LACMA’s Gala Red Carpet

Posted on November 07, 2011

Darlings! It was LACMA’s Art And Film Gala Honoring Clint Eastwood And John Baldessari presented by Gucci at LACMA in Los Angeles, California! Lots of people dressed up and showed up! We’ve got a shit-ton of looks to rip! No time for foreplay, strap yourselves in and let’s get BITCHY!


Amy Adams in Gucci

Pretty. She doesn’t always hit “pretty” as often as she should with her RC looks, but she looks soft and romantic here. Don’t love the non-color, though.


Amy Poehler in Giambattista Valli

We love her, but she’s tragic on the RC. Why does she always wear things just a bit too tight on her?


Camilla Belle in Gucci

Gorgeous dress.


Chris Evans in Gucci



Dominic Cooper

Why does he look so pissed off and disheveled? Was he forced into a too-tight suit at gunpoint or something? Dominic, have a drink and relax.


Elisabeth Moss

WOW! It’s a sad commentary on her RC history that a relatively simple black gown is a major turning point for her, but we’ll take it. She looks great.


Emily Blunt in Jenny Packham

We really hate peekaboo long skirts over a mini-dress. And that neckline isn’t flattering to her.


Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

Camilla Belle, you just got SERVED, bitch.


Jon Hamm in Gucci

He always looks like he just had sex.


Julie Bowen in Collette Dinnigan

Those shoes are a tragic mistake.


Kate Beckinsale in Gucci



Kate Bosworth in Erdem

Serving up Betty Draper realness.


Marcia Gay Harden

YES! If we were attending, we’d want to spend the night standing next to Marcia Gay Harden. Anyone who dresses up like a drag queen for such a stuffy-looking event has got to be fun.


Olivia Wilde in Gucci

Pretty, but we detect a platform shoe paired with a gown and that makes our eyelids twitch.


Rachel Zoe

Gotta say, the old girl’s been bringing it to the red carpet lately.


Rashida Jones in Gucci

Shapeless and unflattering.


Reese Witherspoon in Cushnie et Ochs

That’s pageant mom drag right there. We don’t mind the dress, but the severe hair and kind of blah shoes don’t help.


Ryan Kwanten

That will never not look waiter to us.


Uma Thurman in Lanvin

It’s striking and it’s got an unusual shape. We like it on her and at an event like this, but there’s no way the bustle will be coming back any time soon.


Zac Efron



Zoe Saldana in Gucci

Evan Rachel Wood, get the fuck out of the way.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Loving all of the Gucci fierceness here!

    • I agree ūüôā

    • Those three on Zoe, Evan, and Camilla are my favorite dresses everrrrrr.

      • i don’t really care about Zoe’s. ¬†

      • Anonymous

        I agree but if they were standing next to each other they would be like a girl group like destiny’s child or the supremes. They are all variations of the same theme. Evan Rachael Wood is fabulous. She consistent looks smashing and has the right attitude to carry off the clothes!

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Moss wins for finally looking like the beautiful woman she is on the red carpet. She should never allow another flesh colored garment within a 100 yard radius. 

    • Anonymous

      And she should always allow her hair to sweep over her forehead. What a difference that makes!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    How did Gucci let so many starlets wear similar dresses from the same collection? Aren’t there people whose job is preventing that from happening?

    • for what it’s worth, the 3 of them looked amazing.¬†

      • IDK. I didn’t care for Camilla Belle’s. The dress is great, but it looked weird on her.

        • Anonymous

          I think it’s because she looks too short for the dress.

        • Sobaika Mirza

          Hers is my favorite dress of the three, but she’s so tiny. She’s practically swimming in it. She could have at least gone down a size if possible.

        • Those two big spots of color on her hips did some weird things to her figure, the more I look at it. It’s a beautiful dress, but I’d leave it to the Ultra Tall & Thin set.

    • Anonymous

      I think it was deliberate.

    • Anonymous

      I assumed it had to be deliberate. Two would be an unfortunate accident. Three, & such big names?

  • I looked at the picture of Zac Efron and thought “Douche”. Then I scrolled down. I love you guys.

