Gossip Girl Style: Meester and Lively

Posted on December 16, 2011

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were seen on the set of “Gossip Girl” in New York City and we feel their on-camera ensembles call for discussion.


It almost makes us sad, seeing her looking so chic and knowing she’ll fuck it up the next time she’s asked to dress herself.

But the story here is the bag, which we find super-sporty and chic.


Fendi Chameleon Duffel Satchel


Gorgeous. Reminds us of a vintage varsity bag a little. We love the shape and the colors. But of course, as with most accessories, the vote comes down to our minions.


Fendi’s Chameleon Duffel Satchel: YEA or NAY?


But wait! There’s more!

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Harrington’ Coat

Far be it for us to critique the styling on the much-respected (style-wise, that is) Gossip Girl, but everything on her is either pink or green and that’s WAY too matchy for our tastes. We could have accepted the coat and the skirt together, but not with that pink scarf, and especially not with that pink scarf and the matching pair of green shoes and gloves. Come now, costume person. She looks like a Barbie. A shame, because that is one killer coat, but we can tell even from the model picture that a coat like this only works when it’s styled correctly.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, farfetch.com, saksfifthavenue.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I want that bag.  Now.

  • Anonymous

    YEA YEA YEA!!! *drool*

  • Anonymous

    The coat kinda looks like a bathrobe.  The purse…eh.  I kind of like it but at the same time I think it’s ugly…I’m torn on that one.

    • Anonymous

      I love the color, but I definitely got a bathrobe vibe, too.

      • Anonymous

        I was just about to write that and saw others beat me to the punch!  It makes her look chunky, which we assume she definitely is not.

        But, j’adore the bag!  Please, Santa?

        • She is supposed to be preggers on the show…not that I would know or anything. Cus I’m a grown up.

        • Anonymous

          Makes me kind of wish my Santa had deeper pockets. Shhh…don’t tell him I said that. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I was going the “I believe” route with that!  I could not in good conscience ask anyone to pay what that bag must cost!

    • Anonymous

      Yup, a bathrobe or a housecoat

    • Anonymous

      I think the bathrobe/coat is ugly and I don’t like it at all, and the pink scarf makes my eyes hurt.  It’s like the two girls are some sort of before and after ad about drugs or sex or something.  Blake is before, when everything is just a fantastic romp and Leighton is after, when it’s all gone awry.

  • Anonymous

    Big YEA on the bag and Blake’s pretty blue scarf. Did she forget to wear pants again? That little scamp.

    I dislike that shade of green on Mees Meester or pretty much on anyone else who is not a leprechaun.

  • Susana Reyes

    Love Blake’s outfit and the bag.
    But that coat is terribly unflattering on Leighton.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I think her character is pregnant on the show. That’s what I’ve gathered from commercials anyway. So maybe it’s not unflattering so much so as there’s padding underneath it.

  • Live for the style on GG.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but that DVF coat looks too much like my bathrobe.  And I’m sure the bathrobe was cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    What is happening on Meester’s feetsters? Are those stirrup tights over pumps? I’m confused. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that Fendi bag is FAB!

    But that green coat makes Leighton Meester look a mile wide in her 2nd pic!  Horribly unflattering!

    • Agree completely – 2nd my votes.

    • Helen C

      Her character is pregnant.  

  • Anonymous

    Satchel – YEA! Want. The coat, however…not so much. Way to lumpy and you’d have to stand “just so” all day to make it look right. Who has that kind of time???

  • foodycat

    Fendi Satchel YAY! That green coat, NAY. Even on the model it makes her slope-shouldered and lumpen.

  • That bag is hot. I’ve been searching for a good bag for a while now! 

  • THAT BAG!!! *twirls and faint*

    Meanwhile, Blair looks like a honorary member of the AKA.

    • Anonymous

      That bag is TOTALLY twirl-worthy. Shoot, it’s Full Pirouette-worthy.

    • P M

      Pardon my ignorance – the AKA?

      • Alpha Kappa Alpha. AKA. The oldest sorority for black women in the nation. Their colors are pink and green. 

        • P M

          Ah! Thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    I hate the green coat.  It looks like a bathrobe.  And the shoes contrasting with the heavy tights make her feet look so tiny she might tip over. Blake looks great.

  • Anonymous

    YEA on the bag, it’s quite striking.  NAY on those green shoes, they don’t do a thing for her or the ensemble.  Looking at these photos reminds me to get out my handbook on “50 ways to tie a scarf”.  The difference in chic quotient between these two looks comes down to the scarf presentation, I think, with Blake’s blue trumping Leighton’s green by a factor of 100.

    • Anonymous

      There’s actually a book called 50 ways to tie a scarf?? That’s hilarious. Honestly, I could probably use that book, but it’s still hilarious.

