Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere Ladies

Posted on November 15, 2011

Now do you see why we were so pissy when we were writing the Pattinson/Stewart post? It’s because we knew that every young and/or upcoming star in Hollywood showed up for the premiere of this facacta movie and we knew we wouldn’t be able to resist forming opinions on most of them. So many opinions, in fact, that we had to break it down to two posts. Expect a bunch of teenage boys in the second version. We’re just warning you now.

Okay, hit it, ladies. Let’s DO this.

Ali Faulkner

Cute. The high collar’s a bit too Victorian for us, but it’s not a bad look.


Casey LaBow

We’ll give the gal a lot of credit for wearing something with so much … interest to it.  Unfortunately, it’s more than a bit too much interest for one poor dress to have to bear.


Cassie Scerbo

Ooooooh, girl. THAT IS NOT YOUR DRESS.


Christa Allen

Kinda cute, kinda interesting dress. Unfortunately, those focus-pulling shoes were a bad pairing.


Christian Serrano

Nothing earthshattering here, but it’s a fantastic color on her.


Dania Ramirez

YES! Take me out tonight, Mimi! It’s not exactly a demure, tasteful look, but it’s got loads of attitude, you’ve got to admit.


Fivel Stewart

It’s pretty, but she looks overdressed. Still, she’s not the only one to wear a gown.

Jacqueline Emerson

Too simple. Some color in the shoes or the straps would have gone a long way. Her hair’s a bit underdone as well.


Jadin Gould

We were about to rush out to IMDB or Wikipedia to find out her age, but then we realized there’s no point. She’s clearly older than eight, and that’s at the high age range that can get away with this as an outfit.


Kelsey Chow

The dress is a bit too tiny, but that’s a really pretty fabric.


Madeline Carroll

Interesting dress, but she’s so covered up and bulky-looking on top. And her hair looks weird.


Mia Maestro

Just okay. That skirt could have used an inch or two; not out of a sense of propriety or prudery, but because we think the proportions would be more flattering.

The shoes are dull.


Myanna Buring

It looks like one of those plastic/vinyl “lace” tablecloths you can get at a bargain discount store.


Nikki Reed

A little too drag queeny. Ru would look fantastic in it.


Olivia Holt

You’re young, honey. You can have the torso-length fringe if you want. For now. A couple more years and then we start getting judgmental. That’s the deal. Cute color on you!


Peyton List

We simply do not understand what we’re looking at here.


Phoebe Tonkin

The leather jacket over the bandage dress is a bit of a cliche, but the girl’s pulling it off. Don’t really agree with the shoe choice, though.


Rachel Bell

Forget the dress. Girl, THAT IS NOT YOUR HAIRSTYLE. Fire whomever is responsible immediately.


Tinsel Korey

Also a bit on the drag queen side of things.


Valorie Curry

Very cute and sophisticated. Great colors on her.


Boys? Go warm up in the bullpen. You’re next. Ladies? Hit the spa. And think about what we said here, okay?



[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • Shinobi

      Okay, but seriously WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE.

      • Laura Schultz

        the only one I’ve ever heard of is Nikki Reed, who is in the movie. Maybe they’re all in the high school crowd scenes? IDK. 

        • WhiteMage

          stacey pilgrim?

        • Anonymous

          I’m in your boat.

        • Anonymous

          Nikki Reed is the only one I knew too.

      • Lindsey Patten

        That’s what I was wondering! I only know Jackie Emerson because she’s in the new Hunger Games movie but other than that…  I’m feeling a bit old lady.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you fellow kittens/fawns for saying this! I looked over these pictures and thought “eeeh, I’m heading to geezerhood, I don’t have a freakin’ clue who any of these sweet young things are”.

          Although I did enjoy Madeline’s effort to bring back the B52’s hairdo ;o)


      • Sobaika Mirza

        I think it’s mostly a CW type crowd…? At least that’s where I’ve seen Phoebe Tonkin.

        Or maybe a few bit parts from the Twilight movies.

        • accidental housewife

          And I see Phoebe Tonkin merely plays herself on Secret Circle. She makes that face a minimum of a dozen times in each episode.

