Latin Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Posted on November 11, 2011

Kittens, it was the Latin Grammys! And you know what?


Alejandra Guzman

They do things a little differently.

Expect cutouts, lace, glitter and ruffles going forward, darlings. Strap yourselves in!

Adrienne Bailon

You’ll never get us to love side cutouts, and we don’t really like the shape here, but the houndstooth goes a long way in toning it down.



It’s like a couple peacocks got into a fight in some hotel room curtains.


Chiquinquira Delgado

Wilma Flintstone on Oscar night.

Actually, we think this dress is kinda fab.


Gloria Ordaz

The slit’s too hight and we don’t like the shoes, but we’re loving the ’40s-inspired top half.


Natalia Jimenez

If this had stayed a little more fitted all the way down to her hips and then flared out, we might have loved it for being crisp, colorful and retro, but as it is, it’s really obliterating her shape.


Paulina Rubio

Enh. It’s fine. Nothing exciting. Way too long.


Danella Urbay

We’d have to see her without her arm bent, but we like how it manages to show off shoulder while still giving puffy sleeve. We’re not sure, but we think we kind of love this dress.


Argelia Atilano

No. That’s just weird.

Paula Zuleta

It is impossible to look at this and not see the Target logo.


Julie Ferretti

HOLY SHIT. Now THAT’S some Latin Grammys realness being served, bitches.


Angelique Boyer

Hate the color in the skirt, hate the bolted-on boobs look of the top.


Demo Lovato in Roland Mouret

A really pretty color, but not such a great shape.

Can we just say we are loving these women for actually giving us something to talk about? We’re not looking at the most fashion-forward (or even tasteful) gowns in the world, but there’s not this neutral-toned sense of safeness you get from the American and European starlets at other awards shows. These ladies are dressing UP, no mistake about it.


Arlene Tur

We can’t. We don’t really like lingerie looks and we don’t think orange and black looks like anything but Halloween.

Wilmer Valderrama

We can sort of get behind the whole flared-leg Tony Orlando thing he’s got going on here. If ever there was a time to wear a bell-bottomed, wide-lapeled tuxedo with a disco shirt and no tie, then the Latin Grammys would be it.


Sofia Vergara in Reem Acra

BROUGHT IT. Ironically, she’s cleaner and simpler here than she is for her other awards show appearances, which are all red and ruffles and boobs; more stereotypically “latin.”

Lili Gil

It’s pretty basic, but we like the lattice effect on the sleeves.


Lourdes Estefan

Girl, your ruffle is just too much.


Massiel Taveras



Paula Fernandes

YES! The sheer lace side panel is in the house, bitches! The gauntlet has been thrown! Will any lady step up to the challenge?


Blanca Soto

Blanca says, “Bring it, bitch.”

That’s pretty much the only way to stand when you wear a dress like this. Your back’s gonna kill you, but at least every man will be picturing you naked, and isn’t that the goal, darling?


Zoe Saldana in Elie Saab

Stunning color.


Satcha Pretto

Basic, but very pretty.


Silvia Navarro

Great color, but terrible shape.



Oh ,come on. Put a little damn effort in.


Shakira in Ferne One

Great dress, but it matches her hair (which is kind of a mess) too closely.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • If Shakira’s dress had been in say blue, it’d be stunning.  How does La Saldana do it? She looks AMAZING there!

    • Anonymous

      oh, and then la Saldaña went on air and spoke PERFECT SPANISH…kinda cheesy bit about twitter, but she brought it. Standing next to Sofia Vergara and Lucero (the host…) and I couldn’t take my eyes off her…

      **jumping my fence now!

      • Anonymous

        she is part dominican and part puerto rican and lived in the dominican republic for the better part of her childhood so she is quite fluent in spanish.

        • Anonymous

          i figured, but i had never heard her speaking in Spanish. (I wonder why they didn’t use it more in Colombiana…)

          now we can chat, drink tea and dish about others in two languages ;0)

  • I read on another site that Demi is literally wearing that dress backward. Which leads to the question, “where is her mother?”

