In or Out: Jessica Chastain in Viktor & Rolf

Posted on December 13, 2011

Oh, if only every red carpet ensemble could be this worthy of an “IN or OUT” discussion. Like or not, it’s at least a dress worth discussing. We wish more ladystars would consider the offbeat work of Viktor & Rolf.


Jessica Chastain in Viktor & RolfJessica Chastain attend the 11th Annual Marrakech International Film Festival in a Viktor & Rolf dress.

Jessica Chastain in Viktor & RolfViktor & Rolf Spring 2012 Collection/Gertrud Hegelund (IMG)

Jessica Chastain in Viktor & Rolf

Jessica Chastain in Viktor & Rolf

From some angles, the shape here is very flattering and from others, not so much. That’s essential to a red carpet dress, no matter what the style, and that might be why so few V & R dresses walk the RC.We really like the whimsical, head-turning quality of this dress, but the color story is so not a story she should be inhabiting. And then she had to go and pair it with the matchiest shoes she could find. We get why certain choices here were made. The matchy shoes and extremely simple pony tail were deployed as minimalist accompaniments to a dress that doesn’t play well with others. But the best accessories and styling choices tend to revolve around finding ways to play with the dress rather than stepping back and letting the dress do all the work. If she absolutely insisted on that peachy color in the dress, then we probably would have recommended black shoes and a ‘do with a little zhuzh to it.

But we give her a lot of credit for giving a dress like this a shot.



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IN! You wear the SHIT out of that quirky thang, girl!

OUT! Strawberry Shortcake’s cousin, Peach Cobbler.


Voting on Elle Fanning’s Christmas snowflake dress is still wide open and awaiting your bitchery.


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  • Anonymous

    Right now, Cate is saying, “Bitch stole my dress!”

  • Sabina Nicole Kallstrom

    peach cobbler. that dress deserves better.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I love the dress (although agree about the shoes and the hair). But she tried to do something different so she gets credit for that.

    • Valerie Jones

      The dress is pretty awesome but definitely not on her. It matches her skin tone too much.  This dress needs a skin tone that makes it pop. And the shoes are awful.  

  • Helio Trope

    Out. I don’t find this offbeat, just “crafty” in a bad way. There is a difference. 

  • Liana Brooks

    I really like the dress, but I don’t think it’s her dress. The color is close to her skin color, but not a perfect match, and the whole affect is jarring. The hair is too severe and I don’t like the shoes. The style is good, the colors don’t work for her. OUT

    • Cindi Williams


    • Anplica Fiore

      Agreed!!  She needs something other than the dress & shoes here to pop to make this work.  

  • Megan

    Little in because it’s a cool dress. But only just a little in because of the shoes (matchy, like you said but they also look a size or two too big) and because I don’t think her coloring works with it all that well.

  • Diana Martinez

    In, except for the hair.  

  • Anonymous

    It was an in before I hit the Dyeables. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Hair not so great but In for taking a chance in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Interesting dress, but she’s not carrying it off.  

    • Lori

      Worse, she knows she’s not carrying it off. Check out that 3rd photo.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely.  Much better than the model, even.  IN

  • Joyce VG

    I love it! IN.

  • Barbora

    IN in my opinion…

  • Shannon Stewart

    No, I would have gone with some variety of red for the shoes.  Maybe burgundy… if I could ever manage to have anything to do with the color burgundy.  (Kinky Boots has eliminated burgundy as a color for humans in my world)

    When you’re the color of Jessica Chastain, and you go with PEACH that matches you that much, you should at least go with color in the accessories.

    Also, a statement earring and something looser for the hair. Plus… LIPSTICK IS NOT A TOOL OF SATAN, YOUNG LADY!

    • MilaXX

      Kinky Boots is one of my favorite movies.

  • Anonymous

    The shoes don’t fit – OUT
    This dress really calls for strappy sandals in the springtime plus the color is killing her.

  • Raiphin Hunter

    OUT for sad squished boobies and not so hot fit. :( On the model though? Innnnn…..

    • Anonymous

      I would say this dress called for some shapewear to exaggerate her shape. I think the shape worked better on the model because she’s…model-shaped and the way it’s small on top coming in to a tiny waist and then flares creates a better shape than it does on her. Because she has a larger bust than the model I think that some corsetry to make her waist smaller would have helped create the balance there.

