In or Out: Jessica Alba in Thakoon

Posted on December 05, 2011

To be fair, this looks like an exceedingly tough dress to pull off, so we give her a bit of credit for the attempt.


Jessica Alba attends the March of Dimes’ 6th Annual Celebration of Babies Luncheon in Beverly Hills in a Thakoon dress paired with Brian Atwood shoes.

Thakoon Spring 2012 Collection [Modified Version]

Brian Atwood ‘Pois’ Pump

The number one issue with this dress on her is that the color does nothing for her. She’s already golden-skinned. And no woman needs a dress that matches her face. In addition, all the interest in the original design was in the use of that wild print. Take that away and it just looks weirdly color-blocked. More importantly, take that away and this dress suddenly needs a belt desperately. Talk about hiding your natural shape.

In terms of the detailing, the makeup is fine, the hair is limp, and the shoes are somewhat surprisingly fierce. Many things to discuss before coming to a conclusion, kittens. Or you could just post “I hate her. OUT.” and keep things simple for yourself.


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IN! It looks kind of fun and different. I give her credit for that, bitches.

OUT! You’re paint’s peeling off, honey!

Vera Farmiga’s challenging little dress was widely debated, but the final vote came down to IN. Rosie Huntington-Whitely was taken to task for wearing the wrong belt and combing her hair with a rake, but she still got voted IN.

[Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images,,]


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  • In just for the shoes. I love the shoes that much

    • Seconded…those shoes are awesome! And not nude, so they get extra points. I like the shape of the dress, and the gold bits, but overall it’s just a bit dull. The shoes (along with her superior skin & face) save it.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. Major shoegasm.

      • Anonymous

        Those Shoes and her attitude save it.  She believes in that dress, and the confidence is boosting.  The merits of the shoes are obvious.

        I’m not sure about a belt, it would have been yet another horizontal line.  Perhaps one of WOA’s popular chunky Y-belts.  I can live with the removal of the print, because it allowed those shoes.  But I think the neck and sleeve-seam gold should have been a smaller band.

    • Sally Brownson

      I almost agree, but I can’t forgive her for taking the print off the dress. OUT

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely. That print is what made the original. It’s just blah without it. Definite OUT.

    • I concur

  • OUT. Toddler dress. Toddler hair. NOT toddler shoes, but so wrong for the dress that they’re OUT. 

  • Her make up and hair look fine.  She looks happy, relaxed and kinda sweet.  However I all kindza that that dress. The bland tone of the fabric ruins what was an interesting, fun look on the runway.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    I’d’ve liked the dress better without that wee bit of white at the shoulders.  Out.

  • why would you take away the pattern on that dress????????????? OUT simply for that bit of blasphemy. 

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the thrift store party dresses that I loved so much when I was in college in the early ’90s — slightly weird fabric, needing a belt to make it fit right, layered over a wife beater (not sure why, but that was a go-to layering piece back in the day…). 
    But still, it’s cute and interesting (though the original is a far superior dress).  In.

  • Anonymous

    Before I even scrolled down I was wishing that she had worn the printed version, or that the print in the side-torso colorblock was the print for the biggest bodice and skirt blocks. However, I think it was a great shoe choice and an adventurous choice all around, and she looks adorable. IN

  • Anonymous

    She needs a hat.

  • A crinoline would help a lot with the shape issues too. But you guys are right – what really makes the dress interesting is that print, and without it it’s just blah. I am so tired of beige dresses, and limp, shape-obscuring beige dresses are especially exhausting. OUT, and not just because I hate her.

    Shoes are freaking fab, though.

  • Are you REALLY that afraid of prints that you’d take out the only interesting part of this dress – and the bright color that would suit your face – for a dull, unflattering alternative? The shoes are great and her face is pretty, so she’d be in if the dress were in its original state. But for the fear that made it boring, OUT.

  • Out. It’s horrific. The shape, the length, the color. Just awful.

  • Anonymous

    I would have given her an IN if she had the cojones to wear the runway version, which I love. As it is-OUT.

  • Anonymous

    out. and what the hell is a celebration of babies? what’s to celebrate?

  • Sam Corbett

    I hate her. Out.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is nothing without the print.
    I hate those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The dress is much better with the print, I hate the necklace, and the hair is limp and boring. 

  • OUT, but pretty shoes…

  • IN. I actually like this better than the runway version and I like the colors on her. A quiet look, but I find it attractive.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I have no feelings about her but I hate, hate the dress and the shoes. That is some weird and ugly color blocking. And the shoes are an odd choice for it. 