          • Shinobi

            What is that face? Is that the “I’m going to be Megan Fox when I grow up” face?  Or perhaps the “If I make this face all the men think I’m going to sleep with them, but I’m not” face.

            • accidental housewife

              I hear you. It just makes me want to smack her.

               It’s her Queen Bitch face on the show. She’s supposed to be the bad girl of the “Secret Circle”, but she just bores me to death. (rolls eyes at self for watching this stupid, stupid show)

              She’s the only girl here I can identify by looking at her. I’m vaguely familiar with a few of the names (Fivel, Tinsel, and Nikki Reed), but the rest are complete mysteries to me.

            • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

              Don’t you think a bunch of these sound like stripper names?  Tinsel?  Really???

            • accidental housewife

              Oh hell, yes. Especially Tinsel. I have to assume that a stripper named Tinsel would dress up like a bad little elf.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously!  I’m not a pop culture hound or anything, but I feel very out of touch when I only recognize one or two names in the whole group.

      • Micaela Cannon

        oh whoops, my post was kind of superfluous.

      • Jenna Ryan Boatman

        Oh thank God I am not the only one. I don’t know any of these girls.

      • Anonymous

        I KNOW, RIGHT? Good lord, I feel old.

        • Anonymous

          Nope, I know none of them.  And, I’m not usually one to call someone out on their name, but, FIVEL???  You’re named after a cartoon mouse from the 80s!  That’s just not right.

          • Anplica Fiore

            & by the look on her face, she know it!

          • Meira Niibori

            Wonder if she’s named for the mouse or a Polish Jewish grandfather/old family friend or something?  ‘Cause when I hear that name I think “Jewish man” not “teenage girl”……

          • Anonymous

            Her brother is named Boo Boo. Poor kids…

      • Melissa Della

        The only one I recognized was Cassie Scerbo (in a horrifying dress) because I shamefully watch Make It or Break It.

      • Laura Schultz

        Oh Bitter Kittens, since when do you need to know WHO THEY ARE to have OPINIONS about their fashion choices? 

      • Dave Fellner

         Thank you!  The only one I know is Nikki Reed as well.  Crap, I feel old now.

      • rynerman

        I was coming to the comments to say exactly the same thing. 

      • Bad Kids Go To Hell

        These are pretty much all the “new” young stars. Ali Faulkner stars in the upcoming live action movie based on the best selling graphic novel “Bad Kids Go to Hell.”

      • Megan

        I’ve only ever heard of Nikki Reed and Fivel. I don’t know what Fivel does and I only remember her because HER NAME IS FREAKING FIVEL. 

      • Anonymous

        I feel like my great grandmother. Who are these people? Hey you kids, get off my lawn, etc

      • Anonymous

        I’m 22 and I don’t know who these people are.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for not making me feel ancient, because I thought I was (at 45) until I read your comment, since I have never heard of any of them.

          • Anonymous

            It would be nice if their names linked to their IMDB pages or there was some note of something they had been in, for the particularly obscure figures like the kids on this page.

      • Anonymous

        i was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        I KNOW!  I am too tired and old to IMDB every one of them.  I don’t recognize even ONE of them! 

    • Anonymous

      Ugh.  This was depressing.  They all shopped at the mall at a Deb shop.  Except for Valerie Curry, who looks great.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. What a range of looks here. This is the first post I think I’ve read where I know NONE of the stars pictured.

      I’ll just accentuate the positives: I like LaBow’s dress a lot, but not with those booties. Looks like she is standing in a hole. Curry is adorable. Allen’s dress is great, but you’re right about the shoes.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Nikki Reed should have gone for a slightly different cut. Slimmer shoulders and without that extra arm fabric on one side. It’s a shame because the color and grecian look really suit her.

      Christian Serrano (that can not be her real name) chose a fantastic color. Tough for some to pull off but just right for her.

      • Anonymous

        No the name is Christian Serratos – and don’t ask me why I googled that. Procrastinators of the world, unite!

    • Alexandria

      Christian Serrano? Is that really her name? At first I thought it was a certain Mr. PR alum in drag… that would have been awesome.

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        Me too! I wonder how many people leaned into their computer screens at first to see if it was him in drag…

        • Anonymous

          me me!

