In or Out: Helen Mirren in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on December 19, 2011

Oh, Miss Helen. So much you’ve given us to discuss today.

Dame Helen Mirren attends the British Comedy Awards at Fountain Studios in London, England in Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Candice Swanepoel

On the one hand, she’s hitting that red carpet in an attention-grabbing Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with elbow-length leather gloves. That alone would be enough to canonize her, but one must take a step back and assess before one allows one’s baser emotions to take control of the situation.

The coat was a bad idea. We’re glad she took it off. It’s a lovely coat, but the only color coat that goes with this dress is black, boring as that choice is. Secondly, the holiday trim she’s using as a necklace is both cheap-looking and unneccessary given the amount of stars she’s already sporting. Also, the hair looks a little cray cray.

But kudos on the dress, doll. You’re still bold, we see.We just think you’d look better without the coat and the necklace. And the gloves, while fierce, weren’t really necessary either. Really, you should have just trusted the dress, girl.


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IN! All hail Queen Helen of Fuckingfantastica!

OUT! Wonder Granny.


In other opinionating news, Sandy Bullock’s disco realtor look got a big ol’ OUT, as did Kate Mara’s “I’m only 5 1/2 years old” party dress.



[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, Stuart Wilson/Getty Images,]

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  • Anonymous

    Awe, Helen… I love her, so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.

    • Joyce VG

      Ditto MaryMitch.

      • Please, I love her, too –BUT, a wonder woman dress that makes her tits look saggy, and her hips huge?

        When our sainted Helen has neither saggy nor huge?

        • Anonymous

          I love her too, and I’m close to her age. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but at 66, unless she’s had MAJOR work done, there’s gonna be some sagging ;( Which good foundation garments will disguise 🙂

          IN for the cheekiness of her attitude alone. (and it’s a cute dress)

    • Sara__B

      That’s a great idea, MaryMitch. I love her, too. My mouth is shut.

      • RyzandShyn

        My mouth is shut too. Smiling and nodding, waving to Helen.

  • Well, I did think Wonder Granny, but FIERCE Wonder Granny. She’s IN for being bold, I mean, the model could be her granddaughter, and she’s still pulling it off. Coat, gloves, necklace… yeah. Still, on fire!

    • Ha, I was gonna say, I don’t MIND her doing Wonder Granny, since she’s ROCKING it. 

    • BerlinerNYC

      It’s not my favorite, but it’s both fun and fierce, and good for her for being a little weird (when we know that she herself is a little weird). But I have to say I see this more as a Helena Bonham Carter look. So it’s less of a “Girl, That’s Not Your Dress” than a “Girl, It’s More HER Dress.”

  • Anonymous

    I hate the length and I hate the tights with this dress.  But Helen provides a service to us all by demonstrating how big your hips can look with the simple addition of a bunch of stars.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the length and tights but disagree about the hips. I think she looks lusciously hourglassy.

    • Anonymous

      The tights really ruin this dress. It’s already got a lot going on, and the tights (and necklace) just add another layer of “what the fuck is happening.”

  • Anonymous

    IN. Love it – love her. I agree about the coat. She’s better off without it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m afraid to say it, but it’s all a bit much. The bare strip across the middle kind of makes it look like you’re staring at her bra. Had she worn the dress without the necklace, lost the gloves and the bare midriff strip AND gone for a slightly sheerer pair of tights, I would have been applauding her like nobody’s bidniss. Too many amendments for one outfit though, so it’s an OUT from me, sorry Helen. *has a sad now*

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, I love her, but this dress is awful on her. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Sure there are some quibbles. But overall I think she looks fab.

  • J Dreesen

    i am going to assume she knew what she was doing (considering she wore it for the British *Comedy* Awards) and give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    She has disappointed me this morning… I have loved her for years, but oh Helen… whatwereyouthinking??

  • Anonymous

    In because i feel like it goes with the theme of the event. lol

  • R. L.

    Barely IN.  If she hadn’t taken off the coat I’d give her the OUT.  As it is everything you pointed out – hair, holiday ornaments around her neck, the bad tights…okay I am convincing myself that this is an OUT.  You can’t get an IN just because it is a fierce dress. 

  • Anonymous

    I almost gave her an out, but God damn, I love that woman. IN.

  • I love Helen but this is not her dress. OUT

  • Anonymous

    IN. IN. IN.