      • foodycat

        I agree – the model is corseted to the nth degree, which makes the shape work better. Jessica Chastain is far from a large girl but without the corseting this dress makes her look very blocky in the torso. I also think a more contrasting colour, a deeper apricot or copper, would have been better. So it’s OUT.

      • Goldie

        THIS, exactly what I was thinking.  She is a thin person and that dress makes her look thick in the middle.  It’s not hitting her right and needs a more defined shape.  OUT

  • Paula Berman

    IN! I like that she took a risk, and it’s a cool dress.

  • Anonymous

    I want to say IN, but that color is so bad on her I have to say OUT.  It’s a tough dress all the way around, and I don’t think JC is equal to the challenge.

  • ali meowmeow

    I don’t quite know what’s going on with the placement of those designs. On the (absurdly) skinny model, the designs look huge and entirely whimsical and actually quite flattering. On Jessica, the placement and proportion is thrown off, and you get the weird titscrepency that’s kind of distracting. I’d say it’s just really not an easy dress to wear or size for real people (or “real” people in Jessica’s case).
    That’s before you even get to the makeup, hair, shoes, and color. Unquestionable out for me, but kudos for the effort.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the titscrepancy that’s the worst part.  On the model, the asymmetrical bust doesn’t look bad because that one curve is almost in the center.  On Jessica, it just looks like a sewing mistake or that her boobs got confused.

      • Anna Tree

        Exactly this! The asymetrical bust is being thrown off by her actual cleavage which is giving her major titscrepency.

  • Claudia Berry

    The shoes don’t fit her, the dress doesn’t flatter her boobs, and her hair sucks.  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Dear God, that model’s proportions are Barbie-like. Just Look at that waist! And the fact that her face literally looks plasticized makes it all the more disturbing.

    Although there’s already a lot going on with the dress, I think a dark, wide-ish, belt- or sash-like item around the waist would have done Jessica a world of good. Yes, the model’s proportions are impossible to duplicate, but that big, uninterrupted band of the peach color on the midsection is unflattering on a comparatively “normal”-sized person. First and third RC shots look great, though.

    So I’ll give it a tepid IN.

    • Anna Tree

      I am pretty sure that hourglass figure comes, in part, from the judicious application of padding and the fact that she clearly seems to be wearing some sort of corset/garment shaping device with that dress.

      • Anonymous

        Yay, glad I’m not the only one spotting there’s some corsetry under there on the model.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I like the dress a lot and she gets points for trying, but she just doesn’t look good. At all. Wrong hair, wrong colors, wrong shoes, and where’s the jewelry? The dress deserves better. This girl is scared of it, and it shows in the spineless styling. 

  • Anonymous

    Out. It’s an interesting choice but I don’t see anything flattering to her in this look; it’s a bit of a wrinkled, washed out mess.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, man, I’m having a really hard time deciding on this one. I actually like the colors on her, and while I would have liked to have seen the hair with more volume, I don’t hate it (although I would have liked to see some jewelry). The shoes are really awful, though; besides being stupid matchy, they’re ugly in and of themselves.

    I think I’m going to give this an OUT, out of respect for what might have been. Disservice to the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprising myself by saying this, but I actually like the color on her.  (I typically HATE peach, especially on super-pale people.)  I think it’s the red in her hair that makes it work for me.  The shape from the front is… not the most flattering, but it looks great from every other angle, and bonus points for wearing something un-boring.  IN. 

  • Terence Ng

    I hate to say it, but she is too big for that dress. Literally, with the angles and shape, it only looks good on that model. From the side, she looks fine, but the quality of its structure is lost from the front. And she’s not even BIG!

    I love the dress. I just wish the designer had found a way to make it work on anyone who isn’t a size 0. IN, because it’s not her fault and the dress would have been stunning.

    • Anonymous

      I think she could have made it work with a little shapewear. It’s essential to the shape of the dress that the waist be small to show off the flounces and things and I think she could have gotten away with it had she gone with something that pulled her waist in some because that would create a shape. Or failing that worn it with a petticoat.

      • Anonymous

        That model has something under it, you can see the boning lines. Or her version has structure built in. That’s what’s off about this version, it needs it.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  It looks much better on the model, and for me it’s all about the color.  The shades of the dress look darker on the runway picture.  Plus, I think that the dress looks better with the model’s bolder make-up and jewelery.  Everything on Jessica looks so washed-out.  I like the dress, but her stylist really dropped the ball here.

