Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on December 16, 2011

Perhaps DVF was feeling that her clientele wasn’t to her liking or her clothes weren’t exciting enough; whatever the reason, she’s clearly making a bold appeal to the younger gals with this one. She’s not alone in that. There was a time when resort and pre-fall collections were targeted to socialites of any age, but lately a lot of designers seem to have settled in on the jetsetting debutante types as their muse. The collection is called “Macadam Diva,” which is so DVF: girly-fabulous with a touch of the international. It’s all very “defiant gal, making her way in the urban jungle,” which isn’t a new concept, but it’s done well here; “sexy and aggressive,” as DVF described it, but also fun and youthful.We think it’s the most energetic thing she’s done in some time. Some seriously great pieces in a bold color palette, and loaded with fabulous prints, bien sûr.


[Photo Credit: dvf.com]

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  • Anonymous

    thigh highs i can deal with, but please tell me grandma’s knee-high stockings are not making a comeback??? 

    • http://www.wordydoodles.com WordyDoodles

      They just need a little roll on top!

    • http://beautyforrealgirls.blogspot.com/ accidental housewife

      I know! Is she trying to make me not like her? They look ridiculous.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KEYJDIENR5MRK2NXJYKNOLWDFE Alexandria

      I love knee-highs. love them love them love them when deployed properly

      • Anonymous

        they can work on the young and the lean but i have to respectfully disagree in other circumstances, a strip of elastic around a less than nubile knee is not a pretty sight…:)

        • Anonymous

          I have fit runner’s legs and those knee highs look ridiculous on me.  I think only the teen set can pull them off.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. Sadly, it’s yet another thing to add to the list of things we’re better off avoiding as we age.

          • Anonymous

            agreed, i am trying to envision Fergie’s knees from the other day swaddled in a pair…*shudder*

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I always love her patterns. Here, especially the black/white/red and red/white/grey.

  • http://angryfemur.tumblr.com Andrea Lane


  • http://twitter.com/kbshee kbshee

    So much to love, except for the stuff in puke green.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s the styling that’s throwing me off but a lot of these pieces wouldn’t work in real life, I don’t think. Most of those skirts are horribly unflattering. 

    • http://twitter.com/MandySCG MandyJane

      I think it’s the styling. I was wishing the models weren’t wearing those extra long gloves because they make the proportions look weird. Like the girls have stumpy legs and long torsos, or something. I think I love the clothes, but it’s kinda hard to tell!

  • http://twitter.com/ILikeShiny Cindi Williams

    I’m always partial to DVF (my first “designer” dress), and this collection is no exception. I’ve been crushing on a blue/orange color palette for a bit now.

    • Anonymous

      I love the blue and orange pieces. The split pea soup green, however, not so much. You would have to have Michelle Obama’s coloring to look good in that.

  • Anonymous


  • P M

    You know, looking at the Chanel UN-desi horror of yesterday, I wonder: Would a DVF collection be better? What would it be like? Oh, and the clothes here are lovely, of course!

  • Anonymous

    I dislike the color palette.

  • Anonymous

    I am in love, though DVF is normally not to my taste at all. The oversized blue/red-orange houndstooth is divine. I cannot wait for this saggy baggy trend to DIE already, it looks terrible on the hourglass figure. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes it does. *cries*

  • http://twitter.com/herong Heron

    AAHHHHH LOVE!!  You know how you find someone who makes clothes that completely embody what you want to look like? THIS. 

  • Anonymous

    love everything, especially the color palette.

  • Terence Ng

    Love it.

  • Sara__B

    I mostly like the colors and the prints, and a lot of the separates, but I don’t like the proportions and/or silhouettes on 10 of the 19 looks. Perhaps it’s the model, perhaps it’s the styling, but over half of these look unflattering or unattractive to my non-fashionista eye.

  • Anonymous

    I laughed out loud when I saw the knee-hi stockings.

