Twilight Red Carpet Watch

Posted on November 17, 2011

Darlings, those Twilight gals have such a busy schedule lately that we’re forced to start a “Twilight Watch” post. Forgive us. But hey, dresses to discuss.


Kristen Stewart in Roberto Cavalli
Kristen Stewart attends the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Izabel Goulart

It’s a stunning dress. She doesn’t actually look comfortable in it (then again, when does she?) but it’s a stunning dress. Not loving the hair and makeup, though.


Nikki Reed in Michael Kors
Nikki Reed attends the Cinema Society & DKNY screening of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ in New York City.

Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Kelli Lumi

She didn’t deviate much from the original styling, but then again, how could she? This is such a difficult dress to pull off that we wouldn’t blame any gal for keeping the styling as minimal as possible. We don’t actually like this dress all that much, but we can’t deny she’s looking fierce here.


Ashley Green in Donna Karan
Ashley Greene attends the Cinema Society & DKNY screening of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ in New York City.

Frankendress. There is WAY too much going on with one garment, but we’ll give her a tiny bit of credit for working what she’s got. She actually looks pretty good; it’s the dress she’s wearing that looks bad.


[Photo Credit: Dave Hogan, Larry Busacca/Getty Images,]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Ooo I love Nikki Reed’s look here. Not many can pull this off.

    Kristen is looking about as good as she could in a gown. It’s just edgy enough to suit her.

  • Laura Schultz

    I like the Ashley Green dress and overall look much better than the Nikki Reed one. And I actually think Kristen Stewart looks about as good as she ever has. I like her best with her hair down.  I like the belt placement better on the model, though. 

  • Anonymous

    Despite the “too much going on” I think that Donna Karan dress is awesome. And so is her hair. I will go look up who the hell Ashley Green is.

    • Nancy Abrams

      The dress is very interesting, but what is the optimal weather for wearing this gown? Right arm, warm weather; left arm for the cold. High neck for a cool evening; high slit to cool off the legs when it’s warm. Even the rib cage can’t make up its mind. But I do enjoy the color blocking.

  • Sara Munoz

    Nikki Reed FTW!

  • Anonymous

    I like the Michael Kors dress. And now I have to go take a shower.

  • Anonymous

    I think Stewart looks pretty fantastic (for once!) but i wish they went somewhere in between the dark overlay of her dress and the sheer of the model’s.  You can’t see all the lovely details.  But she’s smiling!  And the dress looks great on her.

  • Cindi Williams

    The first two dresses look better on the model. Kristin’s dress needs that skin showing.

    Ashley’s dress is multi-tasking as several different dresses.

    All in all, though, hair and makeup are great for all three.

  • Lauren St Martin

    I actually kinda love Miss Green’s dress. And I think Robot Stewart’s dress looked much better without the underlay, which is shocking for me.

    • Nancy Abrams

      If they felt they had to line the dress, they should have taken it to the hem. Looks odd with half her legs showing through.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Why do I get the feeling Michael Kors cribbed that scubasuit-looking chartreuse number from Clinique Counter Josh?

  • Anonymous

    The vamp looks pretty good. The other two, unless you are going to  Lisa  Hartman (remember her?) or Cher themed look alike party, no.

    • Anonymous

      Lisa Hartman, coming soon to a Love Boat rerun near you…

      (This is also a MadLib.  Insert start from the 70’s and early 80’s of your choice in the first slot.)

    • Alexandria

      They’re all vampires in the movie :)

      • Anonymous

        Oh really, I didn’t know. The one in the middle looks like she could take a bite out of you though, so it figures. But the  *star* vamp is the one I think looks good.

  • Anonymous

    I could live the rest of my life and never ever have to see Kristen Stewart in anything and be very happy about that.

  • Anonymous

    Love, love, love that Cavalli dress.
    I like the Kors dress and think she looks pretty good in that difficult color.
    I like the idea of the Frankendress, but ultimately I think you’re right…there’s just way too many elements on one dress. I think the dress is wearing her, rather than the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I think Kristen Stewart looks great. Big smile, great dress. Isn’t that enough?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with everything you said. I do think the Kristin’s dress looks that good with the slip underneath (or maybe it just doesn’t photograph as well.) You miss a lot of the detail. Agree it’s a killer dress.

