In or Out: Daniel Craig

Posted on November 04, 2011

It happens to us all eventually. Even James Bond.

Daniel Craig attends photocall for 23rd Bond Film “Skyfall” in London.

Eventually, that moment comes where one has to say the dreaded words, “I think I have to go up a size.” Daniel, bless, hasn’t uttered those words yet. That’s the problem when you like the tight and tailored cuts; you can’t gain so much as an ounce.

Although we’re being unfair here. There’s certainly no evidence that Daniel is anything but his normal trim and compact self. Maybe he didn’t gain weight. Maybe the reason he looks stuffed into this suit and the jacket’s pulling across the button is because some stylist’s assistant got his size wrong. Or maybe he got caught in the rain and the suit shrunk. Or maybe, because he’s such a tight little compact guy with single-digit body fat, he got weak that morning and ate a pretzel or something, causing his tightly tailored suit to risk explosion at the sudden doubling of his weight.

Or maybe he just needs to go up a size.


Vote Now!
IN! He can go up MY size, that’s for sure! Or something!

OUT! Boy’s Department.

The Minion Opinion on Anne Hathaway’s washed-out Tinkerbell look was OUT.

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  • Anonymous

    and the fact that the tie is skewed drives me nuts! 🙂  but the hem in his pants is perfect!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jacket’s too short, though. Honestly, the length bugged me more than the ever-so-slight pulling at the button. Even when one has an ass like Mr. Craig’s, one’s suit-jacket should cover it. This one doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to draw attention to his very commendable trouser length and his possible singing prowess.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something about the cut of the shoulders of his jacket that makes his neck look stumpy. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m going to give Daniel an OUT. Now ‘scuse me while I find my smelling salts.

    • I dunno he looks like he’s on a of the hawtest men in the universe lookin’ pretty bad here.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Ge doesn’t look any different from usual, so I have to go with the “caught in the rain” theory.  Apparently, it was also very windy, as it caused his tie to go distractingly askew as well.

  • joenray

    So totally IN….so IN that I didn’t even notice the too tight suit.   It’s Friday and with a D. Craig post all I can say is THANK YOU BOYS!

  • IN i was so blown away by his hotness it took me three or four tries to see the slight pulling in the front. he can go up my size any day 🙂

    • Yep. I definitely had to read the description to see anything wrong with the look. And he still looks fantastic. Even the tie. I mean, if I were Daniel Craig’s tie, I’d let him askew me all day.

  • Sara__B

    So close, Daniel, but you’re OUT. That suit is not tailored correctly for your lovely body.

    • I concur. And Daniel looks exhausted.

  • Anonymous

    Bad looking jacket, definitely too small, and his tie is being pulled to one side. (heh).  He doesn’t photograph well but I love him in motion.  Or would if I could.  The two last photos are nice.  I always think of him in this knock-out movie called “The Mother.”  He’s scorching in it.  Wish he’d get off the Bond gravy train and get back to making some better stuff.  Do like the shirt and tie.  And he took the trouble, or Rachel W. did, to go for a little pocket square.

    • Addicted2Glamour

      I had this exact conversation with a friend of mine the other day. We agreed that still photographs do not do Daniel Craig justice at all. He’s an incredibly sexy man, but it really only comes across when you see him moving about. 

      • Anonymous

        Rachel Weisz (sp?) is a lucky woman.  Check out “The Mother” if you’ve not seen it.  He was at the height of his beauty.  He’s such a good actor on top of being do it right now in the elevator worthy.  And, like my beloved and still gorgeous Timothy Dalton before him, he’s over-qualified for James Bond.   Re the movement thing, you see it in the two second to last photos.  The man is an animal.

  • Anonymous

    or maybe he has bulked up a bit before starting filming the new Bond movie?  Still, in.

  • Yes. Go up a size.  And straighten his tie.  And FUCKING SHAVE!!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s still a 42, of course, but he just looks a little “off” here.

