Pairs Division: Pattinson and Stewart

Posted on November 15, 2011

Dolls, we don’t know if you heard, but there’s this Twilight movie thing coming out.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attend “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” Los Angeles Premiere. Kristen Stewart is wearing a J. Mendel dress.

J. Mendel Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Patricia van der Vliet

We don’t follow the Twilight thing at all, but this is the last one, right? Please tell us it’s the last one. You might ask, “But T Lo, if you don’t follow it, why do you care if it’s the last one or not?” To which we might be heard to reply, “True. True story. But we’re sick to death of the commercials and the hysteria and the ‘Team Sullen Actor A’ and ‘Team Affectless Actor B,’ and the shrieking mob of fans that are almost certainly going to go all jihad on us on twitter for saying this, and then there’s the fact that if this really IS the last one, then we only have to feature these two standing next to each other stiffly a couple more times.”

We’re talky sorts when you get us going.

Anyway, we can’t help but laugh at these two. It’s a sea of frantic hysteria surrounding them on all sides and they look like they couldn’t be bothered to pick their noses if boogies were dangling out of them. The one picture where they both manage to pull their faces into something we suppose resembles a smile, they are not only pushing away from each other, but look to be in physical pain. We’re telling you, ten years from now, western culture will wake up and say to itself, “What the HELL were we all going on about with that ‘Twilight’ thing?”

Hit it, you little ambassadors of cheer.

HE: Needs a mouthy publicist. Perhaps an obnoxious gay or a tiny little woman with a big mouth. Either will do. Because if he had a mouthy publicist, she’d tell him to not pose like that on the red carpet because it makes his suit look terrible. We’ve had our pictures taken as a couple enough times to know:

Standing Next to Each Other But Apart: Jacket closed.

Standing next to Each Other But with Your Arm Around Her Like You Like Her: Jacket open.

The gay kittens do tend to get pissed at us when we harp on this sort of thing. Suck it up, bros. The ladies constantly have to hear us rail against unflattering hem lengths and bad shoes. You can handle a little bitchiness yourselves.

Anyway, the posing is unfortunate, but the suit is pretty great. Score: 8/10. We just can’t with that fungal facial hair he has.

SHE: Is now free to leave the vampire stuff behind her and become the USO entertainer of her generation, bringing laughter, joy and song to our fighting men and women overseas. Expect a press release any day now. In the meantime, she’s wearing one KILLA dress. Makeup’s a bit on the heavy side (cue commentariat: “A BIT?!?“), but she has the kind of face that really looks good in the ultra-glam makeup mode. Our only points of contention are the hair, which seems kind of drab for such a POW! look and the shoes, which look standard and like an afterthought. Otherwise, she looks pretty amazing. Score: 8.5/10.


Combined Score: 8.25/10. Well done, pet rocks of the oughties.

Wait… Part ONE?


[Photo Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos,]

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  • Christine Poplau

    Oh, no there is one more movie.  They had to copy Harry Potter and make the last book into 2 movies.  

    I love that color on Kristen.  Just love it.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Unfortunately, yes, they couldn’t let a Harry Potter idea go by without copying it so we’ll have to suffer through another ad campaign of this BS…

      Sorry, did I just show my hate for Twilight a little? Whoopsy.

  • Anonymous

    Uh guys… uhm don’t know how to tell you this. The film’s title is the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Me thinks that the ‘part 1’ means there will be a part 2 (and possibly more). I also thought we were done with the whole twilight thing. How many movies have there been? three or four?

    • This is the 4th movie out of 5.  Technically the series ends at book 4 (which was split into 2 movies).

      However… Stephanie Meyers is a terrible writer.  And I’m not saying that because I don’t personally like it, I’m saying it from a technical and artistic standpoint, her work sucks.  She will not have a career outside of Twilight.  So if she wants to keep working (and she may not — she’s got truckloads of cash at this point), my guess is that we’ll be seeing a companion series to Twilight before long.  My guess is either the baby from the final book after growing up a bit, or a prequel on one of the other couples. 


      • Rand Ortega

        I agree. But what about her book/series, “The Host”? Is that “Twilight” connected? Adjacent? I don’t know anything about it, but you’ve given me (probably, sadly, false) hope about her not going any further as a writer, yet I’m hearing about a movie version re: this new thing.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve read the Host. It’s only slightly better than Twilight but not by much. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Twilight series. Though I’m not sure if she intended to make a sequel for it. I read it years ago so I can’t remember how it ended but I think there was a possibility for another book. Then there was this thing ages ago about how she was going to rewrite the first book from Edward’s POV but it got leaked and so she decided not to write it again until people stopped talking about it or something. I don’t know but I hope this is really it for her. She’s gotten more than enough money and success off of this franchise and I don’t think she should resurface again until she’s improved her writing style.

          • Anonymous

            Well, Host ends in sequel bait, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more came out of it. Pretty much the only way Host is better than Twilight is that the romances were less stalker-ish, which can only be a good

            And yeah, Midnight Sun was leaked and she threw a temper tantrum and won’t be publishing. Which, from what I read of the leaked chapters, can only be good. If you thought Edward was unbearable before…

            ~sigh~ And I just outed myself as a reformed Twilight fan, didn’t I? Have pity on my younger, utterly tasteless self, please.

          • Anonymous

            Oh don’t worry about that. I am right in that boat with you. I feel so much shame that I wasted my time with those books when I was about 16. I’m older (at 21) and much wiser now.

          • I thought the issue with it being leaked was not that people had read it, but the fact that the internet was completely abuzz with how bad it sucked.  If you’ve heard any Meyer interviews it becomes quite clear that she has a completely unfounded high opinion of her writing, so refusing to finish it was a bit of a temper tantrum.  She may be creative and have good ideas, but no one can say her writing doesn’t suck.  I liked Stephen King’s take when he was expressing irritation at the comparisons between Twilight and Harry Potter.  I believe his answer was, “the difference is that Jo [JK Rowling] is actually a good writer”.

          • Anonymous

            Oh was that why? It happened just as I was coming to my senses, so I only followed the scandal peripherally through her website, where she went on and on about how betrayed and hurt she felt that someone would do something like that to her. It felt drama queen even to my still fairly infatuated brain. (It does suck though. Lots.)

