In or Out: Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton

Posted on November 30, 2011

“I’m so excited!” blurted out Lo upon seeing the following pics. “Why?” asked Tom. “And are you about to lose control and do you think you like that?”

“No, it’s just…” as he swept his hand toward the monitor and Sarah Jessica. “Look!”

“What? What am I looking at?”

“Wack is BACK on the red carpet lately! Haven’t you noticed?”


Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis VuittonSarah Jessica Parker attends the 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City in a Louis Vuitton dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Magda Laguinge (NEXT)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton

And Tom had to admit both that Lo was right and that he hadn’t noticed until now. The wack really is back lately and we should get down on our knees as bitchy gay fashion bloggers and thank Dear Mr. Jesus for that one. Now, we’re not about to make wild predictions here, but once Lo pointed it out, we both got to talking about it and it’s true: it seems like there’s been a bit more of the above kind of stuff going on. We think it’s the Gaga Effect. She’s been pushing at the edges of high-end fashion, wearing the more outrageous pieces in fun and witty ways, shifting the window slightly back to the crazier side of things, before stylists got scared and blacks and neutrals became de rigeur on the red carpet.

Not that we really think SJP is taking a page from Gaga’s book. She’s never needed an excuse to wear the wack. Now, the question here becomes, do we embrace Sarah Jessica’s deployment of the wack as a free-spirited middle finger to convention or do we take a step back and say, “I don’t care how excited this makes T Lo, she looks terrible?”

We’re asking.


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IN! Embrace the wack!

OUT! Bride of Big Bird!

Voting on Zoe Kravitz’s poorly deployed Chanel is still open.


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    • Anonymous

      Out.  Sloppy hair, ruppled top, unflattering whole.

      • Anonymous

        THIS, so much.

      • Amelia Logan

        Right gaga is crazy but edited and manicured, that is why it works.

    • Anonymous


    • Carrie Lindstedt

      Wack is fine, but I just don’t think it’s attractive. Out.

    • Anonymous

      Embrace! The top may look like rumpled slips (do any women still wear slips?), but I can’t lie: I love the skirt.

      • Mich

        i do too, although i like the color in the runway version. i think this might work better on a taller, bigger gal.

      • Tadiana Walton Jones

        I’m embracing the holiday craziness of the skirt but can’t get behind the top. Even on the runway model that top looks odd to me – it should be with a summery capri pant, or skinny jeans, but not that insane but beautiful skirt.  It’s an OUT for me, solely for that.

    • Anonymous

      It’s fresh and fun, and she doesn’t have her hair scraped back for once. The shoes are too conservative and cautious for the dress, though. And her makeup is (as usual) way too heavy, and she could have done more with earrings since the top is very plain. But enough points for the dress to make it an IN. 

    • Anonymous

      OUT! Definitely Bride of Big Bird. But, bad is better than boring by a mile. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to go with terrible. Yikes.

    • Anonymous

      OUT! Definitely Bride of Big Bird. But, bad is better than boring by a mile.

    • Mike Cooper

      OUT. This looks terrible on her. A different top might make it a more flattering “wack”.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I think maybe even that top with the waist nipped in or a belt would fix the problem. I kind of love it anyway, but I think that it could be both flattering and insane.

    • Manon

      In! But only on certain people…

    • Anonymous

      I love it!  And Sarah looks very pleased with herself.  It’s an IN.

      • Sarah Bailey

        In. She looks happy and not sickly.

    • Anonymous

      In. She’s feathery wack and she’s not Zoe Kravitz. She EMBRACES. She LOVES. She loves US.

    • Amanda Semrick

      Out.  It makes her look shapeless.

      While I’m all for pushing the envelope, this looks like a rejected costume for the feather duster in Beauty and the Beast.

    • Stephen Bornstein

      Sarah was always privy to the wack….but this number does nothing flatering for her…white is not her color in such volume, the topvs bottom cuts her in two. Even on the model dress is shapeless and unflattering and nobody needs that bric a brac assortment of bangels or rings. SJP you used to have a point of veiw. Now it’s a tired old scene.

    • foodycat

      “I don’t care how excited this makes TLO, she looks terrible” – the top is a really unflattering shape that looks like a remnant from her Footloose days. She wore it with acid-wash mom jeans. And the skirt looked like a well-lathered loofah.

    • J Dreesen

      i’m in an embracing mood.  IN out of spite (i love me some middle finger).

    • Anonymous

      At least her hair is pulled back away from her face?

    • kerry dee

      out, out out. she is too old for that collection to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      OMG, she drives me crazy. Too old/wiry for this type of outfit. Automatic OUT.

      • Anonymous

        This, exactly. In her younger days, sure I could see it looking fun and interesting and IN, but at her age and with her current figure? Nope nope nope! Out.

    • Judy_J

      She’s at the Snowflake Ball so she decided to dress like a dainty little snowflake. 