    Quibble not, minions of the Land of FuckingFantastica.  Holiday kitsch is allowable at the holidays, even as a necklace on Our Fierce Queen. The gloves are awesome with the coat on & OFQ can keep them on if she wants to.

    I even like the coat so much I will not say it nay.

    Either the hair or the makeup is giving her head a tad too much of the look of “my adorable but scattered favorite Auntie,” & I wish it didn’t look like the skirt was hobbling her so severely at the knee (don’t know if that’s the skirt or her stance) but these are no impediment to an IN IN IN.

  • In, no matter what.  She is Helen Effing Mirren.  Okay so I’m not nuts about the coat either with that dress, but people THIS is what a diva looks like.

  • Anonymous

    – The necklace was fun but not really good with the outfit.
    – I actually like the hair.
    – I hate how the lace is placed in her chest. Actually, that is what kills the necklace.
    – I like the hair.
    – I wish the tights had been a tad less heavy. 
    -SHE IS POSING LIKE AN ADOLESCENT, what is up with that!

  • Anonymous

    Is the dress clinging to her tights? I hate it when that happens.

    Her face looks great, and I like the hair. Love the dress on her, but dislike all the accessorizing. The heavy tights and suede pumps make the look too bottom heavy.

    I think I have to give her an Out, but barely. She kind of wrecked what could have been a fabulous look.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are right–the dress is clinging to her tights.  I thought maybe it was cut hat way or too tight but I think she is just a victim of static cling.  

  • Sorry Queen Helen – this is not your dress.  OUT

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The dress is too small. The necklace is too much. Either line it all the way or none at all. She doesn’t look too sure.

    • Anonymous

      Your unadorned assessment followed by the ‘in’ made me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Out pains me to give the Queen of Fanfuckingtastica an out, but this is nothing but a disaster.  It’s a terrible dress on a 20 lb – 15 year old model, and it doesn’t get any better on a real shaped woman of a certain age.  Sorry, Helen, even you make bad decisions some time.  Nice coat, though.

    • I’m really not trying to call you out (because I’m guilty at times too), but I would like to start replacing “real” with “typical” when describing women’s bodies.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks amazing, a little wackadoo but her bod rocks and I love her hair.  

  • Anonymous

    That would look way better with sheer hosiery.

  • Anonymous

    So I absolutely HATE this Dolce collection. I think the stars look cheap and tacky and don’t work on ANYONE, let alone a distinguished older woman. PLUS, the styling is awful!! OUT OUT OUT

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There are flaws. I like the hair but hate the necklace and the tights. I’m borderline, but in the end, she’s Queen Helen, and she has to REALLY fuck up for me to ding her. She’s IN.

  • Out. Sadly, I don’t think that dress is doing her any favors.

  • Heather Kobayashi

     I agree with you on the necklace and gloves, but that dress is just so FIERCE!  That alone warrants an IN for Queen Helen.

  • Anonymous

    She is 66 years old, and wearing a star-spangled Dolce Gabbana dress with gloves.  I am bowing down and giving her an IN.  

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I effing love that starry dress. LOVE IT.

  • Anonymous


    I think she really could have pulled that dress off except she just really over accessorized it.  Take the gloves off with the coat. remove the necklace and black hose, and she’d be fine.  I’m not sure if I’d like that neckline on her without a necklace though, just not the one she chose.

    I like her hair and makeup…soft and pretty.

  • IN. She looks kind of crazy, but she also looks fucking HOT. 

    • YES! I was trying to put my reaction into words, but now I don’t have to. She looks like maybe she hasn’t left the house for a whole lot of months and went all out for her return to the living. I applaud her.

  • Out, even though it pains me to say it.  I could live with the necklace and can turn a blind eye to the gloves, but the fit from the waist down is horrible, it looks like she can barely walk.

  • Anonymous

    I love Helen so freaking much.

    But this look… Just. No.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Everythign you two hated, I love, simply because of the facts that this is a) Helen Mirren and b) The British Comedy Awards.  ‘Nuff said. 

  • I just don’t like the dress, I think it’s ugly even on the model. Stars and lace…ick! OUT

  • Oh, out. It’s just not… “Aesthetically pleasing.”

  • Out! Skirt is way to tight. 

  • Lexie

    I support the risk-taking here in theory, but it just does not look good. Out. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    out. tranny mess.

