Royal Watch: Cathy Cambridge, Spy Girl

Posted on November 03, 2011

It would be unseemly to shout “WERQ it, girl!” at a future Queen of England, right?


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit the UNICEF Supply Division center to view the distribution of aid to East Africa in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing an L. K. Bennett coat.

L. K. Bennett Ami Coat

But come on, she looks amazing, right? See, Cathy? We always say you should stick with the rich colors. Love the boots and belt, but that coat is the real show-stopper.

[Photo Credit: Getty,]


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  • Anonymous

    I LOVE COATS. (Sorry for the caps; I got excited.) She looks wonderful here; love the belt and the boots. As you say, she should stay with the rich jewel tones. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous! LOVE that belt.
    You bettah WERQ!!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I would like to rip that hair off her scalp and wear it as my own. 

    Or just get her hairperson’s name.

    • Anonymous

      She’s got the most gorgeous hair. Hope the kids take after her in that department. ; )

    • That makes two of us. Richard Ward is her stylist and if I didn’t live across the pond, I’d be knocking down his door.

  • Gail Lucas

    Every time I see her, I think I need a new coat.  This could get expensive.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I know.  I want a long red fitted coat now.

  • Gorgeous! I want it.

    I also want to go cook dinner for her. It might be just the coat and camera angle, but she’s still looking a bit on the peaky side.

    • She has looked peaky lately, and not in the “ooo I hate her because she’s skinny” way, but in the “aww, poor thing is starting to look unhealthily thin” way. I wonder if the stress is getting to her. I just want to kidnap her for a weekend somewhere fabulous where we will get massages and everything we eat will include whipped cream or bacon. 

      • Ohh, can I come with you?

      • She kind of looks skinnier than the model, which is disturbing…

  • Anonymous

    Love the coat and (especially) the belt.


  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous! I want the whole outfit. And William as an accessory 😉

  • She has the best collection of coats ever.  I love this look.

  • Anonymous

    She looks AMAZING! I need that coat (which is pretty much my reaction to everything Mrs. Cambridge wears)!

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting a little tired of Cathy “The Hair” Cambridge. Mix it up with the curling iron, maybe?

    • Anonymous

      but her hair is so beautiful. Not a stray hair or bit of frizz in sight. I wish I knew her hair regimen!

    • She wore it up for the In Kind Direct dinner and it showed a 3 inch scar on her scalp, she may be a bit self-conscious. 

      • Anonymous

        I liked her hair pulled back like that, but the media was terrible about her scar.

    • Sara__B

      I’d love to see her in more hairstyles, as well, but her hair IS amazingly lovely. (If she’s still wearing exactly the same style, day after day, in ten years (or more — think of SJP), then I’ll complain.

      • Anonymous

        I agree: her hair is lovely, but I just think she could mix it up a bit other than the ol’ curled ‘do. Besides, she’s probably had this hairstyle for at least 10 years already.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see her pull the sides back into a barrette (at the back). That way it would still be long, but would be out of her face. I think she’s worn it once or twice that way and it looked really nice. 

      • Anonymous

        Right! Just a little something a little different; doesn’t have to be dramatically different.

  • I say, the belt buckle is CC for Cathy Cambridge

  • The belt is actually Reiss. Love, love, love Kate and ADORE this look. 

    • Hi Mary,

      We saw that, but nobody seems to know for sure, so we decided to remove the info we had. Thank you.

      • REISS has confirmed it is theirs via Twitter!!/REISS 

  • So beautiful in red. Is that an Armistice Day poppy already, though?

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      It is a Remembrance Day Poppy, yes, and it is customary to wear them throughout November in the UK. Ideally, the green leaf should be pointing at 11:00, in memory of the signing of the Armistice.

      • Anonymous

        Which theirs would be if the photo image was reversed, correct? (I get confused about how that works, it is a blind spot in my brain.)

      • Anonymous

        Remembrance Day, Poppy Day, Armistice Day (which is what I remember being the designation from my youth, O so long ago), Veterans Day is November 11.  The 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.  That ought to be observed a week from tomorrow, if one is being a scrupulous adherent to history.

        “The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar
        emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem In Flanders Fields. These poppies
        bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour an
        appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in the war.”

        There used to be a lot of veterans who’d be offering poppies in return for a contribution to veterans’ organizations.  I haven’t seen one of them in my town for years, which is a silent, potent indicator of the passage of time.

        • Anonymous

          I remember the poppies they used to hand out in school; even memorized “In Flanders Field.”  

