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Posted on November 14, 2011

Still got some middle-of-the-road looks to run down, dolls. Let’s get to it.



This is horrible. It seems some of the designers were way too caught up in the idea of using accessories to prevent camel toe. The only think that can prevent camel toe is good taste and good tailoring. Accessories have an entirely separate job. These pieces are technically pretty well done, but on a taste level, they fail utterly.



Anyone who makes a garment on this show should be immediately sent home. This doesn’t speak well for the show that they’re this fuzzy on the rules and concept this early on. The belt’s okay. The jewelry’s kind of ugly. But none of that matters. He made a garment in an accessories design competition and should have been eliminated for it.



We don’t care if he won a challenge, James has terrible taste. And what is all this shittery anyway? Those shoes are ugly as sin and the rest of the accessories look like tribbles.



Credit to her for trying to do something interesting with that belt. It almost worked. Even more credit to her for realizing it didn’t entirely work. The jewelry’s pretty great, though. Designers are always trying to find new things to do with zippers and she actually managed it.


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  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    Adrian was evidently designing for the Sonny & Cher Show…in the 1970’s

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I think Cher would probably still wear that junk.

  • Anonymous

    Nina’s stuff is really cool, and I feel that the belt could have worked on a different outfit, like a structured skirt in a bold color. I loved her bracelet, especially the button closure. I actually didn’t find Adrian’s stuff so terrible because there is definitely a rich hippie Free People-shopping demographic for that sort of look.

    When James said that he knew exactly where his girl was going I shouted “Where? Whoville?!” at my computer. My husband still hasn’t recovered.

  • WordyDoodles

    Since there is obviously nothing nice to say about these accessories, Imma try and keep it positive by saying what great toned arms those ladies have! Ok. I’m all tapped out on positive comments. xo

  • Anonymous

    Brian should’ve been sent home, but interestingly, it looks better put together than Anya’s stuff! And yeah, I was OK with James’ win last week, but this was horrible. It looked like she killed a rabbit and used all its parts. EWW. I love Nina’s bracelet.

  • Anonymous

    Those BOOTS. Guh. Offensive.

  • Hannah Penfield

    Seriously. How are they allowed to make/alter clothes? How is that allowed? What fresh hell is this?

  • Anonymous

    James should have gone home, & I thought Adrian did better than many of his compatriots. Which is not the same as thinking it was a good or successful effort.

    I am having a hard time engaging with this show because I am so often unimpressed with the results. At this point, I think an experienced costume designer could do better than almost any of the contestants. At least they know how to make things look finished from a distance.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I’m disappointed because they’re doing the “make a pretty dress” of accessories (they being the contestants, not the judges). It’s like we’re being hit over the head with arm cuffs. Honestly, the cuff is pissing me off!

    • Susan Collier

      James’ was terrible. I think he used bunny fur as a diversion: THIS will keep people from staring at her camel toe!

      • Anonymous

        This was the perfect missed opportunity for a Anthony Ryan’s pubic patch.

  • Sara Frankart Finn

    What does it say about this show that it’s week three (3, right?) and I cannot put a face to any of the names in this post. Or in the comments.  I literally cannot remember these people. 

    • Anonymous

      James doesn’t have a face. When I picture him, I just see 80s inspired brightly colored shapes floating about aimlessly.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the mini skirt should have gone home.Not only is its a mini skirt, it is also very ugly and ill fitting. The jewelry looks like silly putty with stones stuck in it. My kids made me a heart neckline when they were in pre-school that had more finesse. Altogether the poor model looks like she sleep on the sidewalk after an all night bender.

    The fringe one has entirely too much fringe.

    Loopy belt is okay. But the jewelry, like so many others , depends entirely on the crystals unaltered.

    I liked James design. The little wristlett muff is way too small.  He should have made a ginormous muff (and he should have picked the black body suit too).

    • Pam Winters

      Sue me, but I like the fringey hippie one. Still, even I wouldn’t have gone for both a “belt” (grass skirt) and a bag with fringe–too much of a muchness.

      One thing I like about it is that the proportions look right. There’s something about putting women in a bodysuit/belt combo that really F’s up people’s perspectives.

      I hated Nina’s belt with the bodysuit, but it might have been interesting over a skirt in a lighter tone (caramel?).

      • accidental housewife

        I agree that Adrian’s has too much fringe. But I’ve liked several things he’s made so far, and he’s probably my favorite designer, for what that’s worth at the moment. I like the belt and the earrings a lot. I would like the bag were it not for the fringe.