    • Pumps and Gloss


    • Anonymous

      It’s an IN for me! 

    • Judy_J

      She’s at the Snowflake Ball, so she decided to dress like a dainty little snowflake. I give her an IN for dressing for the occasion.

    • Anonymous

      I love love love the phrase “embrace the wack” and in theory think everyone should live by it.  In practice, though, I think SJP looks ridiculous.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      IN.  I honestly just love this look on her.  On a lot of people, I’d find it a bit desperate, but on SJP it’s great – and she was wise enough to “scale back the wack” and toned down the green at the bottom (or maybe it’s just the picture.).

      Keep in mind on Blake Lively or another Gossip Girl, this would be a screaming neon out.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s her umbrella? The umbrella MAKES the look.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely.  If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right.

    • Anonymous

      Out. Bride of Big Bird.
      The top does absolutely nothing for her, makes her waist seem bigger than it is. And really, for her? This is toned down from that wacked out bubble gum pink feathered monstrosity.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  Needs the cute shoes of the runway styling, and the brighter color accent on the dress feathers.  And there’s something weird about the way the top is hanging on her. Makes SJP look like a PUDGE.  (How does it DO that???)

      OUT for sure…

    • Anonymous

      I honestly don’t think she looks terrible.  Odd though it may be, there’s still something pretty and appealing about the dress.  Her hair is darker too, right?  I think it looks less harsh than usual. IN

    • Anonymous

      well i suppose it’s an improvement over the horrid green runway version..tho not much…it looks like some kind of cracked out macrame/doily/feather mashup….must give it an OUT

    • Praggya R. Barretto

      Out. The top half would be cute in the summer with capris and Chanel flats, whereas the bottom reminds me of the French maid duster in Beauty and the Beast.

    • Stan

      embrace the wack! but get a new hair/makeup artist

    • Anonymous

      It’s not the kind of wack that makes me smile.  It’s the kind of wack that makes me wrinkle my forehead (didn’t Samantha employ a similar test for relationships?)

      So out.  I don’t need the wrinkles.

    • Anonymous

      Great make up and hair. The skirt’s a real attention-puller, of course, but everything else is so simple that it isn’t overkill. IN.

    • Anonymous

      Love wack, but not here. Props, but you don’t look good. Out

    • Dave

      OUT – Gaga’s wack is eye-catching and strangely beautiful.  This iteration of SJP’s wack is eye-catching and strangely shapeless.  It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s a load hard road to “In”-ville.

    • Anonymous

      I’m all for wack, but I do think what you’re wearing shouldn’t make you look bad. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      She looks cute. I can’t tell if the teal feathers are actually more subdued in her version or if it’s just the light making them look more mint/seafoam. Either way, I say IN. Don’t bore Zaftiguana!

    • Anonymous

      I’m a big fan of the wack.  I actually wish she had kept more of the sea-foam feathers on the skirt, but the fit on the top concerns me (on SJP and on the model).  It’s the same effect as Olivier’s dog bed dress, making a small woman look wide and shapeless.  But I’m willing to look past that, because the skirt is so damn fabulous. IN.

    • Anonymous

      Ew. What a mess. Not even the model looks good in it. In fact, the model looks furious that such an ugly-ass dress was foisted on her.

    • Julia

      I think she looks quite good. Everything is very… appropriate to the outfit, if that makes sense. Funner shoes could have been called for, but the white ones work. I also totally dig her hair. I’ve just responded to well to this look. Maybe it’s the dress. Maybe it’s because she looks like an endearing aunt. IN. 

    • Anonymous

      she looks like one of those crocheted TP holders

    • Aki

      I like the bottom of that outfit a lot.  It’s the kind of cray I can handle, but she has such a petite upper half that the high waist just isn’t doing her any favors.  I think it’s a very barely OUT.

    • O Superman

      I can’t quite get a handle on how you’re using wack here – I think it’s some sort of noun form of wacky, but all I can think of is the slang term meaning something that people don’t like. As in, “Ugh, that’s wack.”

      Anyway, ugh, that dress is wack. She’s OUT.

    • Anonymous

      It is very Bride of Big Bird… but I kind of like it. I’m embracing the wack and going with an IN.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa, I literally thought “She looks like she’s going to marry Big Bird” before I even scrolled down.

    • Vickie Lord


    • Robert Sanchez

      Well, she’s trying, but I don’t know if anyone could pull this off on the red carpet. Out.

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      She’s not wack enough to pull it off. If she had gone with the colors on the models version and the crazy shoes, then she’d be properly embracing the wack. It looks like she tried to make wack more elegant and that’s why she fails.

    • Anonymous

      Bring on the wack!  I’m sick of a boring, safe red carpet.  Wack, wack, wack, wack…

    • Flavia Pantoja

      OUT, she looks like a peecock. And I hate the shoes. And has she never heard or a little something called ‘a manicure’?? 