        • The thing is, the numbers for The Host haven’t been anywhere near as good.  What readers want from her is more Twilight, and if she can’t make anything else fly, she can keep going back to that well forever. 

          • Because forever is just the beginning, LOL.  My friends & I were discussing how we’d like her to write about what happens to the Cullens after the Earth dies and they’re stuck in space because they can’t die.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. The basic idea of Twilight is okay (though not exactly new) but the way that it was written is just awful. I found it impossible to really feel for any of these characters. It’s very amateurish and the whole series often read like fanfiction (albeit not very well written fanfiction). I too wouldn’t be surprised if there were spinoffs, unfortunately.

        • Anonymous

          I have read Twilight fanfiction that was better than the ~2 pages of the actual book I read.  

          (That sounds incredibly odd, I know.  I read a Twilight fanfiction that was written with the premise of Bella as an intelligent, proactive, and self-aware human being.  It was… actually pretty awesome.)

          • Anonymous

            Oh yeah, there’s way better fanfic out there. I mean, there’s almost always at least /one/ fic that’s better than canon, but in Twilight’s case there’s actually quite a bit.

      • This so much. The biggest problem I have with Twilight is the writing. And personally, I could never get into the Harry Potter books because I don’t like how J.K. Rowling writes either. However I have no problem watching the movies for Harry Potter(even though I never do lol). I like the story and characters. Twilight though…

        • Oh, that’s sacrilege!  Not like JK Rowling!  How?!?  Her writing isn’t complex but it’s for young kids, so it shouldn’t be!

          Not as bad as finding out a friend hated To Kill a Mockingbird, but close….

          • I just could not get into it. I tried to as a child when the first book came out, and hated it. Tried again a couple of years later and couldn’t read it either. I really just don’t like how its written, something just really irks me about it. I couldn’t specifically tell you though, because I haven’t touched a Harry Potter book in years lol. 

          • I have to admit to a certain weakness for children’s books in general — I read the entire Narnia series every year for my birthday. 

          • Jessica O’Connell

            Did you stop at the first or second chapter of Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone? She’s said on a number of occasions that the writing there is pretty bad because she had to fit so much information into the beginning to properly set up the wizarding world. I actually LOVE JK Rowling’s writing style. I think it’s pretty remarkable the detail she gets in there and how that envelopes the reader and pulls them into her world. I’d suggest trying to read at least the first 5 chapters of the first book and then decide. If you still don’t like it, well I won’t say you’re strange, but I will say that I don’t understand you all that well lol 🙂

          • I read to up to the 6th or 7th chapter before I couldn’t read it anymore lol. I’m just not a JK Rowling fan, but I do admire her for all her hard work and that she did create a series so many people cherish. So not hatin on her personally lol, just don’t like how she writes. 

        • Anonymous

          My biggest issue with the twilight series is the wretched acting. Although it is debatable as to whether it should be called acting, it’s so dreadful.

          srq (yes I watched the movies to try and understand the fuss. Still don’t get it)

      • Oh Twilight.  I love you so much for being so bad that you’re amazing.  And then for generating movies that are so terrible they are HILARIOUS.  We all need a bit of brain candy and since pharmaceuticals can kill you, I’ll stick to pseudo-literature for sexually repressed and emotionally regressive teenagers.

        I’m dying to see how they do the final battle, for which I will have to wait til summer to see.  It’s a battle that happens totally in their minds.  People will be busy making faces that cause you to think they’re constipated.

    • This is the fourth one.  I took my sister to the midnight premiere of the last one, and I’ll probably do the same for this one.  I nominate myself for big brother of the year.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        AW. That’s very sweet!

      • Anonymous

        And, you win.

  • I feel your pain, TLo. The vampires just won’t die.


      “And then Buffy staked Edward.” The End. 

  • jeneria

    He looks like he smells.  She looks like a bitch.  Nice clothes, though.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree that her dress is pretty great, I do not understand why the skirt is lined in that light grey, almost white color. It makes the dress look unfinished, like it’s a PR piece whose designer didn’t have enough money to buy good lining fabric at Mood. 

    • If you’ll noticed, the runway version is unlined–the one they came up with was probably supposed to kinda sorta look like her skin tone, but some intern probably fucked up and got a grey lining.  He now works at TV Guide.

    • Anonymous

      It makes her look like she was rescued from drowning in a frozen lake, I forgot to say that in my comment. 

    • I completely agree about the lining!  It’s all I can see in those pictures and totally distracts from what is otherwise a pretty great dress!

    • Anonymous

      I was all set to rave about that gorgeous dress until I saw the white lining.  It really detracts from the overall look.

  • I dunno. I would not rate her so high just because there is zero werq-factor. It is a beautiful dress and she looks like a beautiful mannequin, but  she also looks completely unaware of what she is wearing and why. Him, I don’t see the point. I don’t follow Twilight but I guess I don’t mind its prolongation because it means I don’t have to figure out what he next pet rock will be.

    You guys are so funny, I should add. And right about everything in the world.

    • Anonymous

      That’s it! She’s a beautiful girl, no doubt about that. But she cannot WERQ a dress.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is amazing. Love the color on her.

  • Anonymous

    That is one beautiful dress…
    the twilight stuff…. couldn’t care less!

  • Rachel Sawyer

    I am so with you on ending this Twilight thing. Some gals from work actually dragged me to one of the movies–the second, I think–and it was so bad I actually got pissed off and started muttering under my breath. Think Elaine Benes and The English Patient. At one point they referenced the fact that Edward can’t read whatshername’s thoughts (a big deal apparently) and I said–almost shouted–“That’s because she has no thoughts!”

    I wasn’t invited to the next Twilight showing.

    • Maria Rosenfire

      I know, right? My roommate adores Twilight and wants to go see the new movie, and I have no idea how I’m going to restrain myself from alternately cackling, groaning in embarrassment, and shaking my fist at the screen. I actually barked like a seal with laughter during the second one when Taylor Lautner whipped off his shirt to mop Bella’s brow after the motorcycle scene.

      • Rachel Sawyer

        Yeah, it’s bad. I even find myself harboring a sort of residual resentment against the entire Pacific Northwest because everytime Washington state or Oregon is mentioned I picture that movie.

