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Posted on November 02, 2011

In retrospect, we’re thinking Josh was the Michael Costello of this season. Not because he played the victim one too many times (although Josh could turn to victimhood at the drop of a hat: “You’re getting very aggressive with me!”), but because he got strung along by the judges all season, given praise that was just a little too effusive, had his shortcomings seriously downplayed, and then they dumped his ass and gave the win to someone else. That was Josh’s storyline. To his credit, and in agreement with the judges, we do think Josh is quite talented and has a point of view that pushes the envelope slightly. It’s just that we know Nina and Michael and in prior seasons they never would have missed an opportunity to criticize a designer like Josh, who embodies two of the most dreaded of Project Runway critiques: “taste issues” and “an editing problem.” In keeping with that storyline right up to the last second (and unlike with Michael Costello, more value was found in the ridiculous idea of putting him ahead of Viktor to second place), the judges once again overpraised simple designs and downplayed the more ridiculous of them. In fact Nina made one of THE most ridiculous comments about an article of clothing we’ve ever heard in nine years of the show.


This is his orange bird dress all over again. The only thing he did was remove the much-criticized corsage. The judges should have slammed him for making exactly the same dress.

We don’t care what Nina says, we’re sticking with Tim on this one. That really is quite possibly the ugliest textile we’ve ever seen. To make matters worse, he took an extremely busy print and used it for an extremely overdesigned outfit. It’s kind of stunning how many details he managed to cram into a sleeveless cocktail dress and a vest. If we had to pick the two worst details, it would be the asymmetrical hem and the strings hanging off the back of the vest. But feel free to pick your own. There are dozens of design elements to choose from.

The judges didn’t seem to like this much – and to be fair, it’s a bit too activewear – but we thought it had a simple chicness to it. Don’t love the cut of those pants all that much, but the jacket is great.

Horrible. We’re sorry, but this is hideous, we don’t care how much it excites Nina. Once again, an aggressively ugly print paired with too many elements, from a bright green over-pleated skirt with an asymmetrical hem to a sheer back and even a sheer pocket. The proportions aren’t terribly flattering either.

But this really takes the cake in terms of being unflattering. Those shorts have NO AESTHETIC VALUE. Sorry to be so harsh, but they are almost laughably ugly, kind of vulgar, and insanely overdesigned. And for all their bitching at Viktor for how he paired his pieces, the very idea of pairing THAT top with THOSE shorts should have received a stirring round of righteous fury from the judges. Instead, Nina weakly offered that she “got” the shorts because they were “editorial.” Put your money where your mouth is, girl. Go ahead and put them on the cover of Marie Claire. We’re sure Lea Michelle or Scarlett Johansson will jump at the chance.

Probably one of his better looks. We still maintain that the cut of the pants are not great, but the jacket is truly sharp and interesting, that pink is very much a color of the moment, and the horrific print is downplayed. It has a futuristic chic thing going on. He should explore that in his work more and explore side-laced shorts a bit less.

A perfectly good design, perfectly executed. It’s not exciting – and the judges overpraised it – but it’s a perfect dress.

We’ll give him some credit for attempting to think outside the box here. He’s not doing something that’s never been done, but he’s doing something that’s rarely been attempted in a Project Runway finale collection. This wasn’t our favorite of the plastic looks, but it certainly caught everyone’s attention when it walked out. We could have done without the neoprene bra.

We don’t love the proportions or shape, and we don’t love the idea of black paired with that plastic, but the concept here is sound. When it was merely a gigantic bib, it was horrible. This isn’t a perfect fix, because the back looks shoved in and it looks like she’s still wearing leggings underneath, but the idea of a flowy gown with a plastic halter was an interesting one to pursue. We just don’t think he’s quite there yet.

This is another interesting take on the idea but again, we don’t like the black (and to be fair, that’s only a matter of taste) and we don’t think the proportions and silhouette quite work here.


It seems to us he pulled a slight Santino in that he took whatever minor criticisms he got during the competition and went running in the opposite direction. He was trying his mightiest here to do something edited, forward-thinking, and tasteful. Then we think he looked at some of what he had and worried that it was too boring so he whipped up some crazy shit, like the laced shorts. In the end, it wasn’t a particularly cohesive collection, going from simple draped cocktail dresses to sporty separates to big black futuristic gowns in the space of ten looks. It’s fine to show a range, but we don’t think Josh has the slightest idea who his customer is . It sounds weird, but in a way, it’s like he’s designing womenswear through the eyes of a young, trendy, urban gay guy, who would be likely to have a closet full of cute going-out looks, cute activewear, a couple of trendy, futuristic-looking pieces, and at least one big black thing with a yoke. If Josh wants to design for women, he’s going to have to do a better job of figuring out who the women are that would buy what he’s selling. We think that’s at least part of the reason for over-embellishing his looks. If he got out there and really examined what women want out of their clothing, he’d be a fantastic, energetic designer. Right now, we don’t think he really knows who he’s designing for, so he’s designing for himself without even realizing it.

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  • Anonymous

    Well said.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really in shock that this got second place.  Back when the original photos were posted, I thought…. “thank goodness, he’s not in the finals.”  Guess I was wrong.  I hope he finds a way to parlay this into becoming a better designer and a better person.

    • Anonymous

      That was my original thought at well… but the more I looked at the collection, the more it became apparent that this level of overworking and trying way too hard probably meant he was going for the gold.

  • Anonymous

    I hate this collection and I am still outraged that he placed before Viktor. I call shenanigans! 

    • Shenanigans have been called so often (and rightly so) that it’s turned off its cell phone and refuses to check its messages.

      • Anonymous

        I love you. 

  • Anonymous

    That print is BUTT UGLY.  It totally reminds me of Nina ripping Ivy a new one for making trailer-park pants out of that ugly print last season.  Much crack is being smoked.  I know that editing plays a role, but the judges are clearly giving them the material they need.  Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Funny you should mention Michael Costello, because I was thinking Anya Ayoung-Chee was the  Michael Costello, already set up with a business , many advantages over the other contestants, favored by the judges even though they have al low skill set, yet still “playing” the underdog.
    I think Josh does posses a skill that is worthwhile, the first, third, 7th (LBD) and last two looks were his best. The gown that he “re-did” being the best. I pretty much agree with everyone else that the lime green lace up bike shorts are the worst.

  • The pink pants with the jacket is the only interesting thing I thought he did, and it’s the only piece that shows any skill. I agree with the judges that the seatbelt belt is stupid.. 

    I have to admit he does have more construction skill than Anya, much as I dislike this collection.. And I like the pants with the striped shirt, somehow. 

    • everyone has more construction skills than anya!

      haha but i agree, josh’s clothes are well made even if i don’t particularly like them.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, man – I hated his collection.  I know people liked the weird neoprene jacket, but t certainly wasn’t my taste.  His looks were a big pile of neon puke for me.  I can’t fathom how they worked up the praise for this shit.  Those shorts are seriously a joke.  I can’t believe he non-ironically had them walk in his show.

    Bert and Laura’s collections were heads and shoulders above this runner-up collection.  I mean, that’s not a new concept or anything, but should just be put out there once again. 

    I need a palate cleanser.  Yuck.  

    • pile of neon puke is right… 

    • Anonymous

      Not only were those shorts a joke, but he was actually praised for them.  Bizarro World!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for saying what you did about the green shorts.  I was appalled, but then thought I had lost my mind when they got praise from the judges, especially Nina.

    • I want neon green camel toe. I am the 1%.

      • LOL

      • 1% is a little generous.  I find it hard to believe that 1 in 100 people would want to wear those.  More like the .001%.  I’m willing to believe that 1 in 100,000 people want a neon green camel toe…  Maybe.

        • Abigail Speltz

          Maybe .001%, unless you take out women trying to dress as hookers for Halloween. Then it’s probably significantly less. 

          • Anonymous

            Hookers with taste issues? Or women dressing as hookers for Halloween with taste issues?

        • Anonymous

          Those shorts reminded me of something you would see on  I do think the fine folks featured on that website are the market for neon green camel toe shorts.

      • Anonymous

        That’s hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh! I absolutely HATED this collection (and not because Josh was so obnoxious); it embodies the very worst of late 80’s crap. I see no point of view (just a lot of grasping) and no potential either.

    Tim WAS right about that print: It looks like it came from a bad bowling shirt found in a thrift shop. The bike shorts give the look of static cling/crotch bunching. Those last two black (I hate to even call them) dresses look like they were made by Omar the Tentmaker. Josh has no taste and no idea what women would want to wear. 


    • Anonymous

      You did NOT just reference Omar the Tentmaker!!!  I can’t stop laughing!  It’s been years since I’ve heard that one, and it is perfection as used here!

      • Anonymous

        I applaud GT for referencing Omar the Tentmaker, and I applaud Tim Gunn for his description of that print-bad bowling print it is.

      • Anonymous

        I know! Omar the Tentmaker!!!

    • What’s even worse is I suspect he believes he does know what women want to wear, and isn’t interested in advice to the contrary. Either that or he just doesn’t give a crap.

      This collection is mostly unfathomable to me.

    • Lattis

      Ugh! I absolutely HATED this collection

      I’ve been thinking about it and I think that is all that needs to be said about this collection. I admire the vehemence and bluntness.

      But I have to add one more thing. 🙂  Part of the revulsion I feel towards this collection is that the plastic looks like bruised flesh. Or diseased flesh. Or veiny undead flesh. It amazes me that one collection could contain a crap print, shiny, cheap black fabric, neon color, and scabrous plastic AND garner praise from Nina.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the plastic was awful, too!  I saw all these sane people praising it and it left me feeling very confused.

  • I enjoyed the weak applause TLo tweeted about when Josh came out.

  • Kate Pearce

    I’m sorry, I still don’t like any of it, but then I’m definitely not his customer, whoever she is.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure she doesn’t actually exist except in his mind, which is a permanently looped series of exercise videos from the ’80s.  Non-neon colors are forbidden.  Everyone who isn’t constantly on acid is high anyway due to the intense hairspray fumes.  There’s enough baby blue eyeshadow and at-home perm solution to provide for the entire nation’s high school class of 1987 — female AND male.  DJ Tanner’s closet is at hand for wardrobe emergencies.  The soundtrack is an amalgam of ’80s and ’90s pop: “Physical” by Olivia Newton John, a bunch of stuff by the Mary Janes, “The Sign” by Ace of Base, and there’s occasionally something by the Spice Girls thrown in there to make the proceedings slightly more modern  Finally, if you ever try to take off your platform shoes, you’re summarily executed.

  • Toto Maya

    This collection was hideous. My family was in tears laughing at it as it walked down the runway. The fact that the judges praised it is completely ridiculous to me, I do not understand why, AT ALL. At all. Their reactions made zero sense on any level.

  • i hate the green shorts like everyone else, but i actually really love the top paired with them. i think it would look great with jeans and a jacket. and i also like the ideas of the last couple of dresses, if not the results.

    • All of his tops look like the many tank tops he wore throughout the show. Didn’t he tell one of his models while fitting her in the purple-striped top that he wanted her to look like him? If I had been her, I would have taken one look at the orange skin, overdone eyebrows and crossed eyes and cried.

      • His father actually looked quite good- shame Josh can’t go with his genes.

        • he’s going w/ plastic surgery.
          in five years he’s gonna look about as human as carrot top.

    • Anonymous

      yep, those shorts are hiddy but that tank is pretty fab!

    • At first glance, I’d agree about the tank top with the hiddy shorts – but a second look, and I couldn’t help but see the gianormous arrow on her chest, pointing directly to her crotch.

