In or Out: Rashida Jones in Giambattista Valli

Posted on November 14, 2011

This is one of those looks that we think looks great on first glance, but then all this wrongness starts becoming apparent the longer we view it.


Rashida Jones in Giambattista ValliRashida Jones attends the premiere of “The Muppets” in Los Angeles in Giambattista Valli paired with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Rashida Jones in Giambattista ValliGiambattista Valli Combo Tweed Dress

Rashida Jones in Giambattista Valli

Rashida Jones in Giambattista Valli

First thing: she has no shape whatsoever in this thing. We think it’s the competing prints on top and bottom being separated by that wide black sash. It totally takes away her waist. It doesn’t help that the top is sleeveless and slightly blouson, turning her torso into a perfect square. We think her makeup is fine, but looks a little harsh and heavy paired with such casual hair. “Casual” is our nice way of saying “sloppy.” And finally, just when our eyes adjusted to the silly putty pumps and we no longer instantly assume that female celebrities have freakish Barbie feet with no toes and a permanent high arch, along come these shoes to shatter all our hard work.

We thought we liked this look but we think we’ve talked ourselves into not liking it.

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IN! What are you bitching about, bitches?

OUT! Too much wrongness for one look.

Voting on Amy Adams’ cartoon dress is still open, darlings.

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  • R. L.

    Out!  Heavy and harsh-looking with ugly shoes.

    • Kristen Williamson

      At first I thought she was floating with those hiddy shoes. Out.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe how ugly those shoes look. Just nasty.

  • Anonymous

    I think it could be better if the prints and fabrics were reversed.  But still, more for work than RC. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d say IN.  I like the competing prints, it’s interesting without being harsh.  And it’s The Muppets movie, not your standard glam/vamp-it-up affair.  I like the semi-casual vibe!

  • Anonymous

    Damnit, when I first looked, I was going to declare her in despite the yoga hair, but then you had to go and point out all those pesky details, and now I can’t stop staring at those horrifying shoes.  OUT.

    • ali meowmeow

      I’m in the same boat. I was a little “eh, I can live with it” until I got to those shoes. They are truly awful. I just can’t imagine how those things were conceived, created, and slapped on the feet of an actress for a movie premier. I have to imagine there was at least one lost bet along the way.

      Even though it could have been worse (say, if she’d worn those shoes with a gown with a mullet hem) I’m still giving her an OUT for those shoes alone.

  • MilaXX

    Tough one. I see and agree with all the faults you are pointing out but part of me wants to grade on a very generous curve because despite all those faults this is still the best she has ever looked. She desperately needs a “if we were her gays” post.  Regetably I still have to give it an OUT. 

    • Anonymous

      Off topic here:  Does your screen name rhyme with “Lilacs,” or is it more of a 5th Element kind of thing?  I always wonder…  :-)

      • MilaXX

        lol nothing that creative. Mila is my cats name and I threw in a couple of XX’s to meet the character requirement.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Agreed. She’s gotten it wrong way more than she’s gotten in right, so what would be an Out for others is an In for her.

  • Anonymous

    I generally like mismatched prints and textures, but you’re right, this dress is somehow less than the sum of its parts. I keep wanting to like it, but in the end I think it is an Out.

    Might just be a case of it not being the right dress for her.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Poor girl. Such a pretty thing, but no taste. 

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s so adorable, even though she apparently can’t dress, I have to say, “In, bless her heart.”

    • Anplica Fiore

      She is very cute, even if the details bring the look down.  I agree with you “In, bless her heart.”

  • Fifi LaRoux

    Meh. That’s pretty much my response, which I guess makes this an out.

  • Sara__B

    She’s a pretty lady, but that’s not her dress, and no one should wear those shoes (at least no one whose skin matches the uppers). OUT.

  • Ally Monge

    I like it from the waistband down. I actually like the shoes, but that top is nor flattering in the least, and her make-up looks a little garish. OUT

  • Tina

    In! I think her shape looks great — it may not be an over-exaggerated nipped-in waist, but I like the subtlety. love the competing prints, love the thick black waistband, Shoes are weird and hair is eh, but her torso looks great.

    Stitching in Circles

  • Megan

    It’s not perfect but I have to give it an IN. For some reason, she rarely gets it right on the red carpet and this is close enough for me. (Plus I just flat out adore her.)

  • Vera

    I agree with with you say, but she does look better than usual and it is The Muppets Movie. None of it’s so bad that I will give her an out although I have the shoes.