  • he’s IN – but please shave Daniel

  • Deborah Lipp

    Bad: Jacket is pulling and too tight, tie is skewed, don’t love the three grey tones thing, hate the beard.
    Good: Pants are perfect. Hem is perfect. Legs inside the pants are perfect. Also, he’s Daniel Fucking Craig.

    It’s a very near thing, but it’s OUT.

  • Maybe the shirt is secretly too big and that’s why he needs a bigger jacket: to hold the extra shirt fabric:) 

    Either way, he still needs to go up a size.

  • Ehhhhhhhhhh. It’s a little tight, but tbh he still looks great. IN, because I honestly didn’t notice the way the jacket was pulling until it was pointed out to me – all I saw was a nice-looking fella in a suit.

  • He’s just not aging as well as Sean Connery. The jacket needs to get unbuttoned, and the tie needs to get straighten. Oh, Daniel, no. OUT

  • Perfect hem length, perfect amount of cuff showing. Perfect grizzly stubble. A skosh too tight on the jacket, but still in.

  • Even in a tight suit & horrible facial hair, he’s still hot. (Yes, this BitterKitten is NOT thinking with her brain.)

  • Anonymous

    OUT and it kills me, but lately, he’s been looking like a Slavic building superintendent. This one borrowed his cousin’s suit for the family wedding.

    A little more effort please.

    • Anonymous

      But a very attractive Slavic building superintendent.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      am still laughing and appreciating after a week of OCD TLO — and i liked the look and love DC — but damn if you didn’t bring on  the laughing out loud in my kitchen moment when nobody cares — keep on writing whoever you are

      • Anonymous

        Laughing is good for the soul, isn’t it? I really have a great weakness for DC also.

  • Anonymous

    In.  And out.  And in and out.  And in and out and in and out and in and … I’m sorry — what were you asking me?

  • Anonymous

    The tightness of the suit, combined with the ill-chosen shirt and tie and his scraggly facial hair makes him look like a particularly pissed-off substitute lecturer.

    • Anonymous

      I kind of love you right now.

  • aimee_parrott

    I love him OH SO MUCH!  but, he is still OUT. 

  • Vaniljekjeks

    STRAIGHTEN THE TIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • IN.  still hot.  tie is askew but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, OUT. Plus, his tie is crooked. 

  • Brad and Anne White

    and straighten that tie…OUT.

  • Thanks for the morning pretty! Clothes? Wha?

  • Anonymous


    The jacket is too small or he’s wearing another layer (or two) under his shirt.  I still hate to see that grey beard on him.

  • That extra “pocket” on the right side of the jacket is driving my OCD brain crazy! I crave symmetry!!!

    I still love him so very much, but I wish he’d shave.

  • His face is looking bloated… maybe he’s retaining water?

  • Anonymous

    Oh heck. I know it’s lenient, but I’ll still call him IN. I’ve called many people who looked worse, ‘in.’

    But possibly I was so distracted by that tie that I am not properly evaluating the fit of the suit. That tie makes me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    The fit is a bit snug, but I have more of an issue with the hand in the pocket, unkempt facial hair and two pockets on one side of the jacket. Out for me.

  • Daniel, Babe,….
    Out. Go get a bigger suit. But get the new pants tailored to EXACTLY the same length.  And fix your damned tie.

  • Anonymous

    My, that suit doesn’t fit well at all, now does it? And the shirt and tie are all kinds of wonky. Definitely OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see his “size” go up (wink wink)

    IN, barely.

    It is a bit too tight and the tie being so askew bugs the sh*t out of me…but it’s not bad enough to warrant an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    What is that red thing on his lapel?

    • Anonymous

      That is a poppy pin to honor Armistice Day, the end of WWI.  A very big deal in England and the European countries.

      • Anonymous

        And it used to be a big deal in the U.S., too, before “HOLIDAY SALE!!!!!!”  became more important than honoring our war dead.

        Lilithcat, old fogy  (Our Motto:  You kids get off my lawn!)

    • Anonymous
  • not personally offended by it, i guess. he is still a dapper man. IN! 

