Pairs Division: Timberlake and Seyfried

Posted on November 04, 2011

Jesus, kids. Your movie just opened. It’s a bit early in the poledancing process for the two of you to look so pissed off and tired of the whole thing.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried attend “In Time”photocall in Berlin. Amanda Seyfried wears a Lyn Devon dress with Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Justin Timberlake wears his own line Williams Rast.

Lyn Devon Spring 2012 Collection

SHE: Has been making one thing very clear with her style choices lately: she is very, very short. Or at least, the things she’s been choosing to wear lately make her look very, very short. Her hair looks great and her makeup is cute, but the shape of the dress, as well as the cutouts, are serving to stumpify her just a bit. It’s kind of a cute dress (although we loathe cutouts normally) but we don’t think the dress is for her. There is also the fact that she’s wearing nude platform pumps. Starlets, we thought we talked about this. Score: 6/10. She looks pretty from the neck up, but we’re really not liking anything from the neck down on her.

HE: Thinks it’s the 1930s and he’s an itinerant farm worker in the Dustbowl. At least, that’s what he looks like from the waist down. From the waist up, pure Suburban Dad on the weekend. We realize photocalls are dirty little affairs, where carny-like photographers manhandle our poor stars and subject them to their photographer stench, but a little more effort would have been nice here. He looks like he’s in the lobby of a hotel, scarfing down the continental breakfast in whatever he could grab from his hotel room floor 5 minutes ago, 30 seconds after he woke up. Score: 5/10.

Combined Score: 5.5/10. Wow. These two just don’t give a shit, do they?


[Photo Credit: Away!/PR Photos,]

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  • Anonymous

    I like that… color blue… ? Sorry, I tried. They look sad.

  • I like his jacket.  Her hair looks amazing. There.  I said something positive.  Now they both need to go home and start all over.

  • That dress does not fit AT ALL! 

  • They look like they hate each other. She is such a beauty, but yeah, the dress is doing her no favors. I do love the Dust Bowl reference for JT. JT looks PISSED off.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    It’s Berlin in November – she must be bloody freezing!

    • Was just in Bonn 3 days ago.  They’re having a bit of a warm spell in Germany this last week.  Though NO ONE, not even young girls, were going around bare-armed.  

  • I have to say I like this look better than the tiny shiny suit she was sporting earlier. Maybe her shortness is emphasized to make JT look taller? Anyway he looks like he needs a nap, seems a bit cranky.

  • Anonymous

    “We realize photocalls are dirty little affairs, where carny-like photographers manhandle our poor stars and subject them to their photographer stench, but a little more effort would have been nice here. He looks like he’s in the lobby of a hotel, scarfing down the continental breakfast in whatever he could grab from his hotel room floor 5 minutes ago, 30 seconds after he woke up.”

    I love JT, but there’s no arguing with the truth, and that is the hilarious truth!

    I walked past a Payless shoe store the other day, and all I saw (aside from boots) were stupid pumps like those she is wearing. It is so past time to give them up!

    • Anonymous

      I agree on the pumps -I am kind of puzzled at how fast the dress trends come and go but, at least lately, shoe trends tend to stick. I thought the beartrap shoe, the silly putty pump and the who*e platform (and the over the knee boot), or at least one of them, but especially their combination, would go away faster.   

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they can’t stand each other. I’d lower their score just because they look so surly.

  • “These two just don’t give a shit, do they?”

    They are the honeybadgers of the red carpet. Meh.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about it making her look short, but she looks gorgeous. Love that color on her. HATE the shoes.

    JT looks hungover.

  • Anonymous

    They both look hung over.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. They both look pretty hungover. Hungover honebadgers on the RC. Oh, and I, too am quite tired of his William Rast “Grapes of Wrath” looks on the RC. It’s just not appropriate for every occasion, JT.

  • Anonymous

    She must be short because he’s not tall and even in the heels he seems much taller than her.  (Go short girls! It’s our time now.)  I actually think she looks nice–great hair, I like the dress, the nude shoe is working for me with the color of the dress.

    JT totally phoned it in though.  Which is too bad, because he can bring it when he wants to.

    • April Frazier

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks she looks good. Simple and beautiful.

    • Sobaika Mirza


    • Sam

      IMDB isn’t the end all for facts. People can edit it to their hearts content. So he could be shorter than that…

      • Anonymous

        Oh true, you never know.  I guess I’ll just have to find a way to meet him in person in order to find out for sure!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    It’s a day photocall – aren’t the nude shoes appropriate here? I think they both look decent, bordering on good. They just look like they hate each other.