  • Meh on the bag, the green coat looks too much like a bathrobe for my taste.

  • MilaXX

    I’m not crazy about that green coat, but Blake’s entire outfit is great. It’s one of those looks that could easily be copied as a “look for less” and the bag is to die for. I wish I had a fairy bag mother to gift one to me, so YEA to the bag.

    *sigh* I had to google that bag. Sadly at $2,490 it’s waaaay out of my price range.

    Leighton needs some contrast. maybe black boost and gray or blue instead of that pink scarf to save it from Barbie-ville.

    • Anonymous

      Ouch, don’t do that to yourself. When I see stuff like that bag, I don’t even bother googling the price. I’m not ready for my heart attack yet.

  • Anonymous

    Matchy matchy is very Blair, but that coat makes Leighton look wide.  Her character was (is?) pregnant, so perhaps the dumpiness is intentional…

  • bag is beautiful! YEA!
    however, whoever tied the knot on that green coat for leighton needs to be shot! it makes the coat look bunchy and cheap

    • Anonymous

      Not a Boy- or Girl-Scout approved square knot.  I always tie a square know on my pink fuzzy robe of a morning.

  • Anonymous

    I loooove the bag and I like S’s outfit. 

    Blake’s ensemble is just sad. How they managed to turn that coat into an old bathrobe is beyond me. 

  • I want that blue scarf off of Blake….

  • Anonymous

    Not just YEA but YAAAAAAAAAY!

  • Anonymous

    DVF coat, styled correctly, on the model?? on Planet Boring!
    Love the daring magenta scarf! so cute with the wool plaid skirt.

    • BerlinerNYC

      LOL at daring. It makes me think of Miss Piggy presenting her modeling portfolio to Lady Holiday in The Great Muppet Caper: “Here is me being demure… aloof… daring.”

    • Anonymous

      I like the bag. Yay on the bag.

      I think The styling in the second look would have been fine with black shoes. Preferably sexy ones cause the coat’s kind of bathrobe frumpy.

  • Anonymous

    Blake looks fabulous but I hate the bag.  It’s huge – what they heck does she have to carry around all day?  I agree Leighton’s coat looks too much like a bathrobe, she is way too matchy and those shoes are might look good with the right outfit but this was not it.

  • want bag gimmie. IN

  • That coat would be killer… if it was made from a different fabric or had a different belt.  The mohair and wool blend and makes it look like a bathrobe.

  • Anonymous

    That bag is gorgeous. I don’t buy leather bags, and I’m salivating over that one.  I think I love the black coat, too; I wonder whose it is. The green coat’s awfully cute, too.

  • Anonymous

    That green coat looks like a bathrobe. I hate it.

  • CQAussie

    Love the Fendi bag, love the green coat.  Agree with you about the styling of the green coat – too much matchy which gives me a tummy ache.  Ditch the green shoes, the green gloves.  The pink scarf I can take or leave.  I would prefer a white scarf, with black shoes and gloves. Blake Lively’s outfit is pretty much what I would wear except leggings. I’d go for skinny jeans instead but only because I really can’t stand leggings.

    • Anonymous

      Because you are a proper adult that does not confuse leggings with pants, which I salute you for.

  • Anonymous

    Yea to the bag and the coat. Love those two items so much.


  • Anonymous

    I’m not even into huge bags, but that Fendi is GORGEOUS. OMG WANT.

    The coat…I don’t know, it’s just ugly and shapeless to my eyes. And why does the material look so cheap? Like after two wearings, it would be completely pilled and raggedy-looking?
    It may be DVF, but it looks like something you would see on the neighborhood bag lady. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah to the bag, and Serena’s entire ensemble.  Nay to Blair’s ensemble.  Are those leggings over her shoes?   Agree on the way too matchy-matchy

  • Lexie

    A giant YEA to the Fendi bag. Gorgeous.
    And while I love the color of that DVF coat, I do have to agree that the cut is a bit like a bathrobe. As for the matchy-matchy, that kind of goes with the character (Blair) she is playing.

  • Meh.  The bag is visually interesting at first glance, but after staring it just doesn’t warrant excitement from me.  I actually think had they stuck with the camel and black colors this bag would be better.  No the DVF, and I rarely say that, but its a bit cheap looking.  I have to agree with  others, very bath robe. 

  • Anonymous

    Bowling ball bag and bathrobe

  • Anonymous

    The story to me is all about Lively’s crocodile-embossed gorgeous coat, to be honest. I could care less about that Fendi bag or the Furstenberg bathrobe-sorry-coat.

  • Anonymous

    That bag is IN for an overnight trip, but OUT for a purse.

  • Anonymous


  • Christina Brennan

    In for the bag, out for the coat.  the coat looks kind of rumpled and bulky.  

