In or Out: Freida Pinto in Antonio Berardi

Posted on November 08, 2011

We find ourselves disagreeing again.



Freida Pinto in Antonio Berardi

Freida Pinto attends the premiere of “Immortals” in Los Angeles in an Antonio Berardi gown.

Freida Pinto in Antonio BerardiAntonio Berardi Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Ros Georgiou

Freida Pinto in Antonio Berardi

Freida Pinto in Antonio Berardi

Freida Pinto in Antonio Berardi

Lorenzo thinks this is stunning, full stop. Loves the neckline, loves the detailing on the bodice, loves the color and loves the sweep of the skirt. Tom is not so convinced. She’s Freida Pinto, so she’d have to be dumped with garbage to actually look bad, but Tom hates the way the dress outlines the stomach and cuts right across the hip like that; doesn’t love the shoulder treatment; notices the way it bunches up in the back; and doesn’t love the color (although he admits she can more than pull it off). You see our dilemma. It’s up to you once again to play the traumatized child in this family drama. Daddy and Daddy are fighting again and asking you to pick sides or Christmas is canceled.

Vote Now!
IN! I love you, Lorenzo!

OUT! I love you, Tom!

Voting on Michelle Williams’ glittery party dress is still open. Expressing opinions prevents osteoporosis, you guys.

[Tina Gill/PR Photos,]

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  • Anonymous

    Not fair to make us choose between you!  But I think she’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving a rose to Tom.  Out.  Her hips look wider than they are.

    • Anne Jiao

      what is wrong with having hips? IN

      • Anonymous

        Personally, in this case, I think it looks off.  There’s nothing wrong with having hips.  I have them.  But I think the proportions in this instance are wrong.

  • Buffy

    I like it on her, but probably would hate it on someone else.  So IN

    • parissweetheart

      Agree. IN.

  • Anonymous

    But I love you both!

    However, I vote with Tom. OUT.

    She’s lovely but the dress is too much like it was designed with sci-fi armor in mind. Or maybe it’s the stomach panel’s resemblance to my mama’s girdles circa 1960-something.

    Really, should “stomach panel” be a term prominent when describing a lovely evening gown?

  • Jessie Melcher Brown

    What’s with the semi circle over her lady parts?  Looks weird.

    • Ramon

      We don’t call them lady parts. It’s no-no place. The semi circle is awful. I am sorry, but it just looks to me like an entrance.

  • Lindsey Sinnwell

    I saw this and loved it and hoped you two would share your opinions. I’m with Lorenzo on this one. IN! I love you, Lorenzo! Sorry, Tom.

  • Sobaika Mirza


    • Anonymous

      I suspect you are not the first person to say that….. Maybe the first woman though…. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hm, I don’t think she’s edgy looking enough to carry this off…although on the model it looks all ethereal-like. The stomach area part is just kind of weird. So I say OUT on Freida, IN on the model.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. Better on the model and this just isn’t the dress for our lovely Freida.

  • Nora Mulllin

    OUT! It doesn’t fit. Yes, the dress is pretty and the color works on her but it’s at least 2 sizes too small.

  • Anonymous

    This dress has a few too many design elements. She is so pretty that I’m going back and forth between just staring at her beautiful face, and being distracted by the shoulder elements and the weird design in the front.

    So I guess I have to give the dress an OUT, but Freida Pinto is in. 

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  The dress is OUT but Freida is in.

  • Miki- Mikal Casalino

    Somehow it just doesn’t look right on her. I look at the model and the proportions are so beautiful, but when it is on her, they don’t work. So, as pretty as the dress might be….OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s cause she’s too short, especially in the torso. That’s why it’s bunching. The dress has a very specific waist and hip, and on her that leaves extra fabric in between.

  • Catherine

    She has such a striking presence, and I love how she always surprises me with her red carpet choices. Not many could pull this off, but she does. IN

  • Anonymous

    In.  I looked at the first picture and thought “Stunning”, therefore I agree with Lorenzo.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry T, I agree with Lo – IN – such a unique silhouette – and she looks beautiful in it!

  • Anonymous

    Out, the bodice looks like girly armor.

    • Molly OBM

      In, for the same reason!

  • Anonymous

    The fit is slightly off up top, but she is so IN (albeit slightly Romulan).

  • Kate Pearce

    OUT-I don’t like seeing her hip bones sticking out and all that bunching up. she is still beautiful from the neck up though. :)

  • Anonymous

    OUT – she’s too short for the dress, she looks stumpy. But I hate it when Daddies fight. Also, Freida Pinto is more gorgeous than the clothes she wears, which is saying something.

    • Anonymous

      So true – her torso is about two inches too short and it completely messes up the fit.  It’s too bad, because I think it’s such an interesting dress, but it’s OUT.

  • Becky Bartley

    OUT – My thoughts exactly on the weird shoulders. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh Lo. No. Go Tom, again. 


  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    OUT!  Love you, Tom.  If they’d take that horrid… thing off her stomach it could have worked.  Sorry, Lo.

  • Anonymous

    While she is, of course gorgeous as always, I can’t like the dress.  It looks like the negligee that Wonder Woman would wear on her wedding night with Steve Trevor…  I agree with moppet, Ms. Pinto is in, but the dress is out.

    • Anonymous

      I agree it’s out, but now that I’m thinking Wonder Woman wedding night negligee, I’m having feelings I don’t understand…

  • Anonymous

    So out.  I can’t find any aspect of that dress that I like.

