In or Out: Olivia Wilde in Christian Cota

Posted on November 17, 2011

Is anyone in the holiday spirit yet? No? Well too bad. Olivia’s here to make you cheerful.

Olivia Wilde in Christian CotaOlivia Wilde unveils the 2011 Swarovski Star for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City in a metallic blouson paneled dress by Christian Cota.

Olivia Wilde in Christian Cota

Olivia Wilde in Christian Cota

That is a super-cute coat; we’ll say that right off the bat. And you know when we start an assessment that way, bitchy things are about to be said.

Considering the singular event she’s attending – Seriously, show of hands: How many of you have been called upon to unveil the Swarovski star at Rockefeller Center? We’re guessing only a few. Couple dozen at most. – a sparkly, shimmery little party dress would seem to be just what the bitchy fashion bloggers ordered. We like the general shape of it and the color-blocking. But here’s the thing: We have absolutely no doubt it doesn’t look so in person, but in pictures, this fabric looks a little on the cheap side. It just doesn’t photograph all that well. In addition, the black tights leading to drab-looking black shoes aren’t punctuating the look as well as it could be. She could have gotten away with colored or patterned tights and a sassier shoe.

What we’re saying is, it’s a halfway cute outfit. Kittens are free to disagree, but can expect a period of shunning to follow.


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IN! She’s donning now her gay apparel, bitches!

OUT! Dollar store wrapping paper.

The commentariat was feeling the love yesterday, as they awarded INs to both Emma Stone and her big beehive and Blake Lively and her muppet peplum.

[Photo Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]

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  • BerlinerNYC

    Where are the matching ice skates? She looks like she dressed planning on taking to the Rockefeller Center rink right after her Swarovski tree gig.

    i.e., OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree, I thought “looks like a figure skating costume” as soon as I saw it.  OUT

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I thought. 110% Roller Rink Girl, and OUT.

    • seriously. i’m waiting for the follow up video where she is thrown in the air and caught by her crotch. they do that in figure skating right? or am i thinking of something else. the dress looks very cheap and what is with the black tights and black shoes? did i miss a memo that it is hot to look like you have two peg legs?

    • Anonymous


  • Ice Skating Dress

  • OUT. Ice Skater wearing some kind of civil war coat. No thanks. 

    • Anonymous

      I would totally get tickets to see a civil war re-enactment on ice.  That’s just genius.

  • Anonymous

    She is so camouflaged with that background, it is hard to figure out where her outfit starts and the backdrop begins. I thought that black flowy thing was some kind of coat train!

    I’m voting Out, mostly due to execution. The coat is very cool, but it doesn’t belong with that dress. It should be over a cool pair of slacks or a nipped-in sheath dress. The dress fabric does look cheap, but I like colors. Really dislike the shoes and tights with the dress. Although, bare legs might have looked to ice capades..

    • Anonymous

      Anathema_Device basically wrote what I was going to write, so I’ll save myself the trouble. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yeah – I thought the Coat had a crazy fabric tail or something.  Sparkly tights might have been cool.  I actually like the coat, I understand from a practical standpoint – temps have dropped.  But she could have taken a peek in Cathy Cambridge’s closet for a better looking coat.

  • Erin Nice

    I appreciate some parts, but I’m not much for the whole. Out, even if just for sad black shoes at a holiday-related event.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    I don’t know, I quite like it. Sure, the tights and shoes could have been more exciting, but the dress and jacket are cute enough to make up for it.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Ugly dress, covered up with a cute, but not related, coat and criminal tights and shoes.  If it’s too cold to wear the cocktail dress, pick an outfit centered around the cute coat.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I don’t like the shape of that dress at all.  Perhaps if it was a little more form-fitting through the waist, and not that blousy cut.  Also, it’s Swarovski, why not more bling?

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Fabric looks cheap. Wrapping Paper cheap. Otherwise I’d be charitable enough to give it an In, but alas…

  • Nothing about the GIGANTIC fabric tumor? Even without it, I have to give it an out, just because it looks so cheap. The idea is perfect, but it just looks cheap. No good.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      I don’t think that is part of the dress.

    • Pretty sure that the fabric “tumor” is a pile of fabric on the ground behind her. Probably what was “veiling” the recently unveiled star.

      • Ok, that explains a lot. But I would like to know who thought that was a good idea. Looks awful.

  • Sara__B

    I’m beginning to sense a trend of heavy dark tights and shoes on the red carpet this winter. It’s a fine look for work, or running errands, but not so much for a sparkly holiday unveiling. (Maybe she didn’t want to compete with the Swarovski star?) Still, she looks polished and pretty, and somewhat festive. Marginally IN.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t tell if I like the dress because I can see so little of it and, as you said, it isn’t photographing well. I like the coat, but I think that as part of the whole look, it’s not doing anything with the dress.