  • Really? I thought the coat was the only good thing about this outfit. That dress is really tacky. Which hurts to say about Helen Mirren.

  • Susana Reyes

    It looks a little too crazy. OUT

  • Anonymous

    From the waist up, I would say in even with the necklace, which is a bit much.  But it is so unflattering from the waist down, her hips look enormous, the dress is so tight around her knees and the tights are too dark.  Its hard to say out to Helen Mirren, but this is out.

  • Anonymous

    IN, despite that I hate those black stockings.  But the dress is fabulous and she looks great.

  • IN.

    Coat: gorgeous. Does one’s coat really need to match what is underneath, other than in the degree of formality? (Ie, a down jacket with a ball gown would not be OK.) It’s a utilitarian item, not necessarily part of the ‘outfit.’

    Gloves: it’s 40 degrees in London. I’d be wearing leather gloves too.

    Necklace: fun. What the hell. Christmas is inherently tacky.

    I’m not thrilled with the thick black tights, but am willing to look away.

  • OUT.

    I just don’t find the resultant look attractive.

  • In.  She is pulling this off even though the necklace is a bit too much. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. the coat was the only good thing about this outfit i think, it hid the dress away!!! its hugging her in all the wrong places…. theres too much going on here and ya, its a little crazy. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, the only thing I like is the coat too!  OUT.

      The dress is doing no favor to her hips, and pairing tights with open-toed shoes is a NO.

  • I hate that dress. Ms Mirren doesn’t make it any worse, but she doesn’t make it any better either. 

  • Anonymous

    Sadly out.  I’m in awe of her and her fierceness, but this look isn’t showcasing either.

  • In because she’s fucking amazing.  But those tights . . .

  • Technically I hate it, but IN just for going for it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like even one tiny thing about this, er, get-up. It’s hiddy, top to bottom.

  • I had to read a few comments before I even understood what I was looking at. To me the problem has to do with wearing dark tights or slip or whatever so that the see-through lace becomes non-see-through in the skirt. Even then I’m not sure that the problem isn’t the shape of the skirt on her. My feeling is that this is not her dress, though I like the way it looks on her torso. On the third hand, she is definitely the queen of whatyousaid and I adore her and don’t care what she wears. All the same, by the cruel standards of TLodom, I would say OUT.

  • Out – just too much going on here…

  • Anonymous

    Oh Helen this is a bitter holiday disappointment but Out. I’m on a Blackberry and I was going to give her an Out on the hair alone….then came the necklace…and the coat….

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress actually, I don’t like the gloves though. they make the look way too heavy.

  • Surprised TLo didn’t comment on the tights – they’re far too dark and heavy for this dress. A sheerer tight, or even a pop of color in the tight (though granted, that might have taken it to juvenile/tacky levels) would have been better. 
    Should’ve trusted the dress. As much as it pains me to say it, OUT, though chin up, Ms. Mirren, at least you’re still Wonder Granny. As a subject of Fuckingfantastica, I forgive. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, good lord.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the twinkle in that woman’s eyes — she’s having a great time wearing that crazy dress. IN.

  • Kyle Crawford

    The dress is a bit much, but it is what it is…. I sort of like it. But look at her face….. such a beautiful woman. 

  • Lerae Kroon

    IN. And I like the hair.

  • In, it’s Helen Mirim! She’s in always in. Did I mention in? Perou took some stupidly good shots of her here in the portraits section wearing nothing but a Union Flag (that’s the correct name for the flag in the UK if you’re wondering):

    • Anonymous

      Oh my…that is a FABULOUS pose and photo of her.

      First I’ve heard of Perou. He is one exciting, talented photographer.
      Thanks so much for the link.

  • Anonymous

    I believe Mirren’s reply to all of the criticism above would be: “I got cold. I like shiny. DEAL.”

    I mean, really, look how many fucks she’s giving.

  • Terrific dress, scary everything else. But Helen, you still rock hard!

  • In. C’mon, it’s Helen Mirren—and though I would have ditched the necklace and white coat (or worn white gloves and then ditched both the gloves and coat), I’ll save my outs for those who actually look bad.

  • Julie Fountain

    In.  That dress is fantastic.

  • She looks batshit crazy in this, but she’s Helen Mirren and she’s allowed to do just about whatever she wants, so… in?!?!