  • Anonymous

    I love you both, but am not a fan of the shiny stomach panel.  It looks like her organs are suppose to be on display and detracts from the beading and shoulder details.  OUT.

  • nancy

    Out. It looks like she has a weird girdle-thing going on, and are those little shoulders padded? But I love you both, T & Lo!

    • Isabel

      Yes, these are the weirdest shoulder pads that I have ever seen.

      Out, time for Papa T. to read me the bedtime story. Sorry, Papa L.

      • nancy

        And to think I spent all that time snipping shoulder pads out of clothing, once upon a time. 

  • Dave

    I’d have my questions about the waistline on anyone else, but for Freida, it suits her to a T.  Or in this case, a Lo.  IN!

  • Liana Brooks

    OUT – She’s gorgeous but the dress isn’t. She makes it look good, but it isn’t enough to rescue this from being an ugly dress.

  • Darien Nevulti LeDisko


  • Anonymous

    It’s unusual and striking enough to merit an IN. But you’re right, on 99.99% of other women, it would look very strange.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I love you Tom!!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I can see lumpy foundation garments in her butt area, which is never in.  But before I settle on an in or an out, I think I’d like to know which of you is more inclined to buy me that damn pony I’ve been asking for year after year.

    • Anonymous

      So funny!

      Go for the blackmail!

  • Quinn Esden

    As stunning a woman as she is, my initial reactions lined up perfectly with Tom’s. Sadly that means I have to give her an OUT.

  • Sarah Lynnae

    Out. All I can think is “Breastplate.”

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i love you both & xmas is permanently cancelled in my house anyway. sometimes i wish it werent but i am not naive.

    anyway. can we go w/ beautiful, but w/ tragic flaws ?
    women so often like men of this type [the kinds that cause permanent xmas cancellation, say], so why not a dress?

    i dont like the inexplicable half moons meeting in positive & negative space across the bottom either. nor do i particularly like the change of fabric. the metallic furfuzz of the top would irritate me in under seven minutes if i had to wear it. &, of course, the avant gardianism of the top is a bit strained. it would be nice if only the people who felt compelled to work in this way, worked in this way. that it’s become a trope over- whelming & burdened not to mention a required element for almost everyone is almost unfathomable, at least to me.

    other than that it’s a stunner. 

  • Anonymous

    i love you both, meaning, in nor out, but threshold.

  • Merneith

    Team Tom! Ok – I love you too, Lo. But the dress doesn’t look like it fits her exactly, and I think the fit on the model makes all the difference with it. Also the fabric for the stomach panel looks really weird in Frieda’s pictures.

    Out, but a good effort.

  • Anonymous

    Odd but beautiful.  IN

  • Erin Leahy


  • Anonymous


    This is twice in two days –  sorry Tom. 

  • Anonymous

    Lorenzo, are you high again?  That dress just has too many things going on.  Cutouts!  Heavy embellishments!  Color (sort of) blocking!  Cap sleeve oddness!  A train!  And none of them really are well executed, are they? But DAMN, that woman is pretty…..

  • Maria Dimitrova

    I love you, Lorenzo! So in. x

  • Hildy910

    Well, I love you both. But in this particular case, I’m a a LoGirl.

  • LaDonna Carpenter

    I actually like it from the waist up and from the front, but that’s it.  But I think only liking 1/4 of a dress isn’t enough for an in…OUT.

  • MilaXX

    IN!  I think she looks fab! Now please kiss and make up.

  • Sara Parker

    I think the dress is stunning. I’m with Lorenzo all the way, she’s definitely IN.

  • Anonymous

    But I flove both Daddies! Tom has a point with the stomach panel (the shoulder treatment is adorable, though), but overall I’m with Lo. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Daddy Tom is right, but she still looks fabulous for all the reasons Daddy Lorenzo said


  • Imogen Christy

    IN she looks great and it’s not just the standard starlet getup
    liking the hair too!

  • CQAussie

    I gotta stop reading the dissenting comments because now all I can see are the faults that Tom pointed out.  However – my first reaction was the same as Lo’s.  Stunning.  Loved it.  Sorry Dads!  You’ll have to arm wrestle to break the tie!  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Hate. Out.

  • Claudia Berry

    Love the dress from the hips up and from the knees down.  From hip to knee it’s fitting badly.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a strange dress, but she’s making it work.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I love you both, but I have to go with IN.

  • Anonymous

    She’s OUT! It’s just not a good look. the design elements of the dress all look totally incongruous to each other.

  • kim i

    well, since i think she’s (bar none) the most beautiful woman in the entire world right now, imo she looks STUNNING.

  • Laura Schultz


  • Anonymous

    Day #2 – siding with Tom.  It’s the weird stomach panel that I just can’t get past.  OUT.

  • MandyM

    I love you both but I am voting a tentative IN. It’s not my favorite dress but it’s not bad enough to be an out.

  • Anonymous

    Gorge. Kirsten Dunst in the previous photo seems to be the rare celeb with as slender a waist as the models. But most of the time showing the looks on unusually tall and narrow-waisted models creates an expectation for the dress to hang only one way. She looks amazing, Daddy Tom.

  • Anonymous

    P.S. You’re both pretty.

  • nicole seligman

    that dress would do some really unflattering things to anyone else, but it’s freida, so she’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    In, she’s always in! (But I still love you too, Tom!)