          • Anonymous

            I very definitely did and was then disappointed to find out my mistake.

      • jaymeglynn

         i was sooo confused. I thought he’d possibly had a sex change and I just hadn’t found out. So strange. She actually looks like him in drag.

    • Anonymous

      So…I guess looking like a whore or looking like you’ve gone off your meds were the only choices for these gals? 

      Valorie is the only one looking normal and pretty–I applaud her.

      And Casey’s dress is a total scroll-down victim for me.  I was loving the bodice, picturing something simple in the skirt.  But WOW…that is one BUSY dress.

    • Laura Schultz

      Please. Can we ban side hair? Ugh. 

      Christa Allen. You RUINED an awesome dress with those shoes. BAD!
      Christian Serrano looks amazing. 
      Phoebe Tonkin – ew. Skanky. And please. Can we also ban bandage dresses for the next 300 years? It belongs locked up with Dust In the Wind and Free Bird in the “way too damn overplayed” vault. 
      Peyton List – believe it or not, I kind of like it, especially for someone her age. 
      Olivia Holt – Dig it! Would usually hate something like this but it works, love the color, she’s WERQing it. 

      • BerlinerNYC

        Seriously. That bandage dress is the most vulgar thing I’ve seen in a while. Nasty, and not in a hot way. The jacket is like something her father or a policeman takes off and puts on her to try to cover her up while dragging her home.

    • Alexandria

      Also, “Take me out, Mimi”… I knew I could count on you guys for a good ole Broadway stripper reference. Well spotted :)

    • Anonymous

      Mia Maestro “just okay”??? It’s just horrible! Same with Phoebe whatshername. Awful.

    • Anonymous

      I give up. I’ve never heard of any of these gals.

    • Anonymous

      I must have turned into Rip Van Winkle overnight. Who the hell are these women?

    • Anonymous

      Just out of curiosity: were these all the girls who attended or did you make a selection? I only like the first dress, the rest are fug. Now I’m afraid, very afraid for what the boys will have to offer.

    • Bridget Smith

      I kind of love the high Victorian collar: gives it something new, and is definitely an interesting change from the rest of these girls.

      Oh, Cassie Scerbo, deary. In the way of many, many super-fit athletic girls, you don’t have much of a waist. You’re pretty and you’re actually really great on your show, but you’ve GOT to wear something that makes you look like something other than a box.

      I hate lavender on tan people. The very dark-skinned can get away with it and the ethereal pale can too, but against Fivel Stewart’s kind of fake tan, it just looks tacky. Especially when it’s shiny.

      Like Christa Allen’s, too: unusual and cool.

    • shawna ready

      I do not know a SINGLE person here (besides Nikki, who is int he movie). AM I OLD????

      • Ina Partosa

        I’m in my early 20s and I have no idea who these people are too. :

        • Dave Fellner

          Phew, now I feel a little better about my age :)

    • Susan Collier

      So I guess it was the early to mid-’90s when parents started getting creative with the kid name spellings. Jadin, Valorie.

    • Anonymous

      Who are they? Did a junior prom let out on the red carpet?
      Terrible, mostly terrible.

    • Anonymous

      Who are these people?

    • Elena

      Wow, the only chick I know in this post is Nikki Reed. Surprised you guys didn’t include Ashley Greene as well.

    • Sara L.

      Christa Allen, dear, whoever you are, that’s a great dress, but you’ve put your feet on backwards. Might want to fix that.

    • Anonymous

      Who are these people? And why would you choose to call yourself Tinsel? 

      • Anonymous

        I do not know a single one of these young ladies. **NOT ONE!**  But I chuckled over Tinsel too!  And also over Christian Serrano, which I cannot read as anything but Christian Siriano!

        • Anonymous

          Agree – I stared at that for a long time. I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out what it was. For a while, I thought they were saying he designed the dress. I had to keep ‘saying’ the name in my head until I got it!

    • Anonymous

      Christa Allen’s dress looks like it could have been made by Kara Janx (I say that as a compliment).  But I agree, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???

    • Tina

      omg, the NAMES. Fivel? Tinsel?

