In or Out: Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

Posted on November 30, 2011


Zoe darling, we can’t thank you enough for agreeing to serve as visual aid for our lecture entitled “How to Fuck up a Chanel Dress.”


Zoe Kravitz in ChanelZoe Kravitz attends 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City in a Chanel dress.

Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

Zoe Kravitz in ChanelChanel Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Ginta Lapina (WOMEN)

Zoe Kravitz in Chanel

First, there’s that weird shit at the sleeves, which looks like they each have a mustache. We thought it was something added to her version but sharp-eyed kittens pointed out that you can see it on the runway version, but it’s far more played down. It looks like Zoe flipped up the sleeves, which manages to camouflage their shape, one of the more central aspects of the dress design. They stand out on the model and disappear on Zoe. Second, a dress like this is not exactly statement-making on its own. It’s a white top and a black bottom. What makes a dress like this is how it’s styled. The runway version has interesting gloves and boots and a really pretty sash or belt. We’d go so far as to say the latter makes the look. She didn’t have to style this exactly like that; in fact, the gloves and boots would have probably been a disaster off the runway. But this is definitely a dress that needs something and a good amount of it. Minimalism is not on the menu.

In other news, we can’t even with that hair and while we think the makeup’s pretty for the most part, it’s not the right makeup for this look. Basically, she put a dress on and little else consideration was made toward finishing the look. It’s not our favorite dress in the world but sweetie, it’s Chanel. Do we have to explain what that means?


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IN! Girl is ROCKING that Chanel, bitches!

OUT! She looks like she’s wearing a knockoff of the runway version!

In other news of ins or outs, Charlize Theron’s mid-makeup routine getup got a defiant IN from y’all and Tilda Swinton’s “Hillary Clinton on the Starship Enterprise” costume was voted OUT, to the consternation of all.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for UNICEF,]

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  • Nancer

    I think the dress is eating her alive…

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Actually, that dress is alive. It’s the lovechild of Karl and a jellyfish.   

  • Anonymous

    You would think it would be hard to make a full-length feathered skirt look boring, but she did. 

  • Anplica Fiore

    OUT!  This almost hurts my eyes to look at it.

  • Amanda

    I don’t even like the dress on the runway model, but it IS Chanel…hmmm…still OUT for me.

    • Dina dV

      Exactly.  I remember seeing this dress a while ago and thinking if it can make a professional model look like she has Oompa Loompa legs it should be burned from our collective memory.  It’s not doing Kravitz any more favors than the model, so please let it be gone!

      • Anonymous

        Let’s admit it is not a pretty dress and move on. 

        What is that top made of, btw -a pique bedcover? 

  • MishaFoomin

    Actually, I think that black trim can be seen on the runway model’s sleeves. It’s just that Zoe flipped up her dress’s sleeves to show it more.

    • Anonymous

      Agree that the trim is visible in the runway pic. I hope, however, that she did not purposely flip up the sleeves to expose it. I’m inclinded to think it is a product of posing with her hands on her hips, forcing the sleeve to fold up that way.

    • Anonymous

      Oh you’re right. I just looked more closely at the model pic. I can see the little feathers sticking out. Sort of looks like she hasn’t shaved her pits in a while.

  • Anonymous

    This outfit does not even look good on that model photo. It looks terrible. The bodice doesn’t fit well and the style is weird. I won’t even go there with the skirt. This looks like something you would buy at a 2nd hand store as a costume. Awful.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    OUT!!!!  omg just OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, what you said!

  • Megan Sears

    It’s all bad.  The runway version has so much more oomph.

  • Anonymous

    So, I don’t think it’s a matter of adding the black stuff to the sleeve – you can see it peeking out in the runway pic. I do think, however, that when Zoe is posing with her hands on her hips, it makes the hems of the sleeves fold up exposing the chiffon or tulle or lace or whateverthefuckitis. Either way, this is a big ol’ OUT because, as you stated, she completely missed the mark on the styling.

