Lady Gaga in Michael Kors

Posted on November 04, 2011

Yes, we’re firmly in “European Socialite Married to Deposed Royalty” territory now. This is a look for stumbling out of a Prague disco at 5 in the morning.

Lady Gaga leaves a theater in London in Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Fall 2011 Collection

Shocking that Gaga is wearing something as relatively normal as a Michael Kors jacket, but of course, being Gaga, she wore it sans pants. Upon viewing the pics, Lorenzo said, “I’m surprised she wears fur,” to which Tom replied, “Why? She’s worn meat.”

Hello again, Hot Ginger Handler. We love that you absolutely never take a good picture, yet you’re still hot somehow.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Is she naked underneath that thing?

    • Allyson Wells

      I’m not sure that’s fair. She embraces the causes that she believes strongly in, and I think she’s helped a whole lot of people along the way.  If she took a stand for every cause out there, it would seem much less sincere and be much less effective.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        I do believe she’s helped many people. But her causes come across as a bit manufactured and conveniently wrapped up into catchy pop songs. A lot of the things she’s said also don’t sit right with me.

        • Terence Ng

          In complete agreement with you.

          Did you hear about her new foundation? Why support an existing anti-bullying organization like GLSEN or Trevor Project when you can make your own, compete with them, AND get a ton of good publicity?

          • Sara Munoz

            This this this!!!

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry, but why can’t she have her own foundation to add to that list? Can’t there be multiple foundations, or charities that support the same cause without mention of competition? Susan G Comen for the Cure and the BCRF both support breast cancer research but are not in competition. There are also other similar foundations that are against bullying, besides the ones you mentioned, that are able to co-exist.

            I know there are many people who are not a fan of Gaga for whatever reason, but there’s NO reason to hate the fact that she is such a vocal supporter for bullied teens/ the LGBT community. Sure you may twist it, and see it as her gaining publicity, but at the end of the day, a foundation is being made to support those who are bullied, and that is a positive thing. Even if there are others like it. The more THE MERRIER.

          • Terence Ng

            You’re right, actually. I was mistaken in believing that it was a foundation and services organization based on its name (Born This Way Youth Empowerment Organization) and not strictly a donating foundation. They are different things and if it’s strictly a charity from her money, then there is no competition.

            However, are you really trying to suggest that if you don’t swallow Ms. Germanotta’s particular brand of social activism for bullied teens and LGBT-issues, you’re actually anti-LGBT youth? People are pro-gay, pro-LGBT youth, and anti-bullying because they BELIEVE in those issues, not because they like and agree with Lady Gaga. In the words of Basketball Wives’ Evelyn, as far as my pro-LGBT youth sentiments and politics, “she’s a non-mutha fuckin’ factor”. 

            Trying to call her critics “anti-LGBT youth” is about as reasonable as calling Bush critics “anti-American, anti-family, and anti-freedom.” She is not the definitive voice on these issues, nor has she ever demonstrated herself to be particularly insightful with them, from her histrionic cries to “make bullying illegal” or racially insensitive lyrics, to her willingness to make a profit off of “Born This Way” by letting people strategically cut out the pro-LGBT parts. And it doesn’t make them “anti LGBT youth” for calling her out on it.

            If the foundation wasn’t at least in part motivated by the publicity it would generate, why didn’t she just donate her money and time? She could have formed the same partnerships and donated the same resources without it. So why didn’t she? My guess is it’s for the same reason that all other celebrities create their own shiny foundations: 1) the desire to help and more importantly, 2) the desire for the publicity that comes when you help. 

            The best I can say about her is that she is well-meaning, but “well-meaning” is not the same as “well thought out”, and I’ll never be so naive as to think that someone who calls herself a “fame whore”, whose every public appearance (including her sister’s graduation) is designed to be a “costumed” performance, and raked in $90,000,000.00 this year based off of her public persona doesn’t think strategically about how every action she makes can garner more publicity and boost her image.

          • Meghan Szymborski

            The Susan G Komen foundation is extremely aggressive in legally protecting trademarks like  “for the cure” from other charities using the name for fundraisers and collecting for charity using the color pink.  If that’s not competitive, I don’t know what is.

    • Anonymous

      But not everyone cares about the fur issue. I expect it’s hard to understand when you do care. I say that seriously, not being snarky. I confess that fur isn’t a big issue for me, nor do I like ballet or care a whit about space exploration. We all have our schticks. I don’t wear fur  because it’s heavy and expensive and I don’t want to worry about my coat when I’m at a club or restaurant. 

      • muzan-e

        But darling, won’t anybody think about the dwarf planets?! …  *g*

        Everyone has their thing.  Fur doesn’t much trouble me – but I’ll never eat veal, and strive to avoid factory chicken.

        • nakki

          Yeah glorified comets and asteroids are interesting but what about the water on Mars and the exoplanets orbiting binary star systems???  That shits just too cool!  And in 5 years we’re gonna find out what Jupiters core is made of!