    • Anonymous

      The second one is the worst one, so that probably wasn’t the best initiation. It’s horribly slow and dull. Not that you’d have loved it otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    yes, part one darlings.  they will be beyond rich when its all said & done but they make me think they really wish it was someone else that stepped into the twilight crazy.

  • Anonymous

    The clothes are fine, I suppose, but the wearers… She’s boring, he’s plain repulsive to me.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    He needs to wash his face and dust it with powder or something. 

    That is the only thing I have to contribute to them. I am so over them, which is a wonder because I was never under them.

    • That’s what they did to him in Twilight.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        No, I think they dunk him in baby powder for the movie. I just meant that he looks a bit too shiny and red. Like he ran there or is nursing a hangover. More likely the latter.

  • Julie Fountain

    She could have used some earrings, too.  Am with you on the Twilight weariness. 

  • Anonymous

    I love Kristen, but that dress is doing all the WERQ for her, so I can’t rate the ensemble too high.  If you’re going to wear a dress like that, then own it.

  • Anonymous

    Cedric is a constant disappointment, though he looks bathed here, at least. I love the dress and I think she looks pretty in it, even if she is about as interesting as a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. 

    Cue fangirl ire.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a beautiful dress – but I think it looks bad on her.  I just don’t get her.  She looks great when she’s in jeans and a t-shirt.  But she just always seems too angry or pissed off to do “beautiful”.  I bet I would have loved her in this with a short hemline and knee-high boots.  Maybe she should try to shoot for “kick-ass”, maybe that’s her look…

    • Anonymous

      Kick-ass: I thought it – you said it.

      The dress is beautiful, I like the silhouette and color on her.

  • Allyson Wells

    Oh, you all are so hard on us Twilight fans. I suppose if I hadn’t read the books, I might be annoyed with all the movie hype too… but I did, and they are great! There’s a reason everyone loves them so much. Can someone back me up here?  I’m just glad that the younger generation is still reading books at all!

    Shoot, this is supposed to be about the fashion. I really like her dress. He looks about the same as always.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I read the books and actually hate myself for it, I thought they were pretty awful 🙁

      But I’m a voracious book reader so I can relate to having an insane sort of love for a book. Um, just not those books. But you know, different strokes and all that.

    • While I do love the books, the movies have disappointed me to no end.  The acting is about as bad as it gets. I had high hopes.  They were shattered.

    • MilaXX

      Guess I’m too old, couldn’t get past page 1 and Stephanie Myers came off as batshit.

    • Anonymous

      I read the books out of curiosity and because I wanted to prescreen the content for my daughter (who was in 5th grade at the time) who wanted to read them. I told her she had to wait a few years. Last year, she got halfway through the first one and threw it aside because, in her words, “The writing wasn’t very good.” Hee…

      My take: Meyers can pen a page turner, that’s for sure, but I found much of the prose to be cliched. I did not care for the Bella/Edward dynamic through much of the series (esp at the beginning). I hated that she felt worthless compared to him and that he patronized the shit out of her. I REALLY hated the imprinting bit at the end of the series. But in all, it was a fun, quick, guilty-pleasure kind of read.

      • Anonymous

        Also, really bad messages for young girls about what twoo wuv is.

        • Anonymous

          You hit on the exact reason I wanted my daughter to wait to read it. I told her that as an adult, I could take the relationship depiction with a grain of salt, but that she hadn’t lived enough to understand why so much of Meyer’s depiction of “twoo wuv” (yay princess bride!) is so f’d up to me. I think my words were “I don’t want you to think that this is how relationships are supposed to be.” At first she gave me the 10 yo “whatever” but then she understood when she started reading it.

        • Anonymous

          That is very true. But fantasy fiction books should not be looked to for messages. Everything doesn’t have to be a lesson.

          • Sobaika Mirza

            That’s funny – I’ve found sci-fi/fantasy to be more progressive than most genres.

            And no, not everything should have a lesson, but everything inevitably does. Disney, love stories, all of it presents a very strong message to kids and young girls in particular, especially when presented in conjunction.

          • Anonymous

            Fantasy fiction shouldn’t be looked for for messages, but neither should it promote stuff like stalking and denying a woman her agency and unhealthy relationship dynamics without some indication that it’s not the way things should be. I know it’s hard to do that without breaking character, but surely there could have been some way to change the tone so that Edward did not come off as perfect and lovely and the better person.

          • Fantasy has more message than most genres — you can explore good and evil, right and wrong, on a much deeper level than most genres allow, simply because of the scope. 

            That said, I think some points can be made in favor of Twilight regarding its relationship messages.   I know all the bad points and don’t disagree.  BUT… one can also point to it as proof that a guy that cares about you and your well-being is willing to wait for your body. 

            ETA: There’s also the part in the second book after he leaves (I have only read them once, I swear, but I have a fantastic memory for details I read:) when she falls apart completely. And she does incredibly stupid, self-destructive things through most of that time. But as a parent, one can point out all of the things she had left during that time that she was ignoring — I found it a scarily accurate depiction of depression, and I think it can be used as a fine cautionary tale. “See, if she’d thrown her life away, he would have died too, and neither of them could have had their happy ending!”

      • If by “page turner” you mean that you find yourself flipping through, barely scanning the pages, in order to get through that tripe as fast as possible, then I agree.

      • Agreed!  Completely. 

    • Anonymous

      I read the first one . One of my kids wanted to read it and I thought I should read it first since I had heard a lot of negative stuff about it. Frankly I  was somewhat baffled by all the criticism and the praise as well. It’s Jane Eyre with vampires, which I’m no fan of but they teach that damn book in school. Anyway I pretended like I thought it was interesting . Mostly because I remember how awful it is to like something that your parents  mock and scorn (like fashion or comic books for instance). She read all the books, but is pretty much over it now.

