Versace for H&M Red Carpet

Posted on November 09, 2011

Darlings, a metric shit-ton of celebrities were dropped like bombs on the H&M Versace launch in New York City. Like the good sports and natural spokesmodels they are, most of them showed up obediently in Versace; some of them wearing the very H&M pieces we featured here and here. Remember, Versace-philes on a budget, the collection drops on November 19th. Make sure you have your overnight sidewalk-sleeping gear all picked out for the campout to come. Lorenzo is prepared to spend the night on the sidewalk outside H&M. Tom is prepared to bring him hot cocoa every 4 hours or so but will choose to remain indoors most of that night.

Anyway…judging! Let’s get to it, bitches!


Alan Cumming

Bless this man.


Blake Lively

Girl, we’re pretty sure that’s not your dress. At the very least, it’s not your size.


Byrdie Bell

The flowy, hippy chick thing seems out of place here, doesn’t it?


Chace Crawford

He looks surprisingly good.


Chloe Moretz

She looks adorable. Every 14-year-old girl should wear the wrong eyeshadow at least once, don’t you find?


Debbie Harry

Fierce as shit.


Emma Roberts

Needs more Blossom. Perhaps a hat or a big flower pinned somewhere.


Jennifer Hudson

Cute, but the high waist isn’t really her friend.


Jessica Alba

Pretty fabulous.


Kaylee Defer

Dollar store Valentine’s candy.



You just can’t dress this girl up, can you?


Linda Evangelista

And you just can’t keep this girl down. BRINGING IT no matter where she goes. We love you, Miss Evangelista!


Nicki Minaj

Girl, you crazy.


Selma Blair

So not your dress, honey.



Uma Thurman

We don’t know what she’s been drinking lately, but it’s causing her to bring it to the red carpet fairly consistently.


Zachary Quinto

We want to support a fellow sister post-coming out, but girl, your jacket is way too short.



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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Does Minaj have actual foliage in her hair??

    • Thank you SO much.  I do not get her at all.
      Now, Zachary Quinto I get, entirely. (sigh)

    • Bridget Dierks

      Also, how long do you think it takes her to get dressed?  I mean, that hair situation alone would take half the day!  Does she sleep with all that crazy shit still glued to her head, or does she start with new insane hair scenarios every day?

      • Its likely a wig sitting on a stand ready and waiting for her to put it on like a hat.

      • Its entirely possible that the entire edifice of hair and crap is all of a piece and can be put on her in no time at all. Though I rather doubt it.  Something tells me this girl is all about LOTS of time and attention being lavished on her.

    • Anonymous

      Somewhere Hedda Lettuce is grinding her teeth.


    • Anonymous

      Which is why I treasure her. But hey, different strokes.

    • i kinda love it.  very hair show chic!

  • Anonymous

    Linda and Uma look great.  I’m talking WERQ great.

  • Anonymous

    How great to see these pieces in action. Minaj looks like she’s poking her head through the backdrop, though, like one of those photo setups at carnivals.

    Carey Mulligan would look great in the pink number Selma Blair is wearing.

    • You nailed it about Carey Mulligan in Selma’s dress, Anathema.  Though Selma would be much improved if the girl would Stand Up Straight.  Even with that weird camera angle its clear her posture is atrocious.

  • I want to be Debbie Harry when I grow up.

    And are you sure that Kesha and not Linda Hogan?

    • Anonymous

      Could be — how old is Linda Hogan? 42, like Ke$ha

    • Anonymous

      I saw Christina Aguilera when I saw the picture of Ke$ha.

  • Anonymous

    My poor niece. She works at H&M, but fortunately has the late shift the day of the Versace release.  She says that about two months after a designer release, they always get a sh*t-ton of returns — all the items that didn’t sell on eBay. 
    That aside, some of this stuff is FUN. Probably nearly disposable in quality, but fun.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite looks are Linda Evangelista’s (I want to wear that NOW!) and Uma Thurman’s.  I think the black scarf makes Chace Crawford’s look, otherwise, he’d look stupid with just a white t-shirt there. LOVE Alan Cumming–that man can dress any way he wants and will still look good to me. And Emma Roberts looks ridiculous (as does Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj.