    Queen of Wonderful Zoe Saldana and Anti-Peggy-Olson Elizabeth Moss are the winners for me! 

    • Anonymous

      Me too, and I bet we aren’t the only ones by a long shot

  • Zoe Saldana wins here, hands down, but I’d give runner up to Camilla Belle. The dress is much more flattering on her than Evan Rachel Wood- who’s posing very oddly here as well.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I liked Camilla Belle’s look more than Evan Rachel Wood’s. I think it’s the neckline.

    • Agreed. Hate Evan Rachel Wood’s hair, too. Too literal, plus I never liked that style anyways.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Really? I think the proportions on Belle’s dress are so totally off and weird-looking.

    • Anonymous

      Agree—ERW looks a bit too retro.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree!

    • Anonymous

      THIS. ERW looked much more costumey than Camilla Belle. CB wins runner-up hands down.

    • Anonymous

      Agree.  ERW is a bit too literal, too.

  • Ha! I guess the stylists really enjoyed that Gucci runway show, eh? Olivia Wilde’s dress is lovely, but really reminds me of the formal night wardrobe employed often on the Love Boat’s earlier years. I think I saw Marion Ross wearing that same dress with a slightly higher neck V.

    • Anonymous

      OK, now I can’t unsee that Marion Ross reference. I see her head on the top of that dress. Go Mrs. Cunningham!

    • Plus I think she forgot to do her hair. That’s basically how mine looks if I put it in a ponytail fresh out of she shower.

  • Anonymous

    *scrolls back up* Ah, “presented by Gucci.” That’s why everyone’s wearing variations of the same two Gucci dresses. But really, doesn’t Gucci have more than two dresses?

  • Sobaika Mirza

    That is the best I’ve seen Kate Bosworth look. She usually channels a sloppy, half-assed Chloe Sevigney type of look, I much prefer this ‘Betty Draper realness’.

  • MilaXX

    Marcia Gay Harden aside there are a lot of real train wrecks here, except Amy Poehler who I love but cannot dress herself to save her life and Rashida Jones who is always a fashion NO. I lol’d at Gucci loan out 3 different looks for the same collection. I think Elizabeth Moss looks so good in that black dress, because darker colors suit her much better than the drab non colors and nudes she tends to favor. Rachel has been looking really pretty on the RC lately. Her hair even looks healthier here.

  • Kyle Crawford

    WHO does not love a smack down Gucci off !! ¬† … but I wish someone could clue me in on the allure of Rachel Zoe… I know she just had a baby ( at least in tv time.. I don’t know when she did ) but that dress is a dishwater grey schmatta with Crystal’s old shoulder pads.

    • Anonymous

      I though the same thing. That she cut a hole in the top of some cloth, put it over her head and wrapped some belts around her. 

      • Kyle Crawford

        I am sure she is a lovely person and the job she did on Anne Hathaway at the last Oscars was just history in the making… I just do not get her sense of personal fashion.

        • Anonymous

          Nor do I. And yes, you’re right about Anne Hathaway and the Oscars.

        • Anonymous

          Nor do I. And yes, you’re right about Anne Hathaway and the Oscars.

    • Agree re: Rachel Zoe – except it looks like there’s only one shoulder pad – strange!

    • Anonymous

      Shroud on Rachel Zoe. With shoulder pads.

    • Kid was born in March or something, so that’s no excuse.

      But I’ve never really understood the appeal of Rachel Zoe, period.

  • Anonymous

    I can rest easy knowing that the saga of the borrowed Guccis ended with my girl on top. Work it, Saldana.

  • Loving the flappericious dresses.¬†
    Rachel Zoe looks amazing.¬† I’ve never seen her hair and make-up looking better.
    Uma’s face is to die for, but the bustle… oh, the bustle!¬† Terrible.

  • omg i love your comments on Camilla, Evan and Zoe! Hilarious, I was dying to see what you would say about the 3 of them. My personal favorite is Evan’s though, I don’t care if she looked like a complete flapper.

