All On The Line S2E5: Cesar Galindo

Posted on December 27, 2011

Meet Cesar Galindo. Oh wait, you probably already have. Cesar, as many a T Lo minion might remember was in last season of Bravo’s tepid Project Runway ripoff, The Fashion Show. We liked Cesar’s work. He was a bit of a diva as we recall and we were disappointed he didn’t make it to the finals, but we thought he had the stuff.

Reality TV worlds collide even further when it’s revealed that one of his design assistants is Dominique, who was also on last season of The Fashion Show. In fact, she made it to the finals and we thought she should have won it.

Cesar’s business/life partner died of cancer and, well, that was the hook for the episode. This is how reality TV works. We pre-cringed, but really, the show did an admirable job

So Doctor Zee got out his prescription pad: More color! And also, make a dress for a mysterious friend.

But really, it was all about the color.

Joe’s mysterious friend who might wear Cesar’s dress?

Keith from!

Okay, no. Veronica Webb.

The dress is really cute. The gloves are hideous, but easily ignored. The color’s exactly on trend and really makes this into a head-turner of a look. We love the architectural detail on the skirt, but we thought it was just a skosh too large. Toned down in size just a bit and we would consider this a perfect dress.

After that little triumph, Team Cesar had to sit through the focus group…

… and it was pretty brutal. In fact, for the first time, we thought the ladies involved were being a little harsh about it. Not that we disagreed with the gist of it; Cesar’s clothes really were dark and overwrought. But man, were the claws out. Cesar didn’t react well to it but that’s how we remember him from The Fashion Show. He didn’t like hearing anyone else’s opinions there, either.

Joe gets him a buyer’s meeting with Cusp, the younger, hipper side of Neiman Marcus. Because this is reality television, Cesar is stubborn and difficult and refuses most of Joe’s advice, which means people are jumping into cabs to bring back blue dresses with minutes to spare. But when he did listen to Joe, it served him well, as the colors and the more youthful of the designs were the best parts of the collection.

They’re both very pretty and very sophisticated dresses. We think the one on the left makes her look a little broad up top and we wonder how it’ll look on a non-model. Love the skirt on the dress on the right.

Joe was right, of course. The blue dress blew the buyer away and it was by far the best piece in the collection. We liked the grey dress as well and felt that the buyer’s criticisms seemed a bit arbitrary.

The beige dress has a great shape, but the tangerine dress has the color. The buyer was exactly right when she said a combination of both dresses would sell.

We were really puzzled by the complaints about this dress. In fact, we both voiced the idea that they were just looking for something to criticize because they didn’t want to be too effusive in their praise. It’s not the best dress in the collection, but the color’s great and the back is sexy as hell.

Anyway, you don’t haul out the dead family members on reality TV if you’re not planning on a happy ending and Cesar got his. Cusp bought the collection and everyone was blown away by it, as well they should have been. Cesar may have been a bit stubborn, but it was nice to see Joe work with someone who really knows what he’s doing, even if he’s just a little lost at the moment. The collection was gorgeous and once again Doctor Joe saved the day.

Bitter Kittens might want to make sure to tune in for this Friday’s episode and that’s all we’ll say about that.

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  • Good to see Cesar again; I loved the colors and wish him the best.  I stopped watching AOTL after a few disappointing episodes but based on T & Lo’s recommendations I might have to set my DVR for Friday.

  • I am so glad I found this show is available on Movies on Demand via Time Warner!

  • MilaXX

    It was nice seeing Ceasar & Dominique again. Glad to see he got the deal with Cusp. My only concern is that Joe keep emphasizing that he needs a business partner.I think the fact that his last partner was also his life partner played a large part in him listening to him. Given the way Ceasar responds to criticism, I wonder how receptive he would be to taking advice from one.

  • MilaXX

    It was nice seeing Ceasar & Dominique again. Glad to see he got the deal with Cusp. My only concern is that Joe keep emphasizing that he needs a business partner.I think the fact that his last partner was also his life partner played a large part in him listening to him. Given the way Ceasar responds to criticism, I wonder how receptive he would be to taking advice from one.

  • Anonymous

    this was a dull episode, and that green dress made the model look like she had a boner.

  • Anonymous

    As for why we should all tune in this week–does it have to do with the designer or some guest consultant(s)?

    • MilaXX

      The promos said is Nicole Miller, so I’m thinking something  surprising happens.

    • mrspeel2

      *jumping up and down, clapping hands gleefully* I HOPE so!!

      • Anonymous

        Sooo excited!! Always loved Nicole Miller designs. Even saved up for a semester to buy one for a winter formal way back in my college days. Cant wait to see what she does with the Dr. Zee touch. I just wonder what the spin will be since clearly she is not “struggling” to make a sale.

