The Boys at “Immortals” Premiere

Posted on November 08, 2011

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the red carpet for the premiere of Immortals was dripping with homoeroticism.


Henry Cavill in Tom Ford

This man is exquisite. We’re loving the disco-fabulousness here, with the Superman hair, the big shirt collar and lapels, and the thick tie. He looks like a “Brut by Faberge” ad circa 1978. That’s an enormous compliment, just so you know. Amirite, middle-aged queens who stared at “Brut by Faberge”ads when they were little boys and weren’t quite sure why?

Kellan Lutz

Looks like a total lunkhead in comparison. That’s probably not fair, but we’ve said before that the bigger you get from working out, the more of an issue finding well-fitted clothes will become. And when you approach bodybuilder proportions, you can pretty much forget about looking like anything but an ape when you wear a suit. Not that we think Kellan looks like an ape here. He’s not that big. But he has gotten big enough that garments that should be fitted look blocky on him. He’s got the perfect “t-shirt and jeans” body, but even a well-tailored suit like this one looks shapeless on him.


Joseph Morgan

Don’t you feel sorry for those poor struggling actors in those goofy costumes?

Anyway, he’s got just the right looks to pull of a tie-less three-piece look, but those pants look ready to fall right off him and his collar… oh, son. Your collar. Why.


Luke Evans in Burberry

The very picture of suave. A bit on the “British banker” side of things, which could have been mitigated with some color in the tie, but we can’t deny he looks chic and put the hell together here.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Guest

    deleted – double post

  • Anonymous

    They’re all wearing three-piece suits. Was that in their contracts?

    Regardless, thanks for the brain bleach following that Chloe whatsername post. These lads are all cute in their own way.

  • Anonymous

    I must say that it’s nice to see three-piece suits making a comeback; it’s a very elegant and sophisticated look.  They do, however, require a tie.

  • Alina Valero

    not a single hem complaint?!??!?!?? shocker.

  • Laura Schultz

    I’ll take one Luke Evans to go, please? 

    • Anonymous

      And when you’ve done with Luke, please send him my way, pretty please?

      • Ally Monge

        We can all share right?

        • Anonymous

          I think we can work this out!

          • Anonymous

            Add me to the list. I’ll take sloppy 3rds… :-)

  • Anonymous

    Henry Cavill is so handsome and charming, he brings out the squealing teenage girl buried in my loins. Everyone else can just go home. Really. Your presence is not necessary.

    • Anonymous

      I know. I’m 39 but whenever I see Henry I have a mad desire to start clipping photos and hang them on my walls.

      • Anonymous

        I’m old enough to be his mother and whenever I see Henry, I have a mad, shameless desire to do something else.

  • Anonymous

    Why are they all wearing three-piece suits? 

    Did they all agree to not shave, too?  Are they participating in Movember?

    The first and last look terrific, the middle two need some reworking.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    Oh my goodness, Mr. Evans stop looking at me like that – I think I need to lie down for a minute.

  • Anonymous

    Henry Cavill is my secret husband…… I suffered through “The Tudors” solely to see him with the oh so handsome facial hair.  he looks great here.  Kellan should have skipped the vest, it would have slightly slimmed down the bulk and set him apart a little from the other vested men.  I can’t be bothered with Joe Morgan, he looks positively waifish here and that NEVER appeals to me.  Now, Mr. Luke Evans looks PERFECT here, I love a well shined shoe with perfectly hemmed and fitted pants.  They both look better next to my nightstand in the morning….

    • Sobaika Mirza

      You are not kidding. I watched the entirety of The Tudors simply because the first episode had a shot of DAT ASS.

      • Anonymous

        And oh, what an ass it is…. not to digress into another subject but that show was hysterically bad, wasn’t it?  I had a friend comment to me one day “how much she was learning about English history” by watching.  I said what she was learning was the most absurdly bastardized version of English history ever put on film.  But it was a sort of fun guilty pleasure.

        • Shannon Stewart

          Oh that’s so sad!  I’m assuming she didn’t mean that it inspired her to then read up on English history to get the ACCURATE account?

        • Anonymous

          Who the heck cares about the authenticity of English history when you are looking at Henry Cavill’s butt? Henry VIII could have had 9 wives in the series, as long as MY Henry continued to grace the scene.

