Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Posted on December 02, 2011

Darlings, if there are a few empty slots on your holiday shopping list and you just can’t find the right gift, we suggest you to turn to  “The Collection Of Elizabeth Taylor” auction at Christie’s in New York City. It’s LOADED with holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers! Grab your list and a pen and scroll down.


As stunning as these pieces are and as glamorous and fabulous as the woman was who wore them, we have to say (risking torches and pitchforks for our blasphemy), that on a purely aesthetic level, a lot of these pieces are pretty vulgar. In our defense, Liz herself often said the same thing about her jewels. She knew they were too much, but she was unapologetic about loving them.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • I can’t imagine what these pieces would be worth even without the ET tie-in.  I can’t imagine this NOT being record-breaking.

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming you are trying to be provocative by saying vulgar.  Ostentatious, obnoxious, aggressively opulent (a lot of O words today) maybe.  And certainly over the top, but vulgar?  I really love a few of the pieces and don’t strongly dislike any.

    Draggy?  Yes.  Vulgar?  No.  

    Kisses, TLo!

    • Aren’t all of those words, in this context, synonyms for “vulgar?” “Ostentatious” is in any usage.

      • Anonymous

        The connotation of the word vulgar has taken on sexual qualities

        • Anonymous

          Are we really talking about etymology on a post about jewelry? Just look at the shiny objects.

          • Anonymous

            I agree-didn’t mean to post that damn comment and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it. 

          • Anonymous

            I agree-didn’t mean to post that damn comment and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it. 

          • Anonymous

            Look up Vulgar in the Online Etymology Dictionary: late 14c., “common, ordinary,” from L. vulgaris “of or pertaining to the common people, common, vulgar,” from vulgus “the common people, multitude, crowd, throng….”  


            I wouldn’t call Liz’s jewelry collection “vulgar.”  Opulent & over the top?  Surely.  Lovely shiny rocks & precious metals wrought with great skill…

          • We don’t know what we’re more amazed by: that so many commenters have focused on the “vulgar” comment or that so many commenters seem determined to prove that it was used incorrectly. Various definitions of the word online include:

            “ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display”

            “Offensively excessive in self-display or expenditure; ostentatious:”

            “Lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined:”

            “Vulgar describes something that is in poor taste, that lacks in sophistication,  (adjective)

                An example of vulgar is a very showy demonstration of wealth.”

            “not showing good judgment about what is beautiful or suitable: ”

            “characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation. “

      • Anonymous

        Definitely – we’re agreeing.  A nod to In_Stitches, I was responding to the sexual connotation the word has taken on – which makes it a more provocative word choice at a glance.

        I should add, being provocative is a good way to go in many instances – including this one.  And, obvi, love the blog!

        xoxo  🙂

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Over The Top – another O phrase for you.

    • From m-w.com:
      1) lacking in cultivation, perception or taste. See “coarse”
      2) morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate. See “gross”
      3) ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display. See “pretentious.”It seems that you and TLo agree that these pieces are vulgar in the sense of definition 3. I would also argue for #1, lacking in taste… on anyone but Elizabeth Taylor. She’s the exception that proves the rule.

    •  Yeah, the word “vulgar” has become synonymous with pearl-clutching and vagina-flashing. I thank TLo for bringing this up because this is interesting (to me), but vulgar originally meant “having to do with common-folk.” And then it evolved among the high-society elite to mean plebeian and disgusting as a way to critique any sort of juxtaposition of class. And then “She is wearing red to the wedding!” eventually gave way to “She is dry-humping Jesus.”

      • michelle abeln

        liked just for the phrase “dry humping Jesus”, which i will now be working into my every day repetoire.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing. Not about “She is dry-humping Jesus”, thanks for the visual that’s going to cause sudden laughter erupting from me at inappropriate moments, but about “vulgar”. It’s from the Latin for “in the common tongue”, but frankly when I’ve seen the crown jewels of countries in various museums, “vulgar” is the first word that comes to mind.