        • Maaaaaybe Tom and Lorenzo are in the episode?

          If so WE GET TO HEAR THEIR VOICES. *Head pops off and confetti shoots into the air*

          • They do radio shows sometimes, and they usually try to give us a head’s up first.  I think they’re usually on Sirius but I know there’s a way to sign up for a free trial if you just want to hear them:)

          • mrspeel2

            That’s what I was alluding to with my previous post but dared not speak it aloud. I’m REALLY hoping that’s gonna be the big surprise!!

          • Anonymous

            That’s pretty much what I was hoping for, too!

  • P M

    Absolutely agree on the Annise + Ami dress combo idea. The draping around the waist of the tangerine + the Tangerine colour + the sleeves and neck of the beige = RUNAWAY WIN. That dress would fly off the shelves / racks / whatever. 
    And I would cut a bitch for such a dress. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree–I may have to check out Cusp if they really do end up carrying his collection to see if they do the beige dress in the tangerine color.

  • There was nothing in this collection I disliked.  It was all quite lovely.  And while I understand what Joe was saying about color, while it does work for buyers and editors, most of the women I know love a good neutral dress because of the versatility. 

  • We were puzzled by the Veronica Webb dress. My husband and I both shouted “boner!” simultaneously when the model walked out with that side ways boner thing on the dress.  The Fashion Show! I forgot about that, although I do remember them both..I thought it was from PR. It all blends together.

  • Anonymous

    “Bitter Kittens might want to make sure to tune in for this Friday’s episode and that’s all we’ll say about that.”

    What a tease!
    Cruelty to minions, that’s what I call it.

    In other news, I liked Cesar & his work on the fashion show, glad to see him again & glad he sold the collection. He darn sure can make a pretty, feminine dress that isn’t overwhelmed with frippery. I even like his frippery.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: This is how reality TV works.”

    That’s also how the news works now, and game shows, and talk shows, etc: Haul out your sob stories for new kitchen appliances! Sigh.

    I don’t understand why Cesar was so resistant to color. That first dress at the top left looked cheap to me (and the belt was falling in the wrong place). But the thing that I noticed most was that the dresses that looked the best were the ones where the models had the best boobs. Just sayin’…the boobs were doing most of the heavy lifting here.


    • Are you saying all reality TV is just Queen for a Day? Because I heart that idea.

    • Anonymous

      I also thought immediately of “Queen for a Day” upon reading your post, GT.  I guess we can file this under “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.”  Sadly.

      • Anonymous

        I think when Queen For a Day was on, it was the only show like that. Now EVERY show is like that ad it’s just too much already. Everyone trots out their problems (as if everyone doesn’t have them) to create a manipulated sob story/soap opera to satisfy the producers cheap whims, to camouflage the reality that there isn’t much there there.


  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else besides me want to see Cesar and JZ start making out? Just a little? I mean they’re approximately age appropriate and good looking and same height and it would have been a great SHOW STOPPER! 

    *resumes writing PR fan-fic*

  • Anonymous

    It was a little weird that it was NEVER mentioned that both Cesar & Dominique were on a fashion-based reality game show.  C’mon, everyone who watches AOTL watched The Fashion Show (& Project Runway and all the other of the ilk), so to completely ignore it?  Weird

    • Anonymous

      I recognized Cesar right away…but I didn’t realized Dominique was on TFS too until I read this.  Sadly, I have no recollection of her even though I did watch the show.

      • Anonymous

        She did the pig coat and was all cutesy-flirty with that guy also on the show whose name I can’t remember.

        • Anonymous

          Oh yeah…I remember those things happening now, she must have changed her look because I still don’t recognize her at all.  Or maybe the short term memory is going faster than I thought!

    • It was like seeing old friends. I kept waiting for Dominique to start giggling. 

      I went back to the Fashion Show bios on to compare the bio Cesar used then with the one posted for AOTL. Almost seems like two different people. I don’t have the time nor the patience to re-watch that series again to compare his on-air story or his work on that show. Does anyone remember if he mentioned his partner or if he only used dark colors?

      Also, I noticed that both Cesar and Dominique both worked for Gwen Stefani. Was it mentioned on the Fashion Show that they knew each other?

      Thanks in advance to those of you who remember these things much better than I do.

  • No commentary on the total lack of a bra on the model in the blue dress? BOOBS AKIMBO, that one. I was so distracted. 

    • I didn’t think it was even surgically possible to place nipples so far apart on a single human female!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe she was leaning so far back in her walk that they just moved to her armpits….at least we know they might actually be her boobs.