  • Anonymous

    I wish my name was Chiquinquira.

    • Anonymous

      I know, right?!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how that’s pronounced…I bet it sounds awesome with a Spanish accent! 🙂

      • Beatriz Nieto

        It’s actually pronounced Chee-keen-kee-rah, with a strong sound in the “rah”.
        It’s a Venezuelan Virgin, I think.

        • Anonymous

          “Venezuelan Virgin” sounds like a mixed drink!

    • Absolutely. I keep saying it aloud. “Chiquinquira, Chiquinquira!”

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Varaga looks classy! Who knew?

    • Nancy Abrams

      I heard her say that the jewelry is from her K-Mart line. No comment.

  • Anonymous

    Does Lili Gill’s dress have two different sleeves??!! Or is the right one just pushed way up?

    Between this, the CMAs and the VS posts, my eyeballs are popping.

    I love the color of Saldana’s dress. That’s a hard one to carry off, but damn it looks great on her. Pretto’s dress is a stunner to me.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this was fun and colorful! Never realized how good Shakira’s shoulders are.

  • Joanna Schuth

    And once again, Ms. Saldana for the win. Booby prize for Fabulous Attitude: Ms. Guzman.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! “HOLY SHIT. Now THAT’S some Latin Grammys realness being served, bitches.” This comment literally made my day. Love this entire post. Just. Love. It. 

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does Gloria Ordaz look like the love child of Jane Krakowski and Rose Byrne?

  • BerlinerNYC

    Joan Crawford would have killed (possibly literally) for that Gloria Ordaz dress. And would have worn it with ankle straps.
    Lili Gil’s dress is beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      YES!  That’s all Gloria’s dress is missing–a cut-a-bitch fierce expression on the wearer!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Shakira looks like Bedazzled Barbie.

  • scottyf

    Thank you very much for this.

  • Anonymous

    Out of all the sartorial flights of fancy in here, I have to say I’m mystified the most by Demi Lovato’s aggressive airbrushing.

    • Funny. She seems to have darkened her pale skin for the Latin Grammys. And lightened her hair, go figure.

      • JLo has done the same thing: going Michael Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome posts this week gentlemen, Thank you!  This was especially fun.  I love seeing how other countries dress up for their awards shows.  I think these ladies as a whole look more fun than our starlets! Now these are after parties I’d want to attend. 

    • Anonymous

      This event was held in Las Vegas. I’m not familiar with a lot of these people because I don’t consume much Spanish-language or Latin-oriented media, but many of them are not foreign, and others are immigrants who live here now. Just trying to make sure we keep our distinctions between different cultures and different countries straight 🙂

      • Yes, and also? All of Univision’s programming is Spanish-language. But it is in fact an American TV network. Based in TX.

        • Anonymous

          Mmhmm. I keep finding myself really frustrated in these discussions by the fact that there’s no clear way to distinguish in English between Latin American (as in, from Latin America) and Latin-American (as in, of Latin descent in the US). It really contributes to the ease with which people slip into categorizing American [email protected] as foreign. Spanish at least has estadounidense, clunker of a word that it is.

          • Anonymous

            i get what you are saying.  my husband is domincan but was born in ny.  he embraces his culture whole heartedly (he was the first of his family born in the us) but he is an american (and served 22 years in the us navy to boot).  he is not “from another country” he is american, but yet dominican.  🙂

      • Just because people have moved here does not mean they leave their culture behind. And most of these artists keep their connection home when they are not flat out bi-cultural or multicultural. The fashion cray cray on display here is very characteristic of Latino show business. If Tom and Lorenzo could get their hands on some Dominican red carpet their brain would explode.

        • Anonymous

          I in no way meant to imply that any such leaving-behind took place. What I was trying, clumsily, to say, is that it’s important to understand that a country and a culture, while certainly related, do not have to go hand in hand. So someone who lives in and expresses herself through Latin culture does not necessarily have to be from “another country” (assuming we’re speaking from a perspective located in the US), or even living in another country at the moment. Just trying to wave the flag for cultural diversity.