  • Anonymous

    If I had ten bazillion dollars just lying around, doing nothing, I would buy that bag.  LOVE the vintage look! YEA!

    Not crazy about the coat, though.  As others have pointed out, it looks bathrobe-y.

    • If I had 10 bazillion dollars, I would buy one for me and for you. It’s beyond fab.

      • Anonymous

        Well, bless your heart for that generosity, AH!  I’ll make it up to you with a virtual purchase of whatever comes along next that we both like!  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen Gossip Girl, and I did a doubletake when I saw how great Blake Lively looks in that photo from the show.  She should just let them dress her every day–she cannot be trusted to dress herself.  And I like the bag.  

  • Gosh, could have fooled me.
    Blake has a bowling bag and Leighton is wearing a bathrobe.

    And also, that show is still on??

  • Renee Thomas

    Blake looks fierce, love the bag and the boots (though just looking at them makes my arches hurt!)

    No opinion on Leighton. But I happened to watch an old Mission: Impossible episode on Netflix last night, and Cinnamon wore a coat made of exactly that green fuzzy fabric! It was more swingy, in keeping with the times, and she looked divine in it.

  • Anonymous

    Blake looks spectacular. I don’t know why everybody gets so het up about pants all the time. And to hell with a Gucci fish-purse, I really need that handbag.

  • YEA for the satchel and I hope it gets knocked off quickly so I can get one. That green coat I don’t like, though. It looks like something I might have tried to make for myself (in a more practical color) when I used to sew, but which didn’t come out right. The thick belt looks like it belongs on a terry robe.

  • Anonymous

    You like the green coat? The one that looks like a ugly bath robe? Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    That bag is awesome.  Love.

  • Anonymous

    that coat looks like a bathrobe. Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    Yea bag!  Blake does look so chic.  Who knew (since I’ve never watched GG)?

  • Anonymous

    YEA to the Fendi bag.  Very cool.

    Sorry, I think the green coat looks like a bathrobe (maybe the first time I’ve ever NOT liked something DVF).  But I love Blake’s coat.

  • Anonymous

    YEA Bag!!!!!!!!!!!
    but how does the coat look so cheap? sad…

  • Blake looks amazing, and the bag is to die for. I’m also coveting the boots.

    Does poor Leighton-as-Blair always look this bad? (I’ve never seen a minute of Gossip Girl) Do the show’s stylists hate Leighton for some reason? Forget the coat. That skirt is hideous. And the shoes look cheap. Actually, don’t forget the coat. It’s awful.

  • I need that coat like fish need water.

  • I think the coat looks fab on the model, but is making the svelte Leighton look wide. OUT. And I LOVE green.

    Bag, on the other hand, AHMAHZING. Want!

  • I think that is my single favorite purse EVER.

  • Anonymous

    There is not enough space in this comment box for all the YEAs I’d like to type for that Fendi satchel.  Want. Need. Must Have. Can’t Afford. Sniff.

  • Anonymous

    it kills me how blair can be so tiny in person and yet look so huge sometimes when they style her. also, i am glad to see the hair people have finally strayed from that greasy, half-up, crimpy look they’ve been saddling her with all season.

  • Cheri Lee

    Gots to have that bag!!!! Blair always looks fucked up on that show while annoying Serena looks so chic and carefree.

  • Yea on the bag.  I want one.

  • Anonymous

    The bag is fabulous. Give it.

  • Is Blair no longer pregnant?

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    FINALLY you pay attention to gg fashion. i’ve been obsessed for years, and 2011 is pretty terrible for leighton b/c her character has decided she’s a frilly, fascinator-wearing kate middleton-heavy, but on previous season, absolutely breathtaking fashion, especially on her. 

  • Ben

    those two just need to hire the stylists/costume people of GG to be their personal assistant

  • Not feeling that green coat.  Blake looks really good. Super sweet bag.

  • Lauren Maier

    “Meh” on the bag (Just isn’t my style) but heck no to the Sweet Briar Barbie get up!  
    (Sweet Briar College = Women’s College in VA whose colors are pink and green and they’re only there to find husbands)

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    YEA on the bag, NAY on the coat.  If it makes that tiny, wee Ms Meester look lumpy what would it do to a civilian?!

  • Hilary Sain

    It’s so Blair to be matchy though! I wouldnt want it any other way.

    The bag is a YEA

  • Anonymous

    Yea on the satchel!  Love the touch of color on the handles.

  • Anonymous

    Love Blake’s entire outfit, especially the bag, and I want it all. Leighton’s coat looks like a hairy bathrobe, though the matched-to-death is very Blair Waldorf.

