Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on December 08, 2011

There’s more than a little bit of a ’30s feel to this collection, as in the chrysanthemum dress, with its high neckline, short sleeves and flared skirt, as well as the various accentuated shoulders, below-the-knee hems,  fitted coats and jackets, and high waists throughout. The gowns look like they stepped right off the screen of some Depression-era melodrama where a country girl gets a taste of high society and goes to fabulous parties where she leans against marble columns as she fends of suitors and sips Champagne. On the flip side, there’s this very tweedy, very British countryside feel, especially in the menswear. The combination produces a take that feels classically British and terribly chic. We love the muted colors and gorgeous tailoring. Minions with Black Cards are free to buy us any of the coats here. Please contact us for details.


[Photo Credit: burberry.com]

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  • Anonymous

    LOVE. Except for that one ludicrously large handbag.

  • LOVE the colors and the smooth lines.  So luxurious looking!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Hate the woman’s shoes.  They look like high heeled mukluks from the 70’s.
    The clutch with the gowns is nice.

    • Anonymous

      I know. The shoes are beyond ugly.

  • I’d kill for that model’s legs… they are so incredibly long!  The clothes are pretty, but I could make or buy those.  The legs are never to be:(

    • Ceur –

      She’s only 5’8” and you don’t have to kill, just go out and buy Photoshop. Looks better on your criminal record as well.

      • But I don’t want them for pictures, I want them all the time!  And she may be ONLY 5’8″, but I’m only 5’4″ and most of that is in my torso — I have the legs of someone 5’1″.  On my entire body, that’s the one thing I have that I can’t change and still haven’t accepted. 

        • I’d love a longer torso! I have relatively longish legs, but I also have a very short torso. There’s maybe 1.5 inches between the bottom of my ribs and the top of my hips, which makes me look completely dumpy in any belt and many dresses. Sigh. I am learning to just accept it though. 🙂

          • I have the same problem! High waisted skirts look like my boobs are wearing a skirt. yuck!

          • Yes, this.  I have no decolatage.  I am chin, boobs, waist.  And then there’s no space between my ribs and hips.  Empire waists look like obscenely low cut baby doll cuts on me.  Natural waists cut me thick through the middle.  Drop waist cuts make my butt look like its taking over the world.

            There is no winning.

          • My best friend has the same problem — we always joke that if we combined bodies, we’d produce one supermodel and one troll.

          • Love it!!

      • Susana Reyes

        LOL A+

    • Anonymous

      Those aren’t her legs. It’s Photoshop. You can even see when comparing the difference in length between different pictures. Or she might be standing on an apple box under those gowns. But either way, they ain’t her legs.


      • Anonymous

        Agreed. If you look at party pics of her on British vogue she is so tiny. Cara delevingne. 

      • Can I have the legs she’s pretending to have then? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is she standing on a box?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is some BAD photoshopping of her stomach on that last picture — the bit above the clutch and below the belt is just hamfistedly thinned. 

    And I sure hope that ridiculously large bag is supposed to be a weekend bag, not a handbag.

    • Wow, you are right about the photoshopping! As to the bags, I assumed with you that those huge bags where weekend bags. Because I have to imagine that the weight from that bag would give you serious curvature of the spine if you tried to carry it for more than a few minutes!

    • Lori

      ITA. The first time I saw these pictures I couldn’t even form an opinion about the clothes because I was distracted by how bad it was, especially how freakishly skinny the legs of both models are. People have got to learn to tone down the Photoshop.

      • I had the same reaction. I found myself wanting to look back at TLo’s post on Jason Wu’s new collection, just to get back to my happy place.

        Also, is Prorsum hard to say even in your head?

        • Lori

          In my head “Prorsum” often comes out “opossum”. I know this is totally wrong, and yet there it is.

          • And now I’ll always think “possum” when I see Prorsum! 🙂 Makes me laugh, so that’s preferable.

        • That’s why I just stick with “Burberry” in my head…

    • Is it weird that I kinda want one of those bags as a handbag?  Think of all the useless crap I could fit in it, to whip out whenever the moment struck, just to hear “Why would you ever carry that around with you?”  “Because I have this giant bag and I can!” 