      Maybe he wanted to make sure everyone got a good look at the cameltoe?

  • So much ugly crammed into one collection, it boggles the mind.

  • Sara__B

    Josh should consider designing for guys like himself. The clothes he wore on PR were usually much more interesting than the ones he sent down the runway, and I’m assuming he made many of them himself.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I was just thinking about that. 

    • I’m assuming he made those tank tops for his own wardrobe because he has no money. Seriously, he must have pocketed some of the change, but I can’t imagine those fabrics costing $8,000. If he paid more thank $.50 for the homeliest textile in the history of the show then it was about .49 cents too much. (The one tanktop he wore made out of orange traffic cones and the bookshelf vest are the ones I hated the most.)

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Josh, where did the money go?

        • Well, didn’t he say that the print was “vintage” fabric? He probably paid way too much for that fabric that no one wanted to use even when it was brand new.

          Also didn’t realize that she was wearing a green bra under the plastic shirt. Just looks like a bug carapace to me, and I want to step on her.

          • you mean IT REALLY WAS discount store fabric from the 80s? or did they take apart a whole mess of size 24 – 44 womens shirts [all appearing in the from age forty to death department] so he could repurpose the material?

          • I still want to feel that fabric — does it FEEL as bad as it LOOKS?  I’m oddly compelled, just by that… Though admittedly I have a weird texture obsession

          • Anonymous

            I was going to say that I had no idea 1989 counted as “vintage” now.

  • The black fabric with those plastic gowns looks so incredibly cheap. Like those disposable gowns they use for graduations now. The less said about the print and the lime green the better.

    • Anonymous

      YES!  The black fabric looks like the cheap stuff used to make my son’s Gryffindor Robe I bought on for $11.99!

      • Anonymous

        Referencing an earlier, better season of PR, the fabric looks chip, in a chip way(and Molto Grazie to Alberta Ferretti for that lovely phrase).

        • Anonymous

          Catherine Malandrino, I think. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I thought “Hefty bag” when I saw it previewed in the mini-collection, and Josh’s revisions did nothing to change that.

    • Anonymous

      Kept thinking the model should stay away from open flames.

  • Anonymous


  • Brooke U

    I completely agree with your closing statement, those are the same thoughts I had over and over throughout the season. “He’s designing for himself, and pretending it’s for a woman…”

    Also… does anyone else feel like we could have seen most of these looks in an episode of Star Trek? It’s futuristic, but in a strange, dated way.

    • BerlinerNYC

      Well, “retro future” is a thing, and has been for a long time. That was actually the one thing I liked about his collection.

    • The 60s cheap-set version of Star Trek, maybe. All of his textiles looked cheap to me. I should hope the real future would have no need for anything like those green shorts.

    • Anonymous

      Trek! I wrote the same thing later on before I read this — sorry to repeat you, but yes, I agree.

    • Anonymous

      See, I usually have a huge weakness for retro-futuristic stuff, especially the kind of weirdness you used to see in early ’80s scifi-oriented anime.  It hits my nostalgia core in a big way.  I think if Josh could tailor this stuff in a way that didn’t make his model look like a linebacker, some of it could be really cool.  But I also have to say that Tim Gunn was right about the homeliest textile.

      • Anonymous

        “The Homeliest Textile,” by Tim Gunn! I loved that book growing up. I love how in the end, the textile gets away from its unhappy home at Mood and gets to walk at Fashion Week, just like it always dreamed, just like all the other textiles said it would never do.

        I’ll never forget the last line: “‘Who’s laughing now?’ thought the Homeliest Textile, settling into its new home between the Ugliest Vest and the Saddest Model. ‘Who’s laughing now?'”

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          I imagine that The Ugliest Shorts secretly really wish that they could be paired with The Homeliest Textile Shirt with the mesh pocket and live a life of garish bliss.

          • Anonymous

            That’s the sequel, “Speak for Yourself, Ugliest Shorts!”

        • Anonymous

          I wish I could double like your post.

        • LOA

          My keyboard’s greetings, it had it’s share of coffee too now

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. A lot of designers design for themselves, it’s the “pretending it’s for a woman” part that’s messing him up. I do think he’s talented, so it’s all about when or if he “finds himself” (I put that in quotes because it is so trite, but anyone who tattoos his own name on his wrist has to have major identity issues). 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I was dying all week to see what you would say about those crazy shorts. To me, if the laced sides were just straight down, it would still be horrifically tacky; given that they are the way they are, it just looks like he does not know how to make shorts. In fact, I kind of loved that photo of that model where her lips made the “O” shape (totally appropriate gesture, I thought), but that photo is not here on this post. On the other post it is.

    To be honest, the back of that last dress did manage to remind me of a design from the Finnish version, and that was a really beautiful design. Unfortunately, the dress here looks nothing like it otherwise. The front of that really a great go-to if ever you need to look at something ugly.

    It was the third look that I liked most out of this collection.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if the shorts were laced down, they’d still be tacky, but at least they wouldn’t look like the shorts were migrating upwards into the model’s crotch.

    • “The front of that really a great go-to if ever you need to look at something ugly.”

      I don’t know if making us laugh was your goal with this comment, but I laughed out loud when I read it.

  • Joe J

    Those damned shorts.  Unless you have stick-skinny bird legs, those lace-ups would make every girl who wears them look like her thighs are tearing them apart at the seams.  Totally what every woman wants *EL MASSIVO EYE ROLL*

    As you pointed out, Josh only designs for himself. It certainly explains why all the models are styled to look like him.

    • Anonymous

      There was such an epidemic this year of models being styled to look like the designers. What was up with that?

      • No imagination, coupled with the inability of many of the designers to notice anything farther away than the tips of their noses. Their exceptionally narrow reference points and POVs were genuinely shocking to me. It was like a roomful of Kenleys.

    • Not just styled, but the basic silhouttes of most of his pieces make the models look manish too. Eight of the looks don’t even give the model a discernible waist line. I think someone above commented that they look like linebackers, and we all know women like to look like that! ::ditto el massivo eye roll::

  • Anonymous

    Such a great point about Josh having little concept of who his woman is. More cynically, based on his contemptuous treatment of Becky, I suspect that if you aren’t “his” approved woman then he couldn’t care less what you want or need to wear. 

    His second-place finish is a painful contrast to Bert, Viktor and Kimberly, all of whom seem to design with a healthy respect for what a wide range of “average” women might want and need to have in their closets.

    • Yes, this. One of the things he said about Becky was “her demographic is forty to, like, dead”. He apparently doesn’t realize that middle aged women do wear clothes AND they’re the ones who are more likely to be able to afford them. Some designers have this fantasy of designing for 17 year old models, while most real 17 year-olds are on allowance, for crying out loud.

      • Anonymous

        What kills me is that he can’t even dress the models well!  Even his LBD in this collection doesn’t really do a lot for her proportions (the best you can say is that it’s not terrible), and during the competition he regularly stumpified his willowy models’ figures and emphasized odd parts of the body.  For all the problems with Viktor’s black chiffon and Anya’s one-note caftans, at least they demonstrated understanding of how to put clothes on their models.
        Although now that I think of it, it’s funny that Josh’s most feminine tailoring was probably on the LBD he made for the real women challenge.  So it’s not that he lacks the ability. He apparently *can* do it if he puts his mind to it.  I don’t think he’s all that interested in putting his mind to it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think he cares what anyone else wants.  He thinks this looks good, so his expectation is that you will want it.  He doesn’t want feedback, he wants you to just accept what he puts out there.

      • Anonymous

        Yes.  Bert’s lecture to him in the ’70s episode – more or less telling Josh designers have to adapt or die – went right to the heart of it.  Too bad Josh didn’t seem to get that at all.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, didn’t he say something to Anya, when she made it to the finals, like, “if you weren’t so beautiful, I’d hate you right now?”

      • yes! dear lord. i feel like that one comment describes anya’s entire success on the show and win somehow. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he did.  Meanwhile an “average” girl like Becky wasn’t worthy of anything except being screamed at to keep her mouth shut and sew faster.  While Josh was a bully to both male and female designers, it’s hard not to see a touch of misogyny in the particular venom he directed at her.  To me, it seems of a piece with his total disinterest in letting women’s bodies and needs influence his designs.

        • I completely agree. Throughout this season the feeling i had that Josh “hates” women kept getting stronger.  I’m sorry but any designer that actually likes women would NOT make the clothes Josh made.  His finale collection reminded me of a train wreck where the cars were carrying 1980’s clothing to discount stores and it got mixed up with passengers that were wearing Halloween costumes.  Sorry to be so harsh, but Josh has very little to offer the fashion industry and women if he thinks his collection and especially those green shorts were acceptable

          • Anonymous

            It’s especially noticeable coming off the Bert interview, where Bert talked about wanting to make clothes that women could invest in and wear season after season.  Josh’s collection… fails that standard in every conceivable way.  Bert suits his clothes to women, but Josh would rather demand the reverse.

            Of the four finalists, Kim and Viktor came the closest to passing the Bert test (based on their competition entries as well as their finale collections).  For all that Viktor was derided for being “wearable”… at least he demonstrates a solid grasp of what real live women actually wear in a variety of situations – office, evening, casual daytime.  Kimberly as well, despite being pigeonholed as the “urban black girl” designer, made pieces that I think have wide functional appeal (her pants for Nina, her pants for the ’70s challenge, some of her cocktail dresses in the final collection).  Based on this, I actually find it almost insulting how much the judges praised Josh’s ill-fitting and hideous items to the sky while acting as if Kimberly and Viktor just deserved to be swatted away.

  • You hit the nail on the head with this one, boys. I could never really pin down what I REALLY disliked about Josh (I mean, besides his personality, his eyebrows, and his neon shorts), but his biggest problem is definitely, as you said, that he designs for himself. 

  • ana

    Yes, none of this is remotely to my taste; YES, the shorts are offensive to any person with an inch of good taste; YES, YES, YES; a thousand times YES Josh being placed above Viktor is absolutely laughable and delusional and outrageous. But if the producer’s idea was to make viewers think “well better Anya than Josh”, I’m sorry it totally failed with me: at least this guy, even if tacky, has some skills and can design something other than V-neck dresses and caftans. Oh, and he can do sleeves!

    Yes, the fact that I’m defending Josh is overwhelming even for me. I need a drink.

  • Terence Ng


  • Ann VerWiebe

    Exactly! When I first saw Josh’s collection, I thought, “Oh, he’s designing for himself!” Especially those shorts. No woman I know would wear them.

  • Anonymous

    I just threw up in my mouth.  Awful.  I am so glad I stopped watching weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    I always got a “small town gay in the big city over his head” vibe from Josh….this collection proves my theory.

  • Ugh. That this collection came in second is proof enough that Project Runway is broken, perhaps beyond repair, especially if they are going to continue pushing this kind of agenda. I demand that Nina actually pose wearing those shorts.

    • Anonymous

      OMG!  What an image!  But you’re right–if they’re so “editorial,” put ’em on, Nina, lace ’em up, and strike a pose! 

      Then put it on the cover of MarieClaire.

      • Anonymous

        Depending on how the folks she left behind at Elle  feel, they might want to run it in their magazine to go with a “fashion don’t” story.

        • Anonymous

          Those green shorts are exactly the kind of item that would be perfect for the old Glamour mag fashion do’s and don’ts…with a big X over the fashion victim’s face.

      • Anonymous

        Joanna may think she’s ill and asking to be fired.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    “It’s like he’s designing womenswear through the eyes of a young, trendy, urban gay guy.”

    And this is why you’re my favorite bloggers, TLo. Perfectly accurate and perfectly stated.