  • Anonymous

    He’s wearing a suit?

  • Anonymous

    Somewhat OT here but what the heck is the little apple on his jacket? I saw the same on the nice Cambridge couple yesterday and thought they were poppies (you know, WWI. Flanders Field, Armistice etc) that were somewhat arted up, but this is definitely an apple–Steve Jobs? Oh, Daniel Craig?, never really floated my boat–once Sean retired I deserted the Bond franchise.

    • Anonymous

      That absolutely is a poppy for Armistice Day.  It is not a very well rendered poppy but a poppy nonetheless.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I guess I’m showing my age, right?

        • Anonymous

          Yes. Growing up veterans were outside grocery stores with the poppies & some merchants would have them at the cash register. (I seem to recall you were supposed to give a donation but they’d often give them to you – at least if you were a kid – even without a donation)

  • CQAussie

    That askew tie is giving me the OCD twitches.  That suit does look a tad tight.  But really….it’s Daniel Craig.  IN.  

    (….and honestly….he doesn’t look that bad here.  Even with my starry eye vision.)

  • Anonymous

    “Tight is the new black”.  And yes, he CAN go up my size.  Or anything else he wishes to do.

  • Anonymous

    Just go up a size, Daniel. It’s ok, we won’t think any less of you.
    As TLo said, it happens to us all eventually. Aging is a bitch.  

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he’s no spring chicken anymore, but who is? He’s still IN.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry.  You already made me give Joe Manganiello an “out” earlier this week, and that’s the limit for not voting with my loins for at least another ten days.  Daniel gets an “in” despite the pulling across the jacket.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. He gets an IN!

  • Anonymous

    He needs to go up a size.  Or just take it all off…

    You forgot to tell him to shave that dreadfully unflattering beard.

  • margaret meyers

    Could he be going for an 1830s, aggressively tailored look?  Something about this is equivocal: is it just too tight or is he going for Victorian Dandy?

  • Look, you can work out, eat right and all that, but getting older means body changes, and with men, we will thicken.  Maybe only slightly, and maybe it’s only a widening of the hips and torso (although our measurements may stay the same), but it happens. No one is immune, and I know-I make my living in fitness. The best thing someone can do when this happens is to get clothes that fit and not try to get the toothpaste back into the tube. 

    I *hope* that this is just a faux-pas on the part of a stylist. If it’s not, then what’s next, a trip to Universal Gear?  *Shudders*

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Too hot for words.  Don’t mind the tie being askew as it would just end up on my bedroom floor anyway…

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    Dear Daniel (you don’t mind if I call you that, do you?),

    See those lines across your thighs?  That’s a sure sign that your pants are too tight.  At least technically.  I, personally, do not object to you wearing pants that are that tight, but you’d probably be more comfortable if you went up a size.

    Same goes for the puckering across your biceps.  Really, the jacket is just a smidge too small all around, but what’s bothering me most is your tie.  I want to reach through my computer screen (and, well, time) and straighten it, because it’s making you look silly.

    Still, you get an IN.  I suspect you’d have to show up in a plaid polyester leisure suit to get an OUT from me.


  • Anonymous

    I’m gong to assume the extra 5 pounds means he’s happily married. But, that’s OK, because I fantasize that I look remarkable like Rachel Weisz.

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall? Whatever. 
    You’re still IN with me, Kid!

  • Anonymous

    On the other hand, that’s a horribly tapered Italian cut suit. A real English gentleman wouldn’t be seen in spivvy bee-waisted threads like that.

    This is what we wear:

  • Straighten your tie, sweetie.

  • MilaXX

    I hate to say it but OUT. He’s set the bar too high & less than perfert won’t do. Jacket is too tight & I don’t think even straightened properly that the tie goes with the look. Speaking of which, why did no one tell him that ties was crooked?