      I have sorta weird issues about being able to cart stuff around — I think it’s a holdover from when I was younger and singler and I used to need to carry enough that I could crash whereever I happened to land for the night.  (Wow, that sounds bad… believe me, it was far more innocuous than it sounds.  Sadly:)

      • That huge bag is fabulous, and there was a time when I would have used it as a handbag. Not so much anymore. My back is so screwed up I can’t even work anymore, so I have to be careful with how much stuff I carry around. But I’m totally with you on all the useless crap that could fit in that thing. Also, there’s something to be said for being ready for anything.  🙂

        • Anonymous

          Yes, to both of your opinions. My ideal everyday bag holds all the usual plus the book I’m reading for fun, the stack of papers/reading for work, all my workout gear except shoes (gotta draw the line SOMEwhere) and, in my nod to the 21st centruy, a laptop or netbook, with power cord.

          In reality, I’ve had to downsize to two bags in the last decade in deference to my aging back.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the Olsen Twins styling on the model, but the clothes are lovely.

  • Anonymous

    This makes 3 collections in a row that I’ve loved.  Now to win the lottery…

  • Painfully gorgeous. From top to bottom. I can hardly stand it. So classy, so chic. 

    I’ll stop bubbling now. Nevermind I couldn’t afford a single piece…

  • Anonymous

    I like a lot of it, but those twee bows have got to go.

  • Is the model a Roitfeld? She looks JUST like Carine. 

  • Anonymous

    Total screaming LOVE!  OMG–wantwantwantWANT!  Especially the first two coats.  But I’ll take anything, Santa.  Seriously.  I’ve been a good girl, so whatever you can manage would be so appreciated!

  • I was too distracted by the (hopefully Photoshopped) thinness of the model to appreciate the line.  Instead of seeing the clothes, I found myself wondering how she has room for a stomach, liver, kidneys, and 2 dozen feet of intestines in that tiny torso.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with this, and I normally give a shrug to the skinny comments, ’cause, I think a lot of what we see as ‘ohmygawdeatasandwich’ is really, ‘wow, you lucked out with the genetics, didn’t you?’.

      But not this; that girl looks like this weird christmas ornament I had as a kid, a kind of gumby santa whose legs and arms were the same diameter as his middle. It doesn’t work on Santa, and it doesn’t work on pretty girls. I hope you’re right, I hope this is photoshopped.

      • Yep, me too re: the thinness of models. A shrug is the most you’d get out of me. I know more than a couple women who are very thin and totally healthy, and eat like a normal person. But man, the model is really skinny. I don’t think she’s doing anything for the clothes. The boots aren’t helping either, because they’re so bulky. She’s beautiful, though. She looks like a cross between Susan Dey-as-Laurie Partridge, and Victoria Beckham.

        • Anonymous

          “Susan Dey-as-Laurie Partridge, and Victoria Beckham”

          Wow!  I caught the Laurie Partridge but you’re spot on with the twinge of Vicktoria in there, good call! The dresses … eh, well, whatever. But the pants look really…odd. makes me wanna get up and start singing “I AM the Pumpkin King”!

      • Anonymous

        Whether it’s photoshop, an eating disorder or ‘lucky genetics’, she’s not the best model.  You notice her far before you notice the clothes and once you get around to realizing how pretty they are, you question their viability because clearly they aren’t going to look even remotely like that on your human body.  A fuller figured model would better serve the line. 

        • As a rule, I’d rather see anything on a size 2 or 4 than on the size 00 model — I just find it more visually appealing. 

          Here, for instance, I’m thinking that I want her legs, not that I want her pants that will make my legs look ridiculously long too. Because I’m quite sure that it won’t make my legs look like that.

    • Anonymous

      The photos were shot from the ground, which is why her legs look abnormally long. The angle messes with perception, slimming the top half and elongating the part closest to the lens. 

      ie: This is the correct shape of a skyscraper: || — but this is what the skyscraper looks like when shot from the ground: /

    • Anonymous

      The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. These people need to put down the crack pipe and contact their local Photoshop Anonymous.

    • You can see this model in their runway videos, and she’s the skinniest one of the bunch. I don’t believe she’s photoshopped, at least not her body.

      ETA: well, after reading others and seeing she’s only 5’8″, maybe they stretched her out quite a bit 😀

  • Love the bags!