    She’d have been better off with an awesome statement coat worn buttoned/belted over the tights. As is, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    What is that necklace she is wearing?  Wrong length for the neckline and it looks like one of those bad Lord of the Rings replicas that they sell in the SkyMall catalog.

    And if you are doing something where you are likely to be cold, take a cue from the royals and make your buttoned up coat interesting on its own, or suck it up and just go without a jacket for the 10 minutes of ceremony.

  • Yeah it looks like really cheesy tissue lame’ that you can get at any bargain fabric outlet store in the known universe.  Since it is certainly not such cheap fabric, then the only other reason it looks that way is cause it was mishandled in construction.  That skirt is desperately in need of a lining to make the fabric look better and not wrinkle so easily.

    And a touch of color somewhere would have helped you out a lot Olivia.  But props to whoever did your hair and makeup.

  • Ali

    The dress looks like it’s made out of wrapping paper. OUT.

  • I think she looks cute! Although I do agree about the shoes being dull. IN!

  • Not even half way cute. Ew. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Ewww, OUT. Looks like a flag-twirler Halloween costume. Or maybe just a marching band flag turned into a dress. 

  • Anonymous

    I know the star is supposed to be the “star” here, but yeah, she could have oomphed this look a bit more.  She looks like a backup singer at a holiday show. 


  • In.  I think she should have added some color, maybe at the level of the tights or shoes, but it’s still really cute.

  • Anonymous

    The dress has a Judy Jetson  kinda vibe to it.  Or a “B” sci-fi movie from the 50’s?

    Tho’ I think Cathy Cambridge would rock that coat.

  • Lori

    PR party store challenge, third place finish, contestant gets criticized for poor styling.  Would love to see more of the coat though (a Gucci?).

  • The black tights and heavy shoes are depressing. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so out. I’m also not loving the whole coat thing…seriously, suck up the cold for a few minutes and show off your dress!

  • Ugh, no. That dress is killing her waist, and the neckline is not working. And it looks baggy. OUT.

  • MilaXX

    OUT, it looks both cheap and too casual.  For a Swarovski event it seems to me you want to be blinged out and shiny. This looks like the outfit you wear to the annual office party.

  • They asked me to host the event, but I had to wash my hair. (Patricia Neal)

    • Anonymous

      Comment of the day 🙂

  • Definitely not as cute as it could’ve been, but it’s a major improvement from some of her outfits lately. I say IN!

  • margaret meyers

    That dress soes not cut it.  The fabric does look cheap, and it is an insult to home-sewers to say it looks home sewn.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – sad fabric

  • Mariah J

    I kept looking around her to see that fierce star. She looks cute though, IN

    • Ha! Exactly! it looks like giant origami covered in sparklies, very very cool. I also think she looks cute, so IN.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, it’s even appropriate and she looks cute. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out!  Not my taste and I have seen her look much much better.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    If those two “equally challenging Chanel” girls from yesterday get INs, this has better be IN, too, no?

    And independently of that, I like it. So IN.

  • Love Olivia Wilde and the bare idea of shiny for the star unveiling. However, it’s too matchy–with the star. I would have rather seen her in red or some color where she didn’t look like she was sort of blurring the rhinestones on the star. OUT

  • Joyce VG

    i think this outfit is ugly. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    maybe i’m just in the holiday spirit (and in the minority), but i’m gonna go In this time.

  • I was about to say in because it is pretty cute and a very specific event… but I just saw someone say ice skater and now I can’t unsee it. OUT

  • I can see what you mean about the fabric and a kickier shoe would’ve been nice, but I still think it’s cute. IN.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she figured if the star didn’t work, they could just spear her on top of the tree.

    Just kidding, Livvy! You’re beautiful! I love you! MUAH!! 

  • I think of tights as very informal, so they just don’t pair well with the shiny dress. Incongruent.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The coat is beautiful, but that dress looks like a space cadet costume.

  • Cathy S

    That’s an ugly dress. The coat would be okay if it had long sleeves. 3/4 length sleeves on a coat are just wrong. Out.

  • Anonymous

    No to all of it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks chip in a chip way.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Started in the right direction with the silver-sparkle/black combo concept, but it’s a weak execution. All that matte black renders her back, legs and feet practically invisible. SO weak. (The coat is cute but wrong for this.) Gorgeous makeup, though! I wonder, did she think it would be just all close-ups in front of the GIGANTIC CRYSTAL STAR?
    Nice outfit for an office party maybe but for a star introducing a star?? Out!

  • If I vote IN, do you think she’ll give me that coat?

  • Cute, but could’ve used some lighter tights.  In, but barely.

  • I’m with all the kittens who are crying figure skater on this one. I think if the fabric looked more luxurious and the hem hit her right at the center of her knee cap or even an inch below, this could be cute. The coat is nice but seems mismatched. More exciting shoes and tights would’ve helped a lot too. But as is: OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Not the sum of its parts.  