          And he’s mine.

          I also perversely lusted after the Earl of Surrey (even though he was portrayed as quite the pig) because he had that wonderful scene with Brandon over poetry (“the night discharged of all care…”), and because I’ve loved David O’Hara since The Matchmaker.

        • Ali

          I had a friend with a similar reaction. When I grumbled about how Steven Waddington (Buckingham) was picture-perfect to play Henry VIII, she complained that he wasn’t as hot as Jonathan Rhys Myers. During that scene where he was wrestling with the French King? I was guffawing madly. I couldn’t even make it through the first season, even with my love of Cavill. I just got too pissed at the entire thing.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, it got even more absurd than that in later seasons.  JRM as Henry never gained an ounce of fat, even as he neared death.  Totally ridiculous…..

        • Melissa Della

          It was horrifically inaccurate, but oh so pretty.

    • Anonymous

      I think Henry has several spouses he’s not aware of 😀 lol

      • Anonymous

        Oh, he is aware of me, hence the restraining order.  But now I have revealed too much……

    • Anonymous

      I too put up with Jonathan Rhys Myers chewing the set just to see him. He is gorgeous!

  • Ali

    I called Henry Cavill as hot way back when he was on The Count of Monte Cristo. My friends denied it at the time, so now I gloat quite a bit whenever he is on.

  • Anonymous

    Henry Cavill and Brut by Faberge ads: “Amirite, middle-aged queens who stared at “Brut by Faberge” ads when they were little boys and weren’t quite sure why?” Little girls stared at them too and got…funny feelings they didn’t understand. We have so much in common!

    “Exquisite” is the word for Henry.  Yummity-yum-yum-yum!  And how dapper he looks!  (Small quibble: Please shave your neck.)

    Luke Evans:  Dangerously handsome.  Lock up your daughters.

    I can’t imagine how any of them posed with straight faces while being photographed next to the poor guys who don’t yet have their Equity cards and get paid low hourly rates to stand there in filthy costumes looking stupid and testosterone-addled. 

  • Charlotte Horseman

    LUKE EVANS!   Yes… yes… YES!

  • RL McGruder

    Henry Cavill – I didn’t get him until right NOW!  Yum.  Joseph Morgan – try again.  You look like everyone else’s poor relation.

  • Anonymous

    All in 3 piece suits…shocker! 😉 Luke Evans stands out with Henry Cavill close behind.  Kellan probably should have ditched the vest or gone with a deeper V…adds to the blocky-ness…still looks pretty sharp. I don’t like his hair dyed dark like that…medium brown suits him better.  His thighs look great though!  :oP   Joseph Morgan…wtf?  sloppy…especially in comparison to the others.

  • Anonymous

    Le Sigh. If only all movies could have a side of “dripping with homoeroticism.”

  • Sara Munoz

    Luke Evans FTW!!!!

  • Anonymous

    All those muscles can’t hide the fact that Kellan Lutz still looks like a little boy who was put into grown-up clothes by his mommy.
    Luke Evans on the other hand *purr* – not liking that scrawny patchy beard thingy on his face, though. Other than that *purr*

    And yay for three piece suits!

  • Jennifer

    OK I’ll admit it. I watched… and loved Smallville. And I am generally NOT in the Smallville demographic. So I got a little haughty at the idea of someone else other than Tom Welling playing Superman. Not haughty anymore. Henry Cavill is much, much hotter and Superman-esque than I ever gave him credit for.

  • CQAussie

    OMG Henry Cavill.  So dishy, so gorgeous.  Have loved him since forever it seems.  I wish he’d gain a teeny more weight.  The slightly hollow cheeks look is not fabulous to me.

    But HELLLOOOOO Luke Evans!  I have no idea who you are but my are you tall, dark and handsome =D  

    • Dina dV

      I’m going to assume that his chiseled face is from a training regimen to play Superman that includes a carb-controlled diet because he looked rather beefy and ripped in the shirtless photo from the set.  So he wouldn’t need to gain weight as much as eat a potato or some pasta to fill out his cheeks.

  • Anonymous

    More Henry Cavill, please. Don’t know who Luke Evans is…but he’d be great as a gangster/outlaw.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for Henry to hit the big time since the first episode of “The Tudors.” He’s so, so pretty.

