  • Anonymous

    Unflattering — looks too big on her.  And the hair is completely meh.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. She’s too athletically built for this dress, which isn’t great even on that model. Sleeveless would have improved it. And yes, it ages her terribly.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Just the wrong dress for her and for the occasion. Linda Evans all the way. 

  • IN, IN, IN!! It’s a lovely and striking look.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it and can’t exactly explain why.  She looks okay in the dress.  I agree that the hair, shoes, and makeup are not enough.  Maybe she’s not enough–this seems like a dress that someone with real presence could pull off better, someone fabulous and fashiony.  Not Biel. 

  • Yay, but I like it WAY better on the model.

  • Anonymous

    In. It’s not without its problems, but overall very nice.

  • MilaXX

    IN – I like her hair down with this. I think an updo would have been too fussy. Her hair is nice and healthy looking, not stick straight & limp. I also don’t mind the shoe here. The red mani/pedi is a nice touch.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Very pretty.  I’m a fan of those sleeves, and this relaxed silhouette & fabric suit her so much better than those stiff fussy dresses that always seem to be shoved at her.  I love it with the flat sandals on the runway but of course it’s winter and all, so…

  • IN!

  • OUT. She looks like a contestant in a sister-wife pageant.

  • Anonymous

    IN. That’s a tough dress to pull off, with those horizontal stripes across the hips but she looks great. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT! She looks drab and for some reason, not festive at all. Maybe it’s just the lighting but I’m sticking with an OUT!

  • IN! I think she looks gorge (although I do wish she had put her hair up).

  • Anonymous

    out. The sister wives got a bedazzler.

  • I’ll go ahead and say in, even though I would prefer the lines going in just two diections instead of three.

  • Hetha Innis

    Love the dress, but honestly I think it would look better on a taller person. Same with McAdams in the gorgeous Marchesa gown; some height is needed to really pull these looks off. Totally agree about the hair! But I’d give it an IN anyway.

  • The Dress is FABULOUS! I am with TLo on this, shoes and hair throw the whole thing off :/

  • Anonymous

    IN! I think it’s lovely. Which means it will probably be voted out. I’m WAY off the commentariat lately.

  • Anonymous

    In.  I like that it’s not super-sexy–the dropped waist makes her look more like a grown-up and less like Jessica Rabbit.  Love the color.

  • Anonymous

    In! But then again, I always tend to like the things people call “sister wife” clothes. 

  • Anonymous

    In! But then again, I always tend to like the things people call “sister wife” clothes. 

  • Stunning and unusual without being tacky.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Yeah, New Years Eve…like the BALL they drop! Icky! Really? Ugh! No. This isn’t IN or OUT it’s that…the WERQ backwards thing! This is TERRIBLE! And make up your mind, lady, either demure, or panties showing. But you can’t have it both ways, it just looks silly.

  • Anonymous

    OUT  She can make anything she wears look boring and limp.

    That is a fabulous dress, but not on her

  • Samantha Irene

    Why is it always something with her? Either hair or make-up or dress or something not working no matter what. I’ll give her an overall IN this time – because the dress is super pretty and she can get away with a large band across her hips.

  • Joyce VG

    Eh meh.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I find her totally unappealing as a performer and a celebrity, but I think she’s managed an In with this dress. I agree that the sandal is the wrong choice, but I like the pedicure. I also agree that the hair needs more than to be left hanging loose. She looks like the hostess after the last guest has left and she’s kicked off her shoes and removed her hairpins. Nonetheless, she manages to look more chic and more interesting than usual, so I say “In”

  • Anonymous

    She’s trying for disco fabulous here. A beige disco fabulous queen. LOL. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Great dress, and she’s very pretty…the long and short of it is the dress is just not her.

  • i like the sandals- it keeps it from looking heavy, which neck to toe glitter really can. i think a closed shoe would pull the dress down- the closed neck, the full sleeves, the dropped waist, the full-length- are all pulling you towards the floor.The open shoes give it a bit of lightness.  

     Her hair looks nicer than usual, but i don’t like it with this dress- i think she should have gone for something more interesting and well, “done.”

    ETA- IN. Even though I think her hair says “I ran out of time in the chair.”

  • IN despite the hair.  I like this Valentino MUCH better than the one Lea wore (that was Valentino wasn’t it? too lazy to scroll back and check for sure…)

  • In.

  • Out.  I’m tired of her.

  • Anonymous

    In, even with the hair.  I love the waist part of the dress especially.

  • It’s a gorgeous dress, but I don’t think it’s her dress. I mean, it’s pretty and put together, but it doesn’t suit her. I’m giving her an IN because it’s not the worst thing she’s ever worn, but it’s grudging.

  • Out. I think she looks like she’s supposed to be at the retirement community’s NYE party.

  • Hate the hair and toes, but the dress is gorgeous and I for one love the puffy sleeves. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, in!

  • Presumptuous Insect

    This is one of those dresses that I bet looks much better in the flesh than in a photo. In.

  • Going with “IN” on this one.

  • She looks like a sparkly sister-wife and dayum, Hollywood!  Would it kill you gals to DO something with your hair for these occasions??
    So out she isn’t even in this solar system.

  • Anonymous

    Out: TLo said it: would and up-do do?  The hair is dragging the entire look down.

  • eh, i dont think the dress is for her, it makes her look like a rectangle

  • Anonymous

    On the model the dress looks long, lean, and s=chic.  On her it looks draggy and aging.  And, as others have noted, it’s the hair–needs to be up or back.  The long doggie ear look doesn’t work.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  The dress works on her, but it needs more effort.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Its not that I don’t appreciate modesty in actresses (She acts, right?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything she’s been in.) but there is just so much sparkly beige fabric here.  And her hair is so limp.  And the beige. 

