Sarah Jessica Parker in Australia

Posted on November 02, 2011

SJP traveled to the magical land of Australia to pole-dance for that movie that flopped over here months ago, poor thing. To make what must have been a dreary task more fun, Sarah got her crazy on. Let’s break it down.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Prabal GurungSarah Jessica Parker arrives at the Melbourne premiere of “I Don’t Know How She Does It” in a Prabal Gurung dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Prabal Gurung

Cute! The cocker spaniel hair’s only so-so and the same could be said for the shoes, but the dress is a killa. Love that shade of purple on her. Makeup looks pretty too.


Sarah Jessica Parker in ChanelSarah Jessica Parker attends the VRC Oaks Club Ladies Luncheon at Crown Palladium in a Chanel dress paired with a Philip Treacy hat.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel

It’s hard to tell since her face is so obscured, but we’re pretty sure we’re reading “sheepish regret.” She looks like she didn’t know they were going to hand her a microphone and tell her to come up onstage. Which is silly, of course, because she’s flogging a movie, but we have to admit, that hat, fabulous as it is, is for sitting in the crowd at Ascot or sitting in the church and watching royalty get married. It’s not really appropriate for an indoor public appearance thingie. We like the dress, though.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera WangSarah Jessica Parker at the “I Don’t Know How She Does It” press conference in a Vera Wang dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang

Ooooh, sweetie. No. We’re all for a gal injecting some color into her life, but this looks like a Boca retiree’s shower curtain. And speaking of Assisted Living, what octogenarian did you mug for her jewelry, hon?

[Photo Credit: Scott Barbour, John Donegan/Getty Images]

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  • Love it; love it, even with the hat; and I might love it on someone else but not on Ms. SJP.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I think the hat shouldn’t be judged harshly. She is at some sort of Ladies Luncheon (sounds like hats are practically required) and based on photos of the Melbourne Cup and Victoria Derby, the Aussies love a cray cray hat.

      • Anonymous

        That hat’s pretty killer, but it does cast goofy looking shadows on her face.

        • Anonymous

          I think the shadows replicate a veil, which is a rather cool illusion.  Who knows if it was intentional, but I rather like it.  It is a great hat and goes perfectly with her dress/look. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree with TLo’s suggestion that she may not have known she was going to speak, which would make the hat at an Australian luncheon more important.  I agree with Sara Munoz that the last look is really interesting, just not on SJP.

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine the effort to get that hat to Australia?

  • I know I’ll be in the minority here, but I love that Vera Wang dress…if only I could wear yellow!  That necklace is truly tragic though.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, I’m with you – I think it’s terrific! I agree about the tragic necklace, though.  I think it would’ve worked in another color.

    • I am also liking the dress (it’s more than yellow to me!), but disliking the necklace.

    • Anonymous

      I like it, too.  Design and colors looked great.

    • BerlinerNYC

      I love it too. Interesting pattern, interesting length. I don’t love the necklace, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

    • Agreed, love the dress! Maybe it helps that yellow looks good on me, but that dress is my favorite of all the ones up there.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I love the final dress, it’s just wrong for her and the jewelry is reminiscent of anal beads. That is seriously all I can think of when I look at it.

    • Hahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Oh, now I cannot unsee that.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised at the number of people on this site that “like” anal beads!  😉


  • Anonymous

    You all know I can’t stand SJP and wish she would go away…BUT, I give her credit for being brave enough to travel around the world to promote a film that has been universally panned. Or maybe she just had an iron clad contract.

  • Anonymous

    Well….I like dress number 2? Probably. Maybe.

  • LOVE the first dress.  The third is crazy, and she needs a bra fitting session.

    • Anonymous

      Good catch!  You’re right about the poor fit.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, where did those tits come from all of a sudden!

  • The hat is probably worn due to the Melbourne Cup horse races, which i’m pretty sure was held the same day so wearing an ostentatious hat is a given
    i LOVE the purple dress metallic dress, i feel like i shouldn’t but its so shiny and hypnotising

  • MilaXX

    I like all the outfits. The purple one is my favorite, everything is working on that one. The second one I wonder if it was one of those luncheons where the ladies all wear hats. Even if it wasn’t I really don’t mind her getting her crazy on, especially with such a fabulous hat. The last one isn’t my fav but if she lost beads, it’d be an okay look.