  • Anonymous

    I wish so hard she’d worn those incredibly spiky Louboutins in silver. Like the ones she wore to the Golden Globes. But in silver.

    I’m okay with the way the dress looks, honestly, but somehow it’s not getting to IN for me. I just feel “meh” about it.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Poorly fitted ice-dancing costume.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Cute!  In!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t decide if she should be IN for dressing to match a Swarovski star or if that’s a reason to say she’s OUT. Since the coat is fabulous and hair and makeup look good… I say IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Again, something I could make from a trip to the discount bins at Hancock’s.

    Well, at least it goes with the star.

    And I’ve decided she shouldn’t wear ponytails…with the natural shape of her eye, it looks like her pony is too tight LOL.

  • Not even close. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, in the photo it looks like the fabric from my old Halloween costume circa 1965. All it needs is a matching cape.

  • Anonymous

    A cute coat, the perfect pony, and great makeup always get kudos from me – I’m giving her an IN, even though I agree with T Lo criticisms of the entire look.

  • Anonymous

    Who wears a blazer over a party dress?  Looks silly.


  • Anonymous

    I’ll trust TLo that the fabric just photographs cheap, not deduct for it, and say IN

    She really could have punched up the rest of the look a lot more, but overall she looks very pretty and it is quite a festive little frock.

  • Anonymous

    Love that coat but it just doesn’t go with that dress….like her hair and makeup and her in general so In.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Not liking this look at all. The blazer/coat over the colorblocking just doesn’t look right to me.

  • Anonymous

    In this particular case, doesn’t it matter more that it photographs well than wears well? OUT.

  • Drab drab drab. She could have done much better. OUT.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I will never like the solid black tights and black shoes look. Never. Why did tights come back? Who made that stupid-ass decision?

    OUT, if you couldn’t tell.

  • Out.  Too Xanadu.  Also, not digging the black tight/black shoe combo that seems popular right now.  It’s too office-y to me.

  • Anonymous

    Shoes? She’s wearing shoes?  Are you going to tell me she has legs too??? *squints* 

    (In… but barely)

  • Anonymous

    Double OUT for me.  Once for the tights, and once for the skater dress.

  • Anonymous

    I like her necklace which I assume is Swarovski.  I wish she had worn the coat with a fitted dress in a color to really showcase the coat and necklace.  Not bad, but out due to wasted potential. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even give her props for the coat. OUT

  • CQAussie

    I usually would roll my eyes so hard at this sort of outfit as to practically induce a stroke.  But the gay apparel is calling out to me for some reason and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  It IS very shiny and shimmery but for some reason paired with the coat, it just….works.  IN.

  • Grace Ritt

    IN. Love the dress on her. However, I love holiday dresses. The pairing with the jacket is great.

  • Ice dancing costume. OUT.

  • IN.  Not only is it cute, but it’s something I feel like I could wear too, which isn’t usually the case.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks adorable and festive, but I think I sometimes give her a pass because she looks so much like my little sister. IN.

  • Anonymous

    I am noticing things I don’t love about the ensemble, but it’s still a really cute look. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck.  Don’t like the coat’s gold buttons with the silver/gray dress.  Don’t like the sleek coat with the weird dress.  My mom would call this a baby elephant dress. Olivia’s tiny, but this is dress is not flattering…

  • Anonymous

    Abstaining, here. This one’s too confusing:
    She looks cute, but is she event-appropriate?
    In photo #2, the skirt on the dress has a real shape, which is obscured in every other photo, is that real or an illusion?
    Come to think of it, where does that coat end & the backdrop begin? Hard to tell.

  • Why on earth did she pair a double-breasted blazer with a shiny dress? It looks unbelievably horrid.

    O to the UT OUT!

  • Oh! Shiny!!! Do a triple-axle! OUT

  • Linde Hoff

    So apparently her skating coach let her use his jacket when she got a chill after performing.  Gag all the way around.

  • Noelle Haland

    Boring. The cut of the dress does nothing for her figure, especially with the coat over it. The office-wear hair is boring, too, as are the tights and shoes. OUT.

  • Stephen Bornstein

    The last christmas present under the tree….OUT

  • Anonymous

    That coat with anything else – IN.
    That dress with anything else – IN.
    That coat with that dress – OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s appropriate for the occasion.  You are right about the tights and shoes, but I’m going with an ‘in’ overall.

  • Melanie S.

    In–just on the fact that she got the hairstyle right (instead of pulled tightly back) and the rest of it doesn’t bother me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the dress is shapeless and cheap looking

  • OUT. The coat does not seem to go at all.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she got cold at the last minute and borrowed someone else’s coat. Or she spilled in the taxi or got her dress stuck in the door and had need of an emergency cover-up that didn’t match at all. So, you know, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    either take the coat off, or change the black stockings. pick one!!!
    but this is an IN for me, i love her hair up like that, and her makeup looks fresh. 