        • Anonymous

          I believe, IIRC, that the Latin word just meant “of or relating to the common people” and therefore got applied to the way common people talked. This matters to no one but incurable pedants like me and my ancestors. Carry on.

    • Anonymous

      Although I was either nonexistent, embryonic or hadn’t learned to read yet at the time, I believe the word “vulgar” was used quite often by the press of the day to describe Ms. Taylor’s jewelry, so T Lo isn’t breaking any ground in using it. And I’ve always admired her unapologetic love of her jewelry – much of which was given to her by Richard Burton. And why should she apologize? At the end of the day, her critics were still mostly a bunch of drab nobodies and she was still La Liz, most famous and glamorous woman on earth!

      I also find it interesting that *braces self for the claws of Bitter Kittens* commenters were oohing and aahing over equally ostentatious/vulgar/insert-your-adjective-of-choice-it’s-still-ginormous jewelry in the Russian Tatler spread. I truly am not attacking my fellow minions here. No holier-than-thou happening here, no siree! Just saying it’s interesting how we human beings can condone something in one instance and attack the same thing in another. 

      • Anonymous

        As with so many things in life, lighting is everything.

  • It was my first thought as well, that a lot of this stuff, though technically brilliant, was rather over the top and vulgar.
    I kept thinking, “Oh that would look great on a totally plain, serene column of a dress.”  In other words, almost impossible to really pull off well.  Still.  I do LOVE me some emeralds.  So if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas gift,……

    • Anonymous

      As usual, we are on the same page. I should have read the other comments before posting mine. 🙂

  • I’ll take 109 please. 

  • Anonymous

    They are decidedly flashy, but I’d wear any of them. One at a time. 😀

  • I love the ribbon broach!  Should I be feeling deep shame?

    • michelle abeln

      that was my favorite as well, that and the dragon brooch.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Yeah… they’re a bit much. To keep this in perspective, I should inform you all that I am a bling-ed out Bollywood Queen.

  • LOVE the emerald earrings and that diamond, ruby (?) and massive pearl necklace. Can’t stand any of the animal head stuff,though.

  • I totally love that gold lion’s head choker, because I’m CRAZY. That thing is RIDICULOUS. But also amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the big solitaire diamond ring. No need to wrap it. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: …on a purely aesthetic level, a lot of these pieces are pretty vulgar.”

    Thank you. 

    I’d say that with the exception of the sapphire pendant with matching ring, and the pearl necklace two pictures down from that, everything is pretty tacky – like the jewelry equivalent of being covered in designer logos. And the earrings are positively ‘Pat Evans’.


  • Anonymous

    I agree with your “vulgar” assessment. But I do love the enamel bracelets with the little diamonds. Those I would wear. If I had been married to Richard Burton. If I had a bazillion dollars in a Swiss bank. If…you get the idea.

    So who gets the proceeds?

    • I’ve been googling and all the articles show pictures but don’t mention charity. I did find one pre-auction article that speculated that the jewelry proceeds would go to her AIDS charity. But so far, no confirmation either way. That’s pretty rude, don’t you think? To focus on the extravagance but not the generosity? Again, assuming there is a charity involved. 

      • I was wondering the same thing. These pieces will obviously bring in a MINT of money. Hope it’s going to her AIDS charity. 

  • vul·gar   [vuhl-ger] Show IPA
    adjective 1. characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation.
    2. indecent; obscene; lewd: a vulgar work; a vulgar gesture.
    3. crude; coarse; unrefined: a vulgar peasant.
    4. of, pertaining to, or constituting the ordinary people in a society: the vulgar masses.
    5. current; popular; common: a vulgar success; vulgar beliefs.

    Dan has a point, I guess. Still… those emeralds!  No wonder that shade of green is my very favorite color…sigh.

    • “vul·gar   [vuhl-ger] Show IPA
      adjective 1. characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation.”

      To which we would add:

      “ostentatious (ˌɒstɛnˈteɪʃəs) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

      — adj
      characterized by pretentious, showy, or vulgar display ”

      Come now, nitpickers.