  • taodon

    OUT… she should have never allowed her aunt to alter Chanel to match her spinster aesthetic

  • Anonymous

    Out. She’s too short for the dress. Even if the feathers could be hemmed or shortened, I don’t think she has the proportions to pull off something like this. The important detail of the waistband is gone. The freakin’ sleeve detail? don’t get me started. This looks like a losing PR bird effort, where a designer got halfway through cockatoo and switched to raven.

    On the model it looks pretty cool. On Zoe it looks like the makings of a bad elementary school costume. I know this because I glued a shit load of red boa feathers to red t-shirt for my daughter when she was Iago in Aladdin. (I actually made a pretty badass parrot head for her, if I do say so myself.)

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Somehow I knew you were a closet costumer.  You couldn’t be more right about this too tragic mess.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Thanks. You have no idea how true that statement is. I have made some pretty impressive costumes for my kids (and myself, come to think of it) over the years. Impressive in that I’m really not all that much of seamstress. I just really like a challenge.

        • Kiltdntiltd

          Pictures Gurrl.  We want PICTURES!

          • Rand Ortega


  • Anonymous

    How to not wear Chanel and how to not style your hair ever ever – she is a pretty girl but that hair. She keeps herself from looking beautiful somehow, because she is. She can be quirky and beautiful but this is not it. Her mom did it so well aka my teenage girl crush.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    That thing is screwed up, by the fact that its; A: too long on her.  Its meant to be ankle length.  B: She turned up the sleeves to reveal the barely seen black lace that you can only just make out on the runway version. C: No belt.  D: No bling.  E: grocery shopping hair.

    • Anonymous

      Which would all seem to add up to an F!

      • Kiltdntiltd

        And in this case F means, Full Force FAIL!

  • Anonymous

    Out! The dress needs the zillion dollar Chanel combat boots to be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    sorry Zoe, OUT

  • mcglory13

    Out. The dress needs the sash and while normally I don’t understand the problem y’all have with people’s hair, in this case it’s egregious enough that even I dislike it. I don’t even understand the hair here. Is it a low ponytail with long weird scraggly pieces hanging out? 

    • MilaXX

      I don’t know what she’s doing with her hair, but for me it starts with the emo bangs. I hate those type of bangs on most people and Zoe is no exception.

  • Judy_J

    The runway version is beautiful; the version Zoe is wearing looks cheap and just barely resembles the original.  And I’m really going to date myself here, but I can’t help myself….is she wearing a black bra under that white blouse?  That used to be a major no-no, akin to your bra strap or slip showing.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is basically Chanel: Where The Wild Things Went To Die.

    Her styling is not helping. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She definitely  takes her fashion cues from mom and dad. I LOVE everything about this from bang to boot, even though I hate Chanel. IN,IN,IN!

  • Anonymous

    The belt would have made it look much better on her, but I do prefer the floor lenght skirt on Zoe as opposed to those boots on the model.  The model looks like she’s in the dressing room trying it on but didn’t feel like taking her jeans and boots off until she knew the top was going to fit (or is that just me?).  Or a kid dressing up as a Chanel princess for Halloween whose mom made her wear street close underneath because they were in the middle of a cold snap (also just me, or no?).

    So,I guess that’s an out from me for both Zoe and the model..

  • margaret meyers

    out.  the proportions are all out of whack because she is short.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  No effort.

    I can’t get past the hair.  Those bangs remind me of a 1st grader that decided to cut her hair the day before her school pic was taken. 

    The dress has a lot of life and volume on the model…on Zoe it looks sad, deflated, and overall an unfinished look.  It’s like she just slapped on the Chanel dress and expected it to do all the work.   

  • Anonymous

    Out. It needs everything. It needs jewelry. You didn’t mention that she lengthened the hem to cover whatever shoes or boots she may be wearing (and the weird hem added interest on the runway). It needs great hair. It needs JEWELRY JESUS CHRIST. And a belt.

  • foodycat

    I’d be harsher on her styling if the dress was better, but it’s an unattractive dress so I find it hard to care what she did with it. Neither in nor out, just MEH.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She looks terrible, and she should fire whoever is doing her makeup.

  • Anonymous

     She totally took all the edgy out of the outfit. I think her bangs turned it into a kindergarten look.