  • Anonymous

    She looks cold and uncomfortable.

    He looks as if he hate the whole process. 
    (Does his clothing line only offer SML? The pants don’t fit at all.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m having an 80’s Members Only flashback.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair & makeup are just right, and that color is great on her, but the dress is uninteresting at best.  He is not worthy of comment and in fact I’m surprised he earned even 5/10 points.  Maybe the TLo Rating Scale is kind of like the SAT’s, where you get 200 points for writing your name….celebrities get 2/10 for just showing up clothed?  Just wondering.

  • Anonymous

    It’s November.  I wish she weren’t wearing a Spring 2012 dress.  It looks odd.  And it bugs me that men at these things so often look like they picked up some clothes off the floor and the women look “done” within an inch of their lives..

  • Deborah Lipp

    He looks like shit. I like her dress a lot more than you do. Lovely color, sweet shape.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks amazing.  The hair and makeup are fantastic, the cut outs give an otherwise simple dress a little interest without veering towards the vulgar and the color really suits her.  Plus, when her costar comes downstairs looking like that, it’s not like she can really up the glam.  They’d look completely incongruous. 

  • I actually really like that dress, and I’d totally wear it! Speaking as a stumpy princess myself, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to hide it. I think she looks pretty cute! At least an 8/10.

  • Anonymous

    Where did I read something about how when they were doing early press for this he was an ass to her…Reporters were a little shocked…..That could explain the look on her face.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress on her. It may not be super-flattering but she doesn’t need to be super-flattered. She looks pretty and slim and not-too-fussy.  In context, don’t mind the pumps. She loses half a point for a season-inappropriate dress. 7/10

    He needs to comes to grip with the fact that he’s NOT 25.  Even were he still a young’un, that’s too casual an ensemble. You nailed it.  But were too generous.  3/10.

    I think they look miserable because they were cold. She’s way under-dressed, and if they normally hang out in L.A. they’re not acclimated. The bystanders all have coats, jackets or sweatshirts. She, or whomever packed her for that trip, must have thought all the appearances were indoors.

    5/10 and she’s doing ALL the work.

    • Anonymous

      This makes me bananas. Why does everyone expect young female celebrities to stand out in the cold with very little on? I see this again and again and again. One can be chic and warm – e.g. Cathy Cambridge in red coat, boots. This business looks ridiculous.

  • Fuckin’A, they’re hungover….

  • Anonymous

    The dress is cute but boring. I also think it is a little too long for her. I’m short myself (5’1″) & if a dress is just slightly too long it makes me look so much shorter and drabber, especially if the skirt is on the full side and not fitted. JT just looks bored. I don’t like how much his jeans crumple below the knee, reminds me of leg warmers.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re being very generous with a 5/10 for JT.  I think he looks atrocious.  It’s an ok look if he’s running errands on Saturday, but this is a photocall.  And why can’t this man (or someone around him) figure out that he always wears his pants too damn long? 

    • Anonymous

      Seriously.  His body proportions are exaggerated (another way of saying his legs are very short for his body) but a multibazillionaire should be able to get his pants taken up so that he can give good slouch but not look like what we used to call a ‘hobo’.

  • Anonymous

    I am getting good a reading between the lines and I don’t think TLo were very impressed with their efforts this time.  Maybe the dress would look better if she were posing like the model.

  • Sara__B

    Since they don’t care, why should I?

  • Anonymous

    I would have thought it was a Members Only jacket. And what is it with stars looking stumpy today?? First Daniel (I’m still fanning myself in shock over that one) and now Amanda.

  • Anonymous

    You can read it so clearly on their faces that this movie is really not the star-making vehicle they thought it would be.

    Her dress is already ridiculously bad on the model, making her look like a gymnast. Why would it look better on a woman with actual breasts?

  • Anonymous

    She look pregnant in last picture…

  • Anonymous

    She is such a gorgeous girl.   And she can take her place next to the Duchess as a charater member of the good hair club.  But the dress is so unflattering on her.Actually, I think I would hate that dress on anybody but on her it’s especially bad. 

    I loathe that gray color of his jacket.  It looks too small on him.  He’s just a hot mess all around.

  • I am particularly interested by the sneer on Timbo’s face.  He isn’t even really trying to disguise his boredom and loathing.  Kiddo, you get the BIG BIG bucks. Suck it up, child and smile like the rent’s due.

  • I think she looks great.I love the dress! The color really brings out her eyes.