      I wonder if Miss Peyton (wtf happened to Bonnie? or Jessica?) wants to be the next SWINTON?
      Also, hell yeah to the little Rent shout out. Keep to your showtuny ways!Stitching in Circles

      • Alexandria

        I googled the girl named “Fivel” out of morbid curiosity… apparently she chose that name herself, simply because she liked it. That things like this happen worries me.

    • Sarah Michele Ford

      I … have no comment on any of the clothes that you haven’t already made.  But there’s really someone named Fivel? Were her parents obsessed with American Tail ( or something? Was she born in 1987? (Dear lord, no… I just looked her up and she’s ten years younger than the movie. I’m going to go rock back and forth and count my grey hairs now.)

    • Brenda

      I’ve never heard of any of these people. And I usually know who the random d-listers are.

      I do enjoy the ones named Tinsel and Fivel. Wasn’t Fivel the mouse from An American Tail?

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        That was my first thought too about Fivel.  I think they spelled it different in the movie.

    • Judy S

      The only person here that I have heard of is Christian Siriano, and I don’t think that is a picture of him (unless he’s had a LOT of work done).

    • Anonymous

      I want to talk about that Casey LaBow girl’s dress.
      I feel like this dress is a missed opportunity. It could have been such a great dress, if the top half stayed the same and the bottom half were just sleek and black. The skirt on that thing is just so hideous that it ruins the cool, visually interesting top half.

    • Micaela Cannon

      ….besides Nikki Reed…who I’m pretty sure is in the movie…who the hell are we looking at here?

    • Anonymous

      Glad to see I’m not alone in knowing absolutely no one in this post!

      I do like Jacqueline Emerson’s dress, though it does need better shoes, hair & accessories to complete the look.

    • Vanessa Hammiel Hutchins

      Jadin Gould’s dress looks like something Suede would make. I can’t wait for these movies/books to go away

    • Anonymous

      The only outfits that come even close to a “like” for me are those worn by ValOrie Curry and Olivia Holt–and I hate fringe!  But the dress looks so cute on her, and she’s not wearing the stupid satin-black-platform/satin-black-peeptoe shoes or the mermaid hair, so props to her! 

      Nikki Reed, whoever you are:  Maude called and she wants to know when you’re returning the dress: 1973 or 1974? 

    • Jen Freeman

      who the hell names their child TINSEL?  And then lets her out of the house looking like drag queen barbie?

      • Anonymous

        Well, to be fair there is a Tinsley….  so maybe not so far a reach.

        • Jen Freeman

          Tinsley at least may be someone’s maiden/family name, or a vague attempt at making it sound like an ACTUAL NAME.  Tinsel is that horrible stringy crap you get all over the house at Christmas and find in your vacuum rollers for months.

          • Anonymous

            I can see that.  Tinsel is the stuff my cat yaks up.  Why would you name a child Tinsel?  I mean, the word tinsel evokes flashy and worthless.

    • Anonymous

      About Peyton List: I can only assume that the outfit was a tribute. Perhaps this is what we are looking at?

    • Kate Pearce

      Who are these people? (officially too old to know or care here)

    • Ina Partosa

      I was scrolling down and the only thing in my mind was “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” lol.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a girl here…named Fivel? As in…Mousekovitz?

      • Jen Freeman

        I now love you.

    • Anonymous

      Since it’s a red carpet event I assume these girls are famous for some reason.  It does not appear that they are famous for their fashion sense.

    • Leslie Carver

      Why do I think someone named “Madeline Carroll” should be about 80, wearing a turban and a caftan, and smoking out of a 8 inch long ciggie holder?

      • accidental housewife

        And out-classing everyone there.

    • Anonymous

      dear god i dont know who these girls are.

    • Anonymous

      am i supposed to know who any of these girls are??…anyone?….Bueller???..

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t Peyton List the name of the actress who plays Jane Sterling on Mad Men?  In fact, I’m sure that’s her name, she was on FlashForward too.  Are there two Peyton Lists out there?

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t heard of any one of these people. Not one. So first, I need to say:


      And next, Madeline Carroll?
      Just, no. 
      This is MadelEine Carroll:

    • Anonymous

      I am totally loving the ‘who the hell are these chicks’ sentiment pervading this comment section.