    • Anonymous

      I love the look with the hat.  At “hat” luncheons, do the ladies all wear their hats while they eat?  It would be fun to see a pan view of the room with all those hats bobbing in the air.

  • Anonymous

    That hat must have had it’s own suitcase. Can’t imagine carrying it all the way to Australia. Love the purple dress, the other two are okay. Can’t stand it when women wear one of those long necklaces and it gets caught around one breast–looks so very odd.

    • I was just going to comment that those types of beads just aren’t meant for women with breasts.  They either get caught around one boob or get bunched up in between them.  Either way, they just don’t work.

  • Anonymous

    The second dress is OK. But…the hair is sooo unattractive and it gets worse with every passing year. Can someone stage an intervention? Once upon a time she didn’t look half bad!

    • Anonymous

      HA! Just made a hair intervention comment without reading this first. I couldn’t agree more!

  • Anonymous

    Love the hat!  Amazing.  That hair on her rarely works.  She has such a beautiful face, I think — so unusual and aristo.  Love her with really short, curly hair.  That third dress–I kind of loath Vera Wang–reminds me of bad secretarial wear from the 80s.  I should know–I was that person in the 80s. Wish she’d pop into another Tim Burton film.  Loved her in Ed Wood.

    Purple Halloween dress ruined by the all the black band stuff going on: black ankle straps (no!), black bracelets (one on each wrist?  tacky central), black belt, black bag.  Oy vey. 

  • Anonymous

    Her hair wants an intervention. It’s embarrassed, sad and so very tired. And I yearn to see her in clothing with a softer drape, not because she has gotten older but because she looks so emaciated in these tight little garments. 

  • I wonder about her makeup.  I do like it for this whole trip, but only in the close ups.  They look so black/beady in the faraway shots.  I wonder if she lined her bottom waterline in cream would it make her eyes brighter.

  • Love everything except that necklace (even the octogenarian shower curtain dress; give me those colors over the crap most ladies have been wearing on the carpets lately).

  • The Treacy hat, though its an amazing piece of millinery work is so totally wrong for a stage appearance.  I can hear all my costume design teachers screaming NO! all at once.  A star never obscures their face, particularly not in an interview situation.  Okay, she had to wear a hat, but that was the wrong one.  The second dress left an afterimage on my retinas that I’m still trying to shake.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly on the hat.

  • Anonymous

    I love everything except the big bead necklace on the last look.  Yes, the hat is over the top and wrong for a Q&A but is so fab I’ll give it a pass.  The awful, tacky, silver metallic chair the forced her to sit on however, DOES NOT get a pass. 

    • Anonymous

      How could I have not noticed the chair…it’s blinding!  lol!

  • I enjoyed the first two looks though I can see that the hat interferes with the occasion on the second. But it is such a great hat! Third look, yeah, those beads are the nails on her coffin.

  • Anonymous

    The dresses are OK, the hat is silly.  The beads encircling her boob are just wrong, as is that hair.  

  • Judy_J

    Love dresses #1 and 2, hate #3, especially those horrid pop together beads.  The hat is fabulous, but inappropriate for an interview situation.  I do wish she’d find a new hairstyle.

  • Anonymous

    I love the first two dresses, her makeup looks good, but her hair is bugging me.

    The hat is terrific, but not for the stage with lights shining through it.

    She needs a different bra for the third dress to work at all.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I think the first dress makes her look like a drag queen?  Is it the dress or the hair that makes her shoulders look broad?  I don’t know but sometimes she can look so…. masculine in a feminine way (whatever that means.)
    And the comment about the big beaded necklace was right on target.  i thought the same thing.  So I think she mugged the Boca octogenarian and took her shower curtain at the same time.

    But all that being said, I always give her props for wearing something INTERESTING.  Love it or hate it, but seldom bored by it.

  • Anonymous

    That last dress looks more like Vera Wang for Kohls.  I love the first 2 looks

  • Erin Nice

    I love the Vera Wang dress, but I hate the beads and wish she would have chosen a different pair of shoes. I loved her hair in the fifth season of SATC when it was in a curly bob.