  • Anonymous

    OUT, unfortunately, Queen Helen.  The hair looks really bad, and usually looks very neat.  The dress is too tight and maybe a little too youthful for her.  I also really don’t like the heavy tights and black shoes.  Worst of all, she doesn’t really look comfortable to me.

  • CQAussie

    I’d hate to vote the Queen OUT but I’m afraid I must.  The gloves were too much for me.  The coat was already bad enough and I didn’t like the necklace but the gloves sent me over the edge.  Sorry, your Majesty….you’re OUT.

  • Anonymous

    “Should have trusted the dress” says it all, really.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    I think she would look absolutely fierce… if she was standing up straight and commanding, instead of going for the ‘gotta pee’ pose.  That’s a getup that really doesn’t take well to demure or cutesy stances.  I think it looks great on her, though.  In.  

  • Anonymous

    Love her, but not in this outfit. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out – I’m sorry Dame!  Just ain’t right, honey.

  • Anonymous

    Someone should have torn that silly necklace off of her while they were removing the coat.  I’m OK with evetything else, she’s rockin that dress!  In

  • MilaXX

    IN. I hate the coat and the necklace, but she is working that dress. Also I like the hair and think the makeup is fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about gilding your lily!  Less is more, Dear.  Out.

  • Libby Rhoman

    Wonder Granny.  The only thing I actually like is her hair.

  • Judy_J

    Maybe it’s the camera angle, but it seems to me that dress is making her hips look incredibly wide.  I don’t really like the black hose, either.  My favorite part of the outfit is the coat which she removed.  Sorry, Dame Helen.  It pains me to say this, but OUT.

  • Anonymous

    i cannot be objective when it comes to Dame Helen, an automatic IN

  • Anonymous

    Out. The dress rocks but not when buried in all that other junk.

  • Anonymous

    O.U.T.  Horrid.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Girl, you’re not a girl any more, so that is not your dress. 
    It’s difficult to make “star-spangled” look flattering.  It usually heads off into twee-land.  Which is where this dress wound up.  The fabulous Mirren should stick with “jaw-droppingly elegant” looks and avoid twee-teen lace n’ spangle getups.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to give her an IN because she’s a inspiration to everybody on how to age and still look fierce. 

  • Terence Ng

    Terrible. Out.

  • Out.  If for no other reason than a starry necklace on top of a dress already covered in stars.

  • Rand Ortega

    Still THE Dame Helen, ya’ll. Sexy, shapely, sultry. I get what she was going for, matching the coat w/ the stars, glad she ditched it.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I LOVE Queen Helen of Fuckingfantastica. This, however, is not her dress. It really makes her hips look wide and paired with the tights she does look like some kind of super hero. The hair is sad. I don’t know who is dressing her lately but the queen has ot been up to snuff lately.

  • Anonymous

    She will always be IN. Always.

  • Ali

    The coat was the only good part. She’s working it as best she can, but that dress is FUG. OUT.

  • Oh my God, that dress is completely ridiculous and I love it so much. Helen Mirren is the Honey Badger of movie stars. Helen Mirren don’t care. Helen Mirren don’t give a shit.

    There’s a lot that’s wrong here – the coat, the necklace, probably the tights; and the dress is insane. But she pulls it off, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s so far IN the Land of Fuckingfantastica that she’ll never leave.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, OUT. The dress is great, but in the future, please consult Joe Zee for styling, via Skype if neceesary.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love her, I’d have loved her MORE if she dropped the necklace and went sheer/nude on the the stockings. Opaque tights with peeptoe platforms… mmmm no, not OK even for her.

  • Anonymous

    Out, sigh.  The aspect I really don’t like is the way the dress narrows at the hem.  I think it would look more attractive on her if the skirt came straight down.  The black tights and shoes are a little heavy.

  • Anonymous

    Baser emotions have gotten the upper hand.  She’s IN, even though the look is kind of awful.

  • In!

  • Anonymous

    In – she is in full posession of a slightly insane outfit.  I wish she’d left off the necklace.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a real bad case of static cling at the bottom of the dress.  Maybe the tights are making it clingy or is the bottom tapered.  It’s kinda hard to tell on the runway model.  Love the dress but it would have been better without hose at all or maybe the  the kind of hose Cathy Cambridge tends to wear.

    edit to add: Maybe she intended to take the gloves off when she took off the coat but didn’t get a chance? Either way, I will always give Queen Mirren the benefit of the doubt! IN

  • Anonymous

    See, I like the necklace.  Just not with that dress.