      • Anonymous

        Comparing dishrag like Bella to a fairly self-actualized heroine like Jane Eyre? Can’t get behind that. 😉

        • Anonymous

          I might have her mixed up with  the another one. I haven’t read it since “I” was 17. But I thought she  went to work for an older, brooding, man who was married to a  mad woman that he kept locked in a room in his mansion. He was “changed” by her love. Fate intervened the house burned down along with the mad wife , he went blind and she got to take care of him for the rest of her life. Terrible.
          I don’t think the character Bella is great by any means either.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, Jane and Rochester’s relationship is cracktastic in the beginning, but at least when she finds out how toxic he is she leaves him and would rather be on her own (and be her own person) than with him. It’s only once his situation changes, and he along with it, that she goes back. Still not my favorite novel, and I don’t agree with it being held up as a great love story, but at least Jane had some backbone. And at least Charlotte Bronte’s writing is of a high caliber. And, even though I first read it when I was about 13, I doubt most girls encounter it as early (and at such an impressionable age) as they do the Twilight novels. And it’s set in the 19th century, which gives the reader a little distance from the story. 🙂

          • I’ll go you one further: ROMEO AND FREAKING JULIET!!!  It’s taught in FRESHMAN English to 14 year old girls as the most romantic story of all time.  Excuse me?  A guy who fucks anything that moves and claims it’s out of love?  And a girl who is so pathologically disturbed that she is willing to throw away everything for him and then kills herself just because he did?  I sat in Freshman English gritting my teeth and bitching daily about that damn stupid play!

          • Anonymous

            I am a BIG Shakespeare fan. I have studied him, performed him, and directed him. But R&J leaves me cold, just as it did when we studied it in 8th grade and then watched the Franco Zeffirelli movie. I have never understood why that story was considered romantic. I identified more with Mercutio. Give me Benedick and Beatrice over Romeo and Juliet any day!

          • EXACTLY!!!  My high school had a really interesting English program: Freshman and Sophomore, and then your last 2 years were done in 9 week classes of your choice (kinda like a college set-up), as long as you had 1 literature, 1 composition, and 1 communication.  So you were only REQUIRED to read TWO plays from Shakespeare (though you had the option of taking Shakespeare 1, 2, and 3): Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet. 

            Yep, of all the great Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew, As You Like It, Much Ado about Nothing, Macbeth, Hamlet, King Lear… any of them would have been better) they chose my LEAST favorite.

          • Anonymous

            Ugh, had to read Julius Caesar, too, in 9th grade. The MOST boring play. The last one (10th grade) was Macbeth, which was great. We even watched the Roman Polanksi film; NO idea how that got past the school administration! 😉 No Shakespeare in 11th grade. Finally in 12th grade we worked in groups and could choose our own play to read, report on, and perform scenes from in groups. My group chose Twelfth Night, and we cross-cast the roles, so I got to play Sir Andrew. If schools would only study the comedies more (or at all), and expose kids to the plays in performance, I think students would enjoy Shakespeare. But maybe the concern there is explaining all of the bawdy humor. Serial murders in Macbeth? Fine. Dirty jokes in As You Like It? Evidently not fine. America is ridiculous.

          • I liked Julius Caesar — for one thing, it had some great speeches.  Also, I took Latin and did Latin Club and Classics competitions (yep, I’m THAT big of a dork:) so it was right up my alley. 

            Besides, it generated one of the funniest moments in my high school career — a girl in my group was using Cliff Notes to try and understand it and insisted that “Et tu, Brute?” was French because a)she took French and it’s the same, and b)Cliff Notes told her it was.  “You know this is set in ROME, right?  Before the French language was invented?  And written before when all Catholic ceremonies were done in Latin, so it was exceedingly common?”

          • Anonymous

            Oh, Cliff Notes. That takes me back…… 🙂

    • For one thing, there are a lot of crazy Twilight fans, which is a big part of it.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a great dress, but she isn’t really werqing it.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, this isn’t the end quite yet. They made this last book into a two parter (copycats). So I for one am counting down the days until this monstrosity is over. Anyways, as far as the clothes are concerned…meh. That split is pretty high.

  • Anonymous

    Your scoring is fair, as is your rant about the movies. I would up her score to a 9 or 9.5, but maybe I’m just grading Stewart on a curve. I love everything about her look, with a minor quibble with the hair. Don’t mind it up, but don’t like the helmet thing she has going on.

    I kind of like him. He has this “What the fuck did I get myself into?” quality about him that cracks me up. (Yes, I know, don’t flame me b/c he is making millions and is now world famous…I understand the money and perks he enjoys.) Like his suit, but not the deployment, as you pointed out so well T Lo.

    ETA: Not only will you see more the Twilight gang when Part 2 of this movie comes out, but you’ll be seeing them for years to come when “Twilight The Musical!” premieres and “The Twilight Saga Magic Kingdom Adventure Land” opens in Orlando and “Twilight on Ice” comes to an arena near you.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      That is true. I don’t think anyone hated the franchise more than Robert Pattinson.

      • Ben

        i bet kristen’s hatred towards the movie is equally powerful

        • I’m sure their accountants and agents disagree wholeheartedly. 

      • See, I don’t buy that.  Kristen Stewart didn’t totally understand what she was getting into.  But Pattinson was Cedric Digory before he was Edward Cullen, and while Cedric wasn’t a huge part of the movie, he was around enough to know what it meant when you did a project based on something that popular.

        • Sobaika Mirza

          Pattinson is British and hadn’t heard of Twilight before the audition. He attempted to read the book and then gave up. And he’s openly acknowledged how bad he thinks it is, even mocks in interviews. Even if we assume he knew exactly what he was getting himself into, there’s not denying the sense of disdain he has for it.

          • Oh, I totally believe he doesn’t like it — frankly, who would with the amount of craziness surrounding him from it?  But he didn’t go into this as unprepared as Kristen Stewart did, and sometimes I get the feeling that he’s trying to pretend he did.  (Even if he hadn’t read it before the audition, he must have realized before filming began what it was going to be like, at least somewhat.)

          • Alisa Rivera

            I don’t know. When he appeared at Comic Con to promote the first movie, he was attacked by a mob of screaming girls and when he was interviewed later he looked haunted, like he was recounting his experiences in ‘Nam. He described the sound as “something you’d hear at the gates of hell.” I really don’t think he had a clue how batshit the true fans were going to be.