  • Anonymous

    Ehh. IN from me, but only just. It’s an absolutely beautiful dress, I really adore it. I’m just not totally sure that it’s her dress. As I’m sure a million others have said, it’s Florence Welch’s dress. But Jessica pulls it off well enough for me, I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    Agree about the hair being wrong, but she’s still gorgeous.  IN

  • Haley Buchanan

    Pretty and sparkly.  Plus, half the time I judge these celebrities by how comfortable and happy they look – which she does.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not her dress. Florence would look great in this.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Hate it. Maybe if she’d put her hair up…? Possibly it’s just because I despise her.

  • Mary McClelland

    In. I like this on her and I think it’s a great vintage inspired look. It’s also a good color for her and the waist/hip detail along with the a-line skirt helps balance out her wider shoulders. I like the hair and the sandals. For some reason such a covered up look seems like it needs some skin. I can’t imagine what kind of closed toed shoes would look good with it – maybe a velvet?

  • Now I am The Bee

    IN–beautiful dress, horizontal lines, puffy sleevesa nd all.  Also love the sandals with it.  The look would have been ruined with clunky platforms…

  • Anonymous

    Even with her hair up it might not work.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that something fancier should have been done with her hair, but overall in.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! I hate this dress. It might work better on a much more mature woman, I dunno. The hair ain’t looking good either. But seriously, that is one hideous dress. 

  • Sarah Asarnow

    In, definitely. Also, I don’t mind the sandals with the dress – they look sparkly enough for it, even if they are impractical.

  • Is the model completely naked underneath the dress?  I am certain I saw headlights and they are on…  IN.  But yeah, the bitch needs to put some work into that hair or ELSE!

  • Anna Tree

    Needs an updo. Nonetheless, IN.

  • Emily Roach

    Out. Too much waist. She’s a hot hot hottie with a body, but the lines across the waist are a little too numerous. Sorry!

  • Anonymous

    In – barely.  This is such a Rachel Zoe dress, but it looks so much  better on an athletic body like Biel’s.  She really needs a different hair stylist, though.  The straight center part is tired, and this could have looked gala the right hair.  Also, the bag is awfully dreary – that should have been her touch of color.  I don’t mind the sandals because of the sheerness of the dress.

  • Anonymous

    In, though you’re right about the hair.

  • I think it’s pretty and she’s rockin it. IN.

  • Aki

    The hair is my only issue here, and I think the shoes are kind of fun.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I forgive the hair since she has good-quality hair to start with. Also, she has rather more in the bosom area than the model, and I suspect the vertical stripes would exaggerate that in a bad way if she were wearing an updo. She would be a pointy head on a broad chest with a pillar of legs. The loose hair is a good move.

    I forgive the sandals because that’s what the model is wearing on the runway and it kind of goes with the Grecian quality of the dress.


  • penn collins

    In- refreshingly, quiet. simple…. gives hope to the little people. (tho reading below it might look better on someone 30 years older….what the heck, IN.

  • Anonymous

    Not loving the sandals, but IN.

  • Anonymous

    I was guessing the theme was brown.   She does kinda look like a mirror ball that might drop at midnight.  Survey says out.  

  • Anonymous

    Out. The theme looks like “80 year old at a wedding”

  • Anonymous

    Dear TLo, just noticed that her name is misspelled in the title 🙂

  • I say OUT. That dress is d-rab. 

  • Melissa Horton

    IN, but she needs to switch it up a bit, She has a great body, and it may just be me, but she has been wearing a lot of conservative looks a lot lately.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That is a weird dress. If there were a couple fewer ‘rings’ around the waist, I think I’d like it better. Also she seems to be wearing the same shoes as the runway model, which is a completely irrational pet peeve of mine.

    Anyway, IN. But only just.

  • Anonymous

    The hair is awful! Pick a color and stick with it. The dress is pretty and she is pulling it off, but the shoes are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Was this dress designed specifically for her?  Because the model looks awfully like Ms. Biehl herself.  But I digress.  Agree that the hair needed more work, and agree that there’s a WTF reaction to sandals.  But I do like the dress, despite its admitted oddities, and she is pulling off the look, so IN.  But don’t push your luck, honey.

  • Anonymous

    The dress could be a little shape-obliterating, but she looks good here and I like her hair. IN.

  • It’s an IN, her in this dress not going for an up’do reminds me of Florence Welch.

  • Anonymous

    IN! Love the nail colour.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Out.  That just is not her dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Out for the hair. I feel like these starlets are all the same- I don’t give a damn about your shaggy mane; tie it back or chop it off and let us see your outfit!

  • IN.

  • In – although I completely agree on the shoes & hair!

  • The model is rocking a Greek goddess at the disco look, which I think is about the only way this dress works.  So the sandals are fine, but the hair styling takes this out.

  • Anonymous

    I think this would have been so cute if it stopped at her knees.  But now, it’s a little…  disco pilgrim?

  • L.


  • Anonymous

    This dress would have been perfect on Loretta Lynn circa 1979 when she accepted a country music artist of the year award.  And you better believe Loretta would have applied plenty of hairspray to her perfectly coiffed up-do.  On Jessica, in 2011, walking the red carpet for the opening of a movie about new years, it’s just sad sad sad.  And the hair just adds to the depressing vibe.  OUT.