  • Jennifer Ford

    Her bangs look like she cut them herself with little kid scissors right before the first day of school.

  • Sarah Lynnae

    Out. The dress really needs the belt the model’s wearing or something similar.

    I’d have to see it in person to be sure, but, based on the pictures, I hate the fabric for the top. It looks thick and bubbly and reminds me of oatmeal.

    • Anonymous

      And the bottom half looks like she’s wearing Cousin Itt.

      • accidental housewife

        Ha! As much as I love Cousin Itt, he doesn’t make a good dress.

        • Sarah Lynnae

          Dude, I *so* want a Cousin Itt dress now. You’ve no idea.

          • accidental housewife

            He could use a haircut. We should look into that.

  • Anonymous

    In her defense, I think the dress is effed up to begin with. But Zoe is certainly not helping it along. And it looks like she let the toddler up the street do her hair.


  • Cathy S

    Yeah, out. She needs that sash or whatever it is. And she messed up the sleeves. I don’t like the dress at all, but it looks better on the mode.

  • Bridget Dierks

    What the HELL is with ladies and the too-short-bangs??  It makes each and every one of these girls look like they are the result of a first grader getting scissor happy.

  • Anonymous

    Makeup?  What makeup?  She has makeup on?

    I was actually going to comment on the lack of makeup and the atrocious hair and the overall drab effect SHE has on the dress.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a very pretty design school project. But alas a B- cuz they forgot one good rule of thumb;  to make it flattering. 

  • Anonymous

    I have no opinion of this woman because I have never seen her before so I can judge her purely on her look, and I am here to tell you that this look sucks, from the silly bangs to the fluffy skirt to the eyelash trim on the sleeves to the inadequate makeup to whatever else I may have missed.  This is just all kinds of awful.  Whoever she is, I wish her continued success in her career, but Girlfriend, don’t ever wear this again.

  • Marcella Cypher

    This dress seriously needed the belt…why did she take it away?!


  • Rebecca Johnson

    What is her hair DOING? Is it falling out of an updo? My hair (sans the awful short bangs) looks like that when I roll out of bed in the morning. Literally.

    I would have liked to see the other Zoe, or maybe Diane Kruger or Rihanna try this dress with something closer to the original styling. At least the poor thing would’ve had a chance with one of them.

  • Dave

    OUT – it’s so sad.  Like something you’d wear to a benefits for hurricane victims or something.

  • Ina Partosa

    OUT. Do I even have to say why?

  • Anonymous

    Out! Does Chanel have some sort of membership card they can revoke or at least put her on probation?

  • Anonymous

    Who thought Frankenbangs were a good idea?  Out just for that.

  • Joyce VG

    I am seriously mad at this girl.  She got with Fassbender.  I can’t stand her hairstyle.  She’s too short for this dress.  She made a Chanel dress boring.  OUT.

  • Heron

    Ugh, it looks like she only flipped up her LEFT sleeve, which is just weird. But I like the longer length on her.  

  • korilian

    This is hiddy, but regarding the flipped back sleeves: imagine she hadn’t. We would have been left staring at mysterious black scruff peeping out in the vicinity of her arm pits…

  • kittenmasks

    If anyone could’ve pulled off the gloves, it’s Zoe. She should’ve donned the gloves.

  • accidental housewife

     How many muppets died to make that dress?  It’s absolutely hideous. Zoe is just making it worse. And I am distraught at the thought of baby bangs coming back, even though I did wear them 25 years ago. So very OUT

  • CQAussie


  • Anonymous

    OUT.  But to be fair, the dress was pretty fucked up even before she got ahold of it.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! And she needs to grow out her bangs. In the 70’s my friend Cindy got bangs like that from Supercuts (we were in 4th grade)–FUG!

  • Sara__B

    Uh oh. Someone let Zoe play with scissors and she decided to cut her own bangs. She looks exactly like a five-year-old who gave herself a haircut.
    About the sleeves — I’ll bet those feathers tickled, so she flipped them up rather than go crazy.
    OUT. She got the details all wrong.