  • Anonymous

    Looks like that thing on her belly is armed and ready to expand like an airbag. Don’t love the close up padding of the shoulders. Out.

  • Anonymous

    I see all the flaws you mentioned, but I still dig it. She’s just selling it. Plus, I really like the bodice in every respect except the way it meets the skirt. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I love you, Tom!!  The tummy panel is just too odd-looking to me, although it might be a nice thing to have in your closet for those times when you wake all crampy and bloaty on Red Carpet Day.  (Sorry, projecting.)

    *I love you too Lorenzo*

  • JoannaOC

    Co-star arm candy IN. Dress, OUT,

  • myblackfriendsays


  • Carrie Kocsis

    She looks amazing! IN

  • Shannon Beamer

    I love her, but this is OUT.  The fit is terrible and makes me cranky.  

  • J Dreesen

    Out.  Only because all i see after that last photo is a little vagina hat below the bodice.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning. In. 

  • kerry dee

    Out, so out. The colour looks horrible on her, and that dress looks bad on her, period.

  • Pauline Wong

    IN. It’s a fabulous dress and on a pale, washed out starlet it would be horrific but with her skin its fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t disagree with any of Tom’s picky little complaints but still I give her and IN. The garbage might convince me to give her an OUT.

  • scottyf

    I’m not voting.

    I want to see you two in a Krystal/Alexis grudge match that has you knocking down the Christmas Tree; taking out six strands of lights, and winding up in the Punch Bowl.

    Merry Christmas, bitches.

  • Anonymous

    You know… I’m not crazy about it but I’m wondering if it’s partly because we get only the one full frontal shot, and in she’s posing wrong for the dress in it. Hands on hips like that makes the dress look stiff; if she were relaxing her arms like the model I think it would just look structural. Hard to say.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I think she is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen. She looks fantastic. 

  • Anonymous

    last time i went with Tom, this time, Lorenzo.  I like to keep it even!

  • Nicole Merrill

    OUT. Bleh.

  • Anonymous

    Tom’s my Daddy.  This time.

  • Anonymous

    Stop it, you two, you’re both pretty!

    I like this from far away but then we pull in.  Then I see that the abdominal bit is in upholstery fabric/leather/something and that it is indeed about an inch too tight in the hips, causing that distressing pulling and bunching.

    IN.  But get a freaking fitting, you lovely lovely woman, you!

  • Anonymous

    I love you, Lorenzo!

  • Taylor Coil

    I vote werq. She look hawt.

  • L.

    IN, but love you both.   Love her hair & makeup.

  • Anonymous

    No Daddies, please don’t fight! No fair threatening to cancel Christmas when we don’t know which daddy gives better presents. But… I don’t want to get a lump of coal or osteoporosis (fashion mavens AND medical doctors! How did us unborn fawns get so lucky with you two?!?)  The flawless Miss Pinto gets an Out – no wait Daddy Lo! I’m not saying Daddy T is right – because that dress should not be worn by anyone not carrying an AARP card. It’s just too old for her.

  • Megan Moore

    Aah I can’t decide! Joint custody? 

    But IN only because she’s probably the only women in the world who can pull it off. This IS your dress, girl. 

  • Nicole

    IN! She looks totally stunning and goddess-y. 

  • Deen

    She looks okay… but I’m not a fan of the shine on the abdomen. Out.

  • Anonymous

    In! She looks amazing in this. What a fabulous dress. And I’m so glad a fair haired starlet didn’t wear it and ruin it completely. It is great with Pinto’s coloring.

    But don’t fight, Daddies.

  • Aaminah Khan

    IN. She looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a tight, unforgiving, awkwardly-colored dress. And she’s werqing it like her rent is due. IN.

  • Natalie Schnall

    In, though I’m surprised I like it.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Sorry Lo, with Tom on this one.  Out!

  • Anonymous

    IN! Now take me for some ice cream, Lorenzo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s got problems, but at the same time it’s so interesting. The top half looks gorgeous. I’ll give it an IN, but it’s a close shave.

  • April Granzow

    Was I the only one who thought she looked like C-3PO on the top?  I don’t know; I just can’t get it out of my head.  It’s an OUT.

  • Lauren Maier

    I feel like I should like this, but all I can think of is Judy Jetson at the prom…
    A sad OUT.  

  • Anonymous

    Stomach is not good, out.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to take sides :(

    However I vote IN. She is stunning and Owning.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    IN I Love you Lo.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    SOSOSOSO IN.  But don’t fight Daddies, it isn’t even the HOLIDAZE yet! 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I voted with Tom last time, so I think I’m going to go with Lorenzo this time. In.

  • Abigail Chang

    Love it. In.

  • Elena


  • Stephanie Jass

    Usually I side with Tom on these, but I’m with Lo on this one: IN!

  • Anonymous

    I’m torn, so I refuse to decide.  I love both daddies, and I love the bodice but hate the panel at the waist.  Can we still please have Christmas?

  • Linda Harris

    Tom for the Win

  • Angelica Smith Mertens

    Out…it is an interesting dress, but it really isn’t very flattering for anyone…

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, tough one. It looks better on the model because I think she’s just a little too short for this one, but she looks GORGEOUS so I’m going with IN.

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Too much going on here, and not much of it particularly flattering to the bust area.

  • Anonymous

    I love you both. IN

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She reminds me of a glorious moon goddess.  Looks like Christmas is back on.

