Morena Baccarin in Ivy & Aster

Posted on November 18, 2011

It’s Friday, and if you’re anything like us, you’re finding it difficult to pull an outfit together to face the day due to any of a number of reasons ranging from poor dry cleaning and/or laundry and/or ironing scheduling to a sudden (yet completely on schedule) onset of the don’t-give-a-fucks. So if you’re one of those people who started your day by sniffing a blouse to see if you could get one more day out of it, take comfort.


Morena Baccarin in Ivy & AsterMorena Baccarin attends the “My Week With Marilyn” New York premiere in an Ivy & Aster dress paired with Frye boots.

Morena Baccarin in Ivy & AsterIvy & Aster Plume Dress

Morena Baccarin in Ivy & AsterEven celebrities have their version of the Friday morning outfit.


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  • Anonymous

    All I can look at her shoes and her hair. Her make-up is very soft and pretty here, but combine that with skin-toned dress, she looks like a sea of beige bookend by two dark spots.

    • Aly Marti

      she looks like a reverse magic wand. you know, the kind that’s black with white tips? she looks like the opposite of that.

  • Anonymous

    Also, the non-existent jewelry is not helping either.

    • Anonymous

      I think that show Project AccASSorty is dumb, but some of these celebrities should use it for suggestions

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind a fluffy party dress with boots at all. But it needs black tights to make it look right. She’s so cute that I still giver an In.

  • Yan Neng

    Love her make up but boots with that dress doesn’t seem to work at that angle at least. still pretty though.

  • foodycat

    It’s like the pilot episode of the Gilmour Girls when Lorelai takes Rory to her posh new school. Maybe Morena’s trying to get a GG reboot?

    • Erin Nice

      That’s what I thought of as well. I think it’s the boots. :)

    • accidental housewife

      Hahahahaha! In fact, it’s a little crazier that what Lorelai was wearing.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t Lorelai wearing daisy dukes with those boots?

  • Anonymous

    So if you’re one of those people who started your day by sniffing a blouse…

    It’s as though TLo was a fly on my wall.

    • Anonymous

      I know, right?  Reading that felt kind of Twilight Zone-y to me.

      Anyway, yeah The Bossman took one look at my faded jeans this morning and gave me the hairy eyeball. C’est la vie, dude. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the boots, it’s that they’re the wrong boots. If you’re going to do the boots on the bottom, frilly on the top, the boots have to be significantly bad-ass, to make the contrast clear.  Lace-up tall Doc Martens, really chunky motorcycle boots, something like that. More formal boots just look strange.  These are boots you wear under trousers!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    At least she had the gyno-skirt lengthened.

    And I’ve never sniffed a blouse. However, I have pulled a pair of pantyhose out of the hamper and worn them when I found my drawer was empty.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    She’s a pretty girl, but none of this is helping any.  The dress is fine of itself, but not in this context.  The boots are fine too, but not paired with this dress. It isn’t “ironic”, its silly.

  • Anonymous

    Depending on the situation I usually love a pretty dress funked up with boots, but for this occasion,  that dress is a little too floaty and dressy for flat boots. It would look cute however if she wore it with a little leather jacket and black tights but that would probably be for a different outing. 

    Also – TLo – can I just say cheers for making me belly laugh with this line: “So if you’re one of those people who started your day by sniffing a blouse to see if you could get one more day out of it, take comfort.”.  A+ boys, A+. 

  • Kyle Crawford

    this made me sad.

  • Anonymous

    ” a sudden (yet completely on schedule) onset of the don’t-give-a-fucks”

    Oh yes! That is exactly how I feel right now!!!

    • Anonymous

      i am with you GT

  • Charlotte Horseman

    Totally cute – without the boots.  They are completely random and out of place. 

    Anyway, guys – take the day off and start this weekend right – that’s what I’m about to do!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she’s just spent too much time on Broadway…in NASHVILLE.

  • Amanda Welliver

    I can’t look at that bodice without thinking “cat butt.”

    • Anonymous

      aaaaa!  Now that’s all I can see, too!

    • Anonymous

      Brings a whole new meaning to puss in boots…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know anything about this woman, but she must be a great actress.  She can stand there in this stupid outfit and smile as though nothing is wrong.  I say kudos to her for attitude, but get the poor woman some help.

  • Anonymous

    I bet the outfit is adorable with whatever jacket she undoubtedly is wearing with it when the cameras aren’t pointed at her, but it’s a little mismatched looking without it.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    … I don’t mind this? It’s not right for a premiere. But for a night out with your friends, this is cute. The shoes might be a little too heavy but they toughen it up a bit. Prevents her from looking like a brunette Michelle Williams.

  • sweetlilvoice

    I love this girl, she’s in Homeland on Bravo. I love her skin. Agreed with other boots comments.