    • I agree with everything you just said, except that I would turn the last statement to “because she looked like a complete flapper.” ERW has the exact right face for that style.

  • Anonymous

    no no no…. of all the Guccis Evan Rachel Wood takes the number one! sorry Zoe… ūüôā¬†

  • Emily Giovanni

    Rashida Jones’s outfit is definitely unflattering. However, I am loving her crazy shoes.

  • Cathy S

    Nah, Evan Rachel  Wood defeats Zoe Saldana. Look at her hair! Fantastic.

  • Molly OBM

    Almost seems a waste to have 3 Gucci dresses. All that fab crammed into one event!

  • Amy Adams looks like Nicole Kidman. It gave me pause, but she looks good.¬†
    Camilla Belle looks lovely.
    I see Miss Moss gave her face some contrast (I can see her eyes! AND her eyebrows!) and it looks like she got some lowlights in her hair, which is really what makes that black dress work. Lizzie, kiss whoever did your makeup and never let them go. 
    Ooo ERW killed it, mounted it, and put it up on her wall. Snaps all around. 
    I would like Ryan Kwanten to wait on me, if you know what I mean. 
    I desperately covet Zoe Saldana’s dress. Well all of those Gucci dresses, really.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Salad and ERW are going to either combine forces and save the world, OR go to battle like King Kong and Godzilla and kill us all.

    It’ll be gorgeous, either way.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Re: the Gucci Flapper Smackdown: ERW has the baddest dress by a long shot, but her makeup/hair pushes it into costume-land. I’d put Zoe Saldana in second place dress, 1st place makeup & tie for 1st place in shoes w/ERW. Camilla gets the consolation ribbon.

    Julie Bowen looks like she’s about to burst into a tap dance routine.

    Rachel Zoe looks pretty good.¬†Rashida Jones looks sloppy, Reese Witherspoon must’ve dressed & styled herself, unfortunately.

    Uma is trying to out-Tilda Tilda. Not sure she’s successful, but her makeup is gorge!

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! ERW wore the best dress of the three, but her costume hair and costume make-up just fought so much against the dress’ natural glamour that I have to say Zoe Saldana wore the dress better, even if she was wearing the lesser dress. I think I’d even put Camilla above ERW because ERW’s look is really just Trying Too Hard.

  • Anonymous

    Olivia Wilde looks like she just took off a wig.

    • Anonymous

      And Marcia Gay is wearing a mini dress and a maxi skirt? 

  • I think all three women wearing variations on the same dress look lovely. But ERW always makes hers look like a costume.¬† It’s already Ert√© enough and she already has short hair, so doing the finger waves was overkill for me.

    And I don’t think Cooper was pissed as much as high.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    Love those Gucci flapper dresses. ¬†Expecting the cheaper knock-offs to arrive at my local Marshall’s soon, and I’ll be there, credit card in hand.

  • Anonymous

    Was Amy Poehler even at the same event? Jeesh!

  • scottyf

    Soul Brothers T&Lo said about Jon Hamm…
    “He always looks like he just had sex.”

    …and the problem with THAT would be?

    Dear Ms. Julie Bowen,

    Please refrain from attending any more red carpets until Bert Keeter finishes your dress.


    • Janette Benson

      Soul Brothers T&Lo said about¬†Jon Hamm…
      “He always looks like he just had sex.”

      …and the problem with THAT would be? ¬†

    • Victoria Perry

      I thought the same thing about Jon Hamm…only I added “It would be better if her naked” to my thought.¬† (My mind is in the gutter as usual)

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the Gucci dresses! Glad you commented on the bustles on Uma’s dress as well as showed the front. She looks beautiful as always, but I hate the dress. Jon Hamm has crazy eyes, and Dominic Cooper looks like his shirt’s not tucked in? What’s going on in that section of his suit?

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood vs. Marcia Gay Harden. I would PAY to watch the claws unsheathe.
    The rest is whatever (yes, even Saldana and Hamm).

  • Anonymous

    On the thumbnail tease for this thread, Reese actually looked good and kind of fierce! Alas, then I saw the whole dress and realized that, tragically, nothing has changed in Reeseland.