  • Anonymous

    That is ‘WAY too much dress for Stewart!  She doesn’t have the posture, the confidence, the panache, the __________ [fill in our own noun] to carry off a look like that.  It looks sensational on Goulart, but a lot of the appeal of this dress is the sheer lace with the naughty bits covered up by heavy leather. I think Stewart is wearing a unitard under it.  SO not your dress!

    The other two?  Goofy.  I hope the cutouts and the mullet skirt meet the same violent, bloody end.  Soon.

    • Anonymous

      I agree–I usually don’t like these sheer dresses, but this one really needed to be sheer–she kind of chickened out on it by putting the unitard underneath it.  It’s a dress that took some guts–and she didn’t bring it….

  • Anonymous

    I can’t tell any of these women apart.  They look interchangeable. I do like the first dress better. Wondering why she added lining though. Kills the fierceness and ruins the dress. Why wear naked lace if you don’t want to be naked? 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I love that Frankendress. Makes me turn my head.

  • shawna ready

    Kristen looks smashing. The leather belt gives it just enough edge I think. Ashley has such a beautiful, elfin face that I barely noticed the dress.

  • Nancer

    I must disagree about Ashley Greene’s dress – it has a lot going on, for sure, but it looks really interesting. And the black and white contrast keeps it from being too much. I’m not a fan of fussy, but I think this is actually elegant and clever. So, have I lost my bitter kitten cred?

  • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

    The Cavalli on the model is the height of fierceness. I love the low slung, thicker leather belt. I don’t like where the belt cuts Kristen and her slumpy posture and hair and make up just aren’t making it work for me. I need to see someone who has the fierce in that dress. Not sure it’s a Zoe Saldana thing, but that woman can make nearly anything work.

    • Anonymous

      The posture, YES. I wanted to scream, “stand up straight!”

  • Anonymous


    • Beth M.

      but I forgot to study!

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t Kristen Stewart ever not look like she’s about to be hospitalized for chronic exhaustion? /insert jokes about “chronic” and “exhaustion”, yadda yadda

  • Anonymous

    I have a question. These Twilight movies (haven’t read the books nor seen the movies) are directed at teens, no? I don’t remember there being red carpet events in my day (1980s) for premieres of movies directed at teens. I’m trying to imagine the cast of “The Breakfast Club” or “Pretty in Pink” or [insert 1980s teen movie here] showing up on a red carpet in very expensive gowns and tuxes. Or did that happen and I just didn’t know about it?

  • Danielle DeVous

    This is the second dress that KStew has opted not

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Kristen Stewart actually looks REALLY good….

  • Anonymous

    Kristen: You are young, rich, and thin. Throw those shoulders back and own it!

    Nicki Reed looks a million times better in this dress than the Green Goddess look. The color looks great on her. She’d get a WERQ from me.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen’s dress is really beautiful…on the model.  Too bad she opted to wear black lining rather than go with a nude lining that’d show off all the detail…it just looks heavy on K.  Also…The belt and placement of is much better on the model. 

    MK dress that Nikki is wearing is a statement within itself…bold color.  Hard to embellish and accessorize so yes, she was smart and safe to keep it minimal.  I like that about it.

    Frankendress…eliminate a detail or 2 and it could’ve been quite nice.

  • Anonymous

    I think they all look good.  I even like Kristen’s hair and makeup–it’s just her wearing the belt higher up that I don’t like.  It loses the long line the model has and chops her up.

  • kim i

    i really think a nude slip would have been a better choice under k.stew’s dress.  the details get lost in the photos without contrast.

  • Anonymous

    I actually rather like the DK dress.  Though I want to see it move, I fear that the graphic impact might be overwhelmed by the floatiness of that white section.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the exact silhouette of the Michael Kors dress AT THE MALL yesterday – My thought was “the cutouts are kinda tacky.”   