      • I remember I kept thinking, when Joe and Cesar were checking her out in the blue dress: Surely she just hasn’t put on the bra she’s going to wear yet. Surely she’s just half dressed because they’re in a hurry.
        JERSEY SHOWS EVERYTHING, DAMMIT. Wear a bra. If it’s not intentionally see-through, I shouldn’t see nipples. 

      • Actually, that kind of thing does happen naturally — there are some women who can’t really get good cleavage even with implants, just because of the way their breasts are placed on the rib wall.  Though that is generally on much larger women who have wider rib cages.

        • Yeah, I don’t necessarily think the boobs are fake, but I do think deployment of a bra would have improved much of the effect of these looks dramatically. 

    • I may just shout BOOBS AKIMBO for absolutely no reason on a semi weekly basis.

  • Anonymous

    but alas i dont believe i get this show 🙁

  • And once again we have a buyer who 1) shows up in black but complains about the lack of color in the collection, and 2) needs to learn how to dress herself.

    I really liked Cesar on The Fashion Show, so it was good to see him again.Yeah, he’s stubborn, but he’s been in the business for a long time and generally knows what he’s doing. I think Joe went overboard with his criticism of the dresses Cesar showed him during the first visit. He said something about making classic pieces that women want to keep for years, but I think neutrals and dark colors work better than brights do.

    Considering all the criticism from Keith and the Cusp buyer, I was surprised they both said yes. Dead loved one or not, I was expecting rejection all around. I hope it goes well for Cesar.

    • Anonymous

      “And once again we have a buyer who 1) shows up in black but complains about the lack of color in the collection, and 2) needs to learn how to dress herself.”  I know–right?  Isn’t that weird?  Even if s/he wears sweatpants in the office, when s/he goes out to judge a designer’s clothing, you’d think s/he’d dress like s/he means it.

      I also liked Cesar–and Dominique!–on The Fashion Show, and I think they’re both violently talented.  Which, as we all know now, doesn’t mean you always make enough money to keep a business afloat.  But I hope they can.

      And I loved the yellow dress and it’s modernized 1920s-flapper vibe.  Anyone who can come up with that dress deserves to make his living designing clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I hated the Webb dress. The structural bits looked poorly sewn.

    But it’s all about the collection and wow, there were some pretty looks there. Also liked that last dress and don’t understand the critiques of it.

    Anyone else noticed how badly these buyers tend to dress? This one looks like she’s wearing a black rubbish bag. And she’s been one of the better dressed buyers on the show!

    Props to AOTL for not going to the grave with Cesar. It’s that restraint that makes this show classier than its competitors.

  • Anonymous

    We love the architectural detail on the skirt, but we thought it was just a skosh too large.

    I think making it smaller would give the dress a vagina.

  • I knew I knew that girl when I watched last night. I did not like the blue dress with the growth, but liked the other clothes. I hope he does well, I liked this clothes on “the fashion show”. (I hope he also gets his teeth fixed)….

  • foodycat

    Someone needs to send that Annabeth dress to Charlene Wittstock. It’s right in her (too neutral) wheelhouse.

  • Anonymous

    That one model has got  g r e a t  breasts.  I am full of envy, and even though that isn’t a classic model’s body I think her figure really helps sell the dresses she wears.

    • Anonymous

      I was in awe of them as well.  Even though they are akimbo, as mentioned above, their perkiness is unreal!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, everybody else saw a boner on that lime-green dress, but I see a vulva.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but all of those folds surrounding the round hood shape…is this some kind of fashion Rorschach test?

  • Is it just me or is Cesar’s teeth all sorts of messed up.  He’s a very handsome man but when he smiles, I just cringe.  I know it’s tacky of me but I’m just saying.

    Also, CUSP doesn’t really buy a lot of units because they don’t have that many stores.  If CUSP is all he has, I don’t think it’s really the foundation on which he can build a true business.

  • That yellow dress puts the “OW” in “POW!” I loved it.

  • Anonymous

    I loved both the Adeck and Annabeth dresses, but have serious doubts that any mere mortal could wear either one.   Also did not get the love for the Veronica dress, other than the color.  I thought those ruffles looked all kinds of raggy, and found the dress a little limp.  I was a bit underwhelmed with the collection overall, but was kind of rooting for Cesar and was glad his line was picked up 

  • Anonymous

    Ah, if I had the body and the income I’d be all over some of those dresses!  And, I’ll put AOTL’s Friday episode on my cellphone calendar….that way the bleeping little beeps will remind moi to tune in!

    • I have my homepage set to iGoogle with the calendar widget on it.  As soon as I open Firefox it appears with a complete list of everything I’m supposed to do that week.