  • For this post, I have to say Camilla Belle > Zoe Saldana > Evan Rachel Wood

    Evan looks like she’s trying too hard. I don’t like how harsh the eye make-up looks, especially with the hair styling. It all seems a bit too literal for my tastes.

  • Caitlin Gozdecki

    Praise Gucci- the three best dressed were from the same collection!

  • Anonymous

    Marcia Gay Harden came dressed as Jo Anne Worley.  I want to share a cocktail with her for sure.

    • Anonymous


      Spot ON!

  • Anonymous

    evan takes the cake, but all the gucci dresses from the collection were a smash.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not exactly sure what she’s done, ‘though I see her here a lot, but Evan Rachel Wood is the clear winner.¬†
    Perfection from head to toe. That dress is to diediedie for. Those ultra-thin T-strap shoes!!! 
    She even beats Zoe Saldana, who also looks fantastic in her gorgeous dress, as always.
    Can’t agree about Rachel Zoe. She picks interesting dresses that don’t fit her. This one’s too big on top and too long. The color might have been striking, but on a too-big dress, it looks a sad shroud. Girl needs her own stylist
    Disagree on Elisabeth Moss – dress is just barely okay, maybe, and her awful hair needs to be done, definitely. She’s always a mess, never seems to get herself together,
    Julie Bowen looks pretty, love the shiny dress, the length is perfect, but you’re right – she needs better shoes. And her hair could be better.
    Kare Bosworth is one of a very few people who can wear that dress and that color well. (Probably Zoe Saldana can too).
    Olivia Wilde’s dress is nothing. My great aunt had it in blue.

  • Out of the three similar Gucci dresses I’d put them in this order
    1. Zoe Saldana
    2. Camilla Belle
    3. Evan Rachel Wood

    Otherwise, Kate Beckinsale’s hair is tragic but the rest of her outfit is flawless. ¬†Julie Bowen, Amy Adams and Rachel Zoe look amazing. Emily Blunt and Olivia Wilde are frightening me…¬†

  • Anonymous

    ERW totally won the Gucci-off, IMHO. Also, Uma PUT ON A DAMN BRA!

  • Anonymous

    I think Saldana wins the Gucci smack down. It looks like she just grabbed it out of her closet…in other words she owns it because it looks like she owns it.

    ERW is second. I agree with the others who have said the hair and make up push it into costume territory.

    Belle looks good, but the neckline and waistline make it look like the dress is melting off her.

    Rashida Jones is tragic. Truly. What an awful get up.

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Moss looks divine. And I second ScottyF –¬† Julie, we want to see you dressed by Bert!

    Amy, Rashida and Reese are going out for drinks at Dave and Buster’s afterwards, yes? I think that is what they dressed for.

    Personally I want to go for drinks with Uma or Marcia Gay. But perhaps not together – that might be too much fierceness.

  • Anonymous

    ERW’s hair and shoes *almost* make the fringe acceptable. But not quite. (Hate fringe. It looks either cowgirl or hooker 98% of the time.) Zoe for the win on the copycat Guccis.

    Pains me to say it, since she is in the running for world’s most vapid person, but Rachel Zoe does look good.¬† Love that belt–it makes the dress. But why are her dresses always six inches too long?

    Agree with you about Julie Bowen’s shoes, but love the dress.

    Amy, Amy, O Amy Poehler!¬† WHY do you always choose dresses that outline your little tummy pooch and make your breasts look like they’ve been vacuum packed?¬† You keep making the same mistake. WHY????

    Uma from the front:¬† FABulous!¬† Uma from the side:¬† Ummmm…, not so much.

    Reese Witherspoon:  Your right chest is trying to escape.

    Thank you for the “Douche” description for Zac Efron. Brief, to the point, on the money.

  • Anonymous

    Could there be a more unflattering photographer?¬†¬† What’s with the overly bright flash?

  • They all looked amazing in Gucci!!

