In or Out: Blake Lively in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on November 02, 2011

Sometimes, despite our different backgrounds, both T and Lo will look at some getup and come up with the exact same reference. Sometimes, to our pleasant surprise, we do that married couple telepathy thing and both come up with the same obscure reference.

So it was with Blake’s little ensemble here.

Blake Lively in Dolce & GabbanaBlake Lively attends the Christian Louboutin Cocktail party in New York City in a Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with Christian Louboutin shoes.

Blake Lively in Dolce & Gabbana

Blake Lively in Dolce & Gabbana

Blake Lively in Dolce & Gabbana

Allow us to demonstrate. Our reactions, upon viewing these pics.

T: Ohmigod.

Lo: That top looks like a bathing suit —

T: — in 1984. And speaking of 1984–

Lo: — Hello, shoes. They just keep on pushing my love over the borderline.

T: Right? It’s like she’s a tragic Madonnabe walking a Jersey Shore boardwalk …

Lo: … wearing last night’s skirt and pumps over a bathing suit.


T: Wait. Is this a Halloween costume or not?


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IN! It’s feminine and retro, you judgmental bitches.


Voting on Joe Manganiello’s unkempt mob enforcer look is still as wide open as his legs in that shot of him sitting down. That sent you running, didn’t it, kittens?

[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • Anonymous

      OUT… no matter how boobs-legsy it is.

    • Anonymous

      Oh. Dear. God. Out.

    • Joyce VG

      hahahahah. OUT. hahahhahahaha.

      • Ass Kicking Adviser

        This is exactly what I was going to write when I first saw the post. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, indeed!

    • Anonymous

      1984 Boardwalk Slut!

      Hell, even if I liked the outfit (which I don’t), I’d have to vote for that because it is hilarious!

      • ali meowmeow

        You know, it’s one of those things where I would be totally unsurprised if the remark for “IN” was one day “1984 BOARDWALK SLUT!”, but here, it’s definitely “1984 BOARDWALK SLUT” and it’s definitely “OUT.”

        (I’m waiting for that day, though. I’m pretty sure if someone like Chloe Moretz did it well, we’d be cheering “1984 BOARDWALK SLUT!” the same way we might shout “WERQ!”)

        … “1984 BOARDWALK SLUT”… it’s just too fun to type.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. This look like Blake’s application to be the spokeswoman for Madge and daughter’s clothing line Material Girl.  Gotta be honest, she’s better suited for that than Chanel.

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Totally agree.

    • Tiger Gray

      Somehow I can’t help but love it, even though I totally see the swimsuit comparison. (my mother had one just like that, except the flowers were red) IN. 

    • Mags


    • Kathleen Getaz

      Honestly though, I like the skirt.  I agree that the shirt is a little bit swimsuit-esque, but the skirt is cute.  But shoes, hair, everything else…I don’t know, it does say a little bit “boardwalk.”

    • Anonymous

      Great caption! But now I have King Crimson playing in my head…
      oh, and *out* obviously

    • Anonymous

      Brrrr, toe cleavage. Out.

    • Anonymous

      I’m imagining this conversation:

      Dolce: I’m seeing a bodice, floral
      Gabbana: Like the American athlete, Esther Williams, only updated!
      Dolce: With Hawaii print!
      Gabbana: [smacks head] Madonna mia!
      Dolce: Si! Like Madonna would wear if it was 1984!
      Gabbana: And she was playing Esther Williams. . .
      Dolce: [overlapping] . . . wearing a slip like
      Together: Gina Lollabrigida!
      Gabbana: Shorter, of course.
      Dolce: It goes without saying.
      Gabbana: Styling will be very important. . . .
      Dolce, Si, si. Where shall have dinner?

      • Anonymous

        I can hear that and see that in my head and I’m laughing out loud.

      • Anonymous

        Later, after seeing the finished product, the house gays at D & G rise up as one and say to their bosses, “NO, signori!  Questa vestita e un incubo!  A nightmare!  Gli amici di Tom & Lorenzo will say OUT!  NON DI MODA!”