    • Maria Rosenfire

      My favorite quote from RPattz about Twilight:

      “When you read the book,” says Pattinson, looking appropriately pallid
      and interesting even without makeup, “it’s like, ‘Edward Cullen was so
      beautiful I creamed myself.’ I mean, every line is like that.
      He’s the most ridiculous person who’s so amazing at everything. I think a
      lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn’t do that. And
      the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I
      played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself. Plus, he’s a
      108-year-old virgin so he’s obviously got some issues there.”

      That interview is most of the reason that I like him, because he really can’t act. He has a nice singing voice, though. Kind of bluesy.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve liked the few Pattinson interviews I’ve read. He’s pretty funny. Edward does possess quite a bit of self-loathing, so I’m sure it worked to Pattinson’s favor to play him that way.

  • Anonymous

    There’s this thing going around that Robert Pattinson probably hates Twilight more than anyone else. Can’t say I blame him.

  • Ben

    she looks amazing, but i’m kinda surprised at the cheekbones. where are those things before? 

    he looks okay, i guess. 

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha! I feel the same way you do about these films, and am so glad I don’t have to deal with the twitter twilight fans. He: never looked so good as he did in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She: I don’t like her, but that dress is nice.

  • Thing is, Rob Pattinson really doesn’t give a s#!t about Twilight, and in fact mocks it endlessly, so that someone’s motivated him to put in even this much effort at a premier speaks to their abilities as an agent/publicist/stylist/whatever.

  • I really love her dress, but I think it would have been so much better without the slit.  I’m still giving her a high five for not having a gyno-length dress on, which is pretty much her standard.

  • Rand Ortega

    TLo said… “Well done, pet rocks of the oughties.”
    That & the “boogies” will have me laughing for the rest of the day!
    Thanx, guys!

  • Is anyone else bothered by the lining in her dress?  IMO even a simple black lining would have look better than the nude.  I dunno.  Still think it’s a great dress though!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!  Yes–I’m bothered by it!  I like the dress itself and love the color(s), but when you have a slit up to *There*, so that the lining is going to show, why, in God’s name, would you line this dress in blinding white???  Major faux-pas.  Not hers–the designer’s.

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree. Why would you ruin such a beautiful gown with that lining? Ack.

  • 😀 I was wondering when you were gonna notice the Part One part.  I read the whole thinking, “they do know that they’re dragging this thing out for another entire year, right? Not really bothered to comment on their clothes, but you’d think what with being set for life, monetarily at least, they could at least *pretend* to go through the whole song and dance of looking happy.

    I’m asking for too much, aren’t I?

  • Anonymous

    He always looks hungover to me. Disheveled, scruffy beard pale. Bleh. 

  • Best she’s EVER looked, wow!

  • Sara__B

    He never wears a belt, but his suit trousers always have belt loops. Are belts passe’, an accessory of the middle-aged fuddy-duddy? To me, the lack of belt adds to his expensively-dressed-but-still-sleazy salesman-on-a-bender appearance. 6/10

    The dress suits her, and she’s smiling, sort of. I don’t think she looks amazing due to her ever-present ennui, but she does look as glamorous and pleasant as I’ve ever seen her. 7/10

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Where is his belt?

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised at how good they both look. This almost made me remember why I used to think he was cute back in his Cedric Diggory days.

  • Anonymous

    She looks good here, mainly because she looks less hostile than usual and more like Marion Cotillard, which is what we should all aspire to.  But him?  Icky as always.

  • MilaXX

    Standing Next to Each Other But Apart: Jacket closed.

    Standing next to Each Other But with Your Arm Around Her Like You Like Her: Jacket open.
    I’d also like to add When sitting down: Jacket open. I get tired of seeing guys look like the jacket doesn’t fit when seated. Really men, you don’t have half the rigamarole women have, can’t you get these few right?

    Anyway onto the scores
    He looks okay, but he still somehow manages to make what’s probably a very expensive suit look sloppy & his pants could be hemmed a shoosh more. I think an 8 is generous. I’d give him a 7.5/10

    She looks surprisingly good. I think the heavy makeup works. Hair could be better. 8/10
    Final score 7.75/10

  • Anonymous

    I think they both look high and who could blame ’em.

  • I want to just take Pattinson shove him in a shower stall and scrub his body with a loofah until he’s red and raw all over. This is in no way an even vaguely sexual desire. He just looks GROSS to me. BATHE ROBERT, BATHE!

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree she looks good. I like the eye makeup (they really pop) and the dress suits her and is very, very beautiful. It takes a very special girl to make all that… unappealing? She just does not call my interest. I find her childish and repetitive. 

    He: I’ve said it MANY tomes before and I’ll say it gain: I CANNOT STAND DIRTY HAIR. The suit is a very pretty blue but that askew tie and no belt is getting ridic, and he is coming close to Shia Le Barf levels of annoyance ability.
    I’m tough today. 

    TLo, thanks for making a Pairs Division an excuse (you know us bitter kittens so well) for us to vent on these two and everything Twatlight!!

  • Anonymous

    “‘Team Sullen Actor A’ and ‘Team Affectless Actor B’,”

  • Is he like, high all the time? He never doesn’t look like he’s not wasted.

    • The coveted triple negative! Score!

    • Anonymous

      I’d be stoned too if I had to deal with the twilight twats screaming at me. He looks like a scuzzball, but at least he openly admits he fucking hates this shit

  • Anonymous

    Twilight’s #1 hater is Robert Pattinson, so the fact that someone got him to bathe for this is impressive in and of itself. I actually now flove him thanks to his live, on the air rants on big time national television about how stupid the books and movies are and how he essentially didn’t bother to act in any of them. The man has some serious balls.

    I don’t understand all of the hatred for her, either. She seems like someone who is prob fun to hang out with who just wants to roll a few blunts and prob watch weird indie cartoons. Not be a Hollywood starlet.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna go “all jihad” on us on Twitter? Are you serious? That’s a tasteful joke to make?

  • Anonymous

    Her eye makeup is gorgeous. The dress is gorgeous. She’s gorgeous.

    He smells like weed. I can smell it from here.

  • Cathy S

    I think you rated him too highly. The suit is nice but he looks awful in it. That one button look is sloppy and it looks like his shirt is pulling on his upper chest. I’d give him a 6.

    Her dress is nice but the slit’s too high. Her hair and make up are godawful as are her shoes. I’d give her a 7, and that’s all for the dress.