        • Claudeth Forbin

          I like Adrian also.  I’m not a belt or bag person.  But I want his earrings.

  • Deborah DebsVintagesoul Bonner

    The zipper thing has actually been done and done and done again. Nothing new there. Check out Etsy for other examples. I seem to have mislaid an episode because I didn’t see all this ugly on my television. This will definitely not be a replacement for my stolen PR indugence on Thursday nights

  • Laura Schultz


  • thedogsmother

    Seeing the same type of things week after week.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and wondering why I am bothering to watch this sad PR spinoff.

  • Anonymous

    My biggest issue with this show is that the designers are doing more than just accessorizing a basic garment — they are changing (or in this case, making) a garment. Cutting off sleeves and expanding necklines is part of designing the *clothes* not the accessories. To truly judge all the contestants equally, they should not be allowed to alter the clothing at all.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. James’s hair thing was just the red tribble? So the rest of it was made of hair? That’s alarming. I thought he’d made a big ol’ fascinator with a red pom-pom on the top, but if he made JUST a pom-pom and had her hair shaped to look like a fucking plate, I am genuinely freaked out.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, what is that?! I’m cofused haha!!

  • Anonymous

    James and Brian both ought to have been sent home. Nina’s jewelry was among the best from any of the three episodes.

    Between poor levels of taste, fuzzy rules, sheer ugliness and iffy construction, this show has it all covered. For a show named Project Betsy-Etsy made a Wetsy.

  • Anonymous

    Tribbles!  This kitten loves tribbles!  They make for excellent cat toys!

  • Anonymous

    I said this in a previous post but I’ll say it again – Buffalo Bill’s basement. I don’t know what it is about shoddily made belts and shoes compared to clothing, but instead of looking drab/cheap a la PR, they scream out “I was made by an utter PSYCHOPATH.”  A majority of these (Brian’s “skirt” James’ everything) give me the serious heebies. Like stuff you find at a sketchy thrift shop you just know is somehow possessed by the spirit of the crazy hippie who wore it in 1968.

  • MilaXX

    Adrian – Don’t shoot me, but I liked his bag. It’s the rest of it that was too much.
    Brian – That is a skirt and should have gotten him auf’d
    James – That is UG-LEE. If he was going ot get a pass for having immunity he at least deserved to get chewed out for sending that mess down the runway.
    Nina – I’m not sold on her belt, but I liked the bracelet.

  • Anonymous

    I was shocked that Adrian’s wasn’t called out as “too costume-y”.  And I completely agree that Brian should have been out for making a skirt and calling it a belt.  James can stay because he made me laugh – at him, though, not with him.  Nina stays because of the bracelet. 

  • memorexe


  • Anonymous

    I really like the concept of Nina’s belt–like you said, it *almost* works.  And that bracelet is pretty cool.

    I still can’t get over the fact that the judges aren’t “examining” this stuff.  And that runway curtain gives me hives.

  • Anthony Cady

    The next series should aim to shoot over school breaks – the ‘talent’ pool will be better.    The current group clearly don’t have the skill to move beyond the level of work shown this far – which is poor.    I predict abysmal handbags.   And get them a real mentor.   

  • Anonymous

    I love Nina’s bracelet!! It’s nice to see a bracelet that’s not a cuff haha, and I really love how she shaped the zipper around the beads. I’d buy that for sure!!

    And I agree about Brian’s “belt”…clearly he’s trying to take away from the leotard look, but it didn’t help, it looks like an apron! I can’t see ANYONE wanting to wear that

    • Pam Winters

      I think that Brooke Shields wore Brian’s “belt” in  Blue Lagoon. Either her or Christopher Atkins.

  • Anonymous

    Have not been watching this show, so maybe it’s just me.  But I don’t understand why, week after week, they have to design accessories for women in dancewear.  This just makes no sense to me.  Why can’t they put the models in actual clothing, and then have the contestants design accessories for those specific looks?  It couldn’t possibly be harder to judge that than to make judgments about what looks good with a shiny, hot pink Danskin unitard.

    Also, it appears that they’re told just to make accessories, rather than specific accessories.  I mean, how do you judge a hat-shoes-bracelet set of accessories against a belt-necklace-earrings set?…  The whole idea of this show just continues to elude me.  But I’m willing to learn.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not watching this show and am glad, this looks batshit crazy dull.

  • Anonymous

    The Forgotten sums up all the entries for me.  Adrian’s purse might have been the start of a decent necklace, but everything else is crafty, tacky, crappy, crummy or any of those other adjectives for bad that end in “y.”   