  • Heather

    Those gladiators, or whatever they are, are hilarious.

  • MilaXX

    Henry Cavill totally fits the Brut by Faberge moniker, Kellan looks like a big lunk, Joseph Morgan looks like he’s drowning in his clothes, but Luke Evans looks just right in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Luke Evans is, but RROWRRR!

  • Anonymous

    Luke Evans for the win.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Thank you, Tom Ford.

  • Joshau Norton

    Ah, Henry Cavill. Talk about putting the “stud” in “stud muffin”. While everyone was decadently drooling over Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, I was hyperventilating over him as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. Hawt or what!!

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      You’re not the only one. Poor JRM, he looked like a boy-king next to Cavill’s manly man maleness.

  • Cathy S

    Henry Cavill for the win!

  • Joshau Norton

    If Joseph Morgan is going for the prize for the most mens fashion “dont’s” then he’s won. Crumpled shirt collar. Too many shirt buttons undone. Big old belt buckle staring at you from under his vest. Pants puddling around his ankles. Looks like he just got up from a nap.

    One of those swords should be used on who ever told him he looks good in that get-up.

  • Shannon Stewart

    Lutz has the other problem of muscled men:  no neck.  You can’t look good in a suit if you don’t have enough of a neck.  Maybe if he went tieless with the top button undone? 

  • Anonymous

    A matter of taste, I guess, but I loooove a big man in a suit so I think Kellan Lutz looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Joseph wasn’t even trying, was he?
    Kellan’s awesome blue eyes make up for a lot, at least on my scorecard.
    And the first and last gentlemen were darn near perfect.

  • Judy_J

    Henry Cavill is freakin’ gorgeous.  I also stared at the Brut by Faberge ads, but for a different reason.  Luke Evans is dreamy.  I love a man in a nicely tailored 3 piece suit.

  • Anonymous

    They all look pretty dreamy…too bad about Mr. Floppy Collar, though.  I actually thought Kellan Lutz looks like less of a meathead than usual here!  It’s not pulling anywhere, which is a big step in the right direction.  Somebody needs to hook him up with someone who tailors suits for NFL players…so they can really suit his physique.

    And Henry?  Oh Lord!  My heart did a little flip-flop just looking at him.  He’s beautiful, and looks perfect here.

  • Karen Stephens Bassett


  • Anonymous

    I think this is the best I’ve seen Kellan Lutz looking, actually. I approve of all of these boys.

  • Anonymous

    Handsome fellas. Lutz and Cavill are my faves. And boy howdy do I remember those Brut by Faberge ads in the late 70s. Where’s my fan? I’m hot ‘n bothered.

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Luke Evans.  How are you?  My pants are over here…why don’t you jump on in

  • Buffy

    Henry Cavill, mmmmmmmm!

  • Dina dV

    I’m not a middle-aged queen, just a middle-aged woman, but I have to admit that I was more an Aramis person.  Ted Danson was just so gorgeous in those ads.

    But Henry Cavill is insanely beautiful and does work that more subtle 70s vibe to a T.

    • Anonymous

      You know Ted still has it. I have been watching Bored to Death. He wears some stunning suits on that show.

      • Dina dV

        He does.  Always a handsome, handsome man.  I even remember the specific Aramis ad that made me swoon.  He was wearing a tuxedo and holding the Aramis umbrella that was FREE with purchase.  He’s in profile and laughing and so is his gorgeous co-model in her gown, and they were so perfect and so far from my working middle class South Shore of Long Island upbringing that I wanted to live in that ad.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my. They are all looking very chiseled. (Except for the one that’s falling out of his clothes.)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who the hell Luke Evans is, but he looks hot in those pictures.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Henry Cavill has no business wearing clothes at all. He is so hot its absolutely sickening.

    Oh, sorry, this is a fashion blog. Right. Great suit Henry. And Luke Evans. Perhaps the next premiere party could be held on a beach. Or in a sauna. Or at my place. Sorry, I’m digressing again.

  • Catherine


  • Anonymous

    So…if this RC is any indication, vests are coming back. Hard.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about men approaching bodybuilder proportions, you must have seen those shirtless shots of Cavill. You must have.

    He is twice the size of Lutz and he still makes him look like a freshman. You go superman!