  • Anonymous

    Cute dress if a little light on the color and heavy on the bodice details but nice enough.  The boots are stupid looking with this dress unless you go the route of wild deb child and do some funky hair and a great jacket to offset the boots.  As it is, her look form the knee up is sweet young lady and the shoes are just out of left field.  And clearly she left her jewelry somewhere she forgot.

  • Anonymous

    Oh look, it’s the White Swan doing the walk of shame.

  • Nancer

    Love her, but those boots – whacky!

  • Anonymous

    Not loving the boots and dress combo, but I’ll give it a pass. After all, she’s on my favorite new show, Homeland. That’s the ONLY good thing about the end of the weekend, new episode of Homeland!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Britney sport this look a while ago? 

  • Terence Ng

    I don’t much about her besides that she was on V, but I kind of dig it, but I’d dig it more if there was some context about who she was. It gives me a Kristy Swanson/Sarah Michelle Gellar-as-Buffy-on-the-night-of-her-prom feel, with the fluffy pinkness and black leather boots.

    • Anonymous

      She was also on Firefly, where they dressed her in rich jewel tones. She should take a hint from that, because she looks fabulous in them.

      • Now I am The Bee

        Oh yes.  She was always stunning on Firefly–even when weilding a futuristic machine gun. 

      • oohsparkley!

        Loved Firefly and she was stunning on that show. I agree with the jewel tones.  Interesting that she still looks so great and young. On Nathan Fillion, who I also love, the passing of time and aging is more noticeable.  (Nothing wrong with aging, I’m just thinking Morena must have a picture in some closet doing the aging for her.)

    • Anonymous

      Now on Showtime’s Homeland, with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

  • Anonymous

    Scroll-down WTF. Otherwise she looks pretty.

  • Rand Ortega

    (ala Dr. Zoidberg) Awwww…

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy she went with the longer length.  Maybe a killer jacket would have helped balance out the boots.

    eta: Maybe this look is more suited to a teenager?

    • Anonymous

      I agree on both points.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, you can see what she was trying to do here…take something utterly frou frou and girly and give it an edge.
    Morena, darling, it’s not working together. You really need to take a long, objective look in the mirror when you decide to attempt something like this. If that little voice inside your head questions whether or not it looks ridiculous, chances are it does. 

  • Anonymous

    ugh.  smh.

    definitely not her dress, style and color, and definitely a bad shoe/boot choice to go with that wrong dress. 

    face and hair are pretty.

  • CQAussie

    Wow, now I feel better about my usual work-from-home Fridays outfit.  HA HA….”outfit” is stretching the term.  Especially considering it’s the jammies that I staggered into my home office in.  Plus bed head.  I’m a picture of sassy sexiness this morning. ROWR.  Oh yeah, those boots are all kinds of wrong.  Cute on their own, disaster with that dress.  The dress itself is not awful but I agree with TLo on the skin tone dresses, they just look whack.

    • Anonymous

      haha…you’ve just described my personal walk of shame, nearly every morning. Clearly I need a job where I need to go to an office occasionally.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve lost count of the days where I look like a homeless person trying to warm myself in front of my monitor.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, she reminds me of little  girls who insist on wearing the odd combos like a nightgown, rain boots, and butterfly wings.

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE those little girls!  But yeah, it’s not cute once you’re past seven.

  • Mori Clark

    i take comfort in feeling like i am WERQing it today, although this is by my standards that also considered sweatpants acceptable to wear to class for over a month last fall, so. also i’ve worn this cardigan almost every day but its my favourite so :u

  • lilibetp

    She looks great from the knees up…

  • Anonymous

    Truly tragic.

  • Judy S

    I don’t think this one passed the sniff test. It smells like a 14-year-old.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, clearly she does because look at those shoes.  But then, I can’t judge too harshly since I just pulled on my clothes right out of bed and haven’t even bathed yet. Yeah, I clearly don’t give a fuck today!

    If that dress had been a different color, say a jewel tone, perhaps. and my god, different shoes woman!

  • MinAgain

    You don’t know how much it pains me to say this, but she looks like a five year old who dressed herself for kindergarten.

  • Judith Mignault

    Ok guys, this may not be a perfect outfit (far from it), but there’s no way this is a Friday morning outfit.  No one is going STRAPLESS on a Friday morning, even celebrities.

  • MilaXX

    What she couldn’t bear the thought of wearing another pair of silly putty pumps?

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osborne could pull off this look, but she can’t.

  • Sara__B

    If Haylee Steinfeld or another young teen were wearing this, I’d give it a pass. But this beautiful woman is over 30 and looks just plain silly to me. 

  • Anonymous

    All I got is a WHY?!?

    I got to wonder does she have a full length mirror? Most of us have put together something like this. We look into a full length mirror and the shriek in horror and realize this will not do.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like you are psychic. I totally have a case of the don’t give-a-fucks today combined with poor laundry planning, which is why my jeans are too small and my giant college hoodie is too big.