  • Suzie Vazquez

    james would have gone home had he not had immunity, right?

    • Anonymous

      They told him he was lucky he had immunity, but didn’t say he’d be aufed if he didn’t (although, it’s a fair bet to think that!).

      The hair reminds me of all those hardback hair design books at Hair Mates, with the weird stuff put in to show off stylists “skills” that you and your Mom would laugh at. Oh, yes, in the 1980s.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Tribbles — heeeheeeheee!  That had to be the ugliest look on the runway!  How the heck did it not lose??

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to have a hard time sticking with this show when the ‘products’ of the challenges are as uniformly ugly as what they’ve produced so far. There are about three items from the whole cast that would be wearable. And the biggest part of the problem is the challenges. Who the hell could be inspired by neon spandex catsuits? Or black t-shirts? They need to stop with the “make an accessory for this boring/ridiculous piece of clothing” challenges and do some “make an accessory using ‘this weird item” challenges. Then let the designers showcase their work however they want.

  • Anonymous

     Maybe the time allotted to them is not enough to get these pieces to where they should be, I don’t know, but I’m starting to question these designer’s impressive bios. This show is so Etsy it’s not even funny.

  • Anonymous

    “Shittery!” My word for the day! And I love this belt-as-skirt concept that we’re seeing so much of. (Not really, that’s sarcasm.)

  • Mary Stone

     “the search for the next great Etsy shopkeeper”  — project craftastrophe

  • Shelf Afterlife

    I’m really not feelin’ this show.  The judges and the mentor are all so boring.  Makes you really appreciate Tim, Heidi, Michael and Nina, inspite of their crack-pottery.

  • Anonymous

    Wow (in a not good way).  Musta been hard to select who went home.

  • Susan Crawford

    Nina’s bracelet is really interesting – seeing it in the screen cap with enough time to really study it is enough for me to say she has real talent. The necklace was so-so, and the belt had some fit issues, but I loved the concept behind it. With more time, I think Nina could have turned that belt into a very polished piece.

    Adrian went all fringe-happy. That always makes me sad.

    James is obviously designing for girls who dwell in the alternative galaxy of Hodramada Prime.

    Brian, that skirt was grounds to send you packing, and no woman I know wants to wear jewellry that looks like a cross between broken glass and leftover plumbing parts.

    Gotta give a shout-out to the poor models who had to wear those spandex catsuits to begin with, and then walk the runway adorned with stuff that made those same catsuits look positively tasteful. You go, grrrrlz!

  • Anonymous

    I could get behind Adrian’s fringed handbag if he hadn’t paired it with a fringed belt.  It was too much and they were competing for the focus.

    Not only did Brian make fugly jewelry and a totally out-of-line garment, but the garment was also dreadfully executed.  He totally should have been send home instead of Nicolina.

    What can I say about James?  Everything he makes is executed fairly well but vomit-inducingly tacky.

    Nina’s necklace is kind of fabulous.  Hate the belt.

  • Anonymous

    Props to Nina for trying to do jewelry that didn’t look plucked off a chandelier by a meth-crazed Etsy crafter (well, the bracelet at least.) And doesn’t this meshugganah show have any basic supplies, like findings for jewelry fabrication?

  • spooki C

    That skirt thing was so fucking ugly, I was shocked the crazy lady went home instead. If you’re going to stretch the rules and call a skirt an accessory at least make something that doesn’t look like something I’d throw on the back seat of a car for a dog to lay on.

  • Tee Mmm Zee

    Tom and Lorenzo are saints for continuing to review this turd of a show.     First, Project Runway was never relevant as a way to identify talent.  Tim Gunn must rue the day he bleeted that infamous phrase.  That corpse is long dead.   Second,  the stock format of this current PR abortion will never produce quality work – the skills of making footwear, bags, hats, metalwork are all very different – to lump them together was dumb.    The producers are to blame for being too lazy, stupid or both and now the designers are left looking incompetent.     And it isn’t even entertaining.

    A few bright notes – a long in the tooth model, good editor, the ‘Mentor’ and a rotating C list celebrity get some airtime.  

    And why does Kenneth Cole look like he wants to run?   Regret.  One, the work stinks.   Two,  because they’re shooting it on his property.  603 West 50th is Kenneth Cole Productions.  