      • Anonymous

        Tom, Lorenzo, you are absolutely right – I remember that the obituaries for Ms. Taylor included her own admission that some of her possessions and behavior were vulgar.  She was quite self-aware about this, and she didn’t mind the characterization.

        Pic #2, the brooch, is breathtaking.  Not necessary for doing daily battle here at IP Central, but the whole collection offers a Friday flight-of-fancy.  Thanks, gentlemen.

        All the best,


        • Love that #2 as well.  But I love sparkly OTT things in general.  Breathtaking is exactly the word.  

  • Anonymous

    Vulgar on me; just fine on Elizabeth!

    I would love to have the little bow tie (I assume it is “little” and not full sized!)

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      “Vulgar on me; just fine on Elizabeth!”

      Ha, my thought while scrolling down was “Oh, come on! Who could actually pull any of these off?”

      Oh, right… Liz Taylor.

    • I have a small collection of bow jewelry. I think her little bauble would certainly upgrade my collection.

      Elizabeth Taylor was proud of being a lusty broad and would take delight in being considered a bit vulgar.

  • Anonymous

    Oh to be rich enough to be that vulgar!

    • Anonymous

      I know right? I adore jewels and nobody wore them better than La Liz. RIP, beautiful lady.

  • My faves are the first two brooches, and the big honking ring.  Proceeds from this sale could feed a third-world country…but the girl in me loves these pieces.  GORG.

  • Anonymous

    i loooooovvvveee the pearl necklace with the bow!! though that might be the most mainstream haha!

  • The fourth from the bottom has to be one of the most … “vulgar” things I’ve ever seen; well, really, the last three necklaces. Most of the earrings weren’t too crazy- brought to mind the chandelier phase that was popular on the red carpet a few years ago. Love #9.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I know, right? Even among a very opulent display of jewelry, that one is straight up vulgar.

  • Anonymous

    Unapologetic – great way to describe Ms. Taylor. That woman had some m-f’n JEWELS! Love them, Loved her.

  • Anonymous

    “on a purely aesthetic level, a lot of these pieces are pretty vulgar.”
    I agree; they’re so showy that my thought was that they look fake. Perhaps it’s just that I can’t conceive of a world that has that many diamonds owned by one person! But I can certainly understand why she loved them; they’re big and sparkly and probably made her feel like a queen.

    • Anonymous

      They literally remind me of the Crown jewels and pieces shown in portraits of Henry VIII and his wives…

  • Some of the over the top pieces would be just fine if they were costume jewelry. It’s knowing that they’re real that brings up the taste issue. I think that a million dollar diamond bracelet should look exquisite- not like something my grandmother wore to parties.

    • Yeah, a fair amount (like that gold diamond bracelet, and the first circle brooch) of this is reminiscent of some of my grandmother’s jewelry. Which I suppose makes sense: they were of the same generation. My grandmother just got the fake stuff!

  • Judy_J

    This makes me sad.  I can’t imagine anyone but Elizabeth Taylor wearing these pieces.

  • Brad and Anne White

    I would like the big honking diamond ring and the tiara in my stocking please!!

  • Anonymous

    That large teardrop pearl is La Peregrina, once owned by Mary Queen of Scots, as well as Kings of Spain and France.  It’s history is absolutely fascinating.  Check out this wikipedia entry:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Peregrina_pearl

    I believe this will sell for many millions of dollars.

    • Anonymous

      It was Mary I, Queen of England aka Bloody Mary.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so THAT’s why they look like the Tudor portraits I was referring to above!  Thanks for the link, Vera!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the link!  It was fun to read her description of temporarily losing it.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely agree with “vulgar”; they are just so overdone some pieces look costumey. However, if I had a moment of ostentatious madness–and the money to indulge it–I might just go for that diamond and pearl necklace, 5th from the bottom, though I would be tempted to take the dangly stuff off.

  • I love the vulgar brooch with the fringe!!!!

