Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere Guys

Posted on November 15, 2011

Step up, boys.


Taylor Lautner

The boy just doesn’t get it wrong. Whoever styles him better be getting a hefty check for it.


Amadou Ly

The pants could use some hemming and we think somewhere in the suit/shirt/tie combination, there should be a bit more contrast.


Boo Boo Stewart

It’s got this almost goofy old west quality to it, but we like it.


Jackson Rathbone

Oh, son. GOOD FOR YOU.

But you still look ridiculous.


Jared Kusnitz

Really cute look. We covet those shoes deeply.



Kellan Lutz

Boy, this is not your suit.

He needs way more contrast here in order to not look like a brick in a suit. He needs to stop with the vest and start wearing light shirts with dark suits and a bright or vividly colored tie. The jacket needs to be fitted and the pants need to be hemmed like his grandmother’s life depends on it. There. You have your orders, Mr. Lutz.


Matt Dallas

First off, the scuffed shoe trend has reached its apotheosis. We’re done here.

Secondly, those shoes are the only concession to anything approaching trendiness or current style. He looks like a bank manager.


Matt Lanter

This all looks a bit too zhuzhed to us and it’s on the absolute low end of what we would consider dressed up enough for this event – it’s a pretty big movie, even we have to admit – but we think the looks kind of cute.


Michael Welch



Noel Fisher

Way too Russian mob for him. He shouldn’t do the dark shirt thing. And the tailoring on this thing – or lack of it, to be more precise – is off the charts.


Peter Facinelli

We’re all for a guy trying out the stereotypically “suave” looks, so we don’t mind the whole scarf and open shirt thing if you’re the kind of guy who can pull it off, but the scarf definitely needed to be a color other than blue and the suit needs some serious tailoring.


And now, the assholes who couldn’t be bothered to make the effort and thus our wish for them is to never, ever get to have sex with any of the hot people who showed up looking like they tried.


Trevor Donovan

Admittedly, he looks adorable here, but only in that “flirting with the cute guy in the laundromat” kind of way, which is pretty damning, wouldn’t you say?


David Henrie

We also think this outfit has some snap to it, but we don’t care who you are, you should be sent home if you show up at an event where some women are wearing gowns and you’re wearing a t-shirt. We volunteer to be fashion bouncers at these events.


Garrett Backstrom



Justin Chon





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  • I said it on the other post…WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??!!?! Sweet jesus in a sidecar…

  • Anonymous

    Really? I kinda hate Jared’s shoes, esp with those jeans. TLaut lookin good though…

  • Anonymous

    bwahahahahahahaha Justin Chon

    Jackson Rathbone gives me the feeling he is going to pull off the red suit and another suit will be revealed.
    Boo Boo Stewart seems to have massive shoulders.

    Seriously, Taylor Lautner – he’s working that suit.

    • Anonymous

      Jackson Rathbone hahahahhaahha!!!  I am crying I am laughing so hard!  (at your comment. although his get-up made me snort too)

  • scottyf

    Oh c’mon fellas! Isn’t Michael Welch’s jacket about 2″ to 3″ too short? Or is that the latest style?

    And I actually like the color combination on Amadou Ly. I just think he needs the whole ensemble tailored, and a different color/pair of shoes. 

    But I’d let still let him bite me.

    • Sara__B

      Put Amadou Ly in that same suit, only tailored to perfection, and he’d be my favorite. I also like the color combination of that suit and the looks of the man wearing it.

    • I totally agree. I think the colors are interesting. But the suit fits SO BADLY. Poor thing.

    • Anonymous

      If Amadou Ly’s jacket fit he could put his arms down and look fantastic (well, that and hemming the pants and finding his dress shoes).

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Scotty; Michael Welch looks as if he borrowed his little brother’s jacket.

    • Anonymous

      I also like the color combination of Amadou’s outfit.  The fit has minor issues, but my complaint is  with the phone in his front pant pocket.  no no.

    • Yeah, I’m a little in love with Amadou Ly (not that I’ve ever seen him or his name before), but only in a “perfect boyfriend for my great-niece” kind of way. It’s how I judge all these young guys. Just wanted to make that clear. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I always look for color in the men’s posts – many times they seem to be afraid moving an inch out of the gray/black/brown range.  The only two who did color correctly were Taylor Lautner and Matt Lanter with his darling green sweater.  We shall not speak of Matt Dallas or Jackson Rathbone – *shivers*

    Is Jackson any relation to Basil Rathbone of old-time movie fame?

  • VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: On the last guy, does his shirt match the lining of the jacket, or is that an optical illusion?

    Also, who buttons a jacket like that?

    • My mom buttoned my jacket like that when I was five. (and I hated it)

      • Appropriately, it makes him look like he’s five.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just plain wrong! It DOES kind of look like the lining matches, doesn’t it? My eyes!
      I keep trying to figure out what this horrifying outfit is. Flannel pj top with yellow scrub bottoms? With a rainjacket over it?? I’m so confused! 

  • Anonymous

    Between a dude named Boo Boo and the guy wearing the crushed velvet couch, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good thing your username is Serenity Now. Take deep breaths.

      • Anonymous

        Alas, I am no more successful at achieving the state than Mr. Costanza was…

    • Laugh. It’s the only way to deal with the fashion crimes we’re seeing.

  • Sara__B

    The most entertaining collection of men’s clothing on one red carpet EVER. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially with the T Lo commentary, from the perfection of Taylor Lautner to the WTF of the last three or four, and everything in between. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Justin Chon – styled by Olivier.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson Rathbone looks like he’s wearing a “pimp” Halloween costume. All he needs is a matching floppy hat and shades. 

  • Anonymous

    If I were a lady actress and showed up to a red carpet event in a gown only to see my male co-stars in jeans, I would absolutely pop a cork!  I almost wish I were a lady actress so *I* could show up to a red carpet even in jeans and a velvet t-shirt.  I’d do it, too.

    • Anonymous

      I have a big mouth, so I *absolutely* would walk up to one of them and tell him what a douchebag he is for not even making an effort. It’s just disrespectful.

      • Anonymous

        Not to diverge too far from the original topic, but I think this speaks to the disparity in appearance expectations between men and women across the board.  For example, my husband and I went out for dinner the other night and I noticed many young 20-something couples obviously out for date night.  Invariably, the young lady would have on a nice little dress, medium heeled shoes, cute bag, etc with her hair and make-up moderately done up while her date would have on cutoffs, a t-shirt, flip flops, and a baseball cap. 

        If my man ever pulled that shit on me, that would be the last date we would ever have!  As you said, it’s just plain disrespectful.

        Now, back to your regularly scheduled ogling of Taylor Lautner…

        • My husband does that to me constantly, but that’s because I truly don’t care.  He made more effort when we were dating until he discovered that as long as he’s not inappropriate for the venue, I don’t care what he wears.

          • Yeah, I’m pretty much with you on that. As I’ve said before, my husband dresses like a combination surfer dude/artist (but at least it’s an artist who got dressed with the lights on instead of in the dark), but he generally looks good that way. Every once in a while I’ll say something to him, but it’s usually because there’s a hole or rip in his shirt that neither of us had noticed before. He also looks great in a suit, and doesn’t grumble about having to put one on a few times a year.

            I wouldn’t want him telling me how to dress; and I figure he’s a grown man and knows how to dress himself.

            But there is something irritating about guys who put forth no effort when the women they’re with have obviously put forth a lot. It’s like they think they’re so fabulous and desirable that there’s no reason for them to put on real shoes. It’s really arrogant.

        • Anonymous

          Amen. I notice that too with many 20-somethings.The girl looks great, the guy looks like he is on his way to buy more video games. I just want to pull the girl aside as say, ‘You are too good for him. Dump ’em and keep looking. And WHERE did you get those shoes?!”
          Rules to live by: Any guy in a baseball cap and flip flops is not worth your time….gay or straight or whatever.

          • Anonymous

            Yes. Precisely. In fact I once sent an ex home to change.

  • Anonymous

    Lord, these are terrible looks except for Taylor, who is totally rocking it. I wouldn’t mind flirting with Trevor Donovan at the laundromat, especially if the clothes we were wearing are the ones in the wash.

  • Anonymous

    Up till
    Peter Facinelli I was pleasantly surprised , mind you, my expectations weren’t that high. Those last four outfits were just sad!

  • How is it possible that someone actually allows himself to be called “Boo Boo” on a regular basis?

    I think I may love Jackson Rathbone — there’s something mighty special about a burgundy velvet suit, and then worn to a vampire movie?  That takes a really great sense of humor.  Especially since the Twilight people are not known for theirs.

    Kellan Lutz… I deeply appreciate the effort in that the boy got himself dressed in a suit and all, but honey, suits are not your forte.  If you must wear one — and there are a great many times you must — ditch the 3 piece look (that’s for tall, skinny men, not you) and the tie.  Most men can’t make that look anything but sloppy;  you seem like you care enough to do it properly, and it will help keep your shoulders from looking like they’re trying to strangle you so they can eat your head.  Make sure the collar is properly starched though. 