  • Anonymous

    Given the worlds of bad, bad clothing worn on the red carpet, I can’t give this an out.  Slight sizing issues and a lopsided tie aren’t enough.  But I do hate that beard scruff.  It really ages him.  So let’s call it a lower-case in.  And if that jacket gets too tight, he can come over to my house and take it, and any other spare clothing off there.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, but OUT.  The super-tight fit and the short cut jacket just really mess up the proportions for this look.  It looks so tight he can barely move.  Also, STRAIGHTEN YOUR TIE BEFORE HITTING THE RED CARPET, SRSLY

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Perfect from the waist down. Love the shoes. And every man in Hollywood (hell, men everywhere) should take note of the hem on the pants, that break is fantastic. But the jacket is too tight, and the tie (although a fab color and fabric) is all askew. Love the color of the shirt against his coloring and especially his eyes. ***Swoon***. Screw it, he’s IN. 

  • Anonymous

    I seriously thought he was wearing a sweater under that suit jacket because it looks sort of bulky and weird. Poor dude looks SO tired…like how I feel right now.

    Sorry Daniel: Out, but barely.

  • Anonymous

    Askew tie and tight jacket are bugging me.
    He’s hot, but he’s OUT.

  • Pennymac

    Looked at the pics, and scrolled down to the comments. Can I dare give my dream man an IN? scrolled back up, and noticed not only the pull at the waist, but the armpit suit wrinkles that come from the jacket being too tight all around. Daniel, my love, even if you straightened that wonkly tie you’d still be an OUT cause that suit just is too small. Now come on over straight away and let me console your broken heart……

  • Anonymous

    That button is going to put an eye out.

  • Anonymous

    IN – it’s a skosh tight but damn he looks fine in that suit! And TLo, you guys should be praising the hem on his pants – it’s perfect!

  • Dear Daniel, I know you’re hot and all but that does not give you the right/clearance to wear a skewed tie. Thank you very much. 

    Oh, but you’re still IN darling. 🙂

  • Leslie Streeter

    Still fine.

    • MilaXX

      tru dat!

  • Anonymous

    Its not a perfect fit, but still in.

  • IN. Hottie hot-hot. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, he’s certainly a hottie in my book, but he looks a bit wan in some of the photos, like he needs to be out laying in the sun a bit.  And, with me, of course.

  • Anonymous

    The stubble is a bit too aggressive. His head looks like a diamond.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it. This man looks much better when he is in action, no matter what he’s wearing.

    Read the comments, I see I’m not the first with this observation.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but I don’t think he could run – or even walk fast – in this too-tight suit.

  • Those pants are pulling as well as the jacket. Not that I was looking at his package or anything.

  • Anonymous

    If he unbuttoned his jacket, I think it would be fine.  Now if he showed up naked, that would be AWESOME

  • Joy

    Yes, he’s still hot, but his outfit is OUT.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a beautiful suit on a beautiful man. He’s IN because slight pulling does not an OUT make in Crash-land. Also, perfect hemmage, shiny shoes, lack of neck beard….ALL good things.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to think he’ just gaining a little comfy nesting weight due to his recent marriage to Rachel Weisz (Love. HUH.). The suit is definitely too tight but he looks so much better than almost anyone one else on the red carpet I have to give him an IN! Work that newlywed period like it owes you money, Bond.

  • I’m sorry, you’re wrong.

  • Funny, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the very first picture was, “Why the hell is he wearing his son’s suit?”

    It’s not just too tight, it’s too short in both the length of the jacket and its sleeves.

    That is SO hell to the OUT!

  • IN.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it looks small, but the jacket itself I love (the extra pocket flaps, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    I think Mr. Craig oozes masculinity, but I was shocked when I found out that he’s only 43.  Jeez, my husband is 57 and looks a bit younger than DC.  Maybe if he shaved?  I guess you could call it “craggy handsomeness” but he does look a bit the worse for wear.  My apologies to all the Daniel-lovers out there, truly!

    • Anonymous

      He’s always been old looking. He looked older than his age way back in 96 when he was first on TV. Unless he’s fibbing of course 🙂

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t look like any 43-year-old I know. I think he needs a shave and some facials.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Despite the snug jacket, he still looks good.