          I have to admit, I actually gasped when I read “or care a whit about space exploration.”  Clearly, I’m space flight equivalent of a peta member =D

      • Phyllis Craine

        I like fur and ballet

    • Anonymous

      OH GOD THANK YOU! At least SOMEONE said it haha

    • Anonymous

       THIS – “She only embraces a cause when it can further her pop empire” 
      is not only most celebs but also most politicians. 

      Come on how many celebs have joined in the bash wall street (or the “1%”) attend OWS, etc, yet they are more the 1% than the people who at least work more than 1 wk or 1 month a year (doing 1 film or show, etc)  – They “embrace” the cause then jump back in their limos and private jets and wash the little people out of their minds.   

      I don’t particularly like Gaga – in fact I don’t know has she pretended she was with PETA?

      • Sobaika Mirza

        I get your general sentiment but you picked the wrong example. OWS was never about hating rich people and demanding they get paid less. It’s about the disproportionate influence corporate interests & lobbyists have on government­/elected officials, to the point where they can squeeze the middle class’ pocketbook­s and get away with it without facing any regulation­. Celebs should be mad about that. Republicans should be mad about that. Democrats, regular people, the poor, the rich, the old, and the young should all be mad about that. So until Johnny Depp sets up shop on K Street, Hollywood’­s earnings are not on my radar.

        Anyway, this really isn’t the place to discuss politics. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Is the naked under that thing?

    And of course she wears fur. She only embraces a cause when it can further her pop empire.

    • Anonymous

      He’s ginger. That’s at least 50 hotness points right there.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! hehee

    • Anonymous

      Bone structure.

      For me, anyway.

    • Mo Wilson

      So happy to see the return of hot ginger.  Can we start a fan club?

  • Anonymous

    Combining sunglasses and 6″ heels at night seems like a really bad idea, but I guess Ginger is there to catch her if she trips on a subway grate. I’d like to know what IS under that coat — nothing, a bikini, what??

    • memorexe

      Under the coat? Perhaps the aforementioned meat bikini?

    • Ginger

      Heck, if he were my handler, I’d trip on purpose just so he WOULD catch me! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hot Ginger needs to have his clothes tailored, too.  It looks like he’s wearing his big brother’s jacket.  No excuses!!  Lady Gaga, your handlers are getting photographed, too!

  • Anonymous

    I bet Michael Kors never imagined designing clothes made for stumbling out of Prague discos at 5 in the morning!

    • Jenny Ketchmark

      “Who is this woman and where is she going?” Thanks to TLo, we have our answer!

  • Laura Schultz

    It doesn’t really look like the same jacket as the model. ? 

    • Anonymous

      Either the jacket was lengthened, or Gaga is mysteriously very, very short-waisted. 

      • Anonymous

        She’s pretty short in general, isn’t she? But regardless, I suspect they went up a bunch of sizes and then chopped the sleeves, because the proportion of sleeve length relative to hem length is completely different.

      • Arjay Gallo

        Well, assuming the model is actually model-height, it makes sense. Surprisingly, Gaga is only 5’2″.

      • Anonymous

        and the sleeves were also shortened.  i agree, not the same at all.

      • Micaela Cannon

        Pretty sure Lady Gaga is only 5’1 or so.

  • Anonymous

    Putty shoes! putty shoes!

    • Anonymous

      Hate those shoes!

  • oohsparkley!

    That doesn’t look like real fur to me.  I could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like this is a really odd complaint, but the color of the jacket makes her hair color look like dirty dishwater. They’re too similar, in a terribly clashy way.

  • Shannon Brady

    I am strangely fixated on trying to decide what Ginger is clutching in his hand in the photographs. A handgun at first glance? a beer bottle? a walkie-talkie?

    • Anonymous

      I believe it’s a flashlight. how else can she see in the middle of the night with sunglasses?!?

    • ASH

      The door handle.  Notice he is kind of standing sideways behind the open door.

  • vmcdanie

    Is that real fur? All snark aside, I’m really disappointed in both her and Kors for that.

    • Anonymous

      Kors collections are littered with pelts.  Year after year.

    • muzan-e

      Apparently so. Dyed fox, specifically.

      • Anonymous

        And dyed a fairly ugly color at that. Of all of the things to die for, I bet that fox would be pissed if he knew he was going to be killed to become a washed out peachy salmon thing.

  • Anonymous

    With pants this could be a great look on her.  I even like the shoes with the jacket.  She has been looking fabulous lately.  I don’t suppose it can last, and I’m almost afraid of what might come next, but for now she’s found a great look for herself.

  • Anonymous

    Well I certainly never thought I would live to see the day that Lady Gaga and Michael Kors appeared in the same sentence.

    Although I must admit I’m liking the Eurotrash golddigger look

  • Anonymous

    If that’s real fur, it’s disappointing, given Lady Gaga’s comments in the past.  When she wore the Kermit dress:  “I thought it was commentary on wearing fur, ’cause I hate fur and don’t wear fur.”

  • Anonymous

    did she just turn a trick?