    • Anonymous

      I must say that I don’t this looks too good but, still, I don’t care somehow.  I’m going to embrace the WHACK! IN

    • Anonymous

      Hairy daisy skirts are hot, hot, hot!

    • Anonymous

      OUT. She looks terrible.

    • Tessa Childers

      Embrace the wack! It’s the holidays and then the 2012 election…things are depressing/boring enough. I could use a good laugh, and the wack will provide it.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t care how excited this makes T Lo, she looks terrible?” 

      Skip the hair (and scroll past the top of her face and you have some crazy old great aunt.

    • Anonymous

      A for effort, C for execution. She didn’t stick the landing, judges.

    • Pop Tarts Jen

      In! We should definitely embrace the wack! Plus, I like the look!

    • Anonymous

      There is something wrong here.  Something very very wrong.  OUT.  I feel itchy now.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Gaga is 20 something years old and can pull off something like this. SJP is old enough to be her mother. She just looks silly.

    • Anonymous

      I hate the shape of the top, but think the whole look would be pretty awesome if the top (bodice?) was fitted.  I stand IN approval of whack.  

    • Deborah DebsVintagesoul Bonner

      I don’t mind the outfit but she needs to go eat two sandwiches. She is too stringy!

    • Debby Barbero

      I have to say it.  Bride of Big Bird.  OUT

    • Rebecca Johnson

      It’s not flattering, but gosh I do like the wack. I wish she’d gotten some pomade for her flyaways, though. And the shoes are bogus. I think that pushes it into OUT for me. Sad face.

    • kara

      I love the wack!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I like to have fun with the wacky, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she looks ridiculous. 

    • tom markiewicz

      she looks pretty damn terrible…

    • Connie Dees

      In, though I liked the Wack better with the blue feathers. 

    • kara

      I love the wack

    • Anonymous

      Yea! for wack, and I think she looks cute…

    • Anonymous

      In, in, IN!   I think she looks lovely.  The dress is wacky but pretty in a way that suits SJP and is very appropriate for a snowflake ball.  She’s lost the dreaded middle parting and the dark roots; her make up is soft and pretty (except for the eyes, but that’s her trademark). The bracelets work in an outfit where statement earrings or necklace would have been swallowed up.  Not sure about the ring but that’s about it…. 

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Embrace the Wack!

    • Ebony Dawkins

      Bride of Big Bird. Out. (Although she accessorized that thing nicely.)

    • accidental housewife

      I don’t even know why I bother to look at SJP posts anymore. She’s always looks ridiculous. What in hell is with her hair? That’s hair for a 17 year old cheerleader. Of course she’s OUT.

      Love the shoes, though.

    • Megan Moore

      I want to embrace the wack but that is just frumpy, mess wack. I like it better on the model. OUT Sorry SJP. Don’t take it too hard.

    • Tiger Gray

      Out. I love the dress on the model (well, the skirt. I don’t know if that top could look great on anyone) but on SJP it’s a no.

    • Emily Giovanni

      I fully embrace the wack, but not so much the shoes.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I would have loved to see her keep the parasol and choose a more interesting shoe.  Not sure if it’s the light, but I really liked the darker blue (feather?) accents on the runway.  It’s not full-on SJP tragic, but wack requires more.  It just doesn’t go far enough.

      A mildly unenthusiastic Out.

      On the IN side …don’t you think she look really, really refreshed here?

    • Anonymous

      I’m this close to an IN, because, you know, it’s her and it’s fun and yeah, it’s not per se all that flattering, but that’s not really its point. But I’ve gotta agree that the hair makes it an OUT. If you want to work this kind of thing, I feel like you have to pay attention to all the details to show that you really did think the whole thing through. Otherwise it just looks like you wear whatever amuses you. Which is fine, but not a way to be a fashion icon. Anyone can amuse themselves; a fashion icon amuses other people (and not in that “…doesn’t she realize what she looks like?” way. In that “she totally knows what she looks like, and it’s hilarious!” way).

    • Anonymous

      embrace the wack, in.  she looks pretty (in a weird dress) and happy. I like her hair and makeup.  In

    • muzan-e

      Godawful. And frankly, it was terrible even on the model – and she’s clearly a pixie.

    • P M

      In, of course! Otherwise what would we talk about? Worse, what would we spend our time on? Laundry??

    • Paula Berman

      Can I vote for Embrace the Wack AND Bride of Big Bird?  Because both are true, generally speaking.  I love wack on the red carpet, but this particular one is terrible.  The top is boxy and weird.  The bottom is silly and the shoes are hideous.  OUT.

    • Delaney Davis

      That seafoam green doesn’t seem to be photographing well. I bet it’s better from another angle. It’s fun, let’s not scare them off! In!

    • rynerman

      Out.  Maybe if the top was more fitted or at least fit better?  I dunno, it’s crazy but also not flattering.