  • marilyn

    Nice lady, bad dress.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out as well… Wonder Granny!

  • Call me Bee

    Wonder Granny, but in a good way.  She’ll be fierce no matter what.  I give her credit for going out in this really ugly dress.  I like the coat with it–can’t go wrong with a beautiful white coat.  The necklace actually pops quite nicely on the lace, and the gloves, tights and shoes are fierce.  She looks great, but she can only get away with this becasue she is who she is.  If a young starlet wore this same look, she’d be laughed right back into her limo.  IN! 

  • Mariah J

    That is god awful. OUT

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m with the All Hail. 

  • Anonymous

    I can only hope to look this good when I reach her age. IN

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    you darlings, i knew you were gonna post on this! helen, you are my kumir (russian word for idol), but(!) the necklace is too much, and either it’s the size of the dress or the paneling, but it’s widening you up and makes you look like you’ve got twice the lady humps, so, very unfortunately, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN – she looks great.

  • Helen’s body is S I C K! It’s a thing of beauty. Gosh, let me like her when I grow up.

    This outfit is styled horribly. I mean…whoa. The dress is fabulous all on its on. Due to this, I must give her (and the model!!!) an OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    I want to like it.  I hate giving Helen Mirren an out, but this dress – not for her.  Hate the lace panels.  If D&G had modified this dress a bit, I may have been on board because I love the star textile from this collection.  But it’s just OUT for me.

    Sorry Helen!  You can still rock a bikini, girl!

  • Anonymous

    Love you, La Bella Helena.  Please fire the stylist who put you in that tired, unflattering D&G dress.  It pains me, but out.

  • I love you, Helen. But that is not your dress. No one with curves like you is going to look good in that thing.

  • Anonymous

    As much as it pains me, I have to give her an OUT.
    That outfit just makes her look off her rocker.

  • Anonymous

    love her in this dress…agree about coat and necklace – though I like the necklace on its own.


  • IN, she can wear anything and look good.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I don’t love her. I don’t mean I’ve got anything against her; I just don’t feel the luuuurve so many others seem to feel. And someone’s got to tell her the truth because the woman does not know how to dress herself.

    1. The gloves look terrible. If you’re wearing them because it’s cold out, stand back, remove them, and hand them to your boy toy or lady in waiting before you step in front of the cameras.

    2. For now, avoid Dolce and Gabbana entirely; you may re-evaulate when they show a new collection, as long as said collection isn’t covered in stars. Or black lace.

    3. In general this silhouette works for you, but get your freakin’ dress hemmed so it doesn’t pull you in at the knees. Skimming the knee or mid-knee, dear, no longer, unless we’re talking about gowns.

    4. Don’t wear a spring-weight and -color coat with heavy black tights.

    5. Don’t wear heavy black tights.  Not with clothes clothes that aren’t wool, anyway. Camel and black wool ensemble, yes. This. . . D&G-whatever-it-is. . . no. No.

    6. A lighter hand on the blush, dear.

  • Out.  Sorry.  Don’t like the dress at all.

  • Anonymous

    Out – that is not her dress.  Plus the addition of the gloves, black tights and hideous necklace – awful.  I know that there are certain people that get a little extra leeway just because of who they are, but really, who could look at her and thinks she looks good.

  • Ooh, Helen. I love you but that is a big ol’ OUT.

    Technically, one could say “Dolce and Gabbana, I love you but that is a big ol’ OUT.” But Ms. Helen has a mirror, so she can’t blame the designer.

  • Ebony Dawkins

    Dame Helen Mirren, who at that age of 1025 has six pack abs. For that reason alone, I will sit in silence.

  • Yeah, I’m with Judy Brown here. The dress makes her look all droopy and saggy. And although she actually IS more droopy and saggy then anyone realizes, she’s always able to lace it all up into greatness.  Here she looks like grandma was afraid to catch a chill and wore her thick black nun socks and some gloves she found at the bottom of the closet with her Easter coat and holiday necklace.

    I actually like her hair, though.  I sat through “The Debt” last night.  It looked like the other John Madden might have directed it.  But she was still fabulous and subtle and every wonderful thing.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t give up those two hours.