    I find Matt Lanter’s look adorable, but not for this time and place.  However, he does look to have made some sort of effort, so I’ll give him a pass this once.

    Peter Facinelli, I’m pretty sure, was joking.  He seems to have the kind of sense of humor that would be very amused by this sort of look.  And since I really like him personally, I’m going to continue to believe that, because if he meant it, that would be altogether too sad.

    Justin Chon, do not let Mommy pick your clothes for the red carpet.  I’m sure she’s a lovely person and you’re still her little boy, but stylists were invented for a reason. 

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Lautner is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. How does he look so good all the time? Fortunately I haven’t seen any of these movies so I don’t have to worry about hearing that he’s not the best actor in the world. 

    • Anonymous

      I also have no idea if the boy can act, but he sure cleans up nice. I just love the fact that he always shows up at these things looking appropriate. He puts those sloppy-looking boys to shame.

  • I am baffled that anyone finds what’s his name…Taylor…the big star of the show…attractive on any level. He appears to have no shoulders, but that could be just because his head is so huge. He has little pig eyes and a weak chin.  How’d they pick that pig faced melon head as the star of the show?  

    • Sara__B

      Come on. Whether you like his head or not, the rest of him looks great in that perfectly-tailored suit.

    • Anonymous

      I think the spirit of the TLO commentariat has been to keep the comments on the fashion…not someone’s physical characteristics. He’ll grow into those features one day. The guy can wear clothes beautifully though.

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      ..and that’s before he opens his mouth and a big ole pink bedazzled birkin bag falls out, and his Hello Kitty! key chain, Liza CD and a stray Barbie shoe spill onto the red carpet.

    • Anonymous

      While I do think that “pig faced melon head” is, er, colorfully descriptive, as Brookeinmn says below, TLo’s policy is that fashion is fair game around here, but criticizing someone for how their DNA arranged itself is not. And, really, there’s a little pig faced melon head in all of us, isn’t there?

      • Not in me… bug-eyed and Leno-esque jaw is far more appropriate:)

    • The star of the show is actually that Pattison guy in the previous post.  Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart are the stars of the show.  Taylor Latner is the #2 male character.

  • Is that guy’s name seriously Boo Boo Stewart??? Poor kid must have gotten beaten up quite a bit. 

    • Anonymous

      Boo Stewart sounds mildly cool… but the addition of the second Boo veers into puppy territory!

      • Anonymous

        I have no idea if that’s his real name, but If I were him, I’d just call myself B. Stewart. Let people call me B.
        If anyone asks what the B stands for, just say “Nothing. It’s just B.” 

    • Anonymous

      Not his real name, it’s Nils.But his family seems to be into the unusual nicknames; see his sister “Fivel” (also not her real name) in the earlier post about the girls at this event. 

      • Cathy S

        Boo Boo is Fivel’s brother? This is explaining a lot. You sure Tinsel isn’t related to them?

      • I was actually going to ask that…

    • Anonymous

      I have no idea if that’s his real name, but If I were him, I’d just call myself B. Stewart. Let people call me B. If anyone asks what the B stands for, just say “Nothing. It’s just B.”

  • Peter Facinelli appears to be packing.

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      [quick rush to top of page]

      I concur. Good eye, Sara.

      He is Italian, after all.

  • Anonymous

    We volunteer to be fashion bouncers at these events.

    Oh, excellent idea!

    Boo Boo?  If that’s his real name, his parents should be hauled into court for child abuse.  If it’s not, why the hell would you call yourself “Boo Boo”???

  • Anonymous

    Trevor Donovan looks really cute in that outfit.  And if he was at a bar or tailgate party or even a movie night with his friends, it would be great.  But this event where there are other men in suits (one is approaching tux territory) and women in gowns (however ugly said gowns are), it is inappropriate and you look like a fool.  Now, Trevor, come on over to my house and I’ll hold you while offering comfort.

    I actually don’t mind Kellan Lutz’s so much-yes, he’s bulky, but he made an effort and it’s one of his least douchiest looks.  In fact, if that was the first picture I’d seen of him, I would have a little crush.  Maybe I do anyway.

  • I just…I don’t understand what’s going on here! I have no idea who half these people are, and I think they all look pretty awful. 

  • Anonymous

    You know how you hate nude pumps???  Well I hate wing collars!!!!!!  And I really hate wing collars with a four in hand tied tie!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just to agree with your previous post: I’ll be soo glad when this twilight madness ends……..

