Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Posted on November 11, 2011

Sometimes a strong jolt of Gaga is just what we need to kickstart the day. The coffee’s just not cutting it anymore.

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueenLady Gaga at the Bambi Award 2011 ceremony in Wiesbaden, Germany in an Alexander McQueen gown.

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Polina Kasina (M AND P MODELS)

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Oh, thank you, you exquisitely cracked-out creature. Picking an outfit for the day doesn’t seem nearly as daunting now.


[Photo Credit: Stephan Schraps/Getty Images,]

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      So much for casual Friday…

    • scottyf

      Damn it Gaga! Now I have to choose something DIFFERENT to wear today.

      • Anonymous

        Thank god my work attire is the always-fashionable pairing of green scrub top and green scrub pants.  Don’t know what I’d do if I was faced every morning with a closet full of choices like this one!

        • Anonymous

          There is something to be said for walking around a medical facility with a gold-plated deer.

          I don’t know what that something to be said is, but I am sure it is cracktastic.

    • Micaela Cannon

      God bless her.

    • Anonymous

      Great outfit, lots of fun.  The real puzzler here is there is actually something called the “Bambi Awards”?  REALLY?

      • Malve Lyborg

        It is. And the east-german equivalent is called Golden Hen. If you are really popular in Germany, you get a zoo.

        • BerlinerNYC

          Right, and don’t forget the Berlinale’s Golden Bear. It’s a full-on menagerie! (Never heard of the Hen.)

          • Malve Lyborg

            You’re right1 Thank you!

            How could I forget the Golden Bear – I’m I big fan of the Berlinale!

            The Hen is not that popular. But it’s golden and the moment you get one, you got one item more in your cabinet to dust.

      • Anonymous

        I love the idea someone else posting about it being a fawn award…cracks me up. People do fawn over Gaga.

    • Anonymous

      Ya know, she’s crazy and gets on my nerves more often than not, but I can’t deny that’s pretty goddamn fabulous.

    • Cindi Williams

      I think her outfit needs antlers. Or would that be too literal?

    • Anonymous

      Seeing the close-up photo made me realize that the “helmet” was actually part of the dress–it had seemed at first that it was a separate, though integral, piece.  I wonder how many assistants are needed to help one actually get into this creation?  Anyway, congratulations on the Bambi award (which I’m assuming was NOT for wearing a steak skirt……or eating skirt steaks) and kudos for yet another memorable look.

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT’S a HAT!

    • Anonymous

      Wow. I appreciate seeing the craftsmanship of that gown in the close up view.

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Amen to that!  You are looking at the power of Couture to create extraordinary beauty.

    • Ailsa Martin

      Starting to see these gowns on people on red carpets is reinforcing my suspicion that, while intricate and fabulous, I just did not really like this collection. They might be beautiful but they just don’t work.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Good god she’s fabulous! 

    •árez/100002964685796 Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen is a no-brainer, yet everytime the result is breathtaking.

    • Anonymous

      Lady Gaga channeling Isabela Blow. Hard.

      • Anonymous

        Well, there IS nothing new under the sun. And she’s an eager and hard working pupil of, as has been noted before, a plethora of her fashion forbears.

        And thanks for the link. I love the smile on the little boy’s face.

        • Anonymous

          It would be nice if she would acknowledge these things she’s borrowing from. The difference between referencing and paraphrasing is the citation.

      • oohsparkley!

        Thanks for the link.  It was a very interesting article.

      • Archer Parr

        Gaga is just wearing the outfit.  She didn’t design it.  So, it’s actually McQueen channeling Philip Treacy. 

    • Anonymous

      And of course the cracked out expression on her face completes the look.  She could be auditioning for a Theda Bara biopic.  I bed she’d be good!

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Oh God how I adore the willingness to experiment.  And she is totally KILLING that dress.  The true measure of style is that you wear your clothes, not the other way around.  She manages to be able to wear the most outrageous things and still look like she is entirely herself.  What a great first image this morning. THANKS TLo!

    • memorexe

      She’s an Ed Gorey story! I love when fiction comes to life!

      • Anonymous

        My exact thought on first sight: “That’s a very Gorey head & shoulders!”

    • Anonymous

      T-Lo, aren’t you gonna ask your unborn fawns what we think about the golden fawn??

    • Anonymous

      What is the bambi award?  Anyone?

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      The “Bambi” award??? Only in Germany or Austria.

      She reminds me of the female aliens in “Alien Nation” (great movie!) in that dress. Pure Gaga. Gotta love her for that.

    • Sarah T.

      Love the eye makeup – along with the cap, she looks like a flapper from an Edward Gorey illustration.

    • Judy_J

      What’s a Bambi award?

      • MadameHardy

        This week.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’m sad.

        But this ensemble kind of blows the sad away.

    • Bee Dion

      Oh my goodness she looks absolutely terrifying. Bless her heart.

      • Anonymous

        How I dearly love “bless her heart!”  You can say most anything insulting in the south, so long as you bless the heart of the deranged person you’re denigrating.  :)

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Yes, I love this.  It’s one the things that I continue to use e4ven though I have migrated back to the midwest.

    • Liana Brooks

      Ouch. The model did it better, Gaga.