  • Anonymous

    what a flop. she took off the belt and added sleeve mustaches…WHY???

  • Elena

    Out. She’s so pretty, but that hair is doing her no favors and does not belong with a Chanel dress.

  • MilaXX

    Yet another genetic failure. I think both of Zoe’s parents are 1,00000 times hotter than she is. The hair is awful and she’s doing nothing to make that dress work. I actually like the boots with the dress and they seem like something Zoe would wear. If she had at least done that much, I would have given her a pass.

    • Anonymous

      My jury’s leaning the other way on the hotness. She doesn’t have the ‘mainstream pretty’ of her mom, but she’s got the bones to be extraordinarily hot in a kickass, maybe even androgynous, way. But this outing isn’t showing that. She needs some really aggressive badass attitude to her hair and though I don’t know enough about make up to say a lot about her features, I do think she needs to reshape the brows.

  • paula.pertile

    My mom glues weird trim like that to everything. So I can’t even get past that, let alone the rest of it. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry she just can’t carry the post apocalyptic haute couture waif. The hair is particularly bad. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  In a big way.  

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with these excessively short bangs that look like they were cut by the wearer? Oh, the dress? Out.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    It’s an ugly dress and she didn’t play well with it. OUT.

  • Judy S

    OUT. she just looks lost.

  • Linda Merrill

    Something’s wrong with the dress – because in the pics, her left arm shows the sleeve popped up, but the right arm is down like the model’s is. Or, possible, it was itchy to her and she rolled it up. Looks like it would be itchy. Love Chanel, but this dress is a definite out.

  • Susan Bullard Mayer

    You can’t save an ugly dress – OUT.

  • Anonymous

    This is just so wrong in so many ways that I couldn’t enumerate all the issues if I had all the time in the world. Out to the 10th power.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so OUT. I don’t really like the dress on the model either. It’s just an unattractive, unflattering dress.

    Those bangs look like my mother cut them back in 1975.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    In…but barely.  And let’s be honest TLo. Only Blake Lively knows how to truly fuck up anything Chanel.

  • Anonymous

    She’s too short for it, or it’s making her look like she’s too short. I think it looks bad on the model, too. Gorilla legs!

  • Tadiana Walton Jones

    My 5-year-old looked like that when she chopped off her bangs.  I can’t think of anyone who looks good with such short, straight bangs.  And then she ruined those wonderful sleeves!  and left off the equally great belt. So OUT.

  • tw125

    Only one of her sleeves is flipped up, which makes me think that it was an accident rather than a style choice. Either way, the dress is so ugly (No, I don’t care that it’s Chanel.)that I don’t think it makes a difference how it’s styled.  Maybe her mother could have pulled it off since she’s known for wearing weird stuff.  The hair’s awful.  OUT.

  • Paula Berman

    The dress is hideous regardless.  Her fringe needs something stat– that hairstyle is murder on her.

  • Anonymous

    Out. swing and a miss.

  • Rachel Council

    OUT, but to be fair I hate the dress in either iteration. 

  • Anonymous

    Awful.  Just awful. Her hair looks like she got into a fight with a weed-whacker. OUT

  • Anonymous

    She would be OUT just for the horrible hair.  Who the hell decided that super short bangs were in?  Because they look ridiculous on everyone.  But a lot of gals seem to be sporting them these days.  

  • Emily

    Out.  She looks way too tiny for that dress.

  • Anonymous

    OUt – ew

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to  imagine the model wearing shoes instead of combat boots but it doesn’t help. It’s not Zoe’s fault. The dress is fucked up to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like the dress either.  Is that really Chanel????  But without the belt/sashy thing, it’s even worse.

      And the hair.  Jesus.


  • Anonymous

    OUT. Ugh, I think I need some Advil, now…

  • Anonymous

    Out. The changes made to the dress took an odd dress and made it less lovely. Honestly, I don’t think that dress deserves the respect I would normally give to the name of Chanel.

    And what is up with girlfriend’s hair?  I can’t even critique it because I can’t tell what is (or what’s supposed to be) going on there.