  • Anonymous

    YES!! Fashion Bouncers! That is a great new industry.  Call the president and create some jobs!

    I don’t think Lautner could act his way out of a paper bag, but he is pretty hot

  • Anonymous

    Chon is so absurd he had to have been on a dare.

  • Anonymous

    I’m appalled at what that Justin Chon person is wearing. I agree with you guys on all the other too-casual outfits, but this guy REALLY shouldn’t have been allowed in wearing that shit. 

  • I really, really hate the “dark shirt thing,” as you refer to it. Very old school Regis, down to the monochromatic tie.

  • oohsparkley!

    Most young men really don’t know how to dress appropriately.  I have 3 sons and they don’t have a clue either.  But ya gotta love em.  They have their own definite senses of style and they really don’t want to look like bankers.  I got a kick out of Rathbone’s crushed velvet suit.  If Alan Cummings was wearing it, we’d be all over it.  Of course it would be well tailored and he’d have better shoes and his suaveness would be pulling it off. Taylor Lautner looks great and isn’t afraid to look “grown up” and sophisticated.

    • Alan Cumming is a special case. The man has charisma and style coming out his ears. But as silly as Rathbone’s crushed velvet suit is, there’s a lot here that’s much worse. I, too, got a kick out of it.

    • Well of course, that suit would be MUCH different if it fit. As it is, it looks like pajamas. 

  • Anonymous

    There’s that pushed-in-face Twiguy — Taylor Lautner. The irrational desire to smack him in his smug mug is so very, very strong that I don’t care what he’s wearing.

    There’s really somebody named Boo Boo Stewart? His parents were huge Yogi Bear fans or something? And he uses this name voluntarily and professionally now that he’s old enough to choose? Kids today.

    That last guy should look up Ping. I think they’d get along famously.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson Rathbone looks ridiculous in that crushed red velvet suit and Kellan Lutz looks like a groomsman.   And dude needs to lay off the roids before he goes all Hulk on that suit and busts out of it

  • Anonymous

    I’m always critical of Taylor..but can’t say anything wrong with this look.  He looks like a movie star should, in that pic.  His tailor should be given an award, because that suit fits him perfectly. 

    Jared Kusnitz’s shoes are really nice.  I want them too.

    Kellan…well, at least he tries, unfortunately he doesn’t get it right most of the time.  I agree he needs to lose the vests and stick with white/light colored shirts. 

    Boo Boo looks like he’s wearing his dad’s tux…he’s swimming in it.  cute though.

  • Cathy S

    Taylor Lautner always looks 1 billion times better than Robert Pattinson. Why is that? Would Jackson Rathbone’s look be better if he wore that jacket with different pants? He seems like he has a sense of humor and I want to like what he’s wearing, but the pants are just way too much.

    • Robert Pattinson hates the books/movies/franchise. It’s kind of a miracle of his people that he showed up looking bathed.
      I don’t think Taylor Lautner has the same level of contempt for it so he probably put in more effort.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the day will come when Boo Boo Stewart wishes he had chosen a more grown-up name.

  • Anonymous

    you are correct about taylor.  as for the “assholes” LMFAO!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Matt Dallas does not look like a bank manager. He looks like a used car salesman.

  • Anonymous

    Not even SWINTON, Justin Chon. Not even her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m disappointed in David Henrie as he can really pull off a nice suit i think. Of the good ones, Boo Boo Stewart and Taylor Lautner are the best.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Aww, Poppets, David Henrie is not just wearing a T-shirt, that little douche is wearing a deep-V (you know, from like last year?).

    I agree One Jillion Percent with you on Michael Welch.

  • Anonymous

    I had to read this post again.  Honestly, LOL funny. 

    Kellen Lutz reminds me of a young Hasselhoff.  Seriously disturbs me every time I look at him.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea who 98% of these people are. I guess I’m officially old.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say two things. First, it is my firm opinion that every single guy at this event except for Taylor Lautner looked ABSOLUTELY idiotic. Second, there is a woman in the second photo who obviously slaughtered Grover and made his muppet pelt into a coat and I’m really, really upset about that.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      But isn’t it a nice change from all the Big Bird dresses?

    • Rand Ortega


  • Anonymous

    But you still look ridiculous.”


  • Does LA have a serious lack of tailors?  WTF?  Taylor Lautner is the only one whose clothes look like they fit. 