  • Anonymous

    If Nina were Pinocchio, she would be able to pole vault with her nose. Editorial, my ass.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, very editorial.  On the back page, with a black bar over your eyes and a big ‘DON’T’ label above you.

      • Anonymous

        Between this and the cats comment below, I need to stop reading this at work.  I just snorted in a very unbusinesslike manner.

        • Anonymous

          Just tell everyone you have a terrible  sinus infection.

          • Anonymous

            Getting worse as the comments mount!  😀

    • Anonymous

      She wasn’t lying, it would be a perfect editorial for The Onion.

  • I still cannot believe that this collection won runner-up. It’s so ridiculous, I can only laugh.

  • marshal hartman

    I hated Josh all season long, and hated almost everything he made through the competition, but I think Josh had my favorite collection of the final four. I hated Victor’s blue and black print, I felt like it was cheap and dated looking. Granted, this is far from perfect. The second, fourth and fifth looks look like they come from a collection for club-meet-activewear, and his first look doesn’t relate to the rest of the collection at all (not to mention it was just a retread of exactly what he did on the show), but the 3rd and 6th through 10th looks all seem consistent and kind of most forward for where Josh was in the competition. I kind of liked the fourth look, though it didn’t need the netting, and the fifth I could see in some 80’s inspired active wear editorial.

  • Anonymous

    I hated the proportions of that last black dress. The wide v-neck with the bulkiness around the middle made the pin-thin model look wide and unwieldy. He can drape well at times but I think that looks speaks to TLo’s point- he doesn’t have the comfort with women and what they want to wear that the other finalists had.

  • Anonymous

    I could learn to love the print if it was just that… print. No sheer or contrasting neon color backs. No hideous neon biker shorts. Just print with black or white. How hard is that? 

  • Anonymous

    The Josh/Anya showdown was more ridiculous than the Mondo/Getchen showdown last season. I’ve become so apathetic about the fake judging.

  • Leslie Carver

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Hiddy. And that’s all I have to say about that. 

  • Lattis

    Right now, we don’t think he really knows who he’s designing for

    Cats. All those long dangly strings . . . my cat would love it if I wore those shorts all day.

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO!  Brilliant!

    • Anonymous

      OMG- now I know how to get my cat, the great and powerful (and overweight) Genghis to lose weight- whip up a pair of Josh’s mega-hiddy string shorts! Genghis will drop those pounds so fast Josh’s fake bronzer will slide off!

      • Oh, I have a cat named Genghis too! He’s mostly muscle, but chasing those strings would keep him in shape. They’d also be really good for Keeton, my chubby kitty who’s on a diet. Girl needs some aerobics.

    • Anonymous

      My four month old kittens, Tesla and Mobius, would have a friggin’ FIELD DAY with this stuff.  Anything that dangles is fair game (Tesla particularly enjoys power cords, which is really bad for her, albeit kind of appropriate considering her name). 

  • OMG thank you!  You actually said he could be good — some day, with a lot of work!    I have spent all season defending this boy to my friends, saying “he’s got something here — he’s got a spark.”  And they all looked at me like I was crazy, and I got a lot of “See!  SEE!” during the finale collection, especially at those shorts. 

    That print… well, it’s just plain ugly.  There’s nothing more to say on that.

    The plastic pieces have a lot of promise;  mainly that when you look at them, you can see the very beginnings of a designer who could be really interesting in 10 years with a lot of work.

    Now for the shorts… First, I am compelled to say that I really love that tank.  Not new, not innovative, not exciting, but a piece that I like and would wear and would even buy if the price point was right.  It’s a cute tank.  The shorts… well, I hate the color.  And they are rather horrifying to look at.  But there’s some thought there. He was trying to do something a little different and a little interesting.  He should have been able to see that it failed horribly, but there was at least some effort to be a true designer and not just toss flowy fabrics onto models in a way that they still flowed (hint: it’s not hard to keep flowy fabric flowy). 

    Did he deserve a win?  No.  Did he deserve 2nd? Well… probably not.  I could make the argument that his collection showed more risks than Victor’s, but still… no. 

    But he’s not the horrible no-talent hack that he was often made out to be. 

  • You are so right!  The only person I could see wearing those shorts IS Josh…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see the Michael Costello comparison at all. Not in personlity, or story arcs, or design, or taste (or lack of it). For starters, I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone wearing anything of Josh’s, ever. Unless it’s as a joke to an 80s party.

  • Anonymous

    Those shorts were awful.  About the only thing I liked was the black dress and the look with the striped shirt, that the judges seemed to hate.  I do love the first dress, but we saw it already. 

  • Anonymous

    Who knew? International Male is editorial!

  • GAH! My eyes! They bleed!
    The green bra beneath the plastic sliding door top dress-thing. His love of useless vests. The matchy-match of the colors pulled from his bad print. The mesh breast pocket… is that for your bifocals? Those half-diaper, half-stripperwear shorts! The plain black dress with the Tylenol cutout was there because he probably needed a zipper bridge. The aforementioned Vulcan snuggie. So much look.
    Boy does loves his tank tops though.
    I’m flabbergasted that the judges liked this collection so much.
    OK, I’m done.

  • I could not BELIEVE when Nina said she liked those shorts!! They are an abomination. 

  • I expected worse from Josh. That’s the only real praise I can muster, especially considering that the better pieces all seemed VERY derivative of Christopher Kane to me.

    • Anonymous

      Right? I was puzzled as to why no one called him out on that yet.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one thinking there’s a huge market for those laced up shorts? They can be ugly all they want but don’t tell me you don’t see the Jersey Shore girls wearing a pair and then seeing them everywhere. 

    • MilaXX

      There is a certain group of people that if you slap a designer label on it will wear anything no matter how ugly it is. Jersey has taken a bad rep thanks to reality tv. The type of label whore who would wear those shorts isn’t exclusive to Jersey.

    • Anonymous

      Dear God, I *hope* you’re the only one thinking that!  Don’t even think it!!!!!

    • I thought C+C Music Factory video extra rejects.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    It can be an interesting experiment to see how unflattering clothes you can make, and to experiment with what is not beautiful. You just cannot call it beautiful and wearable in that case, now can you? I do not mind that path being pursued as long as the person doing so knows it, and realizes what was achieved in the end of that.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      AND the judges were of no help in making him realize what the hell he was doing!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to fall back down into the Slough of Despond again, so I’ll just say what my mother used to say:  All his taste is in his mouth. That and the on-the-money observation that he designs for himself (as all certifiable narcissists do) means that no matter how well he sews or how often it is pointed out to him that he is not designing for any known women on the planet, he will never fulfill any potential he has.

    He’s his own worst enemy. 

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be so harsh but my honest reaction to every look here was “HIDEOUS!”  Not only is there not one look that I find even remotely redeemable, I can barely find a single piece that is anything but revolting.  Maybe the purple and heather gray tank…but then I can’t figure out why he paired it with a jacket that’s brown/orange.  Seriously?  In what world do those colors go together. 

    And I don’t  hate his personality as much as others seem to.  I just have a very negative reaction to his aesthetic.

  • The gray and cream top (with the green shorts) might work better with the neon green skirt that preceded it. But then, mostly black flowing with tidbits of plastic shields. And, his styling — same black boot heels on every outfit. Doesn’t work for the first blue dress.
    I think the vintage fabric was an homage to his mom. Viktor was the clear winner, IMHO.

  • I’m sorry, those shorts are still the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in a Project Runway finale. 

  • Julie Fountain

    “we don’t think Josh has the slightest idea who his customer is” – yep, that’s Josh’s problem precisely. That and he needs some mood stabilizers.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I don’t think he needs mood stabilizers. Just some maturity. 

  • You are completely on the bean re Josh’s “aesthetics.” He imagines what he would wear if he were a woman. And as a woman, he’d be quite the vain tramp. But you forgot to include the adjective “dim” in your list. Josh isn’t at all bright; his concept pieces have stupid written all over them. And the way he shoehorns the elements into ghastly ensembles? You can see his little brain struggling to figure out why things don’t look so hot; and then, after a period of furstration, petulantly declaring, “I don’t care! It looks fierce, and if they don’t get that, fine!”

  • Yeah, most women are looking for a pair of shorts that make it look like their thighs are so huge they are literally ripping the shorts at the seams… and we really like that in the boldest color possible. 

    • Anonymous


    • MilaXX

      yes cause the She-Hulk look is so on trend.

    • Anonymous

      They reminded me of The Incredible Hulk.

      • Anonymous

        Or the Jolly Green Giant’s girlfriend…

  • Wow.  First, I could see the judges thinking “hmm, could be interesting, some interesting ideas” as it was moving down the runway. but to look at the stills and praise this….. fug…..  First, the black neoprene jacket– hated the belt.  It makes me wonder how it looks without the belt holding it together.  The black “gowns” look like the stuff you see on aliens in science fiction series like Babylon 5– he just forgot to put the masks on his models.  Green shorts– again, disgusting.   Fact is, nothing looked flattering.  I don’t know how this could have been picked over Viktor or Kimberly frankly.  Viktor was robbed big time.

  • Anonymous

    I got the impression that Nina and Kors had NO CLUE how to judge this fugfest.  It felt to me like they were all ‘I wouldn’t touch this crap with a ten-foot pole, but maybe that’s what the young folks like nowadays. If I say what I think I’ll come across as old and fuddy duddy.”

    It was hiddy.  And his much vaunted (by Josh anyway) sense of colour is totally lacking.  Just because you’re not afraid to use neon, it doesn’t mean you have a refined colour sensibility. Nasty clothes from a nasty man.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  Although it’s not like the judges didn’t have ample warning that they would be evaluating a loud tacky mess.  I’m still in disbelief that his ’70s outfits didn’t get him auf’d, and he could have easily gone out on the Governor’s Island outfits as well. 

    • Kate Pearce

      LOL ‘Nasty clothes from a Nasty Man’
      Could that be Josh’s new clothing line name? Please?

      • Anonymous

        No. Because then I might have to buy them 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He should personally apologize to that model who had to wear the green shorts. She’s gorgeous, of course, but there is nothing redeemable with that garment.

  • Anonymous

    I know that when I say it’s better than I expected, I’m damning with faint praise.
    Joshua has passion and he has ideas. But I think he might be the sort of person who thinks negative feedback means the person just doesn’t get it. I hope not. He needs to find himself a mentor, someone who can help him shape and develop his vision.

  • Anonymous

    I could easily see Josh working the runway in every single one of these looks.  He was supposed to be designing clothes for women, and he designed clothes for himself.

  • Anonymous

    I have always thought Josh was designing for himself.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  Every time I look at the green side-laced shorts and long T, I think that’s the closest Josh could get to sending himself down the runway.  Himself from his track-star glory days.

      I don’t hate the print as much as every one else.  I like vintage prints.  But it struck me as a weird thing to use for a runway show.  Isn’t the point of such a show to get someone to finance the production of the clothes on the runway?  Why would you use a fabric you probably couldn’t find again?

      I also like the plastic collars paired with black flowy silk(?).  I just don’t know why the backs of those garments have to be so fussy and weird.  If it was a simple drape, either one would look spectacular on a red carpet.  Maybe T-Lo are right about the color though.  Something more interesting than black would make it even better.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, I forgot about his track-and-field days. Man, those green shorts gave the poor woman a bulge in a place no woman should have any. And then Nina said she liked the shorts… Insanity

        I also liked the plastic collars with the flowy material, especially the first one. From the front, mind you. From the back they looked horrid, even after the tweaks.
        How that kid got to NYFW and to 2nd place is beyond me. Well, I know how he got there, but he shouldn’t have been up there. Oh well.