  • Anonymous

    I adore Alan Cumming.  Bless this man, indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Alan Cumming is a Fashion God.

    • He is, as they say, Made Of Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    “Girl, you crazy.” Dead. This is definitely the best use of my work hours for gems like that.

    I’m going to give Emma Roberts props for making her eyes look somewhat, you know, alive, in a photograph. It’s a rare occurrence that should be acknowledged and praised and encouraged.

  • WTF, Emma Roberts! She looks ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      It’s effing hilarious.  Because she’s so skinny and the looks isn’t quite fitted, the whole thing kind of looks like children’s pajamas. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m fascinated by Chloe’s shoes.  If only I had the skinny ankles and calves to pull them off!

    • Anonymous

      God, this.

  • I want Alan Cummings, Debbie Harry and Linda Evangelista over to dinner at my house.  Oh and Zachary?  You’re dessert, later.

    • Oh please invite me too. I promise to leave with the others before dessert.

      • You’re in!
        Any other people want an invite?  My dinner table can seat 12.  And I’m a great cook.

        • aimee_parrott

          Yes, please.

          • Okay Aimee!
            only 4 seats left!

          • Anonymous

            I’d love to come, but I’d be so in awe of Alan, Debbie and Linda that I’d just sit in stunned silence. Fanning myself.

          • Have a glass or two of champagne and you’ll loosen up alright.
            3 seats to go!

        • One seat for me, pls.! And a private jet to take me from Berlin.

          • Your wish, is my command!
            Just two places at table remain.  This is gonna be one HOT dinner party.  A passle of minions and some uber-fierce luminaries, plus a terrific dinner (if I do say so myself)

    • Anonymous

      I’m crashing your dinner party.

      • Come on over!
        6 seats left

        • Anonymous

          We can bring Uma along.  She looks pretty incredible here, and I can’t be the only giant in the room.

          • Looks like its going to have to be a buffet dinner.  lol  Too many fabulous people in one place!

    • Anonymous

      Sign me up!

      • I would be delighted to include you, Ms. Device.
        5 seats remaining!

        • Anonymous

          Shit. Now I have to sleep outside H&M so i have something appropriate to wear! 😉

          • And Union Square is not a cool place to be in the middle of the night.  Hmmmm, wanna borrow something fabulous from my costume rack?

          • Anonymous

            Problem solved!

          • If there isn’t room at the table, can I just go through your costume rack? I promise I won’t disturb your guests…

          • There’s still room, and of course you can!

            One seat left!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

             I’ll take a seat , but you can consider one still open as Zachary Quinto will be sitting on my lap. Don’t worry–it’ll be adorable.

          • Okay, you’re in!  And since you so graciously permit Mr Quinto room on your lap, there’s still one seat left!

          • Anonymous

            I’m in!

          • Awesome!

            Table is now full and we have a GRAND night ahead.
            Someone pop the champagne and lets get this party star-ted

          • Hervorragend! Will you serve something that goes with the bottle of fine Riesling I will bring?

          • That would go splendidly with the Onion Tart!

            Bring an appetite, this dinner is going to go for a WHILE. 

          • Anonymous

            You make Pissaladiere? Moi aussi.
            And I’m on the M14A every day.

  • Erin Nice

    Looking at Ke$ha gives me heartburn.

  • I think Ke$ha is wearing one of the Kardashian Klothes for Sears line.

  • You cannot call Zach sister! He is still all man!!! A very very hot man. 

  • Anonymous

    It absolutely BLOWS my mind that Ms. Debbie Harry is sixty-freakin’-six years old. Fierce is an understatement.

    • Anonymous

      Debbie is my favorite.   I used to practically idolize her back in the day.  I also like/lurv Linda E.

  • Anonymous

    While I do agree that Debbie Harry brings the fierce, I am confused by her footwear. Are the lace hose worn OVER the shoes? Are they some sort of shoe/lace hose hybrid? Don’t get me wrong, it’s fabulous, just confusing.

