Zachary Quinto in Shipley & Halmos

Posted on November 21, 2011

Yes, he’s been featured here a lot lately.

But y’know, you come out of the closet and give a head-turning guest turn on a watercooler topic of a show and next thing you know people are following you around and taking your picture. Don’t blame us for featuring him so much. We’re just victims of the zeitgeist.

Besides, we can’t help but cheer on any newly minted gay in the spotlight. And then there’s the fact that we wound up discussing his sweater.


Zachary Quinto out and about in Los Feliz, California wearing a Shipley & Halmos sweater.

Shipley & Halmos ‘Hayden’ Crew Neck Sweater

Lorenzo’s all about the fair isle sweater this season and keeps urging Tom to consider adding one to his wardrobe. Tom, a decade-plus of bad grade school pictures from the seventies laser engraved into his memory, can’t seem to get Lorenzo to understand that even if it’s a look that’s on trend, not everyone can pull it off – or even wants to. Lorenzo ignores Tom’s blasphemy and lovingly strokes his brand new Gant by Michael Bastian sweater with the cardinals and snowflakes on it, envisioning wearing it for upcoming holiday festivities. Tom doesn’t know how to tell him that his high school and college age nieces and nephews are all going to assume Uncle Lorenzo is wearing his sweater “ironically” and that one of them is bound to make a smartass comment that will piss Uncle Lorenzo off.

Having said all that, there really are some cute Norwegian fair isle sweaters out there on the racks and Zachary is rocking his. Tom might be convinced.

But snowflakes are still out of the question.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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  • Reading posts like this make me wish you guys were my friendly (if admittedly a little bitchy) gay uncles. 

    • They’re pretty much everyone’s virtual bitter gay uncles at this point.  And I favor Uncle Lorenzo’s love for these sweaters, just not in big prints, small like Quinto is sporting.  

    • Anonymous

      I agree. T Lo should auction off a “lunch and shopping with T Lo” date for their favorite charity.

      • OMG I would TOTALLY bid on this!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I should totally consult you next time I need ideas for fund raising.

      • Anonymous

        TLo, you guys should seriously consider this, you could raise so much money! Your minions’ love for you is unbounded…

  • Anonymous

    Zach looks great, but that cardinals and snowflakes monstrosity!!!

    • It’s a GREAT sweater.  I have it as well and it’s cut really slim like this one. If you pair it with slim pants and boots the proportions are very modern.

  • Okay he looks adorable, and that’s such a great look for him. 

    As for Lo’s sweater… I’m glad you’re so happy with it.  And tell the teenagers to shut up until they finish puberty… you love it and that’s what’s important:)

  • Wendy Shieu

    wow, you guys are on a roll today with posts!

  • Anonymous

    Just say no to snowflakes and cardinals, boys xoxo

  • I bet Tom would look great in the vivid magenta Burberry fairisle sweater. It is anything but boring.

  • Anonymous

    I know that sweater is controversial but regardless I still think he dresses “classically” and I really appreciate that (slim straight cut jeans, sweater with collar all very neat and clean, toque and glasses). I enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a sweater whore, so I love both of them. Now I wish I were a gay man so I could be with Mr. Quinto. He is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the sweater Anthony Ryan wore on the Tim Gunn special that offended my optic nerves.

  • Anonymous

    Now we’re talking! No too-long hems or too-tight suits. He looks perfectly perfect. And I do love a nice fair isle sweater.

  • So when exactly is sweater (and wool hat) weather in California?  Ever?  Or is it that these people have zero body fat to keep them warm so they walk around in sunny L.A./Cali bundled in scarves and winter wear? 

    • iCouture

      This weekend was high 40’s to lower 50’s in some areas of southern Cali, so depending on when Mr Quinto was out & about, this is about right.  And remember, since it is usually abnormally warm there, 40’s/50’s in southern Cali is downright freezing to some of them!  🙂

      • You also have to remember that it doesn’t get humid here when it’s warn like it does in most parts of the country. 

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely. As a SoCal native I can agree.  And some of us just want to wear the woolies soooo badly, we just do at the sight of one gray cloud.  

        When the weather does change along the coast it changes fast.  So I find that after it’s been warm for a few days, when the weather plunges you feel colder than the temperature reality.  It’s surely all in my head, but sometimes I can’t ‘warm up’ unless I’m in winter wear, drinking cocoa even if it’s 55 degrees and yesterday it was in the 80’s. 

        • A couple weeks ago, I remember looking at the Weather Channel, and it was a lower evening temperature in Los Angeles than it was in NYC.

          Still, I know that we get Christmases where you can wear a tank top for Christmas dinner, so we Los Angelinos do tend to jump on our chances to wear “winter” clothes.