    I’m with MilaXX, Jones needs a ” If We Were Her Gays” post.  She’s so pretty, but she ends up going out frumpy.  She should be WERQing it like ERW.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is fine, but outness comes in the messy hair, lack of accessories and those shoes. Those shoes just look wrong, they might be okay if they were all black, even if they are platform pumps.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Most of TLo’s criticisms are valid, but they’re the nitpickiest of nitpicks. She looks really good here, and she rarely does on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    It looks too big on top. Also ugly shoes!! OUT but not that bad

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    I’m givin’ her an ‘IN’ for most improved. The dress is cute – I don’t always need the dress to give someone ‘shape.’ As long as it fits, I am all for the interesting cuts. However, it’s the shoes and the hair I have to get past and I have deemed them to be sufficient if not particularly to my liking.

  • Anonymous


  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I love the shoes. If you’re going to go the stupid silly putty pump route, best to do something funky like these.

    Otherwise out. The dress would look better if it were fitted, but even then it would just be OK.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, sometimes I question my taste because when I scrolled down, my reaction was “I want those shoes!” I think they are wonderful. But I’ve never been as opposed to the silly putty shoes as most seem to be. 

  • Anonymous

    In. She just looks so happy and comfortable in her own skin. The dress is on the blah side, but then it has the differing tweeds to add interest. Yes, maybe another accessory would be better, but what would you do? A bobble necklace? Hell, no! Probably a large gold cuff.
    And I love the shoes. Interesting. Playing with us.

  • Jenna Thomas-McKie

    Out.  The competing prints are giving me a headache.

  • Anonymous

    oh, it’s fine. it’s not fantastic but it will certainly do. in this one case i also think the shoes look okay. it’s cos of the black soles & heels. the top elongates the leg [which is what i’m sure she’s trying to do], the bottom adds a little trompe l’oeil for interest.

    edited to add:
    if the top even makes the model look like she needs to wear a bra it probably should have been avoided.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I like the shoes. They’re fun.

  • Anonymous

    It pains me to give Rashida an OUT because I adore her, but it has to be done. And I don’t even mind the mismatched prints. The outfit had potential, but 1) the shoes are fug, 2) she has a short torso to begin with and the top is only making it worse.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Out.  She looks ill-proportioned and the I just got back from grocery shopping after dropping of the kids at Cub Scouts hair is not working for me AT ALL.  Okay, so its a Muppet movie premiere, at least comb your hair and make it look neat.  Miss Piggy would be APPALLED at you.

  • Anonymous


  • Laura Schultz

    I am completely undecided. The rest of you are going to have to figure it out.  I kinda dig the shoes, though. 

  • Anonymous

    Man, those are some fugly shoes. Out.

  • Kelsey Albrecht


  • Anonymous

    Good grief those shoes are freaking me out, at first glance i thought she was an alien with no toes. UGH. The dress is making her look really top heavy and oddly proportioned. OUT! And someone please gather up and bury all those shoes in a deep dark hole.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I see what you guys are saying. At first glance I was like, looking pretty good, but it went downhill quickly. I almost want to give her an “in” because this is an improvement for Rashida but, alas, no. 


  • Anonymous

    I might be grading on a curve, but I give her an IN.  She looks cute, comfortable and happy.  I like the competing prints, though a single print might be more flattering for her.  I also like the shoes.

  • Linde Hoff

    Her waist is too short for this….not sure about the shoes yet.  Overall, I’d say “out”.  It amazes me that out of all the wonderful clothes out there, these celebrities get it wrong so often.  So sad.

  • Rand Ortega

    Considering her amazing lineage (Quincy was the quintessential handsome jazz hipster back when. Peggy Lipton was my idol when I was 7. Those Mod Squad reruns shaped a great deal of my fashion adolescence), I’m always surprised how plain Rashida looks. Maybe it’s the bangs. This outfit doesn’t alter that assessment.

    • Alloy Jane

      No kidding, those are her parents?  I’ll always think of her as Karen from the Office.  And you’re right, with that lineage, it’s incredibly surprising that she doesn’t know how to pull it out on the red carpet.  Maybe she’s being reactionary to having very fashionable parents?  Who knows, but she needs someone to help dress her.

  • CQAussie


  • Rashida Jones

    IN! Though that might have more to do with her having the same name as me.  

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Her hair and makeup are ADORABLE. SHE is adorable. The dress looks sad and uncomfortable, and… itchy. Itchy and boxy. That is one sad dress.