        But do the capi listen?  Does the stylist listen?  Does Blake Lively listen?  No, and what a shame…….peccato.

        • Anonymous

          Si, si, questo vestito puzza!

        • Anonymous

          Just when I think this blog has entertained me in every way possible, I am proven wrong.  Thank-you. (& Brooklyn Bomber as well!)

      • Rand Ortega

        The (because if there are others, you’re the penultimate) BB: Always on point. Brill.

        • Anonymous


      • Patricia Biswanger


        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That’s just awful.  The top is very swimsuit and that print has a scale that is just wasted on those cuts.  The lace trim on the skirt takes it to lingerie and the whole thing looks cheap.  Which it most certainly is not.  Love the shoes though….

    • Anonymous

      Can’t get beyond the icky dress. Out. But please give me her shoes to reappropriate them into a better outfit…STAT!

    • Robert Sanchez

      Out. She looks cheap from head to toe.

    • Amanda Semrick

      You guys nailed it – OUT. 

    • Vaniljekjeks

      Definitely boardwalk slut, but the look becomes her.  In.  

      • marlie

        I wonder if her stylist will appreciate that. 😛

    • Judy S

      Ugh. OUT. Why are her shoes too big? What’s the point of wearing insanely expensive shoes if they don’t fit? Even if she walked in and picked them out of a Louboutin bin of loaners, she ought to be able to find a pair that fit.

      • Anonymous

        You know, I used to wonder that about a lot of celebs because so many seemed to have that problem, but the more heels I wear the more I realize that in some you just *are* sliding into the toes. As far as your toes are concerned, the shoes are the right size – going one down causes intense pain. The way to fix that would be to put some kind of insert in them, but if they’re loaners she might not be allowed.

        (Or have custom-made shoes, which is one of my luxurious, I’ll-never-have-that daydreams. Like many people, I have one foot that’s slightly larger than the other, and it would be such a joy to have shoes made expressly for my 10 little piggies!)

        Re: Blake – OUT. This is terrible, beyond even her usual skin show. The Fug Girls pointed out that she was classing things up for a bit while she was dating Leo, but sadly for all of us that was temporary.

      • Anonymous

        The loaner shoes are usually size 9, because they’re usually samples, and most models being tall need the larger size. My sister worked as a stylist for a while, and says that’s all they would get, size 9. 

        • BerlinerNYC

          Thank you! Assuming your sister is right (I mean, that her stylist experience is true for the whole industry), that is actually really useful information.
          And of course by “useful,” I mean beyond trivial, but it at least it makes red-carpet photos on fashion blogs make more sense. :-)

    • Kara Lang Guminski

      1984 Boardwalk Slut!

    • broshar

      You know, you say to yourself, “There are some young women who are so perfect, so gorgeous, that they can wear anything they want and it will look good.” And then you see this. Irresistible girl and unwearable object.

    • Anonymous

      Out. You are absolutely right.  That outfit looks like it came straight from the Wildwood boardwalk in 1984.

    • Mariah J

      OUT…I’m pretty sure even 1984 would call this an out

    • Anonymous

      Shoes: Sally trying to walk in a pair of Betty’s evening pumps.
      Cute bathing suit, actually — pairing black with a Lands End floral is edgy. 
      Nice skirt.
      Unfortunately, 2 + 1 + 1 = 0. Out. 

    • Ali

      I’d like the shoes with a more restrained dress. The dress is horrible. There’s no redeeming that thing.

    • Rosh

      I would love the shoes in a better outfit…but she is OUT!

    • Anonymous

      aside from the dress which is truly repulsive, how does she not step out of her shoes when she walks?…is there any question it’s an OUT!

    • Anonymous

      I thought Laura Dern in “Wild at Heart”. Same era, though. Out, unless Nicolas Cage is standing next to her wearing snakeskin.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for that flashback!

    • Laura Schultz

      Srsly. Are those shoes glued to her feet? So big. Hate this. Going out in your underwear without a dress is just OUT. 

    • Anonymous

      The 1984 reference had me thinking the book rather than the year. haha needless to say I was a bit confused for a little while.