    I have not seen any of these movies or read the books. I am ever so grateful.

  • nancy

    That is a gorgeous dress! But I really wish she’d stand up straight with shoulders back, she’s always so slouchy. Pretty, but slouchy. 

  • Anonymous

    Love you, Daddies, but you gave an “8” to a guy wearing a suit with empty belt loops?  Perhaps you are under the spell after all!

    And why does he seem to wear the same suit, shirt and tie every time you see him in one?

    Love KStew’s dress, tho.

    • Alisa Rivera

      He had a better suit at the last premiere. It was maroon/dark red and his hair was cut and he was shaved. Much better than this look.

  • You know, I hated both of them at the start just because they were associated with the Twilight franchise and those books are terribad. But Kristen Stewart has really grown on me. She seems to have a pretty wry sense of humour about the whole deal that I find endearing.

    It also helps that she’s been looking much better on the red carpet recently than she did at the start of this whole gig.

  • Anonymous

    You like his suit? Really? Because to me it looks full-on Bar Mitzvah. Expensive Bar Mitzvah, but Bar Mitzvah all the same.

    That dress fits her to a tee. Her dour, bland, pre-pubescent-fumbling self. God, when is “Twilight” gone from our lives again?

  • Anonymous

    I think the problem is they both sort of hate the movie and are sort of uncomfortable with their fan base. I bet they are at the top of the list now of wanting this Twilight to be done. On the other hand Wolf boy loves it.

    She looks great. Rob would look better if we see him with arms down.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on the whole “Twilight” thing.  I wouldn’t mind that people are in love with this ongoing story, except that, as you mentioned, I’m subjected to endless TV commercials that make me want to throw a shoe at my toob.

    So I couldn’t care less about these two.  She actually looks like a vampire–not her clothes; her–and he just looks scuzzy. 

    Overall score: ICK.

    • Inforapenny, we were riding the train into NYC yesterday and flipping through November’s ELLE when we found a quote from our blog inside. We were thrilled, but then we became even more thrilled when we realized it wasn’t a quote from US; it was a quote from YOU about an editorial we featured here. Congrats, darling!

      • Anonymous


        I’m stunned!  Must run right out and–BYE!

        • We just checked again and it was the OCTOBER issue. Hope you find it!

          • Anonymous

            OK–the library it is!  Thanks so much for the heads-up, boys!

          • If you can’t find it, we’ll be glad to scan the page for you. Just send us an email. 

          • Can we have a link to the comment itself?  ‘Cause I really want to know which one, and I don’t read Elle.

        • So exciting! 

  • R. L.

    I discovered that we women don’t look good either with closed jackets and our arms around other people.  The jacket pulls and then you look twice as wide as you really are.  I think it is a unisex rule.

    I originally read the books and they were a fast page-turning read but easy to put down at any time.  The last two books were the worst.  Maybe Ms. Meyer got sick of her own writing.

    I remember a gay friend telling me that Ms. Meyer contributes her income from these books to the Mormon church’s anti-gay promotions.  Anybody else heard this?  That alone sounded like a good enough reason to hate the books but I had already read them. 

    • apparently she donates to the church, but not to that specific cause. 

  • I hate Twilight with a fiery passion.  I have been a fan of vampires since I was a child (Bela Lugosi in Dracula, George Hamilton in Love at First Bite) and they DO NOT sparkle! 

    On top of that, Stephenie Meyer can’t write.  She admits she can’t read other vampire books because they are different from hers.  She had this to say about Anne Rice’s vampires:  “I’ve seen little pieces of Interview with a Vampire when it was on TV, but I kind of always go YUCK!” 

    On the flip side, Anne Rice had this to say:  “Lestat and Louie feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun.  They would never hurt
    immortals who choose to spend eternity going to high school over and
    over again in a small town — anymore than they would hurt the physically
    disabled or the mentally challenged. My vampires possess gravitas. They
    can afford to be merciful.”

    See the difference?

    • Anonymous

      Oh my God, I love Anne Rice.  She’s pretentious as hell and very prickly about her vampires.  And she aspires to have her books considered great literature.  They aren’t, but the woman can write a hell of a story and has a vast range of knowledge.  I do love her and her quirky passions.  Stephanie Meyer isn’t fit to sharpen Anne’s pencils.

    • Anonymous

      i haven’t seen or read any of the twilight crap, so i don’t know for sparkly vampires.  the author sounds like a brainless twit.  i adored “interview with the vampire”, both the book and the movie.  i was initially skeptical at the casting of tom cruise (who i can’t abide in real life), but i loved him as lestat. also, brad pitt and antonia banderas and especially the little girl vampire- can’t remember the actress.  and then there’s “bram stoker’s dracula”, which i enjoyed in it’s own stylized and overwrought way.  and of course, true blood.

    • When I first heard about sparkly vampires, I thought it was a joke because…. WTF. I’m a huge Buffy fan, and trying to picture Sparkly Angel and (especially) Sparkly Spike is hilarious.

      • Anonymous

        Oh God, Sparkly Spike would be brilliant, if only for his undoubtedly horrified reaction to it.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, thank-you for that post. I hadn’t thought about James Marsters as Spike in, probably, weeks. And that’s a thought worth enjoying periodically.

        • You’re welcome. 🙂

          I do wish he could get a good show to headline. I don’t expect there will be a Buffy movie, and he’s said himself that he’s getting too old to play Spike anyway. But he’s really talented, and grossly under-appreciated, IMO. He’s had some nice gigs on everything from Without a Trace to a recent appearance on Supernatural (with Charisma Carpenter as his wife). I hope they bring him back. He’d make a nice foil/reluctant ally for the boys.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the suit, the posing really screwed up the fit.  I like the suit though.

    That dress is killah on her.

  • margaret meyers

    That is a killer dress, and I’m so pleased to see an actress with, what appear to be, her own, natural breasts. 

    They do both look like they need a vitamin shot.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I love that dress. I think she looks fabulous except for the hair. That’s I’m having a bad hair day and don’t want to be bothered hair. A chic, high ponytail would have been better.
    She looks fab, though. Him, I can’t even deal with. Ugh.