  • Tee Mmm Zee

    Tom and Lorenzo are saints for continuing to review this turd of a show.     First, Project Runway was never relevant as a way to identify talent.  Tim Gunn must rue the day he bleeted that infamous phrase.  That corpse is long dead.   Second,  the stock format of this current PR abortion will never produce quality work – the skills of making footwear, bags, hats, metalwork are all very different – to lump them together was dumb.    The producers are to blame for being too lazy, stupid or both and now the designers are left looking incompetent.     And it isn’t even entertaining.

    A few bright notes – a long in the tooth model, good editor, the ‘Mentor’ and a rotating C list celebrity get some airtime.  

    And why does Kenneth Cole look like he wants to run?   Regret.  One, the work stinks.   Two,  because they’re shooting it on his property.  603 West 50th is Kenneth Cole Productions.  

  • Anonymous

    Nina’s bracelet is awesome.  James’ shittery is indeed shitty.  But he does provide a nice contrast to the constant parade of black.  I like that he isn’t afraid of color.   Well, maybe he should be.   

  • Anonymous

    What is up with the one earring?  This is the 2nd time he has done this.   I agree he should have gone just because of the miniskirt.  I’m sorry but a skirt is NOT an accessory.   Lordy there was a lot of crap on the runway this time around.  I did enjoy Nina’s necklace and bracelet.  Actually loved the bracelet.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Adrian’s look.
    They three pieces are tied together by matte beige, and the matte beige shoe as a neutral.  Two have the blue, two have fringe, and two have gold.
    I’ve never been in the fringe-hate club.
    So be it.  I have taste issues.  :b

  • Anonymous

    Disagree re Nina. The necklace needs a little editing – what are those goiter bits on the side of her neck? The bracelet is meh. And the belt is fugly. Come on guys, it almost worked? It’s way off ‘working’.

    I’m biased for Adrian because he’s so purdy but I do like his stuff sans fringe. I like the idea of the bag fringe but not on this bag.

    Brian and James are train wrecks.

    Also, anyone else sick of ‘cuffs’? If I see another cuff on this show I will cut someone with it! I’ve never seen anyone but Wonder Woman wear metal bracelets.

  • Melvis Velour

    I haven’t watched the show but I swear, every time I see something from it all I can think is “Etsy”

  • A. Lure

    James should have been eliminated. I don’t care if he had immunity. He made the same– nearly identical actually– crap that David made. Those shoes? Disgusting. They’re as clunky and as poorly designed as David’s leg-warmers. The headpiece? Worse than David’s hat. The bunny-fur cuff? PLEASE! No, I don’t think James has the potential to make it much further. He designed and executed the winning shoes– which were, by far, his best piece– but even in that challenge, his cuff and headband were atrocious. This is the third time he’s produced nausea-inducing accessories.

    I feel as if Adrian-s pieces were aptly placed in the middle. They’re not the most exciting accessories, and the fringe of the bag is a little too much, but the earrings are quite nice, and I like the fringed belt. The fringe of the belt looks much more organic than the fringe of the bag which looks tacked-on.

    Brian is easily my favorite designer. He makes pieces that demonstrate a strong and discernible aesthetic and a lot of risk-taking. Take his shoes for the shoe challenge, for instance. They were not the most refined shoes, but they sure as hell were the most exciting. Why? Because of his willingness to apply interesting techniques. His pieces for this challenge look good to me. Yes, he made a skirt– he should have nixed the skirt and focused on the belt which looks interesting in its origami-like structure– but once again, he makes a head-to-toe look.

    Nina’s belt is awesome. It is the most interesting belt, actually. It’s not fringe (Adrian/Nicolina), it’s not drape-y (Christina), and it’s not a gigantic mess (Rich). It’s very well designed and beautifully placed and proportioned. The necklace is cool. I like the blue– I feel it works on that hot-pink body-suit–and she’s the only one who made the hot-pink look good. The bracelet is very pretty. I like the closure and the artfully incorporated zipper. I would have chosen her for the top three.

  • Susannah Perry

    I have to disagree with you about Adrian’s pieces.  I got what he was trying to do and I thought they were beautifully made.  But JAMES!  Oh my lord.  Those hideous faux fur boots gave me instant hives

    • Anonymous

      I agree re Adrian.  I like his pieces, and paired with a simple t-shirt dress or a t-shirt and jeans it would be a look that would be quite at home on the streets of more that one Brooklyn neighborhood.  As for Nina’s bracelet – I totally don’t understand all the love, especially as that zipper-and-bead-twisty-wrap technique is something I’ve seen for sale at the likes of H&M.

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say?  I LOVE you guys for comparing the fur accessories to tribbles.  I was thinking the exact same thing.