    • marlie

      So, so, so very OUT. And no TLo mention of the hair that she didn’t even bother to brush?

      (But I want the shoes. Just sayin’.)

    • Anonymous

      Poor Boobs Legsly. She never gets it right.

      OUT! 1984 BOARDWALK SLUT! Hahaaaa. God how I love T & Lo.

    • Anonymous

      Too too funny and oh so true.  Boardwalk slut!  It’s all very Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Including this decade’s incarnation of the Bonnie Tyler hair.

      Boardwalk Slut Empire would be an awesome show.  Wildwood, New Jersey — 1974.  Vietman vets owning record shops and riding motorcycles.  Really goodlooking psychopathic summer boyfriends who break into your rental and steal all your roomate’s stereo equipment while your hostessing at the diner, wondering if the cute quick-fry guy is really going to law school, Rutgers, or just trying to get into your swimsuit.   Starring: Blake Lively and someone you’ve never heard of before.

      Anything that brings about your post above, TLo, is a definite IN!

    • Barbora Megová

      OUT. Blake can do it much better.

    • Anonymous

      Oh girl. You make me tired. Go put some clothes on. OUT. 

    • Alexander Peterhans

      Oh well OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think the hair takes a total backseat to the tragic, ahem, dress. But you’ve got a point.

    • Geno Boggiatto

      OUT!!!! Just because the reference is kind of amazing. I’m sort of in love with the shoes though, they’re so trashy chic.

    • Lauren St Martin

      In! I like it.

    • Anonymous

      Outy outy. I think the shoes are kind of fabulous, though. (Probably because I was not around for 1984.) Just with something else.

    • Beth

      Blake’s OUT – and you two are IN for that hilarious post.

    • Mari Rose

      OMG, GTF OUT

    • Anonymous

      You guys kill me! Out!!!

    • Vickie Lord

      Boobs OR legs, Slut!

    • Anonymous

      1984.  Isn’t that the year crack was invented?   Explains alot about the fashion of the time.  

    • Kathleen Gillies

      oi, all she needs is a big golden hanging earring and be Desperately Seeking….. her shirt. Honestly, didn’t she feel like she was forgetting something?  
      I also immediately thought bathing suit…. camisole…. slip… with EfMeHeels…  All she needs is bigger hair with one of those banana clips, more gold jewelry and it’s Mystic Pizza.

      • Janie R

        Don’t forget the fluffy bangs!

        • Kathleen Gillies

          Sprayed to perfection w/Aqua Net.  Lots of bangle bracelets too.

    • rynerman

      Out.  Nothing is redeeming about this.  It’s giving me terrible early to mid 1980s flashbacks.

    • Anonymous

      I was around in 84 and yes, total 1984 (in my case) downriver Madonnabe.  All she needs is crazy tall bangs and a jean jacket.

    • Susan Crawford

      All she needs is the mallrat hair and a lot of brown lipliner pencil and WOOT – there it is: THE ’80’s! Out, out, way out.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. She makes everything she wears look OUT. 

    • Rashida Jones

      Out. I really like the shoes but they need to be paired with something more modern and cute. 

    • myblackfriendsays

      I got the Madonna part! OUT!

    • Liana Brooks

      OUT… please tell me that was a Halloween costume.

    • tom markiewicz

      1984 boardwalk slut.

    • Anonymous

      Out.  Like you said, 1984 Boardwalk Slut.  Hideous in 2011.

    • Allison Woods

      OMG I totally had that bathing suit.


    • Anonymous

      I went for a more recent reference of Mischa Barton.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      Not only is it horrid, but she looks like she has a pooch. And, I’m willing to believe there is not an ounce of fat on the girl. What a tragic ensemble. OUT

    • { edi } ilovetrash


    • Michelle Young

      I actually love the shoes, but you crack me up with the 1984 Boardwalk Slut!  Out!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      OUT. Serious scroll-down WTF.
      That top could have been pretty in a retro lingerie kind of way if it had been accompanied by something less tight, short, and high-waisted.

      I can’t with the hair.

    • Janie R

      It’s feminine and retro in a 1984 boardwalk slut sort of way. Out.