    She has great features and needs hair/makeup that will work with them and make give her the glamorous kickass look I think she’s born to pull off.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Even on the runway.  OUT.  WTF Chanel?

  • Grace Ritt

    OUT. Also, I just can’t deal with the hair. Bangs that short can look cute on mega-Brooklyn-hipsters but NO.

  • Anna Tree

    That dress cries out for a belt. Can’t you hear its sad sad song? OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She hasn’t just flipped up the sleeves; she flipped up ONE and not the other.

  • Nicole Merrill

    OUT. Gross.

  • Anonymous

    Knockoff territory. Out. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes, that is a major OUT>  Did she cut those bangs herself useing the rearview mirror in the car on the way over?  While high?

  • Anonymous

    Horrible, horrible hair. Silly girl.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Truly an OUT. Detailing was way too important to neglect with a dress like this. And it really does look like a knockoff.

  • Anonymous

    Her bangs are giving me agita.

  • skadi1

    I admit, I’m biased because I don’t like Zoe Kravitz (one of those people who seems to be famous based solely on relations), but this dress is horrible, Chanel or no.  It makes the model look like Pan and makes Zoe look like a Muppet from the waist down.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She makes it look very cheap.

  • Andrea Arthur

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but honey….you need a weave.  That hair is whack! I usually hate weaves and prefer that stars rock what their mamas gave them, but she definitely needs some “umph!” to that hair.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    OUT. I just can’t with those bangs. I gave myself that same cut by accident in 9th grade. Terrible. 

  • Rachel Weiser

    Girl, that is not your hairdo!

    I think you guys need to start a new column, similar to “girl, that is not your dress” because hair travesties appear on the runway so often it’s a little ridiculous. Are the hairdressers secretly villains plotting to destroy the careers of the young starlets they style one bad bob at a time? The world may never know!

  • Rachel Weiser

    Girl, that is not your hairdo!

    I think you guys need to start a new column, similar to “girl, that is not your dress” because hair travesties appear on the runway so often it’s a little ridiculous. Are the hairdressers secretly villains plotting to destroy the careers of the young starlets they style one bad bob at a time? The world may never know!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  It looks kind of badass in the runway version, but boring, and even a little cheap?–as she’s wearing it.

    It looks like the sleeves on hers are modified–not as tulip-y as the runway ones.  Plus I’m pretty sure the one we keep seeing in the pics is FLIPPED UP….I think we’re looking at the underside.  That just looks sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    The model looks like a Final Fantasy character (female Sephiroth?).

    …I am such a geek.

  • Anonymous

    Way OUT.  The bottom is Muppet and the top looks like it has false eyelashes on the sleeves.  And it makes her look like her top half is very, very short.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The hair is just awful, but those arpit holes are what truly boggle me. Who wants to showcase their armpits to the world?

  • Jenny Moss


  • Anonymous

    Good god that’s ugly. Her hair, too.


  • Anonymous

    Out, as you said, looks like a knock-off made for the prom-dress market.  I thought that the belt (or whatever it is) in the runway version offered a good transition between the fabrics used for the bodice and skirt.  And it’s too long on her so we can’t see the shoes, which is a detail failure, I think.

  • Anonymous

    The length is also wrong. On the model, it hits mid-calf, which is a zillion times better that having all that feathery shit hitting the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Did she want the sleeves to be one up and one down or was that by mistake?  In that case, wasn’t anyone watching who could point that out?

  • Mags

    Yikes. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Very OUT. She’s almost got a Paz de la Huerta vibe going on here, which doesn’t go with Chanel IMO, even meh Chanel like this effort. And you’re right, the sash is pretty essential to making the outfit work on anybody.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    I like it better  how Zoe’s wearing it, with the full length instead of the ankle length on the model. In.

  • Alex McGeagh

    This is clearly her way of celebrating Movember. Duh. 

  • Anonymous

    what’s worst:  she only flipped up ONE sleeve, as if to “punk out” chanel.  avant garde attempt fail…  and she doesn’t have to look like a grinning simpleton, but something a little less intense then “i will eat your babies, bitch” is certainly called for in this instance.  so OUT that there’s no point in even discussing it ~ it’s a sartorial fact.

