In or Out: Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian Cota

Posted on November 25, 2011

No matter how stuffed you feel today, kittens, all sympathy must be directed toward Bryce Dallas Howard in that regard.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian CotaBryce Dallas Howard attends the “When You Find Me” screening in Los Angeles in a Christian Cota dress. Jewelry by Vhernier. Clutch by Kotur. Shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian CotaChristian Cota Fall 2010 Collection/Model: Megan McNierney

Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian Cota

Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian Cota


At this time of enforced good cheer, we wouldn’t dare risk the wrath of the internet by ragging on a prego right now, but just so you know, we’re saying the following because it’s true, not because we’re afraid hordes of bitter kittens will pepper spray us for being mean.

This is a super-cute dress in any form, but it makes a particularly stylish maternity option. The colors look great on her; she looks put-together and appropriate, but comfortable; her hair looks great and we like her makeup, although we think the lip’s a bit too strong.

What? You can’t let us not criticize something here. It’s minor!

Anyway, you make the call:


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IN! She’s a chic mommy-to-be!
OUT! Expectant mothers should be kept discreetly from the public’s sight!

The kittens were cranky on Wednesday and you all voted Jessica Szohr’s salute to butterflies an OUT.

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  • Anonymous

    Just *love* the Dodge Charger racing stripe colors.  Ugh. Tacky dress. 

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Although I do agree the lip is too something.  i dont think im ind it being strong, i just think the color somewhat clashes with her hair and/or the pop of color in the dress (cant decide which but i’m leaning towards not liking it with her gorge red hair).  but otherwise she looks fan-freaking-tastic.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      The lip/blush combo makes her look orangey or something. I agree that the makeup is the one bit of the entire look that is even a little off. IN.

    • Anonymous

      I’m ok with the lip with her hair, its the heavy cheek color thats throwing me off. I really hate it on her.

  • Catherine

    IN. She’s due like yesterday. The fact that she’s pulled together is a feat in itself. And I really do think she looks good.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Bless…my thoughts exactly.  She looks great, given she is probably about to pop at any given moment.

  • Pumps and Gloss


  • BerlinerNYC

    It’s cute. In the upsizing for the maternity version, I would have liked to see the two stripes come closer to each other. I didn’t get the visual effect until I saw the original on the model. If we’re being nit-picky, the face is a little shiny (there are limits to “dewy”), and those bangs aren’t quite right. Overall a very cute and stylish look, though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan.  I’m all for pregnant women to strut their stuff, but this dress doesn’t do it for me at all.  I think it would be WAY cuter if it were shorter – maybe just above the knee.  Instead of draping, I think the top looks droopy.  I hate to give a daring, proud, mommy-to-be an OUT, but c’est la vie.  

    • Rand Ortega

      I agree. When I saw the dress, the 1st thing I thought was ‘racing stripe moo moo’. Shorter would have been better.

      (PS: What the hell is up w/ that wig on the model? It looks like she just swiped it off Phyllis Diller’s head.)

    • Teri Horne

      To be fair, her poor ankles are probably swollen like mad at this point!

  • Anonymous

    After I got past the weird angle on that first picture making her look lumpy and misshapen, I find she looks as cute and comfy as could be given the circumstances! IN!

    • marlie

      Agreed. The first photo is terrible.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, my thoughts exactly. It’s just a really odd angle. But it looks cute from the side, and bless her for dressing up when she’s so far along.

        • Elizabeth Hunter

          Agreed, the first photo was an odd angle, but for as far along as she is, I think she looks great! 

    • Sara Munoz

      Yeah, I think being forced to pose with your hand on your belly winds up pulling your clothes into unflattering contortions. 

  • Vera

    She looks glowing and happy.  When is the baby due?

  • Anonymous


    She looks very pretty and very happy.  Considering how far along she is and how big the baby bump is…I can’t imagine her being at all comfortable, yet no indication to that in her appearance.  Good for her.

    I agree about the lipstick…minor though considering how otherwise well she is put together.

  • Anonymous

    Face looks beautiful! Body looks like it needs to be popped ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I’m going to be the mean bitter kitten who votes Out, but she is just barely Out. The line down the skirt part looks terrible on her. I actually like the strong lip. She looks beautiful otherwise, I just don’t like the way that dress translates to maternity wear.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she holding her belly up? You’d think that, with all her money, she could hire a little person to hold her belly up for her.