    • Anonymous

      That was my thought as well. But I admit I truly admire the workmanship that goes into a *handmade* fair isle sweater and I’d be willing to wear one. And I don’t know who he is, but he’s attractive. Oh, and no the cardinals and snowflakes don’t float my boat.

    • Anonymous

      His nose looks a bit red to me. I think he was cold.

  • I have to admit that my first thought on seeing the cardinal and snowflakes sweater was that it was a gift from mom. That said, my husband is Norwegian and his mom makes the most insanely complex stunning sweaters. When you get a gift from her, it’s something you cherish.

  • I like the sweater a lot, but am not crazy about the plaid shirt peeking out beneath it. The colors don’t quite go. He’s cute either way. 

  • Wrenaria

    This outfit is perfect and fits perfectly. Love it.

  • MilaXX

    Zach  looks cute, but I’m with the nieces and nephews on this one.

  • I’m still shocked that he JUST came out–I thought that was common knowledge!  He winked at me once when I was walking to class one day.

  • Anonymous

    His face always looks so tense to me, on screen and off.  I guess that’s why he was good as Syler, and Spock…

    Ol’ ZQ is a pretty natty dresser though, and good for him for not being cookie-cutter!

  • Ceur –

    Being Norwegian, it’s amazingly absurd to see these kinds of sweaters promoted as fashion. He’s totally pulling it off, though.

  • Anonymous

    Nice sweater.  And it’s not too insanely overpriced, either — actually, it would probably cost nearly that much just to buy the good yarn to knit it with.  One of these days I’m going to succumb to the lure of a Dale of Norway sweater pattern and spend months knitting complex fair isle on tiny needles, but it’s a LOT of work.  I simply can’t bring myself to buy a sweater any more since I know I can knit any sweater better than anything I can buy! 

    I think Zachary looks adorable, though.  And I love the slightly unusual patterns on the sweater — not your typical fair isle birds and snowflakes.  🙂

  • good god he’s gorgeous. i want a matching sweater and to pose for holiday photos with him around town.

  • Uncle Lo is going to look cute in that sweater.  Uncle T should shut up! 🙂 love you both

  • Addicted2Glamour

    I KNOW they say bears like me shouldn’t be wearing things with horizontal stripes, and I KNOW I’d rarely get the chance to wear this in the deep south climate I live in, but DAMN IT I am in love with this sweater and I must have one. 

    • Honey I am not supposed to wear horizontal stripes either but fuck the haters. You rock those stripes, you. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m totally digging Quinto’s look. Just not crazy about the facial hair. And man, that guy looks like he’s going to cut someone. Intense.

  • Anonymous

    I love the sweater on him, but wish he would lose the hat, which makes his head look like a gumdrop.

  • Okay before anyone else disparages the cardinal and snowflake sweater, just look at this:

    Now tell me that doesn’t look great? See the fit and proportions? Hot. ‘Lo knows what he’s doing.

    • Anonymous

      I think that Gant sweater just needs to be on the right person to work. The one Quinto is wearing could be worn by a wider variety of guys (style- and size-wise).

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on the snowflakes, Tom. I like this sweater quite a lot. I think it is more classic than kitschy. The colors are great. Quinto is rocking it.

  • T, I’m with ya, dude. Being a woman of color, I find preppy chic on men of color, just plain boring on white dudes. Sorry, anglos!

  • As a knitter, I wholeheartedly approve of the fair-isle trend.  This is a particularly lovely one, and he IS one of the men who can pull it off.  In general, avoid cowichans (the ones with giant moose and eagles), and rock faroe and fair-isle (small print).

  • Anonymous

    He looks adorable.

  • Huge fan of the fair isle. Hate the stocking caps.

  • Anonymous

    Is his head always cold? In Southern California? I don’t think I’ve seen him without a knit cap.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I can’t decide if he’s adopted it as an annoying hipster look or if there’s an incipient bald spot

      • Anonymous

        Seems like annoying hipster to me.

    • He usually wears a hat. Google ‘Zachary Quinto fug hat’… it’s a ‘thing’.

      • Anonymous

        A ridiculous thing, evidently. “Homeless chic,” ugh. If he was in Portland or something, I’d excuse it. But not SoCal.

  • Anonymous

    I love Zach’s sweater AND Uncle Lorenzo’s.  Fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Lorenzo’s sweater is ten times better.  

  • Anonymous

    i really love that gant sweater.
    you can trick them into thinking you are being ironic by not being ironic.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE his sweater.

  • Spock is rocking that sweater!  I think he looks great and I love him and his magnificent eyebrows!  Too bad they’re hidden behind his hipster glasses.

  • Anonymous

    I like this sweater! However, Tom is right – just say no to snowflakes . . . and reindeer.

    • Anonymous

      I think a restrained snowflake can work. Reindeer, however, are where one draws the line. Unless outdoors and wearing snowshoes.