    The dress is great. It just doesn’t work to well in regards to her frame. I also hate the shoes. They’re so nude, her feet literally look like they’re about to disappear. So, out for me. 

  • Richi Robilotto

    I was going to give this an in, but those shoes are freaking me out. 


  • Paige Boerman

    In – except the shoes. Overall, I don’t mind it.

  • kim i

    bless her heart, as much as i love her, i have to say she has no luck with the dressings.  therefore, here?  i give her a big ol’ IN, because, dambit, SHE’S TRYING SO HARD.

  • O Superman


  • Emily

    Sorry girl, but Out.  It just doesn’t look right on her and hate the shoes — what’s wrong with black shoes these days????

  • Super Red

    I think if it was fitted better I might have forgiven the shoes. The makeup doesn’t necessarily look bad, but it looks like she was in the car on the way there and went, “Crap! I forgot to put on makeup!” and then rummaged for whatever eye shadow/lipstick she had in her purse.

    And those shoes. It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. I’m pretty sure I don’t like them. So…. A waffling Out.

  • Anonymous

    Pains me to say it cuz I went to school with her and she was a nice, funny chick, but OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable, but the dress looks like it’s made out of Herculon.  OUT.  (And don’t get me started on the Carol Burnett shoes…)

  • Anonymous

    Remember who this is we’re talking about here.  Compared to every other outfit she has ever worn this is a great big IN.

  • Lisa

    It’s all wrong for all the reasons you listed.  It’s just ill fitting, the two prints don’t work together, etc.  You said it all.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Yeah, everything you guys said. Out.

  • Jenna Ledford-Millerd

    Hate, hate the shoes. Nude with black platform heel? Um, no. OUT.

  • Democracy Diva

    I had the opposite reaction – hated it immediately, and have grown to like it. I think it’s an IN, if only because we grade on a curve, and Rashida tends to look less than awesome on the red carpet.

  • Joyce VG

    It doesn’t make my eye twitch! IN.

  • Joyce VG

    It doesn’t make my eye twitch! IN.

  • Mags

    Those shoes are trippy as hell. It’s shapeless, and the patterns are too weird. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Not working. OUT.

  • Elena

    In. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s an in.

  • BerlinerNYC

    I don’t think she’s a train wreck, but I’m amazed by someone who is such a knockout, so talented, and so likeable, can consistently show up in mediocre-at-best red carpet looks. She and Amy Poehler need to attend a red carpet boot camp. Girls, we love you!

  • Anonymous

    IN!  She looks cute, fun and sweet and that is perfect for the opening to the Muppets movie.  (hate the shoes though)

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes frighten me.  OUT. 

  • Megan Patterson

    She has a shape. It’s just it’s a linebacker’s shape.

  • Judy S

    The shoes are creepy but she looks so sweet. I will give her a lowercase in.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume


  • Anonymous

    In.  Plus it’s a big improvement for her.

  • Anonymous


  • Catherine Rhodes

    Big Out, for all the reasons you mention — ditto.

  • bookish

    I’m giving her an IN just because she looks so much better than usual, and I love her.

  • Hannah Penfield

    OUT. Puts 20 pounds on her. She consistently shows a lack of gays in her life. She needs TLo advice, stat. Help her.

  • Anonymous

    Middle. What makes Rashida really stand out is that you can tell there are more than the usual number of lights on upstairs. She radiates intelligence and force.  So I want to forgive the matronly, top-heavy look of this dress. She can almost pull it off because she just glows. BUt in the end, the dress is heavy and yes, shapeless, and the shoes are…FUGLY. 

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I don’t know if she’s just a lot more short-waisted than the model or is wearing the top with more of a blouson effect, but in any case it makes her proportions just look odd.  And the shoes are so horrific I’d give her an out just for them alone!  The outfit definitely needed more accessories than earrings and a single ring, and her hair is, as you pointed out, a mess.  All in all, it just doesn’t work.    And yet I like the dress on the model, so it’s not the dress itself, it’s how she’s styled it.

  • Claudia Berry

    She has such a lovely figure and this dress completely covers that up.  Shoes are hideous.

  • AWStevens

    I agree with TLo.  FINALLY there is a skinny bitch who looks bad in something.  They just can’t wear EVERYTHING.  The thick belt and two very different prints cut her in half and make her look stumpy.  I don’t know how tall she is but she looks about 4’11” in these photos.  OUT

  • Anonymous


    hate the shoes..the rest looks nice. 

  • Mary McClelland

    Out it just doesn’t work on her and makes her look wide and  matronly. Plus it’s boring and the shoes are dumb. 

