Balmain Spring 2012 Accessories

Posted on December 13, 2011

Let’s play another round of Home Celebrity Stylist, kittens. Match the item to the star who should be wearing it.





Kristen Stewart

Nicki Minaj




Blake Lively

Emma Stone


Emma Watson

Florence Welch


Reese Witherspoon





J Lo

Jennifer Hudson


Olivia Wilde

Uma Thurman


Gwen Stefani

Kirsten Dunst

Amanda Seyfried


Michelle Williams


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  • Anonymous


  • Judy_J

    You guys are good! 

  • Anonymous

    I would have given something here to Zoe Saldana.  Maybe that last bracelet especially.

    • Anonymous

      At the risk of sounding like a criminal stalker, I’d give Zoe Saldana everything. She’s so fab. But yes, that last bracelet would look great on her!

  • Anonymous

    Great choices. I like that first bootie for Miley Cyrus, though.

  • Anonymous

    Love everything.

  • Anonymous

    Man, there’s a lot to like here. I’ll take Rihanna’s boots & Olivia Wilde’s clutch, which will each immediately make the rest of my wardrobe look like the one-step-from-Goodwill rags which it is. But honestly, I’ll undertake to bear that burden.

    I think someone recently appeared on this blog carrying the clutch paired here with Beyonce, yes? Anyone remember whom? I think I remember it because I didn’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t see much Gwen Stefani here, or at least not lately.  What’s up with that?  Is she sticking close to home these days?  

    LOVE all this.  

  • But you know someone will show up wearing the Rihanna shoe with the Olivia Wilde bag.

    And the minions will weep quietly

    • Anonymous

      They are my two favorites! Though I’m not imagining wearing them both at the same time.  To be honest, beyond the standard jeans or black tuxedo pants, I’m having a little trouble imagining anything in my current wardrobe in juxtaposition.

      • I am picturing some fashion victim starlette wearing both with a Native American inspired outfit and lots of fringe.

  • Anonymous

    God, that clutch is SO J-Lo. Aces.

    • HAHA i know, right. and it’s so different to all the others…it definitely looks the tackiest.

  • Wow – I love almost everything even though it’s pretty heavy and bold for my usual taste (not that I have ever owned anything at this price level in any style), but what I THINK would be my usual taste if suddently I was getting free stuff.  If I could pick one – I’d take the “Blake Lively”…

  • Lori

    I really like several of these (and the celeb matches are dead on), but I still don’t understand why peep-toe boots exist. Is my complete inability to get it a sign of terminal style impairment or are they actually kind of weird?

    • Anonymous

      If you have terminal style impairment, so do I.  I hate toeless boots.  One of the truly dumb ideas in fashion history.

    • MilaXX

      They are weird, but you have to keep in mind they are functioning as a boot which is what throws many people off. When it’s a peep toe boot it’s all about fashion, not warmth.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Good you guys

  • Me! Me! I should be wearing these things! But of course, I’m not a celebrity. And I’m not rich. Darn it!

  • By the way, the Amanda Seyfried bracelet looked more Mary Blige to me…

  • MilaXX

    The Emma Stone shoe looks more like a Gwen Stefani to me & the Kirtin Dunst bracelet doesn’t look like something Kiki would wear.

  • Oooh, I’ll take Reese Witherspoon’s bag, and Uma’s clutch!

  • Anonymous

    Assuming I would have to give up my firstborn to get the Reese Witherspoon bag. Beyond gorgeous!

  • This is “Spring”?  How depressing.

  • oohsparkley!

    You guys nailed it. 

  • Anonymous

    Me want first two bags *drool*

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take Florence Welch’s bag, please.

  • Anonymous

    godamnit…my fave lines up with Reece Witherspoon? Why?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take Flo’s bag, please.  And send Flo along, so I can tell her how fabulous she is and we can both giggle over how cute our bags are.

  • How do you guys do it? You’re always so spot-on and somehow I can see the celebrity’s personality radiating from the piece. I guess there’s a reason they pay you the big bucks, right? ;D

  • Anonymous

    I disagreed with several of the pairings in the second half, but I lost track of what I thought about them because I got distracted by my slavering desire for almost all of these things.

  • Anonymous

    I disagreed with several of the pairings in the second half, but I lost track of what I thought about them because I got distracted by my slavering desire for almost all of these things.

  • Anonymous

    I disagreed with several of the pairings in the second half, but I lost track of what I thought about them because I got distracted by my slavering desire for almost all of these things.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think that the second shoe would be great for Madonna?

  • Natalie Messer

    I guessed Reese Witherspoon for that purse! I feel like all my minion studies here at TLo university have paid off. It’s a proud day for me.

  • Joyce VG

    Who can compete against TLo?  The star choices are awesome for these stellar accessories.

  • Anonymous

    That GaGa purse is mine…

  • You two boys are so talented. A+
    And those first four pairs of boots are really quite stunning. Thanks for the pretty!

  • Meredith Callahan

    I’d reverse the Gaga and Beyonce purses. Gaga would never turn down a horned icon. 

    But that leather cuff you guys gave to Seyfried. How amazing is that?

  • Anonymous

    i thought i’d really dislike this stuff from the thumbnail, thought it would come down on the more gaudy & specious side of versace, but those two black & white purses & that weirdly made boot you offered up to fergie are just fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I’m totally no good at playing this little game, BUT,

    if that first shoe came in miniature, I’d totally hang it on my Christmas tree.
    Completely unwearable, absolutely gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I love this game.  Can we play more often?  I also love Balmain accessories.  I’m still coveting those strappy sparkly sandals that showed up on a few pairs of celeb feet a few years back.  

  • Anonymous

    yeah, again, all i can see is ‘me, me, me, me….’…..GORGE.

  • Anonymous

    All the black leather and gold had me guessing Shakira.

  • Anonymous

    1)me 2)me 3)me you get the idea…