  • Evan wins it, but three from the same collection? Oh boy, heads will roll…

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana once again makes everyone disappear in the glow of her fabulousness. ¬†That dress is spectacular on her. ¬†Uma Thurman’s skirt is absolutely ridiculous. The star of this show for me is Elisabeth Moss. ¬†She looks great in black and her makeup is beautiful. ¬†Why do women who have loads of money and access to the best stylists and hairdressers go out looking like Reese Witherspoon, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones do here? ¬†How hard can it be for a pretty woman to look pretty?

  • Anonymous

    the people look surprisingly good this night.
     Evan is not giving up her trophy to Zoe. Now WAY

  • Love Evan Rachel Wood! No way is Zoe Saldana selling it better than ERW. And Uma literally looks like she has someone walking behind her under her skirt.

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed that Uma has been getting her SWINTON on lately and I have to approve.

    Of the Gucci-bots, Zoe is the clear winner. ERW is working the shit out of her dress but she just did not bring it with the hair and makeup.

  • I’m sorry, but there’s no way ERW is not the fiercest looking Gucci-wearing woman on this list.

  • Anonymous

    It’s as if there is a law that if you’re a woman in comedy, you must not dress well.¬† I really don’t get Rashida Jones’s red carpet issues.¬† Her mother is Peggy Lipton for goodness sakes!

  • Loving all the deco-ish dresses, but my favorite is Evan!

  • Anonymous

    What was with the Gucci Deco-inspired glam? Loved it. I think Evan Rachel Wood nosed out the other two, but they all looked great.

    Elizabeth Moss looked as good as I’ve ever seen her. Ever.

    Amy Poehler always looks as if she’s stuck in “comedienne just having her break out moment” dressing territory. Trying but missing.

    ETA: Forgot to admire Ms. Zoe. I actually like her style, but this was unusually elegant.

    Honestly, the golden Gucci completely distracted me from the men. So no comments.

  • Anonymous

    ERW brought it! All will bow down and serve her! Uma’s dress looks crazy – are there shadows there throwing off the look – I can’t get my brain around it.

  • Amy Adams looks great. But I kind of forgot she existed. Get back out there, girl!

  • Oh no, what has Kate Bosworth done to her face???

    • I was wondering the exact same thing. It’s as if she’s going for the Renee Zellweger pinchy-faced anteater look.

    • Anonymous

      I know – I almost wouldn’t have recognised here without the caption

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, how do three well known celebrities show up at the same event (and not an enormous “night of a thousand stars” event) in the same dress?¬† Is no in the PR department at Gucci keeping track of what stylists are taking out?¬† Of the three, ERW for the win.¬† I actually love that Lanvin on Uma and her hair & makeup are amazing.¬† However, I saw some closeups of her and that top had all sorts of stray threads hanging off the neckline and wasn’t as flattering up close.¬† Kudos to her for wearing that skirt though.

    • Anonymous

      The event was “presented by Gucci”–they probably planned this.

      • Anonymous

        Well, that is just ridiculous!¬† Why would they intentionally piss off three actresses by dressing them in competition?¬† I don’t see any point in this scenario and really makes the dress lees special and interesting.¬† Weird…

      • Anonymous

        I just went and looked again and realized it was three different dress.  But it is such a distinctive color/design vibe they read as the same to me and that is the danger.  They might as well have been wearing the same dress.

  • And Uma, honey. NOOO.
    But maybe it’s not fair to call her out, there are about a half dozen WTFs in this post.

  • Anonymous

    All three of those Gucci dresses are just beautiful beyond compare. Obviously that was planned no way it was accident. I tip my hat to all three women for wearing variations of that Gucci dress  because that takes some serious fashion confidence. You know you will compared. I bow down to all three.

    Call me crazy but I loved Uma’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    Uma looks like she’s walking around with wire hangers stuck in her dress. That is hideous. I’d add Dominic to the douche category as far as look goes.

    Peggy looks great and Don would look better with nothing on at all.

    ERW brings Attitude to everything she wears and leaves everyone else in the dust, even Zoe.