  • leilah

    Zoe seems to think that wacky or crazy is her signature look — kind of like her mom at the same age, but even moreso.  In this case, it’s crazy (or dysfunctional), as evidenced by creating eyelashes at the end of her sleevelets, but mostly defined by that hair cut.  Who else has worn it:  Juliette Lewis, Jerry Lewis’ Nutty Professor; Pink; Shemp Howard; AJolie in Girl, Interrupted…. 

  • Anonymous

    Have mercy! there’s nothing nice to say about this entire look.

  • Carrieanno

    Out.  Whatever would Cinna say? (The Hunger Games faithful understand the reference.)

  • Jennifer Small

    She took something that could have been dramatic and made it look like a little girl playing dress up.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    I think the shirt is on inside out, not rolled up.  On the runway, the black is peeking out from underneath, and you can see the runway sleeve shape in the one picture where her arm is down.
    OUT, obvs.

  • Anonymous

    oh, i like her hair. i cant tell if it’s pulled back or if it really is what was once called a spider cut, but it does look interesting. & her makeup looks okay in some shots & not so great in others, maybe it’s the light. it’s almost always good to give someone the benefit of the doubt when there is one available to give [except for, say, in cases like the casey anthony verdict. but this is not a place for that. anyway].

    dress needs a belt. not only for emphasis but cos the break is too abrupt w/o one. accessories at least as interesting as the hair wouldve been nice too. thats not to say she looks awful, she doesnt. halfbaked, more like it.

    edited to add:
    for some reason one of her sleeves seems to have flipped up. i think thats the only issue w/ them.

  • Mary McClelland

    OUT. I have a feeling I would really really love this dress ON SOMEONE ELSE, but on poor Zoe it looks like a Project Runway / ANTM challenge combo gone horribly awry. Like make a dress for this ANTM contestant and then style the look and a do a photo shoot! GO! I keep waiting for TyraKORS to descend from the TV heaves to disparage this into complete annihilation. 

    So basically what I’m trying to say here is this: I think the dress is amaze. Love it on the model (sans ridiculous lace leg warmers and patent Doc Martens), but on on Zoe it just doesn’t work. OUT.

  • Alisa Rivera

    Am I the only person who is unimpressed with Chanel? Not vintage/classic Chanel, but the fug that Lagerfeld is churning out. Plus they hired Blake Lively, please. 

  • Anonymous

    Judging by this look Chanel makes boring clothes- expensive yes but boring. She is “pulling a Jolie” and makes a boring outfit even worse. Between Blake lively and Zoe, Chanel is having terrible examples of their clothes on the red carpet

  • Anonymous

    Drew Barrymore could totally rock that dress with the runway styling!!

    Esp. now that Zoe has shown her the error of straying from said styling.

  • Barbora


  • Celia

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL. She is pretty. She is rock-royalty offspring. She is cute and young and just edgy enough (speaking of which, what the hell happened to Shannyn Sossamon?) WHY MUST SHE INSIST ON LOOKING SO AWFUL.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus. The hair is enough for an OUT from me. Add to that the flipped up sleeves (WHY?) and she’s tipped the scales. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out on her. Loving the original look.

  • Vera

    She’s very pretty, but her haircut almost gives me physical pain. I actually like the frock, but she looks like she’s playing dress up. OUT.

  • Ana Cedillo

    out, out out, why would anyone lend her this?

  • Badriya Al-Badi’a

    Out, if only for the visible bra band at the bottom of the arm hole.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT. She ruined a fabulous look.

  • Kelsey Albrecht

    She is not cute or pretty; I don’t get why we’re supposed to pretend that she is.

  • Anonymous

    everything it out, the hair, the makeup, the posing and the muppet uniform

  • Anonymous

    I think this one (her) is chock full of the crazy.

  • jeeplibby02

    The skirt on the model looks like shredded/tattered chiffon.  On Zoe, it looks like wet dog hair.  YUCK!  Also, she is not nearly as pretty as she should be, considering the gene pools that spawned her.