  • MilaXX

    You know I know it isn’t PC and I hope to God these aren’t blood diamonds, but as gaudy as they are, I kinda love them.

  • Jasmine Moten

    As gaudy as these are, I still want each and every one of them!

  • Victoria Perry

    In a different time, those wouldn’t have been ostentatious but today they are.  (If they were purchased in the 60s and 70s and 80s, they were probably fine. Over the top was normal.) That being said, I do like looking at them even if I wouldn’t wear them.  (My favorite is lot 053)

  • C.

    Absolutely a bit to much…and I’ll take the emeralds, please…

  • Yeah, I would agree with vulgar… But assuming these are being auctioned for charity (they are being auctioned for charity, right????), I might use the words extravagant, tasteful, and generous.

  • BerlinerNYC

    Bitch had a fucking CROWN. Hilarious! Love her. I’m just (emerald) green with envy that I wasn’t one of those WeHo queens who got to meet her when she’d hang out at the Abbey for happy hour in the last years of her life. That must have been insane. I’ll always choose NY over LA, but I’ve never experienced anything remotely approaching that.

  • Jennifer Adamson

    Am I the only one going, “These have always brought me luck…”    All I can say is: wowza.

  • She must have had the strongest ear lobes and shoulders in Hollywood.

  • mogallup

    While I agree that these pieces definitely go into gaudy (vulgar, ostentatious, etc.) territory, somehow Liz made them work for her. No mean feat considering how petite and buxom she was. I’m having difficulty imagining any other living celebrity, even a really statuesque and/or voluptuous one, wearing this jewelry without looking ticky-tacky or overwhelmed.

  • Speaking as a jewelry designer (albeit on a much lower price point scale) that is some of the WORST product photography I have ever seen – I know they’re just cataloging stuff but you would think they could take a few extra minutes and put the jewelry in a light tent to eliminate the glare…

  • Anonymous

    Tacky yes, Liz herself was pretty tacky even in her prime.
    That being said the vulgar tacky emerald is my birthstone (in case anyone was wondering). 

    Two of La Liz’s wedding gowns  will also be at this auction. The yellow chiffon number designed by Irene Sharaff ,who also designed her costumes for Cleopatra, for her 5th marriage ( first to Richard Burton) and the green and white ombre chiffon maxi dress with guinea feathers designed by Gina Fratini which she wore to her 6th wedding (2nd to RB) that took place in Botswana .

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm, loads of delicious jewels here! Some I love as is-such as  lot #005, the diamond and gold bracelet, and the 4th and 5th pictures, both brooches.
    But my favorite is the 7th from the bottom, the Diamond, Sapphire, and Platinum necklace. Of course, I would have to go all “Windsor” on it and shorten it, maybe use some of the motifs for earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if anyone wants to get me a little something, that big honking emerald necklace will do. Or the double-strand pearl necklace or that giant diamond ring. Whichever. Thx.

  • foodycat

    The other night I watched the episode of Castle where jewel thieves are targeting society women. So I can’t help feeling that wearing these jewels is going to get you stuffed in a safe with your fingers cut off. But oh how I love the sparkle!

  • Didn’t she buy a lot of the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry>

    • Anonymous

      Liz bought the Prince of Wales Plume Pin for over which she paid over $500,000.  However, I think that was the only piece she purchased from the famous DOW auction.

  • Anonymous

    Over the top and a bit much but I still long for diamonds!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know that I’d say this jewelry is vulgar – can jewelry even be vulgar, unless it’s shaped like a penis or a vagina? The jewelry is certainly ostentatious, but it’s also pretty damn fab!

    UPDATE: Just the saw the other commentariat on this point, so discussion noted.

  • Anonymous

    Waay over the top, and I also think that if you’re mentally toting up the price on these things, it (and you) are automatically a little crass.  And I include myself in this.
    Having said that, I wish I could have met the woman who could carry these off; you need a whole lotta personality to wear these and not have them wear you.  RIP, Elizabeth.

