In or Out: Joe Manganiello in Hong Kong

Posted on November 02, 2011

Let’s judge a boy, kittens.

Joe Manganiello attends a press conference to promote “True Blood” in Hong Kong.

Although it doesn’t seem right to use the term “boy,” since that is clearly a thick slice of MAN right there. Y’know, we never really got the Manganiello love until we saw him in the tents during Fashion Week. He’s HUGE. Not “roided out” huge, just extremely tall and extremely broad-shouldered, with an enviously small waist and long legs. In fact, our first thought (after briefly picturing him naked) was, “It must be tough to get clothes that fit right.” Not that we expect any males to shed any tears over his hardships, but broad-shouldered, barrel chested, tiny-waisted and long-legged is NOT an easy combo to fit. Yes, they look great in their underwear, but guys like Joe have a bitch of a time getting suits that fit correctly.

And usually, Joe does pretty well in that regard. Which, hey, no surprise, since designers will throw a baby to get him to wear their clothes for public appearances. There are people whose jobs it is to make people like Joe Manganiello look good in suits. They must have all been on lunchbreaks when this was put together.

We’re not super-crazy about double-breasted suits. They can be very flattering on a guy of average shape, but put one on someone shaped like Joe and it does nothing for him. He’s a column. Worse, he’s a column with a tiny paunch because the jacket is pulling across his undoubtedly taut and firm midsection. And we will continue to insist that male stars who wear suits without ties be judged very harshly on the stiffness of their shirt and collar. The hair’s a mess, the watch is too sporty for this look, and while we like brown with grey, we don’t like the color of his shoes paired with the suit. There. He’s been assessed. And found wanting, we might add. Do try not to vote with your loins, kittens. Let’s all start by agreeing that yes, he’s hot, and yes, your husband or boyfriend said it was okay to fuck him should the opportunity present itself. But has he really maximized his hotness, knowing he was dressing in free clothes for a public appearance? Ask yourselves THAT.


Vote Now!
IN! He looks classic, tailored and HOT.

OUT! He looks like a mob enforcer on a bender.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was voted OUT (and possibly pregnant) by the minions, who can forgive a potentially pregnant gal a lot, but not bralessness.

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  • Rand Ortega

    The jacket looks a little short on him, but what a gorgeous man. That’s cleaning up at its finest!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    It’s not the clothes exactly, I just wish he’d done something with his hair. He as an overall look of sloppy.

    • Anonymous

      Complete agree. A few weeks back, I was watching DVD’s of an old season of How I Met Your Mother (a show I didn’t really discover in first-run until a couple of seasons ago). During a flashback to Marshall’s law-school days, he had a smoking-hot friend. 

      Imagine my surprise when I saw the credits and discovered that said friend was our boy Joe.

      He’s clearly been working out a lot since then, and I can’t really fault the bodily improvements. But in the HIMYM episodes, his hair was more closely cropped, he had shaved, and he wasn’t so obnoxiously tan. It was basically “Clean-Cut Fratboy Goes to Law School.”

      While I still think he’s amazingly hot in his present state, the overall package did a lot more for me when he didn’t seem to be trying so hard on the “Rugged Country Werewolf” front.

      • Anonymous

        Holy crap, I had no idea he was Marshall’s law school buddy (and brunch date) – I didn’t recognize him at all!!!

        I still think he looks good here.  He managed to wear a double breasted suit without looking like a stock broker from 1988.

        • Nancy Abrams

          I was thinking about how my ex-husband could really rock the double breasted suit. Then I realized that he WAS a stockbroker in 1988!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I agree, the double breasted suit doesn’t really work on him and his hair is kind of a mess, though I don’t mind the watch or shoes. I’d say OUT.

    Oh but TLo, your comment “since designers will throw a baby to get him to wear their clothes for public appearances” nearly made me fall out of my chair at work :-D. Thank you for that ray of sunshine on this dreary workday morning.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  I’d  “&^$%”  him!

    • Anonymous

      That just means you’d like him better without the clothes…

    • Anonymous

      Yes.  He could definitely park his shoes under my bed;)

  • Aaminah Khan

    I want to love it so much! But in the same way that sometimes, a dress is just not someone’s dress, that suit is just not his suit.