  • Anonymous

    And doesn’t she just make the model look angrily pathetic in comparison????

  • Anonymous

    Out! Hugs and Kisses, Daddy Tom!!!

  • Anonymous

    Have to side with Lorenzo on this one – that is NOT a dress that a mere mortal could pull off, but she is not a mere mortal and she looks fantastic.  IN.  

  • Colleen Kay Sanceda Gadon

    I’m with Tom on this one 😀

  • Heather Snedeker Innis

    Lorenzo, all the way! She is STUNNING!

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Team Tom. OUT

  • Sammi M

    I think she looks gorgeous. IN!

  • Erin

    Love you both, but she’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    Lorenzo is the sage of the hour – she’s IN.

  • Ally Monge

    You guys kill me… or Christmas is canceled. Too much…. anyways…. sorry Tom, I’m with Lo on this one. I love it in spite of the weird swath across the stomach. The neckline, sleeves, color, and bodice are so gorgeous that I do not care about the shiny tummy. I actually really really love that neckline. And looking back, I like the tiny train with beads too. IN

  • Anonymous

    It would be a stunning dress on her if it fit her perfectly. It doesn’t. I’m with Tom: I can’t ignore the back-bunching or stomach-pulling, especially on a woman with no bunchy or pully bits.

  • Alexa Chunis

    Love the dress. But I think I’d much prefer to see it on Cate Blanchette

    Love the dress, love Freida, don’t love the two together but I still have to give it an IN!

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    OUT and why the hell is she standing so close to my new boyfriend???!!!  Seriously though, is that some kind of patched together wedding dress?  Did Molly Ringwald help her make it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tom. There’s just too damn much going on in this dress. Very OUT.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    Gotta go with Lo. She looks amazing – she’s werqing that dress better than the model. In fact, if it had been up to me, I’d have thought this was a WERQ. She looks freaking supernatural. Somebody please make her Wonder Woman and rework this dress into Wonder Woman’s fabulous new costume. Or have there be some sort of diplomatic ball in the film to which she can wear this dress, and do all sorts of fabulous espionage. SERIOUSLY WHEN ARE WE GETTING A WONDER WOMAN MOVIE, IT’S BEEN 70 YEARS. 

    Sorry, got distracted. IN. 

  • Greg Polansky

    IN. Fabulous

  • Anonymous

    IN, she looks like a badass galactic queen and I am a total sci-fi nerd.

  • Anonymous

    IN. It’s a gorgeous dress and it looks amazing on her.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a beautiful woman, but from the hips up she looks like a drab superhero with that shiny panel in front. And I hate the way the fabric is pulling at the side of the thighs. But it’s a pretty marginal out, because she still is gorgeous, even in a weird dress! (I love both daddies, though!)

  • Anonymous

    Out, because she can do better than this. The dress doesn’t fit her well, which is just nuts–it should fit her well!

  • Anonymous

    She looks stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. IN–sorry Tom!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sleeping with Chenzo tonight. In.

  • Anonymous

    This was a close call, but the gut plate looks odd from the side.  So, out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Lorenzo on this one, boys (sorry Tom).  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s amazing on her, she is I-N!

  • Anonymous

    I have no logic to explain my choice but…in.
    She is gorgeous. The dress is gorgeous.
    She is gorgeous. The dress has decorative shoulder pads in its design. The dress’s lining makes her rear look like it was attacked.
    She is gorgeous. The dress is perfect for the occasion. If there ever is an occasion for a dress with stomach armor, that occasion is the premiere of an action flick.
    So, despite the negatives, this is an “in”.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    In. I love you both equally. :)

  • Donna Lee

    I’m with Tom although props to her for trying something interesting.  Just doesn’t work in the execution for me.

  • Christy Maxedon Morrison

    Do I even need to say it? It’s nude. Like, silly putty nude. It’s like she is wearing a big ugly shoe.

  • Anonymous

    I love you Tom! 

    (sorry Lorenzo, it’s just for today! )

  • Brenna McClellan

    I love you both so I hate to pick sides, but she looks fantastic here, so IN. 

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous dress, but her neck is too short for a high neckline.  Other than that, she looks great.

    On balance, IN.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a Project Runway dress from Season 9.  Meh.

  • Katie Sypher

    Eh. Think this one’s an out. Can’t figure out why it looks so different on the model. Red lip does the trick? Not sure. Freida should be a dream to dress, yet on her, the top of this gown just looks bizarre.

    To create a Kors-ism, like an intergalactic ice skater in Spanx.

  • Anonymous

    This dress is more editorial than red carpet, but she is working it and pulling it off.  In.

  • Elena


  • Anonymous

    I love you both, but Lorenzo is right, this is gorgeous! IN.

  • Melanie S.

    Out. I like the top but the skirt looks like it’s made out of an Ace bandage.

  • Sara__B

    I’m with Lorenzo. IN. She looks lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Tom’s right.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a big ol’ OUT.  The (p)leather portion across her lower midsection, with that seem going right up the front, looks like a cheap bustier, but because it’s on her hips, not her torso, it isn’t sucking her in and it isn’t pushing her chest up and out, i.e. providing the benefits of a bustier.  Plus, the structured shoulder, the cut outs, the breastplate-like embellishments…it’s all a bit too fussy. 

  • Flippy Doodle

    Out – it seems to be eating her neck. And thee skirt is just not working. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Daddy Lo, but that beige rainbow across her stomach is just wrong. Out.