  • I just had my first ever prostate exam… I was comparatively over dressed, compared to these two for the occasion. I think it was the toweling gown.

  • Anonymous

    She looks thick waisted with no hips in that dress…it just hangs on her. Not figure flattering.  Her hair does look good, but I hate when it’s all pulled to the front like she’s done. 

    JT’s attitude is that he’s too hip and cool for this.  He’s not. His boyband schtick is old.

  • I swear Timberlake is wearing Toughskins.

  • MilaXX

    She looks overdressed, partly due to JT being underdressed, but still, not your dress. Hate the shoes. Hair/makeup fine. Disappointed that JT has reverted bck to his slob ways aftter a promising start at putting forth some effort. I’d give them both 5’s

  • They look like the didn’t check the weather report and are freezing, but pretending that they’re not.

  • Anonymous

    He looks ridiculous and she has somehow made a size 0 look fat.  Gross gross gross.

  • She looks cold.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with the scoring, but I do like her dress on the model. I can’t really even see how it looks on her because of her hair and bizarre stance: hunched, arms clamped to her side…maybe she was cold? He has three layers on, including a jacket and all she has are her arms and hair to keep her warm?

  • Anonymous

    She has GOT to be freezing.  BERLIN?  It’s never warm in Berlin.  JT could have at least given her his coat.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress on the model, but not so much on her, though the color’s great. Looks like a warm November in Berlin this year; I’ve frozen my ass off there in Nov.!

    As for him, that jacket is way too Members Only-ish for my taste.

  • Anonymous

    She looks so much better than him that you’re either grading her too low or him too high.  

  • She’s wearing a sleeveless dress with cutouts, and he’s wearing a leather jacket. They aren’t even dressing for the same SEASON, much less the same event.

  • I actually like the nude heels with this dress.  I think she actually has a very short torso which this somehow exacerbates. 

  • Yikes JT! He looks ill. Like physically ill!

  • Usually, JT’s eyes bore a hole through the lens – the narcissist – so if he can’t generate the pep to stare directly at the camera, making contact with all his adoring fans and mentally touching himself in the process, he’s just rousing himself from a blackout drunk and is none to pleased about it.

    That dress is not made for stubby chicks. It endows its charms on lean, long forms. She needs to either stand up straight or hand the dress off to someone with better posture.

    But you know what really blows her look for me? That MASSIVE chin implant jutting out of her face. She looks like that pervert from FAMILY GUY.

  • Well, it’s a terrible movie…so they must be embarrassed. Minimal effort by both of them. Clearly they want to GTFO ASAP.

  • I am so sick of the double standard regarding the man wearing a sweater, coat and pants, while the woman freezes her (tiny) butt off in a sleeveless cutout dress with bare legs!!! Look at the photo of Justin waving— the men behind him are bundled in scaves and long pea coats. For chrissakes, I’ve been to Berlin in November, and it is cold!

    Why can’t she show up a fabulous coat and hat? There is so much stylish outerwear available, think how cute that would look? This is just wrong and stupid. Producers, do you really want your star to get hypothermia?

    As for judging the outfit, he deserves no better than a 3. He’s tall, rich, and sort-of handsome, surrounded by stylists and handlers — this is the best he can do?

    She gets a 2 for not standing up for herself, and for beige platform pumps.

  • Terence Ng

    How is she not Michelle Pfeiffer’s secret daughter?

  • Anonymous


    Yes! That’s going straight into my lexicon.

  • Cathy S

    His pants seem to be stolen from someone who’s 7 feet tall. Are jeans supposed to look like that now? They look either exhausted or pissed off. That blue is very pretty though. That’s about all I can say.

  • Anonymous

    JT’s jacket is pure Members Only, circa 1982. They sold a million of them. And he designed himself, hmm? Bless his heart.

  • I don’t mind his look nearly as much as you did. I was shocked you gave him a lower score than she got with her horrible look.

  • Alyssa

    They look like they hate each other.

  • Anonymous

    new cop drama: Douchey and Smugface.

  • Anonymous

    I’d give them a combined score of 4 for a total of 4/20.  He looks like every other kid standing outside of Abercrombie at the mall.  From the ankle up, she looks like she is on he way to the prom.  From the ankle down, she looks like she’s late for her shift at the strip club. 

  • Nope, disagree about Amanda. I like the dress and think it’s chic.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I think she looks great.  He, OTOH, looks like crap.  What, his own line and he couldn’t find a pair of pants that fit?  And would it kill him to smile once in a while?  5/10 is very generous, TLo.  I’d give him a 3, and her an 8.  She looks adorbs.