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree!  lol

      • Anonymous

        I totally disagree because I think her makeup makes the look. On the model, the person in the dress disappears. On Gaga it’s a woman wearing the dress.

        Though, to be fair, making the clothes the focus IS a model’s job, so it’s not an even comparison.

    • Anonymous

      Take note Florence darling – THIS is how you wear McQueen. You do not half-ass a dress like this. PS I want a Bambi award – they are so adorable!  Little gold unborn fawns!

    • Haley Buchanan

      I love that she wears not only McQueen’s gowns, but also the “kooky” parts like the bejeweled headpieces and lobster-claw shoes.  Most of the time, when looks like this leave the runway, those bits get left behind.  Gaga is of a special breed to be able to pull off the over-the-top nature of runway in real life.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. That’s a stunning outfit. I wish she didn’t look so stoned.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that she’d pick a look that evokes silent films.

    • Ennui Jones

      Totally a missed WERQ

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone else think she selected that gown (or had help selecting that gown) because the dress matches the award?

      She looks like some never before seen alien woodland nymph sent to earth in order to protect Bambi and all the other creatures of the wood.

    • Sheppard Morrison

      She’s winning a ”
      Fawn” award?

      • Anonymous

        Oh, genius! A fawn award for Gaga, how perfect.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Actually quite love the dress and head piece, but here eye make up is really ruining it.  From afar it just looks like her mascara nad eyeliner is running down her face.  Leave the damn McQueen to do the show, not you Gaga! 

    • CQAussie

      Good grief her headpiece is slowing eating her face alive.  Horrifying sight first thing in the morning!  P.S. loving the new banner fonts.

    • Anonymous

      The Midol pose doesn’t really work when you’re holding Bambi.


    • Anonymous

      Gaga Blend – cafe au lait with a subtle hint of LSD.

    • Rachel Council

      I was immediately reminded of Viserys’s Golden Crown from Game of Thrones. I love it.

    • Maria Rosenfire

      This girl needs to start grabbing looks from China Fashion Week STAT. Mcqueen-esque looks work for her, and I honestly think that they’re the closest to carrying on Mcqueen’s legacy. Also, they’re gorgeous and I want to look at them some more.

    • Anonymous

      Now *that’s* a look inspired by a bird.  Watch and learn future Project Runway plants I mean contestants.

    • Fay Dearing

      What the hell is a Bambi award?

    • Anonymous

      I love.

      And I think her makeup absolutely makes the look – it’s part of why she wears this dress rather than being worn by it. I’ll go so far as to say that without those silent film star eyes, the hood would just look like an elaborate head piece dumped on her head, not part of a “look.” I love how Gaga pays attention to the details (admittedly, I prefer it when the outfit is not so outre that the details no longer matter.)

      My first thought was “That’s a very Gorey head & shoulders!”

      Though I suspect the Gorey reference springs to mind mostly because my fashion/illustration knowledge is rather shallow.

    • MilaXX

      Love this dress! I wish she had worn red on her nails instead of black, but pretty none the less.

    • Anonymous

      Gaga is beginning to affect me like a pre-op dose of propofol.  So tired . . . 

    • Anonymous

      it is a cool dress, but she looks like she’s sinking under the weight of the head dress, which totally cancels the fierceness factor to me. Plus, if someone in this look can elicit and “Eh, she looks okay” from me, then it is time to move to a new schtick.

      On second thought, maybe it is great that this is now considered ordinary? I’m confused. Need more tea while I sort this out…

    • Anonymous

      From a distance she looks like someone gave her a couple of black eyes. Hate the headpiece.

    • Joyce VG

      This is so fantastic.

    • Chloe Stabler

      Man, this is such a great outfit, but I feel like it’s slightly ruined by the eye makeup.  Almost gives the impression her face is starting to melt.  But if you forget about that, it’s fierce.

    • JaneM

      I love how she kinda just drew on her face there under her eyes.

    • Alloy Jane

      Love it! Absolutely love it.  And I love her little pose too. Huzzah for Gaga and her cuckoo self.

    • Anonymous

      GORGEOUS and interesting as usual.  LUV the GAGA!

    • Anonymous


    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      It’s times like these that make me wonder why any one else even tries to wear McQueen.

    • JillK


    • Terence Ng

      It’s as if Madame O______ from Edward Gorey’s “The Object Lesson” threw herself from the tower, hit a pool of bleach and landed in our realm. I like it, even it is Gaga.

    • Kelley Comfort

      Thanks for the close up picture! I can’t believe the details on that dress! How many millions of beads and sequins did it take, do you think?

    • Susan Crawford

      Shut the front door, the back door, the patio sliders and ALL the windows! She looks fabboo in this amazing dress. Only the late, great Isabella Blow could have pulled off this look with more panache. Excuse me while I light a candle in my Gaga Shrine.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my god, this came so close to utter perfection. An inch or two more of face under the headpiece would have catapulted it into the realm of the divine. As it is, though, it’s just a wee bit “The Little Gladiator Who Could.” 

    • Laura O’Gorman

      This post just made my week lol

    • Anonymous

      And an unborn fawn trophy, too. Pefection.

    • Anonymous

      Oddly ( or maybe appropriately since this is McQueen) my first thought thought was that she looks like Isabella Blow.

    • Kathy

      Wow, this would have looked so much better without the Nora Desmond makeup.