      What is with this chick? Is it DIY?

    • Helen C

      And this chick is a “fashion icon”, noted for a healthy image and non-camera-whoring, and the face of Chanel.  

      Did she get new implants?Whoever her agent is, he/she must be a legend in the industry. And I’m really sick of her supposed-bubbly-smiles.  So fake.  OUT. 

    • Anonymous

      OUT of course. 

      ’80s bathing suit is the perfect analogy for that top.  Her hair looks like she just got out of the pool too,  She’s a mess.

    • Addicted2Glamour

      Even if I were a straight man this great big-ole mess of boobs, bleached blonde, black-something-or-other-with-lace and blinged-out pumps would still be just a laughable, unfortunate tragedy. Do we even have to call it OUT ? 

    • Anonymous

      I hate her in this but for someone else I would love it. I think it’s kind of outlandishly fabulous. Maybe Naya Rivera, Becki Newton, Aliya-Jasmine Sovani or Emily Blunt? 

    • Anonymous

      I love you two.  I got the same vibes from this.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  Spectacularly bad.  And she looks so happy…was she drunk?

    • Anonymous


      And her shoes don’t fit.  I might start calling everyone in ill fitting shoes OUT.

    • Taylor

      So out. But if Katy Perry were to do 1984 Boardwalk Slut, she would probably WERQ it!

    • Catherine Rhodes

      OUT. I can’t understand why, but she always looks tacky.

    • Anonymous

      OUT Boardwalk slut is he perfect judgement to sum this look up.  Her hair and makeup are pretty though (because I just can’t bare to not say something nice, am I on the wrong blog? lol)

      Also,  you caught me with the last line about Joe M!!  I already voted and I was still getting ready to go click back see how open the possibilities were.  Well played.  :) 

    • Anonymous

      I think I saw the In living Color Fly girls wear a similiar outfit… hideous.  The flowers do remind me of a bathing suit.

    • Anonymous

      Out. Boardwalk slut is not her look.

      The rich hippie thing she did in the first season of Gossip Girl is more her look, but she insists on going for trashy.

    • CQAussie

      Awful.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      out! and how can she walk properly with those shoes so big! 

    • Connie B. Verzak

      OUT. She’s got an amazing bod, but this manages to make her look both shoulder-paddy AND short-waisted. No good.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand, why isn’t “IN! 1984 BOARDWALK SLUT!” an option? Because that’s my vote.

    • MandyM

      How could you even ask? This is ridiculous! It’s painful to look at. OUT

      But it might be more suited to Lohan. LOL

    • Jyl Ayres

      I freaking love you two. So much more than you’ll ever know.

    • MilaXX

      OUT. Sad thing is I think the gyno skirt could have worked with a different top. The shoes are too busy for that flower-y thing she has on.
      if you are modeling fancy, expensive shoes, you might want to get a pair that actually fit.

    • Meredith Mollohan

      She’s beautiful–but I thought being a celebrity meant you had people who could make your hair look A-may-zing instead of “meh.”

    • Wendy Kaufman

      Out, it does look way too 80’s swimsuit—and the shoes are too big.

    • Democracy Diva


    • Sara Munoz

      Not just any bathing suit. A body-slimming bathing suit from the JC Penney catalog.

      In 1984.

      OUT. Obviously.

    • Anonymous

      Love the shoes but this ish is tragic. So OUT even Snooki is holding her bumpit in shame for the poor child.

    • Anonymous

      Am I dating myself by saying it looks like she is wearing a slip? She forgot to put the dress on…

    • Anonymous


    • Emily Faber

      I’m a little disappointed in you guys for the use of the word “slut”, especially in a negative way. I love you guys, but slut-shaming is not okay. I know this is just a funny post on the internet, but this is the kind of thing that allows slut-shaming to continue. Your post is basically implying that the outfit is bad because she looks like a “slut”, and the reason she looks like that is because she looks like she’s on a walk of shame. That’s saying a lot more than you guys probably meant for it to say, so just be careful in the future about word choice. Thanks! 