    • marlie

      Though there’s no way to be sure of this, it seems like she’s posing that way (in the way that many pregnant women do) specifically to show off the belly.

    • marlie

      Though there’s no way to be sure of this, it seems like she’s posing that way (in the way that many pregnant women do) specifically to show off the belly.

    • Sierra Delta

      When I was pregnant ages ago, my sons would do acrobatics and stretch mightily in utero.  As I got farther along, I’d get an elbow or a heel pushing against me from deep inside.  It was pretty clear from the outside what the baby body part was, and it startled those unused to the whole process.  I’d get appalled comments like, “Is he trying to kick his way out?”  So I just put my hand over my incipient child and nudged him back into a fetal position.  It comforted me to know he was developing properly, and I like to think the warmth of my hand conveyed love and joyful anticipation back to him.

    • Leslie S

      just to make sure we know shes pregnant and not just fat. like there would be any confusion!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna say Out on this. I love the dress as on the model, but that huge belly just ruins it. I also don’t like the added length on it either.

  • Anonymous

     I have a feeling that fabric doesn’t photograph well, it looks like it’s really nice (and comfortable). IN

    Also: How is she even standing? Warrior.

    • muzan-e


      Hell yeah. *g*

  • foodycat

    I really like that clutch! IN.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    I remember when I was pregnant with twins and only six months along. I was already giant and wearing an ill-advised red tent dress to a holiday party full of tiny eight month pregnant women who looked like they were sporting small basketballs under their dresses. A gentleman approached me and said, “It looks like you’ll be first to pop.” I was, in fact, the one with the farthest due date. So I feel for Ms Howard here and wouldn’t dare criticize a thing. I do, however, advise against the wearing of tent dresses when pregnant, especially red velvet ones.

    • Anonymous

      This was me. At 20 wks I was large enough that if I sighed too loud I literally had people whipping out their phones and asking if I needed an ambulance. I only had one in there too.

  • Sammi M

    In! She looks beautiful, and I like the strong lip!

  • Nancy Karpen

    IN She looks lovely.

  • marlie

    She gets an in for me just for still being on her feet at this point! And, the dress does look good on her, too!

  • Ilana Schenck

    I like the dress on the model, but I think her baby bump ruins the line…and the lines on the dress make her baby bump look warped.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yikes. How many kids are in there?? Man, props for even managing to be upright at this point.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    In. Barely because I’m feeling nice due to her advanced preggo stage. Without the stripes it would have been an IN.

  • Anonymous

    She must not have any mirrors at home.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    She must not have any mirrors at home.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Having been that gravid more than once, I give her a huge IN. Getting dressed at all is something of a project, much less putting yourself together so well.

  • MerridithK

    Totally agree and I even like the lip color.  IN!

  • Anonymous

    IN Possibly the most put together and stylish I’ve ever seen from a woman so pregnant. Bravo darling.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s a cute dress and it works well with Julie Christie wig on the model, but as maternity wear, it makes her look like she swallowed the turkey whole.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    That first photo of her, with her hand holding up that bump, was a pretty bad one. In the rest of them, though, she looks better than expected, so I will give her an IN.

    • Anonymous

      I cringed in sympathy because I think it is quite likely that the photography caught baby in movement either stretching or squirming into a new position and the further you are in pregnancy the more it looks like some bizarre alien creature is trying to burst out of you. The shiny fabric isn’t helping.

      Otherwise I think she looks nice.

  • RyzandShyn

    IN. You’re right, the lip color is too strong.
    Here’s hoping another redhead is on their way.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  That lip color is all I see, which I suppose is a way to distract from the fact that she’s about to explode at any given moment.  The fabric is a little too shiny, but that is also minor. Still IN.

  • Anonymous

    That poor woman seems to me like she’s been pregnant for about 800 years.

  • Anonymous

    I’d never criticize another woman for a gorgeous dress that has an awkward fit issue over the baby bump, especially not when she’s so close to her due date. But I *would* criticize the designer for not giving her a skoosh more fabric over said baby bump, which would have alleviated any temptation to criticize at all. So a slap on the wrist to Christian Cota. It was a good try, it just fell a bit short.