  • ALWAYS IN I’M BIASED THAT WAY. he could always take the jacket off and the shirt and the tie off too.

  • Ohh, that jacket it soooo tight! Married life must be good, hahaha. And his tie is askew 🙁  Oi…and I have to say, the graying facial hair is not doing it for me….Sorry Danny-boy, you’re Out for me. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m more concerned about the extremely crooked tie. All is forgiven…. He’s IN. 

  • IN. Are you kidding!

  • Anonymous

    Um…the tie? The shirt? His neck? What the hell happened here? The hot just drained right out of him.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he’s wearing a suit more suited to times he carries less muscle mass. Isn’t he getting ready to do another Bond film? Maybe he’s been working out. His upper body looks big, not his tummy. That’s my wishful thinking, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m going to give him a pass this one time because maybe he’s just enjoying married life and decided to have dinner.

    But just this once.  Mr. Craig, this will not do in the long-term.

  • Cathy S

    I want to reach out and straighten his tie. It’s a shame the suit’s too small because it’s very nice. Sorry Daniel. Out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just so wowed by the English buddy poppy that I hardly see his tight suit and crooked tie. I think he looks handsome as hell. Could he do some underwear modeling? 

  • Daniel Craig can do no wrong. IN! :]

  • oohsparkley!

    In.  I’m thinking it’s his normal size, but that particular jacket was cut a touch small.  It’s a half inch off, it could have been lunch.  But I don’t care.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    It’s pulling a little, but I still like the cut and the shirt/tie/suit combo, so I say IN.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to adjust his tie. 

  • Anonymous

    IN. I think he looks great.

  • BerlinerNYC

    If he needs any help getting out of that suit to try a different size (or for any other reason), I’m happy to volunteer my services.

  • It’s gonna take more than a squeezy suit for me to give this slice of heaven an ‘out’. 

  • We are WAY judging on a curve here folks. Almost any other movie star would get a round of applause for this (except maybe Clooney). I’m calling “IN” but straighten the tie and go up a size on the jacket next time here darling. XO.

  • IN! Its Daniel Craig! 

  • Anonymous

    Between this and Joe Manganiello’s look the other day, I’m starting to fear “suit cut just a little too tight” is becoming a fashion trend.

    I might normally give Daniel Craig a pass but I’m completely distracted by his skewed tie, and therefore not hypnotized by his eyes. OUT.

  • Toto Maya


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OH DANIEL NO. It’s not even the suit. The suit is fine. But that man was not made for facial hair. Suit: In. Facial hair: OUT.

  • Oooooooooooooh, must be a bitter kitten, must be a bitter kitten…  I LOVE the hem on his pants!  Must be a bitter kitten… After much consideration, I have no problem with anything except that bottom button on the blazer… AND his FACE.  He’s married to Rachel Weisz who has a 5 year-old son.  Maybe said kid has the flu and step-Dad Craig was up all night while the boy hurled into a bucket…  Otherwise, get some beauty sleep Craig!  Splash that face with cold water, and then witch hazel, dab on the Preparation-H to get rid of the bags and show us some HOLLYWOOD glamor!  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t say that word, not to Daniel…but that suit is too small.

  • IN. I care not. The tighter the suit, the easier it pops right off.

  • This was so close to perfection – trim those whiskers (not that they necessarily put him out for me personally, but…), straighten that tie, and go up a size in that jacket, we’d be golden!

  • The tie is driving me CRAZY! The hem is perfect but for some reason he looks stumpy. OUT.

  • He looks like he has a monster hangover and he slept in that suit. Out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, but it’s all the suit’s fault!  The double pockets bulk up the midsection and make him look shortwaisted, not to mention short.

    (And I agree that he needs to shave.) 

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes, I do love the old in and out with Daniel Craig. Oh, wait….

  • He should have opened the jacket, since it looks too tight, and shaved. Otherwise, he wouldn’t look so “coming off a bender”. Out.

  • Judy_J

    Tight jacket be damned!  He still looks hot.  IN.

