All On The Line S2E4: Aysha Saeed

Posted on December 19, 2011

Meet Aysha Saeed. Like many people who find themselves seeking out reality television, she’s a bit full of herself. For some reason, even though she seems to have sold very few clothes in her life, she has a massive team of assistants and sycophants who she berates Miranda Priestley-style to ensure that the color of her coffee is exactly the shade she likes.

So yeah. One of those.

Meet Aysha’s sister, who put up close to a million dollars for Aysha to develop her business  and who likes to remind both us and Aysha of that fact every 30 seconds or so. We’re pretty sure she was a couple days away from hiring an enforcer to collect her debt before Joe showed up.

Aysha clearly comes from a long line of Amazonian warrior women who will fuck your shit up if you look at them funny.

As per usual, Joe hit the ground running, slinging bitchery and bonhomie in equal measure.

Like so many of Joe’s little pets, there’s a germ of an idea in the clothes, but the end result is usually pretty bland and nondescript.

Joe made her put on a traditional Pakistani garment and we cringed just a little bit at the idea.

She didn’t seem too comfortable with it either. We think that, like us, she thought he was putting her into some sort of box; classifying her as the Pakistani designer when it’s pretty clear that’s not at all who she is.

But we shouldn’t have doubted him because he’s not that rigid. Instead, he wanted to come up with a point of view for her clothes, which lacked one, for the most part. Maybe going the ethnic heritage route was simplistic, but hey, it’s reality television. He knew she designed clothes for herself and he knew she’d look amazing in traditional garb. He was trying to spark some creativity in her.

He ordered her to take apart the traditional garment and use the pieces to make 3 additional garments, which she showed to the fabuleuse Catherine Malandrino.

We don’t think she has the best uses for trim, but we do like these pieces. They’re modern and easy, and the infusion of ethnicity, while not always as elegantly done as we would have liked, at least gave the pieces some personality.

Joe arranges a meeting with a couple of Bloomingdale’s buyers who could have used a bit of a makeover themselves.

What? Like you weren’t thinking it?

We think it’s a great shape and that print is truly eye-catching, but we question how well that satin-y pink would sell.Very cute dress, though. Love the neckline and the exposure in the back.

Clearly, she’s taking her color cues from the more traditional garb chosen to inspire her. In that vein, we could get behind the satin-y pinks and blues if there was just a bit more interest in the shapes; something that would reference the garb that inspired it. Also, as we said, her use of trim leaves something to be desired. Had that trim been properly mitered instead of covered up with a clumsy bow, this would have looked so polished.

We think the proportions on this outfit were a bit off, but we really love the idea behind that jacket. We agree with the “judges” that the closure needs to be re-thought, but the rest of it is great.

Now that’s how you make a dress inspired by a folk garment. You take the elements and recombine them in new ways. This is a very pretty dress, but that exposed zipper was a terrible idea.

Gorgeous. Very, very chic. We think the styling here is fine but that it misses the mark a bit. A coat like this can be dressed up or down, so it would have been nice to see it styled up a bit.

In the end, Bloomie’s made the buy, which means Aysha’s sister won’t have her kneecaps broken.

Whew! Another life and career saved by Doctor Joe!

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  • Don’t usually watch the show but hv to watch it to check out this Aysha girl since she is from my ethnicity. So glad to see word Pakistani on TLo’s blog 😛

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Whoop whoop!

  • MilaXX

    Yikes did not like this chick at all. She reminded me of the crazy brides from Say Yes to the Dress who comes in saying money is no object and she wants to look unique yet leaves with the same blinged out Pnina stripper fairy dresses they sell to all the brides.
    The Bloomie lay in the middle looked especially sad. Did she not look in the mirror before she left the house? That fit of that dress is tragic and why the boots? That length is best left to the young and skinny.
    Out of the outfits I like the last 2 the best. The Brita dress would be perfect without the ruffles at the shoulder and minus the exposed zipper. The cleo coast would have looked better with a black pencil skirt, however I think she was trying to incorporate more pants into her collection, so I get why she showed it with the white skinny pant.