      In fact, at the moment there’s a note on it for NEXT NOVEMBER to remind my best friend to pick up stuff for her mother-in-law’s birthday:)

  • Anonymous

    A festival of nipples.  I have news for you – real women wear underwear.

  • Sophie Collier

    I want that last dress!!! And the blue one. 

  • Call me Bee

    Gee I thought he looked familiar…and I remembered Dominique right away.  I see she hasn’t yet learned to communicate without the annoying giggle. Did she ever hook up with that other contestant–the cute-ish guy??
    Anyway–I was not too impressed with any of the dresses, but I do agree the buyer from Cusp was so arbitrary in what she did and didn’t like.  She gushed over the blue dress yet hated the grey .  I don’t get it.  Just a blue sheath with a virus stuck to the hip.  No different than the chartreuse with the virus on the hem, or the grey dress with the virus stuck onto the neckline.  The only piece that looked the least bit interesting was the strapless one–except for the sickly color.  Just didn’t see the love for any of it.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    whats happening this friday?? :O  

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing–guessing, mind you–that our beloved TLo will make an appearance with their new BFF, Joe Zee.  (I am so jealous!!!) 

  • Anonymous

    Just once I would like to hear a judge or consultant say to a bitchy contestant “Hey listen, I HAVE made it you are still clawing, straight up, how about you give an ear and STFU ‘kay?” 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like any of it… sorry! It’s “been there, done that” kind of fashion. Those architectural details are now standard on dresses that seem very basic. I’m not sure who would buy these dresses, either. A bunch of rich kids on reality TV, maybe? Women who don’t need to wear bras? Is it against the law to make pants? Or shirts with sleeves?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to the person who mentioned the show is on Free Movies on Demand on Time Warner. This episode popped up this morning and I watched it before going work. It was interesting to see and Cesar’s back story and situation explains why a man of his experience and talent went on The Fashion Show. His company was already derailing by then.

    It was interesting how people were referring to his stubbornness. he even comments on it himself. But it struck me that the root cause maybe more fear than pride. His lover seemed so rooted and integral in his professional and personal life that it made me think he was genuinely afraid to move forward without him. The guy died 3 years ago and Cesar can’t find someone to go with him to visit the man’s grave for more than a year? Not even Dominique-who met Cesar long after his lover’s passing. It just seemed like Cesar may have been feeling lost with the loss and too scared to truly pick up the pieces. 

    It seems Joe’s real task here was to force Cesar to start moving forward.

  • Lori

    I’m liking this show less and less each episode.  Maybe I’m cynical but the show is very formulaic and the formula isn’t wearing well.   Too many reality competition retreads, too many fits pitched by Joe Zee.  Keith says the same thing in every episode.  And is it really do or die for everyone?  Can they really not have a chance without savior Joe Zee?  The clothing is often overpraised (I think Cesar’s was.) Also, Joe Zee needs to learn how to read.  I don’t know if he’s using a TelePrompter or what but his voice is so singsong.  I loved most of the first season but they need to change some things around to keep it interesting.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m still enjoying the show, but I’m disappointed that they’ve gone with a formula. In the first season, Joe would kick the designers’ butts into gear by thinking about what they need. Now it’s “show me your line, make something for a celebrity, sit through a bunch of women tearing your clothes apart, then screw up before the buyer’s meeting so I can yell at you.” I’d like to know why they decided every designer has to make clothes for a celebrity. Was it viewer feedback, or did they decide on their own to fix it when it wasn’t broken?

      As for “do or die”, good question. Did you watch last night’s episode? Joe sounded like the Great Fashion Editor Come Down From the Mount, with his insistence that Nicole Miller’s success or failure was laid at his feet and his feet only. I’m not crazy about this Joe. He’s kind of rude and his ego is huge. Joe Zee from season 1 was a lot more fun.

      • Lori

        I just finished watching it, and ITA.   The show had all the charm of a bad infomercial, with the great and powerful Joe Zee as the product.  I’ll save the rest of my snark for when T Lo blog it (having been properly “massaged” by Joe Zee).

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I just saw TLO in the promo for ALL ON THE LINE NICOLE MILLER! 

    • Anonymous

      You both look great! 

    • Anonymous

      Holy cow I swear I heard Joe say that TLo reached 6 million readers a month! Did I imagine that? If not, woo hoo that is fabulous.

      • angela rose

        I think I am at least 250K of them.  I was SO EXCITED to see them on this show- TLo, I had no idea there were 6 million minions!!!!!  Wowsa.

      • I think Joe meant 6 million hits, not unique visitors. 

        Was thrilled to see TLo on the show. You guys are now officially celebrities and will have to start doing Man on the Street and In or Outs? about yourselves.

        I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.

  • I kind of love the gloves. I think they are cute and young. However, I could not pull them off.