    • Why is it crass to wonder about the prices of pieces up for auction?

  • aimee_parrott

    Yeah, I think you need to actually BE Elizabeth Taylor… or Carol Channing… or maybe Lady Gaga… to pull these pieces off. 

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t mention Elizabeth Taylor and Gaga in the same sentence ever again.  For the love of God.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Amazing stuff, love all the brooches (especially the little bow). 

  • Anonymous

    “These have always brought me luck.”

  • Anonymous

    i would wear the diamond ring in a heart beat

    • Anonymous

      So would I. That rock is probably the size of a crouton!

  • I think you have to be Elizabeth Taylor (or someone much like her) to pull most of these off.  Someone who really loves what they’re wearing and is committed to the look can get by with a lot more, but it takes a certain “fuck you” attitude and confidence.  Most women don’t have it, sadly. 

    I want that broach in the second picture, though!  And I’d be more than willing to dismiss anyone who thought it was too OTT:)

  • They’re up for auction.  Auction = buy item with money (highest bidder = most money).  Crass?

  • Anonymous

    The bow pin rocks my world.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too!

  • CQAussie

    Agree, a lot of these are magnificently over the top.  But then again, so was Liz Taylor =D  She was such an icon and pretty much the only one who was capable of pulling off these jewels.  I’ll send these pics to my Mum, she loved Liz Taylor.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care that they’re vulgar or overly showy (maybe I just love jewelry too much) but what I wouldn’t give to be able to walk around in this kinda jewelry without people looking at me as though I was crazy. I’d say many would be perfect for a ball type atmosphere (but how many people actually have those kinds of balls anymore without them being merely costume parties) . Although some of them aren’t so bad but almost all of them bring back fond memories of going through my grandma’s jewelry closet.

    • You took the words out of my mouth. And folks have to remember that we’re no longer in an era of celebrities pulling out all the stops. There’s a sad, unfortunate lack of glamour these days. I can understand wanting to temper it, or be a bit more somber about public appearances given the economy and social unrest….but it’s nice to have a reminder of the fantasy. 

      And those long diamond and emerald chandelier earrings? What I wouldn’t give for just a single night’s wear.

  • Anonymous

    I’d gladly see the items in pics 8, 11 and 16 under my tree – thank you very much!  The rest are just too over the top; I like my diamonds pretty classic and simple – LOL.

  • Anonymous

    There is most definitely room in my stocking for the emerald earrings (#030) and the emerald bracelet (#031).

    But only Dame Elizabeth Taylor could wear such beautiful jewelry and still outshine it.

    • Anonymous

      True that. We can only dream of being as fabulous as she.

  • Anonymous

    Since I do not have a single event in my life that would warrant the wearing of such jewelry, go ahead and slip them in someone else’s stockings. Leering at the pictures will do.

  • Anonymous

    What I wouldn’t do to get my mits on one of the many pieces with emeralds.  *sigh*  Vulgar schmulgar, if you’ve got rocks like those.

  • I would like that pink, purple and gold… necklace, so I could hang it on my Xmas tree, or just on my wall to admire all year ’round. Never to wear.

  • Anonymous

    Most of us only wish that we were beautiful enough to wear pieces like these and look incredible.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, some of the these are waaaaay over the top, but purely in terms of design, they are gorgeous. Also, as the focal point with a simple outfit, yowza.

    If anyone is buying, I’d like the necklace of pear-shaped diamonds, please.

  • Anonymous

    They wouldn’t look vulgar if I was a MAGICAL FAIRY PRINCESS. ::daydreams::

  • Anonymous

    I wish they listed estimated values. That might make them a little more my style. Only a chest and personality like ET’s could carry them off, but I could gloat over them in my wall safe!

  • Anonymous

    I wish they listed estimated values. That might make them a little more my style. Only a chest and personality like ET’s could carry them off, but I could gloat over them in my wall safe!

  • If one could own and wear such things, I too, would be unapologetic about owning any of it.  And I would wear them all with my pajamas.  God Bless Liz for allowing them to be auctioned off for a greater cause.  