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks cute at first glance, it’s for a Muppets movie, and I like RJ and am tired of cutting down her unfortunate wardrobe choices. Sue me.

  • Anonymous

    All I saw in the first photo was her smile.  I’m starting to think perhaps I don’t have the right bitchy perspective for In/Out posts.  


  • Anonymous

    Oh, geez . . . I think the dress doesn’t even register enough to merit an out, much less an in. It looks like a Project Runway dress.

  • Anonymous

    In. I think she looks really great here, despite the weird shoes and the somewhat unflattering shape of the dress on her.

  • Samantha

    You make some valid points, but I think it’s pretty and I have a personal bias for anyone on Parks & Rec. In from me.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that the contrasting color on those shoes is “Rashida Jones’ Flesh” because if it was ivory or something those would be shit-hot.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  It makes her look blocky and thick.  I like the prints, but I think the dress needs to be longer-waisted.  Or longer-torso’d.  Or something.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The dress makes her look very top-heavy (I really like the fabric of the lower part of the dress) and those shoes are a crime against humanity.

  • Meg P. W.

    I want to like it, but the ugly shoes and the dress’ shape make it an OUT in my book. I like the patterns and her hair, though.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Choo should be suspended from all shoemaking activities for a year for those monstrosities.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    IN! So much IN!

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    Out. The shoes! Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    Like a spaz coming to the plate in a game of kickball: EASY OUT!

  • Anonymous

    out. those shoes are freaking me out and are messing with my vision. Hate the dual prints on that dress, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say IN. Everything is good except the blouse…it’s too big and poofy. It’s not even flattering on the model. I think the make-up and hair really suit her.

  • Anonymous

    She needs some (new?) gays!  She’s young, rich and talented, and her mother is Peggy Lipton, who still looks amazing!  There’s no reason she should most often show up to events looking unkempt and wearing ill-fitting, ill-chosen outfits.

  • Jennifer Ford

    I can’t properly express my hatred for her shoes in words, so I shall do so using the medium of interpretive dance. 

    *sways* *leaps* *flutters fingers* *etc*

  • Alloy Jane

    This was my reaction: Oh that’s actually cu– [notices dress top]  Oh.  [considers dress skirt]  Huh, ok.  [scrolls to shoes]… wtf?  [after a few seconds consideration]  Eh, still better than normal.  She gets a baby “in” for this.  [reads TLo’s take]  Damnit, stop trying to change my mind.  [scrolls to look at hair & make-up]  Bleh, but still.  [goes back to shoes]  Geeze, those are really awful.  [scrolls to review ill-fitting top, then to model]  Mmmmmm, not sure how that went wrong…

    Seriously, other than the full make-up paired with college freshman hair, it’s still not THAT bad.  We’re not acknowledging those shoes though.  Those shoes fill me with expletives and I’m trying to give her encouragement.  Agree with those that say this is an “in,” relatively speaking.

  • Adele Zhang

    In. I think she looks good.

  • Anonymous

    The actual hell with those shoes?!

  • Noelle Haland

    I’m close to being on the fence, but I have to say just slightly ‘out’. The proportions are just not quite right and make her thicker than she really is, and those shoes are HORRID.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    OUT. She looks like a Magic-Eye picture. 

  • Anonymous

    ooooh you talked me into not liking it too. OUT

  • Anonymous


  • mcglory13

    Out. This look just does not do her beauty justice. And the shoes really are a bizarre and disturbing optical illusion.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the dress hides her shape. I do think that those prints are hard to look at, optically challenging so to speak. The longer you look at them, the less you like them. But still she looks pretty, so IN.  

  • Anonymous

    She’s got the same body type I have (I’ve heard it called an ‘H’ before) where our waists don’t indent very much however skinny we are. It’s something to do with the size ofthe gap between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the pelvic bone.

    And the number one rule if you have that sort of body shape is ‘don’t emphasize the waist. EVER’.  Show off the rack with a scoop neck and big necklace and let the dress skim gently unnoticed over the waist.  Or emphasize slim thighs and hips with a simple top, a  short skirt and the sort of pleating on the hips that Michael Kors loves to criticize. But never, ever stick a 5 in wide belt on the waist (or if you must, have it peaking out from underneath a long line cardigan, so no one can see your waist doesn’t indent much).  It does amaze me how many stylists clearly have NO CLUE how to dress different body shapes.