          In the US, Memorial Day has become the day to remember those who died; Veterans’ Day (11/11) is for all vets.  The UK Remembers on 11/11; their losses in WWI were so much more grievous than ours & that war did NOT end war.  But the current poppy campaign over there also gathers funds for vets of all the wars & their families.

          Here, some local VFW groups give or sell poppies on Memorial Day.  I wish we had a poppy campaign for 11/11, as well.  We’ve surely had plenty of wars since The Great One & we’ve still got vets in need coming home…..

      • Thanks, I didn’t know. I remember when I was little my grandparents were big on wearing the poppies, but just recently I had seen someone (in a movie?) wearing one that looked just like the ones the Duke & Duchess are wearing. But I thought they were worn only on the one day.

      • We have the Poppies in the US too — at least we did where I grew up in Nowhere, IL.  I don’t think it’s as common a thing, but vets used to pass them out starting Nov. 1 and you would wear them on a pin.

        • Anonymous

          If I remember right. it was something to do with the Lyons (Lion’s?) Club’s annual collection for the blind? HAven’t seen those poppies in years.

          • Anonymous

            Our local VFWs in NY sell them this time of year. 

        • Anonymous

          Yep. And my Canadian grandfather always had them. In fact, I think there’s one or two in the box of little things I inherited from him. 

        • Anonymous

          I miss them.  When I was a child, the VFW and American Legion gave them out every November, and after a while, everyone in town was sporting a poppy. And that was a strong and beautiful reminder of what we were meant to be thinking about.  Of course, we were much closer to the war years when I was little, but still. I wish our national holidays meant more than mattress and appliance sales.

        • I always wear a poppy on November 11.

          • Anonymous

            Are you in the US?  Where do you find them?  I haven’t seen one in many years.

          • I got mine through Ebay.

          • Anonymous

            I’m in New York state and you can usually buy one from a veteran outside a supermarket or even at the mall on Veterans Day.

      • Anonymous

        Backing up Scott Hester-Johnson – in the UK they wear the poppies for the entire month of November, and quite a lot of people do it too, especially official types like politicians and tv presenters.

        • Anonymous

          People wear them from the 1st to the 11th in Canada, too – in fact this year I saw a few people wearing them before Hallowe’en. The boxes are still everywhere, and I donate when I can, but I don’t wear one anymore. They always, ALWAYS fall off, and I don’t feel like my grandfathers went to war so I could litter up the country.

      • Anonymous

        In the UK the poppies are sold on behalf of the British Legion (a charity supporting veterans)  in the weeks running up to Remembrance Day on November 11th.  They’re still very popular (I really miss being able to buy one now living in the US) and woe betide any public figure who is seen not wearing one.   

    • Anonymous

      Off-topic but what the heck:  remember that Friday is Nigel Tufnel Day:  11/11/11.  Crank your amps up to 11, ladies!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fantastic. Love the coat.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the coat, belt, and boots are fab.  Cathy looks fab.  Will is in the same boring blue suit, per usual.

    I don’t see belt loops on her coat, so, what does one do with the belt when taking off the coat?  It seems like it could be kind of a hassle. 

    • Anonymous

      Hands it to her lady-in-waiting, of course!  (Oh wait, not the 99%, so you either need loops or no need to take off the coat.)

    • The coat came with a different belt so I imagine it does have loops. The belt she’s wearing with it is much, much wider than the original belt so maybe it didn’t fit in there?

      • It’s not letting me edit but the original belt is a lot wider than I thought and I don’t see loops. Huh.

    • You don’t take off the coat — it’s for a public outdoor thing, so she’s not planning on taking it off at all.  Otherwise, the belt would  be slid over the top hook on the hanger in the coat check.

  • Oh Cathy, just lovely.  I wished Bill would find some hipper shoes, when I was in London the men there were so dapper, what is Bill doing with his grandpa’s shoes on?

    • Anonymous

      Probably being comfortable? I could be totally wrong, but I bet his shoes (at least the formal public appearance ones) are custom made by the same firm that *does* make his grandpa’s shoes.

  • I want every part of that outfit. 

  • MilaXX

    That is a good look,  She looks so much better in saturated colors than those dreary neutrals.

  • Anonymous

    Full on perfection from the Duchess today!  That is a fantastic coat and the belt is perfect.  And I think he looks every bit as good here.  Nothing wrong with a younger man knowing how to dress the part of dignified.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree about the Duke, love the cut & fit of this suit – he looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Omigosh.  I want to rip that coat/belt off her, magically grow it many sizes, and wear it.  She looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. He looks kindly and as dapper as his brand of Royal & appropriate can look.