  • Sara__B

    She’s not a small-waisted woman, and this dress is meant for someone who is. It’s a fun flirty dress, but she hasn’t got the right build (or coloring) to pull it off. OUT.

  • MilaXX

    OUT! She just can’t work this dress like it needs. This is a dress for Rhianna, Gaga or even maybe Katy Perry.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I am going to have to go to with out, solely for the fact that the lightness of the dress and the color of her skin, along with her hair, make it not work.  That dress is absolutely gorgeous, and had it been a different color I think she would have gotten a WERQ.

  • Delysia LaFosse

    Sadly, I think this might be a ‘models-only’ dress. While I don’t love it, I agree that it’s interesting, and on the model it’s kind of fun. On Jessica Chastain, it just looks really unflattering. The cutouts aren’t hitting her where they are on the model, and overall it makes her look wide and weirdly proportioned (which god knows she isn’t). The color isn’t something I’d pick for her, but it is nowhere near my biggest problem with this look. I have to give her an OUT this time, but I hope she keeps experimenting with interesting clothes rather than standard goddess gowns.

  • Anonymous

    A for effort, but no. OUT.

  • blue

    It’s  an interesting dress, almost pretty. But the netting material is kind of cheap looking. Overall, she’s just too pale to pull off the pale dress. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Kudos for taking a bit of a fashion risk but the dress doesn’t translate well to the RC. It obviously requires a very tall girl with no meat on her bones because it looks heaps better on the model. As a redhead with her pale coloring I learned years ago not to go all Peach Cobbler. And burn the shoes.

  • Amanda

    That dress isn’t made for breasts.

    • Anonymous

      Nor for waists.

  • Anonymous

    Neither the color nor fit is flattering and she looks like she is going to walk right out of her shoes….OUT

  • Ethan Barclay-Ennew

    IN if only for the sheer courage and my deep love of Victor and Rolf, also return Tilda Swinton’s makeup and hair to her honey, they aren’t for lesser beings to play with, thanks.

  • bookish

    I only like it in the first photo, but I’ll still give it an IN for that.

  • Shannon Twigg

    Out. It’s a photoshoot/editorial dress, not a walk-around-and-do-things dress.

  • Elena

    Out because it washes her out. I’m sure V&R have colorful and quirky pieces that would flatter her more.

  • Anonymous

    Peach cobbler, yes, but not egregious enough for an out. With all the true red carpet disasters out there, I say she’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    out and cannot find the flattering angle.  ugly dirty beige  sad

  • Sarah Lynnae

    I’m torn. The dress is quirky, but still cute and appealing. I don’t love how much the skirt puffs out on the left side, but I can live with it. The colors aren’t bad, despite her paleness; if she’d worn her hair down, she wouldn’t seem nearly so washed out. I don’t mind the shoes, but I would have preferred something edgier.

    I think it’s the fit that kills it for me. A tiny, tiny “out.”

  • Emily

    In.  The shoes can go, and she could use some jewelry.  The dress is really interesting and she should get props for that.

  • Anonymous

    Yay… my favourite drum to bang. Look at the model’s waist. Even super-skinny models don’t have waists so pronounced and sharply angled (they’re more often quite straight and boyish or muscular). There seems to be boning lines at the waist on the model and see that wrinkling at the hip… that’s because the waist is exaggerated. There’s corsetry under there.
    On Jessica Chastain there’s no boning lines and the dress is pulling across her back as well as folding up on itself at the front waist. it’s too small on her because whatever corsetry the model has, she doesn’t. 

    It isn’t her being bigger than the model that’s spoiling the dress, it’s the change in silhouette. Without that nipped waist to counter them all the other sworls and shapes are too much. Plus it isn’t her colour. A shame as it’s a great dress on the model and I applaud her for picking something different.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this. I noticed how differently it fit the model through the bodice, to the point that it looks differently constructed. The bodice looks way better in the runway version. Plus, it might be a trick of the lighting, but the peach color is much darker in the runway photo, which looks better.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, it is a much nicer shade on the catwalk, but it’s probably the flashes bleaching it out.

        You’re welcome, I can spot corsetry at 40 paces 😉 It’s amazing how different it can make a dress look. It’s the same reason modern New Look & 50s repros rarely look as good as the originals.