    • John McPherson

      OUT!  She’s heading into dangerous “Baby Jane” territory with this outfit.  And if the camera adds 5-10 pounds, she is distressingly thin.

      • Anonymous

        Well, we’re not supposed to talk about that kind of thing, so I won’t say what I’m thinking about her hands. But really, Sarah, eat a sandwich!

    • Sara__B

      Her hair is a slightly subdued version of Jessica Simpson’s a few posts back, and the white pumps are pure MOB at a summer wedding, but the dress is fun and frothy. On her. Bride of Big Bird? Yes! Embrace the wack? Yes! Someone’s got to wear these silly gowns. Why not SJP?

    • Anonymous

      It’s certainly far from the most flattering look she’s ever cavorted in, but I’m in a mood to embrace the WACK! She let us all down on the basic shoes though, and I wouldn’t have minded if she had carried the umbrella too, and had the brighter feathers 😉
      I wish we could see her bracelet menagerie better, because I really like what I can see.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  I feel like I should hate it, but I don’t.  After seeing a couple of starlets do the white Christmas theme with dull white dresses, this is kind of interesting and fun.  Embrace the wack!

    • Kaley Linton

      SJP is IN!  I thinks it’s pretty and off beat and perfect for the snowflake event!

    • Anonymous

      sorry, but all i can see is a cluster of fuzzy barnacles. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Very out.

    • Anonymous

      There is a fine line between wacky and cracky.  This is cracky.  

    • Anonymous

      OUT. This outfit looks like something out of Dr. Suess.

    • Anonymous

      Out. The top is an ill-fitting wrinkled mess and the skirt is just ridiculous.  Also her hair is sloppy.

      • Anonymous

        What Karena10 says!  I could consider giving this outfit a little benefit of the doubt, since the event is a “Snowflake Ball” and the skirt is pretty clearly an attempt to channel snow-flakery, but the vibe is completely ruined by the stack of awful arm bangles.  OUT.

    • ali meowmeow

      OUT. I could almost get behind the wacky skirt, but the top of that dress is killing me. I’m also not wild about white pumps that seem to be a different shade of white than what’s in the dress. Clashing whites annoy me.
      I can’t even get past those elements to look at the rest of it.

    • R. L.

      I rate her as IN.  What’s wrong with a little Wack?  She didn’t need fussy hair.  I don’t love the shoes but they aren’t silly putty so they are okay, just not great.

    • Lisa

      Ouch… OUT!  

      (*Wow, that hurts every time I have to do that to her!*)

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t help but love someone who goes full white peacock like that on the red carpet. IN for sheer peacocky wackiness.

    • Allison Woods

      Zat tawp iz zooo unflatterink. Owwt.

    • Carrieanno

      IN. She’s SJP.  Nuff said.

    • Joyce VG

      Oh why not?  IN!  Embrace the wack!

    • Anonymous

      OUT OUT OUT. She looks like she collided with a swan on her way to the cupcake party. It’s wack and twee at the same time. Ick.

    • Anonymous

      Such a good point! I am happy about more risk-taking on the red carpet. But I think the wack parts aren’t the difficulty here. The badness is the weird A-line top and its matronly effect when combined with that half-back hair. The over-bangled sinewy arms just look like they were borrowed from Madonna and tacked on. Overall I can’t vote this IN on its merits, but if this is a referendum on whether it’s good that wack is back, I will happily vote IN in support of wack’s return. 

    • Ally Monge

      Embrace the wack! IN! I wish the top was more form fitting, but love the skirt, and her make-up looks really good.

    • Zi Jie Tan

      But it’s a “Snowflake Ball”! 

    • Ira Ioannidou

      OUT! There is NOTHING here that I like

    • Anonymous

      She looks terrible. You can go different without looking frumpy and ridiculous.

    • Susan Walker

      Though this looks summery, I like seeing the wack.  I agree the shoes are wrong.

    • Lauren St Martin

      Out. Looks awful.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, c’mon, she’s a snowflake at the Snowflake Ball…  I’m gonna go with IN(ish).

    • Jane Morris

      Bride of Big Bird?  More like Mother of the Bride of Big Bird.  Or an Emu.  Big Bird’s rarely seen cousin Emu.

    • Anonymous

      She’s supposedly a fashion risk-taker but she didn’t even have the guts to go with the brighter color on the skirt (which is actually pretty).  OUT.

    • Pam Winters

      I don’t love her look–ever, it seems like–but I admire her gumption, and I’m amazed at what she gets away with at that height. Proportions aren’t usually her problem, even though she doesn’t have supermodel-length legs.

      I actually rather like this one, except for the hair.

    • Anonymous

      Fashion victim

    • Anonymous

      She looks terrible, but her hair is better, isn’t it?

      I embrace the wack, but just not this wack. This wack is cracked.

    • MandyJane

      In, I love the wacky stuff. So much more fun!

    • Anonymous

      In.  Bring on the wack!