  • An adventurous PTA dress.  Out

  • Anonymous

    I love the shoes, but hate them with that dress. They look oddly like high-heeled sneakers that way.

    And she has no ounce of fierceness in her body to pull off either, to be honest. OUT.

  • OUT.  Solely for changing the fabric.  If she’d worn it as designed, I would have given her an easy in.

  • Anonymous

    Might have gone with an “in” for the dress had they maintained the whacky print.  As it is, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    bleh, dull as dishwater meets holiday remnants from the craft store…. the runway version was far more interesting….OUT

  • Anonymous

    Boy, do I want those shoes. LOVE. The dress? Not so much. I agree that the original dress us better–that would have been fabulous.

  • MilaXX

     OUT. First of all that high def powder is ruining her makeup for me. That hair is blah and the shoes while fierce don’t work with this dress.  She also needs a belt and better jewelry. I hate all the pieces she’s wearing here.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Without the original print, the dress is kind of dull. It just plain looks bad on her.

    Hate the jewelry with it. I like the shoes, though.

  • Love the dress! I understand why she didn’t wear it with pattern – that’s a whole lotta look. But the cut is great, the color blocking works, and I think she looks adorable. IN!

  • Linde Hoff

    Why wouldn’t she wear the colorful version?  What a snore as just a beige dress…..

  • Joyce VG

    I like simple dresses. I think this dress is appropriate for a March of Dimes event.  IN.

  • The original fabric was CRAZY bad, and those shoes ARE FIERCE, so she gets an in, even though she’s a bore.

  • Anonymous

    OUT for choosing the fabric equivalent of plain oatmeal over the lovely runway print.

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn’t she wear it in that great print? I can’t see giving her pity points for wearing something interesting when she chose to make it less interesting before she’d wear it. OUT. 

  • I think the shoes saved her, they’re that awesome.  Yes, if you don’t want to try working that print, then you’ll be in desperate need of a belt.  I give her an “in,” but’s it’s all due to those shoes.  Had they been a snooze-fest, she most certainly would have been out.

  • Heather Kobayashi

    Those shoes are really great, but I cry for the loss of the original print and that gold just looks tacky without it.


  • I really like it, but I don’t think she needed to go metallic on her feet. But I do like the shoes. I hate the conservative jewelry and her hair. Why, Jessica? This gal is always getting it halfway. She needs a stylist. An if she has one, she needs a new one.

    But I still love the dress and the smile, I have to say. Begrudging IN.

  • I’m a little behind in my pop culture when it comes to Jessica Alba. Why do we hate her again?

    Also, are gluten and transfat still evil? What about olestra? I’m so out of the loop.

  • Anonymous

    Points for the happy face.
    The dress does nothing for her because it’s an ugly dress. The idea was definitely NOT well accomplished. 

  • Anonymous

    The runway version with that print is fab.  The version she is wearing is boring.  But it’s still sorta cute, though it should be shorter.  The hair and makeup are fine.  The shoes are killa.  In.

  • Anonymous

    She obviously wore the shoes to distract from that dress. She is OUT…the shoes are IN

  • Anonymous

    The color is boring, the dress needs that print and/or a belt, the hair is….oh who am I kidding.  I hate her.  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Not judging but she does look very pretty despite the dress shape.

  • Anonymous

    if you are going to be bold, don’t stop at the shoes and go for the amazing print…. she chickened out, shame…. 

  • The original dress was fierce. This version looks like a home ec project to repurpose some old tarp the teacher found in the back room. OUT.

  • taodon

    The dress NEEDS the pattern in order to function.  And the shoes are just damned fierce.  I’m going to go with a grudgingly OUT due to the fact she destroyed the essence of the dress to make herself look dumpy and matronly.

  • Anonymous

    No. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I don’t hate it, but it’s just kind of ehhhhhhhhhhhhh yuck.

  • A belt would have made this a pretty perfect dress. BUT…. she looks so relaxed and happy, and those shoes are so awesome that I have to give it an IN.

  • LC

    I think she looks great.  IN!

  • Anonymous

    Festive, but blocky and matronly. Only really cute from the side. Out. 

  • Anonymous

    In. Her makeup is delightfully soft. Her shoes are exceedingly fierce. Too bad about the loss of the print and the lack of foresight about needing a belt. Do you thing a belt matching the accent fabric on the bodice, matching the main (boring) color, or a different color altogether? (I will ignore the drindl waistline because I hate them so.)

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  But I like the shoes.

  • Out. Losing the print was an almost offensive mistake. It’s kind of an awful dress without it.

  • Anonymous

    ah! frankendress! student art project gone wrong! dominatrix aqua sock heels out of nowhere!