    • Anonymous

      I have no idea who any of these people are, or why, but that will not prevent me from having opinions.  No, sirree, bob!

      Phoebe Tonkin and Christa Allen clearly have the same stylist, someone who thinks that if you have wide stripes somewhere in the dress, you have to wear strappy shoes in the same color.

      Somebody tell Peyton List that she is not (and never will be) Helena Bonham Carter, so stop pretending.

      I like the high collar on Ali Faulkner’s dress.

      Valerie Curry wins.

    • Anonymous

      Are ALL of these bitches in the film??? Wth.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t look like they were all even attending the same event.  

    • Barry Bazza Wernick

      Ali Faulkner is beautiful, classy, and extremely talented.
      If you don’t know her yet, you certainly will very soon. She has a supporting role as Bianca in Breaking Dawn, and stars in the upcoming movie based on the best selling graphic novel, “Bad Kids Go to Hell.”

    • Emily Wilkerson

      I am 18 years old and I only recognized two of these girls! TWO. Aren’t I supposed to be their intended audience? Also, I only recognized one of them because I used to watch a show about teen mermaids, so that probably shouldn’t count.

      And isn’t Fivel the name of that mouse from An American Tail?

    • Anonymous

      I know absolutely nothing else about her, but the face that Phoebe Tonkin is making makes me want to punch her really hard.

    • Anonymous

      I kept scrolling thinking I’d get to at least ONE face I recognized, but nope. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE.

    • Courtney Brown

      I feel like if you are going to review a premiere you should review the people who are actually in the movie (e.g. where is Elizabeth Reaser in unknown designer and Ashley Greene in Donna Karan. 

    • Catherine

      Oh. My. God. Ok, I’m a consistent, and TLo site stalker and I have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE who any of these bitches are. I’m pissed at all of them for making me feel old.

    • Anonymous

      Cassie Scerbo brought her own travel pillow for when she falls asleep in the movie.

    • Democracy Diva

      I’m only 23 years old, putting me at least marginally close to Twilight’s target audience, and guess what? I have heard of exactly ONE of the stars in this post. And I only learned who Nikki Reed was like a week ago.

    • Mariah Chase

      …I don’t know who any of these people are and I’ve seen all the Twilight movies (unfortunately)

    • Ben

      the only one i know is that girl from secret circle, the one with pink and leather jacket. 

    • BIG MAC

      The only person I know is Cassie S. She was one of the leads on the show Make it or break it, and in one of the Bring it On movies. So I assume the rest are from similar shows/movies like that. You know, the ones no one ever watches lol.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently Peyton List has scored a gig in a 1776 remake.

    • Kyle Crawford

      whores-r-us with a sprinkling of pageant girls…. ( and I have no idea who any of these people are )

    • Mari Rose

      In some cases, I can’t decide whether the girl’s name or dress is more ridiculous.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      This post made me glad that I’m, uh, older than 25.  Really glad. I wouldn’t trade my wrinkles for my former bad judgement, no way, no how.  First and last girls win!

    • Alex McGeagh

      I don’t know who any of these people are. Glad to see I’m not alone…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know who any of these ladies are but only the last one got it right.  Some really ugly tacky looks here. 

    • Anonymous

      I had to read the name “Christian Serrano” over a few times, because she sure doesn’t look like Christian Siriano :)

      • Anonymous

        LOL  Me too!

    • Anonymous

      Good god almighty…my eyes hurt. Bring on the boys immediately. TLo should open another website were young starlets would send in pics of the dresses they are considering. All of us could then suggest alternatives…or shoes… or jewlery. Sounds like fun to me.

    • Anonymous

      Wow!  Such a variety of dresses at one event. 
      My favorites –
      Valorie Curry: beautiful dress and a great color on herPeyton List: a quirky look, good thing she’s young (I lol, in a good way)
      Olivia Holt: love the color and how thrilled she looks

    • Anonymous

      cassie scerbo:  you look like a barn door.  christian siriano:  so when did you have the operation, princess?

    • Anplica Fiore

      Tinsel’s dress isn’t the only thing drag queenish about her…what’s up with her name!?