  • Anonymous

    She looks radiant in an interesting dress. The fit is a little off, but I still say IN

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Oh god, if it were just half a size bigger…and she’s not a big girl. But it’s still a pretty rockin’ dress, so I say IN.

  • Anonymous

    I love you BOTH…but I’m not digging the skeleton-esq design on the front.  She is stunning, but the front is so distracting…OUT

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Lorenzo this time: IN! That’s a statement dress and she states it well.

  • Colleen Robinson

    Fabulous. No question about it. IN.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is committing atrocities against her neck. OUT.

  • AWStevens

    It’s all in the angle.  From the front she and the dress are stunning, I love you Lorenzo!  From the side, she looks pregnant and wearing Padme’s (Princess Leia’s mother) shield of protection. Plus I HATE it from the back.  I love you Tom!  Ultimately, it’s an OUT…

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s an OUT…but barely.  The clincher for me is the non-color.  And the shiny corset top. And the hips and skirt seem to pull funny.  She can definitely do better.

  • Kathrine Marlow

    that’s some dress!! I like it because it’s SO different than the flamenco dancer designed dresses all over the runway.  IN

  • Anonymous

    Out. A neck is necessary for this gown

  • Anonymous

    I love her and both of you, but OUT.  That dress is meant to give the illusion of curves.  Throw it on a woman who has them already and it does neither of them (the woman or the dress) any favors.

  • Robin D. Layton

    I’m with Tom.  Not so good.

  • Rashida Jones

    IN! She looks gorgeous. 

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the thing: Given that it’s the premiere of Immortals, this is a very *literal* sort of dress. If it was a romcom, maybe I’d give it in IN, but for a sword & sandals thingy? She’s wearing an armored bodice? Nah.


  • Andrea

    all I can see are long puckery seams…..boooo

  • Anonymous

    Oh sure, this is an IN.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Not big on the bodice but I love the shoulders, neckline, and sweeping of the skirt. Also, as there is no garbage in sight, she looks gorgeous. IN. But I still love you too Tom! I love you both equally!

  • Anonymous

    She’s perfect!

  • Sara Munoz

    Ooh. Striking but not in a good way. OUT.

  • David Beauchamp


  • Anonymous

    IN, sorry Tom, I love it….

  • Anonymous

    Team Tom.


  • Julia

    Blerg. She’s so pretty, but I’m Team Tom. OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Lo, but I have to with Tom again. I do love the color, the bodice and the skirt. Hate the whatever-that-is at the stomach. The shoulder detail reminds me a little too much of where a character in Grease might stash their cigarettes. The bunching in the back tipped the scales to out.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Lo, but I have to with Tom again. I do love the color, the bodice and the skirt. Hate the whatever-that-is at the stomach. The shoulder detail reminds me a little too much of where a character in Grease might stash their cigarettes. The bunching in the back tipped the scales to out.

  • Anonymous

    Gawd, she is gorgeous. But I think this dress detracts from her natural beauty, so, OUT.
    Ps- I’ve been reading TLo for years and years, and only finally commenting now! Hi everybody!

  • plinkiedoodle

    I never liked Christmas anyway.  I want my Daddy and Daddy back!

  • Anonymous

    there is way too much stuff going on with this dress. Out.

  • Rebecca Bledsoe

    Ugh, no! SHE is beautiful, makeup, hair, etc…but the dress ruins it for me, especially in the third photo down, which to me looks like a monochromatic and bedazzled autopsy photo with a shockingly life-like subject. Plus, in the other photos the dress is pulling in weird places. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    I seem to be on TeamTom a lot lately.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Lorenzo. IN

  • Anonymous

    IN. Although the shoulders throw off a bit of a Princess Leia vibe, overall I judge it to be a marvelous and sophisticated RC gown. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a beautiful dress, but she looks awkward and uncomfortable in some of the photos, which makes me inclined to say OUT.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like something Lt. Uhura would wear to an intergalactic dance……OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm IN. Girl looks fierce.

  • Hilary Sain

    completely and perfectly IN she looks unnnnnnreal

  • Tiger Gray

    She’s lovely and so is the dress, but she and it do not belong together. An OUT from me, but I regret having to do it. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes. She is lovely and so is the dress, but it looks off on her, which means it’s probably a dress that only works on the runway. Too bad–I would totally get married in that dress.

  • Jamie

    OUT – she is lovely but that panel over her hips is dreadful

  • Mari Rose

    IN. It’s always been you, Lorenzo. Always.

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when Daddy and Daddy fight. I’m going to my room to suck my hair.

    Also: OUT for the stomach panel, WTF? IN for everything else.

  • Anonymous

    I think i’d love this if it was a skosh bigger (skosh is, of course, the technical sewing jargon). On the model, there’s less tightness around the abdomen and thighs, and it makes a world of difference. that shiny stomach panel, though – erm. well. I can’t commit – somehow I love both Tom and Lorenzo equally. Also, who is that nice-looking young man with her? He’s much more interesting than her dress.

  • Alloy Jane

    Out. Hip panel and shoulders are too much for me.  Alas, it’s almost a really great dress.

  • Anonymous

    She really looks like Dilshad Vadsaria (actress who plays Rebecca Logan on Greek) in these photos. Regardless, IN.