    • Anonymous

      That’s it exactly!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. He is Out.

    • Cathy S

      Agreed. Out.

  • Anonymous


  • Laura Schultz

    If you’re going to button, you’re either all in or all out. Don’t go halfsies. Sloppy. Hot but sloppy. OUT

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Besides the lack of tie and sloppy buttoning commitment, I really think the suit buttons just a little too high. If the buttons/holes were maybe 1-1.5 inches lower it would be better. And maybe somewhat more closely cut pants.

      I guess I have talked myself into an out. (does that mean he has to take his clothes off now? Please?)

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he must undress immediately.

  • Leah

    Out on detail.
    I really like the idea of this suit. It’s very Clark Gable-esque, without looking like a ’20s mobster. I like the shoe pairing too. But I don’t think this looks good without a tie–starched collar or not. The hair is awful; too messy. And the pant hem is making my eye twitch, though when he’s sitting it doesn’t actually look overly long. Maybe the pants should have had more starch so they don’t flop around the bottom as much…And yes, watch is too sporty for the suit.

  • Anonymous

    Out. He looks like he’s on his way to Michael Corleone’s wedding. That hair needs attention.

  • Jamie

    OUT – suit is not making maxium use of all his studliness

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Out.  He needs to put himself together.  He looks sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    He needs to shave and brush his hair – otherwise….yummy!

  • Jared Axelrod

    Out. He ALMOST pulls it off, but double-breasted suits have to be properly fitted in order to work.

    Nice shoes, though.

  • Julie Fountain

    That suit does him no favors, it looks very 90’s to me for some reason.  I also do not like it buttoned for pictures with no tie.  I like the shoes, though.  Still, I have to say OUT.  All the way out to my house if he wants, but OUT. 

  • Dennis Coyle

    Out.  I’ve got issues with the double breasted also for the fact that it is a very limiting outfit.  You have to keep the jacket buttoned to maintain the look (though even with that in mind, I still don’t lknow why he didn’t unbutton the jacket when he sat down…)  whereas you can make a look more casual by unbuttoning a regular suit/sports coat.
    And this may be a textbook example of the collar problem.
    Additionally, there’s too much grease in the hair and not enough of a trim on the facial hair.

  • Anonymous

    IN. way in. Matters not what he’s wearing — or not

  • Anonymous

    Out, don’t like this outfit on him.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT. A man that gorgeous should not look average.

  • Kate

    Out. Preferably OUT of these clothes and IN my bed.

    • Anonymous

      This. This is my vote. We can share. 

  • Jessica

    I feel like you can’t really wear a double-breasted suit unbuttoned, and I am firmly adamant that if you’re going to button your suit, you need to be wearing a tie.  So, he needs a tie, or a different suit jacket.

  • Anonymous

    Do those shoes go with this suit? I’m really asking. They must match because TLo didn’t comment on them, but they’re snagging my attention in a negative way.

    I’m generally not a fan of doublebreasted suits because I think they make all but the slimmest men look like bricks. I agree that as a hot guy, he should be looking hotter, so that makes him out. But he’s still pretty hot! 

    • Anonymous

      Duh, I see that TLo DID comment on the shoes/suit. That’s what I get for reading too fast. Carry on! 

  • Kiltdntiltd

    The jacket is too tight throughout the body and arms. The pants are too long.  And for god sake get that crap out of your hair, it makes you look like you didn’t bathe in the last 4 days. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out.  This is not a man who should be wearing double breasted, you don’t wear brown shoes with a grey suit, and that hem is a crime.  Also, that hair is a shame. 

  • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

    He’s totally OUT. Therefore, he must strip out of that suit immediately! 😉

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I cannot accept that facial hair. Or, really, any of the hair.

  • Anonymous

    when this dude has clothes on – HE”S OUT! 
    no matter what he wears – OUT OUT safe –  stay naked – always IN. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you haven’t also gone after his hem, which is way too long. OUT.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    As usual you guys are right on the money. The suit is dreadful. In the second picture poor Joe actually looks Pear Shaped ! OUT.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    *tries really, REALLY hard to focus and NOT think with loins…*



    • Anonymous

      I know. I rarely pant and drool over stars, but this guy is ridiculously good looking. The T Lo parenthetical “In fact, our first thought (after briefly picturing him naked) was…” had me laughing out loud. Most of us were similarly guilty.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wavering, because – while I agree with you about double-breasted suits and particularly double-breasted suits on a man with this very fine shape – I think this looks better than one would expect given those concerns.  Nonetheless, proving my ability to vote and to disregard my loins at the same time, I will give him a marginal “out” and offer private styling for him anytime he wants it…

  • Anonymous

    sloppy.  OUT!