  • Is person identified in the picture really Justin Chon? Or is he just some random sophomore who accidentally wandered onto the red carpet and was mistaken by the paps for the real Justin Chon in some ghastly f**k-up?

  • Anonymous

    I only just now, for the first time, realized that the words “Taylor Lautner” represent one person, and the words “Kellan Lutz” represent a different person.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and Boo Boo Stewart, whoever he is, gets a permanent pass on everything, just for being Boo Boo.

    • Anonymous

      He really needs to hook up with Fivel whatsername who was in the women’s post from this red carpet.

      Fivel and Boo Boo? I mean, come on!

      • Apparently that’s his sister — their parents clearly hated them…

        • Anonymous

          Oh man, they do have the same last name and look alike. Okay, I apologize for suggesting they date. Ick.


  • Anonymous

    Ok, I howled with laughter at my desk.  Thank goodness I’m the only one in the office!

  • What? No comment about the hands in the pockets?!?

  • Rand Ortega

    Justin Chon: Where’s he going? Deep sea fishing? He looks like the Gorton’s Fisherman.
    Michael Welch is so freshly scrubbed adorable the bubbles are still floating off of him w/ a satisfying *POP*.
    Facinelli’s jacket is waaay too tight. He looks like a sausage in a satin casing. Wrapped in an ugly blue scarf. Like a weird pigs in a blanket.
    I swear I’ve seen Noel Fisher in a restaurant on Coney Island next to the samovar & the borscht.
    No matter where he goes, Kellan Lutz still manages to dress like a douche bag.
    TLaut– delish as always. The contrasts are so skillful. If he has gays, they should write a book on authentic Red Carpet dudeliness.
    Jared Kusnitz is great from the waist up. From the waist down & he’s a Toughskins ad.
    Matt Latner, too preppy to live!
    Jackson Rathbone seems to have wrapped himself in the velvet lining of his ancestor Basil’s Sherlock Holmes cape to walk the RC.

    • Anonymous

      “The Gorton’s Fisherman” Ha! He just needs that hat to complete the look.

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t have the time to scroll up & down, which I’d need to do since I don’t know most of the names. But, overall, boys beat out girls at this event.

    And Jackson Rathbone could have pulled it off with a slightly shorter jacket & more tailored pants.  I’d still bet it’s successful because people will want to pet him, & if he’s lucky it will be the people he wants to pet back. (Yeah. When does it ever work like that?)

    • margaret meyers

      That suit is so “saw this yesterday and I had to have it!”

  • The dude in the bowtie looks like he’s wearing his little brother’s jacket.  Makes his head look enormous!  It may be a cute outfit but the proportions look off.  Time to rethink your judgement, T-Lo…

  • Except for Taylor Lautner, all FAIL. 

  • Anonymous

    Fashion bouncers! Yes! And please video the proceedings and post it for us all to  revel in.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, here we go; they are sister and brother:

    • margaret meyers

      Everyone in their family is named after an animal cartoon character?  Is their little sister named Bambi or Thumper?

  • Rebecca Johnson

    “Oh, son. GOOD FOR YOU.But you still look ridiculous.”

    I LOL’d.

  • My 3 year old is snuggled on me as I scroll this, and she cracked up when i got to the last picture.  When I asked what she was laughing at (hoping it was the clothes), she pointed and said “Those funny shoes!  And those funny pants!” and cracked up again. If a three year old who prefers “comfy pants” and flip-flops knows it’s hilarious…

  • Am I the only one noticing the tragic outfits in the background? Grey tights with the WAY oversized bag? Blue dress with a blue fur coat? What in the world?!?! 

    • Anonymous

      i think it’s blue feathers. on someone who looks old enough to be my grandmother.
      & you are right.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, what is up with these boys?  I won’t even say men because some of them insist of dressing like they are 5 years old.   Now there were a few that looked like MEN.. but the rest needed to go home because they look like they just got off the couch and forgot where they needed to be.

  • Anonymous

    Boo Boo… seriously!   Now come on…. that belongs with Yogi Bear, not on a grown man!

  • margaret meyers

    The low, low pants-on-the-hips thing makes these boys look like they have big hips and thick, stumpy legs.  Except for Boo Boo.  I love the drape on his pants.  What are they made of?

  • Joshua

    Edward should take suit-wearing lessons from Jacob.

  • Anonymous

    I swear to gods that Kellan Lutz is starting to look just like David Hasseloff.

  • At the risk of being demoted from ‘minion’ to whomever minions look down upon, may I ask what the intent of the apotheosis statement was? Apotheosis is the elevation of someone to the rank of a god; I know y’all worship some serious shoes . . . but really?