        • Anonymous

          My friend had the most gorgeous wedding gown made by a local corset maker here in the Bay Area (Dark Garden). Custom corsetry is amazing. I tip my hat to you and your skills.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I have a friend who works with Dark Garden and is a corsetmaker in her own right too. They have a very good reputation.
            And thank you very much :)

  • Anonymous

    IN, because the dress is just that fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    A wishy-washy in. I’m ok with the palette, I guess, but agree it would have been helped with her hair colorful and free and soft and balancing out the net plume coming out the left.  But those shoes, eek, they agitate me. Maybe a soft grey or snakeskin platform?

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Sorry, this dress isn’t Viktor & Rolf-y enough to overcome the color being so bad on her.

  • Kelsey Albrecht

    out out out out

  • Mags

    The dress looks great on the model. On her, not so much. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a craft project.  Add a few ruffles and it transforms into a child’s beauty pageant dress.   Did I mention I hate it?

  • Nicole Merrill

    I love it, I can’t help it. IN.

  • Jennifer Small

    I give her an IN — I want to encourage this kind of red carpet risk taking!  The dress is too tight in the bodice and squishing her weirdly, and I agree about the matchy shoes and boring hair.   But let’s encourage her to try again.

  • Anonymous

    Out; can’t get behind boob discrepancy. I don’t find it attractive ever. And I think it’s just kinda ugly, actually.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  It looks more centered on the model and works better.  On her, it makes we want to tug the other side of her dress up. So in another color, with more hair and cooler shoes, and with some alterations it might have worked.   Currently I would also say out but thanks for playing (I mean that…interesting attempt even though I don’t think it works).

  • Anonymous

    IN!! I love that dress. The shoes are not a good choice though. But the dress is so lovely I forgive them.

  • Jen Freeman

    Out, but A for effort. Its a neat dress, but she looks washed out beyond belief, and the shoes are just ugly.

  • Anna Tree

    I like the dress but it makes her girls seem asymetrical from some angles and that is an automatic OUT. Also, that is not the makeup for that dress. So can I OUT her twice?

  • Anonymous

    I really hate that color combo. The dress is kind of interesting. I agree that credit is due for trying this dress, but I don’t care for it on her. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Hate that the dress is peach, too close to her skin tone to really make an impact.

  • Anonymous

    My first thought is that this should have been “not your dress” as a brunette would look so much better in this dress. I love the runway look.  If you force it to “in or out”, I gotta go in just because it’s a fab dress and at least her makeup helps the coloring issue. The shot from the back actually looks great. It must be hard for redheads to push the envelope because they have a narrower range of color choices?

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    It’s a bit tight on her

  • Don Edwards

    IN! The gold plays up her hair color and for the most part it fits her pretty well.

  • Vickie Lord

    The color is bad on her, otherwise it’s fine IMO.

  • Kristin

    Oh I LOVE Viktor & Rolf!!! I loved their whole “doll” theme for their Spring collection. I love this dress, but I’m not sold on the peach color. With her skin tone & red hair it just all blends together, & does nothing for her. I SO agree with you guys. I’m glad she at least gave V&R a chance! 

  • Laura Schultz

    Yeah, I would have liked this if it weren’t for the colors. Just can’t get behind it. OUT. 

  • Lauren Maier

    OUT.  J’adore the dress in so many ways, but not on her.  It washes her out way too much.  

  • Chloe Stabler

    Kudos for trying, but the dress just doesn’t work with her coloring.  Not your dress love.  OUT.

  • Ebony Dawkins


  • Anonymous

    My mother and her “Color Me Beautiful” swatches would say OUT.  Does she not know that she’s an Autumn, and should not have much to do with peach?  Think of what bottle green or peacock blue would do for her!!

  • Sara Munoz

    Love it, All of it. IN.

  • Anonymous

    In. Edgy and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I adore it on the model, but it makes her look shapeless.  I’m tempted to give her an In for effort, though.  My, what is happening to me?

  • Katherine Pisarro-Grant

    Yeah, I want to like this look, but the dress looks too washed-out on her, and the severe hair isn’t helping. Out.

  • Aniela Marie Perry

    In. I love it, actually.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, I was trying to figure out why you were featuring this same redhead I don’t know twice in the same day…and had to go back to understand it wasn’t her.  Needless to say, I don’t know half these young heifers.

    I’m going to give her an IN…it’s a risky dress and it’s very interesting…and she’s in Marrakech, for heaven’s sake.  Live a little.

