Blake Lively in Gucci

Posted on December 19, 2011

Blake Lively is urging you to eat a cupcake. Do it for the children.

Blake Lively in Gucci Blake Lively attends benefit event at Sprinkles bakery in New York City in Gucci.

Blake Lively in GucciGucci Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Kasia Struss

Blake Lively in Gucci

Because she’s wearing a pleated gold metallic skirt and is too afraid to take a bite lest it instantly make the skirt fail. THAT’S how fragile metallic gold pleated skirts are. One nibble and the next thing you now people can tell from a block away your pleats have blown out.

Aw. you look cute and seasonal-appropriate, doll. Go ahead and have a bite.

Blake Lively in Gucci

But you should have worn the jacket and that thing at your neck looks like you got it out of a bin at the dollar store labeled “HAIR PUFFS/POTSCRUBBERS/BROOCHES.”

But thank you for all your hard work! Those cupcakes look heavy!

[Photo Credit: Barcroft Media,]

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  • Cindi Williams

    I can’t believe I’m typing this sentence, but Blake Lively looks completely adorable!

    • Anonymous

      Hahaaaa! Just shows you anything is possible.

      • Ebony Dawkins

        Miracles abound at this time of the year.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! I love it. I can see her bra, but I really don’t see what she could have done to prevent that without ruining the lines of the shirt.

      • Anonymous

        She could have worn a different color bra, that one is too different and shows up too much. A nude bra would have worked better, I think. But yes, she looks great!

        • Angelica Smith Mertens

          Gold bra…she totally should have worn a gold bra…LOL

          • Anonymous

            You know, that actually would have worked for me. I think when you’re young you should go for it. A woman can’t get away with wearing a gold bra for long, you might as well have fun with it!

    • Ali

      That was my first thought too – “adorable!”

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I must wash my mouth out with soap for saying this but-she looks darling. Young and fresh. And rich.

  • Vivi N

    I’ve always loved Blake style! I know she’s not a popular choice around these parts but still. Anywho, she looks great! I would’ve done with the gold brooch, though. The skirt should be the only thing ‘talking’ in this outfit.

    • Alexandria

      I always love her style too! Glad to see I’m not the only bitter kitten who comes to her defense. 

    • Stacy

      Agreed. I actually would have liked a pussy bow with this outfit!

  • Natalie

    this is probably the best she’s looked all year, probably because she ripped the styling from the runway look completely (as she often does since she’s Blake-I-Have-No-Stylist-Lively)

  • Kelley Comfort

    That stupid thing she’s wearing on her collar (flower? bow?) is way too matchy. I agree she needs the jacket. This is not her best look.

    • Anonymous

      How would she show off her bra if she covered up the sheer blouse though?

      • Anonymous

        I was happy she wore one.

      • Kelley Comfort

        LOL. True. When has she ever covered up two of her best assets? I’m sure her stylist had to battle it out with her on that blouse and the sheer fabric was the compromise!

  • Dana WhatTheFrock


  • Kiltdntiltd

    She looks sweet and put together here.  Can’t really fault her on anything, outfit wise.  Can someone explain the “stand with your feet looking at each other” thing?   Is it some sort of weird Jerry Lewis homage that’s taking off?

    • accidental housewife

      “Oh LAA-DEEE!”

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Exactly my thought!

    • Anonymous

      Makes your thighs look smaller by turning them away from the camera, makes a gap, if any, between your legs look bigger because they’re farther apart (but you sot of preserve the illusion of standing normally by putting your toes together), and also, if you’re like me and you have knees that NO MATTER WHAT will sort of poof out on the inner side above your calves and look weird, it helps hide that.

      I am not saying I support all kinds of photo contortions. But that is what the point is supposed to be.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, as someone who’s tried her whole life to control a naturally pigeon-toed stance & gait, I had no idea about any of this.

        I can’t believe I’ve been trying for almost 40 years to get rid of something that people on the red carpet actually work to achieve!

        (Incidentally, my physical therapist told me that being slightly pigeon toed makes me a faster runner, too, because I naturally get a good push off my big toe…)

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Thanks for the information.  Its weird but makes some sort of sense at least.

  • Terence Ng

    I’m sorry, but her expression int eh second image is hilarious. AND a tray of cupcakes. lol.

    • Anonymous

      She’s doing her best Sue Ann Nivens.

  • Anonymous

    I really love the skirt. The brooch was a big mistake as it picks up the gold in the skirt, sliding her into “our holiday uniform here at St X Academy” territory.

    In other news, kneecaps are still an item that differentiates us mortals form models.     