  • Anonymous

    Really nice pieces, but I’m not loving a lot of these colors. But the coats. Oh my god, some day I want a Burberry coat. These are just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Love ALL the women’s clothes, even if they are photoshopped to death.  The man shirt with the drawing of a puppy – is that what is was?  Love that not so much.  

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that seems like a lot of money to pay for something that kitschy.

  • I love the colors.. really loved almost everything.

  • Nothing screams fall to me like Burberry.  I love everything except the doggie sweaters.  They are just….yeah, no.  Other then that, I adore it and want a giant rake to scoop it all into my closet.  (because only in fantasy land could afford any of this)

  • Susana Reyes

    SO AMAZING. I wish I could have all this in my closet, well the women’s clothes.

  • muzan-e

    Every now and then, clothing I can wear well comes back into fashion.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, it also has cats on it.

    Bless you, Burberry. My bank account will die smiling. 

  • this collection is really fantastic but will someone please give that model a sandwich!?!? just put it on the ground at her feat and slowly back away without showing fear.

  • CQAussie

    Great collection, loved quite a few of the pieces, especially the blue dress with the fuller skirt and mustard belt.

  • Anonymous

    I like the long gowns a LOT.

    The sweaters are hard to wear – if you’re too skinny (and especially if you’re skinny and over 30) you’ll look spinster-dowdy & if you’re at all plump, you’ll look, well, more so. In general I think a lot of these are not cut to make today’s ‘average’ American woman who is far from thin look good.  But overall I like.

    • Anonymous

      when is fashion ever cut for people who have more than 0.00000% body fat?

      • Anonymous

        True, it’s never a high priority!

        • Someday, when I win the lottery (and I have got to start remembering to buy a ticket!:) and/or take over the world, I fully intend to start my own clothing line, specifically because I think there should be at least one that is run by someone who has actually taken a business class — 1st rule: DON’T CUT YOUR MARKET TO 3% OF THE POPULATION!

  • Linde Hoff

    Gorgeous — there isn’t anything I don’t like.  Bravo!

  • This inspired me to visit Burberry’s Australian online store. I now have about a dozen items on my wishlist. 😛

  • Anonymous

    We’re two weeks away from winter solstice.  Why are PRE fall collections coming out now?  Je ne comprends pas.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s some great stuff. I’m not wild about the bows on the waist though – everything else is gorgeous. And that model is WERQing that shit!

  • This is another collection in which I will take every. goddamn. piece.

    But I think they directed the make-up artist with the lipstick to the wrong model.

  • My. God. One day I WILL own a Burberry coat, so help me, God!!

  • Anonymous

    Someone please get me the brown cardigan and bag that the male model has in #12.

  • Anonymous

    I adore every one of those coats (especially that brown one near the top)!!


  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous. this collection will do SO well for them. the women’s jackets and dresses are incredible.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the stupid bow belts?

  • There is some gorgeous clothing right there, but for some reason I found myself particularly put off by the ultra slim models today.

  • Julie Fountain

    The pictures with both models crack me right up, are there any two people in the world who look less interested in interacting? 

  • foodycat

    Dark red tweed coat – I am in love. I will leave my husband and be with you always.

  • Laura Korth

    My favorite pre-fall collection by far.  Not a thing I wouldn’t buy!

  • Grace Armstrong


  • And I know they aren’t your thing, TLo, but can we get some snaps for the bags because they are DIVINE!

  • LOVE! Everything but that last gown. I’d like one of each, please.

  • Anonymous

    oh goodness. if only I were rich, thin, and tall.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate it, but the huge fricking bow on most of the looks is driving me insane. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate it, but the huge fricking bow on most of the looks is driving me insane. 

  • Anonymous

    Unnngggghhh. Burberry is the only brand that consistently slays me every time, and has for years. I remember when I very first started looking at fashion magazines, Burberry was the brand I immediately learned to recognize. If I ever have money…

  • Anonymous

    Unnngggghhh. Burberry is the only brand that consistently slays me every time, and has for years. I remember when I very first started looking at fashion magazines, Burberry was the brand I immediately learned to recognize. If I ever have money…

  • Anonymous

    I like them although I would have liked to have seen more than a bow/belt of the same kind on every piece. That babyshit yellow one second from last is an awful color. Overall I like the collection though.

  • Anonymous

    “Everything old is new again!”  Gorgeous, every piece.