    When I see photos of her like these I think that possibly her greatest asset to the Family Firm is her ability to look sincerely interested, cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic-but-not-manic.  You rarely see her with a strained-for-the-camera smile, and surely she can’t ALWAYS be feeling up & engaged.

    • Valerie Little

      Well put, I was thinking the same thing. She always looks so sincerely happy, with a beilevable smile. Never looks like she’s mugging for the camera.

    • Anonymous

      Well, why wouldn’t she be happy?? Waity Kaity got what she was waiting for, and she is happy. Good for her!!

  • Mariah J

    Deep colors are this couple’s strength, they should stick to them.

  • the minute i saw it yesterday i KNEW it would get a WERQ…just gorgeous, right…?

  • Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Of course I love it since it’s red and it’s a coat. But the belt catapults it into the stratosphere of fabulosity. Love everything about the outfit, but I’m getting tired of her hair. Still, it Werqs.  As always it’s great to see you again, Bill and Cathy. Don’t be so long between visits, okay?

  • T Lo, if you ever see Cathy looking this fab, please shout ‘WERQ’ at her.

    The boots are Stuart Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ boots in case anyone’s wondering. ID’ed here:

  • Anonymous

    Stunning!  On all levels.

    She probably won’t be wearing her hair like this when she’s 50, but her locks really are her crowning glory, so she might as well flaunt them while she can.  I’m not a bit tired of seeing her beautiful mane.  And she does wear her hair up occasionally. 

  • LUV HUH in color, and that coat and that belt are just stunning. So flattering.

  • Joyce VG


  • Anonymous

    How pretty she looks!  And when she smiles full-blast, as in the last picture, she is just irresistible.

    The coat could not be more flattering–in color and fit.  The belt is drool-worthy.

    And I think that, deep down, she would love it if you shouted, “WERQ it, girl!” at her.  Because I think she’s pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, her look reminds me of someone on her way to the office in the 80s. A pretty, well-dressed person but nothing original about her. I do like the “buddy poppy” though. My WWII vet dad always bought one so I do, too. 

  • Noelle Haland

    She looks just wonderful, I agree – gorgeous coat, belt, boots, hair, you name it. As an aside, though, I can’t stop laughing at how hilariously “Ken & Barbie” they look in all but the final (adorable) photo! Something about their stiff postures and the unnatural way she’s holding that nosegay (wrist awkwardly bent, arms stiff) makes them look Barbie and Ken. Maybe it’s just not-so-hot photography… 

    • Anonymous

      That top pic totally reminded me of a Barbie pose, too! There is something about how she’s holding her hands, the position of her arms, and the way her head is tilted.

    • Anonymous

      I think the royals are very aware of how they hold their hands for some reason….no hand in pockets, always a clutch for the women…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else getting a bit of a Carmen Sandiego vibe? I’m having a hard time seeing anything else.

    • Noelle Haland

      She needs her hat!

  • At least Wills isn’t wearing a double-breasted suit jacket.  They make him look dumpy.  Love Catherine’s coat!  If you put a fedora on her, she’d look just like Carmen San Diego! 

  • Anonymous

    I wish she’d wear her up sometimes. The long ringlets obscore the collars and the necklines.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I watched a video of this on BBC and girl can barely string two words together. William looked very stressed as she stumbled over her words.

    She’s still very nervous I guess but it did make me a little less impressed.

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful. Head to toe gorgeous but especially coveting the coat.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a head-snap WERQ look!  She’s flat-out gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great!

    But she’s holding that bouquet like she’s certain it has herpes on it.  Loosen up, Kats!

  • Not only does she look FABULOUS, but she knows how to hold a bouquet of flowers.  Ahh, you can still see the details of her coat in the pictures!!  🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Meg

    Eh. It looks like she’s always in a half shrug. Other than that she looks great.

  • margaret meyers

    Gosh, she shore is perty. 

  • Anonymous

    She will never be the Queen of England… she will be Queen Katherine to William’s King of England. (I think)

  • Anonymous

    For someone with such a “baby face” sort of look, she can really work a smoky eye without looking all vampy.  and the coat is to die.

  • Anonymous

    I would toss out everything I own to see this stunning coat and all its accessories hanging in my closet, in lonely splendor.

    But I don’t need Wills in there with it 😉

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous! and I’m not even a monarchist.

  • Anonymous

    Fall is her season, it appears.

  • oohsparkley!

    The coat is fabulous and fits her like a dream.  Werq Indeed!  Her tiny tiny waist is really accented.  I wish I looked like that in a belted coat.  If I found one that fit that closely in the waist, I probably wouldn’t be able to get my arms in it.