  • Gawd. It’s like walking through the women’s section at Daffy’s.

    Hell, it also looks like walking through the men’s section as well.

  • Lori

    Last season I was furious Mondo placed second.  This?  is pathetic, yet I am unmoved.  The entire collection is crap and I just don’t care anymore.

  • “he’s designing for himself without even realizing it.”

    The models all having Josh’s own hairstyle is a testament to that.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Santino reference, except that Josh makes Santino look like a paragon of taste.

    • Anonymous


  • Stefanos Mantyla

    That point about him making clothes for himself if he were a woman does seem to shed some light on what he is doing. It goes hand-in-hand with his inability to consider the woman inside of his clothes, a point made during the Nina challenge. If this is the case, though, he would be one vain woman!

    He is a designer, for sure. Maybe more a character than a designer because the show forced him to be such, but still a designer. I managed a compliment about the last dress, as ugly as it is, front and back. I said earlier that the back seemed to echo a really beautiful piece from Muodin Huipulle, which shows he has some design potential in him. He just has a total inability in the taste and editing department about which I have doubts if it will ever go away.

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Want some eggs and bacon with that spam?

  • Anonymous

    I really hate the black fabric he used on those two flowy numbers.  Not to mention the eye-searing ugly print.  I get that Josh has a point of view but it is one that I would aggressively ignore.

  • So so so so so so so so BAD!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    stil cant believe he came in 2nd.  really nina, do you think we belive those tacky fucking shorts are editorial?  good grief.  i didnt care for his collection at all. 

  • MilaXX

    Tim calling that textile the most hideous thing he’d ever seen was probably the most honest thing that occurred on this show all season. Josh can sew, but this collection was pure fug.

  • Pennymac

    Umm, Hello? NEOPRENE???? From Wikipedia: “Neoprene or polychloroprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene.[1] Neoprene in general has good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. It is used in a wide variety of applications, such as laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces (wrist, knee, etc.), electrical insulation, liquid and sheet applied elastomeric membranes or flashings, and car fan belts.
    Yup, just the thing I want to wrap my thighs in, IN NEON GREEN OR PINK. Aside from his collection being Hiddy, it would have been better suited to belonging in the unconventional materials challenge. GAH! My neck and upper torso are sweating just thinking about those yokes from hell and let us not forget, the green neoprene bra.

    How creative! Lets give it second place! NOT!

  • Anonymous

    Man, that neoprene jacket makes me crazy. It’s the proportion of the lines in the upper half, which make whoever’s wearing it look disproportionately broad in the shoulder/tiny in the hip (and not in the good way), and also make it look like the jacket’s not on properly/falling off. I just want to grab it and pull it into place, even though I know it IS in place, and then I just have to look at something else.

  • Anonymous

    TLO said ” The judges should have slammed him for making exactly the same dress.”

    In previous seasons they clearly would have but for this season making exactly the same dress (even if you do it 9 times or more) shows what a wonderful designer you are.

    • Anonymous

      How is it, though, that I loved the orange dress but hated this one? The orange dress appeared to be cut and draped perfectly. This looked like a purple blob.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think Josh should be a menswear designer. I think the reason why he feels he has to add so much to the clothes is he’s a menswear guy designing women’s clothing so he thinks he has to tart it up for females since his eye is for menswear. I don’t know why, but I could see him doing a very sophisticated menswear line. For some reason I can picture his sweaters, pants, suits, etc. for men and the idea excites me. 

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Maybe; I just have a hard time picturing it. I see nothing from his work on the show that can be translated into menswear. He has made stuff that he himself has modeled, but to say “I did not love it” is an understatement.

    • Anonymous

      He is a menswear designer.  But his line is anything but sophisticated. In fact, he wore one of his own creations during the season–a leopard-print tank top trimmed with orange.  Ringing any bells?  You can probably find his original portfolio in the TLo archives. Proceed with caution, though. It’s nothing to write home about.

    • Anonymous

      Yes and no.  I agree he’d probably do better work if he stuck to menswear… but then I think of the Sheepdogs challenge, where he *had* a respectable outfit before he felt the need to fug it up with doodoo pockets.

  • Anonymous

    more value was found in the ridiculous idea of putting him ahead of Viktor to second place

    Ah, but that was the clever part!  Had Viktor been second to Anya, the judges would not have been able to go out of doors without risking their lives.   Because most people thought Viktor should have won, and, after last season, that wouldn’t have gone over at all.

    But by giving second place to someone most folks thought was not deserving of the prize, they deflect a lot of criticism.  After all, they can say, “But if Anya hadn’t won, it still wouldn’t have been Viktor.”

    Sneaky devils.

    • Anonymous

      The operative word being “devils.”

    • ana

      Like I said in my previous comments, if that was their idea, it fell flat with me: i’ll take delusional, tacky, (too much) diversified but with skills Josh over one-note, one-seam, V-neck Anya. But maybe that’s just me…

  • Those shorts are so Body Glove, late ’80’s from the International Male catalog.  They make me hear David Lee Roth singing “Jump” in my head.  I need to go Clorox all of that out of my brain before I get a migraine. And my husband thought the unlaced strings in the front of the shorts could lead to really bad tampon jokes from high school boys, or from adults with the mentality of high school boys.

  • Anonymous

    “’s like he’s designing womenswear through the eyes of a young, trendy,
    urban gay guy, who would be likely to have a closet full of cute
    going-out looks, cute activewear, a couple of trendy, futuristic-looking
    pieces, and at least one big black thing with a yoke”

    Exactly, “International Male/Undergear catalogue for women.”  There is nothing Josh designed that wouldn’t make an excellent costume on Jersey Shore.

  • Anonymous

    Eurotrash clothing. Only that might be insulting to Eurotrash clothing. 

  • I’m going to go on PR and make everything out of neoprene, because apparently that’s Nina’s weakness. Remember when Ra’mon made that green neoprene dyed dress in season 6? Ugh.

    • Tim bought it for her when it was auctioned. He was daring her to wear it. So far she hasn’t worn it.

  • They were ugly. Really ugly. I was disappointed about all the negative critiques given to good designers from the past like Jay Sario, and then overpraised this hot mess. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought that Josh had the most interesting, forward-thinking collection. Yes, a lot of the stuff didn’t go together and that print was fugbugly, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if they hadn’t handed him the win (except it was Anya’s from Episode 1). While Victor’s collection was so beautiful, Josh explored stuff–different textiles and shapes–and I thought that was the entire point of this show.

    I think he’ll be a damn fine designer if he does like you said–go and see what women like to wear, talk to women, address concerns and play up what they are proud of. That dress he made for the real woman challenge was breathtaking–if he focuses (and he needs to!) he can do some really nice things. While we saw a bit too much of his ‘tude, if he grows up and calms down a bit, I wish him well.

  • Anonymous

    Re the Hideous Green Shorts:  Nina didn’t like them better in a photo than in motion, she liked them better because in the photo, they were on a different, much thinner model!  TLo, pretty please post a screenshot of that photo.  On a girl a couple sizes smaller, the shorts lace close and they are… well, still not good, but at least better.


  • Aly Light

    Those shorts looked like they were being sucked into the vortex of her vagina. Forget shooting them. I’d like to see Nina wear them for that comment.

  • Anonymous

    those shorts, i CAN’T.

  • Anonymous

    Am I wrong or was that awful playing card print the one that Tim almost gagged over during the home visit? If so, what would have possessed Josh to use it not once but (by my count) at least 3 times?

  • My workout Barbie had shorts like those. Hate.

  • Looking at most of these my first thought is what the fuk?  Totally ridiculous. That print is hiddy, and being a child of the 80’s I never, and I do mean never, want to see neon clothing. Ever. AGAIN.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, looking at Josh’s collection in more detail, I’m finding a lot more that I like — at least enough to concur reluctantly that he is quite talented in a terrible-person sort of way. That gray jacket actually is fantastic, and the whole outfit could’ve looked great if everything else had been made of different fabric. “Futuristic” is a good description — so is “very ’60s Star Trek,” but I love the costume designs on Trek, so I can’t exactly say no to this.

    I like the black & plastic vests a lot, except for the cheap-looking stuff they’re made of and the fact that the black one is bunchy and awkward and needs to have those things snipped off. This whole collection is made of implausibly awful-looking fabrics; either the colors are awful or it looks like cheap lining-type polyester (the plastic-yoke dresses!). He seems to have this idea that if it hasn’t been done to death (neoprene eveningwear! Eye-searing ultraviolet purple togas!) that it must be because he’s a genius, not because it’s kind of a bad and unwearable idea.

    The gray tank is fantastic, but I’m guessing the credit, as with Anya’s collection, is more with Mood than Josh (though I’d be happy to be told I’m wrong).

    There’s the germ of a good idea somewhere in the green shorts, but I don’t think I could bring myself to touch them long enough to find it.

    This is still totally better than Anya’s collection. I’ll go ahead and say it. The execution puts it ahead — it’s full of interesting detail, even if it’s often the wrong detail. Good luck, Josh. I hope the awful personality you displayed on the show doesn’t destroy whatever possible career you might have had.

    • ana

      “This is still totally better than Anya’s collection. I’ll go ahead and say it. The execution puts it ahead — it’s full of interesting detail, even if it’s often the wrong detail. ”

  • Anonymous

    I cannot see an actual, human woman wanting to wear any of this. 

  • Anonymous

    Missed opportunity. I hoped that all the models would be sporting Mdame Josh’s eyebrows, eye liner and eye lash extensions. Damn.
    This collection is second place only because the very idea gave the show an extra 30 seconds of drama.

  • T-Lo states “…the very idea of pairing THAT top with THOSE shorts should have received a stirring round of righteous fury from the judges.” 

    Not that I disagree, but it begs the question, what would one pair with those monstrosities? 

    I missed the finale, being in a hotel in DC that had no Lifetime and after reading the comments all night in the lounge, I just didn’t have the heart to go back and watch it. And after seeing this collection of schlock, and that it beat Victor, I’m glad I didn’t. I would have thrown something at my new flat screen TV.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I just… I can’t. It all feels like a colossal joke. Like someone picked from the wardrobe on the sets of Kids Incorporated, Saved By The Bell, Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth Tour and a Winger video and is punking us with this collection we’re actually supposed to believe 1) was sent down a runway during NY FASHION WEEK and 2) was the runner-up on Project Runway.  Is Bansky behind this? Perhaps Sasha Baron Cohen? The ghost of Andy Kaufman?

  • Because he was dressing his women to be like himself. They all look stumpy. I could not understand the hideous choice of footwear with the purple toga and throughout. Those booties make tall, thin models look like stumpy munchkins. Not cool.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for saying this!  Couldn’t agree more.

  • Anonymous

    Student work.  Some talent, ton of ideas, but almost no ability to step back from his work and critique it and ask how well it works as a whole.  Should have been booted midway.  He needs, desperately, to mature.  Even then, I don’t know that he’s got it–he’s got to connect with his customer at some point.

    As with Viktor, I give fault the judges’ for their peculiar judging and meaningless critiques.  Why, in particular, is Kors–who does show consistent taste as a designer–put up with the manipulations?  He’s got a ton of money and doesn’t need to sell his soul to keep his job.  It’s pretty clear that he just doesn’t care at this point.  Nina’s aiming to please her boss.

    I actually think Heidi’s the only one who still cares and she’s always had a questionable taste level.  Tim Gunn, too, seems to be mostly phoning it in. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, sweet Baby Jesus on a breadstick roasted over an open flame -those green shorts are HIDDY to the nth degree. I’m with TLo-I want Nina to put that execrescence on the cover of Marie Claire. C’mon, Chica, put em up!