  • Amy A. and Elizabeth M. for most improved.
    Love the flapper dresses. Hate the towel-wrapped-around-me dresses. I can’t stand Olivia’s or Kate Beckinsdale’s.
    Love Kate Bosoworth though.
    Couldn’t Amy P. and Rashida ‘share’ a stylist? They work together so they could hire someone to come in during lunch one day and have a symposium!

  • Anonymous

    Individually the Gucci dresses are stunning, and no, they’re not identical, but weird they all showed up wearing ’em, no? ¬†Reese would have been a contender for me if that dress had been floor-length. ¬†Short it just looks cheap. ¬†The hair works for me (I like when she does that clean cut 60’s vibe) but the shoes are un disastre. ¬†Is it too much to ask Jon Hamm to just have had sex with me?

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Kate Beckinsale’s refreshing hairstyle. ¬†

  • Love all the Gucci as well – especially Camilla Belle’s dress.¬† Gorgeous!

  • Terence Ng

    I think REW got the win here, Zoe 2nd and Belle 3rd.

    “He always looks like he just had sex.”I imagine it’s because he always has. If I was nearby, it certainly would be true.

  • Anonymous

    Uma Thurman’s dress has a nice shape? ¬†I’m not seeing any shape at all… yick…

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana pulls off the dress with her coloring, her grace and those totally cute shoes, but I think all 3 versions are rather hiddy, esp. Camilla Belle’s.¬† I’ll go over here and sit in the corner by myself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why all these gals are dressed like flappers, but I’ll TAKE it.

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Moss wins Most Improved.

    Of the Guccis, I’ve got to give the win to Evan Rachel Wood. ¬†Girl is fierceness personified. ¬†My funny for the morning, on R Zoe: ¬†“Gotta say, the old girl‚Äôs been bringing it to the red carpet lately.” ¬†Bitches, I bet she will cut you if she ever meets you, for the ‘old girl’!

  • I totally did a little gasp when I saw Elisabeth Moss. ¬†Such an improvement.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too!¬† I even said “WOW” before I got to the TLo caption of the same!

    • Anonymous

      the hair is darker… suits her so well!

  • Musta been deco theme nite.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m reading more of the comments and I gotta disagree – Uma Thurman looks great! ¬† Why comment on a look like that as though it was something other than a ballgown?

  • Uhhhh….TLo?¬† It’s because Jon Hamm always does have sex before these things.¬† Duh.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe and ERW are wearing the same shoes too!

    Love Miss Lizzie’s look, adore the color of Rachel Zoe’s dress but it is too long (is she that petite?), and I’m with you TLo, those peekaboo skirts over mini dresses just need to go away.¬†¬† Soon.¬†¬†

  • Evan and Zoe Bringing it as usual!

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the Gucci on Camille Bell the best!! After I figured out that Lamac wasn’t a person. ūüôā Amy Adams disappears, Julie Bowen looks great, even with those shoes. I do love the Gucci bling on all the ladies!! Efron – hilarious, guys!!! I love Uma but not this dress, and Rachel is wearing a sack with a nice belt, so I don’t think much of that at all.

  • I hope Zoe Saldana, Camila Belle and Evan Rachel Wood get seated next to each other!

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Zoe always wears dresses that are too big and too long. ¬†She looks like she’s playing dress up with her big sister’s prom dress. ¬†Boo.

    • Anonymous

      Not only that, but this dress is so shapeless *you know who* could have “designed” it.

  • “Douche”¬†
    I died … holding in my laughter at work.¬†

  • Anonymous

    re: Ryan Kwantan: That will never not look waiter to us. May I suggest Major Anthony Nelson, astronaut? I loved his cocktail attire even as a young thang. 

  • Anonymous

    Can Zoe, Camila, and Evan Rachel PLEASE all sit at the same table?

    When you say “just had sex” and “Jon Hamm” at the same time, I get distracted and can’t type very well.

    Lizzie Moss looks CRAZY GOOD in black. I haven’t loved jewel tones on her despite all the fashion folks (including you) saying that’s what she should wear. But now I’m kind of thinking, very dark, moody colors are the way to go. Deep chocolate brown, rich maroon, dark charcoal.