  • Although I don’t really like each piece (there are some barely okay in there), WOW are there some show-stoppers!

  • Anonymous

    No torches or pitchforks here. As Mr. Bomber once said, looking in a store window, “That’s a whole lot of gaud.”

  • All of this stuff looks like what bad costume jewelry imitates!

  • Anonymous

    These are way over the top, but if you’re Elizabeth-effing-Taylor, isn’t that what people expected–especially in her later years?

    For some of the pieces, it’s just the scale, I think–they’re beautiful, just BIG.

    That first brooch (circle and bow) is incredible.  I think it’s my favorite piece (and it is, indeed, pretty big–half that size it would still work).  I also really love the necklace of pear-shaped diamonds, and the octagonal Art-Deco-ish pendant (though again, the pendant is too large and too long…I would very likely look like a female pimp LOL).

    Kudos to the organizers for the lavender displays, too.

  • I’ll take vulgar if it comes with that tiara and the appropriate occasion to wear it.

  • Anonymous

    See?  This is what I’m talking about.  After that Russian Seasons spread, and now this jewelry collection.  My life is not decadent enough!  Someone get me my champagne…

  • Anonymous

    This jewelry collection wouldn’t shame a Romanov, to be honest.

  • I truly don’t understand.  I “remember” (too young to actually remember – sans quotes) Elizabeth Taylor being completely elegant and tasteful, if a wee bit ostentatious in her jewelry choices.  Is my memory wrong?  Is the force of the woman’s personality so strong as to downplay something as, well, bordering on utter vulgarity as these pieces?

    Regardless, they are some stunning pieces.  I covet that circle bow broach thing.  Covet.  And that crown but I suspect Liz is the only one who can truly pull off a crown without a royal title.

    • Anonymous

      No. Your memory isn’t wrong.

      These are jewels that royalty can pull off (imagine Kate in some of these pieces and you’ll get where I’m coming from).  In a sense, Liz was Hollywood royalty.  A living legend.  She had a level of sophistication and class that made these pieces stunning and classy when she wore them.

      Now, imagine someone like Kim Kardashian wearing any of these pieces.  It immediately goes from being sophisticated and stunning to crass and vulgar.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she didn’t wear these very much.  I google-imaged Elizabeth Taylor and there were lots of pictures of her wearing jewelery, but I saw only one photograph showing any of these.  A Harper’s Bazaar photo from “Elizabeth Taylor’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments” of her wearing the teardrop emerald and diamond earrings, with her hair up.  

  • Anonymous

    Wow, those are some massive rocks.  Many of them look even too big for Queen Elizabeth, and she’s never been exactly known for restraint when it comes to bling.  But nevertheless, I’ll take the emeralds, please.  I’ve always wanted to have jewels large enough to be described as vulgar.  Thanks, Santa. 🙂

  • mrspeel2

    I agree that a lot of them are gaudy (though I’d take that leopard/lion necklace in a heartbeat), aside from the abundance of diamonds, she sure did love her some emeralds, didn’t she?

  • Sara__B

    She was larger than life in personality and celebrity, so of course her jewelry is, too. What an extraordinary collection!

  • M Carlson

    I’m not a general fan of stone, but I do like the pearls.

  • Anonymous

    I only find these pieces gaudy if one was wearing multiple pieces. Single any one of them out and present it on a beautiful statuesque woman in a simple black gown and any one of these pieces would look amazing. 

  • Samantha Irene

    Love so many of these – would wear so many of these (even if they are crazy over the top) – if only I had a cool million or so to spend…

  • up with pod people

    I don’t know about vulgar but I’d let those diamond chandelier earrings fuck me on the grocery conveyor belt. (Vulgar enough?)

  • Emeralds and sapphires and rubies, OH MY!!!  Call me vulgar or whatever the hell you want if I could have a few of these, please!