        • Anonymous

          “Dominican red carpet”!!

          When I first watched Dominican television (even though I HAD seen Television & Telemundo here in the states) I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what some of the [supposedly respectable] female t.v. personalities wore. There was just no middle ground between what I think of as “rich doctor’s wife/university professor” and shiny! short! tight! bright!

  • LOVE Sofia’s dress, and hell, her hair and makeup too.  Zoe looks fab.  Chiquinquira looks great except for the matronly hair.

  • Anonymous

    Must say, there’s some fierce stuff going on here–a lotta looks that put the CMA people to shame.  But what seems to be the most prevalent accessory is a lot of rock-solid confidence, which will carry a girl a long way.

    Of course, sometimes it means that gals wearing atrocious shmattas just end up looking sillier.  (And you know who you are!)

    Winners, for me:  Mss. Delgado, Urbay, Vergara, Taveras, Pretto, and, of course, Saldana.  I would like every single thing in my closet right now to be that amazingly beautiful shade of green!

    I wish there had been no cutouts on Adrienne Bailon’s dress, because I love the fabric.

    Lourdes Estefan looks like a toilet paper cover doll.  Sadly.

  • Anonymous

    I know what Wilmer Valderrama is wearing is kind of crazeballs, but I don’t care because for some reason his face and facial expression is making him look drop dead sexy and I can’t really pay attention to his clothes. I have never felt this way about good old Fez. I don’t know what to think about this.

    • Anonymous

      At least know that you’re not alone!  That’s exactly what I was about to post.  Damn it, Fez!

    • Oh, my goodness!  I didn’t even recognize him as Fez.  I’m going to have to meditate on this for a bit and get back to you all.

    • I love his jacket. I do enjoy looking at a man in a tuxedo (especially with cowboy hat and boots), but it is boring to keep seeing the same cut over and over again. Wilmer’s is a great variation without losing the basic definition of a tuxedo.

  • Anonymous

    So much fun!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry – I’m totally tacky and have no taste, but I LOVE the orange & black gown!!  I’d wear it every year to give out candy…

    • Anonymous

      I like it too.  ACK!

    • Anonymous

      it’s the perfect halloween costume.  all you need is big hair, stripper stilletos and your latin grammy.  and a Tecate in the other hand.  or a bottle of Patron.  or both.

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara looks stunning.  That is a WERQ.

  • You can not– CAN NOT– tell me that Natalia Jimenez’s dress is anything but bridesmaid. I will not hear it.

  • Anonymous

    The Heineken logo ruins the whole thing for me.

    • Anonymous

      Word.  Between the Univision logo, Grammy logo, green carpet and Heineken on-deck circle, my eyeballs are having trouble focusing on the satin, ruffles, sequins and peacock feathers.

      • Anonymous

        it shoulda been a Corona label.  then things would be perfect.  or even, better Tecate, the favorite of rural mexico.

    • Anonymous

      Dude!  It would only be okay if people also had to stand on a Heineken logo at the Golden Globes.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno. They at least seem to have an easier time hitting the mark when it’s a giant star logo than when it’s a duct tape cross.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Awww thanks, gentlemen, for entertaining us this morning.  Wonderful eye candy and laughs all at the same time! 

  • Anonymous

    They may be IN or they may be OUT, but either way they are all capital letters!  How fun!  Thanks for brightening my lunch time break.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, Zoe Saldana looks AMAZING. What a great colour.

  • Side cut-outs look terrible on everyone, no matter how in-shape they are. The only person I’ve seen pull off those and look sexy, if not classy, was Lisa Hartman.

  • TLo – Thank you! I like the well dressed ladies (so many!). Love your comments.

     I saw another awards show that was televised in Mexico a few years ago and almost had a heart attack. Those ladies were tacky. If I remember that show, I’ll post a link.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana wins again.