  • Anonymous

    if you are going to wear a tight satin dress SJP, please invest in a bra that does not accentuate every bulge and bump…also the boob lasso needs to go…

  • Noelle Haland

    I actually like that crazy yellow dress (though that hem is bad)), but the mawmaw boob-huggin’ necklace is foul. I also like the hat and her dress — we all shoudl do with a little bit of crazy hat time, don’t you think?  

  • The hat is a slinky.

  • Anonymous

    Recently she seemed to have her hair more under control…now it’s out of control again, way out! 

    The gray Chanel dress looks terrific on her, and the hat goes well with it.  Perhaps a bit too much for the event, but it’s fun.

    I, also, rather like the yellow “Boca retiree’s shower curtain” dress (lol) but yes, that boob slinging necklace is horrible.  And again…that hair! ugh…she’s hopeless.

  • Anonymous

    I actually love all 3 dresses, even the Vera Wang!  I will give her the benefit of the doubt on the hat but I would definitely lose the necklace.

  • Anonymous

    Love love LOVE that Prabal Gurung dress!

  • I love all three dresses.  That hat makes the second one look ridiculous….

  • Anonymous

    I think the dresses look good, but the hair. I don’t usually complain about it, but in the first picture it’s especially bad.  I’m not a fan of the British hat fetish, but this hat is so way over the top, I figure she’s just having some fun.

  • Anonymous

    I give all the dresses a big Yes, even the yellow one, although I hate the accessorizing with that particular dress. (And, yeah, maybe the yellow isn’t doing her skin tone any favors…but I like the dress on its own.)

    I give all the hair big, fat fucking NO, especially with the hat. Her hair needed to be in a neat chignon for that one.

    I give the hat a Hell Yes! Agree that it was an odd venue for it, but why not? 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something so mannish  about the way she always looks.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s that she has no body fat, so all you see are bones?

  • Laura Evans

    LOVE the purple dress, hat is totally appropriate given she’s at a luncheon for the biggest horse race in the country. Last picture is all types of concerning.

  • Anonymous

    love the hat, just because. LOVE that Prabal dress. to die. She must be tired all the time.

  • Lori

    Just judging from these photos, her posture and demeanor take the hat out of fashion and into the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. 
    And while I love the Prabal Gurung, the hair ruins it.
    The Vera Wang is a miss, the beads are awful and the three-quarter sleeve is never her friend.

  • caroline miles

    Agreed that she looks mannish no matter what. It’s weird! Can’t figure it out.

    The hair. Oy, the hair. Yuck.

    The Chanel is beautiful. The hat is completely wrong, fabulous as it is.

    The first dress is pretty great … but again. Ugh with the hair, ugh with the arms, ugh with the beady black eyes.

    Couldn’t someone soften her up a bit? She could be so much prettier, and softer, and less angular, and less stringy-looking, if only she had Teh Good Gays to help her out. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    I like the first two looks for their fun-ness and fierceness. Last look, no comment.

    But all of that is just background noise; all I can think of is, HAIR INTERVENTION, STAT. Her hair doesn’t match her face, it doesn’t match her age, it doesn’t match her situation. Her face is gaunt, which ages her. The youthful hairstyle drags her face down, making her look older. What’s worse, the mismatch of her old face and her young hair kinds of makes her look like the joke’s on her.

    She’s 46. I’m not trying to send
    her to the nursing home, nor do I think that women north of 40 shouldn’t have long hair. But her style no longer works for her! It’s not helping; it’s hurting, in more ways than one.

    And no, SJP, a facelift won’t help the situation.

    • caroline miles

      Well put. i agree completely.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I was looking at the Bravo lineup this morning (one of the lovely perks of a “flexible work schedule”) and I noticed that it seems to be SJP day today: her Inside the Actors Studio episode is on now, her Project Runway episode is next, then a mini-marathon of this season’s WoA (which she, of course produces).  Did I not get the memo?

  • Anonymous

    I love the silhouettes of all three dresses – that pleated skirt can be hard to pull off, but she has just the figure for it. I also like the length of all three dresses – very flattering on her. However – I know I’m in the minority but that purple fabric looks so cheap to me – like flammable synthetic cheap.