  • If he can learn to get over himself and his love of tragic prints, colors and textiles, maybe. He does have talent; unfortunately, it is wrapped up in the most hideous sense of taste.

    One day I will post something in the right place. Sorry.

  • As a man, he is quite the vain tramp, lol.

  • These are hands-down the UGLIEST clothes I have ever seen. The judges are whores for praising them the way they did (I cringe whenever Nina says something is ‘editorial’). Nothing here is remotely wearable, not even the LBD. C’mon, when was the last time you went to an event where an actual woman wore a dress cut to her navel?

    I agree that he was used. He brought the drama the producers wanted, so they kept him around knowing he had no chance of a win.

    • A wedding I went 2 months ago.  It was mine, it was about that deep of a plunge, and it looked fabulous. 

      Of course, it was also long enough not to go skanky and I added a support system inside the dress to compensate for the lack of bra options…

  • Hard to slam him for making the same dress when Anya has eight looks with the same neckline and no sleeves.

  • Anonymous

    In a way, I have to disagree that Josh doesn’t know who he’s designing for. Josh knows exactly who he’s designing for and gave a very specific description of her in the first episode: the problem is that she’s a fictional character who exists only in his head.

    I kind of enjoy this collection. Do note I said enjoy, not like.

  • Even though I’m exhausted spewing bile at this creature, what the heck, I’ll give it a go! 

    Of course he’s designing for himself! He’s the biggest narcissist on the planet! HE would wear those shorts in a heartbeat. This is a person that posed in his underwear for his portfolio people!! 

    I wish I could get Sirius so I could listen to you guys. Your blog has surpassed the show, ie., the critique has surpassed the critiqued for entertainment. 

  • I hate that tank top. It looks like he mugged a traffic cone for materials.

  • Anonymous

    When we saw the original photos from fashion week, I just KNEW he was a decoy.

    When you put his collection up against Bert’s or Laura’s… is just laughable. 

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Counting down to when Nina puts those shorts on the pages of Marie Claire. Of course, I’m still waiting for her to wear Gretchen’s “on-trend” granny panties from last year.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this collection was hideous, and I especially hated those shorts. But I knew the judges would praise it, because I hated it. Thats how it works in Runwayland. He should have gotten 4th or 3rd place, in my opinion. Kim’s collections probably had as many problems, but her customer and POV is more defined.

  • He’s designing for himself- his own outfits are full of these details right down to the plunging necklines.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot to mention that the entire collection also looked memorably horrible in motion — like, motion usually helps a design, but somehow not with Josh. Everything seemed sort of heavy and flappy, and the tighter stuff sort of dissolved into a lot of multidirectional lines that had no feeling of tailoring. I feel like I’d need surprisingly advanced understanding of sewing to understand what went wrong there, but I feel like something really did go radically wrong.

    ALSO also — I kept thinking, “Gosh, Josh designs *only* for the heroically buff and slender, doesn’t he?” — despite the fact that Viktor, for example, exhibited some very demandingly tight clothes, and many of Josh’s clothes did have some looseness and give to them.

    But it’s always the kind of give that *still* only suits very tall, very thin women. All the overdesigned business and bulk only remotely works when spread out over a very long body; the loose dresses simply don’t work if you have breasts larger than the models’, and the skintight plunging-neckline wetsuit crap is strictly for starlets. And I realize this is a runway show for models and none of these clothes will ever be made for anyone other than models, but it always kind of weirds me out when a designer shows absolutely no understanding of what even a size-4 woman would feel comfortable wearing. You’re not making clothes at that point, you’re just masturbating.

    Other designers this season have got more flak than Josh for this kind of thing (Olivier) (Olivier) (Olivier), but Josh still wins some sort of prize for exhibiting a collection that’s “bad, but kind of interesting and promising in a lot of spots” but would lapse right into “irredeemably, mind-bendingly awful” if it were shown even on a bunch of size 0’s who were five feet tall.

    • Anonymous

      I have to say that even Olivier – for all his complaining about the BEWBS – actually did turn out more flattering garments than this.  The pet store dress, the HP challenge jacket, and his real women shirt come to mind.  Not the most earth-shattering fashions on earth, but they at least had a modicum of potential wearability by non-models.

      • Anonymous

        …You’re right. Olivier did better than I remembered from that perspective. Boy, Olivier should’ve been on this show five years later in life.

  • Anonymous

    Please go find some movies/books/magazines and round out your fashion history education. 
    Next, go find some real women (young and opinionated preferably) take them shopping, I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you what they like and don’t like. 
    Then you can go home and start your mens line.

  • Anonymous

    I’m of the opinion that the green bra was needed to keep the sweat from accumulating on the plastic ‘shirt’. I don’t think there is a single wearable item in this collection. The details on the little black dress and the black and gray skirt shriek ‘thunder thighs’ even for these slender models. On a shorter woman they would be disastrous.

    • Anonymous

      Just imagine the sweaty, steamy goodness going on underneath those materials.  And the clouding over.  Thank goodness they were used above the waist although I wouldn’t put it past him in his cluelessness.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    When it was down to Josh and Anya, I was hoping it would be Josh because I thought that would be absolutely HILARIOUS and a fitting statement of what this show has become.

    • Good point.  Probably wouldn’t have shaken the judges and producers out of their little dream world, but would have ultimately been good for a chuckle.

  • Lattis

    Ugh! I absolutely HATED this collection

    I’ve been thinking about it and I think that is all that needs to be said about this collection. I admire the vehemence and bluntness.

    But I have to add one more thing. 🙂  Part of the revulsion I feel towards this collection is that the plastic looks like bruised flesh. Or diseased flesh. Or veiny undead flesh. It amazes me that one collection could contain a crap print, shiny, cheap black fabric, neon color, and scabrous plastic AND garner praise from Nina.

  • Anonymous

    Not a good sign when the stand-out piece in your collection is the green shorts monstrosity that no one can stop talking about.  All his so-called innovations feel so strained and clammy.  Zoolander.

    I knew my heart was going to be broken that night when the judges praised most everything in this collection of horror except the one look I did like:  the striped t-shirt, with the good-looking jacket, and the trousers. 

    The cut-out gray jacket was wildly over-praised, and forget about the drugstore prints–those shades of gray are not made for that level of pink.  He’s got no eye for colors.  The cobalt-blue tent is hiddy too.

    I blame the judges–totally.

    I think he would probably be a very successful make-up artist if he put his mind to it.  I’d watch him at 4 am on Bravo before or after whatever precious, intimate moments are left to me.  He could team up with Chaz and Mally.

  • Anonymous

    No to everything. I could use all of his belts and straps as replacement parts for my Camelbak, and yet none of his clothes are even vaguely attractive, or useful.

  • Abigail Speltz

    Did anyone else notice that he EXACTLY copied the judges’ positive feedback to Anya regarding styling? All wearing same shoes and same minimalist hairstyle. 

  • Anonymous

    I still think the sixth model looks like she’s wearing a car seat.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I think that’s what I can’t get past about this collection–where you’re seeing ‘futuristic’, I’m just seeing ‘made out of an old backpack’

  • Anonymous

    A grab bag of hideosity!

  • Very Campden Market. Ca. 1989.

  • Ugly.  Even if I would wear those green shorts (which I would NOT) those dangling straps would drive me crazy.  And I was annoyed that he sent that first dress down the runway.  But of course they weren’t going to say anything because it was supposed to be Josh vs. Anya.  Blah, blah, blah.

  • Anonymous

    YES!!!!!  He’s designing for himself!!!!!  Didn’t he tell one of the models that he wanted her to look like him?  Newsflash, Josh:  women don’t want to look like gay men. 

  • Anonymous Weirdly, it looks like Josh’s Hefty dresses and the infamous shorts are not up on the PR auction. So we’re all SOL, I guess.

    • Maybe they’ve been whisked away to be photographed by Vogue because they’re so “editorial.”

    • Anonymous

      I still contend that the model’s crotch ate those green shorts. Did you see the fit in front? that’s why they’re nowhere to be found.

  • Anonymous

    This man has no idea how to dress a woman. Almost none of these are flattering to ANY woman. Forget about Olivier, Josh rivals the original boob-hater, VictorYA, in his lack of appreciation for the natural curves and lines of a woman’s body.

    First look: she might as well be pregnant in a poncho. Second look: gives the word “boxy” new meaning. Fourth look: sloppy and ill-fitting. Fifth: two issues — he gave a MODEL thunder thighs; and from the back she is totally a MAN. A few flattering, fitted looks, then more boxy. And then more body-hiding volume that does nothing for anyone.

    “You really know how to dress a woman’s body” is the praise that sometimes seems so weak, but when faced with Josh’s collection, I realize how important that talent actually is.

    • margaret meyers

      Remember that his initial rack of clothes was entirely men’s wear for rent boys.

  • Anonymous

    Often the collections look better in these posts than they did on TV.  Not this time.  This is a big steaming pile.

  • Ghastly patterns/color aside, these have to be the most Godawful unflattering clothes ever stitched. Half the models look like men, and the other half look like beer kegs. Dreadful.

  • Anonymous

    I could not BELIEVE Nina praised those damn shorts when they were universally blasted out here in cyberspace before the episode. I knew it was all over then. Nina, honey, you either need to walk away now to preserve your dignity or fight against the producers’ weak jedi tricks. 

  • Now I am The Bee

    Oh.  THOSE green shorts.  I’ve heard legends about them already, as this is the first time I’ve seen this collection. Ick. 
    And in fact, there is not much here that I would consider tasteful.  Maybe it’s the shapes or the fabrics or IDK what.  But there is a way to make far out clothing in bright colors that is not tacky or vulgar–and Josh doesn’t know that secret yet.  Nor will he ever, I’m afraid. 
    Nope.  Don’t like it.  Don’t like it at all. 

    Well now that I look again, the bronze-y jacket isn’t too bad–but really….I could have designed and made that. And that is very sad that a runner-up on PR has no more design sense than I, a middle-aged gal from fly-over country, have. Sad, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care enough to come up with a comment… they are women-hating clothes…ugly, uncomfortable and dumb!!

  • Anonymous

    This was by far the weakest of the four final collections and at the very best perhaps the sixth best out of all the collections.  I literally cringe whenever I see those shorts.

  • Anonymous

    The more I look at and think about this collection, I think it is ripe for cropping.  Just use your hands, and zoom in on a particular thing on each look…you’ll see something fantastic. Like the front of the vest with the mullet skirt, or the pretty pleats on the green skirt’s hip. It’s just all together that it becomes a mess.

    I still love the neoprene jacket (without the belt), and lost in the shorts debacle is that fact that the top with it is an awesome print.  And I actually think that the stringy shorts would have worked as a skirt, with the laced v’s on the sides instead of in the taco area.

    I still think Josh has some great ideas, and hopefully he’ll get them fully developed into something really beautiful in the future.

    • Now I am The Bee

      You make an interesting point.  I hadn’t even looked at the tiop, really

    • margaret meyers

      I would have loved to see that Deco tank top wth a skirt.

  • Josh is trying to design women’s clothes for gay men. When those shorts came down the runway, I had a vivid vision of the exact type of hairless twink that would wear those to pride parade. I agree that he has no idea what women actually want, he is too self-centered in his vision. He is making clothes that he would like to see women wear, but very few women would agree with him. I did think the striped shirt and pants look was very simple, chic and wearable. I can understand why the judges were bored with it, but I would wear the whole thing in a second and that’s more than I can say for most of the looks that walked down the runway.