    • Anonymous

      Lulz at the kneecap comment. SO TRUE.

      And I actually like the uniformy aspect of the brooch with the skirt. I mean, she’s basically a high-end Girl Scout right now anyway, what with hawking the baked goods.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Hate the neck thing, but she looks very cute.

  • Anonymous

    She looks completely adorable and very holiday appropriate.  Love the dark green shoes.  The gold thing at her neck looks like a Christmas bow.  At any other time of year it would be silly but somehow looks just right for a Christmas party.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, I didn’t even notice the shoes were green and had to look again. That adds a whole other dimension, and I want them.

  • Anonymous

    Other than the high school drama club over emoting facial expressions, she looks really cute here.  I would have done a jacket and a different large brooch, something with color.  Some of my late Grandmothers big, multijewel stone costume Christmas brooches from the 60’s would have been PERFECT!

    • Kiltdntiltd

      She could have called me.  I have a few of those sort of brooches in a box that belonged to my Grandmother.

  • Euphory

    I’m so over her.  What is she famous for anyway?  Bad acting in “Gossip Girl”, the crap show?

    And I’m so over her fake smiles too.  Is she the only person who’s among The 100 Most Important People In the World solely because of having a smile and not having a stylist?

  • Anonymous

    “Hair Puff/Potscrubbers/Brooches” – love you guys!!

  • Anonymous

    I like the green nail polish.

  • padma sallah

    This is a cute look!

  • Anonymous

    That skirt looks like a PR ‘make something out of wrapping psper’ challenge. Also, yes I will have ten cupcakes. Yes, they’re all for me.

    • Anonymous

      That skirt was made by Jillian for her PR finale collection.

  • Anonymous

    I love that outfit WITH the jacket. Her hair looks awful. And cupcakes are stupid. 

  • Anonymous


    haha. You forgot / GIFT RIBBONS.

    I just wish she’d put on a little apron before lifting that heavy tray.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like that skirt even though I feel like I shouldn’t. Wish she hadn’t paired it with a see-through blouse, or like T Lo points out, she should have worn the jacket and ditched the cheap present bow brooch.

  • BerlinerNYC

    Ok, so she’s cute and not serving the usual Boobs Legsly. Good for her. But can we talk about the picture of the model? WTF is going on with her legs?? Is that natural or a photoshop-of-horrors effect? I don’t like to body-snark, but that is freakish and looks like an incorrectly assembled mannequin/sex-doll or something. I wish I could un-see that!

    • Anonymous

      Yes the model has Barbie legs. Saw it too. Will this be the new thing to attain Barbie legs!?!

      • Anonymous

        It also looks like she has molded plastic Barbie hands. Seriously, she does not look real.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  THIS.  Those are some scary, scary legs.  

    • Anonymous

      Those legs look like a Mack truck could pass between them, no problem.

  • Anonymous

    Well to me it looks like she’s wearing a holiday cupcake liner, so I guess it’s appropriate.

    • Anonymous

      Serenity..I was reading all the other comments & yours is the 1st one that made me say Ah Ha!  EXACTLY!!! Do not like!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, exactly.  I was going to say the same thing, but see that I’m beat.

      But I will say that if I see one more cupcake shop open up in my neighborhood, or one more cupcake show on the Food Network, I might just lose it.  What is the big deal about a cupcake?  And “Cupcake Wars”?  There is a reality TV competition about making cupcakes???  It’s almost like the food version of the housing bubble.  All at once, everyone is going to lose interest in paying for overpriced cupcakes.

      Though I did get a Lady Gaga sighting at the Magnolia’s near me once.  Surprisingly, unlike Blake here, she wasn’t dressed as a cupcake!

  • Susan Collier

    Bah. She made that skirt from a gold-foil cupcake liner; turn upside-down, cut out the bottom, and voila!

  • Lauren St Martin

    She looks adorable! I love it.

  • Anonymous

    The skirt would look better a few inches longer.

    I’d be money she didn’t take that bite & the cupcake lived to see another day. (Or at least she didn’t take the bite till the cameras were gone.)

  • Anonymous

    She looks like that Roman outer space solider from the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  • Merneith

    I like the green nail polish! I wouldn’t like that brooch, ordinarily but it works in a Christmasy sort of way.

  • Anonymous

    that cupcake looks delicious

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks amazing! I love this look!

  • Anonymous

    pretty roots.

  • Anonymous

    What a brilliant original idea designer cupcakes! That’s never been done before.

    Blake looks cute here. I sort of like the broach. Her Christmas green nails is really in the spirit of the season. 