  • The tailoring on it just seems funny to me. I think he would need to go up a size, it just looks odd right now.

  • This doesn’t work. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it again…..I think I’ll apply to be a mens stylist in Hollywood…sheesh…..these guys don’t own a mirror???see Prince William for tailoring and fit tips…

  • Joyce VG

    He’s happily married and happily eating!  OUT.  It’s too tight.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t bother me. Besides, I feel like I can see his abs through that suit. Dayum! This may be my nethers talking, but I vote IN.

  • i dont want to make anyone feel bad but he’s not my type. that said, i think the real problem w/ whatever he’s wearing, there, is that it makes him look teeny tiny. it makes his feet look teeny tiny. he looks like the father of whoever that was [i think one of his names was august, cant remember if it was first or last] –anyway, august looked like hello kitty’s emo brother & he looks like hello kitty’s emo brother’s father. wearing a flower.

  • ya’ll are some picky bitches. he looks FAB! IN! besides, you are missing the point – women have been squeezing into clothes as small as possible for years. it’s the mens’ turn. embrace it!

  • Anonymous

    OUT because scraggly with sticking out ears.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Awkward looking fit.

  • IN. James Bond is always in. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT for naming the movie “Skyfall.”

    Do love the red poppy though.

    • Anonymous

      I think the Brits wear the poppy from the beginning of the month, rather than just on what old fogies like me call Armistice Day.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like the mechanic at my gas  station.

  • Anonymous

    IN, because:
    A) It’s Daniel Craig/James Bond. 
    B) See, he was all busy getting shaken AND stirred with Rach when, in a very brief lull in the proceedings, his eye happened to fall on his Bond-o-matic watch/raygun. “Shit!” he cried. “That fooking photocall! Back in ‘arf a mo, Rachel! Don’t move!” He then grabbed the first thing handy and threw it on, not realizing it was a suit his stylist has dropped off for a test drive. No time to shave, of course. He’s lucky his shoes match.

  • Anonymous

    Bow-legged boy outgrows his graduation suit. I so hate those too-short jackets with the belly-button reveal and the too-tight pants. He’s also looking a little older than his 43 years — too craggy, Mr Craig.

  • Anonymous

    He just looks so tired. And old. And I say that as someone five years older than he is. I guess my fat has done some good.

  • Anonymous

    well, he’s obviously not fat…the dumb stylist gave him a suit that’s too small.

    Daniel is IN
    The stylist is OUT!

  • Crooked tie + too tight suit = OUT

  • Anonymous

    out – everything is pulling

  • Anonymous

    Too tight, whatever the reason. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Could be the body armor he’s wearing underneath. A guy can’t be too careful these days.

  • Anonymous

    I am all sorts of fine with this look. The apple pin-thingy makes me happy.

  • M M

    That button is straining. If he takes a deep breath, it will become a deadly weapon. 

  • Anonymous

    I love this suit.  Yes, it’s a tad bit snug but it’s Daniel Craig!  He’s IN.  

  • Anonymous

    With Daniel Craig, I always think in-out-in-out-in-out-in-out…

  • Anonymous

    does no one love him enough to straighten his tie?  in the opening photo, he looks like the dingbat professor.  i’m sorry, but he just looks dazed and confused to me – like he’s trying to remember where he is and what he’s supposed to be doing.

  • And shave.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give him an IN.

    The pants look fine to me.  It’s his jacket that looks too small and tight. Even so, he looks more put together than most male stars on the red carpet.

    I still don’t get the sex appeal of this man.

  • Out.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I don’t care about the suit or the tie.  What makes it OUT in my book is the facial hair – it ages him like crazy, and not in a good way.  Go shave and fix your tie, mister.  Thankyouverymuch.

  • Anonymous

    I just. Um. Can someone please explain the apple lapel… thing? 

    (Also can we skip the whole shrieking violins schtick at the idea of gaining weight? It’s old and a bit trigger-y to those of us recovering from eating disorders.)

    • There are no “shrieking violins” at the idea of gaining weight.