  • Judy_J

    Dress definitely needs a belt.  And the original print.  Out.

  • The dress is so unflattering, but the shoes are amazing. 

  • Anonymous

    She took away everything interesting with the dress when she modified it. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Taking away the pattern makes it an out for me.  It just makes the dress look SO RANDOM.  

  • Anonymous

    OUT for your reasons and what Taodon says below.

  • OUT. The original would have been so much better.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I don’t hate her at all, but the dress does nothing for her at all.

  • That fit is killing me. That’s a dress that badly needed to be adjusted to her proportions. The waist and hem are hitting her in the wrong (and unflattering) places. Jewelry does nothing for me. The shoes are growing on me, but they’re definitely not enough to save that dress. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Not that I love her or anything, but I wonder if Zooey Deschanel could have pulled this look off?  Just a kitten tidbit.

  • I think it still would have worked if she had left the length above the knee instead of this dowdy length. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Wish she’d gone with the paisley.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I wish she’d kept the print. Those hot shoes aren’t enough to keep her from an OUT from me.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Looks like housewife got bored and went crazy with her sewing machine.

    The shoes:  not my style, but I can appreciate the attempt.  But they don’t make up for that awful dress.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Those shoes are fantastic…

    She looks very young and breezy. I agree that a belt would have helped but I think it’s OK without the print and it’s just off of her skin color enough to make it work. IN.

  • Anna Tree

    Not a great color but a lovely cut. The shoes alone rate an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Without the print, the “pattern” is disjointed. No flow from top to bottom. 

  • Anonymous

    Dress desperately needs a belt, and I agree that it was more interesting with the print.  The similarity between the dress dolor and her skin is disconcerting.  The shoes may be fierce but they SO do not go with a casual little dress like this.


  • Anonymous

    Out for ditching the print. Love the shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It looks like she’s wearing an apron. Such a boring look for such a boring gal.

  • The shoes are killer. And I agree, I actually like the dress in the print, but as a solid khaki its dull and almost shapeless. Why would they do that? More importantly, why would she wear it? She’d look great in that bright pink print. Overall, I’d say OUT.

  • Joy

    I hate her – OUT.  Actually I don’t, but I do hate that dress without the print.  So she’s still out.

  • Anonymous

    I bet the dress looks better in person. Based on that and the fact I’m feeling generous with holiday spirit, she gets an IN. Having those killer shoes definitely helped to sway me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The dress is not very flattering, the colors suck.  The original print was fun, although tough to pull off.  So she’s out.

    But I love the pumps!

  • Had she done the dress with the wild print, SO IN, without…OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out.  It hangs like it was made from the old drapes in Maria’s bedroom at the Von Trapp family villa.  The wild print in the original was what (arguably) made the dress work.  But that is one ugly dress.

  • Okay, why did she take away that print?! And why was the waist dropped?  So confusing…

  • in for the shape and the shoes. and the hair. really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the dress wasn’t that good in the first place but then you take away the somewhat interesting print and put in on someone as uninteresting as her… yawn. Not too much excitement at the baby luncheon.

  • I like the overall outfit! LOVE the shoes, especially with the color palette. IN! WOOT!

  • Anonymous

    i hate her. out.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Really the color of the dress is the only strike against it.  Lots of interesting details, great fit, good smile. 

  • ~psssst~  “your” not “you’re”.  Still, out.

  • It’s like she took a spring dress (she did) and tried to “holiday” it up. I still think she looks pretty good. Those shoes are killa.

  • Anonymous

    she’s okay but her dress needs the print. it is not okay.

  • Anonymous

    IN! It looks kind of fun and different. I give her credit for that, bitches.

  • Sara__B

    I’m going against the majority. She looks pretty and appropriate for a charity luncheon without being boring. The dress is n’tperfect — the beige is a bit drab and the fit is a bit long through the torso — but I like it anyway, especially when worn with confidence and a sunny smile. IN.

  • Anonymous

    No hate, but still out.

  • Out, but nice work on the shoes!!

  • Anonymous

    Shoes are cool but wrong for the dress.
    Dress I almost really like. I really like it from certain angles.  Doesn’t have the pizazz of the print version, but, I can see its appeal.

    Really, it comes down to something way too small to have such power. It’s the sheer white on the shoulders. Even though it matches the sheer stripe in the skirt, and I don’t hate it from the back, from the front it seems incongruous, as if the dress has been layered for modesty.

    Out. But without a lot of conviction.

  • I hate her.  OUT.

  • Anonymous


    All things considered, the fact that the dress is blah overrides all of the pluses.  I don’t even think a belt would have helped it.  It really needs to be a print, as per the model, or livelier color. 