  • sarah jacobs

    OY!! the vera Wang gives her huge boobs in a matronly way. It’s a bad cut for her body.  Where were the folks to tell her ” not your dress”

  • In summation, SJP is a fun gal! I love everything here–even the octogenarian beads. Exuberance is beauty!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to go against the grain and say that in the first photo of her in the Philip Treacy hat, she looks kind of adorable.  Maybe it’s not right for speaking on stage, but it’s a fabulous hat and she looks like she’s having fun with it.  

  • kathleen morgan

    It appears she got a boob job from the Chanel to the Vera Wang. Yeesh.

  • Anonymous

    Of course I didna see the show, but her body language in the Philip Treacy hat says it all. She’s been in the business long enough, she should have just owned the moment and given some attitude. Cross your legs honey and toss back your hathead!

    I don’t care for any of these dresses, but the last one creeps me out. A dreadful *accident* at said Assisted Living Octogenarian Home is what I’m seeing. 🙁

  • The hat is “editorial” as Nina would say. And must disagree with you on the Vera Wang dress — I think it’s kinda fabulous, although the strand of plastic beads has to go.

  • Anonymous

    I love all three dresses, which is shocking, considering it is SJP. I love the Chanel, which I usually hate, and I love the shower curtain for its bright happiness!! The hat is cool, too. Just cut that hair, and she would look great!

  • Anonymous

    And I love that last necklace!! Who says you shouldn’t wear vintage-looking beads?  Vintage jewelry is fun, not to be taken so seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I love how her hair looks with the purple dress. It takes 10 years away instantly. It reminds me of a young SJP. The volume looks great with her long, thin face. 

  • Anonymous

    heeeeeellllllo drag queen. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the first and second dresses.
    The third…Boca retiree’s shower curtain is hilarious. Where do you guys get this shit?
    The necklace makes me sad, because I have the same problem with long neckaces deciding to embrace one boob and give the other the cold shoulder. It’s never a good look.

    Oh, and whoever managed to drug Aniston and get her in a hairdresser’s chair, please do the same for SJP.

  • I wish that top on the first dress wasn’t shiny, it would look nicer in a fabric other than lame. And that third dress is fine, except for the necklace. I guess we should be glad it’s only one necklace and not two; she’d end up having a “Patty-Duke-singing-at-the-telethon-in-Valley-of-the-Dolls” moment!

  • Brad and Anne White

    Love all three dresses. Really adore the Vera Wang. The hat is great, but I agree, it’s just for a spectator event. Clearly here, she was not merely a spectator. Wish she’d move away from the cocker spaniel ‘do…

  • Anonymous

    She is in desperate need of a hair cut.

  • I won’t comment on the clothing because – for whatever reason – her personal sense of style just irks me and I don’t have anything nice to say.  That said, despite the cocker spaniel styling, her hair looks *fantastic* in the first picture.  Healthy, shiny & soft looking.  Whatever she did, she should keep doing it.  (Maybe she can just flip it behind her shoulders next time.)

  • Anonymous

    The hat is interesting, but perhaps a bit too much (it’s hard to tell w/out seeing the other hats at the event). On the last look, if she’d done a ring in that color, rather than the necklace, it would be better.  Not sure the shoes are working either. 

    I wish she’d cut about 4 inches off of that hair.  Perhaps it would look less sad with a bit more bounce.

  • vmcdanie

    I can’t even think of what to say on the hat.

    I actually like the last dress, maybe not my Gran’s string o’ crazy large pearl-ish objects.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with TLo (which is rare) on the last look. I find the dress fresh and youthful, and far from octogenarian. It has a fun-yet-tasteful vibe…I even dig the necklace.

    That hat is completely inappropriate, in the second look.

  • Anonymous

    I love all three looks – especially that HAT…I DIE! As for the last dress, the first shock is that Vera Wang did something that a) doesn’t look like a drop cloth for a painting project and 2) is a color other than drab…who knew?

  • Anonymous

    I give the hat a pass. She’s probably bored out of her skull doing press for this crap movie, so why not have some fun down under? Stick on a whacky hat and go for it. I like all the dresses, too.

    But I’m done giving the hair a pass. Can she not see herself? SJP….look at the season of SATC where you had some pregnancy weight and the lovely blonde bob. You looked fabulous. Now look at these pics. Now go cut your hair.