    I hate the shoes, though.  The design makes them appear cheap–like the heels are bending when she walks (and geez, I’ve seen that happen in real life before…NOT pretty.).

  • Anonymous

    I applaud her effort, and love her for making such a bold choice but still have to vote OUT. That is Zoe’s dress.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    Out. That weird sticky out part is killing it for me.

  • Aurora Browne

    This is Not Her Dress.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Yikes.  That is not her dress.  OUT!

  • Jessica Bevan

    OUT. Not your color, girl. 

  • CQAussie

    I like the dress but it does blend into her, doesn’t it?  And the shoes are terrible.  The only thing that is saving her from disappearing into the dress?  Her lovely red hair.  I’m going to give this an IN.  With minus points for awful shoes.

  • kf hub

    OUT.  I too am a ginger, and was forced to wear a peach dress as a bridesmaid once.  As miss Chastain is here, I was one color, head to toe with the exception of my eyes.  Which were red.  from crying.  from embarrassment.  I threw that dress away.  Jessica should give hers to someone with better coloring.

  • Ally Monge

    I love it. IN (tho I do fit the bodice fit her a little better… tailoring, tailoring)

  • Grace Ritt

    I really, really love the dress, but the color is just not working for me. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    One of the few times that I feel the dress and styling looks great on the runway model but a complete miss on the celebrity.  That frontal shot is quite unattractive.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    Love it.  Seriously.  Not only is this girl a great actress but she takes risks on the red carpet as well as onscreen.

  • Mariah J

    Man do I love that dress…but it’s another classic case of “not your dress”

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, this is all over the place. As you guys pointed out, the matchy shoes — no. The hair — no. The dress color is not her friend. But the dress style, even though it’s not a winner from the front, is pretty cool. 

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    Agreed that she is rather, ‘bridesmaiding-it-up.’ However, that dress is fabulous and it looks fabulous on her. IN

  • Lisa Weaver

    OUT – That is NOT her dress – set it free! set it free!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the dress but from the shoulders up, she looks unfinished. Like she’s on the way to hair and make up. Way too harsh a hair style for her pale face.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Cool dress, but the color especially does her no favors.

  • Linde Hoff

    Love the dress….just not on her.  Out.

  • Jane Morris

    oh in. But how can her shoes look too big and too small at the same time?

  • Anonymous


  • bailey debruynkops

    the hair is not ideal but the dress is so awesome that its definitely an IN.

  • Anonymous

    She gets points for trying, but not enough to push her into acceptable range.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, no.

  • Anonymous


  • Judy_J

    It’s almost like she had those shoes dyed to match! I like this dress, but that pale peach is not doing her any favors. Still, I give her credit for creativity. I’m giving this an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I want to like this. Just can’t. The dress matches her skin, is she even wearing any make-up? The hair is too severe. OUT

  • MandyM

    That’s the wrong color for her. If it had been in teal or a royal blue or even a darker coral, that would have pushed it to being in for me. That color and that styling kill the cool shape of the dress so OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out, but with an “e” for effort.  I don’t like the color with her skin tone, the hair is too severe, I don’t like the color of the shoes and the shoes don’t fit right.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a lovely dress, but it’s the exact same color as she is, and not in a good way.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I agree mostly with T & Lo’s commentary. I don’t think this is a dress for a pale redhead. And it looks like a Project Runway design gione wrong. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out, colour wrong and yep, it doesn’t work from certain angles. Wrong hair also. Dig the shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    Not at all flattering and it doesn’t fit.  And why when these women borrow shoes can’t they specify their correct size?

  • Advaita Waikar

    I think it would look better on someone with a deeper skintone. That said, it looks better on her than the model.

  • GQueen

    I love the dress, but I don’t think it’s HER dress. Set this dress free, Jessica.

  • Maya Gurantz

    Oy vey.  OUT.  Perhaps Zoe Saldana could pull this off.  But that’s only because she can wear ANYTHING.

  • Aaminah Khan

    I want to love it, I do. But that colour is just so not her colour, and the hair is leaving me cold. Plus, I’m not loving the fit on her boobs at all.

  • Anonymous

    I want to like it so much because she doesn’t look slutty and she doesn’t look like everyone else.  But I don’t think the dress fits her correctly and her red hair/peach complexion makes her blend in with the dress.  Sadly, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress but not for her so is that a marginal IN or OUT?