    • +1 for leaving the bottom button on the vest unbuttoned. -1 for combining a tie bar with a vest (pick one).

    • Anonymous

      Ha..I was just thinking the same thing

  • Andrea and Dancy Mason

    Gotta say I’m loving the last guy – under-dressed or not, something about the plaid/khaki/tennis shoes combo is too adorable for me to criticize

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry.  Some kids name is BOO BOO.  Really??…Really???

  • Anonymous

    Boo Boo (whoever the hell he is) FTW!  I like the old-schoolness of it…rather Rhett Butler-esque.  He’s adorable.

  • MilaXX

    Amadou Ly – I don’t mind the colors he’s wearing, but I can’t tell if the suit doesn’t fit well or they caught him at an awkward moment. Either way ot beats the all black mafia look.Matt Lanter deserves to be lumps in with the guys who couldn’t be bothered. I don’t care if it’s cute, it’s not appropriate for this event.Loving Boo Boo for his name alone. The fact that he looks cute is an added bonus.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Matt Dallas: a bank manager, yes, but a HOT bank manager.

  • my order for kellan would be to get out of the clothes period…

    • Melvis Velour


  • Anonymous

    Ill fitting suits and clothes you would wear to pick up coffee at Starbucks. 

    What is this shiny suit thing?  Make it stop.

  • HAD to include my husband’s comment on the very last guy, Justin Chon: “It looks like he got dressed in the dark! Clearly the dawn hadn’t quite broken when he put this on.”

    I think he has a future in celeb fashion blogging. 😉

  • Anonymous

    There is an actor named Boo Boo?  Are you serious?  Is he dating Tinsel?  And what does he expect to be doing when he’s a 45-year-old actor named Boo Boo?

    After looking at the last four or five douchebags, I have to applaud all the young men above them just for trying. Even Jackson Rathbone, channeling his inner Alan Cumming but ending up in a suit that was too big and so looks even sillier.  Still. Pat on the head to you, honey.

    Justin Chon looks like the fishing boat pulled into the dock a few hours late and he had to throw on a parka and race to the theatre.  Dude.  You are NOT cool.  You are a douche.  Matt Lanter looks like he’s on his way to a gay Super Bowl party.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently I want to look like a bank manager then. I totally covet Matt Dallas’s tie (good knotting skills!) and I like the suit as well.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson Rathbone should sit at Alan Cumming’s feet and learn how it is done.  It’s great he tried, though. It’s nice to see someone break out of the box.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor is really working that suit. How long is his neck anyway? But I am crazy for Boo Boo…a name even more fun than Pippa. Totally hot looking…totally dateable. Totally should be pinned up in my locker.

    Matt looks “kinda cute”? No…he is a dream boat. Wish he would have dressed up more. Where are the guys getting those shirts with the huge cuffs?

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Whoa…Justin Chon, whoever you are, please just go home, OK? You obviously wandered onto the red carpet accidentally as you made your way to buy boots for your camping trip later today…

    • Melvis Velour

      We have a couple of hipster young things at the office who sported that look until some well meaning queen pulled them aside and told them how ridiculous it was…and no, it wasn’t me, I’m a vicious bitter kitten who mocked them…

  • Anonymous

    Are all these people in this movie, because I might ACTUALLY have to go see it!

  • Speaking of tailoring and fit… How about the terrible fit of the jacket on Amadou Ly? Someone get him a jacket that doesn’t pull when buttoned. Also, shirt sleeves waaaay too long.

  • Anonymous

    He is apparently a martial arts wunderkind. I assume those skills were developed in self-defense. Poor kid.

  • There is a person named Boo Boo? He exists?


    I mean. How creative of his parents. Ahem.

  • Whoever Matt Dallas is, he in NO WAY looks like a bank manager.  That outfit’s too bright, too cheap, and too cheap LOOKING for a bank manager.

    • Melvis Velour

      Exactly, almost all bank managers I know are much better put together than this – well, maybe there was that one from Dubuque until he came out, found a hot boyfriend and is much better for it…

  • Anonymous

    I laughed out loud when I was saw Jackson Rathbone. What a hilarious joke.

  • I don’t think I realized just how far Lautner had come fashion-wise until I saw this: Sorry for the sourcing, but it’s a comparison of Lautner at the first Twilight movie premiere versus this one.  Found this pic that at least provides a little more detail for comparison to what you’ve posted here:×630/ (though it still isn’t well sourced).