      • Alexandria

        Oh, come on.

        • Emily Faber

          I can’t believe as a woman, you’d say something like that. 

    • Emily Faber


    • Megan Moore

      So out.

    • Anonymous

      “They just keep on pushing my love over the boardline….” TLO, thanks for making my day suddenly better.

      Oh, OUT, FYI.  No saving it.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Oh shoot, I thought we were going to reference Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. But I’ll take the 1984 Madonna reference. Works for me. But what isn’t working is this hiddy, hiddy outfit. She didn’t even brush her hair – wtf?  Is she tipping…down the path…the Brittany/Lindasy path? hmmmm…it always starts with looking shabby on the carpet. hmmm.

    • siao

      IN. When I first saw this, I thought, “Wow, that is super cute!” then I scrolled down to see TLo’s thoughts and was like, “…Oh.” I still think it’s cute as, and great shoe choice too. Can’t deny she’s rocking it the way only Boobs Legsly can.

    • Anonymous

      Look, you guys! It’s sexy Paula Poundstone!
      PS – Out.

    • Alexandria

      IN. Though she may not be the best actress in Hollywood, I just find something about her so appealing. Girl can do no wrong.

    • Celia

      I think Kelly Kapowski wore the same outfit on an episode of Saved By The Bell.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Yeah… OUT. The beachy hair doesn’t help either…

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t alive in 1984, but I definitely see the boardwalk slut in this look. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. That’s slugly (It’s my new combo of slutty and ugly inspired by this outfit). While alone these pieces may be questionable, together they are some much trashier and unattractive than the sum of their parts. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      1984 BOARDWALK SLUT. I <3 TLO.

    • Anonymous

      Totally 1984 boardwalk slut. Lmao. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      It kind of reminds me of something Sarah Jessica Parker’s character would have worn in that movie with Steve Martin. 

    • Anonymous

      Is she trying to say to us, “I’m so beautiful I can wear clown vomit and still look great!”? Because, no, she doesn’t. OUT!

    • John Hixenbaugh

      Worse yet, reminds me of Julie Brown as Madonna walking the Jersey Shore.

    • Hannah Penfield

      I’m always terribly contrary. I really like it, actually. Probably because I’m too young to remember 1984. IN.

    • Emily Roach

      In! It’s fun as heck. And Blake can make you questions “Is this high fashion or annoying/ugly?” and I love that about her!

    • Amanda Welliver

      I had that bathing suit.  In 1984.

    • Anonymous

      Definite out. Just looks wrong in so many ways.

    • Anonymous

      OUT!  1984 BOARDWALK SLUT!

      My partner and I read this out loud.  I was T and he was Lo….. we couldn’t stop laughing.

      You’re so right, especially with the shoes.

    • Traci Rai

      I love that it looks like a 1984 boardwalk slut, but a slut for today! IN.

    • hilary rose


    • Aaminah Khan

      I really love it. But then, I’m a huge fan of hers.

      IN, but I’m acknowledging my bias.

    • Anonymous

      My first thought upon scrolling down to the pic was ‘holy shit.’ And not in a good way. Out.

    • Anonymous

      WHY ARE HER SHOES TOO BIG?!?!?  Sorry, I got carried away there for a minute…

      She is a slutty McSlutterson in this outfit O-U-T

    • Anonymous

      She is always OUT. I just don’t get why she is famous. She is so average looking, talentless and she makes everything look cheap. Grr.

    • Paige Boerman

      1984 Boardwalk Slut! OUT.

    • NoFun Angie

      Out! All I see is Kelly Bundy from Married With Children. Probably not what she was trying to go for.  

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow. Haven’t seen an OUT that’s so OUT in a long time.

    • Anonymous

      Out.  But if I had that gorgeous skin, I’d probably just walk around naked.  So I admire her restraint.

    • Ashleigh Boutelle


    • Anonymous

      OUT. Seriously unflattering to her killer bod.

    • Anonymous

      Holy mother of Jehovah.  Blake, you are a beautiful woman with a KNOCK OUT body.  Why do you want to look like you just walked out of the party at the trailer park rec room? 