    Dominic West looks like a douche but his tie is gorgeous.

    Olivia Wilde’s about-face on hair and makeup is fun.

    Uma’s makeup is outstanding and Rashida’s was done in the dark.

  • Anonymous

    WHOA!!¬† What happened to all the pre-event consultations that stylists are supposed to do so their clients don’t all show up wearing the same dress?¬† Wouldn’t it raise a red flag with the Gucci folks that they were sending three similar black/white/gold flapper-inspired dresses to LA for use by three major celebrities on the same night?¬† Wouldn’t they want to notify their clients & therefore keep them happy and still willing to wear Gucci for all those cameras?¬† That said, I think ERW looks the best of the three.

    Hooray for Elizabeth Moss for finally getting it right.¬† Hooray for Marcia Harden for wearing black ostrich feathers & making it work.¬† Jon Hamm probably always looks like he’s just had sex for the obvious reason.¬† Poor Amy Poehler……just can’t do it.¬† I hate Uma’s dress and I hate Reese’s dress, shoes, hair, and smirk.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Evans almost always looks good. Rashida Jones…I can’t really figure out because she is obviously gorgeous, but doesn’t play it up at all ever.

  • Emily dear, Barbra wants her pants back from the 1969 Oscars

  • Love Saldana and Wood’s Gucci — Belle’s seems to fit oddly.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.¬† And the design overwhelms her figure.¬† Wish I could see it from the back. Seems sort of “clunky” to me.¬† She looks like a deco-inspired lampshade to me.

  • Now I am The Bee

    I say Zoe wins the Battle of the Guccis. 
    And Amy A, though she looks pretty fab, needs to remember the rule for pale gals:  never buy clothing the same color as your skin. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Those three Gucciteers all look superbe! My favourite out of them would have to be Camilla Belle, because the shape of it is just so different and yet so elegant! And I love the hair, too, honestly. Camilla’s look is half-glamourous (dress), half-chic (hair), while Evan is 100% glamourous, and Zoe is 100% chic.

    I want to like Uma’s look, but it just too strongly reminds me of those Romanian gypsies we have floating around in Helsinki.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like Camilla Belle’s Gucci better than ERW, but Zoe wins this round hands down!

  • Anonymous

    Has MGH been having lunch lately with HBC?

    Too fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    RE: Jon Hamm – Most¬†likely¬†because that’s almost always true.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE those Gucci Art Deco dresses–and I’m normally not a big fan of gold with black.¬† And Uma looks utterly fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Zac = “douche” – I love you guys.¬†

  • Anonymous

    And cool gay uncles, I have to point out that Bogie WERQ’d that waiter shit in Casablanca!¬† It *can* work, but you have to be a boss, not a tool.

  • ERW served Zoe as well. Just saying.¬†

  • Anonymous

    How does Uma sit down?

  • Holy hell, red carpet draaa-maaah! I am so sick of Camilla Belle’s old-face. She’s a pretty girl, with striking eyebrows (love ’em), but why does she always insist on makeup and hair that ages her by 30 years?!?!?

    All the smart funny girls think they don’t need stylists.

    Zoe Saldana wins in this 3-way Gucci dust up.

    Was Uma Thurman trying to pull off the Lanvin outfit as a traditional Korean hanbok?

  • Anonymous

    I won’t claim that Zac doesn’t look like a douche, but I do kind of dig the navy lapel on the black jacket.

  • Anonymous

    Uma WTH? Digging the flapper looks.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Camilla Belle won over Evan Rachel Wood but Zoe is so effortless she takes the cake (please take the cake, Zoe).

    Elizabeth Moss looks great in black! Whyyy does she stick with beige all the time? I think it could be the make up as well- she’s not wearing some horrid bronze shadow to go with her neutral dress. And her hair looks fab! I feel like giving her a WERQ just for the RC improvement!

  • ERW FTW. That bitch is effing amazing and can do no wrong in my world. She also got the best dress of the three.

    Also Jon Hamm looks like he just had sex because he probably did. In the limo on the way over. With whatever woman he wanted.