  • Grace Armstrong

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the camel those are some knock-you-unconscious jewels!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a link to Christie’s that shows the online portion of the auction and the estimated selling prices of the pieces: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/searchresults.aspx?intSaleID=23616#action=refine&intSaleID=23616&sid=a65135cb-6de0-4b57-9858-a6557cde15d9  Sorry for not knowing how to make this link active…

  • I want the tiara!

  • o.0

  • Lisa

    I”m sorry, I couldn’t hear you from all the dollar signs that were bonking me upside the head! 🙂   

    Outlandish yes, but REALLY fun to look at!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god I am so excited to see this in person! I’ll be there tomorrow morning to see all 800+ pieces of her estate, and I highly suggest you all do the same if you can get to NYC in the next two weeks. It’s all on display, open to the public.

    If you’re there tomorrow, I’ll be the one crying and laughing at the same time while shouting “MY PRECIOUS!” about every two seconds.

  • Anonymous

    I think if anyone other than Liz Taylor had worn some of these pieces they would have looked over the top and/or vulgar. I think she enjoyed the hell out of her collection.
    Ah, Liz was one of the last of the genuine Hollywood stars. We won’t see her like again.

  • The pictures in this post had me LAUGHING out loud at a bus stop due to how absurd they were.  How can I not laugh?  I mean, if I stop laughing, I get all rage-filled at the fact that people don’t care who had to die to harvest these stupid shiny rocks and the metal they’re attached to.

    Plus I kept thinking that she could populate the treasure of a King’s Quest game, but emeralds instead of sapphires.

    And the tiara, oh the tiara!  Kings Quest indeed.

  • Green – Magnifique! :)))
    Love Liz 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Sure they were too much, but Liz was larger than life. The jewels were an extension of her personality. While I don’t thinks starlets need to spend a king’s ransom on jewelry (or have your various husbands do so), but there is something lost when the jewelry you wear is limited to those pieces your stylist borrowed from the store.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Double Knocker Pearls. TLo should play the stylist game with these.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just because I know who these belonged to but they’re kind of fabulously vulgar, no?

  • Anonymous

    That purple and gold link necklace??  WAANNNTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take #8, the simple circlet of graduated pear-shape diamonds.  Elegant, understated, always in style, and it goes with everything.  Thanks, Santa.

  • Anonymous

    The taste level is pretty uneven.  Do you suppose some of the “Dallas” era stuff will come back into style?

    Does the auction benefit a charity or does it all go to her family?

  • Vulgar? Absolutely. But if I had the money, you bet your ass I’d wear jewelry like that!

  • Vulgar? Absolutely. But if I had the money, you bet your ass I’d wear jewelry like that!

  • Anonymous

    Holy SHIT. Most of this is beyond my ability to tolerate (just not a fan of Big Shiny Things), but that bracelet with the lion’s head gets me anyway. Too good.

  • I hope you were being sarcastic when you wrote “holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers!”. Yeah right would this ever be a stocking stuffer, or would i ever give this to someone other than myself! farrrrrr too expensive for a stocking stuffer

  • Cathy T

    When the tour of these jewels was in Los Angeles for 4 days in October, I bought a ticket, flew down from the Bay Area and saw them.  To be honest, I thought of them less as jewelry pieces than I did as hallmarks of a remarkable woman’s life.  There were stories behind many of these pieces, and several of them were literally works of art using gemstones as the medium.  To see pictures of them is one thing, but they were radiant in person.  She was a larger than life persona with larger than life gems.

  • She was beautiful but she wasn’t exactly the most sophisticated woman in the world. She loved being over the top.

  • Melvis Velour

    I remember when I was in Hyderabad, India on business and had to stay the weekend so I arranged for a tour with this amazing guide who kept adjusting the itinerary based on what she was seeing me interested in.  Anyhoo, we totally bonded and at one point touring the Nizam of Hyderabad’s palace, she turned to me and said “…enough dusty furniture, let’s got see some bling-bling-BLING!”  Which is pretty much what I said to myself when I scrolled through this collection. 