  • Natalie

    IN! She looks AMAZING. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN.  Although I do see the point about the dress.  I love the shoulders and the bodice, that is especially pretty to me.  That weird panel that highlights the tummy and hips would be impossible for 99% of the population to pull off.  She does though, so brava. 

  • Jessica Charlotte Siewierkiewi

    In, even though there are minor complains on the horizontal hip and the shoulders (the neckline isn’t working somehow). And Lorenzo, may I pretty please get that Louboutin and QE II’s clutch for Christmas?

  • tom markiewicz


  • Jennifer Von B

    IN, IN, IN.

  • Jennifer Von B

    IN, IN, IN.

  • Rei Carter

    I’m going to go with OUT. 
    She doesn’t look very comfortable and the dress is bunchy in the back. It looks like it doesn’t fit her very well. 

    Then again, I didn’t like it on the model either.

  • Rei Carter

    I’m going to go with OUT. 
    She doesn’t look very comfortable and the dress is bunchy in the back. It looks like it doesn’t fit her very well. 

    Then again, I didn’t like it on the model either.

  • Mary Nease

    IN, and I’m still holding on to my fantasy that Ryan Murphy could cast you two as Rachel’s gay dads. That’s what he *should* do, anyway. 

  • Mary Nease

    IN, and I’m still holding on to my fantasy that Ryan Murphy could cast you two as Rachel’s gay dads. That’s what he *should* do, anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    An unfortunate case of both of you being right, which is galling and should be impossible, but it’s simultaneously gorgeous and a couldabin. I probably should say out because an interesting design plus gorgeous her isn’t adding up to the win it should be, but weirdly I’m feeling IN because she’s so lovely and the dress is striking. 

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm . . . the color, the shape, the sweep, the sleeves, the pretty shiny bits, the gorgeous hair, makeup, face  . . . . all except the tummy plate.  My score card adds up to IN

  • Anonymous

    Ok.  NOT working.  The silver detailing over the upper torso is lovely.  But the sliver panels over the lower abdomen are bizarre.  That ruins the dress for me.   Also, the drab colorlessness does not help.  Such a lovely woman deserves a dress that delivers.  This is not doing it. 

  • Anonymous

    IN, totally.  the design suggests the far east without being specific to any country, and plays up her ethnic exotic beauty.  the “color” (is white a color?) looks lovely against her cocoa skin.  yum.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tom on this one. It just doesn’t quite work.


  • Mags

    I think I would like this without the shiny panel in the middle. OUT! (But I still love you, Lorenzo!)

  • Santa

    In, I agree with Lorenzo, she looks absolutely stunning! :)

  • Anonymous

    Out, because that stomach panel makes her look like she has an alien body; but I still love you Lo.

  • korilian

    Tom has lost his mind! Get out while you still can Lorenzo! Just take the kids and run!

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Like it in spite of the stomach and bunching in the back.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like her stylist saw this dress in photos and ordered it in for her and then got too wrapped up in the idea of her wearing it that they decided she was going to wear it no matter how it looked on Frida’s body. Because she looks uncomfortable. And the dress has too much going on for its own good. 

  •ëla-van-Rein/100000739967721 Daniëla van Rein

    She’s gorgeous, but in the third picture I  was totally distracted by Luke Evans. He’s soo hot.
    Back to her, I think she is IN.. although the dress seems to be made out of two dresses.

  • Claudia Gilbert

    Out.  Sorry, Lo!

  • RzYoung

    I think i would love it if it were a different colour. I don’t like how it pulls across the thighs, it makes all the seems look cheap. out

  • Anonymous

    Girls, all three of you are pretty, pretty, pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I love the top of the dress.  Cut off the skirt and wear the top with a pair of black skinny legs.

    As shown I would give her an IN.  The color of the dress works well with her skin coloring.

  • Haley Buchanan

    Sorry, Lo, but she’s OUT.  It looks like her panties or something are bunched up under the dress in the back.  And Tom’s right that the fit across he stomach and hips pulls too much.  It fits better on the model.

  • Emily

    I love you both, but I think she’s out.  It’s cool from the top front to the waist, but the back and the bottom look dumpy.

  • Anonymous

    I Love you Tom……again, why do people wear such ill fitting clothes..the dress is great, but it fits like shit….

  • Anonymous

    It’s the shoulder that throws it into OUT territory. Sorry Lo, I’m with T on this one.

  • ecallaw

    Ewww, hate the stomach panel.  Not bad enough to take away her “in”, though.

  • Rachel Lee

    I look at it and think Swan Princess. and there’s the way it bunches across the back. It’s like she’s got granny panties on. But it IS a striking dress, so I’ll have to give it an….marginal Out. 

  • Aly Light


  • Kelly Kobiela

    I vote IN (I love you, Lorenzo). She looks stunning.

  • Anonymous

    In, but only because she’s Freida

  • Anonymous

    IN… it’s different, in a Star Trekky kinda way!!

  • Jyl Ayres

    On a lesser mortal, I could agree with Tom’s criticisms of the dress, but this is a case of the right dress on the right girl.  The dress makes the girl look great (and she looks thrilled to be wearing it) and the girl makes us forgive the issues with the design.  It’s fashion harmony, Daddies.  Now please, we love you both.  Please go out to a fancy dinner tonight, get a little sloshed, and get fresh with each other until you feel better, m’kay?  I already have your 25th wedding anniversary party booked.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Out! Love you Tom.  This dress is just bizarre to me.