    She looks pretty though and I rather like her “limp” hair. 

  • I think the dress looks like she was playing around between her Grandmother’s sewing room and kitchen and she re-configured an apron from 1954 with some 70’s disco jumpsuit fabric.  The shoes look utterly stupid with this blah dress.

  • Cathy S

    The dress is nothing without the print. Except for the shoes she looks boring. Out.

  • Surprisingly, IN. And that despite the fact I hate her. 

    But I prefer the original. I CAN HAZ? 

  • Anonymous

    The only good thing are the shoes. All the rest makes it a big OUT.

  • You know how when you are sewing something you often will do a muslin mock up first to see if it fits and everything works before you cut into the good fabric?  It looks like she is wearing the muslin.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Anything that makes Jessica Alba look less beautiful than normal is out. This dress just doesn’t flatter her figure as much as it should/could.

  • CQAussie

    The shoes are fierce.  Her hair is lovely as is her make-up, no complaints there.  But she took an interesting dress and turned it into something dull.  Why would anyone do this?  OUT.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    w/o that gorgeous print, it just looks like a burlap sack – OUT

  • She’s looks like a psychedelic milkmaid… OUT

  • I’m going for IN on the strength of fun and different and those fabulous shoes. The detailing in general is pretty good here – I just wish she’d kept the wild print. GO CRAZY, ALBA.

  • Anonymous

    I like her shoes a lot.


  • Anonymous

    I like the original runway dress a lot more than the scaled down version. Keep the shoes, though. OUT!

  • Tricky tricky Alba. Love that she went for an interesting dress, and those shoes are killa. The dress looks great on the close up, but I wish she would have gone for the crazy print. Also, her hair looks terrible (or as bad as hair can look for jessica alba). IN, but please, rethink that hairstylist… they might hate you.

  • Sabina Kallstrom

    out. this just looks silly to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna say IN. I don’t think I care for the dress at all, but she’s pulling it off pretty well. I agree that it’s sad without the print, but it’s also kind of sad with the print.

    The shoes don’t go, like, at all, but she gets a zillion points in my book for not going straight for black or nude solid pumps.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I love the runway dress. She completely ruined it for swapping out the vibrant print for a yard of burlap.

  • Anonymous

    This drss cannot be saved, especially after she brutalized it in her modifications. OUT.

  • OUT. The original print is so lovely, she just had to ruin it with the blah-beige. 

  • Anonymous

    Out, what an ugly dress.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, the dress really needs that print. But a belt would have helped tremendously, too. I LOVE the shoes.

    It’s not that this look is the worst thing in the world, but I just can’t bring myself to give her an in. Sooo… Out. (Sorry, Jess)

  • It’s a luncheon. She looks cute. IN

  • Anonymous

    Out. She should have taken more of a chance and kept the wild print.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Love the runway version, hate this one. Also hate the shoes (sorry, guys).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for speaking up about the shoes!  I don’t really like them either.  I think there’s a time and place for ’em, but not my time or palce…

  • It’s a great silouhette, and she looks happy and pretty. Plus the shoes. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Fugly. Hideous. Hurts my eyes. Out

  • Anonymous

    There’s a June Cleaver thing going on here that doesn’t appeal to me.  Give her an apron and the picture is complete.

  • iCouture

    I hate MiserAlba.  OUT.

    And I hate that dress.  OUT.

    And I really hate her hair.  OUT.

    Shoes are gorge. 

  • Anonymous

    IN! Very upset that they “erased” the pattern, but I still love it.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is most definitely OUT in its beige incarnation, and the shoes are a solid IN.  Her makeup and hair are OK, and I do like the jewelry.  But oh, that dress in that color………I can’t get past it.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. But those shoes are fierce! Too bad she’s wearing them with the wrong dress. 

  • The shoes are fantastic but they can’t overcome that bland tan with the odd colorblocking.  It looks like a scarf accidentally got pinned to the pattern and someone sewed it right into the dress.  Blech.  Out.

  • i hate her just for taking away that fun print. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I like the effort, but I just think the dress is very unflattering on her. OUT, but props.

  • Anonymous

    Out for bad alteration of the original (the fabric!), very poor color choice, failure to wear a belt, and the necklace.

    Love the shoes with it, though.

  • Anonymous

    IN, I like it and feel she should be rewarded for wearing something different. I think if she wore the runway version it would be too much.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say in, not because it’s kind of fun and different, but because it’s okay.  Not terrific and not horrible.  The shoes push it over onto the in side.