    • Anonymous

      i have that same body type and never knew what to call it; H seems appropriate since it’s the first letter of my last name!
      top it off with small to nonexistent boobs, and i don’t even have the  option of showing that off.  however, when i was young a short short skirt with high high heels got me plenty of attention.

        i think the problem here, in addition to the H factor, is that the dress is too short for her in the waist, or else she is very short-waisted and doesn’t need to be calling attention to it.  however, i really like the dress, especially the print in the lower half.  and while i agree that the shoes are awful, they could be smashing in a different color:  red/black, gray/black, yellow/ black.  etc.  did anyone else notice that the print in her skirt is a little askew?  that is, the stripes in the print are not quite horizontal.  anyway, i give her a tiny in, because i do love the dress.  but it’s not her dress.  or mine.

  • Sara Munoz

    Blocky, shiny, and with freaky-weird shoes. OUT.
    Her face and hair look very pretty though.

  • Anonymous

    ugly ugly ugly.  No redeeming value to be seen.  OUT

  • Alexander Peterhans

    The shoes make it an OUT, which is sad, because she seems lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Out. For some reason I want to like the dress (it’s not her, I find her irritating on screen). Maybe with a better fit the too part would work. The shoes and hair are fashion offences.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress on the model, but that slightly raised waistline is a really hard style for most women to pull off.  It doesn’t fall at the smallest part of the waist and so makes the wearer look bigger.  The blouson top and crew neck doesn’t help nor does the horizontal print because they all combine to make her look a  little top heavy which she wouldn’t otherwise be.  

  • Anonymous

    Out. that dress is shapeless and ugly but I kinda like the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Those are amongst the weirdest shoes I’ve ever seen. If you saw her from across the room, you would be baffled as to how they stay on her feet. Silly putty is one thing, silly putty that exactly matches one’s skin tone is disturbing.

    Out. Liking the skirt does not cancel out the rest of the strange outiness.

    I have a strange urge to quote Lady Macbeth…

  • Anonymous

    IN! Now I’m leaving before I change my mind.

  • Anonymous

    IN, I like the contrasting patterns and I think she looks pretty.

  • Aly Light


  • Anonymous

    IN. It’s adorable and since the shoes have some black in them, even if they are ugly, I’m giving her a pass (otherwise, I’d be voting out for just the silly putty.) 

    Besides, I wanted to be Peggy Lipton when I was a kid. I’m voting for sentimental reasons.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I like the dress and I like her casual hair and her makeup.

    And…[whispering now, to avoid the inevitable brickbats]…I actually like the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – it looks like nice office wear for a client meeting.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure I can go all the way to Out with this, but you’re right, the dress is not doing her any favors.  When it stumpifies the 6 foot model, you really should think twice.  Can we call it “not an out” rather than an in?

  • hilonwheels

    Yes, could have used some more mindful tailoring, but I love the differing prints, and I think the pumps are interesting. She’s Rashida Jones, she doesn’t need much in the way of makeup and hair to look stunning. So, IN! for me.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT.  Those patterns actually make my eyes hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  No shape on her.  I can’t decide if I like the prints in the dress (top & skirt?), but the shoes are an atrocity.  The hair is bad.

  • Liana Brooks

    OUT – Sloppy is being too kind.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to give the model some curves by fitting at the waist and then blousing and poofing a bit at the hips and bust.  However, on someone with a bust and perhaps who isn’t as tall as the model, it just obscures the waist and makes her blocky as TLo observed.  OUT.  Also if you are going to employ the nude shoes (and perhaps maybe you shouldn’t), the black ankle strap kind of defeats the purpose.

    • Anonymous

      What you say makes sense -Rashida Jones is 5’4″and I think that having a long body helps with this look quite a bit. So it’s an out for me. 

  • Danielle West

    In.  I think she looks adorable.  But can’t say I disagree about the shoes.

  • iCouture


    Though I think this could be alot cuter with a much thinner belt, and better shoes. 

  • Amanda

    I don’t mind the dress, but those shoes are terrible! OUT!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    As a short-waisted gal myself, I can confidently assert that she should have known better. 

  • Aisling O’Connor



  • Anonymous

    I actually like this look alot except for those horrible shoes.  I think most fashion should be judged on a “at a glance” basis.  That is the way most people will see us and the only ones looking longer and harder are gay bitchy bloggers and their minions.  And there is on pleasing those bitches……

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      We cant disagree with this strongly enough. The entire “philosophy,” if you can use such a high-minded word, behind our red carpet coverage is that these people are NOT like “us” and there’s simply nothing comparable in the average person’s life to the whole red carpet process. Unlike “us,” almost all female celebrities on a red carpet are wearing tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds, and on big nights like the Oscars, millions) of dollars of borrowed designer merchandise that was picked out for her by someone paid very well to do such things and worn to a media event where she will be photographed by dozens of photographers in order to promote (in order):

      1) Herself,
      2) The project or event for which there is a red carpet,
      3) The designers she’s wearing,
      4) Her stylist.