    • JillK

      Incredibly, I thought the exact same thing you guys did — bathing suit and cover-up. O.U.T. Out!

    • Anonymous

      Painfully ugly.  Out.  

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Just awful…and the shoes look blood/paint spattered and kind of creep me out. Great smile though.

    • Natalie

      Out, outdated and tacky

    • korilian

      Not really charmed by the slut calling. Just saying. 

    • Anonymous

      Too much skin, though I do like the shoes. OUT.

    • Melissa Della

      I don’t know if my vote will come in on tiime, but OUT!

    • Claudia Gilbert

      I really like the shoes…

    • Samantha Irene

      1980’s boardwalk slut!

    • Anonymous

      The first thought that entered my mind was that quote you have where she claims she’s “shy”.

    • Anonymous

      You SURE this isn’t a Halloween costume left over?  I mean, maybe she didn’t have time to get home and change before walking the RC?  I’m just saying….

      Yes.  An OUT-OUT-OUT.

    • Kelly Kobiela

      I want to hate it, but I kind of adore the crazy boardwalk slut look. I vote IN.

    • Anonymous

      Love the shoes!  The rest is in IN by a nose hair.

    • Karine Briere

      1984 Boardwalk Slut – but I’d be into that, if the shoes were different.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      OUT.  She looks ridiculous.  She credits herself being her own stylist.  Well hunny, you’ve made it blatantly apparent.  The only acceptable part….the shoes.  Isn’t she the face of Chanel?  How?  Coco is spinning in her grave right now.   

    • Emily

      Out. Period.

    • Brad and Anne White

      I know she had to find an outfit to match the fab shoes for the CL party, but this was all she could find? OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT, she looks ridiculous.  Boobs Legsly fails again.

    • Anonymous

      OUT – it’s a bathing suit and a black slip. Try again D&G.

    • Anonymous

      OUT bitch…OUT

      Boobs Legsly is schupting ScarJo’s ex and wearing ScarJo’s brand.
      Desperate much.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Now I can’t stop seeing a bathing suit.

    • Anonymous

      Boardwalk Slut.  Paz de la Huerta should rip this off her body – it obviously came out of her closet.

    • Erin Nice

      Out. Waste of a fabulous pair of Louboutins.

    • Anonymous

      A slut for 1984 or any other year. Beyond OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  For your hilariously stated reasons and also that she never does it for me.  I just think she’s another Young Blonde Chick who’s on TV and bangs hot dudes.  There is nothing unique or striking about her.  Not that she’s ugly or anything, there’s just nothing special about her.

      And her best feature – her hair?  She looks like she slept on a NJ beach with the shit.  Honey, don’t waste your assets.  You don’t seem to forget your boobs and legs.  Don’t forget your hair!

    • Anonymous

      thats awful! OUT

    • Jenna Thomas-Mckie

      It isn’t even a skirt over a bathing suit – it’s a half-slip over a bathing suit.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      only she can be that fit and toned and make clothing look horrible.

    • Jessica

      Out. Awful awful awful.

    • Deitra S.

      Out – complete 1984 Boardwald Slut.  And someone get her some conditioner STAT!  Or, I don’t know…a brush.  Did she walk to the red carpet in a wind tunnel?

    • Cathy S

      Out. Even before your hilarious critique. So very out.

    • Anonymous

      Out. Girl, put some clothes on.

    • Anonymous

      I’m always confused when pretty girls like her try so damn hard. Honey, we know you’re sexy. We don’t need black lace AND snake skin AND a bustier AND bright pink. OUT. slut.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, god, make it stop!

      A huge OUT.

    • rebecca

      Out out outty out!

    • Anonymous

      Unbelievable. Too ugly to say anything at all. And her shoes are too big.

    • Anonymous

      so ugly. so out.

    • aimee_parrott

      1984 Boardwalk Slut!! 

      so OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. And stars, stop wearing shoes that are too big for you. We notice, preciousses…oh yes we do.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


      Bathing suit was my first thought.