      Not everyone can carry it off, but SJP is one of them.

    • marlie

      Looks awful. Out.

    • Charles Purdy

      Gosh, I’m a firm IN. It works for me. She’s like an antique Christmas dolly that was crumpled at the bottom of the ornament box. I mean that in a good way…. It was the *Snowflake Ball*, so a little bit of flakiness is de rigueur, right?

    • Joey Melliza

      even the twenty-something high fashion model couldn’t pull it off (she was kinda sad trying) … how can SJP?  … and the detail that made it interesting – the slightly yellow on the waist and mint feather fringe were not in SJP’s garment —- what she’s wearing looked like it had been in the wash too long…. Sad

    • Chantelle James

      IN just because she’s at the Snowflake Ball dressed as a wack snowflake. I don’t love her eye makeup but something about her hair and face works here; she looks pretty.

    • Anonymous

      Hell, she’s looked worse. And it is a “Snowflake Ball”. So, she’s in.

    • Linda Harris

      out,out, out

    • Mary Comber

      I think this goes to prove that you can be too thin and too rich.

    • mrspeel2

      Wearing a snowflake dress to a Snowflake Ball makes perfect sense to me!

    • Anonymous

      You know, if she’d showed up with the feathers that minty green color and toting that parasol I might have gone for it.  But, sadly, she did not.

      Bride of Big Bird.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Take that as you will.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. But seriously, girl, if you’re gonna go all out wack, you have to keep the teal feathers as bright as they originally are.

    • Anonymous

      In! it makes perfect sense for a Snowflake ball….. I think she looks lovely…. I love her bracelets

    • Jennifer Small

      In.  Bring the crazy, SJP!

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      yuck. OUT

    • MilaXX

      IN! Embrace the wack!
      I kinda like it in an odd sort of way, although I prefer the models shoes. Also, she her she changed her hair so I think she deserves an IN on this.

    • Anonymous

      She looks like a giant 4 year old.  OUT.  All that’s missing is the bow on top of her head.

      I’m down with the wack, though.  But let’s not forget our age.

    • Anonymous

      Perfect. I love it. I’m not kidding I really do. IN!

    • Anonymous

      In, with reservations.  I don’t like that shirt, and she could stand to lose 1 bracelet.  Love the skirt.

    • Mary McClelland

      I’ve always loved wack. So IN simply for wack being back!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, gain some weight.  Seriously.  That face, those arms, those feet… anorexic chic just isn’t doing it anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Out. It doesn’t fit her well at all.

    • Anonymous

      I’m feeling nice today.  I’ll give her an IN

    • Sara Parker

      In! Embrace the wack! (But not too closely, because that dress looks like it would shed all over you)

    • mcglory13

      I would give it an in if the feathers on SJP’s version were as blue as the model’s and if she also had the umbrella. So, out. Not wacky enough. Tamed down wack is lame.

    • Anonymous

      In. But her hands need filler.

      • AWStevens

        SJP has always had man hands.  I’ve made peace with it…

    • RMJ12345

      I love the skirt, but god, that top is hideous. And hair and makeup are decidedly not working. Hair’s messy and too long, and she needs to step away from the smokey eye.

    • Anonymous

      Love it, witty and poetic, and no view of the sternum!

    • AWStevens

      How adorbs!  She looks like a feather duster from the 1950’s! 


    • Anonymous

      Mutton dressed as feathery lamb.

    • Aly Light


    • Now I am The Bee

      Oh no.  Even the model looks dumpy in it.  It is very OUT.

    • Barbora


    • Anonymous

      Bride of big bird

    • Anonymous

      This is a bit similar to the black feathery skirt featured in an earlier post on someone named Kravitz. Neither of these women has made a good choice here.

    • Anonymous

      Eek, no, OUT.  I don’t like the square top with wide round skirt, she looks like she’s got building block body.  Next, she’s looking so ropy lately, it’s aging her and making her seem too old for this look. The bracelets and ring — too too much on top of the wacky outfit.  Finally, the shoes are not standing up the volume of the skirt, they look flimsy and too white.

    • Anonymous

      I adore the wack! It makes these posts so much more interesting than interchangeable starlets I don’t recognize. But that doesn’t mean I have to think this is in. It’s so, so OUT! I love SJP and her risk-taking. She skirts the edge of wack so often. This time she went over, bless her. That top belongs on a toddler. Come to think of it, so does that skirt. Hmmm, one of the twins donated an outfit?

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      Both lace AND feathers? OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Were ugly feathered skirts a dress requirement for that ball? There’s wack and then there’s cute wack. This is the former.

    • Aaminah Khan

      Great shoes and it’s nice to see her hair done up since she never does anything with it at other times, but otherwise this is hiddy. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I say Yay! If you can push it and experiment with silhouettes and still look skinny then go for it. 

    • Geno Boggiatto

      Embrace the wack!!!