  • I love fairisle, but I thought I might be the only one.  I don’t wear it because I’m naturally top heavy and I think the pattern tends to draw attention there…  But I’m feeling Zachary’s sweater.  Geeky chic?

  • Anonymous

    This is like the least ridiculous outfit I’ve ever seen him in, even taking his ever-present hat into consideration. That sweater really suits him.

  • Now, I live in London and have never been to LA, could one of you tell me if it ever really gets cold enough in Cali for a fair isle knit like this?

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      I have been to San Francisco this past summer, and one does not typically think of it as a cold place, but it in fact is. And this was in the summer!

      • Anonymous

        YES.  I went on a family vacation years ago to San Francisco and it was FREEZING in August.  We were coming from Boston where August temps are usually in the 80s-90s, then got to SF where it was down in the 60s.  The 20-30 degree temperature swing was not fun and we were freezing the entire time.

      • Anonymous

        There is a weather pattern in SF that makes it foggy and chilly often in the summer. The absolute best time to visit SF is in September and early October. Good weather and gorgeous warm light that makes all your photos look magical.

    • Anonymous

      I live in LA but I’ve been to London and while it does get much colder and much more often in London than it ever does in LA, it does still get cold and rainy here sometimes. Not freezing or anything but enough to force people into warmer clothes.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Wait… did you say Tom has been in grade school for a decade-plus?

    (Grade-school consists of grades K through 5, right, or…?)

  • What watercooler topic show did he do a guest turn on?  I missed it!  I think Quinto’s and Uncle Lorenzo’s sweaters are both adorable, in a semi-ironic way. 

  • fair isle is a small island north of Scotland, norwegian sweaters come from norway.  Not the same thing, although similar construction techniques may be used.   I love the sweater BTW, but the shirt collar looks too small.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    As a knitter, I’ve always loved sweater like this regardless of the current fashion. I might add that Zachary’s is particularly well designed—I love the plain yoke and the placement of the pattern—with a great fit. The shirt underneath is perfect, too, as is the fit of the jeans. To me, this look is a hybrid “Guy on the Street” and “WERQ”. He couldn’t look better, though DNA has helped him in that regard.

  • Anonymous

    Unusually, for me, I’m on the Lorenzo side of this debate. That Gant by M.B. at the link is just enough and not too much. Especially if worn by a dapper and stylish individual.

    That said, we all have our baggage. No man should have to flashback to 3rd grade school pictures when he glimpses himself in a plate glass window when out and about.

    Wandering back to the point, Mr. Quinto looks so good here, I can imagine that he’s wearing the woefully over-done watch cap because it’s really chilly, not because it’s the head gear of the moment. (Sorry, I see them on the fellas here when it’s 60 or 70 degrees out and they are tainted for me.)

    The shirt collar in a color that complements the sweater is an oft-overlooked detail. Well, maybe not among fashion-conscious gays, but in the general population.

  • I think even Tom could pull this one off. Beautiful choice, Mr. Quinto!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’d hit that.  Nice sweater too.

  • Anonymous

    lol hhehee ……….just clicked on link to Gant sweater ……. Lo, those nieces and nephews are going to crucify you……

  • Cathy S

    I love sweaters. Zachary’s is great. I also love Lorenzo’s sweater, which I believe I voted in favor of on Facebook a while back. Rock your sweater, Lorenzo.

  • Anonymous

    He looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Men’s fashion is so depressing.  Love this post though, too funny.

  • Anonymous

    God I want this man. Doesn’t matter what he wears, he makes it sexy just by putting it on him.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I feel bittersweet about these sweaters.  I mostly associate them with tourist shops, or chubby old men with beards and coffee stains on their jeans, smoking a pipe.  Once in an odd while though, someone will work one and totally pull it off, and he’s doing it.  He looks really cute here.

  • Love him, but not a fan of the sweater.

  • Anonymous

    CANNOT wait until tomorrow. Zachary Quinto in a rubber suit. There cannot possibly be anything hotter in this world.

  • Anonymous

    Grade school is K-12… basically everything before college.

  • I love this sweater, but that’s probably because I own the female version of it (with bonus kicky cowl neck) in cream, pink and green.  I definitely agree there are people who can wear this type of sweater and people who cannot.  Zachary Quinto is clearly in the former group.

  • Anonymous

    I managed to miss his performance as Spock in the 2009 Star Trek until this evening.  What a great actor this young man is.  I was so impressed with what he was able to do in a tough role.  He is/was the best part of American Horror Story, Jessica notwithstanding, and is terrific in Margin Call.  He can wear whatever he likes from here on out as far as I’m concerned — and I do love the sweater and this particular kind of look on a guy.  An elegant casual look.  And, on top of everything else, he seems to be a person of courage and integrity–LOVE him.