  • Anonymous

    The bag? Nay. It’s too multicolored, too un-serious, (without achieving “fun!” or even “cute”) for a bag that’s so clearly well made of Real Leather.  That bag is only worthy of being an of-the-moment throwaway trend.

    Though I am sure many who do buy this bag have the income to consider it just an of-the-moment trend.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah. Coat.

    Not for most. There’s so much that can go wrong so that it would look cheap and the wearer would look dumpy. Or dumpier.

    If you look great in that color & are tallish & lean & can passably style yourself, then you can go for it.  Leaves me out.

  • Anonymous

    YEA on the bag. The green coat looks like a bathrobe.


  • Kate Pearce

    Yes for bag no for green coat. 🙂

  • Poor Meester – they’ve even made it look like her feet are overspilling her shoes. Between that, the bathrobe and the limp hair – girl I hate winter too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s unanimous – the green coat looks like a robe.  And that blue scarf looks like a towel.  Did these girls get dressed in a bathroom?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the character’s style though–super matchy, in a preppy way. It works for Blair. 

    I want that bag so badly. #poorgirlproblems

  • Anonymous

    Yea on the bag.  I think the green coat looks a bit like a bathrobe, actually

  • Allison Woods

    I despise GG with the fire of a thousand suns, and yet I watch it pretty regularly. Why, you might ask? For outfits like the one on Miss Legsly. The clothes and styling can be pretty goddamned amazeballs.

    That said, I know Les Oncles want to hear from us on the bag and the coat–love them both very much, though why does that coat look so bad on Miss Meester? I don’t care if her character is preg or not, Mees Blaire would NOT go out of the house looking like a homeless person.

    Oh yeah, and j’agree on the matchy thing. Too much even for Mees Blaire.

  • Anonymous

    I would snatchel that satchel from Blake given half a chance. As for Leighton’s bathrobe, I almost want to peek in the pockets to see if she carries around perfumed Kleenex like my grandmother did in hers.

  • Anonymous

    ALMOST on the bag.  I would give it an unconditional YEA if it were not for the orange elements.

    About the green coat, can I just say that the footwear on the model is bizarre?

  • Anonymous

    YEA to the bag. That would look so good under my Christmas tree.

  • Out on both accounts. I don’t like the bag (which is weird because I ALWAYS like bags) and that coat looks like a pricey bath robe.

  • Anonymous

    If my bathrobe was green, that green coat would look like my bathrobe.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Who did Leighton piss off?

  • Anonymous

    Eew, hate the coat.  It looks like a rumpled, too-big mess.

  • Anonymous

    i love green, i love pink–but that coat looks like a bathrobe no matter who wears it. a bathrobe w/ a great collar, however.

    did BL does something to her head? cos thats the best she’s ever looked, bar none, ever. usually she’s in the jennifer “never but for the gym” anniston column but here she looks really good. sorry, btw, to be mean to JA. it’s just a bit of backlash, i think, from my being perplexed at her “sexiest woman ever” title, i cant remember who decided this. i like that whoever decided it decided the title belonged on someone middle aged; at the same time, when things like “of all time” come into discussion & the prize goes to someone contemporary it always makes my hackles shake & shimmy. doesnt matter what it’s about. anyway.

  • Anonymous

    WANT! THAT! BAG!!!

  • Anonymous

    WANT! THAT! BAG!!!

  • YEA for the bag indeed!

  • There’s something really wrong with the way Leighton Meester’s coat fits her. It makes her look frumpy and/or pregnant. 

    • Anonymous

      On the show she is pregnant, so maybe that explains it.

  • Yea to the bag, no to Leighton’s green coat. The coat adds a lot of unflattering bulk to her frame.

  • Mary McClelland

    Ummm… Blake’s coat is the real story for me. STUNNING. Leighton always looks like hell – on set or off. 

  • No, I like the second look too. They both look great. How can they work on that show and have the benefit of all that styling and still look so ridiculous when they are out on their own?

  • Anonymous

    Fendi bag Yea! Not crazy about that green, but the coat looks lush.

  • Anonymous

    The bag is amazing – the only good thing about winter is being able to carry a statement bag that goes with your coat and scarf and not worry about it clashing with your clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Is that green coat felt? It looks like she stole it from a muppet. A muppet several sizes larger than her.

  • Blair Waldorf is always matchy.

  • Anonymous

    sorry “knot”

  • Heather Rushworth

    Meester looks five hundred pounds, like a helena bonham carter varsity linebacker. That jacket has way, way to much bulk to be paired with a knee-lengthed wool skirt. I almost feel like she could have lost the skirt all together and worn the jacket with just the leggings, or swapped them for a pair of skinnies. The pink and green make a noxious combo–and the over heavy fabrics make me nautious. Yak, barf, slap in the face, hideously dowdy.