    I like the lip, and I think she looks positively glowing. IN

  • Anonymous

    Her hair and face look beautiful, she really has the pregnancy glow – well either that or she’s wearing great “Pregnancy Glow” foundation!

    I don’t agree that the dress is flattering to the baby bump, but I’ll give her an IN anyway because she’s appears to be in a very good mood for someone who looks moments away from giving birth!

  • Anonymous

    she loks radiant. IN!

  • mcglory13

    She looks great. In.

  • Anonymous

    Her beaming face reflects the beautiful, pregnant OpieRichieGirl that she is. But I do not like that dress. It’s cheap-looking and I don’t think it’s at all a good pregnancy dress. Also, her hands are in an unfortunate position for photographs. She probably has to pee, but shouldn’t indicate it. A little higher on the bump, please. So, reluctantly, OUT.

  • Vera Sticker

    I say IN. Hasn’t she been pregnant for like three years now, though?

  • muzan-e

    I agree about the lips – reluctantly. But personal experience insists that vivid reds are often unwise when carrying an indoors passenger and prone to sudden flushes. 

    But I find it hard to care about that, because the dress is perfect for her, she’s literally glowingly gorgeous, and this is exactly how I wanted to look when I was pregnant: flowing, silky and filled with radiant warmth.  It’s just so beautiful!

  • JaneM

    Yeah, sorry, out.  The fabric looks like if a match hit it it would turn into an ashtray (I’ve actually witnessed said phenomena), but mostly because in the first picture, she doesn’t appear to be so much cupping her arm around her almost newborn as she seems to be giving herself a quick hand job.

  • Paul John Kostrzewa


  • allisan riddle

    I wanted to say “Out!!”. But, I’ve been persuaded to say “In?”. She doesn’t need my vote of confidence, but she looks so happy if uncomfortable-her flushed cheeks throws her make-up off and the red lip does clash with her hair…I find it hard to match a good red lip to my own red hair. The dress is good, though a size too small. I remember being uncofortable in sweatpants when I was that pregnant, so she has convinced me- full-fledged In.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    Definitley IN. She looks lovely. I agree about the hair and make-up and unfortunate lipstick. I can’t stop staring at the dress. It’s really stunning – the material is so rich looking – and the 70’s inspired color/racing stripe…it’s just fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to find a decent prego long dress, particularly one with a pattern that actually still looks like a pattern once you’ve fitted it over the critter.  That said, I’m not totally convinced the dress actually fits properly, and I like the short form about 1,000x more than the long, pregnancy version.  Still, she looks pretty and happy and I for that I have to go IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I think she looks awesome, and I am especially fond of her hairstyle. Good choice. She should wear her hair straight more often.

  • Carrieanno

    IN.  Late stage of pregnancy is not exactly a walk in the park, and she’s doing it beautifully.  Wish we’d had today’s maternity style options back in the day.

  • Summer Born

    IN cuz I think she looks pretty darn good.

    (Btw, “Expectant mothers should be kept discreetly from the public’s sight!” – LOL! You guys have the best sense of humor.)

  • MandyJane

    If we were only shown the first picture I would have said out, but then I scrolled down and saw the other angles and say IN. The first picture is hopefully just a bad shot, and anyone can take a bad picture preggo or not.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry, she looks like she was wearing a girdle over it & that girdle rolled halfway down. okay, make it spanx. same difference, more trendy. still, proper underpants wouldve made a huge difference.

    from the neck up she looks great, however.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry, she looks like she was wearing a girdle over it & that girdle rolled halfway down. okay, make it spanx. same difference, more trendy. still, proper underpants wouldve made a huge difference.

    from the neck up she looks great, however.

  • Claudia Berry

    omg poor girl.  i’ve been there and it’s such a major achievement just to put one foot in front of the other, let alone smile.  i’ll give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    thats an IN for sure!

  • Onika K Morris-Alleyne

    Is she STILL pregnant? I feel like she’s been pregnant for like 3 years

    • Erin

      Trust me, so does she.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT! She took a hip dress and turned it into a flotation device. There are much better options for styling big bellies.

  • Anonymous

    IN. :-)

  • Erin

    I think she did as well as she could under the circumstances, and damn her hair looks good.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    In, only because her excellent taste in baby daddies detracts from the questionable lip color.