  • Anonymous

    The dress looks unbalanced without skin showing through the bottom two panels.

    Yes, the dress is a bit cray-cray and she does look rather like someone’s dottie old aunt, but I would draw commenters attention to the fact that this get-up is for the British Comedy Awards, where you absolutely DO NOT want to seem as if you are taking yourself too seriously…

  • no.  so not her dress.  and black undergarments below the waist = missing the point much?

  • Helen, no.  You’re veering into Madonna territory here, and nobody wants that.

  • Sorry, that’s an out.  It’s meant for a tall woman, so she looks stumpy.

  • Anonymous

    OUT!!!!!! That may be the most OUT thing I’ve seen in a while. 

  • I love the dress on her, but I wish she hadn’t worn black tights and black shoes. Giving her an In, but just barely.

  • Anonymous

    On stage presenting the award I didn’t mind it at all (can’t remember whether she still had the gloves on). Here, it’s less acceptable 🙂 But, it was the comedy awards and was pretty casual/quirky. The only ones who really glammed it up were Kylie (who looked pretty amazing) and Ruth Jones.

  • I love the hair, but think the dress is tacky and does her gorgeous figure no favors. Out.

  • oohsparkley!

    In.  It isn’t the greatest, but not bad enough to be out.  I think her hair looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Epic FAIL. I don’t like anything about this outfit. I really dislike that dress–it’s one of the least appealing dresses I’ve ever seen. Stars AND tight AND lace? Ick. I can’t stand the heavy tights or the shoes (which are making her legs look about one inch long). The necklace looks cheap. Gloves–WTF??? Words fail me on the coat. 

    Guess I am getting coal in my stocking now that I have criticised La Mirren. 

  • Anonymous


  • I kinda love it. It’s crazy, but I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Terrible.

  • Anonymous

    By all means In, though the necklace is too much and I prefer her with smoother hair.  But she’s Jane Tennison, fools, and she could kill Maria Bello with a thought.

  • Anonymous

    A few things you boys missed…
    I do believe Dame Mirren is a tad too, um, distinguished, to be wearing a dress w/peekaboo lace cutouts, esp @ the midriff.
    And, if you’re GONNA do the peekaboo lace cutoutts, you don’t wear opaque hose.  Kills the congruent effect of the sheerness throughout the dress.
    This dress just seems 20-something-ish to be worn by a girl who dots her “i”s with hearts.  And/or Katy Perry.  And/or Zoey Deschanel.  Who I still think are the same girl.

  • Anonymous

    andrea is absolutely right, even down to the analysis of the stockings.  This is a starlet’s dress, not a BFDame dress.  Also it is one size too small (pulling) and clinging to her stockings. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Lord. I hate it. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN! It’s Helen Mirren. I can’t NOT give her the in. Plus, I do really love that dress. But you guys are right, the accessories are way off. Don’t mind the gloves as much, but the necklace and coat are just so wrong.

  • Anonymous

    No–Out.  Hate what the dress does on the lower half–weirdly shaped.  Dame Helen does sexy very well–this isn’t sexy, just odd and not for her.

  • Anonymous

    Thou swell, thou witty, thou fabulously dressed

  • Nicole Merrill

    IN! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    oh no. OUT, im afraid. the dress looks a little silly on the model and it looks very silly and even (dare i say it) a little vulgar on mirren. oh well… shes still fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I actually love the coat (in general and with this dress) but think it fails based on the heavy tights and shoes. Had she gone with a sheer stocking or bare leg, the coat would have been perfect. Bad call on the heavy bottom, but I still bow before her majesty. when she “fails” it’s still better than half the crap on the red carpet. IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Awesome!

  • sweetlilvoice


  • I’m sorry, OUT.

  • Allison Woods

    No. No times a million.

  • Anonymous

    I hate, truly hate doing this, but she’s an OUT.  Not only is the necklace way too much for the dress and the gloves overkill, but the two lacy cut-out portions of the dress disappear because of the opaque black tights, which just look awful.  The dress could have looked awesome on her, I think, without the tights and other poorly chosen accessories.

  • Anonymous

    I hate, truly hate doing this, but she’s an OUT.  Not only is the necklace way too much for the dress and the gloves overkill, but the two lacy cut-out portions of the dress disappear because of the opaque black tights, which just look awful.  The dress could have looked awesome on her, I think, without the tights and other poorly chosen accessories.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but that outfit is just plain wrong….