    • Anonymous

      Embrace the Wack and Live a Little! Fashion shouldn’t be so serious all the time :)

    • Anonymous

      IN! I love the relaxed, easy portions on her and the color. And she looks so much nicer with the softer hair that’s not shelacked to her skull.

    • amanda lynn

      i love how brave she is with her fashion.  IN!

    • Rachel Council

      I appreciate that she took the risk, but OUT. That top is a mess, and the skirt’s shape is super unflattering.

    • Anonymous

      OUT, but not only for the feathers. She has GOT to ditch the heavy eyeliner. Sorry, it makes her look old and dated – carbon dated perhaps. Even getting rid of the heavy kohl rim on her lower eyelids would be an improvement.

    • Katherine Pisarro-Grant

      Love this look on her, despite the blindingly white shoes. I wish the blue on the bottom were brighter and more teal, but IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN… IN IN IN IN IN !!!!!!! would be a bit better if the top was a little tigher but itll make do! 

    • Celia

      First of all I’m going to have to get my bitch on and correct you two–it’s WHACK, not WACK. Secondly, total OUT. She would’ve redeemed some points (though not enough to secure an IN) if she didn’t try to go with those awful matchy-matchy shoes. She needs a WHACK shoe to even look like she’s even trying for something different. Also, sloppy hair and makeup, lose the wrist and hand accessories, add a very pretty jewelled clutch.

      • Anonymous

        You go girl!  You urban dictionary you!

        :  )

    • Anonymous

      OUT – for SJP. (Whack on the red carpet gets and IN) 

      I don’t understand her appeal at ALL. 

    • Bitsy Carver


    • Ana Cedillo

      IN on her

    • Anonymous

      In!  The wack is back and it makes me smile.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  Full on.  Whole heartedly.

      It’s the most interesting, whimsical and cool thing I’ve seen on her in a very long time. Bring on the craycray!

      Just for the record, I hate the top of the dress and the armful of Madonna-esque circa 1983 bracelets.

    • Anonymous

      She looks so relaxed and in charge wearing that crazy get-up, I’m gonna hafta give her an in.

    • Anna Tree

      Love the skirt. HATE the hair. Unsure of the random seam across her girls. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      IN! SJP embraces the wack and so should we!

    • Anonymous

      Totally digging the wack. Feathers + lattice-work cut-outs + a bajillion Blossom-esque bangles up her arm? Yes, please. And thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Must we choose?  I say embrace the wack, because she looks like the bride of Big Bird.  We can have it all!

    • Anonymous

      the alterations she’s had to made to it [imagine having money & prestige enough to have yr own specific alterations made to runway version louis vuitton] –anyway, these alterations make it look much better on her than it looks on the runway. marc jacobs is as great an appropriator as gaga; otoh, his appropriations are different from hers: more variations on mid-century glamor than gaga’s explicit & precise thefts from late-mid-century avant-gardians, many of whom are now dead. theyre drinking from different wells. like so many other people, he’s just sampling little sips of her kool-aid for the moment. he does better w/in his originally chosen parameters. this dress was both not one of his best & came from a season that was not one of his best. it’s likely he will return to what he does do best in the future. i mean, it’s not that hard to do.

      &, yeah, she has inspired more rich people to wear slightly more interesting things on the red carpet so they can consider themselves slightly more relavant for a slightly longer stretch of time than they may have previously. you are right about that. i still & will forever find her just–grating for taking other people’s work & pretending it’s her very own. i wouldnt be able to stand anyone’s doing that [starting, kind of, w/ picasso & braque, though i am more reminded of mike kelly & all the people who ripped him off & then declaimed their hatred for his person & his, um, ouvre]. otoh, & please forgive me, if you cant join em beat em– i felt like baiting my people hereupon. you know who you are. feh.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, guys, I have to go with IN. It works.

      Don’t ask me why.

    • Anonymous

      I am embracing. IN!

    • Jennifer Von B


    • Mary Comber

      Goes to show that you can be too rich and too thin.

    • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

      Bride of Big Bird? Isn’t Big Bird gay?

    • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

      In! Wack is Back, and at least she’s not on crack! (as i assume)

    •ês-Martins/100000345906318 Inês Martins

      Yup… she does look like a snowflake! OUT

    • Anonymous

      Out. Horrid.

    • Claudia Gilbert

      I think those few inches the model has on SJP make a big difference.  And why does that aquamariney colour look so washed out?  Also, the model’s shoes are rocking my world and their absence hurts the look.  But I’m enjoying the wack; more to discuss!  In, if only for keeping us together and talking.

    • Anonymous

      Why didn’t she wear the version with the green?  I think the rule is, “If you go wack you go the full wack,” right?

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        I think the green is there actually, it’s just being drown out by the blue back ground and carpet.

    • Vera

      It looks fun. IN.