  • Anonymous

    How DOES she manage to look like she is enjoying this?  Maybe she really is.

  • Anonymous

    Quibble: Cathy is not a future Queen, for the same reasons that Phillip is not currently a King.

    • Anonymous

      Phillip isn’t King because he’s a man…. The wife of the King is generally the Queen, but it doesn’t work the other way.

      • Anonymous

        No, the wife the King is the “Queen Consort”, which is not the Queen. For example, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was the Queen Consort, and then the ‘Queen Mum’, but she was never a Queen.

  • I can’t figure out, when the world-famous Savile Row is RIGHT THERE, how the palace can continue to let Wills wear such lame suits..
    Cathy’s gorge but she’s starting to look like a Tootsie Pop.  A stick topped w/ a big round head.  Compare & contrast this couple’s body language w/ that of Charlie and Eddy;  the Cambridges look happy to be together.

  • L.

    Love the coat & boots.  Hate the belt.

  • Lisa Utter

    I want that coat right now.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Nothing better than a great red coat.  She looks perfect.  I had one in the early 90s that I wore until it fell apart.  Hmmmm time for another?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing better than a great red coat.

      Agreed.  My winter coat is crimson with dyed-to-match fox trim.  I’ve had it, hmm, 7 years?  And have had more compliments on it than anything else I’ve ever owned.

  • Anonymous

    The coat is stunning – the lines are gorgeous, and she looks smashing in red.   Those boots, though –  she has GOT to lose ’em.  They’re a staple of hers and I mean staple in a bad way. 

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Fabulous hair? Even though it’s been rubbing the shoulders of her coat for more than 5 seconds? WITCHCRAFT, I TELL YOU. MOST VILE SORCERY.

  • Sigh. She looks skinnier and more uncomfortable each time I see her. I hope looks are deceiving. But that is a very stylish coat.

  • Allison Woods

    I personally have no problem saying it to Cathy C.:


  • I want that coat. I love that shade of red.

  • WERQ that Carmen Sandiego coat, girl!

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous.  Still no baby bump, I see…

  • Anonymous

    Have it sooo right boys. She looks terrific.!

  • Anonymous

    There are 4 shades of red in their outfits.  And it doesn’t look too matchy.

  • The belt is delicious too! The one on the model is boring but the one Kate has is great!

  • Anonymous

    She and I have very similar coloring, and I have to agree, JEWEL TONES ALL THE WAY. Also, in my case, a lot of neon, but that’s probably not a good choice for her.

  • only person in the world im actually jealous of. (not that im so great or anything, but for the most part im pretty content, but I WANT TO BE HER!)

  • Anonymous

    Perfection. That coat, that belt, those boots, that hair! 

    Bill looks truly magnificent, as well. His suit fits — coat not too short or tight as is the current fashion, which I hate. Trouser length right on the spot. A most suitable companion for her loveliness.

  • Give her a WHRHQ instead. Pronounced the same, but with a tip of the hat at being a HRH. Oh  suuuuuuuure, you’ll say it’s clumsy and confusing and I’ll say you’re right but please let’s not let clarity and cleverness get in the way of a dumb suggestion. 😀

  • Anne Slovin

    She looks like Carmen Sandiego!  (And that’s not a bad thing.)

  • Saoirse Lee

    Am I the only one who hates the belt with the coat? The thickness of the belt seems to be causing the top half of the coat to ride up, making her look hunchy. The original slim belt was way more chic.

  • Anonymous

    Class and style talk, bullshit walks……what world of difference between their style and tailoring as opposed to the dreck that most of Hollywood pumps out….somebody show our guys how men’s suits are supposed to look…and women….superb tailoring…of course nobody does it like the Brits…

  • I was getting bored with her – which made me sad, ’cause I loved her so – but now! WOW! Love it! She looks uncomfortable in the pix, maybe because it was cold? But wow, she is amazing in this.

  • Anonymous

    I COVET that entire outfit.  Wow.  I know you all like to say she dresses boringly, but honestly, if I could have her complete wardrobe transported to my closet, I’d be a very happy camper.

  • ::Drool::

  • Werq!! She looks fantastic! I lust for this coat…

  • Anonymous

    WERQ, Your Highness !

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, she is stunning, isn’t she?  (I still wish she’d eat a sammich…at least before the kiddo’s start coming.)

  • Kyle Crawford


    • Kyle Crawford

      HRH reads TLo ?!??

  • Anonymous

    Hate her hair. Always the same. So boring.

  • Anonymous

    How did I miss this earlier–gawjeous!