  • Anonymous

    The skirt is a mess.  I like the blouse.  I’ll give her a pass on the gold bow (?), it’s seasonal and compliments the look, however cheap and tacky it is…a lot of Xmas decor is.

    At least she didn’t go totally tacky showing off boobs and legs. Choosing just legs, for her, was more appropriate for the occasion.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the perfect skirt for sharing cupcakes– it looks like a cupcake liner.

  • Anonymous

    Oh look, she matched her clothes and horrid accessories to her hair.

    I want a cupcake.

  • Tim Wong

    she looks adorable.. but the chunky black shoes kill the look…

  • Call me Bee

    Ha–it is to laugh.  I kinda like that outfit…on the model.  And Blake wears it ok.  But she needs to lose the awful green nail polish.  Looks ickky. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks cute.  Clearly she has never eaten an actual cupcake (you have to take the liner off first Blake). 

  • MilaXX

    This is a pretty good effort for Ms. Lively and because we’re supposed to be nice this time of the year, I’ll leave it at that.

    …….even if she should have worn her hair out.

  • Anonymous

    Um, NO.  I think she looks like a cupcake.  Like she’s wearing a cupcake thing for a skirt.  NO NO NO.

  • Anonymous

    That thing at her neck? Bad 80’s ladie’s office wear. I’m having flashbacks. Noooooooooooo……………….

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad she ditched the pussy bow, I’ll happily accept the matchy throat brooch. And dark green shoes, interesting choice!

  • Sara__B

    I’m a 60-year-old curmudgeon and I want to wear this outfit, with a longer hem, to work and then to the Christmas Eve party after, with Christmas earrings and a Christmas pin and different shoes. I like this outfit A LOT, which would probably make Blake reconsider her choice if she knew.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks like she hasn’t showered in a week.

  • Martin Jones

    She looks like an adorable combo of Ferrero Rocher & Raffaello

  • blue

    She looks great. I’d kill for her legs.

  • Anonymous

    Oh if she wore a jacket y’all would be calling her disco stewardess or something. This is cute. A sweater maybe?

  • Anonymous

    What a cute gold pixie! all she needs is some Tinkerbell fairy dust to complete the look!

  • Jane Morris

    The skirt looks just like a cupcake thing…you know, that paper they’re baked in.  I have some in silver.

  • Anonymous

    I really like Blake, and the cupcakes she’s holding are her own creation (she came up with the recipe (she actually wants to be a chef)) and the money raised goes to charity. Just as an fyi, you know?

    I wish she wore a different shirt, though.

  • Deanna

    Is it just me or does her skirt look like a cupcake liner?

  • Ann Harste

    The skirt is a little too 1970s Caesar’s Palace cocktail waitress to me.

  • natalia h

    I don’t like her but I like how she looks. And I like her bra. Haha. The thing on her neck looks like a Christmas tree ornament.

    The cupcakes look yummy, so hungry.

  • Anonymous

    if her face can look like it did in yr last post why does it always look like this.
    as an aside, she still hasnt taken a bite. she hasnt taken a bite in years. you will note all the picture shows is faux-bite. oh what it is to be young & care.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    Would have been better with the jacket and some tights. Cute look though – she even has the Christmas green nail polish.

  • Megan Moore

    I have to disagree! She looks a mess, but worse she’s actually dressed up like a freaking cupcake. The pleated skirt is a mess, but in this context all I can think is “cupcake liner”. And those shoes are so dull. But you’re right on with the “HAIR PUFFS/POTSCRUBBERS/BROOCHES.” The jacket definitely would have helped. 

  • Anonymous

    I can never remember why I’m supposed to not like her.  I think she’s a great-looking girl who gets it right more often than not.  She looks terrific here, fresh and young and vibrant.  Great make-up …

  • Anonymous

    That way-too-literal cupcake-foil skirt bothers me a whole lot more than the decoration at the collar.  

    Maybe one of these days she’ll dress herself…and in something that doesn’t look like it was assigned to her by somebody’s marketing dept.

  • Anonymous

    She looks so cute here! I even think the brooch is ok (then again, I’m biased). Not sure if the jacket was needed.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but that brooch is hideous. Plus with the wrapping paper skirt, I can’t not see it as a stick-on present bow. It’s too bad, because I love the clothes on the model.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s dressed as a cupcake, so I like it because I like cupcakes, the end.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks cute.  I like the blouse and don’t mind the bling at the neck.  The skirt is bright but it is the holidays– I would hate if it if it were say, May or April.  Thank you Blake for wearing a bra.  I actually like how she dresses on Gossip Girl.