    • Claudia Fernandes

      Love the shoes. Hate them with the outfit

    • Julie Fountain

      Out! And I’m so ridiculously proud that I was thinking “It’s too Desperately Seeking Susan” before I read y’all’s comments! 

    • Anonymous

      But I will nitpick with the other commenters. The lace? Too heavy a thread to be lingerie. More like a pillow or towel trim. Skirt? Did we even notice that ugly elastic waistband? Top? No. Just no.

      But I love the shoes. And if there ever was a right pair of shoes for this outfit, those are the ones.

    • Merneith

      Honestly …. I kind of like it. Oh, it’s tacky as hell but somehow it works. Maybe because she’s obviously happy about it. She thinks she looks great and that always helps. I gave Joe Manganiello an Out because his look didn’t really suit him. This look here – shiny and kind of cheap looking but fun – suits her.


    • Anonymous

      OUT! My grandma owned that swimsuit.  I do covet the shoes, though.  Don’t judge me!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously trashy looking. Unless you’re at the beach.

    • Kerry McCombs

      I kinda like it. In.

    • Anonymous

      OUT..I’m pretty sure I wore this outfit in 1984.  The floral bustier, and bustiers in general, were really hot at the time.   I remember those multicolor “python” pumps too, because I had a pair.

    • Emily Johnson

      1984 Boardwalk Slut all the way!

    • Anonymous

      Are Dolce & Gabbana just flipping through their old designs and re-issuing them? Is it me, or do they just put out the same bra-dress over and over again? Not that I mind too much, I would probably wear nothing but Dolce & Gabbana bra-dresses if I had the money.

    • Robin D. Layton


    • Cheri Lee

      UGH! OUT!

    • Anonymous


    • Deborah Lipp

      Out. Also, can these women PLEASE wear shoes that at least PRETEND to fit?

    • Anonymous

      I’m just missing the hat or big hairbow. Ah, 1984. High school graduation. Thanks for the memories, Boardwalk Slut!

    • Anonymous

      If the trim on a skirt is CROCHETED, it’s an automatic out.  Shoes are okay though.

    • Anonymous

      1984 Boardwalk Slut! I think I have the name for my next all-girl punk-rock group. Or a shop where I sell clothes just like this. Or maybe just a song. Can you hearing the pounding back beat of 1984 Boardwalk Slut?

    • M M


      • Anonymous

        1984 Boardwalk Slut, to be precise!

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      gross. OUT.

      and dammit now that song is in my head!

    • Susan Collier

      Out. She sure makes that expensive dress and those expensive shoes look cheap, cheap, cheap!

    • Anonymous

      Out.  It looks like what you wear under what you really wear.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      Oh Lord, no. OUT! (And glad about this. It’s beyond any explanation why she is the image of anything. Bland and boring. Slightly ugly.)

    • Anonymous

      Trashy. OUT!

    • Anonymous

      HA! Oh, so very OUT, but how funny!

    • Rachel Lee

      1984 boardwalk slut! OUT! 😀 Nice boobs though. 

    • Anonymous

      OUT! You pegged it. I worked in Wildwood, NJ in 1984, the summer after my sophomore year of college, and this exact outfit could be seen up and down that boardwalk.

    • Anonymous

      yuck OUT

    • Dara Fargotstein

      Out. But I think the shoes are kind of fierce.

    • jaymeglynn


    • Anonymous

      I had this swimsuit in black in 1983. I’m just sad I never thought to pair it with a skirt like that. :(

    • Patricia Biswanger

      Having grown up not too far from the Jersey Shore, I can say, without qualification, that you nailed it.

    • kvlm

      definitely OUT!  boobs or legs, babe, boobs or legs.  (and who told her those shoes work???)

    • Amelia Logan

      Everything always looks cheap on her. At this point I would bet money that her D&G came from k-mart.

    • Alison McAfee

      the outfit is heinous, but I NEED, NEEEEED those shoes.

    • TerraBanks

      OUT. I was thinking swimsuit as soon as I saw it.

    • drdarke

      ::sigh:: Out – though I’m sure her new hubbie Ryan Douchenozzle Reynolds thinks she looks “HAWT!” in it….