  • Anonymous

    I never thought I’d say this about Queen Helen, but girl is toe up from the flo’ up. Don’t even get me started. A shocking Out.

  • Anonymous

    I loathe the gloves and the heavy tights with this dress but I physically cannot give her an out. She still looks fantastic. IN

  • No, Helen, no.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Though I agree about the coat.  It’s vastly improved without it. 

  • Anonymous

    BOTH!  She is my beloved and much-worshipped Wonder Granny, who is an even greater Queen than Julie Andrews of Genovia, because my Wonder Granny is QUEEN HELEN OF FUCKINGFANTASTICA!

  • aimee_parrott

    I love her.  I love her!  So it pains me to say that I have to give this an OUT.  A ton of credit for wearing that dress, sure.  But the narrowness of the hem isn’t doing her any favors, and neither are the tights.  The coat I would love on its own, but with that dress it’s all wrong.  And the necklace?  Well, you’re right boys.  A Christmas tree somewhere in London is bemoaning the loss of its sparkliest ornament.

  • Anonymous

    no, cos it doesnt fit her. she shouldve gone up a size, or picked another one from the same collection. i have looked at myself in the mirror from the neck down & looked like this & hated it. maybe she just thinks different, i dont know.

  • Anonymous

    It mostly works. I don’t understand what happened to the bottom third of the dress. Did she put a slip under it? 

  • Anonymous

    Out, wonder granny. She seems to be buying into her “sexy at any age” image. Unfortunately, her she is less than sexy because she is mixing her ages.

  • Oh come on people, let’s grow a pair. Even a favorite of ours makes mistakes sometimes and this dress is a mistake. For one thing – oh screw it, it’s the ONLY thing: this is the ugliest dress I have ever seen.

  • Susan Walker

    Agree, jacket, necklace and gloves off.  Also think the skirt should have been shortened and it looks like it is static clinging to her tights, no?

  • Anonymous

    It pains me but I can’t give her an in. God know I love this chick but this just isn’t working and I’m going with my initial gut reaction. OUT.

  • NO.

  • Mary McClelland

    OUT. I love you, but NO. 

  • Anonymous

    HELEN, THAT IS NOT YOUR DRESS. That’s not anyone-over-the-age-of-21’s dress, and maybe not even then.
    Sorry guys, you cut her way too much slack on this one.

  • Charles Purdy

    IN! You say “Wonder Granny” like it’s a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    Why, Helen, why? 

  • Anonymous

    Call me unadventurous, but there is not a woman in this world who looks good in that dress, as has been proven by Helen Mirren and the model.

  • Jolene Barnett

    OUT Sorry, but the dress does her no favors, and you don’t get an in just for being ballsy. Honestly the dress makes her look like she’s slouching and not wearing a bra, neither of which are likely the case. The shoes are way too heavy, esp with the dark tights, and the hair looks like she slept in it. (and not in a cute way)

  • Lisa

    Oh, sorry… no, it’s Wonder Granny.

  • My only nitpick is actually with the tights-shoes combo. It looks like she’s wearing black tights with black peep-toes, and I’m not so into that. If she’s gone with nude tights and classic black pumps I’d give an unqualified IN. So instead, I give a qualified in 😛

  • Anonymous

    No I am not going to be condescending because she is in her sixties, that outfit looks awful on her and does nothing for her.
    The blackest tights, the Walmart necklace, the too tight fit, the way the dress narrows at the bottom half, the gloves, the white coat ….. just too bad choices.
    Come on, Helen, get back on track.       

  • Haley Buchanan

    IN.  I don’t care how ridiculous it looks.  If you’re her age, and you still have the lady cojones to wear something like this, it is an automatic in!

    • Anonymous

      She isn’t an ancient doddering dimwit, she has to know the dress is a loser on her.  Give 60 somethings 
      some credit, lol.  OUT

  • out,  wonder granny for me,  the gloves are too much

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Too tight, and not flattering.

  • penn collins

    will have to stick wit the ‘mouth shut’ crowd…she is 66 and god we love her so……nodding head…

  • No, no, no.  She can do so much better.  Now I’m sad before bed.