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, I like it. IN.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    I have to say IN, just for the risk taking.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Not sure if I like the dress or not, but I AM sure this is not the dress for her. She has the wrong skin tone and hair color for the colors of the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I fully acknowledge she is missing multiple opportunities to make this a full-fledged IN: color of dress, the shape would benefit from a corset or what I think they used to call a corset-belt, color of shoes, hairstyle, earrings. More color on her face.

    But you know. She & this dress are making me like all sorts of things I normally dislike: Brown. Ruffles. Applique. Peach. So they collectively have enough power to draw from me a lower-case in.

    I know I’m being weak, but the dress is fun & she looks like she thinks so as well.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I say IN since she was willing to take a risk. I just think she looks really thick waisted in it, compared to the model. Though that could just be the model.

  • Rachel

    This is just not her dress. Even if it were a different color, it quite possibly is for nobody over a size -3. 

  • Anonymous

    Out  – not the dress for her.

  • Anonymous

    i say in.  i don’t mind the rather bland color- it’s peaches and cream and her hair is bright enough to carry the day.  also the eye makeup is lovely.  the dress looks better on the model who looks about 16 inches around the waist, however her facial expression and the red eyeshadow spoil the runway look.  unfortunately jessica looks a little thick in comparison.  i enjoy the contrast of textures and the colors only slightly off from each other.  it’s an interesting dress and she’s a beautiful redhead.
    a necklace (but not the chunky one on the model) or earrings and a bracelet would have completed the look.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty enough & so is the dress. the color’s wrong, i cant tell if it’s the same one as on the model but, regardless, the darkened tone of the dress the model is wearing [be it fabric or lighting] wouldve worked considerably better. so, of course, would a different color entirely, preferably a deeper one, but the dress itself is grand & interesting so it all falls a bit more on the plus rather than the minus side for me.

    as an aside, that model is incredibly narrow. i dont mean thin, either.

  • Anonymous

    Not so Ginger Peachy.


  • Claudia Gilbert

    I think the model looks cinched to within an inch; and not in a good way!  Just to be contrarian, I prefer it on Jessica for that reason alone.  I do think her hair colour saves her a bit from being too washed out, too.  Not loving the matchy, bridesmaid shoe.  Even so, its an in from me.

  • Gustavo Casals

    OUT, this was actually worth a “Honey, that is not your dress” post> The color-skin-hair combination is unflattering to her and kills any attractive qualities the dress might hav had originally. Look the difference with the bronzed model. it’s not about her figure or her attitude: it’s about her coloring. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  The dress is doing her no favors.  The dress looks great on the runway model and I really do like the dress but this is NOT Jesicca’s dress.  I hate the matchy=matchy shoes.  I would have gone with darK brown shoes in suede, patent leather or even satin.

  • Anonymous

    In, although I think it looks better on the model.  It hits above the knee on the model and the necklace adds a nice accent.  The color scheme on Jessica Chastain is a little bland, but the dress has enough interest to make up for it.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. OUT. The dress and the styling look great on the model, but on her, no.

  • Anonymous

    I think the color is probably great in person, I think it just washes her out in pictures.  She’s got the skin tone to pull off a peach  – I know that’s the whole reason she looks washed out – the peach is too close to her skin tone, but I would wager that it looks stunning in person.

    Leaving aside the color issues – I love the dress on it’s own.  It’s more flattering on the model because her upper body is narrower, so it has better proportions.  I hate the shoes, matchy or not, and they look at least a size too big for her.  How do you figure people walk around in heels that are that big on them? double-sided, industrial-strength tape to keep your heels from coming out with every step?

    She’s just soooo pretty, that she’d have to wear something seriously hiddy to get an out from me.


  • Judy S

    Shoes too big, top smooshed, not a very enthusiastic smile. She looks good from the back except for the shoes. I think that if it all were fitted to her better (which would involve re-engineering the design at the top so that the big swoop swooped a bit higher) she would be fabulous, but it is not, so OUT.

  • Anonymous

    out. the dress would be great on someone else. it’s not just the colors, but also the way it fits (or doessn’t seem to) around the middle. 

  • ecallaw

    I hate the shoes and I wish she had gone with a color with more contrast to her skin tone, but I still have to give her golf claps and at least a weak in for the effort. Definitely caught my eye, and it is at least kind of pretty.