    Some pieces are stellar, some pieces are over the top but what would you expect from a woman who deliberately instructed that her coffin be delivered late to her own funeral as she was never on time during her life?

  • Anonymous

    Well, BEING a bit ‘vulgar’, I assumed you meant ‘vulgar’ in the sense of, if you were gifted any one of these you’d be wearing it always and that would included dancing around nekkid in a tiara with those earrings dangling off’a anything you just might hang ’em from, and if that’s not ‘vulgar’ y’er not trying…and y’er CERTAINLY not getting into the spirit of owning a diamond tiara and a humongous f*ck you I’m rich and glamourous lions head with emerald eyes… The only thing that’s missing is fuzzy slippers. The kind with diamond-encrusted kitten heels, right?

  • Anonymous

    Breathtaking, if not a bit on the excessive side.

    The only piece I find truly vulgar is that gold, purple, pink monstrosity.

  • *sigh* Temporarily wishing I was the kind of woman who could pull off this vulgar jewelry like Liz was able to do. *sigh*

    On the other hand, my collection of vintage rhinestone brooches bought at thrift shops before anyone else realized how beautiful they were serves my need for shiny-attention-getting-jewelry 95% of the time, so I don’t really NEED her jewelry right?  Right?    Somebody better say “right” before I trade in The Mister* for someone with deeper pockets!

    *With whom I celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, so I’d hate to have to trade him in…

    • Anonymous

      Right!!  Love my vintage jewelry too. 

    • Same here, only my collection is made up of those big enameled flower brooches, rather than rhinestones.

  • Anonymous

    I WANT THE TIARA!!!! #unresolvedprincesscomplex

  • Anonymous

    That loud=vulgar.

  • My mother had a pin that looks a lot like the 5th one down, in costume of course, not real diamonds.  Would love to have the real one… sigh.

  • Ebony Dawkins

    Auction item 110 (the 17th picture here) is to die for! I would love to add those enamel and diamond bracelets to my jewelry collection. Swoon If only I could be a fraction as fabulous as Ms. Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    There’s something about being over the top that can be beautiful. My family is from India, and my mom has passed down insane amounts of jewelery to me (although much of it is costume) that is very similar to a lot of these pieces. I used to think they were way too much and HIDEOUS when each piece is ostentatious and then comes in a set with matching earrings, statement necklace, bracelet and ring, and then layered over printed, loud silk saris….but if you took one piece and paired with an LBD? Gorgeous.

  • Vulgar – that’t the word for it. She wore them with panache, but really Liz, some of these are just hideous and almost all of them show more bling than artistry. Anybody who doesn’t believe me, go look at the crown jewels in London – there’s some awful ostentation there, but also some amazing craftsmanship and artistry.

  • Anonymous

    Big, showy, “important” jewelry, but really, not aesthetically beautiful. Heavy, clunky, graceless, mostly vulgar, as stated here by many posters. That purple and yellow necklace in particular is just gross.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    you gotta be the right kinda gal to pull those off.  rest her soul, liz was that gal.

  • Anonymous

    These photos just make me miss her.  I really love them – even if they are showy and some are rather dated.  Only Elizabeth Taylor could pull it off.  No one else should even try.

  • Mary McClelland

    This depresses me. If Liz were my mom I would never, ever, ever auction off her jewels.  How could her family part with them? Maybe I just love Elizabeth too much.

  • We actually went to view the collection. The “good” pieces actually look less garish in person, while the more “interesting” pieces look like big, shiny toys.

  • Good god, TLo, y’all are right (as usual). Most of it is perfectly hid (eous). I do like the saphire and diamond deco necklace and ring, and some of the Anne Boleyn collection are chunky chic.
    I think my mother had a knock-off version of the lapis & jade trifecta of braclets/chokers/whatevers.
    Thanks for the hard rock candy christmas of carats and a merry, merry to you both.

  • But that’s what makes them SO GREAT.  Pushes everyone aside to try each and every one of these pieces on….

  • Charles Purdy

    Just some baubles she picked up here and there over the years….