  • Leslie Carver

    I love you, Tom, but on this one, I’m with Lorenzo. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! But…she still looks pretty amazing.

  • Stan


  • Vera Sticker

    Hate the cut across the hip, hate the color on her, HATE her hair. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    out.  The dress is lovely but she’s the wrong shape.  She needs to be longer to carry off that bodice.

  • Amanda

    Out. I don’t like that color on her at all! 

  • Emily

    Meh, Out. It just doesn’t look like it fits that well.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. It’s a subtle nod to theme-dressing for a Greek-set movie premiere. IN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s too tight across the hips, which makes the dress itself look heavy and stiff instead of light and flowy.

  • Dorothy & Michael n/a

    That shiny abdomen covering looks like a new-style cookie sheet was hammered and shoved into that shape to fit just so, and it’s not pretty. It’s not a terribly complimentary design – I’m with Tom.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  the bottom half of on her stomach looks like a girdle

  • Anonymous

    ew.  out.  that is all.

  • Dee B


  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous, it’s different, IN.

  • Anonymous

    you’re right, she can never look BAD… but just no on this dress. that stomach thing. woof. OUT.

  • Danielle West

    Sorry Daddy T–but IN.  The dress elongates her in an amazing way.  She looks stunning.

  • Judy_J

    I love you both, but I’m siding with Tom.  That shiny abdomen reminds me of a cicada..  Out.

  • Badriya Al-Badi’a

    I love you Tom!  Also she looks like she’s in pain in these photos.

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving Tom here. I also don’t like the satin panel — it looks like a girdle. No to the shoulders, too. Although I usually hate that washed out peachy-beige that’s so prevalent these days, the color’s good on her thanks to her lovely skintone. But overall it’s an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Star Trek up top, princess down below.

    She looks good in spite of this dress, not because of (or even in cooperation with) it. I think that means it’s an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I am NOT choosing between my T and my Lo!

    However: IN. I see Tom’s point about the metal “plates,” but in my opinion, the overall effect makes it look more like a (tasteful) full bodice and skirt. The reference to armor is obvious, but I think the the shoulders, the eyelets, and the shape of the metallic portion elevate the look from costumy to modern, chic, and futuristic.

    With anyone else’s stomach: no. With Frida’s abs: WERQ, girl!

  • Nancer

    The dress is great; the issue is the fit problems. I think some tailoring would have saved this. Still, overall it’s “in.”

  • Elena

    IN. It’s an ugly dress, but she looks good in it. 

  • siao

    IN. Love it when celebs take a (semi) risk on the red carpet, and she’s pulling it off.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Not liking it – out!

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks great. Stop nitpicking 😉

  • Brad and Anne White

    I love you both, and it’s IN. Sorry T.

  • Anonymous


    There are several elements that I dislike as I pick the dress apart, but somehow, and I don’t know how, she looks great. 

  • Anonymous

    It might be lovely, but my first impression was “Ming the Merciless” and that is all I can see now. I’d better abstain since my mind has wandered.

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks stunning and the extreme shoulders are just the right amount of interesting. She can pull them off, because I don’t think she’s very strong to begin with (with my big shoulders, I won’t dare).

  • Jessica Rowe

    LOVE IT. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Generally okay, but she is narrower across the shoulder than the model, and that makes the sleeve treatment look awkward and costumey. And the fit in the back makes her ass look huge.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t cancel Christmas!  I love you both, but Lo, you’re wrong.  Out.

  • Katherine Lavender

    Tom’s right but Lorenzo’s righter. I love Lo more.

  • Leslie Kim

    i do love the silhouette, but not a huge fan of the neckline, it fits funny, the color bores me, and there’s that weird shiny tummy dome, and she looks like she’s choking (although that might be the angle of the photograph), so out
    i did so want it to be in, though….

  • vmcdanie

    I feel voting would be my passively accepting the dysfunction implicit in the options.

    Ok, fine. In, but only in the “more in than out sense.” I don’t think I love the cut of the dress and the way she’s standing in the first picture definitely highlights what doesn’t work. But I love the color on her.

  • up with pod people


  • rynerman

    Out.  That dress is doing her no favors – I don’t like the design or the way it bunches in back. 

  • Anonymous

    Daddies!  Please stop fighting! [Cries and bangs her little Melmac milk mug on the table over and over and over and over….]

    To keep peace in the family, I am going with Team T today, having gone with Team Lo yesterday.  But it isn’t just to keep the peace.  I really don’t like this look on beautiful Freida, for all the reasons T said.  And, as my mother used to say, “It doesn’t do a thing for her.” 


  • Anonymous

    IN.  I like that it has an amor-ish look to it.  Totally appropriate given the movie, and also kinda badass and delicately pretty all at once.

    • WordyDoodles

      I’m with you–it seems to fit the Immortals theme (she says, not having seen the movie). Or at least, what I imagine the Immortals theme to be. :) it’s like haute couture armor (not Gaga style, with actual chain mail. Just a reference to armor.)

      Her makeup and hair are better than what the model got. And in the photo where she’s standing with the dude, they *both* seem to get a lift from her look.

      I’m not saying it’s the absolute best, but I think it’s still a solidly beautiful, put together look.

  • Joyce VG

    I’m late but IN!  (i love you lorenzo! and tom too)

  • Summer Born

    I’ve got to go with Tom here – there’s a lot to not love about this look. (Can I have a pony?)