  • ecallaw

    I hate the shoes and I wish she had gone with a color with more contrast to her skin tone, but I still have to give her golf claps and at least a weak in for the effort. Definitely caught my eye, and it is at least kind of pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I think that might be a great dress, but JC is not wearing it to its best advantage–or hers.  It’s partly the color, but I think it’s also that she’s a little thick-waisted (Sorry, JC! I’m not picking on you–it’s a scientific analysis!), so the silhouette isn’t as pretty on her as it is on the model.  But the worst crime is the shoes. 1. They’re too big. 2. The color is terrible. 3. They’re satin–and so they look like bridesmaid shoes.


    • Charlotte Horseman

      Out – for same reasons you say.  Also, this dress is meant for the model’s figure – no bust at all so that the structure of the top part lays flat. 

  • Anonymous

    I like it!!

  • Anonymous

    In: because it is a statement it overcomes some of the flaws that TLO described.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  She looks dreaful — thick and muddy.  Pity because she’s a beautiful woman with killer coloring, a lithe frame, and a beautiful face.  The dress is hiddy–way too fussy.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She gets credit for trying something less expected, but this doesn’t look good on her.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say IN! The lighting seems to be terrible but if the color is actually more like the runway photo (and I have to assume that) I think she looked swell even in the silly shoes. I think her makeup is great and the busy dress makes up for the understated hair.

  • Brad and Anne White

    She looks peachy! But in this case, that’s NOT a good thing. Sorry dear, I want to give you credit for putting it out there, but it just doesn’t work. OUT.

  • Aly Light


  • Amanda


  • Heron

    Out.  Fit does NOT flatter. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Interesting dress but the fit is terrible in the mid section.  Very unflattering.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Love the dress, which made it all the more frustrating that she didn’t try to get it in a color that suits her. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    tough call, but i’m gonna go IN. at least it’s interesting and i love a dose of whimsical in the morning!

  • Danielle

    OUT – I like the dress, but I don’t think it works on her body. I think it would be better on someone more curvy.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    OUT, because bleh.  But look how bizarrely small the waist is on that model. Is she from outer space?

    • Anonymous

      She looks corseted, that’s what’s missing on the red carpet version.

  • Cathy S

    I like the dress, but it’s wrong for her skin color; it looks better with the model’s skin color. Overall though I think it’s Out.

  • Susana Reyes


  • Anonymous


    Not a fan of the dress itself and that color is wrong for her. 

  • Lauren St Martin

    It could have been better executed, but I can’t shoot it down, because isn’t this exactly what we want to start seeing? More ACTUAL risks on the RC? So, I applaud, but ask that next time she also put in some effort.

  • Anonymous

    Those are bridesmaid shoes.  

  • Erin

    Auugh!  She looks great, but she looks like she doesn’t like the dress.  OUT (if voting’s still open).

  • Brittany Bathie

    In, but it’s not helping that I just really like her.

  • penn collins

    OUT. don’t think I have seen a dress match the skin tone this closely in a long time…..a snoozer.

  • Ramona Boersma

    OUT. The runway model is a genetic mutation, but the narrowness of her waist makes this dress work. On Jessica, she looks like a shapeless column. Not flattering.

  • Anonymous

    Cool dress and good try, but you’re so right about the color story. A regretful out. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress, but this color is too close to her skintone and hair.  And the shoes are too matchy-matchy.  I have to give her an out, though reluctantly

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I think she looks striking. There are flaws and I DESPISELOATHEHATE those shoes, but she’s an IN. I don’t love most of the things she wears, but they are interesting things, which I appreciate.

  • Anonymous

    I like the risk but not the outcome.  The dress is interesting in one way but—it made me think of those home improvement shows where they cut out parts of furniture and back the holes with screening to make the piece more modern.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Peach cobbler indeed. But I give her credit for taking a risk

  • Megan K.

    Bravo for wearing Viktor and Rolf, but serious loss of points for looking invisible.  Why do these women insist on these nude-colored dresses??  Also: titscrepancy.  So OUT.  But I wish we would se more of V & R on the red carpet!

    • Anonymous


  • Jaeda Laurez

    She’s too pale for this dress. Take the same color dress and imagine it on somebody Zoe Saldana’s complexion or even better, Viola Davis- it would rock!  OUT. 

    Plus, she has too much boob for that dress- she’s being smushed.