  • OMGGG i was there and im pretty sure olivia was waving at me when they took that last picture!! AHHH

  • Judy_J

    Out.  Dollar store wrapping paper, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I’m meh on the outfit, but Swarovski Star? Damn, those folks are everywhere.
    Or is it because I read this blog that I think so? ;p

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely awful. Something out of a Busby Berkeley number. I see her posing on spiral stairs on an enormous cake with her face upturned to the camera alongside 100 other girls in the same dress. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out–she should have glammed it up more!!

  • The jacket is way cute, the dress looks like something an elf would wear in a black and white Christmas movie. OUT.

  • That dress is JUST AWFUL. OUT (pounding of gavel).

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ew. Out. 

  • Anonymous

    its an OUT for me. the coat is good. the rest is not.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Just, out.

  • OK, the comparisons to the ice skating dress are fair enough, but I still think she looks gorgeous.  Love the hair.

  • Anonymous

    Jacket is nice, hair and makeup look great. Beyond that not so much.

    OUT. Dollar store wrapping paper.

  • Can we do an OUT for the fact that it is not the Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever the hell you celebrate season yet?  We’re not pass Thanksgiving and they’re revealing stars?  Grrrr.

    Also, there’s something wrong with the dress beyond my original grumblings.  I can’t figure out what it is.  Either way, OUT OUT OUT.  We’ll see you next week when I’ll be okay with Christmas things happening.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. I like the coat. I do not like the coat with that dress. I’m not sure I like any coat with a shiny lil’ cocktail dress. I’m not sure I like that particular dress at all, although it does seem to fit the event. Matching tights and shoes makes her look like she has leg nubs instead of feet.

    *adds all that up* Nope. I do not like this. :< Out.

  • Anonymous

    i do like the dress. i think you are right in saying the fabric probably looks better in person.

    i like the coat too. i also do not like the coat w/ the dress. theres a clash between the two different structures [swing coat, dress w/ nipped waist & circle skirt].

    &, for heavens sake, she is what? introducing the swarovski star? a great big old huge star made out of a great big old mess of rhinestones? or a great big old huge star made out of one great big old huge rhinestone?

    even better. since she’s wearing the dress version of a swarovski star when, precisely, was a more perfect occasion to pair it w/ those glitter covered prada cartoon shoes? or are they miu miu? i dont remember but i know you know. could only have helped.

  • R. L.

    Out.  Coat sends the wrong message, like she’s ducking out as soon as she finishes whatever ritual she is there for.  I think she is wearing it to hide that dress.  The dress looks cheap, legs and shoes are blending into the darkness and disappear.  A whole lot of wrong.

  • That dress looks like a middle of the pack entry in the Glad Trash Bag challenge. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out, but only because the skirt ruins the dress.  Like everything here but the white stepped pattern on the skirt – it just doesn’t work.  She looks fab otherwise. 

  • Wrapping paper, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m usually not a fan of this kind of dress, but I think that, overall, she looks fresh and pretty and appropriate. IN.

  • Out.

  • Anonymous

    Cute – in.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This dress is too busy, even for Swarovski and the holidays.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! for some reason “donning now her gay apparel, bitches!” killed me!

    I thought it was totally cute at first (such is the power of her face and bangs) but since you astutely pointed to the cheapness of the material…OUT. Love the shape of the skirt with that blazer, though. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, she looks really pretty with her hair like that. And it’s a great coat. But the dress is hiddy. OUT!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cute, appropriate, In.

  • Mary McClelland

    OUt. FIgure skating costume. 

  • amanda crow

    I like it for some reason. IN.

  • Anonymous

    I like the coat and the dress, but not really together.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Out.  This is an “oh, honey, no” kinda dress.  Her makeup looks good, OTOH.

  • oohsparkley!

    She’s sooo purrrdy!  The dress does look cheap.  I love the blue-greenish (teal) color by her face.  Make the dress out of that and make it fitted.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Hiddy! Out out. Out

  • Anonymous

    Did she misunderstand the invite and thought SHE was going to be the star atop the tree?  It is way too literal attempt to dress the part for the event.  Instead of fading into the star behind her, I would have chosen something with more color and pizzazz.  The ONLY reason young actors do these events is to stand out and up their profile so do that, damn it!

  • Out. I don’t like the dress and agree the dark, matte legs and shoes make the outfit look boring. She’s so pretty and cute…wish her clothing would reflect that more often.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress and I like the coat, but not together. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the coat!  Is it mullet-esque, with a long train, or is that something behind her?  Anyway, the dress is too themed-out for the event.  She looks too pointy.

  • Anonymous

    looks like something a marching band twirler would wear. OUT