  • AWStevens

    The dress is way too small for her.  WAY TOO SMALL.  OUT

  • Alexandria N

    IN! i like that lipstick shade. and she has gorgeous hair. and she looks happy. and she doens’t look like a whale or a servent of yore.

  • Anonymous

    Out, because the dress is awful and she’s got big clown cheeks and hiddy bangs and a pasted on forced smile and the poor woman should be home in sweats with her feet up. 

  • Anonymous

    IN, but I’m not digging the shiny orange makeup. I’m feel sooo uncomfortable on her behalf. So glad the prego days are far behind me, bless.

  • up with pod people

    aw, she’s dear. In!

  • Pearse

    IN for bothering not to show up in a maternity shirt, stretch pants, and frizzy hair. And I love that fabric. It’s so shiny. 

  • Anonymous

    She has a beautiful glow to her, but I don’t really like the dress on her or the model.  I’ll excuse the fit issues on Bryce because of how drastically and how quickly her body is changing shape right now, but the stripe just seems tacky to me, and the fabric doesn’t drape well, especially over the ever-growing baby bump.  I reluctantly have to say OUT, but it’s all because of the dress.

  • Sara Munoz

    Now THAT is pregnancy hair. Gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    In, she’s a proud mommy-to-be. There isn’t a garment out there that will disguise it. This one celebrates it.

  • myblackfriendsays

    IN. Pregnant women should always be told they look beautiful/fantastic/great or some variation thereof (:

  • accidental housewife

    She looks radiant. IN

  •ês-Martins/100000345906318 Inês Martins

    I just love maternity… :) IN! (though I hate the first pic……)

    • margaret meyers

      The first pic is scary.

      •ês-Martins/100000345906318 Inês Martins

        yeah… utterly!

  • Emily

    In.  Love the colors and she looks cute.  Agree that the lip is too strong.

  • Guest

    Out. looks cheap and tacky. Her hair looks fab, lipstick is too strong. So, -1+1-1 = -1 aka OUT

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Just the fact that she’s still smiling suggests that she’s going to be a super-mom — at that point in pregnancy, I was usually snarling and throwing things, I was so miserable from being kicked and punched from the inside, not to mention being unable to sleep and having to pee every 5 minutes.  But I do think the dress looks great as well as comfortable, and other than the comments about her makeup, I honestly can’t find a thing to criticize.  And I hope she has a fast, easy labor with a nice healthy baby at the end — that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

    • accidental housewife

      “And I hope she has a fast, easy labor with a nice healthy baby at the end — that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?”

      Yes, exactly. And I give her credit for making the effort to look good. Even if I had found something to criticize, I don’t think I could bring myself to say it. She could have shown up in sweat pants and a t-shirt and I’d give her a pass.

  • Anonymous

    I think the radiant glow, that she is exhibiting, is due to gamma particles being emitted just before going supernova.

  • Anonymous

    Neither IN nor OUT.  Pregnant women past 8 months get a pass from all critiques.  Just say she’s beautiful and glowing and leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The dress is terrible for her. Expectant mothers are lovely. They just need to dress better than this.

  • Anonymous

    In.  I think she looks good considering that she looks like she is due any day now. Maternity clothes have come so far in the years since I wore them, I’m always jealous of the great looks that they have now.

  • Anonymous

    All I can see is her belly and her lipstick. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    How long has this woman been pregnant?  It seems like forever.  Even more so for her, I suppose.  Anyway, the dress looks cheap and I don’t like her hair or lipstick.  In spite of all that, she looks happy, serene and pretty.

  • Mary Gallagher

    Hasn’t she been pregnant for the past 3 years?
    Anyway, my quibbles with this are minor. IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN, just for the fact she can still manage to stand at this point.

  • margaret meyers

    Girl is retaining water!  We’re LUCKY we can’t see her ankles or we would all burst into tears at what motherhood does to us. 

  • Emily Smith

    In even if I didn’t like it I’d say in cause she is HELLA preggos

  • Tiger Gray

    It’s beautiful. The stripes elongate her nicely. Not good when she scrunches it up to cradle the belly, but hey. IN. 

