Pairs Division: Timberlake and Seyfried

Posted on November 01, 2011

Up is down, black is white, darlings. Not only did the boy do the heavy style lifting in this case, the boy is Timberlake. We know one little blonde pixie-starlet who hid her face in shame for the rest of the night.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried attend the UK Premiere for “In Time” at The Curzon Mayfair. Amanda Seyfried wears an H&M suit paired with Sergio Rossi shoes.

HE: Is really putting the effort in. When he was flogging that forgettable movie he did with Mila Kunis, he kept showing up at photocalls and premieres looking like a lumberjack. We really had to squint to make sure, but for the most part, this fits him quite well. The reason for the squinting is because we can’t get past the overwhelming shininess of the suit. We’re not opposed to shiny suits on the right guy in the right setting. Certainly Timberlake at a movie premiere would seem to fit that bill, so we suppose we’re just gonna have to get over it. It does look a little like a well-fitted Hefty bag, though. Score: 8/10. We said we’d get over it; we didn’t say we wouldn’t take a couple points off for it.

SHE: Deserves a lot of credit for trying an H&M outfit for a movie premiere. Unfortunately, she chose this one. We’re sorry to say she’s not helping the brand’s image with this one because the fit is TERRIBLE. She is the tiniest little slip of a thing and she looks bulky and stumpy in this – or at least, bulkier and stumpier than she is. The jacket’s got a sharp little design to it and we’d be all for it if it fit her well but she looks painfully uncomfortable in these pics. We can’t with the shorts no matter how well they fit or don’t fit. Score: 6.5/10. Credit for trying, honey, but ooooooh, girl.

Combined Score: 7.25/10. Amanda, you have one week to turn your red carpet fortunes around before you become forever branded as The Girl Who Let Timberlake Look Prettier Than Her on the Red Carpet. Chop-chop, missy. You’ve got some dresses to try on.

[Photo Credit: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images]

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  • Anonymous

    At least her outfit is in a nice Pan Am blue.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is…all she needs is that perky little Pan Am hat.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Um, this is so wrong.

    I read in an interview that she loves her legs because she has to work at them the least. But still, surely a minidress could suffice?

    • Anonymous

      Why on earth would she wear this if she loves her legs? I generally think her legs are just fine, but they look goofy in this outfit. Those shoes + those shorts = …weird shapes.

  • Anonymous

    Good god did she lose a bet?

    • My GOD, I wish I’d thought of that!

      • Anonymous

        Me, too, Katy. Me, too.

    • Yes. If she’d won, Timberlake would be wearing the shorts.

  • MilaXX

    I have no problem with the scores for Timberlake. He is much improved since his last movie.
    Amanda on the other hand looks a hot mess. Hate the ringlets in the hair.  The jacket doesn’t fit well, the short appear to not be the right length for her legs and I hate the Minnie mouse pumps with this look. I actually like a dress short on a woman, but they have to be carefully deployed to work right. I’d give her a 6/10 and that’s being kind.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! She looks like she knows she made a baaaaaaad mistake.

  • Girl has killer legs. Don’t love but don’t hate either. I KNEW you guys would hate it, though!

  • Slacks would have made all the difference in the world. Maybe winter white?

  • Anonymous

    That’s one of the most ridiculous looking outfits I’ve seen in a while.

  • 6.5? Surely the French judge’s 2.8 would pull that score down…

  • Anonymous

    are the shorts a wee bit SHORT?

  • In the third photo, we see that Amanda’s penis lies to the right.

    Oh, wait…the pulling in the crotch is due to her hands in her pocket.

    • In the fourth photo, we see the definition of Amanda’s penis lying to the right, and note that she doesn’t wear briefs with her shorts.

      • Anonymous

        One more thing she and Michael Fassbender have in common.

  • I give her kudos just for wearing something other than a boring dress.

  • oohsparkley!

    The sleeves are too short and wrinkly. She’s all hunched down.  Ridiculously unflattering, an unflattering length for her legs too.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    You say stumpy, I say stubby, let’s call the whole thing off…..
    Such nice proportionate legs with a little thick torso – she looks like a reflection in a funhouse mirror.
    Timberlake has too much of a plebian face to rock the shiny successfully. He should go with classics, not trendy.

  • What an odd choice for her red carpet movie premiere. Tsk tsk. At least she doesn’t have yoga hair.