  • Why is Selma Blair wearing my dress?
    I don’t understand why you said that about Jen H. I think she looks better than Jessica A.
    When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Debbie Harry. Oh wait. Too late. sigh….
    Uma looks better because her boobs are locked into submission. I am sorry but she has the droop on those things she looks droopy.
    J’adore Alan Cumming. I wish you guys blogged for The Good Wife. He is a riot on that show and the ladies clothes are stunning – I wait every week just to see what Christine Baransky is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Alan Cumming looks like he’s dying.

  • Linda Evangelista looks like the female Nazi villian in a “raiders of the lost ark” movie.

    • Anonymous

      And that is SUCH a good thing!

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Alan Cumming, you magnificent beast!

  • Those shoes on Emma Roberts are horrible!  they make her feet look HUGE.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to like Nikki Minaj, and support her crazy…but it just feels so contrived sometimes, I can’t do it. 

    SO glad Uma is finally bringing it these days. I think she’s stunning, but have never been a fan of most of her red carpet looks. 

    And I am trying very hard not to feel sorry for myself out here living in a land of no H&M….I refuse to buy crazy marked-up stuff from ebay (especially when you can usually find stuff from the regular lines for the same price on there). To add insult to injury, they finally opened a Denver H&M after YEARS of me complaining to them about it….one year after I moved away. Lol I am a bitter kitten indeed! Good luck Lorenzo!!

  • Anonymous

    Uma. Uma Uma Uma.


    That is all.

  • Ben

    yay for Nicki. you keep being klazy <3

  • Anonymous

    Debbie, Linda, and Uma FTW!!! Though everyone looks pretty cool, even the cray-cray ones.  The ill-fitting ones need to come back when they look right.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing the H&M/Versace featured here, I can’t imagine Lorenzo, or any other person of good sense & taste, waiting in line indoors or out for this shit.  Not a single one of the looks are flattering or appealing, they look very cheap and ill fitting.  There, I am done bashing Versace/H&M.
    Debbie Harry, I love you and worship at your altar of amazingness.  Zachary, you are allowed to wear a short jacket if it gives me a clearer view of the Quinto goods……. And Uma, keep up the good work.

    • I’ve gotta agree about most of what I saw of the H+M line.  Yuck.  But I’m not the sort who would wear that anyway.
      Now, as to Mr Quinto: you could just have him remove that jacket, ya know.

  • All the looks that look good IMO (Linda, Uma) are straight Versace, not H&M for Versace. Chloe Moretz looks cute in that dress, but she’s just so try hard.

  • Anonymous

    Kesha looks like she’s wearing a leopard trash bag. Which is about right.

    • Anonymous

      Being seriously too old to be hip, I have no idea who she is but I can tell you what she looks like.  But then, Donatella looks like a clown so there’s that.

  • Anonymous

    Is this stuff seriously available at H&M? I’d love the one that Jessica Alba is wearing but I’m not going to spend the night out on 5th Avenue for it (especially with crime up the way it is).


    • The dress on Jessica Alba is available in the H&M line.

  • I’m beginning to realize I don’t like Versace very much. There is not a single look here that I don’t find tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Love Linda & Uma bringin it & showing the youger girls how to rock it!  Yay for us old chicks!!

    Oh, and give me that coat, Linda

  • I really like ZQ’s short jacket actually. Not so sure about its shininess though . . . 

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Minaj’s hair. The rest, not nearly so fabulous. But crazy, I admit it.

    Alan Cumming & Debbie Harry get the “grown ups get it right at a silly themed event aimed at young folk.”

    Debbie Harry’s tights were a genius way to bring her safely fierce uniform dress into the event.

    Uma Thurman looks fantastic but not really in the spirit of the event. I mean, she could go anywhere in that outfit without raising an eyebrow. (She’d turn heads, yes.)

    Kaylee Defer fit right in, I thought she was right for the event.