    • RzYoung

      I love the skirt but it would have been better with a simpler top, that top is just ugly. Outish

    • Ana Cedillo

      despite other comments i love her shoes, although i like the ones on the model more

    • Anonymous

      I really can’t get to the dress b/c her neck, face and arms look more drawn than usual.  Makes me sad.  OK, then the top needs pressing, the skirt is nifty in concept but not flattering, and neither is the color.  And she’s playing dress-up in her mom’s wedding pumps.

      So I guess that’s an OUT from me.

    • Anonymous

      I have to admit I kind of like it, but I think I like the component parts more than I like the whole ensemble. I’m so happy to see SJP with her hair pulled off her face. I say IN.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t care how excited this makes T Lo, she looks terrible?” said TLo and TampaBay agrees.

    • Anonymous

      Dress is great but too young for her…..OUT!

    • Matthew Dinda

      IN! I think it’s so fun and for once she looks really great and cheeky. She’s been uber-dour lately on the red carpet. Glad to see her having a good time.

    • Anonymous

      OUT! For not sporting the umbrella.

    • korilian

      I think I could embrace this wack, if she’d worn a more form fitting top. 

    • Anonymous


      It’s totally SJP’s style and she can still pull this kind of “whack” off. 

      I kind of dislike the top…gives her no shape. Also, wish she’d have gone with a bolder shoe.  I do like her hair…controlled. 

    • Anonymous

      In!  Agreed her top is too wrinkled and falls maybe half an inch too low on her torso, but I think she looks great.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Out.  The dress is bad enough, but the shoes were the icing on the cake.  

    • laura hartman

      Out, she just looks bad.

    • Brittany

      I actually like SJP’s styling of the dress way more than the model, but I think the dress is really a concept piece, and not really wearable…I’m going to give her a reluctant IN for the risk-taking, middle finger to fashion.

    • Anonymous

      I like it!!  It’s fun…. her hair, however, is too damn ingenue for her!

    • ecallaw

      It’s definitely an OUT, but not a “shaking my head with pity at her poor taste” kind of OUT, it’s more like a “way to take a risk, keep on going and maybe next time you’ll hit a wack homerun!”

    • Bridget Dierks

      IN for being daring (and for not wearing silly putty pumps)!

    • Charlotte Horseman

      Overall I like it – I’ll say “IN” – actually I think the top is not wack enough for the bottom, which I like the most….

    • Anonymous

      In! I think she looks charming. 

    • Anonymous

      I adore the wackyness of the skirt, but the top is just unflattering, sack shaped and ugly. Something a little more fitted and I’d be on-board with the kooky.  As it is?  Out.

    • Anonymous

      I’m torn on this. I have to say that I totally love that skirt–I think it’s the perfect skirt for an event called “A Snowflake Ball,” but I’m not crazy about the top. I’m meh on the bangles. But I like her soft hairdo. And I’d like to give her major points for doing something different. So, I think all that ads up to an IN. Go, Suzy Snowflake!

    • kathleen morgan

      Terrible wack doesn’t work. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I personally think the dress is ugly and unflattering, but it’s true that SJP has always been a little out there with her clothes.
      Still, I don’t care if it’s Louis Vuitton and this is SJP, that dress is a disaster. OUT.

    • Nancer

      I say EMBRACE! Love that this looks really different, and though it’s not the most figure flattering outfit (in fact, where is her figure?), it’s still gorgeous! IN.

    • Badriya Al-Badi’a

      Out.  Needs a better bra, wrong shoes, sad hair.

    • Anonymous


      I do like the runway version, with the more vibrant green, rather than SJP’s washed out-barely there green.  I don’t like the top on her.  She needs her hair up.  Bad makeup.

    • Anonymous

      I hate the white pumps with that dress, I think the top is a sack & terrilby unflattering, I think the skirt gives her a weird shape.  That said, I strangely have to give her an in.  She looks happy & sassy in that wack!

    • Anonymous

      Out. I am all for the wack, but as Nina would say, “It’s not aesthetically pleasing”. It looks like something ‘Square Pegs’-era SJP would wear. She needs to embrace her age and not try to rock things she would’ve worn 25 years ago. I love the skirt, but the top is too baggy and she just looks shapeless.

    • Anonymous

      Totally IN!
      But I wIsh she wasn’t in front of that hideous blue background. It almost wipes out the lovely birdy-blue color. “Gaga Effect”? Wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      Embrace! I love it, In.

    • Kimberly S-W

      wack is in.

    • Anonymous

      IN!  It’s fun, whimsical, hair and makeup look great, and that bitch is rocking white shoes after Labor Day.  The arm/hand jewelery is making me twitch a little, but the understated earrings work and I’m still all for giving it to her.  

    • Anonymous

      Embrace the wack!  IN

    • Anonymous

      IN.  Yes, it’s not the best outfit for her, but hey, at least it gives us — and even more importantly, YOU, TLo — something to talk about besides nude shoes and boring little dresses!  And if it encourages more folks to take risks on the red carpet, I’m all for it.