    • Anonymous

      I also thought the striped shirt/pants/jacket combo was wearable, too.  It was such a contrast to everything else he sent down, that the note of sanity it provided seems to have moved most of us to declare it one of the better looks in the collection.

      But at the end of the day – you can buy any of those pieces @ Target or H&M.  Nothing earth shattering about them.  They are, as Kors would say “Just Clothes.”

      • margaret meyers

        I also liked that look — it had a retro feel and made the model look like a playful little tough guy.  It so needed a hat!

  • josh designed womenswear versions of what he would and does wear. plain and simple. 

  • Sara R

    I’ll speak up for the 20-something hipsters – I love the print!!!  Would take it in an over-sized tank with jeans, thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    One word : fugly.

  • Anonymous

    My head almost exploded when Nina actually complemented those shorts. Those are the ugliest things I have ever seen.

  • I’m reminded of a contestant on a previous design(?) based show (can’t recall which contestant or show, clearly not so memorable) who proclaimed (s)he was going to design what (s)he liked and thus planned to dictate what women were going to wear.   The thought of wearing plastic, black clunky booties and most of these other looks just doesn’t make me think he’ll be the last word on what women should wear beyond their front doors.

  • Anonymous

    Every outfit that came down the runway had me saying “Oh my God – no!” in full voice.

    • Mary McClelland

      I audibly gasped in the horrified way several times. My husband thought I was chocking and came into check on me. I actually rewound a couple times too because I thought I was seeing things. THOSE SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This collection feels like ravers on ecstasy taking over the Urban Outfitters design team.

  • Maybe he needs to go on the Joe Zee show next if it ever comes on again.

  • Maria Donaire-Cirsovius

    I’m glad that you posted this because when I heard Nina “admiring” those shorts I thought I had finally lost the ability to comprehend the English language.  Those shorts must be one of the ugliest pieces of “clothing” that I have ever had the misfortune to see.  I think that outfit alone should have relegated him to fourth place (not that there aren’t other incredibly ugly/overly designed pieces in the collection that should have earned him the same place).

    •  I completely agree! I can’t believe the judges were gaga over those hideous green rubber shorts!  And the laces? That would drive me nuts!

  • Anonymous

    The only looks I liked of Josh’s are the jacket/pink pants, the black dress right after that, and plastic-topped dress thingy right after that.

    That’s three more looks than intrigued me the rest of the season put together.

    The green shorts are hideous. I laughed out loud when Nina praised them What a crock of shit.

  • I can’t tell if my sense of fashion is just batshit insane, or maybe I’ve been trapped in lab for so long my brain is scrambled but I really truly love that print.  I don’t like what he did with it, but I’d definitely buy simple sundress in it.  It’s awesome and neon and has a orange fluer di lis and that super bizzare pegasus/sphinx creature!

  • Anonymous

    The Michael of previous seasons would have asked, where is she going in those shorts in his orangest, snarkiest way (okay maybe you can’t speak in an orangey tone, but sometimes when he talks I swear I can hear the orange).

  • Anonymous

    The one thing from the finale show regarding Josh that sticks in my mind:  At one point, he said he was glad that all the girls had long hair because he wanted to style them so they’d “look like me”.  Hrrrumph.  The only person that I could even conceive of wearing those awful green shorts would be Snooki.  The collection was so much of a mish-mash to me.  I think one part of Frau Seal’s contract for the next season (God help us) is that SHE has to agree to wear something from the top three’s/four’s collections IN PUBLIC (and not at her Halloween parties)…….

  • Mary McClelland

    From now on, whenever I think about giving Nina a pass for cracktastic judging, whenever I feel an urge to compliment her taste or opinion, whenever I think of picking up Marie Claire for a perusal; in the back of my mind will be: Nina praised those shorts. Yes, I can never, ever, ever take her seriously again. I guess I better donate her book to Goodwill… maybe someone without cable or internet will be able to put it to some use.

  • margaret meyers

    I said it last week:  I think his woman is the sporty girls he hung out with in HS and college.  Fit and body conscious, but androgynous,  not fashionistas. 

    I hated everything except the tight LBD, the tough-guy look with the bronze jacket , and the sportswear look with the pink trousers. they hang together as looks and compliment the models.   It isn’t just that he has so many ideas, but so many of his looks make his models look shapeless.  That cocktail dress with the black vest is full of bad design ideas (duck tail on the vest AND the dress), but it also makes his model look lumpy and thick waisted.    The purple dress with the ski boots?  A look that simple has to be greaceful, and it isn’t.    That huge V neckline on the last dress?  It doesn’t relate to the woman’s body, and neither does that wad of draping in the back.
    So many ugly looks.

  • muzan-e

    Josh absolutely kills me, simply because I’ve loved cyberpunk as a fashion genre for years now, and his work is distinctly reminiscent of cyberpunk’s typical feel. The harsh, often assymetrical angles; colour-blocking that’s both stark and minimalist; the clever use of unconventional materials. Josh does this so well – 

    except when he’s fucking it up by barfing neon print all over the damn place.

    Even those godawful laced pants can be (halfway) defended: extend them down just past the knees, trim those strings, tone the colour way the hell down and team them with some huge, unlaced combat boots and there’s a niche who’d buy them.  That great jacket is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, and he was absolutely right to team it with that belt – despite Nina’s criticisms.  It fits the feel that he’s going for.

    But he’s like a latter-day Stephen King: just – can’t – edit. This is the fabric equivalent of Dreamcatcher: overdone, confused and poorly aimed – and worst of all, it’s possible that he was simply incapable of recognising which bits were actually great.

  • Guest

    Thank God you at least called him on the blue dress and those horrendous shorts. I was so disappointed that the judges just ignored these glaringly bad looks. Remaking a look from the competition would normally have Nina breathing fire. The fact that those shorts were praised proves without a doubt that the judges aren’t judging anymore. They are reading lines provided by producers. 

  • Anonymous

    Ferociously ugly, like his personality.

    • Right it’s ugly in a mean way!  LOL

      • Anonymous

        The ugly is getting aggressive with us…

  • Anonymous

    This!! This came in 2nd.  Project Runway has completely lost it.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I dislike him and this collection, it was better than Anya’s. I was actually hoping he would win when it was just the two of them left. Disgraceful, the whole damn season.

  • Susan Crawford

    I truly would LOVE for NinahGahcia to put her editorial money where her mouth is and feature those neoprene lace-up shorts in the ever-so-fashion-forward pages of Marie Claire. (In actuality, I see several members of the cast of “The A-List New York” ripping one another to shreds to wear them; my money will be on Nyasha, bitches!)

  • Daisy James

    After thinking about the finale for a while, I realized that I was overthinking it. The key thing to realize here is that B-M believe they are making this show for morons, and the story they’re telling is simplicity itself. You have your lovely young underdog heroine (yay!) and your nasty, mean, but still camera-ready villain (boo!). And of course they have to face off in the end, because how else are you going to get an exciting finish? Victor was so expendable, he might as well have shown up for the judging in his best red shirt.

    (I’ve decided to keep the full name thing for my handle; it has an appropriate level of social awkwardness. But you can call me Daisy. Or Ms. James, if you’re nasty.)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t dislike Josh.  His weekly offering of whine and cheese wore on the nerves but I admired his passion.  I wish i could find something about this collection to compliment but it is spectacularly awful.  I dare Nina to wear any of this to the office.  I’m sure the bitch slap her boss would deliver would be heard throughout the five boroughs.  

  • Anonymous

    That girl in the green shorts must have gone through a couple of tubes of Vagisil wearing those things.

    I disliked intensely every single piece in this collection–and I would have felt the same had Mother Theresa made them. They are just plain ugly.

  • You guys are too nice. I stopped watching several episodes ago (except for your arch, passionate commentary), and I am shocked at how incredibly ugly these clothes are in every dimension. OMG they’re terrible — and simultaneously misogynistic. The green shorts? Is he kidding??!!!!!!!!! I wish he were. Vile clothes. Just vile.

  • Anonymous

    Nina (and everyone else) should have bitten his head off for the shorts alone. They’re one of the fugliest things I have ever seen. Ever. But no, they’re “editorial”. How Josh came in second is beyond my ability to comprehend.

  • Anonymous

    Do they still get $8,000 each to design a collection?  If so, I would like to know where the money went.  In the photos, the material looks cheap.  Maybe I would like the designs better if the materials were more luxurious.  I would have thought this was a decoy collection.

    • Anonymous

      I think they got $5,000 for their collections, but I could be remembering wrong. The designers making decoy collections got the same amount.

      • i think bert said everyone got the same, $9000.
        then, of course, the last four also got the $500 in anyamoney.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right it was $9,000. In my head, I must have inserted the 5 from the 5 weeks to make the collection.

  • Anonymous

    Is “editorial” fashion-speak for “tacky, cheap, and creates the appearance of thunder-thighs on a model with zero body fat”?

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see someone call Nina’s bluff on those shorts given the way she dared Heidi to wear Mondo’s polka dot gown.

  • Anonymous

    I would need to invent new words for that UGLY hot mess he sent down that runway…..and when I saw those shorts, I reached for the nearest fork and poked my eyes out…..

  • ashley d

    I actually like Josh’s collection.  Not because I would ever wear it. ever. But like TLo said: “If he got out there and really examined what women want out of their clothing, he’d be a fantastic, energetic designer.” He has so many ideas and things we haven’t seen before exactly– that made it interesting.  Viktor was the blandest of the collections, to me– the Emilio of this season.  A lot of tasteful pieces but nothing that you can’t buy at Macy’s.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, throwing gasoline on the fire here. Tell me: does this collection look like he spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on materials? 

    • not to us, i dont think, cos we’re older & we know beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt that his overburdened rayon-cotton blend print [along w/ kimberly’s] really really looks like it is discount rack fabric from a discount store c1988, maybe? or, i hate to tell josh this, but it’s fabric used in shirts & dresses for plus size women who were not only plus sized but between the ages of forty & death in the 80s.

      i remember this stuff. my sister wouldve been about twenty then but she’s like leaden matter to my anti-matter, weighed an awful lot & had absolutely no taste or interest in clothing. she woulda worn this then. cards & stripes, both.

      now, though, it could actually be expensive fabric. i know how odd that sounds. but people who dont remember the 80s have weird ideas of what the 80s were like. i remember reading in crystal renn’s book that she thought they were all about womens empowerment. i really like crystal renn but the 80s were about womens empowerment as much as this fabric is high fashion. okay, maybe a little more– you might have felt a tiny bit empowered, i guess, if you wanted to be a business executive that spent her off hours in a gym.

      other than that, it’s super hard for me to comment on josh’s collection. i do like the blazing blue of the towel he used to begin his show. & one or another other thing. but since disqus is eating my comments today anyway, i think i will perhaps wait to say the rest.

      edited to add: so does the lime neoprene of death. look cheap & 80s, i mean. but who knows. i didnt even realize it was neoprene until i read this. otoh, maybe he spent most of his wad on getting someone to hand create the mc escher that tops the laced shorts. then, of course, he didnt center it properly– but thats another comment.

    • Anonymous

      You can spend lots of money without spending it well.

  • Nina also called Josh’s drum majorette top “editorial,” so I think it just means tacky and cheap.

    Or maybe it means, “if we photographed this in dim lighting with Vaseline smeared across the lens, it wouldn’t make your eyes bleed.”  Therefore, it’s editorial.

  • Ok, this is an afterthought. When did a jumpsuit become a jumper? Josh referred to the original black-and-plastic garment as a “jumper.” Anya and Laura also called jumpsuits jumpers. I know a jumper is a sweater in the UK, but in American is supposed to be a different item, admittedly not fashionable, but still.