  • Uma is all sort of fabulous. I bow down to the powers of the Evangelista!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t wait even 5 minutes in line for any of this fugly stuff.

  • Debbie Harry is living proof that stupid fashion rules, like no minis after thirty, are just that – stupid. She is working that look like nobodies business. Debbie, you are one fierce bitch, I bow down to you. WERQ it!

  • Anonymous

    Alan for the win without a doubt.  God bless her brother … that was a heartbreaker but I really really don’t care for the Versace vibe unless Madonna is doing it.  It does no one any real favours and Donatella is a pesadelo.  The only reason she gets away with this crap is that Milano is, you know, Milano.  If it were coming out of Mexico City or Sao Paulo or Caracas or Elizabeth, NJ, it would get rightly slammed.

  • Oh Donatella please stop messing with your face. I had to go to the Google and see what she looked like before she started with all the surgery and needles. And if this is accurate, wow, she was so pretty and normal looking. On the plus side, seeing things like this will keep me off the Botox needle hopefully forever. 

    I wonder if the line will ship to Westchester H&M’s. If so I could probably get myself something. Mmm.

  • Anonymous

    after being spoiled in DC with 5 effing H&M’s, I moved to salt lake city and have lived here for 4 years…..SANS H&M. FINALLY, one is opening this weekend!! HUZZAH. doubt this line will be there, though. gotta work up to seniority. haha

  • Anonymous

    I think that dress looks great on Blake, but you’re right about the size. J-Hud looks better than she did in that black gown you two loved earlier this week.  Kesha looks like Donatella.

  • Anonymous

    also, Uma Thurman wins.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Cumming and the Misses Alba, Harry, and–holy COW!–Evangelista bringing the total sophistication.

    Jennifer Hudson–almost, but true: the high waist is not flattering.

    Everyone else: Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Ke$ha is 24 years old.  Why does she look like a middle aged drag queen named Dongatella Versnachme?  How is that possible?

  • Anonymous

    Is black stockings/black shoes the “new” trend right now? I kinda love it, even though stocking are usually a No in my eyes.

  • UMA! This more than makes up for that disaster the other day!!

  • MilaXX

    Alan Cummings may be the only man alive able to work that look.
    How is it that Nicki Minaj with green hair is working that looking 1,000 times better than Emma Roberts?
    Linda Evangelista and Debbie Harry are both showing the young’uns how it’s done.
    Chloe looks cute, but those shoes are too grown for her. The way this young girl dress too old for her age and poses provocatively actually worries me.There’s no sweetness or youth about her.

    • “There’s no sweetness or youth about her.”

      You are completely unfamiliar with her if you believe that.

      • MilaXX

        Since I don’t know her personally I don’t count her movie roles. On the RC and every editorial has her either dressed too grown, like here where she has a cute dress, but shoes that I feel are too grown for a 14year old child, trying to pose sexy with the duck lips or the little white girl/big black man editorial. It gives me a feel of a young girl trying too hard to be grown and it’s distasteful to me.  Nope sweetness and youthful are not the impressions she is putting out.

        • Watch some of her interviews or the vlogs she’s done with her brother, or even follow her on Twitter. While very mature for her age, she’s still very much a kid and an incredibly nice one. People who meet her for the first time usually end up wanting to adopt her.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought I’d see the day you called Jessica Alba “pretty fabulous.” Wow!

    • Anonymous

      And especially in that blousy, unflattering dress. Uncles, what are you drinking?

  • Anonymous

    Uma’s hair and makeup are flawless!

  • Anonymous

    When you first posted the line here, my roommate and I decided that no one could possibly pull of the black and white psychedelic patterns. Cue Alan Cumming looking fabulous in just those patterns. Well done, sir.

    Chloe Mortez’ shoes are things I wish I could wear, but I suspect I’m already too old for them, plus my tendency to wear nothing but pants (including pants with hems that would make TLo shudder) means that that type of shoe is kind of wasted on me. Alas.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Selma Blair–“So not your dress, honey.”

    And, boy, is she pissed about it!