  • I don’t know… she always looks like she’s in drag. 

  • Anonymous

    Jesus. Another one of these to endure. I’m hanging with Team Vapid over Team Insipid. Her dress, though, is amazing. 

  • She looks better than usual, but he looks icky as ever. She’s playing Snow White in the next big Snow White movie, so I expect her red carpet looks to continue to improve.

  • Does he look……… bothered?

  • Anonymous

    Him, I don’t get.  I don’t think he’s attractive, he seems to have no personality.  Her-well.  Same thing.  She’s a mannequin in that dress.  Dead eyes. 

    I will be happy when these movies are over, b/c then I will no longer have to see Burger King commercials for commemorative plastic cups that feature a bunch of teenage girls in Team Whoever shirts screaming and running around.  Until the 5 or 10 year anniversary rolls around and the movies are re-released.

  • We’re like twins separated at birth although I don’t really know how that can be since you two aren’t twins or brothers or, yeah, bad analogy (crinkling my nose adorably and trying to look ‘thinky’) anyhoo…
    -I don’t get the Twilight thing either but I suppose I am not their demographic
    -My first thought at seeing them was, ‘them? again?’
    -I detest! his facial hair. yuck! fungus is right on!
    -I love her dress and that’s the best she has ever looked .
    -And yes, her make-up is too heavy. But I think maybe she only looks good in the ‘no make-up’ look. I dunno. Like you, I am tired of thinking about them.

  • Brad and Anne White

    Her hair is tragic.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, she was in physical pain.  She was nursing a foot injury from the Snow White movie.

    • Anonymous

      in those shoes?  this girl needs a mother.

  • aimee_parrott

    He always looks like he needs mouthwash and a shower.  The suit’s good though.

    SHE looks the best I’ve ever seen on the RC.  I love that dress on her.

  • He always looks sort of greasy and oily to me.  Not sure what it is — the hair, maybe?  I don’t understand the teen (up to middle-aged female) hysteria over the guy, who I find vaguely repulsive.

    She, on the other hand, might well clean up nicely.  If someone would wash her face, that is.

  • The posing is unfortunate, but they do both look pretty great.  Love her dress and the color on her is great.

  • Joyce VG

    Wow what a great dress!  He looks handsome.  I’m a Twilghter.  So sue me.  GO TEAM EDWARD!

  • Anonymous

    I’m truly on Team I Don’t Give a Fig, but it’s funny to read the folks, including our favorite bloggers, who are in such psychic pain over these two.

    In different, and barely related news, Color Splash on HGTV recently had an episode where David Bromstad redecorated a couple’s family and dining room based on their love of Twilight. Honestly, kittens, I am not kidding! My husband had to leave the room in disgust. David was quite the good sport in coming up with something they loved but which was quite tasteless and cringeworthy.

    • Anonymous

      that is truly bizarre.

      • Have you ever seen a Star Wars themed wedding?  That’s bizarre… (One of the few times my husband got told to take his Star Wars and shove it was our wedding.)

      • Anonymous

        They don’t call it *The Republic of Boulder* for nothing.

      • Anonymous

        There are actually photos on the web of the makeover, and now I’m feeling a bit bad because I was so harsh and judgmental about the design. It’s just not my taste. It was inspired by the Cullen house in the forest, so lots of wood and moss and faux animal heads and an enormous chandelier were installed. The couple seemed very nice and had a personal story that explained why they wanted this makeover, which they won in a contest.

    • Kristen Stewart’s bedding in the movie was pretty — I considered buying a bed set until I read all the comments on it going “OMG, it looks just like Bella’s!!!”  Normally, I wouldn’t care, but that just soured me on it.

      • Anonymous

        No bedding in the makeover, it was based on the forest from Breaking Dawn, Part 1. See what I replied to sleah_in_norcal below.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t tell if the suit fits him properly because he’s forcing it into strange angles in every shot. But no belt? I’m a belt man myself. We males have few accessory opportunities so we should take the big ones.

    Her shoes? Too heavy for the dress?

  • Anonymous

    I find her so irritating, but I have to admit she looks gorgeous. That dress is perfect on her, and it’s killah indeed. No problem with her hair, I see it as a casually elegant updo. 
    I give her 9.5/10.

  • michelle shields

    love the dress too bad the wearer can’t act her way out of a paper bag. and he’s just straight up fucking uuuugly!

    • Anonymous

      i’m with you on mr. pattinson.  to me he always looks slimy and clammy, like he’s laid out in the morgue.  i feel the same way about that caruso guy who used to be on CSI miami.  they both look like they’ve never seen the light of day.

  • Anonymous

    Love her dress–it looks fantastic on her.  The shoes are pretty standard, I guess, but I think the black peep-toe platform was just the shoe for this dress.  Sexy without being too complicated.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best I’ve seen her look on the red carpet. I hate how high that slit is, and a different lining would have helped, but that’s a Mendel issue, not a Stewart issue. A great style and color for her.

  • Anonymous

    She manages to make that dress look like expensive Christmas wrapping paper.

  • oohsparkley!

    Gorgeous dress!  They should have gone with a black or blue lining.  I’ve enjoyed the books and the movies.  I’m not very judgmental or overly critical in my mindless entertainment. I like looking at the pretty people. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, just Part I.  God help us.

    Otherwise, love the dress, but she looks so awkward and uncomfortable, she sinks the look.  He has gotten a bit odd looking as he’s gotten older.  Much cuter in his Harry Potter days.

  • You overrated him to amazing extremes. He looks like he’s been hanging at OWS for a month.  

  • One word regarding the watching of Twilight movies:


  • Anonymous

    stunning dress. looks way better on her than on the model.
    horrible movie series. nothing more to say.

  • Anonymous

    photo #1  she:  i am so bored of standing here letting the common people stare at my perfect legs.  he:  check out my shifty eyes  
    #2  she:  how much longer do i have to stand here?   he: kind of look like elvis, don’t i?
    #3  she:  this is my patented movie star smile   he:  wait, is that a flying saucer?
    #4  she:  ew, get off me!   he: haha the stinks on you now.
    #5  she:  are we almost done here?  he: “you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…..”
    #6  she:  i am so gonna take a looong bubble bath when this is over.   he:  ok, i’ll try to look normal for a minute.

    oh, the clothes.  why are his pulling every which way?  love that twilight blue gown.   