    • Nicky Pierce

      Are there 2 actresses named Peyton List? Because that is also the name of the actress who plays Jane on Mad Men.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Casey LeBow: You guys nailed it.  Way too much going on.

      I like Christa Allen’s dress, but it doesn’t feel like a party/event dress, just sort of a pretty every day look. If you can afford to wear designer dresses every day.

      Dania Ramirez and Phoebe Tonkin both look like they wandered in from the nearest streetcorner.

      I don’t understand Kelsey Chow’s outfit.  It looks like it fits where it’s meant to fit, so it’s  not like it’s sized down, but it does look weirdly like the dress itself is meant to look too small. 

      Myanna Buring–I think my grandmother used to have one of those plastic lace tablecloths when my cousins and I were little, so we didn’t mash potatoes into the heirloom real lace.  This is not a good dress material.

      NIkki Reed: The green goddess dress might have been fine without the Christmas garland trimming.

      Peyton List: Dang, if you guys don’t get it, I stand no chance.  Can anyone explain this?

      I like Valorie Curry’s, but she loses points for her parents misspelling “Valerie.”  Because I’m petty.

    • Anonymous

      Who… ARE THESE PEOPLE! Seriously, I am 22 years old. I should not be feeling this old right now.

    • Anonymous

       Were any of these people in the movie?  There’s not ONE person who I recognize…

      Um…well, I think II recall seeing the name Fivel before–bless her heart.  I’m afraid I’d have to sue my parents over emotional distress if I was named that.

    • soren

      NIce to see some old school Hammer Horror nightgown vampires. 

    • Anonymous

      @FashionMom:disqus …..

    • Anonymous

      Re: Peyton List
      “We simply do not understand what we’re looking at here.”

      She’s a colonial wench matador.  Duh.

    • Anonymous

      Hookers and bag ladies.  And who the f are these girls?  I know I am not the demographic for this movie but I would think at least one name would look familiar.

    • Anonymous

      And can we get red_eye_girl_4434 thrown off and barred from posting here?  Thanks………

    • Anonymous

      Adding to the chorus – I have no idea who any of these women are … but I still have opinions!

      I like the high collar on Ali Faulkner’s dress and Christa Allen would look great with different shoes. Olivia Holt and Valorie Curry also look cute.No really, who are all these people?

    • Katherine Warakomski

      I’m in high school and I only recognize 2 names. Hmpf

    • Vickie Lord

      “Tinsel” Correy….snicker on all fronts!

    • Anonymous

      These young girls seem to retreat to one of three categories: streetwalker, prom/toddlers & tiaras, and too mature. The exceptions are the ones who look good: Valorie, Christa (minus the awful shoes), Ali, and even the unique Peyton.

    • Hillary Matlin

      Bar mitzvah through the ages …

    • Buffy

      I do not have a clue who ANY of these people are.  I guess I have to check into the Old Fuddy Duddy Home now.

    • Anonymous

      The first one and the last one are winners. The rest look either wacky, mismatched, or streetwalky.

    • Anonymous

      Valorie and Christa: great dresses. Agree that Christa’s shoes, while they are terrific, are distracting as wellas too light-hearted for the dress they’re paired with. 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know any of these kids. Are they from some MTV reality show?

    • iCouture


      • Anonymous

        I second that. Not one name that means a thing to me.

    • Nolan Chung

      Where is Ashley Greene? Because girl looked stunning…

    • Gaby Ripoll

      Weird, it’s like young Hollywood is full of these knockoffs of better known celebrities. See:
      Cassie Scerbo: Jessica Simpson 
      Christa Allen: Anna Paquin (back when she was a brunette. Or possibly Liv Tyler).
      Dania Ramirez: J.Lo. Seriously.
      Jadin Gould: Selena Gomez II. 
      Myanna Buring: Kirsten Dunst, harsh makeup and all. 
      Phoebe Tonkin: Megan Fox
      That’s all I got, but maybe y’all other bitter kittens see more. 

    • Anonymous

      I watch tons of tween and teen shows with my kids and I can’t place most of these people. Fivel Stewart, yes, no on most of the others. Peyton List’s outfit is schizophrenic.