  • Oh my goodness, thank god for TLo. Every single friend I have has heard me bitch about the green shorts for the last week. To see my Queen of Chic say that she ‘got’ was the moment when I gave up on PR as anything but a Big Brother knock off. So sad. But I mean really… two are being kind when you say he has a point of view. So does Charo. But I don’t think she should win Project Runway.

  • The only thing I like about this collection is the pleating on the skirt. Now I can think of a bunch of ways that could make a cute skirt. How Josh did it is not one of them though. 

  • Anonymous

    i’ll break it down:
    look#1  she picked up a purple couch throw, stuck a pin in it, and she’s good to go.  the shoes are awful.  apply that to looks 2-10 as well.

    #2  i’m pretty sure she has at least one garment on upside down and backwards.  and how many pieces is she wearing? several partial pieces, i’m sure.

    #3  nothing here goes with anything.  and why is she wearing a belt that’s a good eight inches too long?  the back seam of her pants is busting out.

    #4  she just went to the potty and was too stoned to get her blouse and skirt tucked in right.  regarding that print, the machines at the textile mill went crazy and started all printing on the same fabric.  josh got it real cheap.

    #5  the climax of the collection.  come on now, we all know that josh designed this so he could wear it out dancing on friday nights.
    and forget about scarlett and lea, i want to see nina wearing this on the cover of marie claire.

    #6  this jacket is just odd for the sake of oddness.  there’s no other excuse for it.

    #7  what is the function of that shiny strip running down to her butt crack?

    #8  chartreuse neoprene bra.  three words say it all.  ouch!

    #9  an orthopedic neck brace on acid.

    #10  plastic trimmed nighty with d rings conveniently located to attach her harness and leash.

    thank you.  i feel much better.  i will now have a hot toddy and relax.

  • Anonymous

    My two cents:

    Look 1: They say Anya does the same dress over and over, but this is what actual self-plagiarizing looks like. Didn’t like it in orange, don’t like it in purple. And the shoes are horrific.
    #2: Awful, The pieces don’t go together, and the fabric, agree with Tim is one of the worst prints I’ve ever seen.
    #3: For me his least offensive. I like to wear striped tops so I did respond to that, but anyone can make a striped top, and I’ve seen better color combo for stripes.
    #4: Offensively bad. Two scraps of fabric he threw on the model and called them a “blouse” and a “skirt” insanely unflattering. Its amazing how he can drape his models in super bright colors and still make them look sad and depressing.
    #5: I was waiting to see what they’d say about these shorts, and I had a bad feeling they’d find a way to like them, and surprise! THey did, at least Nina did. I want to see her wear these somewhere, and I’d like to challenge her to put them on Marie Claire. She even said they looked great in the photo(!?!?!?!?!) OMG that photo on the show made the camel toe look huge. I think he made these for himself actually, that would probably resolve the camel toe issue.
    #6: The jacket is fine, the blouse is blah, and the pants atrosh.
    #7: YAWN. Seen it a trillion times.
    #8: Making your LBD “design” out of plastic and neoprene doesn’t make it any better. In face all these clashing colors and tones is quite horrifying.
    #9: It has no shape, and the back looks terribly unfinished. Had this been Rami’s it would have rocked, but alas Josh is galaxies away from being Rami.
    #10: The girls are ready to make an appearance. Zero shape, and look at the back!!!!! How unfortunate is that?!?! As Josh himself said this is NYFW it has to look impeccable, this looks like he rushed to “finish” it. Again is this was Rami, he would have rocked this.

    To think that this collection was deemed good enough to be the runner up by “experts”, and is now in the same company as Kara Saun, Uli, Korto, Rami, Mondo, and Daniel V. as runners up, is a tragedy. This should have been a decoy, and that’s being nice, even giving him the chance to show at NYFW.

  • That tank top and green shorts look is totally a gay boy look.

    • I notice the model is rather athletic and androgynous in that look as well.  

  • Anonymous

    That certainly has to be the ugliest collection of clothes ever shown in a  PR finale.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll break it down:

    look#1  she picked up a throw off the couch, stuck a pin in it, and she’s good to go.  the shoes are awful.  apply that to looks 2 through 10 as well.

    #2  how many garments is she wearing?  several partial pieces, i think, and some of them are upside down and backwards.

    #3  nothing here relates to anything.  and why is her belt at least a foot too long?

    #4  she just went to the potty and was too stoned to get her top and skirt tucked in right.  regarding that print, the machines at the textile mill went crazy and all started printing on the same fabric at the same time.  josh got a real bargain there.

    #5  the CLIMAX of the collection.  come on now, we all know josh designed this just so he could wear it out dancing on friday nights at the club.  and forget about scarlett and lea, i want to see nina wearing this on the cover of marie claire.

    #6  now this jacket is just odd for the sake of oddness.  there’s no other excuse for it.

    #7  what is the function of the shiny strip running down to her butt crack?

    #8  lime neoprene bra.  three words say it all.  ouch!

    #9  plastic orthopedic neck brace on acid.  

    #10  black nighty with plastic trim and D rings conveniently located to attach her harness and leash.

    thanks.  i feel much better.  i’ll now have a glass of good red wine and relax.  

  • Anonymous

    That outfit with the green skirt looks like  the girl was trying on clothes in Walmart, an alarm went off  in the store and she had to run out of  the dressing room with her clothes all, well, take a look. 

  • The plastic is Christopher Kane Fall 2011.  Why didn’t they call him out?


  • Anonymous

    i’m coming round to the shorts. they are so ferociously offbeat, they’re winning me over. maybe with a different top, they could really work.

  • So in the history of PR, where does Josh rank as a villain? Worse than Ivy? Kenley? Jeffrey? Wendy Pepper?

    • well, kenley shouldnt have thrown the cat, thats for sure.

      ivy, from what we saw, had quite a bit of the worst of josh to her– but mostly the condescension & conceit. there wasnt any pathos underlying.

      i didnt see wendy pepper but from everything i’ve read she sounds like a combination of pseudo-self confidence & pathos w/ a side of bitterness masquerading as self-determination.

      nor did i watch jeffrey’s season but have the luck of being only very slightly removed from jeffrey’s, how you say, crowd. i know the, say, nostrum of choice belonging to jeffrey’s, how you say, crowd entirely too well– not from self-interest, mind you, cos i have none, but lets say self-interest once removed [& from trying, & failing, repeatedly to attenuate that interest]. so, anyway, it’s my guess that at least the dust of some substance may have been involved in how he behaved. cant promise. the worst thing i thought he did was ditch his spouse after the show ended.

      josh i hated w/ a fierce & fiery passion when i watched him attack becky & then attempt to decimate bert– two people whose persons & work i liked & continue to like a whole lot more than josh & his equivalents. then i looked at him & his behavior further & realized everything he did & said was just heaps of insecurity as heavily massed as his cosmetic armature. & when i realized that not only did he wear the makeup of impermanence, but also cosmetics as permanent as they can make them [which isnt very, & isnt comfortable, especially when by desire or necessity surgery must needs be redone]. the holes in his face! i think of him as a very minor talent who had holes drilled into his face so he could appear on a reality program. yes, it’s a white person problem but i cant think of too many of those that are more pathetic.

      so– yr choice.
      it’s late so not a lot of people have replied to the question. tomorrow you will get further, & perhaps, better analyses i’m sure.

      ps. boy disqus is working badly today!

    • Anonymous

      Oooh, just the thought of comparing Josh to Ivy or Kenley made me like him better.  He wasn’t nearly as bad as any of those four you mention. 

    • Anonymous

      He’s up there with Ivy, in fact maybe worse than her.

      Wendy was good for some comedy relief, as she had absolutely NO idea how she was coming off. But hey she was totally on point when she confronted Kara about her shoe scandal, so points for that.

      Jeffrey, ehh he annoyed me, but I never hated him with a passion as I did watching Josh, the only time I did was the Mom episode. At least he had some memorable designs. For me Keith, who was DQ’d for the pattern books, was the villain that season, even tho he was only on for about 3 1/2 episodes, couldn’t stand him at all. His blatant lies in the reunion episode solidified him as the villain for me.

      Kenley I never saw as THE villain that season, especially with the other three, Jerell, Leanne, and Korto forming a cool kids club alliance against her, didn’t really put them in great light to me. My least favorite attitude-wise that season was actually Korto, not a villain, but she was always so gloomy, and always looked dissatisfied, bitter and unhappy. I guess for me that balanced out Kenley. But yeah, Kenley shouldn’t have thrown the cat, but that was outside PR so technically doesn’t count.

      Ivy was just a mean, bitter person, plain and simple.

      But I really didn’t like how Josh tried using his mother passing away story to counterbalance his bitchy queen drama vortex fits, and his beyond fake apologies “I’m sorry Becky, NOW its time to sew!” didn’t excuse him. Also blowing the whole incident with Bert’s defective printing job epically out of proportion, and again counterbalancing it with his mother passing story. I just kept thinking, would she approve of his behavior?

      So IMO anyway not as bad as Kenley, Wendy, or Jeff. On terms, if not worse than Ivy. Definitely in the top 3 all-time.

      • i stopped watching the show when the glycerin began to flow after the princess “dropped” her money. i most often find hidden villains worse than screaming ones.

        but you are right. i had remembered him as only his plastic face & fury at the living people right in front of him. in retrospect & w/ some distance, i found his behavior mostly laughable. cos, at least for me, it would be really hard to take someone that prefab seriously. i had forgotten about the mother business. & there should be a trademark after that, cos business is what it was. nothing real there. at best an attempt to flesh out his televised character, at worst– well, what it was. manipulation on an anya level, just done poorly & ineffectively. so he got to play the villainvictim. you are right: ivy is the only one comparable. [until, i think, we finally get to see the other side of anya. which we may never. not cos it isnt there, of course.]

    • I don’t watch other reality TV so maybe I just don’t see the right patterns.
      Wendy and Ivy, as I recall, at least claimed to be making the drama deliberately. Kenley and Jeffrey were kind of tough. They all were more interesting designers than Josh.
      Josh was not much of a villain–he lacked self-awareness, he seemed to me clearly someone who was either on meds or needed them. He was needy and obnoxious, arrogant and stupid. A villain should be at least a bit smart. He should have been out early on so he could get on with his life; instead they teased him with the prizes and gave it all to Anya, which he should have seen coming. He’s the unlovable loser.
      So I felt he was, by the end, a victim. If he had been a talented designer (like Mondo !) it would have been a great opportunity to get his ideas and name out there even if he was fated to lose, but since he is not…
      The sad thing is that he didn’t learn anything. Josh’s initial portfolio showed himself wearing his clothes, and as noted by TLo and others if he could have cloned himself he would have walked 10 times to model his final collection. (The same is true of Anya, but in between we did see her looking at what others were doing and learning from them, at least. Just not enough to do anything when cast adrift for 5 weeks on her own.)

  • Anonymous

    horrible collection from the most horrible contestant! I cant understand how this made it to 2nd place???? 
    Im not ready for the 90’s club wear revival just yet!!!! How did he even make it to the Finale!!!!???

    • cos the winner was scripted before the season even started & they needed to pick the right person from the bunch to be the villain & he set himself up for it. thats why he came in second place, anyway. so everyone [almost] could feel good about the unshakable anya’s unshakeable victory.

      i’m sure of that, or at least as sure of it as i can be about something w/ which i was never involved. it’s probably why i havent critiqued, if briefly, his whole show yet. i mean, if the judges cant be relied upon to give us true judging, why should i bother? but i suppose i will do it sometime tonight. then again, i didnt do viktor’s. maybe i’ll combine them.