  • Anonymous

    That color looks wonderful on her. Very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best I have seen her look, and in one picture she actually IS smiling. I can only imagine she’s thinking that her Twilight Saga imprisonment is just about ended and she’ll be able to move onto something more interesting. Of course, reading the phone book would be more interesting than her Twilight character.

    Him? The less said, the better.

  • Anonymous

    ” We’re telling you, ten years from now, western culture will wake up and
    say to itself, “What the HELL were we all going on about with that
    ‘Twilight’ thing?” ”

    Um, aren’t they already doing it? It’s crap and just about everybody with the slightest bit of a thinking brain knows it. It’s a way foregone conclusion.

    And, yes, he’s pretty much torturing that poor suit posing whatever the way is he is posing.

  • his face bothers me. he always looks stoned.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t much care for the films — snoozy — but she looks amazing.  Love the dress, her hair, and makeup.  Gorgeous.

  • These two always look like they’re just walking to a McDonald’s regardless of what they’re wearing. Which in some regards is admirable because they clearly haven’t let the fame get to them at all. On the flip side, they still need to learn that there is a time and a place for everything. People don’t come to see you slouch, they come to see you at your best, presenting yourself like you really have some pride in your work. So they should work with someone on self image, and that you can still be yourself and be clean lol. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh me, oh my…more candidates for the TLo how to look good in front of the camera.

    She: Looks hot but the slit goes a bit too high…might show off “the good china”

    He: Makes a very expensive suit look like it came from T J Maxx. Please do something with that hair.

  • God!  MORE Twilight!  Get some real vampires like Lestat!  And some real actors (unlike Tom Cruise).

  • Anonymous

    I don’t follow the movies enough to comment on them at all, but these two look great. I love, love the color of her gown. S

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or do they both look really stoned?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry TLo, and the world, but this is PART 1! It’s enough to make a bitter kitten gag. Ugh. As far as their look here, it’s nice to see her in a color. HE NEEDS TO SHAVE. 

  • amanda crow

    Her face looks like she just fell out of a Robert Palmer video.

    Dress is nice though.

  • Anonymous

    To me they always look like the not-quite-bright couple that all the out kids look up to because they’ve mastered the adolescent attitude of faux sophistication that is so cherished in high school but is so laughable soon after. 

    But that is the best I’ve seen her look. Love the dress. He looks like he always looks, which is slightly better than that pushed-in-face other Twiguy. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, y’all brought Buffy into this and I am now loling.  Twilight has got to be the most depressingly boring story about vampires.  Meyer is a hack.

  • Anonymous

    He’s 48 hrs overdue for a shower.  She looks pretty, agree about the ugly dress lining.  On the face, a boring couple.  Steward is starring as Snow White?  I hope it is the MacGuire adaptation.

  • Anonymous

    They both look like shit!

  • Anonymous

    Twilight sucks. Yay for teaching impressionable young women that abuse and stalking is a-okay. If he won’t let you leave the house, it means he loves you! fuck that

    oh. sorry. what were we talking about?

  • Anonymous

    You guys crack me up.
    “free to leave the vampire stuff behind her and become the USO
    entertainer of her generation, bringing laughter, joy and song to our
    fighting men and women overseas”

    You were fair, but kind, to both. Or is it kind, but fair?

    I don’t understand how she can be so un-sexy in a pretty darn good dress slit up to there, but she is. (or, at least, is to me.)

  • She almost looks not sad here.  Not sure I’d call it happy.  Nice to see it finally.

  • Anonymous

    Part one?? What?!? I thought they got married in this one and had a little vampire baby and it was over? Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer! Meanwhile, she looks great (for her — I think she’s a very hot young lesbian who really hates all this fussy dressing up) and he needs to be stripped, thrown in a hot shower and scrubbed down with Palmolive.

  • If SHE could get some lessons on how to pose. I’m sick of the slouched shoulders. Put those shoulders down and back, and let the ladies perk up!

  • I love her porcelain skin and makeup – so dramatic 

  • Anonymous

    TLo said: We don’t follow the Twilight thing at all, but this is the last one, right? Please tell us it’s the last one. You might ask, “But T Lo, if you don’t follow it, why do you care if it’s the last one or not?” To which we might be heard to reply, “True. True story. But we’re sick to death of the commercials and the hysteria and the ‘Team Sullen Actor A’ and ‘Team Affectless Actor B,’ and the shrieking mob of fans that are almost certainly going to go all jihad on us on twitter for saying this”

    Oh, boys, thank you SO much for the laugh at the end of a day filled with too much drama!


  • Joshua

    I think his suit is a bit boring. I just hope you guys aren’t grading him on a curve because he finally got shirt collar situation sorted. 😛

  • The dress looks like it was made from hanukkah wrap.  As for the books and movies, even my 12 year old thinks they’re about mopey teenagers. 

  • fragileindustries

    Reluctantly must admit that IS a killa dress and she wears it well.  Even more reluctantly, must say that those shoes are kind of sleepers … while not coated in bling or an insane-yet-hip color, have heels that must be 8″ tall!  Serious fetish territory, and they give her the elevation to carry off the dress.  Yeah, the makeup is skanky.  But a big step up [pun intentional] for one of my least favorite red carpet spectacles.  Him, feh.  Buttoned, unbuttoned, he doesn’t have it for me, except maybe as a too-old Tadzio in Death in Venice.  

  • Anonymous

    I wish her stylist would have more fun with her, instead of trying to make her look like Anne Hathaway, somehow work in the awkward tomboy-ishness.  This just looks too glam for her.

  • Anonymous

    That is some heavy make up and I love it! Love the dress, too. She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Why are they so sad? I sure the movie will do OK for a few weekends and sell a ton of DVDs. His suit looks all rumpled and She seems to want to be somewhere else. Sureit’s a franchise and it WILL ALL BE OVER SOMEDAY. But aren’t you Having Fun While It Lasts? 

  • akprincess72

    -We’re telling you, ten years from now, western culture will wake up and say to itself, “What the HELL were we all going on about with that ‘Twilight’ thing?”
    AMEN to THIS!!!!!