    He’s never done “it” for me…which is surprising because he’s typically my type.  I find him smarmy. 

    The cut and fit of the suit is way off for his body type.  The high cut of the collar cuts him off and being double breasted adds a lot of volume to his mid section…accentuates the barrel-ness.  A deeper V cut on the jacket of a tall man is more flattering.  Sleeves are too long…shirt cuffs should slightly show, and the sleeves or shoulders look to be a bit too tight as the sleeves are oddly binding. The jacket seems a bit too short and the pants are just all kinds of wrong in the fit. To top if all off, his greasy hair and beard are just a mess. 

    Nice shoes though, and I don’t mind no tie in this case.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Sloppy and I need that bottom left button buttoned so badly.

  • Anonymous

    Hold on, let me wipe the drool off so I can type…he is not doing his hot body any justice here.  I don’t care for the double-breasted suit in most cases, either, and he’s too broad (mmmm) for this to work on him.  I also agree that the shoes are too red-brown for this grey suit.  The pinstripes are nice.

    No, Out.  He’s gotta get outta that suit immediately.  Excuse me, Mr. Manganiello, let me escort you to a private room where you can remove that suit.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  He just looks uncomfortable (maybe he should take off a few clothes?).  The suit coat is too tight, and the pants are too long.

  • MilaXX

    This one is difficult.  Clearly he did put some effort in, which in this day of the men can wear jeans and work shoes to everything is fast becoming a rarity. He just made a few missteps. I don’t love the hair, but I don;t hate it either. If the suit had been single breasted I think I could forgive the fact that the pants are a skoosh too long and the shoes are the wrong color for this suit. I don’t even mind the watch, but it is too casual. Just a bunch of tiny missteps that means he get a minor OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Good point about him putting the effort in. Maybe he dressed himself that day, and the little missteps show. 

  • sweetlilvoice

    Sadly out, (he’d be in if I voted with my loins). That HBO mike is huge! Did they bring the big one just for him?

    • Anonymous

      Now that you mention the mike, I can’t unsee it. It is shoebox-sized! Surely they could have been a little less obvious — he’s sitting in front of a backdrop with HBO all over it, he doesn’t need the jumbo mike, too. 

  • korilian

    Seriously. If I was a guy and had that much money, I’d have an entire closet filled with custom made suits. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Out. A regular suit jacket would have nipped in his waist a bit more. Love his shoes, though.

  • Kate Trautschold

    I was going to scream, “IN!  ALWAYS IN!”  But I’m dissapointed by the suit.  It makes his chest look small and his middle thick; something I would have thought was imbossible considering how he looks shirtless. Drool!

  • Karen Walsh

    He’s in, suit’s out.  Did not maximize the hotness.

  • Anonymous

    Yeesh… that is a crime against humanity, making something so hot look so… not. He looks like he’s going for out happy hour with his fellow day-traders.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I can get with that color shoe with that color suit, but I do appreciate how well the pants fit: everything in its proper place, you dig?

  • Anonymous

    suit looks good when he sits down!  greasy hair is always out … love the shoes and socks — and he does look really really tall … if i had to stray it would probably be with steven mcintosh though — i love a skinny nerdy looking blonde guy with sharp features and sad eyes

  • Anonymous

    He should remove those clothes immediately, not just because he’s hot, but because the look just isn’t working and it’s a shame for such a hot piece of ass to look anything less than amazing.

  • Valerie Owens

    IN. if he maximized his hotness by dressing to your standards, we would all spontaneously combust. Think about THAT! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Promise you these are not my loins talking but I don’t think it’s all that bad!  He put in the effort, I like the suit, he’s got a difficult to fit frame, there might have been some devil in the details but overall he’s looks great (it would be hard for him not to) and I give him an  IN.  