    • Julie Fountain

      It’s actually the unflattering top that ruins this, I think.  The skirt is wacky but I could embrace it if the rest of the outfit was better put together.  Also, Seventeen magazine called and wants their hairstyle back.  Out.

    • CQAussie

      No.  OUT.  There’s nothing flattering or pretty about this outfit.  It’s like a giant fluffy balloon paired with pointy white shoes.  Plus she’s got the big hair on again.  

    • Anonymous

      In!  Only bad thing (still) is her hair. SJP – let go of the long hair. It’ll be ok. Trust.

    • Anonymous

      In! Love the wack – reward her

    • Anonymous

      Oh, what the hell. In. It makes her, and the model, look as round and poly as I am, but it’s fun. And her hair is off her face which makes her look softer and prettier. So In.

    • Meg P. W.

      She’s looking a bit gaunt. I just hope she’s not ill. :(

    • Anonymous

      Out, she just looks terrible. Wrinkled and messy. This is bad wack.

    • Anonymous

      No. Out. I like the top, especially on bird-boned skinny SJP.  I want to like the skirt, but I just can’t. And, if the ensemble *could* work (not convinced) it would have to be accompanied by a more mannered hair style. (translation: Hair is waay too sloppy. SJP is too old to look charmingly disheveled, except, perhaps to a loving parent).  

    • Judy S

      The top is made to look like a just-unfolded dinner napkin?  I actually hate it more than the skirt. OUT.

    • Ruth Gottesman

      I love the wack but I hate this particular version of it.

    • Anonymous

      It is a bit on the wack side, but I like it.  She wears it well, too.  IN

    • Anonymous

      Wack just adds to the spectacle. heh heh

      This will relieve Helena Bonham Carter’s burden and maybe Bjork will get back in on the regular action. I miss her crazy ass.

    • Daniele Paulding

      In! Girl definitely needs a haircut, but I like that she didn’t deploy her usual cocker spaniel waves or bun. The dress is kind of kicky!

    • Anonymous

      The wack doesn’t bother me. But the shape does. Out.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      I’m sorry, I’m all for quirky looks but this is terribly unflattering. OUT.

    • Natasha Fairweather

      OUT. This doesn’t even look good on the model. It wouldn’t look good on Gaga either. The top is just wrong.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      Oh. It’s Big Bird again. OUT.

    • Emily

      In.  I like the wack.  It’s fun.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll give her an in, slightly.  the dress is just her kind of whacky, but could be a bit shorter.  and the color a bit brighter.  what bothers me is the hair, and i think it’s mostly the color.  she looks mousy and the makeup’s not helping.

    • Noelle Haland

      Out. Love the skirt, but that shapeless top is horrible.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  I kind of like the dress, but it’s not HER dress.

      And again, WTF with the “spring frolic Easter egg” looks IN WINTER???  The Southern girl (or Serial Mom, take your pick) wants to beat the hell out of her for those boring WHITE shoes this time of year, too.

    • Anonymous

      In! I think she looks awesome.

    • Anonymous

      OUT forever. She is just ugly and awful in every way!!!

    • Anonymous

      In … Love it!

    • Kristin .H.

      I love SJP, but I do not love this look on her. She’s usually so glam & chic, but this is just too wack-a-doodle for her. Also, I’m not liking her hair color being that dark. It makes her look a tad like Morticia. Not sold on this…

    • Anonymous

      I think the shoes were an inspire choice. That said, it’s still wack, and unflattering wack at that. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Out. There’s wack and then there’s ACK! This is the latter.

    • UglyCasanova

      Ew. Out.  

    • Anonymous

      IN!!! IN!!! IN!!! And Fabulous too!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t hate it but OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I actually don’t hate the outfit on her. It’s weird, but she has such a great figure that she can pull of almost anything. The problem for me is the hair. And the makeup. But mostly the horrible, frizzy hair. If her hair was polished and her shoes were more fun this would look like she was giving the finger to convention instead of just sloppy.

    • Anonymous

      She does love to dress on point, doesn’t she?  Red gown and lion’s feet in Russia, this when the theme is Anglomania: , and now, at the Snowflake Ball, this.  I can get how that must be really fun in one’s head.

    • Helen

      good for a fifteen year old walking down the country road, but at age 46,  I would like to see some sophistication

    • cheesepuff74

      I like the skirt! 

    • Cathy S

      Oh no no no.

    • Anonymous

      IN she looks cute

    • Linde Hoff

      Oh, I like this….a furry snowflake.  ‘Tis the season, after all.

    • Anonymous

      IN – i like the fluffy feather skirt thingie – but I wish the top was prettier and better fitting.. it looks like she sat on her top in a cab.

    • Fatima Siddique

      That’s a lot of skirt for such a little lady. Kinda makes her look like Thumbelina.