  • Reese looks like she just decided to wear the seatbelt from the minivan for a dress….¬†

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, that was so much fun. Uma rules. Marcia Gay Harden is close behind her. Kate Beckinsale is a tower of power. Moss looks charming. Very nice!!

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood wins in the flapper division.

  • The ladies in Gucci BROUGHT IT. Of course, it helps that their dresses all came from the same kickass collection.

  • oohsparkley!

    Evan Rachel Wood for the win.

    • margaret meyers

      the finger-wave hair is completing the look.

    • Mary McClelland

      I think its TOO referential. I wish she had done a more modern, less costumey twist. 

  • oohsparkley!

    I forgot to say, Elizabeth Moss looks fab-fab-fabulous!

  • Nu uh, Evan Rachel Wood looks GORGEOUS! Zoe Saldana doesn’t as good, sorry!
    But aren’t their shoes the same, but in a different color?¬†

  • margaret meyers

    Women were beautifully dressed in the 20s.¬† I’m ready for¬†the comeback.

  • margaret meyers

    Dominic Cooper works so hard at looking like a tough guy.  Next year all the pug dogs are going as D C for Halloween! 

    • Anonymous

      As a pug owner – I’ll remember that costume idea!

      To me he looks like a mini #1 Will Riker from Star Trek – TNG….

  • Are you kidding? Evan Rachel is MILES above and beyond Zoe. It’s not even close.

  • Mary McClelland

    Ok what the hell is going on that THREE women wore basically the same dress to a major event. Lame much? Also, I think Camilla totes looked more amazing than Evan, but Zoe she stole the show. She is a living werq. 

  • Uma, I really want to like that ensemble but me thinks that only Tilda could pull it off.

  • Anonymous

    “Camilla Belle, you just got SERVED, bitch.”¬† “Evan Rachel Wood, get the fuck out of the way.”¬†¬† I love you guys.

  • Amy Poehler looks like a cheetah sausage. The black and gold dresses are to die for! Love Uma and Kate Beckinsale. That’s the best Rachel Zoe’s hair has ever looked. Ever. WTF Marcia?

  • Anonymous

    So, all this time I’ve been thinking to myself, Self, you don’t really like Gucci all that much. I’s okay, there are other designers. With the exception of poor Rashida Jones, I have been CORRECTED! I’m really loving those black and gold flapper-inspired dresses, and the gowns are lovely, too! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and rethink my entire fashion philosophy.

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel and Zoe S. are bringing it, bitches!
    Ah, a John Hamm sighting always makes he happy

  • Elisabeth Moss looks 20 years younger with that new hair.

  • FORGOT ABOUT MY FAVORITE COUPLE TLO, HOW COULD YOU (that would be kate hudson and his hot british fiancee matt bellamy :p)

  • I have no idea what is happening with Uma’s dress, but her face is gorgeous.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Olivia Wilde’s eye makeup looks FIERCE. Would love to see a closeup.

  • Anonymous

    in the 2nd & 3rd Gucci fringe pics there should be that cat from Puss in Boots with her paw in front of her face….. the eyes looking side to side….. going, “ooooooo!”¬† >^..^<

  • Really Evan Rachel Woods looks tenfold better than Zoe in this case (feel free to read as always) apart from that I agree with everything you said and love that the Uma is playing in the Tilda-land.

  • Good night for Gucci!

  • Those Gucci dresses are amazing! Wow.

  • Wow, those Gucci dresses are stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Reese Witherspoon always dresses now like she was the mastermind behind the Kennedy assassinations in the 60s. I see her being played by a young Glenn Close in the movie.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE all of the 1920s-inspired Gucci dresses, ladies!

    Re: Amy Poehler, and “Why does she always wear things just a bit too tight on her?” A few years ago, pre-baby and pre-30s, she was a tiny woman. I think that, in her head, SHE thinks she is still the size she used to be.¬†

  • it’s almost like stylists need a registry of what their stars are wearing; when three women wear such similar dresses… heads should roll. also, it scares me a little that the thought that ran through my head each time i looked at the photos was echoed underneath it when i scrolled down…