  • Liana Brooks

    He cleans up nice, but the shirt needs to come off. The jacket at the very least, it’s not a good fit. He looks awkward here. OUT

  • Dina dV

    I won’t defend the hair with a more formal look because it does make him look sloppy, but damn.  That man has such a perfect head of hair.

    But the only tall man I’ve ever seen who doesn’t look silly in a double breasted suit is Letterman, and that might be because Letterman is rather silly looking to begin with.

    Still, an IN because it’s hard to make Manganiello not look good. Not his best but not bad.

  • Anonymous

    Well, out for the suit, but since he makes my girl parts all tingly, I’m going to still have to say IN.

  • Anonymous

    It would have looked better if he’d worn a proper shirt and tie but as it is, yes, he looks like a column.  He would also look better with a more sophisticated hair cut.  But that being said…. my husband said I could fuck him?  (Jumping up and down while clapping)  Yay!!!  Thank you, honey!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Judy S

    Loins voting: IN. Sorry, boys.

  • Sara Munoz


    I love the hair. If you have a full head of thick, wavy, salt-and-pepper hair, by all means, please wear it like this. Just gorgeous. But no it does not go with the suit. Which is fine, since the suit is awful. Go casual next time, Joe.

    But for now, you are painfully OUT.

    ETA- quick look again and the hair is not salt-and-pepper, I’m confusing it with the beard. Which is HOT. Joe, if you’ve got grays on your head, let ’em out. They are sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Do brown shoes go with that suit? I think not.  OUT.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Since I can’t take my loins out of the voting, (IN!) a question:

    What about the length of the hem?  Standing, his cuffs pool around his shoes as if they’re too long, but sitting I feel like too much of his socks are exposed.  It may be that I just don’t like the brown/grey combo, but where should the cuff hit?

  • Brad and Anne White

    Loins say in, but my gut says OUT. Sorry, Joe. Sniff…

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Yeah, the jacket needs to go….and the shirt…and the pants.

    He can keep the shoes on if he must.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    I agree. The jacket needs to go.

    And the shirt.

    And the pants.

    He can keep the shoes on if he must.

  • Lizzie

    This doesn’t do a thing for me (though I’m generally not the best judge of such things).  He looks like he had to hop off the plane, throw on a shirt he just grabbed out of his suitcase underneath a borrowed suit (I think the fit of the jacket is actually making me ill), and hit the event.  Out, out, out.  But in the interest of saying something nice… um, I like the shoes?

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The cut on the jacket is just crap (and can tielessness ever work with a double-breasted suit? I’m not sure) and his hair looks filthy. Strip him to his chones and smear some grime on him and the hair is fine. In a suit, especially this suit, he looks like a homeless guy who hit the Salvation Army clothing drive jackpot. 

  • Anonymous

    TLo said Let’s all start by agreeing that yes, he’s hot, and yes, your husband or
    boyfriend said it was okay to fuck him should the opportunity present

    OMG–I thought my husband and I were the only ones who struck deals like this!

    I don’t get it. I don’t watch True Blood myself, so maybe that’s it, but I don’t like the beard. Some beards, yeah–they’re nice. But I find myself wondering how he’d look without it.

    • Anonymous

      For those of us in favor of an unimpeded view of bone structure, he would look better.

  • Anonymous


    i do love the shoes, but definitely not with the gray. and am i wrong to opine that he should stick to solid, preferably dark suits?

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT.  That jacket just looks confused….

  • vmcdanie

    Trying to judge without loins. Failing. Ok, he looks kind of stiff with the jacket buttoned.

    My he looks nice sitting down.

    IN. I have to go fan myself.

  • Anonymous

    It’s kind of refreshing that he’s not hiding the gray in his beard,

  • Anonymous

    He would look better naked than he does in these clothes. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Not as well put together as I would like to see him, but he can’t be anything but an IN for me, because he is so stinkin’ GORGEOUS!!!

  • Anonymous

    I got a sense of how big he was when he played one of the giant Eriksen boys on How I Met Your Mother. 

    Given that he’s nearly six and a half feet tall, he manages to dress “smaller” and seems to avoid some of the typical “big man” traps, like those boxy suits that Prince William wears and the long, trajillion button suits that pro athletes seem to love. Despite a few nitpicks here and there (like the fit in the middle), I think he looks pretty good here.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. He’s hot, but that suit looks terrible on him.