  • MilaXX

    when you mentioned appealing to a younger demographic I was prepared to hate this collection, but honestly I really like it. I started out picking which pieces I liked the most and quickly realized I like it all.

  • Anonymous

    Love the play on the hounds tooth check, and love, love, LOVE the elbow high gloves. Opera length leather gloves can be a bit much, but the below elbow length are fun (especially with the pushed up sleeves.)


  • Anonymous

    just what i was going to say!  Dear God, please let this not become a thing.

  • Anonymous

    this was meant as a reply to schadenfreudlicious…..re: the grandma stockings.

  • Anonymous

    So Sixties!  Only freshened and updated!  I absolutely love this collection, and even though I am neither young nor a jetsetting debutante (Do debutantes even exist any more in the US?…), I would wear about 75% of these looks.  I love a good print, and there are a lot of them there.  Not crazy about the styling for these photos–especially the L’Eggs knee-highs and the booties.  The gloves are fun!

    • http://twitter.com/urban_gypsy Urban Gypsy aka Tess

      I love this so much for that Sixties vibe with a modern twist.  Third row down on the right, I’d kill for that suit and the bad that goes with it. That’s how I’d love to dress, and I think I might be able to get away with it, though perhaps one piece at a time on my short ass frame.

      • Anonymous

        I love that suit too–and the bag!  I think you could wear that suit, even if you’re on the short side: black opaque tights and some killer boots!  Amirite?  :)

  • Anonymous

    Love the green!

  • Anonymous

    Ambivalent about the clothes, but middle aged, not especially urban me would like the red bag in the first photo.

  • Yosa Addiss

    Hmm, I like it, but I think I might just like the styling.

    If I imagine them without the hairdos, the sunglasses and the inexplicable prom gloves, they are suspiciously like a “for target” dress collection.

    that said, I would buy several and love them at Target prices….

  • http://beautyforrealgirls.blogspot.com/ accidental housewife

    Fantastic. A lot of it is very young looking, but there are a few pieces I’d love to have, i.e. both dresses in the 2nd row, and the green and black checked dress. Also, the green top/white skirt are very adaptable (4th row from the bottom, on the right). Also, also, a lot of the dresses and skirts are knee length, and the shorter ones are a reasonable length. Is the day of the micro-mini gone, at least for now? We can only hope.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.lindstedt Carrie Lindstedt

    I want to be the woman who wears these clothes!

  • marilyn

    In the first picture, the skirt should not have a flap across the front.  That makes it messy.  It breaks up the big bold pattern, in a bad way.  There is so much to look at because of the bold colors and the bold pattern itself.  Breaking it up with that flap just makes it disjointed.    However, this is the pick of the litter. 

    Hey, the Cindy Lauper/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun bunch wants its’ stuff back, specifically the granny stockiings, and pretty much everything else in this collection.  All those models need are some whack-a-doodle feathers in their hair (with some big hair), and it will be the 80’s all over again. 

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Oh my various gods, the knee-hi’s.  I’m not young, rich, thin or fashionista enough for that nonsense, but the masochist in me kind of wants to try.

  • Anonymous

    Knee high black stockings and elbow high black gloves?  Is she trying to make EVERY limb look bisected?

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised and displeased to find myself having a “none for me, thanks” reaction to DVF, who is just about my favorite designer. I generally find her overall aesthetic to really suit my style, not to mention that it’s at all possible for me to afford her garments (usually consigned, but for a lot of labels I covet, even secondhand is often too pricey for me). Even when I come across stuff that is not something I’d really wear, I can still at least appreciate it. This collection just seems like it came from a different studio entirely, and not one I’d shop from. . Sadface.

  • https://profiles.google.com/104791269167429064986 Judy S

    Ugh. If I were thin and rich enough to wear these, I still wouldn’t want to. I think they look kinda pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    If I had the right  figure I would totally wear these clothes.  Of course, I would have to transform into an 11 year old boy, but other than that, I’d wear them.  Because they are different.  And sortof ugly but in a nifty kind of way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I actually quite like most of the pieces, but they are a bit sloppy-ly styled.  I just want to reach through the screen and straighten out those waists that are slouching.  