  • Anonymous

    I was with her up till the final dress, which looks like it got peed on and the colors ran.

  • Deb

    Aw, com’on – the hat is inspired – it gives her face the same pattern as the dress! As for the last one, I can’t decide which is more unfortunate – the dress or the beads which look like one her kids’ play dough projects.

  • That hair is not doing her any favors. Flat on top with full waves? Come on, she couldn’t choose a worse hairstyle for her face

  • Anne Slovin

    Ha, her beads with the last outfit are doing a Thoroughly Modern Millie.

  • Anonymous

    I like all three of the dresses, including the last (shower curtain), one on her.  My favorite, by far, is the middle one.

    I think the hat’s biggest problem is how much it obscures her face. Whether or not it really looks like ‘too much’ depends a lot on what the other attendees were wearing on their heads.

  • i absolutely LOVE the hat, LOVE the hat to death.
    phillip treacy is perfect for SJP. he started his genius w/ isabella blow, after all.
    i like all the dresses too. i dont see shower curtain in the last one at all. i like the first one best, even though i do see paint spill. it’s paint spill done well.

  • Robyn Crook

    The hat is appearing at a Race Day event where every lady is wearing a large and (to American eyes) over-the-top hat. In the context of the rest of the room it is probably just moderately ridiculous. Most ladies choose a more toned-down hat for an indoor function. Had she worn it to the actual race she would have looked more appropriate. Hat rules for the Melbourne racing set are easy to get wrong, and I think she got this wrong.

  • The print on the third dress looks like a bloodstain to me.   You know, when you’ve let it dry and then try to wash it out, and the middle washes out but the edge stays this thin dark line that fades to the center?  Just me?  Oh well….I can’t unsee it now, so I can’t be OK with the dress.

    The hair is awful, full stop.

  • Anonymous

    Something happened to me quite suddenly this week while watching old episodes of “Sex and the City: Season Six” on cable: I started to hate Carrie Bradshaw with a white hot passion and I became disgusted with SJP. At this point I think she looks like a total idiot almost all the time. These looks are 1. disco figure skating dress 2. irritating attention whore 3. Palm Beach housewife. 

  • Anonymous

    She was putting an appeance at the Melbourne Cup which is Australia’s equivalent to Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby. The hat was an expected and necessary accessory for such an event. Kudos to her for still experimenting.   

  • The first two dresses are way cute. Don’t know what the hell she was thinking with the accessories though. Yeesh.

  • Anonymous

    Love the dresses.  Starting to wonder if it isn’t time to cut the hair. 

  • Love everything! Knew you wouldn’t like those shoes in the first pic but I like them!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, wearing a giant comma on your head while you’re being interviewed probably isn’t the best move. She looks fab in the 1st dress but the Vera Wang and necklace combo are just fug. 

  • Anonymous

    These all look like things she would have worn in Mars Attacks.

  • I want her to put on 20 pounds and cut her hair. Seriously, she looks tired and old. I hate saying that but it’s true.
    I love all three of the dresses – even the last one – but the styling looks absurd. Please, enough with the hair.

  • Anonymous

    Wow the last one is like she’s TRYING to look bad! (Love the first, respect the second one, thumbs BARELY up)

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?! That Vera Wang dress is awesome! The necklace she paired with it is terribly geriatric though. 

  • Hats and jewelry,  debatable,  dresses…. in, in , in.  Love her!

  • Anonymous

    Oh.  Why does she look so old?  Especially in the last few pictures…

    She’s only 4 years older than me.

  • Anonymous

    It may be weird, but I always like how very trendy she is – these bright crazy colors look so very now, it’s exciting to see someone living in the fashion moment.  

  • Jeanie Bean

    the event was for melbourne racing week and hats are mandatory- the more cray cray the better! Phillip Treacy is pretty much THE go to milliner to the stars in Australia

  • No to the boob sling.

  • That awkward moment a necklace kind of holds one of your boobs. 

  • bethannstamps

    love the tornado hat. maybe it would have improved that Vera Wang dress.

  • Disagreement! I like the Vera Wang dress, though the jewelry is an awful choice. I think it looks pretty great on her, and I’m saying this as an impartial non-Sarah Jessica fan.