  • Anonymous

    Miss Zoe looks pretty flawless.  That peacock dress???  Oh honey, nooooooooooo 

  • Anonymous

    You know it’s a classy event when they have to pose for red carpet pics while standing on a big circle that says “Heineken”.

    Also, Zoe Saldana looks outlandishly gorgeous.  Absolutely radiant in that color. 

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes. We latinas know how to bring slutty/tacky to a whole new level. We embrace our inner floozie with pride.

  • MilaXX

    YAY! for color.
    Alejandra Guzman – She is as batshit as ever. Love her!
    Adrienne Bailon – Eh’ it’s okay
    Dmanti – hate the peacock mullet
    Chiquinquira Delgado – Boring
    Gloria Ordaz – Like the dress, hate the hair and shoes.
    Natalia Jimenez – Looks like a bad bridesmaid dress
    Paulina Rubio – it’s oka
    yDanella Urbay – Pretty
    Argelia Atilano – Failed PR dress
    Paula Zuleta – Once the Target logo was planted in my brain that ‘s all I could see.
    Julie Ferretti – Pageant dress
    Angelique Boyer – flesh colored bolted on boobs is just not a good look
    Demo Lovato – Hate the hair and the shake n bake tan
    Arlene Tur – I know it’s Halloween colors and lace, but I don’t completely hate this.
    Wilmer Valderrama – I find something skeevy about him. Esp since he seems to like dating 19 yr olds.
    Sofia Vergara  – She looks really chic here.
    Lili Gil – Like the dress, not crazy about the shoe I see peeking out
    .Lourdes Estefan – Fug ruffle
    Massiel Taveras – Pretty
    Paula Fernandes, Blanca Soto – Dueling see thru panels
    Zoe Saldana – pretty shade of green
    Satcha Pretto – I’m not always a fan of silver lame, but this works
    Silvia Navarro – Looks like a fancy robe
    Usher – really? this is the best you can do?
    Shakira – Pretty but generic. I missed the old Shaki

  • Anonymous

    “but at least every man will be picturing you naked”…that would not much stretch of the imagination.

  • Anonymous

    I love that they each get to stand on a giant Heineken coaster. Clazzy!

  • Anonymous

    Holy smokes!  Let’s see some skin girls!!  There is a lot to see and talk about here but I don’t have  lot of time so let’s just say Sofia Vergara and Zoe S. are in a tie for amazing.  Really, that dress on Sofia is gorgeous, the color is soooo good on Zoe and I like the cut but it could have been a little sexier for the event.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and Wilmer?  Call me…. you look uber sexy and hot here.  And word on the street is that “it” is as big as a baby’s arm. Holding an apple….

  • J Dreesen

    who just made a comment the other day about wanting something other than the little duct tape “x” to serve as the mark for photo taking?  how about a BIG HONKIN’ HEINEKEN LABEL.  Geez Louise.

  • I like quite a few of these and hate quite a few others

    Ms Delgado is absolutely stunning. LOVE that dress. Zoe Saldana looks fantastic.

    That orange dress is a monstrosity…

    • Anonymous

      which orange monstrosity?  there were so many.  it’s a virtual fruit salad out there- cantaloupe, mango, papaya, apricot, peach.  and zoe brought the lime!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you TLo – between this wonderful post and the two Victoria’s Secret feasts of hilarity, I have been entertained until exhaustion!

    By the way, Sofia Vergara looks like an Erte sculpture – absolutely beautiful!

  • In PR parlance, ‘taste issues.’ Zoe Saldana looks incredible though. That long, slender column dress is almost always black, white, or silver, but it looks completely fab in that eye-popping green.

  • Anonymous

    Angelique Boyer looks like she could be Olivia Wilde’s sister.

  • Anonymous

    zoe and sophia look fabulous.  but i am also in love with satcha pretto’s gown.  it is very simple but man i adore it.

  • Gah!  Zoe, I will cut you for that dress! Even if i look like shit in it!  Unfortunately, Lourdes just walked in from 1985 with her prom dress on.