  • Anonymous

    She gets an IN just because she’s standing up and smiling. But seriously, she looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    In on radiance alone. I hate the dress on the model, so I’m not going to like it any more on Bryce. I’d give her an IN just for looking cheerful–which I never did when I was that pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is ugly on the model, but I’m giving her an IN just because she didn’t wear something twee with ruffles. Not much looks good when you’re bigger than a barn but this is adequate maternity wear. She looks sweet.
    All I could do when I was that pregnant was sit in a chair and pretend I could see my feet. She deserves a medal for brushing her hair and finding lipstick – that was more than I managed when I was her size!

  • Marissa

    IN! I think she looks wonderful. That dress is interesting and flattering with her coloring. I would have liked to see a color on her nails, though but that doesn’t count for anything.

  • Anonymous

    I’d judge this one an IN even without figuring in a maternity curve.

  • Rachel Lee

    IN! She looks amazing and glowing.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    IN!  But I get tired of that pregnant pose.  I just had my third, and I’ve never given that pose.

    • accidental housewife

      Do you mean the “holding her belly” pose? I don’t think I’ve never seen a pregnant woman do that in real life, but I see it all the time on television. I’ve been wondering if women actually do that and I just never noticed it (although how I could miss it is beyond me 😉   )

  • Catherine Rhodes

    IN. (Only because it’s NOT Hillary Duff’s lime green mini from the other day.)

  • Anonymous

    Oy.  Anyone that far along get an IN for being in public and sporting a glow and a smile.  Somebody needs to find her a seat and wait on her hand and foot.

  • Amy LeBaron Ennis

    The first shot is very unflattering to her belly. It cuts her in half in a weird way. But the other angles look good. She’s beautiful, so we’ll forgive the dress!

  • LaSherra Green

    This should have been a WERK: Preggers edition.

  • Anonymous

    In she looks GREAT,  at that point in the pregnancy she is uncomfortable about 10 different ways  and yet still is smiling and she looks beautiful – inside and out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not thrilled with the modifications that have been made to that dress. But she looks beautiful. IN!

  • Anonymous

    IN, if for nothing else than making the effort when it would have been a whole lot easier to stay home.  Plus, everyone would have understood had she stayed at home, so extra points for going out & dressing up anyway.  Cute color, cute hair!  I’d love to see the model version on someone else who’s not about to deliver… this calling Emma Stone’s name?  With the coordinating tights?

  • Anonymous

    In minority I suspect but out. The shape, fabric, that line down the side, not werqing for her. She looks beautiful, the dress does not.

  • Anonymous

    She is glowing but the dress does not work, so out.

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks radiant.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, I just don’t like that brown….but she looks great so In?

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Anyone wearing that smile while *that pregnant* gets an instant automatic IN.  Bless, indeed!

  • Rachel Council

    IN, but I wish that fabric were less shiny, and that the cut didn’t do weird things to her bump.

  • MilaXX

    IN! She typically leans toward boring earth mother looks when making RC appearances. (Seriously does she have a baby between EVERY film?) Here she looks radiant, glowing and still stylish. Whoever styled her deserves an award.

  • Anonymous

    IN! Beautiful colours. She looks lovely.

  • Susan Collier

    In! I’d kill to look that chic in the 3rd trimester. The best I could conjure up at that point was Earth Mother Wearing Crocs.

  • Melanie Clark

    I’m not sure what it is about the fabric, but it makes it look as if her stomach is actually caved IN. So it only seems appropriate to give her an IN

    • Lisa

      Yeah, in that very first picture, it looks like there’s a horizontal dent right across the center of her stomach, or that she has two bumps one on top of the other.  Must be the camera angle.  But she looks fine in the rest of the photos.

  • penn collins

    In. The second pic is MUCH better, and considering how big she is….well, bless her for getting out on a runway. There is not much you can do to downplay this…..enjoy it!

  • Lisa

    In.  I mean, damn, I don’t envy her right now, that has to be uncomfortable as hell!  But despite that assumed discomfort, she looks lovely.

  • Melvis Velour

    IN – she’s got a lovely glow, looks very happy to be in the final hundred meters but I agree, the lip is just a bit too strong for her complexion.

  • Kelley Comfort

    Love her look and love her! I’ve always thought she was gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    In- and you are right about the lip – it is too strong. It competes with the orange in her dress and the red in her hair.  