  • Sara__B

    I like the idea of Amanda’s outfit, but not the execution. She got the details wrong. IF the shorts were a bit longer, the jacket were unbuttoned and/or her posture were better, and the shoes and hairstyle were different, maybe it would have worked. As it is, 6.5 is too generous for an interesting idea gone wrong.

  • I bet she was putting her hands in her pockets to try to fix her wedgie without showing the world what she was doing (first attempt at de-wedgification on display in the second photo).
    WE KNOW, AMANDA. Isn’t age 25 a little late in life to be learning this lesson?

    • Anonymous

      Hah. I saw them from the back and she was defintely trying to unwedge.

  • Anonymous

    I like his tie.  She looks like Suit, Interrupted.

    • Me, too!  I love the striping down the sides of that tie.  Her – notsomuch.

  • It’s an unflattering silhouette rendered in SHINY BRIGHT BLUE. That shouldn’t happen. It makes her look like Madonna.
    Amanda, we’ve all seen you look eons better than this, because you DO look eons better than this. Love your balls, but choose something a little less shiny, boxy, and blue next time.

    • Anonymous

      …Or at least go all the way and wear the little cigarette girl cap and carry a tray of candy and cigarettes suspended from your shoulders.

  • I think you were too kind. Her suit has zero redeeming values.

  • Bridget Dierks

    Instead of scroll down ugly, you have a bad case of scroll down naked.

  • Judy_J

    There was a good reason we wore boots with hotpants back in the ’70’s, and this outfit illustrates the point precicely.  Boots make your legs look long and lean with the shorts; those heels she’s wearing just don’t give the same effect.  She looks horribly uncomfortable in each photo; I feel for the girl.  It’s like she knows that outfit is not working, but it’s too late to go back home and change.

  • H&M’s blazers almost never fit me properly, and I kind of think it might be a universal problem, especially if one has boobs. They just pull and gape in all the wrong places. I like this snappy stewardess suit in theory, and might try it on in the store, but I expect to look at the outfit dejectedly wondering why it’s so hard for H&M to make a blazer that fits me when other brands do just fine. 

    • Anonymous

      I think the fit of the shoulders is the biggest issue.  (I have this issue all the time with linebacker shoulders atop a small waist).  She needed to buy large enough to fit the biggest part of her and then take the rest in.

      • Yeah you’re definitely right. She looks like she’s wearing a little boy’s suit. 

  • Anonymous

    That suit is so bad. And she knows it’s bad. I would have given her a 4.

  • Anonymous

    Good God. Amanda S is GORGEOUS and she managed to look bad in this photo shoot. WHERE ARE HER GAYS?

    Shorts way too short, and the ringlet hair? Oh, no. So wrong.

    Honey. You are prettier than I ever dreamed of being, so stop screwing it up.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes, those shorts are way too short. She looks uncomfortable.

  • Lawdy those shorts are grotesque.

  • Anonymous

    If you are going to do a shorts suit on the red carpet, it needs to be impeccable. This is not where you want to try to rock anything that, in the words of Nina, doesn’t “look expensive.” A darker color may have helped avoid the “it is a bit cheap looking” issue. And, even if it is H&M, you still need tailoring. It looks like she needed to go up a size in those shorts, then take them in, and get rid of that pleat.

  • Anonymous

    I bet that is a really cute jacket on the hanger. Now I know: if it makes Amanda Seyfried look like that, there is no way in hell it will look close to okay on me.

  • Anonymous

    *suppresses comment about how even though they’re both wearing suits, she’s the one who has to show maximum leg on a cold night*

    *suppresses comment about the stupidity of the “formal shorts”*

    H&M? I mean, really? On a big premiere? I know it probably has to do with either contract work or one of those silly “stars! they’re just like us!” things, but not even Missoni for Target could’ve saved her. There’s a reason why red carpet designs cost thousands of dollars.

  • Anonymous

    You are too kind.  She looks crazy.  

  • Poor Amanda.  She looks like she wasn’t allowed to see a full length mirror until somewhere between the first and second picture.  PS:  Whoever did her hair is NOT her friend.

  • Anonymous

    She should have just trotted out her legs and left the upper part of her body in the limo – she does have killer gams.  But what annoys me the most is the hair – flat as a pancake on top, with blonde sausages cascading down.  Breakfast coiffure!