  • Anonymous

    Love the light green blouse with the off set ruffle…suspect it wouldn’t go so well with my rack though.

  • Anonymous

    The clothes are pretty good. I HATE the styling. Exposed stocking tops, long gloves epecially with sleeves and boots with ankle socks – Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE.  Except the highwater pants and the compression socks.  What the what?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like everything, but I think she’s brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    Like the colors and attitude, but this collection made me officially over the booties with a dress.  I really don’t want to see it again, but the trend seems to have a lot of life left to it. Sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Huh, the only thing I like is the red/black/white coat.  What’s with the mega dropped waists?  Almost everything would look terrible on a gal like with a mega long torso and stumpy legs.

  • Anonymous

    Not in love with the styling but in love with most of the clothes. In fact, would jump for joy if several of these pieces magically landed in my closet: Namely the orange/grey shift dress, that smoked chartreuse jacket and same colored dress with the string neckline. Thanks, DVF!

  • Anonymous

    Weirdly, this collection has succeeded best in making me covet arm-length leather gloves. That outfit with the little red blazer is calling to me (except the knee-highs). Love most of the chartreuse pieces as well.

  • Anonymous

    Are the long gloves actually supposed to be worn by civilians or is that just runway styling?

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* When is a top designer going to adopt “middle-aged lady fundraiser for a Midwestern community foundation” as his/her muse?

  • Anonymous

    This is fabulous! The knee-his I take with a grain of salt – runway styling usually does not translate to everyday, nor is it meant to, in my opinion. Although I like the over-the knee ones.

  • Anonymous

    wow, that’s a really interesting collection–in a good way.  Looks like fun!

  • Anonymous

    These remind me of the quote, variously attributed: “The ugly can be beautiful; the pretty, never.” They’re like the Angelina Jolie of clothing: many of them are not beautiful, in the traditional sense, but striking and focus-pulling. Love the emerald greens, love the prints (even if I loathe the colours with which they’ve been deployed), and even like the shapes, despite how specific they are for one body-type, unlike the classic DVF dress, which was flattering on many.

  • http://twitter.com/faville faville


  • http://twitter.com/revjospa Joanne Robertson


  • Anonymous

    i like the green, i like the gold glitter, i like the dress above the gold glitter, i wish like hell she had put the belts on her models in some way that didnt destroy the forms of the items they cinch. i really like the print suits. i do think most of these outfits can be worn by many a body type. the way theyre belted makes this seem like a lie but the lie is that the clothing sans the unworthy beltlines will not work. it will & it will do it better, too.

  • michelle shields

    When I saw the first pic I was so excited to see the rest but as I continued to scroll down was so disappointed. I love D but this so doesn’t look like her. Bowing down to the young is the trend but this is so butt ugly I don’t even think the young would love it. Big fail!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583505025 Kelley Comfort

    LOVEthe colours! I have to get that green hobo bag!!!

  • Anonymous

    So is the new thing the dropped waist?

  • http://asskickingadviser.com/ Ass Kicking Adviser

    Aside from loathing short pants, I love everything and the color palette is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    not bad. I hate the dark green Ew. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the green outfits above.

    • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/gatecrewgirl Trotter Roller

    Oh my god I want that red geometric print skirt suit.

  • Anonymous

    Fun and really wearable – with exception of the nipple-shirt, I could see many of my co-workers wearing the day pieces to the office.  Although I suppose that’s not the point for a celebutante. 

  • Anonymous

    DVF makes me wish I could spend more on clothes.

    Some of those proportions are weird, torso-lenthening and leg-shortening, though.

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/thesquizz Lauren P

    How is this a cohesive collection? If they weren’t all styled the same, I wouldn’t have figured them to be from the same line.