    Why is Morena Baccarin dressed like River Tam? Those boots do not belong with that dress, that dress is turning her DAMN GIRL! curvy figure into a waifish, no-waist one (which is just wrong) and her placement in front of that backdrop makes her look like she has a giant cowlick.

    I guess I do give a fuck, just not about my own clothes.

    • Anonymous

      River Tam, baby!

  • Anonymous

    I love the scroll reveal. I’m sitting here, going “What’s the problem? She looks—oh dear.”

  • Catherine Rhodes

    If she’d thrown on a motorcycle jacket and a 1980s-era Madonna crucifix and some black nail polish, the look would have been fierce. As it is, it’s just off.

  • Anonymous

    No. the boots are what a 14 year old would choose to irritate her mother.

  • Anonymous

    little girl dressed up in mom’s clothes. how chic.

  • Anonymous

    I’m WERQing my bathrobe much better.  Poor Morena.  She’s on a hit prime cable show and is dressing like a 12 year-old.  There’s something sinister afoot. 

  • Now I am The Bee

    I think she is one of the most classically beautiful women on the planet right now, and I love her dress.  The boots have got to go, though.  They are just silly with this dress. 
    Yes–when working in Corporate America, Friday’s were always a challenge.  Often resorted to sniffing blouses.  Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am that I can wear jammies while working now.

  • Anonymous

    “…and if you’re anything like us…” Oh T Lo, don’t you know by now that is a Bitter Kitten’s fondest hope/delusion?

  • nicole seligman

    i am a girl who loves a feminine dress with some harder boots, but this was not the right dress nor boots to make that outfit happen. sorry, morena.

  • Super Red

    Dear Morena, Though I will always love you for the awesomeness of firefly (and secretly hate you for your on-screen chemistry with and close proximity to Nathan Fillion) I love you especially more today for making me feel so much better about myself. Especially when I got to work and realized that I hadn’t correctly applied my lipstick this morning, had left said lipstick at home, and realized that gosh-darn-it it really is long-lasting.

    Love always, Super Red

    • Anonymous

      That hatred ain’t secret.  Nor are you alone in it.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so lovely…she needs to set off that beauty with some COLOR.

  • Anonymous

    If those boots had been edgier, she had on some chunky jewelry and a cool hat, and there were straps on the stupid bodice (so over strapless dresses!), maybe…

  • Democracy Diva

    I’m sure someone in the commentariat has mentioned this already, but this is the textbook definition of what the Fug Girls call a “scrolldown fug.”

    • MilaXX

      Yup she looks like a bridesmaid in a country/western themed wedding

  • Anonymous

    I miss Firefly. 


    • Anonymous

      Me too.  I loved that show.  

    • Anonymous

      Me, too, also! 

  • Anonymous

    I kind of hate her, because in all fairness she should look awful.  She doesn’t.  She doesn’t exactly look good, but she looks way better in this than anyone has a right to.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad when unfortunate outfits happen to beautiful women.

  • Anonymous

    Frye boots?  Really?  REALLY?  Nope.

  • vmcdanie

    Well, on the bright side, that ensemble would be totally forgettable without the boots.

    Are yall watching Homeland by the way? Smartest show on the TV now that Breaking Bad’s season is over. 

  • Anonymous

    Everything looks great until you look at her feet.  She should never have worn that with booties.

  • Ebony Dawkins

    OK…the boots. Did she just give up or….?

  • oohsparkley!

    I don’t like the party dress with boots.  Didn’t Madonna do that a million years ago?  She’s not 16 so why?

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Poor dear.  At least I know my don’t-give-a-fuck wear will never require a strapless bra & pantyhose. 

  • Lauren Maier

    Morena, please oh please start channeling your inner Inara!  You’re gorgeous and amazing, this is not an acceptable outfit.  

    • chhivt

      Thank you for that reference, love that show.  And she looks better with longer hair.

  • MandyM

    I love this look minus the heavy boots. I love her hair.

  • Anonymous

    i could see boots with this dress, just not these boots.  flirty little ankle boots with skinny heels maybe, or white go-go boots. 
    but i like the dress and of course she’s gorgeous.  she’s doing a great job on homeland, except i keep expecting a lizard tail to 
    pop out and smack someone.

  • sarah rivas

    She’s Inara so I am obligated under Nerd Law not to say anything bad about her. 

  • Anonymous

    Sheldon Cooper in drag

  • Anonymous

    Cowgirl ballerina? Let me guess… this outfit symbolizes what she wanted to grow up to be when she was six. And in the last pic she apparently has some sort of handle sticking out of the top of her head, so portable cowgirl ballerina! (Accessories sold separately.)

  • Trotter Roller

    Who the hell wears frye boots with a designer dress! You wear them with your plaid button down shirt and thumb ring!  Oy vey.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t explain why, but I LOVE IT.