  • Anonymous

    I like the DK dress, but absolutely despise cutouts showing midriff.  Don’t like the MK dress.  Reminds me of 80’s neon fashions.  Why do people want to relive this decade…YIKES!  Stylistically (is that a word?), not a good time period.

  • Anonymous

    I’m missing the point of the cutout in Ashley’s dress.  It seems kind of silly.  I wish Kristen would learn to stand up straight.  The dress is something else, and it looks quite good on her. 

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    That Cavalli dress is incredible. But do we really have to do cutouts again?  They just look so 80’s tacky.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    That Cavalli dress is incredible. But do we really have to do cutouts again?  They just look so 80’s tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen Stewart’s jawline looks great in the first picture

  • Anonymous

    This should actually be a breaking news post that Kristen Stewart has smiled for the first time since the dawn of the new millennium!

    Re Nikki Reed – seems to me the color of the lipstick clashes with the dress, enough so that I picked up on it. However, I ain’t no lipstick expert so I’ll defer to what the ladies have to say on that front.

  • Anonymous

    Nikki Reed for the win. Hands down. Even though I am starting to develop an aversion to skirts slit past mid-thigh.

    Query: It’s November, yes? They’re somewhere in the U.K. (presumably London?), yes? Isn’t this the time of year we pull out our cashmere and heavily lined sequined gowns, not the ones cut down to her, up to there and cut-out to boot?

    Edited: oh wait, only the first one is in the UK, the other two are in NYC. But same principle.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what KStew wears, she always looks like a pretty, awkward teenager wearing it.

  • Linde Hoff

    I’m liking the DK dress — much more than the Duchess’ lime green thing. 

  • Anonymous

    That is one heck of a dress K. Stew’s sporting. Gorgeous. Didn’t even notice the styling. Or her for that matter. So is that a flaw?

  • MilaXX

    I think Kristin looks pretty good here. The extensions are a touch too long, but overall hair and makeup looked pretty good. I do wish someone would give her a fierce pants suit to wear. She’d still have to deal with wearing heels, but I think she might be look less awkward in pants.
    I think Nikki is making the best of a dress that is borderline tacky. My only quibble is she needs a spray tan or some body makeup. You can see bathing suit lines on her back, her arms are one color and her hands are yet another color.
    Ashley green looks great. If DK is going to be her go to designer, I think it suits her well.

  • Anonymous

    Nikki Reed’s dress is not appropriate for London in November. I think it looks horribly out of place.

  • Anonymous

    I like that Kristen put a slip under the dress, and that it’s down low, instead of being one of those minidress with drapes nightmares.  Her stylist has good instincts.

  • Jody Lee

    I think the Donna Karan is excellent, showy, different, modern, while the Cavalli on Stewart, with the change from flesh tone to black just looks like a cross between saloon girl and gunslinger.  It looks much better on the model.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I dunno, I like Ashley Green’s dress and I like the styling details – how the sweep of her hair repeats the sweep of the dress.

  • AbbottRabbit

    What is with the fixation these ladies have with dresses featuring cut-outs? Were they attacked by fashiony werewolves? 

  • Anonymous

    I think my boyfriend hit the nail on the head with his assessment of Kristen Stewart after seeing her on a talk show.  “If she wasn’t playing Bella, she’d be one of those fangirls who are dressed like Bella at the premiere.”  IE — she takes this stuff way too seriously.  Personally, I suspect she is an incredibly introverted and socially awkward person in real life, that translates to uncomfortable and terrified on the red carpet. 

    I tend to give her a pass on her RC appearances and secretly cheer her on.

  • Mariah J

    Kristen should have stuck with the sheer runway version, that one is stunning. With all that blocked out it just looks like mush.

  • Mary Stone

    If Kristen would pull the shoulders back instead of hunching them forward she’d look miles  better.  Stand up girl, its a great dress!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know Ashley Greene from a hole in the ground, but I think she looks terrific. And, yes, Kristen Stewart is the epitome of The Awkward.

  • BerlinerNYC

    The yellow Kors dress looks almost vintage, like that vintage Valentino Julia Roberts wore the year she won her Oscar. I mean that as a compliment. It’s certainly eye-catching (and K-Stew is probably more than happy to have some attention diverted away from her).