  • Barbora


  • Ana Cedillo

    IN: she looks great its just a little tight between the bust and the belly area, thats where she looks uncomfortable. but then again, i have no clue what its like to be that pregnant so who cares, she looks great! good for her, she looks far better than natalie portman ever did when she was pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    I recall that stage of pregnancy and give her props for being out and about and having the good sense to cover her ankles.  She looks gorgeous … Nothing special about the dress but then again doesn’t seem to much matter.

  • Anonymous

    IN! Even the lipstick.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love the dress, and she seems too shiny, and the lip does clash with her hair.  Still, with all that I still can’t seem to give her an out.  When someone is this pregnant and still standing and smiling, she gets an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I disagree on the colors — the stripes especially — flattering her.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress.  It’s IN for me, but not necessarily because of the dress.  She looks beautiful, confident.  I could do without the “I’m preggers!” pose with the hand below her belly, though.  I like the fact that she looks like a REAL pregnant woman.  Not a waif trying to maintain her figure while pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    In. It’s a lovely attempt to wear a cute dress while pregnant.  When you’ve reached that stage there’s just not a lot you can do to avoid looking like an uncomfortable and overstuffed pregnant lady. Sometimes, you even look way worse than you feel, which is dispiriting.

  • Anonymous

    not feeling any of it but God bless.

  • Lauren St Martin


  • Anonymous

    I was gonna call it an IN before you guys rallied for her.  I can’t say I LOVE it, but it’s still an IN

  • Natasha Fairweather


  • Addicted2Glamour

    Not really feeling the dress. But I gotta give her props for even making the effort. If I were this pregnant I’d be on the sofa at home, attached to a Nutella Drip and getting my damn feet rubbed. And she DOES have that “pregnant glow” people talk about. She just radiates. IN.

  • Karenlibrarian

    Agreeing completely with Addicted2Glamour, Bryce looks great — when I was that pregnant, I could barely get my shoes on, much less a photo-op.  She is really glowing.  IN!

    Where can I get a Nutella drip?

  • Geno Boggiatto

    It’s not my favorite dress to begin with – but it looks great one her, and she really is glowing. IN!

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I like her lip color. Although I do theater, so I am slightly biased when it comes to a red lip.

    She’s an IN for me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN, fabulous and HUGE. Sorry. But she is one the largest pregnant ladies I’ve ever seen.

  • Joyce VG

    Woahwow.  IN. Just cuz.

  • Anonymous

    I want to like it but I can’t get there.  The color, the stripe, it just does nothing for her.  I can’t believe I am going to write this but I’m beginning to think the traditional empire waist dress is a pregnant girl’s best friend.  

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    IN. Gorgeous. Love the clutch.

  • GQueen

    In, but why does every pose have to be her in some way holding her belly? I thought that those were made to stay on?

  • Samantha Irene

    I’m just impressed she made it out the door! Props for looking good at the same time! IN

  • Brittany

    In – I give her credit for walking out the front door, period, never mind looking all glowy and bouncy.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I like the dress better short but I think she looks great, especially given the fact that she looks ready to pop. IN.

  • LocMama

    I give her an IN just for the effort of getting dressed, made up, accessorized, & smiling.  I avoided anything formal when pregnant just so I wouldn’t have to choose anything or bother decorating my glowing (read: puffy) face.

  • Rhonda Hanson

    She looks great.

  • Judy_J

    She looks very pretty, but I’m just not loving that dress.  Somehow it’s making her belly look lumpy instead of round.  I give her an IN just for the hair and makeup, and for the fact that she did get all dolled up in spite of carrying that rather large load.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      exactly! she doesn’t need to hide, she just needs a dress that doesn’t make her look like a PILE of LUMPS!

  • Anplica Fiore

    In – she looks better than many expecting moms on the red carpet!

  • Anonymous

    IN – she looks better than I do and I’m not preggers…as for the lip color, I don’t think it’s the strength of the color vs. it’s just the wrong color – too summery, pinky-orange.  If she’d gone a bit deeper, a bit more brick, it would have popped in a good way.  But I quibble.  

  • oohsparkley!

    Bless her for looking like a normal pregnant person and not just a toned fitness fanatic with a small basketball under her dress.  I feel for her – looks like she’s ready to pop any second.