  • Anonymous

    what I most enjoy is your tracking of “hot ginger handler”. Now I miss him whenever he is not there.

    Gaga is fabutaining us as per usual. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, me too. I don’t know anything about Gaga, I’m not that interested but when I see her now I always look for hot ginger. Hee

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness ginger handler got rid of that weird facial scruff he had been sporting recently. Don’t you wonder what’s going through his head sometimes?

    As for Gaga, it looks like she’s wearing Muppet fur over her pasties and thong.

    • Deborah Jozayt

      She wanted to show off both of her hairdo’s today 😀

  • Anonymous

    Why does the fur look so ratty in Gaga’s photo? Like it was in the rain or something. 

  • Anonymous

    Those glasses are SO askew that I have to believe they’re askew on purpose. Because it’s that last little detail that says, “After 6 cosmos, I fell on my ass while dancing and knocked my shades on somebody’s knee. See how hard I’m partying?”

  • MilaXX

    Dear Gaga,
    Thanks your for bringing some pretty to my dreary Friday.

  • Anonymous

    So Gaga in Michael Kors.  What’s next, a Thanksgiving special complete with interview with Katie Couric and guest chef showing her how to make the perfect feast for her friends??

    Yeah, apparently so!  So for those of us not into marathon football, when we’re zoned out on tryptophan and family dysfunctioned out, we can all turn to Gaga…..

  • Allison Woods

    Boys: “This is a look for stumbling out of a Prague disco at 5 in the morning.”

    Me: And I don’t think there’s annnything wrong with that. Especially for the Gaggster.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with previous posters. How do we know this is from Kors? The color is different, the texture is different, the sleeves are shorter, the hem is longer. It does not look like the same jacket in any way.

  • Anonymous

    i am absolutely reeling at how much i love this new gaga phase. if i could, i’d dress exactly like this lol.

  • Tiger Gray

    Ha I love it. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a great look for her.  I am wondering if she was inspired by the late-not-lamented show “Russian Dolls”?  I could see her and Ginger Handler, all curled up on the sofa one thirsday night: “Girl, that Project Runway is off the charts crazy this season!” “HGH, (Hot Ginger Handler) you are sooo right but look, there’s a new show on after.  Let’s watch!”

    • Anonymous

      I read some other posts and looked again, it does not look like the same jacket as the MK.  Actually, it looks a little cheesier than his.  In a good way…..

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think Gaga watches Dance Moms ?

      • Anonymous

        LOL!  Good God, NO!  But I could see her indulging in a guilty pleasure of “Russian Dolls” when it followed Project Runway.  I can’t even stomach the promo clips for “Dance Moms”, it just looks hideous.

  • Anonymous

    I *told* you I’d be sad when she got tired of the gracious lady/20th century film star look.

    But still like this. It’s the absolutely straight, flat hair that makes the look.

    Re: Ginger handler? It’s the bone structure. He’s gonna look good (if maybe a little scary) as an old, old, man because the bones are pleasing.

  • Brendan Foehr

    She’s like Anita Berber at this point. I bet those earrings and that bracelet have secret compartments full of coke.

  • Anonymous

    Her glasses are crooked. Other than that, I got nothing. Love her.

  • Anonymous

    Good god, not only did she wear heels in a city made of cobblestones, she wore platforms! Platforms!

    I couldn’t even walk in that city with regular shoes, I had to walk on the skinny flat concrete lines.

    She looks great though, and I love fur. 

  • Anonymous

    Many Muppets died for this coat.

  • Anonymous

    Boys, did you see her orange pantsuit and parasol, also in London?  I don’t know, it could be another WERQ, unless you think Ms. Steffi is just being ridiculously over-WERQ’d of late,,,,

  • Anonymous

    hehe. . .
    ” Lorenzo said, “I’m surprised she wears fur,” to which Tom replied,
    “Why? She’s worn meat.”” 

    too funny

  • Anonymous

    Boo hisss

  • Anonymous

    Horrid. Terrible earrings, ugly crooked glasses, hideous hideous shoes. Is this real fur? Because it looks like crap. I hope it’s not (real fur, that is.) Nice lipstick, though.

    Girl just don’t look good to me. The jokey extravaganzas are getting tiresome or just plain fugly.

  • Anonymous

    You guys, I love this.

  • Anonymous

    Gaga…Kors…well that’s pedestrian. She might as well wear some Wrangler Jeans an Old Navy T

    • Anonymous

      The Old Navy T is a possibility.  Pants? Never!

  • Anonymous

    Ahahahahaha. “Why? She’s worn MEAT.” (!!!) XD

  • P. Capet

    i like it, i just wish the fur were fake.

  • bethannstamps

    i never thought i would see Lady Gaga and Michael Kors in the same sentence, much less her wearing “normal” clothes. even if she did slut it up

  • Pennymac

    HGH! : )

  • Emily

    Love the jacket.

  • Lisa

    I just don’t find Hot Ginger Handler to be that hot.  I’m sorry – if I need to turn in my Bitter Kitten card, just say so!