  • Delysia LaFosse

    I’m with Tom on this one. Not without potential, but the devil’s in the details. Ultimately not a great fit and some odd design elements.

  • Pamela

    Your fighting and threats will cause me years & years of therapy………oops, too late!
    Weird dress but her genes save her-in.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not really doing her body any favors. OUT

  • Julie Fountain

    Daddy Tom wins.  I think the front panel thing is awkward looking and the whole dress doesn’t fit her properly.  Out!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. But I LOVE both of my daddies! The dress doesn’t fit her correctly. I think she is too short for this dress. Wrong dress for this girl. Don’t like her hair either.

  • Anonymous

    I love it! Kind of sci-fi princess. IN!

  • Sorana Tarmu

    Love to Tom! OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Love you both equally (can you tell I’m a mom?), but have to go with Daddy Lo on this one!

  • Marlon Satchell

    Love everything about it!

  • Anonymous

    She looks to go to be out, but it’s not her best look ever. Still pretty stunning in a star trek sort of way.

  • Isy

    Out. The fit is odd. The colour looks great on her, though.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Lo wins. 

  • Julaine Haraden Morley

    IN, despite the sadly bunched behind. Lorenzo Love!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Daddy Lo. IN!

  • Tina

    I like it better on the model.

  • Anonymous

    IN! This is stunning and unique and she looks amazing. Lorenzo wins. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Lorenzo. This dress is amazing and she looks great in it. IN.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and I can totally see the sci-fi armor, but I rather like it.

  • Anonymous

    Auguri, Lorenzo. :)

  • Anonymous

    Love Tom. But I like the color and hate the cutouts. The change in texture/sheen just doesn’t work for me.

  • Sabina Kallstrom


  • Cathy S

    I’m with Tom. That’s twice this week. I still love you though, Lorenzo! The dress is too tight. I might have liked it otherwise but it’s hard to tell if it looks bad just because it’s too tight. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s a wedding dress. Too bad she’s at a premiere. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Looks a little bit warrior-like from the front–like she has fancy breastplate on.  The sum of the parts doesn’t equal a whole for me.

  • Aidan B

    IN. Stunning.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Well, I’m not getting into this argument, but I think she’s IN.  Love her hair and makeup. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope Daddy and Daddy are paying for all the therapy this will necessitate.

  • Felicitas Strautman

    so IN! love. love. love.

  • oohsparkley!

    I see the problems that Tom was mentioning.  I think she still looks better than an Out.  She looks pretty great in a dress with some problems. By default, she’s in.

  • Sophie Brunet

    Its an unusual dress but I think she is pulling it off. Also I love her hair and makeup

  • Mary Stone

    out out out, for all the reasons Tom notes.  the bodice just looks ‘heavy’ to me, the padding at the sleeveless shoulder is doing weird things in the back, and the “straight across the widest portion of the hip with semicircle cutout in the center, plus transition from shiny to matte” detailing is not flattering. The beading is gorgeous, but it looks like a family crest, like something that would belong on a medieval herald’s tabard. I also don’t think the dress looks good on the model either.

  • Anonymous

    Daddy Tom for the win – so OUT.

  • murt

    IN!! Nothing wrong with having hips….

  • Rebecca

    Sassy as hell, but not short enough in the bodice for her.

    I love you both?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the color or the neckline, which is making her top half look short and stumpy. But the sweep of the skirt is nice. She kind of looks like she belongs as a robot in the movie Metropolis. I’m still on the NO train, though.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the color or the neckline, which is making her top half look short and stumpy. But the sweep of the skirt is nice. She kind of looks like she belongs as a robot in the movie Metropolis. I’m still on the NO train, though.

  • Lorena Malaret

    In! My two daddys shouldn’t fight! Don’t make me pick sides again!

  • Samantha

    I love it. Could fit better but overall an IN from me.

  • Anonymous

     “SWEATY ARMPIT SYNDROME”. You know, certain clothes that just make you sweat because they’re tight in the armpits. That dress looks like the queen of sweaty armpit syndrome and you can read that worried ‘omg I hope I don’t have huge sweat stains on this Antonio Berardi gown’ look in Freida’s eyes. OUT for uncomfortableness.

  • Celia

    OUT. I hate it on her, but I think I’d love it on Zoe Saldana or January Jones.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on Team T, this time. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it’s the armor-plated cummerbund that’s killing it for me.  It takes away all the focus from the top of the dress, which is really quite lovely.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Love you Lorenzo! In

  • Sara S Rummell


  • Natasha Fairweather


  • Carey Cauthen

    Out. pair the top with pants and some kick-ass boots and I’d like it (even if it would be very costumy, but it is now anyway so that doesn’t matter!). As it is, even on the model the fabric rides and puckers where the bodice armor meets the skirt and looks bad. As neither of these women can wear the dress without it folding like that, it shouldn’t be a dress.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else getting bridal from this? I really detest the back, out

  • Leigh David

    I don’t know if it’s her pose, or the fit of the dress, but her neck looks so short in comparison to the model’s. And I totally agree with the comments deprecating the “stomach panel”. That dress isn’t doing her any favors. Sorry, Lorenzo – OUT.

  • Cheri Patrick


  • Anonymous

    Out.  Dress bugs me and I don’t know why.

  • Karenlibrarian

    I love you both but I have to agree with Tom, the fit is odd and the top is weird, sort of like a combination of retro-armor and space age.  

  • akprincess72

    Team Tom