  • Danielle West

    I was ready to give him an IN based on my loins.  but since you said I couldn’t, he gets a well-deserved out.  That suit isn’t doing him or my loins any favors.

  • rynerman

    Putting my loins aside, I am forced to admit he has not maximized his hotness.  Out, and it’s a shame.

  • fragileindustries

    Don’t my loins get a vote?  I must abstain because I can’t even see that suit you’re talking about.  Yum.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to slap the bitches who were clearly trying to make Joe less HOT.  It almost worked, sadly.


  • Anonymous

    OUT!  He’s wearing clothes at all.   Anything other than nakedness is just a distraction.

  • Anonymous

    Out. How can someone so good-looking look so mediocre? I’m sad! :(

  • ecallaw

    I hate double-breasted suits, period.  Also, I haven’t seen him in anything yet, so I just don’t get the love.

  • Paula Berman

    Those clothes would look good on the floor.  Just saying.  Anyway, forget the suit (I wish I could!) I wish he’d do something with his head suit.  He would look even hotter if he were well-groomed. But I can forgive anything considering the overall package… sorry…

  • Anonymous

    Wrong suit for him, greasy unwashed hair, OUT, no matter how hot he may be.

    And he needs to trim his beard; it’s going a bit too far down the neck and creating the illusion of jowls, which I know he doesn’t have.

  • Anonymous

    I happen to be a fan of double breasted…always a classic…BUT….you need to wear a tie with it….too formal for the no tie meh……and the jacket is too short……I’ve finally figured out what’s wrong with mens pants of late..they are too narrow at the cuff, and you can’t get a proper length..either too short or too long and never look right….I’m beginning to think there is a job market for a good stylist for men..

  • Anonymous

    yes he is hot but jacket looks like its to small.  no loins used…OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out. Take off them clothes, man.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  No, not maximizing hotness.  

  • Anonymous

    Sigh….sadly OUT.  Also, I find his watch distracting.

  • Jessica

    Out. I don’t like double breasted coats in general, but on him it’s even worse — he looks SO wide. And not in a good, broad-chested kind of way.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    the farther you are from a plank, the harder it’s gonna be to get clothes to fit. thats an axiom.
    other than that, he looks almost nice but his pants are too short— no, i guess theyre not too short. theyre too long standing up, too short sitting down. how did he do that?
    &, ps. i think doublebreasteds, sadly, work only on the thinner of both sexes.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  That double breasted coat makes him look “hippy”.  and I’m a True Blood watcher and have seen him in all his glory and he is a perfect specimen of hotness!
    Also the greasy hair…ick.  He needs a good scrubbin…I volunteer!

  • Nellie Wilson

    Even though he looks like a HOT mob enforcer on a bender, it’s still an out. But I’d love to take him home with me and dress him properly.

  • Anonymous

    I *hate* his socks. The rest is fine, if a bit sloppy, but I can’t get past the socks.  

    I make sock monkeys for a living, I notice these things.

  • Santa

    IN :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out.  OUT, I say. 

    The jacket pulls even when he’s standing (If it pulls standing up, UNBUTTON IT WHEN YOU SIT DOWN, you silly) which says to me it doesn’t quite fit. – what’s that you’re saying? that a double breasted jacket looks wrong, hanging there, unbuttoned? Then GET ONE THAT FITS. –

    However much grooming went into achieving the hair, it looks un-groomed which is wrong with this suit.

    And I just think it’s impossible to get away with a double-breasted suit & a tie-less open collar, no matter how starched the collar.

  • AC

    I LOVE Joe, but this is not a good look. I don’t understand why he only had one button buttoned when standing for pictures and I feel you can’t get away with wearing a suit like this unless you wear a tie. Sorry Joe, but OUT.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    The sooner that suit is off him, the better it is for everyone. OUT, but yeah, I wanted to vote with my loins.

  • Cheri Patrick

    hahahaha.  I laugh at your joke that it is possible for this man to ever be out, even if he’s wearing Burt’s avant garde jumpsuit.  In.  Always, always, always In.