  • Anonymous

    Way too generous with her score. Those shorts are an abomination. The jacket is cute. But oh my god those shorts! As for Timberlake, I kind of like the shiny suit. This one could be cut a little trimmer to make it work better in that fabric, though.

  • Anonymous

    Her outfit reminds me of what I used to wear when I was a cigarette girl in Vegas, just not as fitted.

  • Shorts were a very bad idea.  She is such a lovely girl.  All I could think is that she must have had a very bad day. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous.

  • she will look good again. she usually looks really nice.
    i wonder if somehow she ate two sandwiches & felt bad about it & took it out on herself w/ this outfit. i can imagine doing that myself.
    otoh, i like the color of his suit.
    then again, i cant tell if the color of his suit is the color of his suit or just the way his suit looks hit by what may be blue background lights. very confusing, if also fascinating.

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, those legs. MMM-HMM. Her clothes are a wreck, sure, but her legs look phenomenal. Anybody saying otherwise is a drunken ho.

    He looks good (not great), but I think he hovers around a 7.5 most of the time. I must have missed his lumberjack phase.

    • Drunken ho here then–she may have great legs, but I sure can’t tell it in this picture.  Not flattering at all.

  • Anonymous

    Those shorts are tra-GIC…

  • I think it’s the high cut of those shorts. The combination of their length with the jacket and the black shirt really shorten the look of her torso. Also, it makes her look like she has no neck.

  • Anonymous

    That WAS a scroll-down surprise!  I like her hair, I give her much credit for it actually having grown out of her head.  I like the shade of blue, it does look much better in the photo that only shows her above the knees.

    I always feel badly for Justin, because he’s so nice, when people make fun of him when he tries to grow out his natural curls (like Michelangelo’s David) or wears his glasses.  I don’t see “overwhelming shininess”, it just reminds me of the look of some high-thread count quality sheets, which is a pleasant thing to be reminded of. 

    I guess I can’t muster much criticism for these two.

  • Anonymous

    If only they were pants. Black pants, preferably. Oh, god.

    I think his tie is delightful, if the black outline isn’t just a trick of the light.

    I’m honestly kind of upset for her. WHO LET HER GET HER PICTURE TAKEN LIKE THIS?

  • Anonymous

    Christ on crackers, what is with the crotch shorts and the Minnie Mouse shoes? Never thought I’d see the day when JT outdressed a female costar. 

  • Anonymous

    You guys are spot-on, as usual.

    Doesn’t she look a little like Madonna in some of these pics?

  • Big up the the Curzon Mayfair! This was happening opposite my office, excellent views!

  • Anonymous

    The problem with her is the hair.  The outfit is cute.

  • Anonymous

    He looks hot. Must have the right gays to advise him.
    She looks like something from a bad episode of Project Runway. Which bad episode? Mmm, there are so many to choose from. Heidi would like the outfit because it is short.
    Has anyone else notice that Amanda is beginning to look like Madonna?

  • I’m not opposed to the formal shorts thing, but these make her look like she has a wide waist and bird legs. 

    Men ARE lucky–if I’m looking at someone who generally makes an effort at every red carpet, I definitely give them bonus points even if that particular look isn’t a home run. That’s the case here with Justin.  I don’t care for the shiny suit, but I appreciate that he seems to always care what he looks like and likes to try fun, different things.

  • Anonymous

    If the shorts were just a tad longer, and a skirt, she’d look really good. That’s just a lot of thigh, even if they are nice thighs.

  • Those shorts are just not formal enough. 

  • Anonymous

    Yikes!  She looks BAD. 

  • Anonymous

    I can only guess that one reason she looks so uncomfortable is that she’s wearing shorts in the UK in November.  Wasn’t it a tad chilly, making her legs all goose-bumpy?

  • Anonymous

    obv too short those shorts. And the wrong shoes, which look like hooves. The combo makes her legs look like they belong on some anthropomorphic comic book character. Maybe a deer?

  • Anonymous

    Clearly those shorts need some black side panels and laces. Then she’d be editorial!

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she doesn’t have a neck.

  • Her:  eeek.

    Him:  Nice but please shave or stay inside until you’ve grown a proper beard.  Is it me or does JT look more like Orlando Bloom as time goes on?

  • Patricia Biswanger

    She’s looking an awful lot like Madonna here, and that is NOT a compliment.