    • Anonymous

      (I’m not really replying to you, I just can’t add a comment because the “Copyright 2006” blurb is covering my comment box up top.)
      I can’t believe the praise the tan pants were getting.  All I could hear was Michael Kors saying “the crotch on those pants is CRAZY!”
      I want Keith to get a new hairdo oh so badly.

      • Anonymous

        You mean the crotch is “INSANE” 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Those Bloomies buyers look like What Not To Wear contestants before their makeovers. It’s so strange to me that there are so many people working in fashion who really don’t know how to dress themselves.

      • I was so distracted by how shockingly bad the buyers looked that I had to force myself to look at Aysha’s clothes. Wearing black and white or all black does not automatically make you look great. I’d love to watch Clinton and Stacy getting a hold of those two.

  • Surprisingly, I’ve seen a lot of that shocking pink lately.  I personally hate it, as I hate any color that has the gall to look awful on me, but there does seem to be a market for it. 

    Really love the Kate jacket.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I know way too many women like her and I want to smack all of them.

  • Usman Hamid

    As a Pakistani, there is something really endearing about seeing annoying pakistanis on reality tv, in a “hey we can be as insipid as everyone else.” The Cleo coat and the Brit dress were certainly the best but need to be rethought to take them to the next level. Will be interesting to see how many comments are prefaced by “as a pakistani or similar” and also TLo, did you know you had these many Pakistani bitter kittens?

  • I’m going to start watching this show. I always read T. Lo’s recaps, so might as well actually see it with my own pretty brown eyes, no?

    • Anonymous

      Quit breakin’ my heart…

      • YES!!! I wish I could ‘like’ your comment a thousand times. But we’re only allowed to click once. :o(

  • angela rose

    I thought they painted her to be much more bitchy and inflexible than she actually turned out to be.  She really did seem to be inspired by the challenge, and I loved what she did.  Nice to see a success story Joe!

    • I agree. I was expecting her to be a raging bitch, as least as bad as that lingerie designer from last season. I could see the tendency to be a control freak, and the hiring and firing of interns was on the way to Murphy Brown levels. And the coffee thing was ridiculous. But I think, overall, she responded well to Joe’s challenges, and seemed happy that he’d pushed her. I wouldn’t want to be her best friend, but she was OK.

      Also, talk about being able to make a potato sack look good. She looked stunning in everything she wore.

  • Anonymous

    Her fabric choices leave me cold. The colours and designs and trim are all pretty great but that cheesy, flimsy silk charmeuse is just cheap looking. Victoria’s Secret nightgown.
    Think how great those first three dresses would’ve looked if she’d used a silk jersey or something else with some body to it.

    • sweetlilvoice

      Exactly, that one bar dress looks like a slip I bought for a couple bucks to sleep in. I want to know if Bloomingdale’s will really make the buy…

  • Anonymous

    The level of talent on this show has really hit rock bottom.  These are some seriously ugly and badly made clothes.  It’s a pity too because South Asia has some of the world’s most beautiful and unique fabrics — and a terrific design sensibility.  This stuff is just fug.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are SO astute. Excellent critique, sharp eloquent observations. 

  • I always wonder. If they’re that much in debt at this point, would they be able to make money of the line, even if they do make it to Bloomingdale’s racks? 

  • Anonymous

    I covet that coat.

  • Did anyone else find it odd that Joe wouldn’t let her use the two things she already made that they LOVED?  What was that arbitrary rule about and how was she supposed to know that?  And then…she used them anyway, right? or was I dreaming?

    • angela rose

      she used them AND made 6 looks as well.  it was weird how they didn’t address it, but I agree she should have shown them despite joezee’s brand new rule.

  • Did anyone else find it odd that Joe wouldn’t let her use the two things she already made that they LOVED?  What was that arbitrary rule about and how was she supposed to know that?  And then…she used them anyway, right? or was I dreaming?

  • Anonymous

    Love the Cleo coat; everything else looks a bit clumsy and/or overwrought. Will have to watch just to catch Catherine Malandrino.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not watching AOTL and maybe you had to see these designs on TV, but the stills make all of them seem terrible.  This show won’t have much of a life span if they’re already scraping this far down in the designer barrel. 