  • Anonymous

    Henry and Luke obviously have a tailor on speed dial here and across the pond because they are approaching sublime with the fit.  Kellan’s problem is mostly fit and tailoring.  And as for Mr. Morgan…get propper fitting to start because that crotch is INSANE!

  • Joshau Norton

    It seems they “redesigned” Superman’s outfit. Not sure if I like it or not. Can’t really tell what’s Henry and what’s foam rubber and latex.

  • Liana Brooks

    I’ll take one of each, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know Joseph Morgan, but he has CUTE lips. He’s neither boyish nor a square-faced Neanderthal. Refreshing. 

  • Terence Ng

    So what’s the suggestion that Mr. Lutz do when attempting to wear a suit if it’s agreed that even a tailored suit won’t fit him right? Not wear suits?

    If they can dress women of all body types, surely there must be some formal garment in the limited range of formal clothes available to men that he can wear.

  • Kristy Evans

    I clearly read your blog way too much – my first thought on viewing Luke Evans, rather than being “Damn, he’s fine!” was “Look at the break on those pants! Perfect!” You’re ruining me, T.Lo.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, who is Luke Evans??? He looks like the perfect mix of Robert Patrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I never got the appeal of Henry Cavill…..until I saw him in the Brut Suit. Fabulous!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Luke, remove your hands from your pockets.


  • Anonymous

    I’ll be so  glad when men start shaving again…

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, Henry Cavill and Luke Evans are looking mighty fine. Mr. Cavill truly was the best/only reason to watch The Tudors. 

  • Anonymous

    If poor Kellan had that suit jacket taken in at the waist it would have been alright. But it’s still a nice suit and I don’t think he looks like an ape.

  • Melissa Della

    I could do with more Henry Cavill in my life. Yum.

  • Mary Stone

    I hate “belt buckle visible under bottom of vest” myself, it makes my eyelids twitch.  VEST needs to be LONGER and if you’re wearing a 3-piece suit, I think you need a tie…

  • Anonymous

    Luke Evans for the win.

    If there’s ever a short, middle-aged woman arrested for running amok on a red carpet with a fully-charged electric razor, well, you’ll all get to see me on the news.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Was there a memo sent about wearing a waistcoat? Otherwise, all those three-piece suits, what are the odds?

  • Anonymous

    Banker is the male version of Librarian.

  • skadi1

    Is it just me, or does Luke Evans look like an older, craggier Joseph Gordon Leavitt?  Muy bueno!

    • Anonymous

      I totally thought it was Joseph Gordon Levitt, and was scared for his health for a second.

      But then I saw it was someone else entirely, and could appreciate his dreaminess.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    I think you’re far too hard on Kellan.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Henry, I used to go blind looking at your Botticelli-esque beauty, but the bulk and the dyed hair? I hope they go away. My dad wore Brut, so I really don’t want to contemplate any sexual feelings that might be attached, thanks just the same.

    Luke Evans, thank you for bringing it. The vest is sexy, I cannot lie.

  • lapiquante

    Kellan Lutz’ jacket even looks short, like he needed to go up a size, or up a length. Maybe then the bulging biceps wouldn’t get stuck in the sleeves when he lifted his arms.     And I’m so glad Henry Cavill is finally landing roles, rather than being the runner-up. Because it gives us wonderful opportunities like this one to ogle him in good clothes!

  • Anonymous

    Hullo Luke Evans.

  • Natalie

    Luke Evans and Henry Cavill are so fine. Loved that you did this post to compare the good suits and bad. 

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Luke Evans is but he puts all the lunkheads above him to shame. Hot!

  • Anonymous

    He might look like a lunk, but Kellan’s face & that knowing smirk more than offset the boxy fit for me!

    Oh, and who is this Luke Evans?  Yum!

    • juliana

      Luke is sooo sharp dressed, never miss. I expected something more “fashionable” than this one from him, but he sure knows how to pick a suit. And for the ones who don’t know him, he’s got great films comming up: The Hobbit, The Raven, No One Lives, and the list goes on. Oh and he was Aramis in the new Three Musketeers ;]

  • Anonymous

    I had to look up Brut by Faberge ads circa 1978, but I do believe you are right.

  • Anonymous

    I will take Luke. He may look like a banker but a very naughty banker who knows his way around the ledger!

  • Miky

    How many hot guys… XD