  • Angelique Boyer didn’t bother with the “picturing” part of picturing her naked. 

  • CQAussie

    Boobs!  Legs!  Boobs and legs!  Oh my goodness this is one endless stream of yowza.  Sofia Vergara looked amazing.  Shakira looked cracked out.  The rest of the gals, I have no idea who they are.  But I know they have some amazing racks going on.  Congrats!  Also – fantastic colour on Zoe, I loved it!

  • Wowza! I would love to go to the Latin Grammys, just to see all the pretty people in wild dresses.

  • I love ma peeps. 

    • Also, Massiel’s lipstick is TERRIBLE. Ruins the look for me. 

  • i love everything in this post. Also my girl Shakira looked stunning the entire night.

  • ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow

  • Anonymous

    I want Chiquinquira to be my new drag name.  That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take Zoe’s Elie Saab in brick red, please. Thankyew.

  • Loving the curves on display — each and every one of these women dressed for boobs, hips, and butts:)

  • Anonymous

    Shakira looks so YOUNG compared to on her album covers from a few years ago. Looking goooood, girl!
    Zoe? Do you have stilts on under that dress? Cuz you look waaaaaaay taller than you usually do.

  • Anonymous

    Saldana FTW with Vergara a close second.

  • Sofia Vergara could make a straight girl switch teams!  She’s stupid beautiful.  
    Loving the green, Zoe!

  • Oh good christ.  When Sofia Vergara is bringing all the class, taste and decorum you know there’s a style problem.  Latin Grammys – for those of us who prefer not to indulge in stereotypes – get off my side, you’re not helping.

  • Anonymous

    Dmanti: Gone With el Wind

  • Anonymous

    Now we know who Josh’s clientele will be…. Several of those dresses look like something he made this past season……

  • I’m Latin and I don’t know who 90% of these people are. :/

  • Aki

    Zoe’s dress is legit the most flawless thing I’ve ever seen her wear, sexy while still being demure. 

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara looks damn good.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Alejandra Guzman’s dress would be a complete tragedy on anyone else, and I ought to hate it on her too, but she’s working it.

  • Anonymous

    Man,I knew it was the right thing to save these for last.

    I *really* like Natalia Jimenz’ dress, even if I have to hope it photographed less flattering than it was. Possibly because I really like the tea length gown and wish it would make a come back.

    I think Sofia Vergara beats out Zoe Saldana, but only by a hair. That green is gorgeous on her.

    Paula Fernandez beats out Blanca Soto in the sheer side panel stakes, though I’m usually not a fan of lace, Soto’s looks too much like Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie for me. Fernandez’ dress can pass for an actual dress.

    I think Ms. Tur’s orange & black slip was appropriately “fresh” for the occasion. Though suited to few others.

    The only one I really hated was Angelique Boyer’s. She needs a sign saying “See? Didn’t I get my money’s worth?!”

    • Anonymous

      i like natalia jiminez’ dress too, i like it enough, in fact, that i really wish it were better fitted so i could truly love it.

      i wouldve liked zoe saldana’s dress better had i not seen, of all people’s, gwynneth paltrow’s dress first. yes, zoe saldana does not look like a sea serpent or a neptunian maiden or what have you [in the manner the glittering reflection cast upon GP’s privileged skin]– but GP’s dress was so unfortunately gorgeous that i can barely see the this one in its slightly less scintillating color.

      i like demi lovato’s dresssuit thing, whatever it is, i just wish she werent burnt sienna w/ vermillion overtones. i guess thats about right.

      i find sheer side panels, worn by just about anyone, absolutely terrifying. if someones wearing something more provocative [if less intellectually & sardonically minded] than what i’ve worn when i’ve looked halfway decent, thats taking the everlovin pornographic envelope & dynamiting in front of an audience composed entirely of salivating voyeurs seated between kids who dont wanna see it. then again, i think for some people that might not be a bad thing.

      shakira’s dress reminds me of the one the fake french guy [aka the real french guy, charles boyer] was ready to murder ingrid bergman over in gaslight. while he dated angela landsbury, of course. up in a balloon.