      In other words, these outfits are absolutely NOT meant to be judged at a glance. The entire event and process is a means of getting the public to talk about all the things being represented in those pictures. In this case: The Muppets Movie, Rashida Jones, and Giambattista Valli.

  • Anonymous

    Such a shame. Love her. But Out.

  • Gustavo Casals

    The shoes redefine “fugly”. OUT

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s an IN for me, just because it’s so interesting. A shame that wide belt cuts her wrong.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  You can buy that dress at Kohl’s.  Shoes are frightening.

  • Cathy S

    I think she’s in. The shoes are wrong wrong wrong, but I like the rest of it. And I think her hair is fine. She’s at the Muppet Movie, for heaven’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    IN. The dress is interesting and photographs well. I like the make-up and hair, nice balance to the structure of the dress. Also love the shoes. Finally somebody did something interesting to the silly-putty phenomenon. Love the earrings and ring as well.

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I see her, I want to shout… “Annnne Perkins!”

    I love her dearly. Rashida has long been a favorite of mine (both in tv and in fashion). However, this dress does NOTHING for her arms. In fact, she looks quite like a mom out on the town with some girlfriends. And while I like the pattern, I can see what TLo means with how it creates a boxy body where she really doesn’t have one. Sorry, Anne Perkins, but this is an OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are awful. 

  • Anonymous

    A manicure would help as well……

  • Shawn Hill

    IN! Kind of effortless, really.

  • Anonymous

    This is the kind of dress that you have to be a stick-thin model to look good in. If you have an ounce of boobs or hips, this dress will make you look bigger than you are. OUT

    I’m digging the shoes, though.

  • Dixie Murphy Ross

    Meh. Is meh a category? Meh should totally be a category. I can’t get worked up about it either way. *eyes around nervously* I actually thought the two-tone to the shoes was slightly interesting, oh my god please don’t kill me!

  • oohsparkley!

    In.  I like it.

  • Ebba Svantesson


  • Micaela Cannon

    I feel like this is a dress that looks like it would be adorable on the hanger, and then you try it on and realize you just look like a big blob and regretfully hang it back up. Out I suppose, although it doesn’t offend me.

  • Anonymous

    Out. However, this is the best I think she’s looked on a red carpet. At least in awhile.

  • katie

    I wish there was a close up of the shoes, because while I initially found them offputting, now I think they’re interesting. I like the dress even if it is a little boxy, and she normally doesn’t look this good. I’m going with “IN, bless her heart”

  • Merneith

    Out. Bitter bitter pumpkin snitter. Or something. Those shoes are too freaky.

  • Jennifer Barnes

    cute, but out because the shoes make me dizzy. she looks like she is going to fall over.

  • Anonymous

    Out, based on the bulky torso and infelicitous pairing of fabrics, Also ugly shoes.  Her hair’s fine.

  • lilibetp

    It took you more than one glance to say “out?”  I guess my eyes are faster or something.

  • Samantha Irene

    I love the shoes! They make her feet look so weird! They are great – but the outfit is not so great. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Shoes – hideous. Dress – unflattering.

  • Mariah Chase

    What? No, quit bitching! IN

  • Delysia LaFosse

    I think the tweed on the top is just too bulky to be flattering to anyone but a pencil-thin model. The black band is awfully thick and seems to hit her a little bit too high to be flattering, as well. I think the skirt part is pretty and looks like it fits well. The shoes are kind of interesting (that’s not to say that I love them, but at least they aren’t the standard silly putty pumps), but they seem completely wrong with this dress. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so cute!! She’s so cute that she’s KEWT! She has just gone from human levels of cute to Cuteness Overload puppies and kitties kewt! IN!

  • Miss_Fury

    out! sheesh. she’s all chopped up with those prints.

  • Andrea

    I think she looks cute, hate the shoes tho’…!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  She can do better than this. The hair is awful.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The skirt is too shiny, the shape is unflattering and the shoes make her feet look like hooves.

  • nicole seligman

    IN. it’s a little heavy, but i still think she looks great.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Dress by Rubbermaid or something.