  • I don’t mind the hair but the necklace looks like she welded it together from barbed wire.  While her waste looks fabulous, her hips look deranged like their going to suck you into a black hole… 


  • Anonymous

    That necklace is overkill but I support the choice of elbow length leather gloves. And I think the cray cray hair is appropriate. IN

  • Anonymous

    [i shouldve added this earlier, i just thought about it.]

    ps. i do like her hair, though, almost. just needs a little bit more product to keep it from flying away.
    otoh, i really really love that she looks better older than she did younger. she wasnt a sex symbol at thirty, at least not in the way she is now. that is wonderous, fabulous. i would always have thought so, btw, even if i was seventeen. gotta understand time is gonna hit us all unless, perhaps, defenestration gets one of us first. or its less glammy equivalent, of course.

  • Anonymous

    i say IN.  she’s a celestial sorceress and the sparkly star necklace only adds to her galaxy.  i even like the white coat.  OK the black tights are not flattering, but they’re better than the model’s black ankle socks.  if only i could look that fabuloso. 

  • My first reaction on seeing her was “Oh No”!  This could have also been under the category “Honey…This is not your dress”.  I hate to say this because I do like her so much and think she hits the mark on many occasions.  

  • Ditching the necklace, coat and opaque tights would help a lot and on anyone else I would call this a straight up OUT. However, I think the utter ballsyness of her to wear this dress warrants an IN.

    • Anonymous

      She does have a great figure.  I think that’s why she wore the white coat:  the first thing I noticed was her trim waist and curvy assets. But the dress is too tight, and the static cling going on needed to be addressed.

  • Anonymous


  • OUT.  That is a train wreck right there.

  • Out, but only because of the execution. I applaud her for wearing the dress itself!

  • OUT.  The dress is too young for her no matter how much I adore her.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  She’s fantastic.

  • bethannstamps

    oh, Helen dear. please no. don’t . go . out . in . that. outfil. ever. ever again. or anything that looks remotely  like it. still love your work , vibe etc. just please look in the mirror (with a judge) before going out

  • foodycat

    I’m giving her an OUT – although for reasons different to the ones a lot of the rest of you have! The necklace and coat can stay, everything else has to go!

  • Anonymous

    I really really want to love it, but… No it just doesn’t work even on the Divine Helen. 
    BUt I can NEVER give her an O__! So I’ll give her a pass on it.

  • Cool dress, but the devil is in the details: the blowzy hair, the gloves, the cheesy necklace, the black tights… all ruin it.  Sorry, Dame Helen!  Still love you madly!

  • Anonymous

    I’d go with a red coat, take off the jewelry, and lighten up the leg.
    Everyone is trying to do holiday jewelry and it’s coming off as chintzy.

  • Anonymous

    HAIL.  BOW.  It’s greater than the sum of its parts, and a HUGE part is the smirk on her face, showing that she knows how FIERCE she is. 

  • Ich. She looks knock-kneed and tree-stumpy. The hair is a disaster. The gloves ridiculous. Out. OUTOUTOUT! Out!

  • she’ll always be
    Queen Helen of Fuckingfantastica!
    but…the opaque tights make her legs look heavier than they actually are, and although the dress with all its detail works at size 0 proportions, at slightly larger proportions (i.e. Queen Helen’s) it cuts her into too many horizontal bands, with the lace inserts.  I’m also reading the bra to readily.  So I give her kudos for charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, but this is SO not her dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I wish she’d not chosen the black tights and the necklace.

  • as soon as I saw the her name i immediately though IN!
    but then I saw the dress, and this should have been under the “girl that is not your dress category”
    nonetheless love her.

  • Anonymous

    i’m in pain…

  • Anonymous

    The shoes and socks on the model are hideous, and not in a good way. Helen classes that dress up compared to the model. IN.

  • Anonymous

    such an unfortunate choice and the necklace just takes it to the next level of silliness.  

  • Anonymous

    OUT – makes her hips look weird – like she is twisted!

  • bloodshothalfblind

    dear sweet baby jesus.  it’s like she decided she was going to be daring & wear the d&g dress.  and then she got so caught up in the idea of getting attention on the red carpet, that she threw all the other crazy shit she owned at the outfit.  not a single thing here looks good, not even the dress.  it pains me to say this about the sacred mirren, but OUT.  WAY OUT.  

  • Anonymous


  • She’s the Queen therefore divine at all times.