  • Susan Crawford

    The two pieces that caught my eye? The Brit dress and the Cleo coat. But both needed a tweak. That massice exposed black zipper up the back of the dress? Come ON, girl! Could you not see how much more elegant an invisible zipper, or a row of tiny covered buttons would have been? And the hem might have been more finishes so the bottom half of the dress had some “weight”. I didn’t mind the little shoulder ruffle the way buyers did, though. On the Cleo coat – it was just a question of scaling up the styling to match the style of the coat.

  • Anonymous

    she had someone dump a million dollars into that? i read you right?
    theres nothing i can even say to it. money trumps talent has been said too too many times, it’s old. then again, so is the phenom it describes. wasnt that last week too? the couple who were naming things out of africa? at least here he shoved her own culture onto her. i guess theres that.

  • Gee, I hope Bloomingdales makes her fix the zipper on the Brit dress. The remark about the buyers needing a makeover made me snort. My sentiments exactly.

  • Call me Bee

    I didn’t watch this episode (my dvr settings are messed up…) but in seeing the pics, I like a couple of things.  The Kate jacket is cute and interesting.  The Brit dress is very cute–but when I scrolled down to the photo of the back, I was literally startled by the big fat black zipper!  Did she really think that was a good idea??!?!?   And the Cleo coat is ok, but you can find that garment in every single plus-size store in the country. Nothing new there. 
    I can’t imagine this line saving this designer and her sister’s cash.  Maybe it’s time for the both of them to find real jobs….

  • Anonymous

    This is a very confusing capsule mostly because it doesn’t look like it should all be in the same capsule.  I only like the last two and even those had problems.  One is that ugly ruffle bordering the embellished fabric of the sleeve– why?  If she really wanted something to border the shoulder a very find piping made of the same background fabric of the sleeve would have elevated it a little but black edged ruffle?  Really?  It is like she loved the trim and had to figure out a way to work it in.  That zipper was just whack.  Other than that, the design is a very simple tunic with faced neckline.  The dress as is deserves to hang in a clearance rack at Marshalls.  The coat was pretty but very ordinary, nothing individual about the design.  The pants were meh.  The jacket poorly designed.  The other bright colored party dresses could have walked off the pattern sample mannequins at Joann’s (party satin collection by McCalls or Simplicity).  This gal wouldn’t make it to the 4th week on Project Runway without the stinky princess personality and I only watched the first 5 minutes as my DVR decided to stop recording it.

  • Anonymous

    So funny that they make the buyers stand around before showing them collections.  I mean, shouldn’t they have a table to set their bag down at least? 
    I’m also happy to see T-Lo & my fellow minions agree that the buyers needed a makeover.  I think I said “oh no, those boots on the blond are TRAGIC” about 4 or 5 times last night.  My boyfriend thought I was being dramatic, but no, you guys backed me up!

  • Anonymous

    What? That shit is BUTT UGLY.  Honestly.  And it looks sewn poorly.   This “designer” person – is she the same girl as the one who warbled like a sheep on that youtube video “Friday?”  

  • I love what she was able to do with the design challenge and absolutely love the cleo coat 

  • I love that she stood up for herself.  You rock Aysha!  I can’t wait to buy the Brit dress at Bloomies! 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Sunshine 16 about how awkward it is for everyone to just stand around.  Makes me uncomfortable.  And I am a little confused about something on this show:  In this episode, the workmanship did not seem good at all, and the fabrics looked pretty cheap.  But that all seemed to be forgiven, with the assumption that there would be some tweaking before marketing.  During the show with Qristal (?), there was a lot of emphasis on making the clothes look exactly like they were going to look, down to finding the correct manufacturer prior to showing the collection.  Can someone explain this?

  • I just saw this season on Netflix….WTH…how did this get into Bloomingdale’s!!!! And this girl is so digusting…poor people can’t say what they really feel cause they think she will (and they are right!!!!) fire them.
    There were much better designers who deserved that opportunity.

  • I love when people like this say “I’ve risked everything for this moment!” because, ya know…she hasn’t really risked anything. Other people have been risking (as the producers are unwilling to let us forget), and she’s been ordering coffee and firing interns like an arch villain from Ugly Betty.