  • Anonymous

    In.  She’s adorable.  How can you even consider out?

  • Anonymous

    rockin’ shoes. the dress is stupid looking. 

  • Anonymous

    this is an OUT for me, but i want to marry those shoes. 

  • I do hate her actually. But this dress is not bad and I love the shoes! IN

  • Anonymous

    I have to give her an OUT.

    Anything very basic that suited her figure/proportions and coloring better would have been carried IN by the shoes, but this dress is actively fighting her and I can’t reward that.

  • The shoes are indeed fierce. The rest, however, is suckitude. OUT!

  • OUT. Man, that’s one fugggly dress. Even those amazing shoes can’t save this sinking ship.

  • Susan Walker

    Why are they wearing Spring clothes on the runway in December?  They look silly.  Or is that just me?

    • Anonymous

      Amen – I’m still looking for winter boots.  And what’s with the Pre-Fall 2012 stuff on the runways?   Why don’t they go ahead and tell us what we’ll be wearing Post-Summer 2020?  I can probably save up for something by then…

  • Anonymous

    In – I’m not getting the hiding her shape comments; the profile pic shows her waist looking tiny.  The shoes are fantastic and I love the scarf effect of the metallic fabric.  I deducted points for getting rid of the print, and the horrific bridge in Boca necklace, but still – unusual elements on a classic shape.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you – I don’t think she looks shapeless at all.  I think maybe she doesn’t have the height to pull off that hemline…

  • Anonymous

    Out. Blech in her general direction.

  • In.  Although I don’t know why she got rid of the print, it would have been a lot cuter with it.

  • Taking away the print epitomizes why I dislike her: she sucks all the color and pattern from everything, leaving only boring behind. Those shoes, which would look fierce on just about anyone else, look like a desperate attempt to be interesting.  OUT.

  • OUT: sorry to say it but the only people that can pull off that dress are naturally skinny slim girls, it makes her look wide. but her face and make up look sooo good, and those shoes <3 mmmmhhmmm

  • Ebony Dawkins

    Even my fatally fashion backward friend just blurted that this girl needs a belt. If it’s obvious to her, then this is automatically OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Ugly dress. Might not have looked so square on her if she lost those white cap sleevelets, but still ugly. Not a fan of the shoes either. 

  • Gawd, those shoes. The dress is a train wreck, but those SHOES!

  • I like this dress generally, but perhaps the gathered skirt is too full and girth-enhancing. Still, the bodice is pretty cute, and the metallic foil effect is really different and eye-catching. Plus, those SHOES.

    IN, even if she’s ripping off Marisa Tomei here.

  • Anonymous

    She missed the wild print boat. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I just feel so underwhelmed. She looks pretty (like always), and those shoes are fabulous, but the dress is such a huge yawn. OUT.

  • OUT. That dress is fug either way, but at least with the print it was interesting. Love the shoes though!

  • Aki

    She should have worn the original version, that is fierce, what she ended up in just makes her looks strange and sectioned to death.

  • Anonymous

    Out – this is too long for her.  Above the knee like the model and we could’ve talked through some of the problems.  Here she looks like a 50s Mom who didn’t have time to throw on some pearls before vacuuming.

  • Anonymous

    Out. But I want those shoes! She didn’t do them justice with this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, in. Almost out because the print is do much better but I like the dress generally and forgive the colour and lack of belt.

  • Y-U-C-K     O-U-T

  • Anonymous

    Love the runway version. Hate this. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are nearly enough for an in by themselves, but the rest is just ugly.  OUT.

  • Don’t particularly hate her, but hate the dress, and hate the shoes with the dress, though I’m sure they’d be wonderful with something else.  out!

  • L.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OUT.  It makes me all confused and sad.  no.  no  no no.

  • Anonymous

    OUT–she ran away from the more interesting choice!!

  • Anonymous

    oh! i can’t. out.

  • Anonymous

    Almost an in for the shoes, but out for being to whimpy to rock the wild print that made the dress interesting in the first place

  • Nicole Merrill

    I have no official IN or OUT vote, but I just want to say that those shoes are SPECTACULAR and it is unfair that my life does not lend itself to wearing them every day.

  • YAWN. I’m so BORED by Jessica Alba! Why is she even a thing? I would be happy to never see her on another blog, gossip site, or in any magazine ever again!

  • Anonymous

    I hate her. OUT.

    [Thanks for the option, guys! :D]

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I really don’t like her, BUT…. it’s kind of doing it for me. I think I’d like it more if the gold didn’t go across the neckline and into her armpit

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  So out.  This dress was amazing on the runway, horrible on Jessica.  The print WAS the dress.