      How did so many teen girls get out of school that day, to wait to take pics of stars?

      • MilaXX

        it’s called cutting class. I remember cutting class to see Star Wars, it’s nothing new.

        • Anonymous

          I know what it’s called and I know people do that, I was simply making a (what I thought was snarky) comment.

          edit: to clarify my point.

    • Anonymous

      How weird that was!! Either ridiculously over-done gowns (especially that slipper pink satin floor-length nonsense) or dresses that, had they just a couple more inches of fabric to them, could have been cute but instead looked painfully skimpy and just unflatteringly tight and tiny. On such tight and tiny bods, yet! Were it not for the unfortunate fabric of Myanna Buring’s (whoever she is) dress, that dress would have been hot and premiere-worthy. It was a great silhouette. As it is, the last girl, Valorie Curry, takes the prize. 

    • Pamela

      There must’ve been a clearance sale at the “Hollywood C-List Starlets with Odd Names” store. 

    • Anonymous

      First of all, I’m 13 and I don;t know anybody. And, Dania Ramirez looks like J.LO.

      • MilaXX

        Dania was in X Men and Heroes

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know who any of these people are but I think Valorie Curry’s dress is very, very cute and the only one I really liked.

    • Anonymous

      TLo, I’ve always loved you. But the RENT reference?

      Now I ADORE you.

    • Anonymous

      That second dress makes her look like her vagina is growing a ZZ Top beard.  Not a good look for anyone.

    • Anonymous

      Holy Crow! Rachel Bell! That is not a forehead, not even a FiveHead, that is a SIX-HEAD! Honey, never ever do that again!

    • Paula Berman

      Who the heck are these people?  I do not know any of them.  That means I’m old, I guess.

      • Maria Donaire-Cirsovius

        Paula–that was my exact question and answer. 

      • Marie Drucker

        My exact question too!

    • Rebecca Johnson

      And on the left we have Christa Allen modeling the classic scrolldown fug…

    • margaret meyers

      Valorie Curry is wearing HOSE and she looks better because of it.  So would a couple of the other girls here.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard of three of them!!!  Do I win a prize??

    • MadameHardy

      Read. My. Lips.   No. More. Pigeon. Toes.

    • Anonymous

      That Fivel child’s face is a completely different color from her body and it’s freaking me out.

    • Anonymous

      I am old and I haven’t even hit 30 yet.  I recognized 1 ONE!!! name.  What factory do these “ladies” come from?

    • Alisa Rivera

      Who made Christa Allen’s dress? *want*

    • MilaXX

      Jadin Gould – Older Philly peeps will understand when I say she looks like she’s auditioning for Al Albert’sOlivia Holt – She looks cute.Peyton List – Oh girl, no.Rachel Bell – Oh gurl, not your hair style at all!  You desperately need a side part or some bangs.

    • Anonymous

      So that’s how you spell “facacta.”

    • Anonymous

      I had to google ‘facacta’. Was given a choice of ‘facacta’ or ‘fakakta’. Looked both up. Sorry I did.

    • crow girl

      “Tinsel” is a name now? That just makes me cranky.

      • akprincess72

        Fivel????  Wasn’t he a Disney cartoon mouse?

    • Anonymous

      I would sum it up in four words: drag queens and hookers.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s just my screen but Peyton List looks like she’s floating above a pair of disembodied feet. Cute outfit but for the offending leggings that I assume are there, even though I can’t see them.

    • Heather

      Who names their kid Tinsel? Is her middle name Twinkly Lights? 

    • Anonymous

      This is hilarious.  It’s reminds me of going to my mom’s house and laughing at all her neighbors’ daughters and their friends as they leave for the prom.

      Except for that Peyton girl, whoever she is.  No one goes to the prom looking like that!

    • Anonymous

      Are these names for real? Do their parents hate them?

      • akprincess72

        I was thinking the same thing, such odd names!

    • Anonymous

      This is a weird time in fashion. Everyone just looks sort of off.

    • Anonymous

      “Also a bit on the drag queen side of things.” Her name is TINSEL

    • Anonymous

      oh my GOODNESS Rachel Bell looks like one of those black ladies who been wearing a way to heavy weave for way to many years!