    God bless K-Stew for having the good sense to wear something under that sheer gown, so now it’s edgy-beautiful and not edgy-beautiful-slutty.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the Frankendress is my favorite of the three. Kristin looks pretty meh, and I don’t like Nikki’s dress at all.

  • Anonymous

    Three unique dresses. All three women look good. So much attention to this Red Carpet movie. I’ve given up trying to comprehend.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen looks fabulous in this gown.

  • Shannon Tierney

    I actually LOVE Ashley Green’s gown. I usually hate the cut out, asymmetric one shoulder thing, but this one just holds my attention, and she is so sleek in it. Definitely working it hard. I love the other girls’ looks, but AG won the battle here.

  • Anonymous

    The model in that Cavalli dress! Gay gasp!

  • Mags

    Ugh, when will the cutouts be out?

  • Deborah Tucker

    Aw come on, she SMILED.  This girl never smiles.  Give her some credit there, they probably had to wire her face into that smile. :)

  • D. and A.

    Not the biggest fan of Ashley Green (or the cutouts), but that look is still great to me. Kristen Stewart needs to stop.

  • Anonymous

    Nikki needs to fire her makeup artist. It’s not that the makeup itself is bad, but it doesn’t do her justice. Her face has looked way hotter than that.

    I rather like Ashley Green’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, someone help me out with Ashley Greene’s dress. It’s like an optical illusion. Is that her right knee that we’re seeing under there in the full length shot, bent a little bit? If so, is she standing kind of twisted up in some way, with her top half facing a different direction than her legs?



    Kristen needs to stand up straight. She would look ten times better if she didn’t slouch. 

  • Anonymous

    Really? This is my favorite makeup for Kristen yet.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Kristen Stewart You are young, thin, pretty and wearing a dress worth more than my weave.   STAND THE F*CK UP STRAIGHT. 


  • Anonymous

    That’s a great color on Nikki Reed. Very few women could get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    Was there a stylist involved anywhere here?  If so, they should look at another career, like. . . . I don’t even know what.

  • Badriya Al-Badi’a

    Kristen’s dress would be more flattering if she’d kept the belt down at hip level as on the model–I don’t like the way her torso is chopped up by having it at the waist.

  • Anonymous

    The Cavalli looks amazing on the model.  The Kors and Karan remind me of Project Runway attempts — given time and top execution skills.  Nothing kills a dress like the one-sleeve look though … so tacky.  All of the dresses are trailing on the ground and pooling around the shoes.  No.

  • oohsparkley!

    I give all 3 a huge WERQ!!! I’ve seen some better pictures of Kristin in that dress and she looks exquisite. Smiling and standing straight.

  • Angelica Smith Mertens

    Kristen should have worn a nude under dress like the runway model…unless the runway model was naked…Otherwise, good pick!

  • Anonymous

    I really feel for Kristen Stewart, she never looks comfortable at the events and the fancier the dress, the more awkward she appears to be.  She is quite a good actress and it is a shame this much neccesary aprt of her job is such a trip up for her.  That said, great dress but she should have stuck with nude fondations underneath.  The all black is too heavy.  That MK dress is UGLY but she is pulling it off to the best of her abilities.  That Donna Karan dress just needs to either gain a sleeve or lose and sleeve and it is gorgoeus.

  • Anonymous

    I think KS looks pretty comfy here. And I love the hair. The makeup is to much on the lower lid for sure. I LOVE that she lined that damn lingerie.

  • Anonymous

    Why do so many people  hate Kristen so much? I don’t get it. I think she looks fabulous in the Cavalli. I loved it all. And of course she smiles. I watched the premiere live stream, didn’t look awkward at all, she looked fierce and happy.  She’s hard-working, smart, sincere, is great to her fans, respected by everyone she works or has worked with (you know, no-name actors like Foster, Penn, Theron), beautiful, AND isn’t fake. Yet people love to hate on her. I met her and she was lovely. 

  • Anonymous

    I was over the cutout trend before it happened again.  KStew looks nice, but the halter neck is making her shoulders look a bit broad.