      • Anonymous

        I have to respectfully disagree. “Shrieking violins” may have been a touch of an exaggeration, but even as a joke “dreaded words” and referring to eating a single pretzel as “weak”, well, I can’t tell my brain not to induce nausea as a first reaction, and I can’t change my history dealing with an eating disorder. This is my absolute favorite fashion blog, and I would rather not have to stop reading it because of the potential for nasty flashbacks. 

        • I’m sorry if you’re having that reaction but the very phrasing you claim is causing it couldn’t have been more mild.

          • Anonymous

            Um, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Does that disqualify my reaction to it somehow? 

          • No, it  means we’re not changing our language or how we write posts just because you had that reaction.

          • Anonymous

            Well, alright then. Thanks for letting me know I’m not welcome to read your posts. :/ 

          • Well, that pretty definitively answers our question of whether it was a one-time deal with you taking someone’s written words and applying entirely different meanings to them in order to complain about them or whether it’s a habit with you. Since this is clearly a habit with you and you’re going to hear what you want to hear, then there’s no point in saying anything else but “You’re welcome.”

          • Anonymous

            How can I feel welcome to read your blog knowing that potentially dangerous, triggering words could be in any post? I’ve felt similarly hurt by wordings in plenty of previous posts, but I kept quiet until now. Even in this post, I was far quieter than I needed to be in my callout. Frankly, this last reply crosses the line for me from disappointment to disgust: I have the problem, according to you, because I was the one triggered, and I should know better than to read your blog if “mild wording” (as you so callously put it) might trigger me. And your use of the word “complaining” only cements how flippantly you view the concept of trigger words. 

            Let me break it down for you one last time before I take my toys elsewhere: 
            – You made a post full of words that I found triggering, which is anything but fun. 
            – I mentioned this fairly quietly, without breaking out the righteous indignation or capslock. 
            – You denied my reaction wholesale, as apparently your own interpretations of your words are the only valid ones. 
            – I explained my reaction, disclosing a little more personal info than I generally like to but hoping it would get through to you. 
            – You dismissed my reaction, adding a fauxpology that implied no responsibility for the words that caused said reaction.
            – You then blatantly expressed that you refused to change your choice of words in this or any future posts just because they hurt one piddly reader (or at least, one vocal reader). If that doesn’t tell me that my ability to read a goddamn fashion blog without having to set the computer aside until the nausea and bad memories subside is LESS THAN NOTHING to you, I don’t know what does. 
            – I acknowledged your un-welcoming attitude, and you decided to characterize me as some whiny crazy person rather than give a shit about your readers who might not think a joke about anorexia is so funny when they’ve lived the actual, destructive mindset. 

            For four solid years of readership, this is a pretty shitty way to end it, but I’d rather find a fashion blog that doesn’t spit on me for who I am. 

          • From “shrieking violins” to “spitting on you,” not one of your complaints are reflected in the real world or in anything that we wrote. We’re truly sorry to hear that you feel you’re not welcome here but we’re just as committed to the idea that we have nothing to do with the reasons why.

  • Anonymous

    He’s in.  He’s always in.  He needs to unbutton the coat and I’d feel a bit better.

  • stacey avelar

    Please straighten the tie and shave! Love the poppy on the lapel. And I agree with you on the size issue.

  • Vodeeodoe

    OUT.  This guy is crazy sexy and he’s dressing way too young for his age – or at least one and a half sizes too small for his age. Suit too small, not the best color shirt for him and that suit, tie askew, one pocket too many, and with those shoes – I’d make the pants fall lower. Also, shave dammit! Shave!

  • Vodeeodoe

    OUT.  This guy is crazy sexy and he’s dressing way too young for his age – or at least one and a half sizes too small for his age. Suit too small, not the best color shirt for him and that suit, tie askew, one pocket too many, and with those shoes – I’d make the pants fall lower. Also, shave dammit! Shave!

  • frankystein123

    He looks just a little bit puffy for whatever reason, but overall pretty decent.