  • I like that Demi’s name says Demo. Because that sounds like a robot and she looks like one in that photo. Love the color of her dress though.

  • Anonymous

    omg Zoe. wow. THAT is WERQ!

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara looks incredible. And look how nicely her girls are packed and presented. Why can’t Christina Hendricks look like this?

    • Anonymous

      i hate to say it but it’s cos christina hendricks is packing & presenting at least a half dozen inches more.
      it’s really really hard to put all that out there in any way where you dont look like one end of the mother/whore dynamic no matter what you wear when yr wearing it over a pair o’ cairns big enough to give you cleavage beneath a t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Sofia FTW!!!  That is fabulous.

    I don’t like the shape of Adrienne’s, but I LOVE that houndstooth.  Really a cool fabric choice for a gown.

    And can we give SNAPS UP to these bitches for knowing that gowns should be steamed/pressed???  I’ve never see so much SMOOTH prom fabric in my whole life.  I swear, some of these heifers must have arrived in the Popemobile!

  • Anonymous

    A few of them look stunning, others look like JLo on steriods.

  • never ever a zoe saldana fan, mainly because i dont see the big fuzz what so ever, especially looks wise. but that dress is sooo beautiful! and ummm idk what to say about demi…

  • Anonymous

    First, and more important:  Wilmer looks amazing in Jane Lynch’s suit.  No, I’m not being sarcastic.
    Second, less important, I read Danella Urbay as Urban Decay for some bizarre reason.

  • Anonymous

    Fun clothes but they need to hire a new graphic designer for that ugly ass “step and repeat” wall…it’s UG-LY!

  • Anonymous

    “It’s like a couple peacocks got into a fight in some hotel room curtains.”

    Hilarious. And true.

    Who is Lourdes Estefan and why is she wearing my mother’s curtains?

  • Don’t see how you can think Satcha Pretto’s dress is “basic.”  Pretty fab draping if you ask me.

  • Sofia!!! I love her.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana looks stunning. I LOVE a green evening dress, and that shade is perfection on her!

    Also, that Heineken logo on the ground is terribly distracting!

  • Anonymous

    Sofia and Zoe look beautiful but every one else needs to buy a mirror. 
    WOW, what fun! LOVE the Beer logo on the floor. It says so much.

  • Anonymous

    NO NO NO NO NO. But Zoe Saldana (she never disappoints) and Satcha Pretto (her hair is PERFECT for this beautiful dress) look just great. Sofia’s ok, but too mermaid for me.
    Is Demi Lovato waiting for the technician to do a mammogram?

  • Melvis Velour

    You know what’s scary?  I’m Latino and I have no idea who most of these people are…

    Zoe Saldana totally stole it!

  • Adrienne Bailon is standing right in front of the Grammy logo and it looks like it’s a part of her outfit as some kind of head ornament

  • Saoirse Lee

    Massiel Taveras = Pat Nixon

  • Anonymous

    Zoe killed in this gorgeous gown! Daaaaamn!

  • Anonymous

    So I guess the look at Latin Grammys is anything that Nina and Kors would kick some one off the show for putting on the runway. I could see heidi loving alot ot these looks…but only if she have them redone with a tighter fit and 3 to 4 feet shorter in length.

    Shame on Usher. Did he stop by the awards programs on his way back home from the Olive Garden?

  • aimee_parrott

    Sofia Vergara and Zoe Saldana win this one, for sure.

    In other news, I’m changing my name to Chiquinquira.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana looks great; she rarely makes a misstep on the RC.  What was going on with Angelique Boyer?  Her dress looked like a bad mating between two very different gowns, and the boobs really look odd….

    It is fun to see so many women who obviously enjoy dressing up for their jaunt down the red carpet!

  • frankystein123

    Much better dressed than their American counterparts.