    • Anonymous

      She looks like a drag queen…

  • Anonymous

    Wow Emma Roberts, nothing you are wearing suits you. Not the Barbie blonde dye job, the eye-splaying liner, or that froyo shopgirl hairdo. The bustier might have worked with a cute skirt or something.

    Love Chloe in the yellow dress looking her age, but I hate her shoes. Someone call the podiatrist!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Linda. still fabulous along with Uma & Debrah Harry.

  • Anonymous

    Is Ke- dollar sign- Ha wearing something from the Kardashian line? Alan Cummings look H.O.T. hot!

  • Anonymous

    Fourteen-year-olds should not be wearing those shoes. What is it with pedophilia in this culture? (Well, all cultures, apparently, but she’s functioning – and I use the word questioningly – in this one.)

  • Bless you Uma — you look like an adult at a launch of a line for a much younger market, and still look freaking fabulous.  Not once is that woman dressed for any age other than the one she is… AND her face is even aging a little.  I love her. 

    Now, the same could be said of Linda’s outfit, but I can’t think about her clothes… ever.  Her face just obsesses me.  I want to know what she’s doing to it so badly because she has not aged in TWENTY FREAKING YEARS!   I’m sure there are some procedures happening, but I can’t figure out what they might be because she doesn’t look all weird or have the telltale marks!  I’m just always so amazed by her…

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Hudson’s tits look like they’re wearing glasses

  • Anonymous

    uma, marry me

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe we’ve gone two and a half pages without commenting how Josh’s collection had such a similar color palatte and design aesthetic. Still ugly and tacky but he’s certain on trend. (Josh from Project Runway, in case anyone has already forgotten)

  • Anonymous

    My jaw clenches every time I see Emma Roberts. She’s consistent I’ll give her that.

    Ke$ha is making me feel elegant in my sweatpants. Thank you, dear.

    Linda Evangelista, I bow down. 

    Uma’s bringing it and bless Alan C. indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even look at Donatella. She’s gone from merely unattractive to desperately, unwatchably sad. Doesn’t she know? With all the money she has, she couldn’t find a better plastic surgeon?

    Blessthisman is talented, adorable, and looks great in this get-up BUT HE NEEDS TO WASH HIS HAIR AND SHAVE, no?Linda and Uma look divine.Nikki is one crazy girl. I don’t appreciate all her looks but she’s just great here.Byrdie Bell’s dress may not “fit in” with what everyone else wore, but I ADORE this look and would kill for it. Great dress, not too much fabric to swallow her up, cute little jacket. I think the whole picture is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Love Ms. Evangelista and Debbie Harry. Too bad Nicki isn’t in on the manufactured joke that she is.

  • Uma Thurman is WERQing that outfit.

  • Anonymous

    OHMYGAWWWWWWD, KAYLEE DEFER! Somebody pass me the eye bleach.

    Ke$ha looks a little bit like a boozy old version of Paris Hilton who lives in Boca Raton and sits around chain smoking with a bunch of poodles or something. So maybe we should applaud her for giving me something to look forward to. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m still giggling at the captions.  On the “people please” list, Ms. Minaj is turning into a clown and someone needs to talk to Chloe’s parents.  On a happier note, Debbie Harry and Linda E are untouchable.  And there is something about Alan Cummings. I think it’s the dimples but if I were a gay man, I’d be all over him.  

  • Debbie Harry wins, everyone else loses. By a landslide.

  • If, regarding Debbie Harry, fierce means ‘horrible’ then yes…she is that…those tights and those giant double breasted buttons are ten kinds of hiddy.

    Uma looks fab. I want her legs! No words for Nicki Minaj. That’s probably for the best!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Nicki Minaj – that green hair after you’ve taken the date palm or whatever you have shoved in it out? Oh honey, it just looks like you’ve been swimming in a pool full of chlorine and you dye job has turned brassy. WRONG shade of green.

  • Anonymous

    Donnatello is so jarring to look upon! I want to see her in dark voluminous curls just once.