  • Nancer

    So beautiful. Sigh….  Oh, what, we’re judging clothing? Oops. Sorry. I still think he’s beautiful.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The proportions of the jacket don’t look right. It seems like that first row of buttons should be an inch or so lower. It makes the jacket look too small. Other than that, I must admit I prefer him in a plaid shirt and jeans…..or just out of wolf form. Truebies know what I mean by that. ; )

  • Anonymous

    He’s an attractive man, yes, but that jacket is not doing him any favors. OUT, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    Open your eyes people, that man could look good in a sack. A sack in my bedroom.

  • Anonymous

    le sigh.  He even STANDS sexy.  But the suit is an out, and I’m not digging the hair.

    Photo 2 – He looks like a greater shadow of Keanu Reeves.  Which… isn’t really an insult.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    In! I think he looks fine, but I’ve dated some slob dressers so maybe I just have low standards and just the effort is enough for me. Given how many slobbish guys we see on the red carpet, this is just fine. Didn’t stick the dismount, but definitely IN. 
    And IN my bed, oh please yes. 

  • Anonymous

    IN…my bed
    IN…my pants
    IN…my house

  • Anonymous

    Out, I don’t like double breasted suits in general, especially not without a tie.  His hair is a mess and the shoes are wrong.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I give it an in, but he’d still look better with just a classic pair of NOTHING on.

    • Geno Boggiatto

      Oh and I should just clarify that I did not just vote with my loins, as I have an affinity for double breasted suits, and I think it’s a good look on him.

  • Anonymous

    He’s such a handsome dude, but he looks weirdly dorky here.  OUT.

  • Merneith

    In order to achieve Maximal Hotness, he’d need to be wearing a tunic and sandals. But since life is (sadly) not a Hercules movie, he’s doing pretty ok, here. You’re right about the double breasted suit, though. Out, but it’s a close one.

  • Anplica Fiore

    In – but button that bottom jacket button man!

  • Anonymous

    No tie with a double breasted pinstripe?  OUT. 

    And my first thought was “shave and a haircut .. 2 bits”  Not a fan of any of the hair.

    I’m not on the Mr. M bandwagon, I”m afraid.  No loss of breath or productivity here over this one (other than to stop and type that, of course.)  Much like Brad Pitt, I understand the appeal, I just don’t feel it.

  • Anonymous

    in in in please

  • Anonymous

    OUT :-(

  • Anonymous


  • Joyce VG

    OUT. Too mobstery for me.

  • Mags

    The tailoring is great and the hems are actually the right length. The double breasted suit kind of makes him look like he has a paunch, but I love the suit otherwise. He cleans up really well. IN

  • Anonymous

    Out, for the reasons you so aptly described.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    I don’t honestly have an opinion. I can’t quit picturing him naked long enough to judge his clothes. Bad kitten!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer him naked

  • Anonymous

    He needs to comb that hair and I’ll be so glad when the True Blood filming ends so he can shave that fur off his face. Sloppy so Out!

  • Sara Jenkins

    Loin vote = In!

  • Anonymous

    Okay okay, no voting with my loins. You guys are no fun. It’s an OUT for sure. This is not the suit for him, the jacket doesn’t fit well and I hate those shoes with that suit. And wash and comb your hair young man! The hair and shoes are killing this for me. Shame to waste the HOTNESS.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  More care should have been taken.  And yes, I came running over here after TLo mentioned how wide apart his legs were.  Okay, there.

  • Rashida Jones

    Out. He is, undoubtedly, good looking but that jacket… It’s a crime against humanity, deforming his beautiful body that way. 

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume


  • Anonymous

    Nothing in that outfit does him justice. Out, but he can enforce my mob any time. Don’t know and don’t care if that made sense – I’m too busy ogling him and having impure thoughts.

  • blue

    The outfit’s fine. If he’d washed and combed his hair, he’d look great. 

  • Kate Bilo

    That suit looks like a women’s Kasper business suit from Burlington Coat Factory. He’s hot, but he’s OUT.

  • MandyM

    Out. That is a nice drink of water in the wrong glass.

  • Anonymous

    O.U.T.. of that dreadful suit. Oh, hell, out of the clothes period. that would be a definite IN.