  • Anonymous

    This collection is like being forced to sit by a really loud person who will not shut up and you have a headache and you just want some quiet and you finally begin imagining what it would feel like to just punch the person and scream “shut UP.”

    This collection is just a cacophony of noise and busyness and I just want to punch it in the face.

  • Ugh, I can’t really get behind any of this except the “perfect” dress.  I like the pattern on the plastic things but hate his use of the black fabric.  I really wish that plastic stuff was a printed fabric.  He could’ve taken it and made his own print, like Viktor.  Alas, Tacky Josh is still tacky.  He needs his own lol gallery.

  • Anonymous

    Those shorts are just BEYOND hideous & she looks like a 1987 skank….editorial???!  My a**…

  • Anonymous

    The other thought going through my mind watching Josh’s show was “If this is how it’s going to be, I – will – not – have – it!”.

  • I maintain that Viktor should have won simply because he was the only one designing clothes that didn’t look like they came straight out of his own closet.

  • “Right now, we don’t think he really knows who he’s designing for, so he’s designing for himself without even realizing it.”

    That says everything. I just realized so much about Josh’s work now. It makes so much sense when you look at it like that.

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely! When I saw those shorts I almost spit out my drink. Seriously, the judges should have said, “NO!” and simply dismissed him and made him fourth.

  • “Right now, we don’t think he really knows who he’s designing for, so he’s designing for himself without even realizing it.”

    You’re making a good point, except I think Josh actually does know–on some level–that he is designing for himself. A couple of times throughout the season he styled his models like himself, and they caught him on camera on the finale telling his model he was going to make her look like him.

  • for some reason i think i should say something about this. the reason is probably cos i said i would.

    i think he was only given second place so the anya win would shine even more brightly. ie: if people didnt like anya they almost certainly liked josh less; therefore, they would still be happy if only cos anya beat this season’s villain. in truth, i think this worked the other way around for a lot of people [myself included, i hate to say]. i think more people than just me were so disturbed & repulsed by the manufactured victory that they felt compelled, if only slightly, to give more slack to the man in the makeup. whether he deserved it or not [or not], of course.

    so i will try & be honest about his work. as people, on a scale of 1-10, i like her a 1 & him a 2, so it isnt exactly a lovefest between myself & PR; in fact, if i still exist next year & am still around [not necessarily likely], i will absolutely wait til tLo announces the season is worth watching. i, for one, really will not bother w/ this again elsewise.

    as for his clothes:

    1/ royal blue towel, complete w/ chain. i think this is josh’s go to look. he did it twice on the show, after all. i think he probably did it more than once or twice in school, got complimented on it, decided [if perhaps subconsciously] to pull it out when pulling something out seemed required. here it is again, much better color. terrible shoes. terrible hair. terrible makeup. the last three of these, of course, are constant.

    2/ unwearable. i do not know if he knows this, but i’m pretty sure his inspiration is sweatshirts tied around the waists of people wearing jackets in winter. upside down vest, first instance of horrible print. i like pegasus either pointing out or crawling in to her crotch. i’m certain he didnt recognize the humor in this cos i’m certain he doesnt recognize that women have crotches.

    3/ very wearable. i’m surprised the judges didnt like it cos it’s one of the most competent outfits he’s made since they were all introduced. then again, i would be more surprised if i thought they were actually truly evaluating anything he did. instead, of course, of just flapping their lips in anticipation of more time w/ anya & her yacht, momentarily & quite probably still presently.

    4/ unwearable. same stupid print, same terrible construction. introduction of neon green neoprene, something that should never have crossed the mind of anyone not only in fashion but in fabric. nice detail on the hip, everything else is execrable.

    5/ i’ve said this before but i still really like the escher print on top. i dont know who designed it cos i didnt wanna experience ten minutes of what i was certain, then correct, would be a debacle. i think it’s the best print of the whole shebang. & i do almost see an audience for the shorts [only not in neoprene, not in green] & i can even see them as editorial, though not for nina & not for marie claire. lindsay lohan in nylon, say? yeah, i can see it. but here he also introduces & then, in fact, perfects one of the clear main themes of joshua, his show & his everlovin ouvre: lady looks like a dude. oh boy does lady look like a dude. & not in a hot, androgynous way. in a “make all the girls look like meeeee” way– something, i gather, that is close to what he said.

    6/ i said it before, our hosts said it too, so have other people: nice jacket. & cut. & scene.

    7/ nice hole.

    8 & 9 & 10/ CHRISTOPHER KANE. i posted the link weeks ago, when this runway was first posted. this year, last season, whatever. very recent. very copied. nina garcia was worried about anthony ryan copying mcqueen, was it? has she stopped reading fashion magazines? christopher kane is better. i have to say, however, that if i saw these in a thriftstore for seven bucks or whatever, twenty, even, i would probably pick them up.

    thats it.

    he needs to work on his personality.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that was not heinous was the LBD.  That is it.

    The green shorts belonged in International Male next to a neon sideless banana hammock. It might have ranked slightly better in that venue.

    • Melvis Velour

      And if International Male had a female counterpart, it would be Hoochie Mama!

  • Melvis Velour

    All I could think of when I saw the one dress with contrasting plastic material was “…wouldn’t that look lovely on a Vorlon from Babylon 9?”

    I am SO over this show…

    •  LOL Melvis!   It reminded me of Logan’s Run!

  • The judges hated the red jacket – but it’s about the only thing in his collection I DID like.

  • bethannstamps

    i cringed when i saw him pick up that green fabric at Mood, when i saw what he made w it i actually thought i’d be ill. those green shorts look like they belong w a stripper pole. the other looks just hurt my eyes

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad that you pointed out some of the things I was yelling at the TV during the judging and runway portion of the show. That blue dress is a copy of a dress he already did. Since when is that given a thumbs up by the judges? And those shorts were HORRENDOUS! How could anyone praise them? I am not sure the judges are even expressing their own opinions anymore. It seems that they are just reading some lines the producers gave them. 

  • Anonymous

    ” It sounds weird, but in a way, it’s like he’s designing womenswear
    through the eyes of a young, trendy, urban gay guy, who would be likely
    to have a closet full of cute going-out looks, cute activewear, a couple
    of trendy, futuristic-looking pieces, and at least one big black thing
    with a yoke.”

    Exactly!  It’s like viewing womenswear through a Chelsea-boy filter!

  • mhleta

    Girls, have you ever worn neoprene for anything besides scuba diving? Let me tell you, I bought a pair of neoprene bike shorts that were supposed to sweat the cellulite off your ass. I wore them to bed and woke up in the morning drowning in my own sweat and looking like one of those lab specimens mad scientists keep in jars of formaldehyde. NOT PRETTY, LADIES!! Let me add that, no matter how “hot” she may look in that dress, it’s going to be an unwieldy battle to get her out of it come nooky time. As a gay bartender with an active “social life”, you’d think he would have thought that through a little better. AND!! The shiny, slick fabric on that black/plastic “gown” is ghastly. It looks like the extra flabby skin left on Orca the Killer Whale after a crash diet. Eeesh. 

  • Anonymous

    When the models look ugly wearing the dresses, you know it’s bad.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I think Josh was playing the game just as much as Anya…I’m betting that he knew, without a doubt, that he was a goner. BUT, instead of giving a weak effort, he gave us this…this…this runway of hideous. Which he knew, even if his crappy attitude was dismissed and forgotten, we’d have opinions about.

    And we’re still talking about it. 

  • Anonymous

    Of all the comments that have been posted about Josh, this is my favorite: It comes from Lori who was watching Josh’s runway show at the finale:
    “Now I know who Josh’s customer is! —  the woman who wants people to point at her and laugh”.

  • vmcdanie

    THIS is a PR finale collection? THIS is the second place collection?  I hate to keep typing the same thing over and over but they have done lost their motherfucking minds. If Nina is going to praise this shit, then she should straight-up wear it, in public. That lime green skirt (my God, the ugly is dazzling) would look great in her closet next to Gretchen’s granny panties and green pleather jacket (another bizarre, ugly look which she inexplicably loved.)

  • Anonymous

    Vulgar is the right word for this collection to me. Just… Vulgar.

  • Wow those shorts.  I don’t even know what to say that hasn’t already by so many. Give me an F, give me a U, give me a G.

  • Can’t deal with him or his collection. Glad he’s being removed from my brain now that PR is over. He needs some serious counseling for how he treats others and reacts to legitimate comments.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for calling out those hideous green semi-laced up shorts.  When Nina praised those fugly things, I honestly doubted myself.  Until I realized she went batshit for a moment, and that I was perfectly capable of recognizing ugly when I see it.  So glad I wasn’t alone.  “No aesthetic value” doesn’t begin to descibe the horror.

  • Josh’s clothes are clownish

  • Anonymous

    Re: those SHORTS, my favorite Nina comment was that she hated them when they were walking down the runway, but she liked them in the still photo.WTF?!? That was the nail in her coffin for me.

    Yes, because that’s how every woman would be wearing them, Nina. She’d be carried to an event by Josh, photographed, then carried to the next event. No walking allowed.

  • Anonymous

    the nifty gray and black jacket that everyone likes to me is over designed scuba and makes her look stumpy I LOATHE it and the green short with that tank (If you can call it that) is maybe the ugliest  thing in a PR finale show EV-ER! The vest bad print combo looks like a reject prototype for a Fridays restaurant server uniform. This is some UGLY shit for reals. This dude needs to go into porn or something. He is no designer. Period.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    It pains me to say that I liked the colors of Josh’s collection the best. Because I like poppy color. There – it’s out of my system.

    I still maintain that Josh’s design theology is, ‘If I were a girl, I’d wear THIS.’ Not just the lime shorts, but most of the collection, except the blue dress (done purely to appease the judges) and the black dress. I think that’s actually an edgy design strategy for a narrow androgynous, exhibitionist female client base, but….interesting nonetheless. But you’re right-if he took a little of himself out of his designs and put more of a female sensibility in, he could produce some good work.

    I can say that Josh delivered one of the rare delicious moments of the season when he realized that this season was not about him, but all about Anya. His face spoke volumes when she announced she was going to fashion week. He spent those moments trying to process that the game was most definitely fixed and still figuring how he could work the system the best given Anya was the winner. I think all three realized it by the end, but Josh caught it the earliest.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Tim hadn’t steered Josh away from his original choices. Remember the lenticular print? I would have loved for that bit of cheapness to walk down the runway and then watched the judges try to praise it. I can imagine Nina saying, “It’s very…bold. I can understand this and would like to photograph it…He’s not afraid of taking risks…”

    As Laura Bennett used to say during her season, “He is sewing up some serious ugly.”

  • Anonymous

    we’re going to be on Sirius XM radio’s Derek & Romaine show on OutQ 108 tomorrow night at 7 PM. You bitches better call in

    I’m sorry I missed it – bet it was insane.

    I think you guys got it about Josh as a designer – I would have been harsher, but reading what you said I realize he does have some good (or at least promising) looks in his collection, but man he’s got no idea who he’s designing for!

  • Anonymous

    What surprises me is that you guys didn’t metion how Josh’s final three dresses are direct ripoffs of Christopher Kane’s dresses you featured a while back.

    I haven’t watched PR this season and based on your recaps I’m glad I didn’t.  Also based on your recaps it appears that outside of White Party clubwear Josh has zero point of view and has borrowed heavily from other designers ranging from Alexander McQueen to Stephen Sprouse.

    I remember the days when Nina, Heidi and the Duchess would ream the designers hard if their work was too derivative.