  • Anonymous

    burberry is (of course) all about the coats and bags for me.  the bow belt isn’t making me twitch but nor is it giving me fever ~ like a lot of their clothes-clothes, it’s inoffensive but not popping.  but THE COATS, ohmigah…  i even want the purple men’s blazer!

  • mrspeel2

    Wow. Just gorgeous!

  • So much love.
    Why can’t I be rich?

  • Kimberly Cooperrider

    LOVE all the coats, the bows are hit and miss, and I cannot stand those ten pound hooves attached to her feet. 

  • Anonymous

    Lots of nice pieces but the twee belts are awful. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice pieces but how in the HELL do you put a Men’s desert boot on a stiletto heel???

  • Anonymous

    OMG so Fabulous!  Love this whole damn collection. 

  • Anonymous

    I think I liked this except that I can’t visualize the clothes on a normal sized human.  Charmed by the outfit with the owl shirt and the tweed skirt.  Well-matched!

  • Beautiful, except for all those darned bows.

  • Interesting styling choices. The guy is wearing two sweaters in one picture: who does that?   On the girl, the giant shoes paired with the skinny legs in opaque tights make her look like her feet are encased in concrete blocks.  Also, she is particularly cranky-faced.  Someone get her a cracker!  Stat! 
    Still, all in all, I like it.  The clothes are gorgeous and the lovely bags look like you could easily hide a baby in them (and subsequently leave him in a train station, if you’re particularly distracted). 

  • Yes, beautiful clothes.  But not for humans I think.  Sorry, all I see are that his legs are the same as her legs. 

  • Anonymous

    I love and want practically every single thing here. Beautiful.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    i love everything, but i HATE the little bows.  they make me rage-y.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Santa,

    If the elves can’t manage the Jason Wu, everything here will also work (except the last two because I don’t like the colors.)



  • Anonymous

    God, I need everything. Except the fur.

  • Anonymous

    Are waifish boy models back in? Jebus, eat something child!

  • Anonymous

    Aint she the little Susan Dey doppelganger?

  • Oooh one of each please! Although I think I will skip the weird bow belts.

  • Wow, as someone who has recently given Burberry another look (thanks you-know-who), I have to say this is GORGEOUS. Needless to say, I see, want, must have.

  • That coat in the second picture. I want it!

  • Is there a male person over the age of 8 who would wear that doggie sweater in public?

    • Me. 🙂 I’d pair it with motorcycle pants and combat boots.

  • Is there a male person over the age of 8 who would wear that doggie sweater in public?

  • MilaXX

    I’m surprised at how much I like this collection. The only thing I don’t respond well to are the way the shoes look when paired with pants on the model. It’s a very Rachel Zoe too skinny model + really big shoe look that I really don’t care for.  The bags are large but would make a great weekender.

  • Anonymous

    I want.   Please santa I have been a good girl this year (mostly).

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are hideous…high-heeled “chukka boots” as hubby and I call them.

    I like the bags and the coats especially.

  • Love it all.

  • Everything but the purple velvet blazer.

  • I’m not really a fan of the bows. It doesn’t work with all the looks. Other than that, the collection looks pretty great.

  • Helen C

    The girl is more manly looking than that pouty male model. 

  • This is extraordinary stuff, all the wears are marvelous and outstanding. Thank you for sharing the post.

  • Anonymous

    oh my GOD I thought this girl was Carine Roitfeld…

    the coats are fantastic of course. I also really love that duffle mr. man is carrying. 

  • Anonymous

    That darker green gown is gorgeous.

  • LOOOOOVEEEEE ! I audibly gasped multiple times!

  • Anonymous

    WANT! All of it – even the bow belts…maybe not so much the shoes.

  • Christina Brennan

    I like this collection a lot.  It has a lot of wearable pieces.  I do hate that owl sweater, though.  ENOUGH WITH THE FREAKING OWLS ALREADY.

  • I would like one of each please.

  • Alloy Jane

    Love love love the clothing.  I don’t understand why they had to style her like a zombie though.  Love those bow belts too.  Too cute!

  • Anonymous

    This is the most perfect collection!  I’ll take one of everything.

  • Sara Morris


  • Thank you for explaining it’s Photoshop. I thought the pics all looked pretty weird.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    love the whole vibe of these shots. pouty girl model and twit-ish male model, colours and poses, lighting.  wish i could wear the clothes.