  • Pauline Wong

    Estrogen: What a fine slice of man-meat. What a delicious serving of pure testosterone. 
    TLo-trained Bitter Kitten-brain: But lo! Behold! His suit is too short. The lapels too narrow (seriously, what’s up with that? A broad man needs wide lapels), and its all so very weirdly fitted. Also, he needs to clean up his hair… he should learn from his True Blood co-star, that Skarsgard fellow, who, by the way, also has clothes issues but great hair…
    Estrogen: But imagine him out of his clothes. Heck, imagine them BOTH out of their clothes. Who needs clothes?
    TLo-trained Bitter Kitten-brain: ……… meow.
    Estrogen: I thought so.
    Sorry TLo, it’s an IN for me.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he’s looked better, so slightly out. And I KNOW he wants to spank me.

  • Anonymous


    I  don’t get the sex appeal.  Even well groomed and put together he looks like he smells, like he’s stinky.

    And it doesn’t help that he didn’t button the fourth button.

  • Anonymous

    out, mostly for the hair. it just looks ewwww.

  • Anonymous

    The jacket was made for his slightly smaller brother — the sleeves aren’t even long enough!
    The pants were made for his slightly taller brother.
    And I don’t even think he’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    If he wasn’t wearing a shirt & a jacket, then he would be so very IN….but this one he looks like a floppy-haired gangster so OUT

  • Anonymous

    The suit is the least of his problems! He needs a haircut, a shave/trim, and a shower STAT!

  • Paige Boerman


  • Anonymous

    OUT.  There is……..something………wrong here, I just can’t put my finger on what it is.  Maybe the placing of the buttons on the jacket?  They seem absurdly high.  I also think the “V” made by the crossed lapels sits too high on his chest.  The suit would look much better with a more relaxed silhouette, one where the bottom point of the “V” landed more toward his belly button, and less up around mid-sternum level.  It’s like Edwardian style gone wrong.

    I’m with you on the watch, it is fugly.

  • Anonymous

    Once you said mob enforcer on a bender I couldn’t unsee it.

    Well not until I remembered how much he wanders around naked on True Blood.

    So after mentally photoshopping out the suit it’s an unqualified IN.

  • amenaneri

    Oh my god, are you guys ever picky!  I agree that double breasted is probably not the best cut for him, but this particular suit fits him–it’s not pulling across his chest or stomach, the pants are maybe a skosh long, but not bad, and the collar looks plenty stiff and organized to me.  Geez.  He looks hot, well-dressed, and wonderful even if he is dressed for free by others. 

  • Melvis Velour

    To quote Nina Garcia FashionDirectorforMarieClaire in that fabulous sneer “…it looks cheap”

    That suit and the styling does nothing for him…period

  • Emily

    out.  not a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Clothes are an out, too shiny, doesn’t show off his bod well enough.  Doesn’t know to unbutton when he sits!  for shame.  However he is a fine specimen of manhood, so he always gets points for that.

  • Jenna Thomas-McKie

    He’s hot, but not as hot as he could be.  Just because he’d look good in a burlap sack doesn’t mean I’d give him a pass for wearing one.  His hair needs to be combed, and that jacket is unflattering.  And for that, I give him an out.

  • Anonymous

    The suit gives him…hips.

    I wonder if they thought slightly-too-small across the chest would make him look bigger, i.e., busting out of his suit. Instead it just made the bottom of the jacket flare out slightly and make him look a little broad across the pelvic region.

    He is a hot slab of man, but this is not the proper silhouette. On a less attractive man I would give it a pass, but on him I have to give an OUT. He could do much better with little difficulty.

  • skadi1

    I lost you after “picturing him naked.”  Mmmmm….naked…..

  • Anonymous

    The sloppy shirt is ruining it for me. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Double-breasted really only works on tall guys with slim builds. And men, please unbutton your jackets when you sit down. Thanks. A reluctant OUT.

  • Summer Born

    Going with OUT on this one. That should just spur him to try harder, right? And harder… where was I?

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It looks like he borrowed it from an older uncle. And man I hate the hair and the beard. He would look SO Much better with a nice cropped cut.

  • e jerry powell

    Joe Mangiello would be in if he was OUT of Hong Kong and IN my bedroom…

    As far as the suit, it needs alterations.  And a tie.