  • Anonymous

    she looks invisible….almost.

  • Anonymous

    she looks invisible….almost.

  • Anonymous

    Hm. Ok, nothing against Jessica, because she’s a lovely looking woman, but this dress works beautifully on the model, with her teensy-weensy waist, but not so well on Jessica, with her non-model waist. It’s making her look boxy and the colors are doing nothing for her. I have to say OUT

  • Anonymous

    Hm. Ok, nothing against Jessica, because she’s a lovely looking woman, but this dress works beautifully on the model, with her teensy-weensy waist, but not so well on Jessica, with her non-model waist. It’s making her look boxy and the colors are doing nothing for her. I have to say OUT

    • Anonymous

      And we know Jessica is not any kind of big girl. But this is one of those “adjust the body to fit the dress” dresses, and Jessica doesn’t have the specific body it requires. (Not that I’m a huge fan of that concept, but it’s fashion reality.)

  • Denise Alcantara

    Girl needs some jewel tones stat!

  • Anonymous

    I love everything about this except the color and that’s enough to ruin it. Sadly, this is an OUT for me.

  • Merneith

    Out. The version on the model had a shorter skirt and it looked sharper. The longer skirt makes it droop. Also, wrong color for her. Neat dress though.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give her an IN because she does look cute, but I wish the dress were a different color.  That peachy shade works on the tan model, but not so much on the fair actress.

  • M M

    Girl cannot pose. OUT.

  • M M

    Girl cannot pose. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Gross. The dress is just a nightmare. Do I have to add OUT?

  • Anonymous

    IN! I’m in love with that dress. It’s different and edgy in a way that suits her, not just for the sake of trying to look interesting. I do prefer the strappy, summery shoes on the model though.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress, but the color is so wrong on her – it’s like she and the dress wash each other out.  Sad, sad out.

  • Christina Brennan

    At first, I was all like “OUT” because of the color. But then I scrolled down and was all like “IN!”  It’s a scrolldownin, rather than a scrolldownfug.  

  • Anonymous

    I really like this dress. But the hair kills it for me. She looks bland when she could have looked fun and fierce. So as much as it pains me, I’m voting out.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. The severely pulled back hair is really hurting this look. Her hair should have been down and flowy and curly and she looks like a mannequin.  The dress is okay.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t give this dress an “in” or an “out”, because all i can say is “girl, that’s not your dress”.
    this dress has the potential to be really dazzling, and props to her for trying it out. but it doesn’t fit very well, and everything is peach: the netting, the cutout design, the shoes, her skin, her hair… even her makeup is kind of peachy.

    the main problem here is that there’s not enough contrast going on between ANY of the elements in this outfit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OUT.  While, yes, I do give her credit for having the guts to wear this dress on the red carpet, this is not doing her any favors.  As long as people see her on a 3/4 view, where the pony is showing over her shoulder, its fine.  Straight on, she looks thick and far, far too severe.  This needed more of a color than that horrible peach.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    out.  really unflattering shape, and too close to her own coloring.

  • Celia

    In, but just barely. I give her a lot of credit for that dress, but she needs to do everything else smarter. She needs a dramatic lip or more blush on her face because right now she’s just washed out. I also hate the satin platform pumps here (they make her feet look heavy and too matchy-matchy). Instead, I’d rather she do a sleek, pointy toe pump in bright red or another hot color.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    Great dress, just not for her.

  • Anonymous

    Peach Cobbler. Exactly. With better hair and shoes she could have rocked it.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    The shoes are too big.

  • marilyn

    Out. She is too pale to wear those colors.  She is so pale, that she looks like she’s on the way to get a blood transfusion.  I don’t even care about the shape of the dress.  Those colors were horrible on her.  Notice that the runway model had a tan, and medium brown hair.  The dress was a contrast.  People who look anemic should not wear that dress.

  • Carlos Abreu

    OUT… there’s yet to be discovered a look that fits worst in a model than in a “star”… so this pretty much looks ugly in the model… and outrageous in Jessica WHO the Hell Is She???

  • Carlos Abreu

    i mean she’s in marrakech… i guess she was literally thinking about deserts and sand… and she come out with this (uhhh uh i’m so clever, NO)… anyway… let’s face it 99% of america doesnt even know that marrakech exists…

  • Danae

    PEACH COBBLER, WITHOUT QUESTION. This dress looks great on the model but a total wash out on the actress.