In or Out: Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Posted on November 03, 2011

We’re not feeling this Annie look, dolls.


Anne Hathaway in Valentino CoutureAnne Hathaway attends the Princess Grace Awards Gala in New York City in a Valentino couture gown paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino CoutureValentino Fall 2011 Couture Collection/Model: Allaire Heisig (FORD)

Anne Hathaway in Valentino CoutureChristian Louboutin Pumps

Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture

Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture

Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture

It’s a very pretty dress with very pretty shoes. We can’t say it’s an exciting look, and that top half looks a bit too busy and heavy, but it’s all tasteful and relatively pretty, even if the fit in the bust isn’t so great. But what really needs discussing, girls, is the state of her makeup. WAY too heavy for such a colorless look, right? And she’s all shiny and her hair’s kind of flying away, and well, we’re just gonna say it. Annie honey, you look exhausted here. We suppose you’re the kind of girl who can’t say no to a Princess Grace Awards Gala, but if you’re still shooting your Catwoman scenes during the day, then we can see how you might look ready for a nap.


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IN! She looks sweet and twinkly. Like a grown-up Tinkerbell.

OUT! She looks washed out and tired. Like Casper in a cocktail dress. 

The final votes on Blake Lively’s 1984 boardwalk slut outfit and Joe Manganiello’s unkempt mob enforcer getup were both OUT. You kittens took no prisoners yesterday.

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  • Kevin Sprague


  • Dreadful.  I don’t like the dress at all and I don’t think it works for her.

  • MilaXX

    It’s a pretty dress and shoes, but I think it’s a bit old for her. It looks like something Julie Andrews should be wearing. The makeup is bad. Not too heavy, almost theatrical looking and the hair looks like she pinned it up to do her makeup and forgot to do it.

    • YES!  I also don’t like the undercolor which appears to be more on the tan than pink side (or is that just the different lighting?)

    • Anonymous

      Agree with everything you said. OUT indeed

  • Sara__B

    Wrong hair style and makeup! Even though the dress and shoes are truly pretty on their own, the styling (or lack thereof?) is making her look matronly. Maybe that means it’s the wrong dress, too. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful dress that looks better on the model.  Did Ms. H. have a breast enlargement?  She looks pneumatic and it’s blowing the dress kind of.  Too much lipstick and rouge.  Her features are so over the top to begin with … softer the make-up, the better.  Love the shoes.

  • Hate the ugly satin 80’s wedding shoes, crimes against boobs. Out.

  • Oh dear… I could let the dress go, really, but the hair? Somebody drag her back to the trailer and get her hair done! OUT

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Out. It’s so sheer that you can see her entire legs. The hair is not cute. I think they overdid the makeup so she didn’t look washed out.

  • I think she looks quite pretty and I like the make-up. IN

  • Anonymous

    I love the skirt part of the dress, but the top is seriously unflattering.  The shoes make the look too old too.

    • parissweetheart

      The dress is EH. The hair and makeup make it an OUT.

    • Anonymous


  • Julie A. Arms

    I want those shoes!!

  • I think she looks very pretty, she always looks better when she’s wearing jewel tones but I think this dress is gorgeous and I don’t really agree on the makeup criticism -her hair could use some work though-. 

  • I love it all in theory…but together, it’s a bit of an OUT.

  • Out. I feel like she could just do so much better. It’s funny how on some people, a look like this would be a huge improvement, but on AH, it’s just got me saying, “…meh.”

    Either way that hair is not attractive.

  • Anonymous

    Out, it just doesn’t work and I’m not feeling generous. 
    Still love you Annie, get some rest.

  • lovely.  IN.

  • Mariah J

    The fit seems a bit off, hair and makeup are a huge no, it had potential but it’s an OUT for me

  • Everything is too shiny here.
    The dress, the face.
    Nice effort, but out!

  • Now I am The Bee

    IDK.  I absolutley love her, and the dress is cool (although I really don’t want to see grannie panties through the skirt of a cocktail dress) and the shoes are killer…maybe it is the makeup that’s making her look drawn and tired.  Or…she’s just tired.
    I’d have to say OUT.  Sorry, hon.  Go home and go to bed. 

  • Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood

    I think the bust looks weird on her AND on the runway model.  Other than that, I think it’s a very pretty dress.  I agree about the make-up, though.  It seems way too harsh.  And the hair is bleh.  

  • Anonymous

    If this is what “exhausted” looks like, I hate to think what descriptors apply to me!

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s a conservative IN, especially considering the event she’s attending. I also don’t think the make-up is too heavy here – she needed a bit of colour on her face with that dress otherwise she would have looked completely washed out. Would have preferred that the shoes weren’t a satin material, but other than that – and I may be on my own here – I think she looks quite sweet and event appropriate. 

  • Everything on its own looks really nice, but there’s just something off about this look that I can’t quite place.  OUT.

  • I think she looks pretty.  The blush and lip are a touch too dark to my eye, but mostly I like the look.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I think she could work that dress like very few other white women could, but her hair is killing it. KILLING IT. The accessories aren’t thrilling me, either, and I think too highly of Anne’s typical style sensibilities to grade her on a curve. So, OUT.

  • Aly Light

    I think it’s fun. Different, a little quirky (it kind of reminds me of chain mail!), but still tasteful. I didn’t even notice her make-up. IN

  • Anonymous

    I really like the sleeves, though!

  • Samantha Hanson

    It’s not exciting, but it’s nice enough. I don’t really have a problem with the hair and make-up either. I’ll give her an in.

  • Anonymous

    In!  Love the dress and the shoes!

  • With such a sparkling dress I would have preferred her hair to be up, with some different statement earrings. And a lighter shade of lipstick would have served her well.  She does look tired, though. Not exactly an out, though.

  • It’s a shame because the dress is stunning in the details and she takes away from that. She always looks better in darker/jewel tones. Of well. The shoes are cute tho! Oot I’m afraid

  • I think if the dress had been designed differently, it would’ve looked better FOR HER (not saying for everyone).  What I’m suggesting is that the heavy detailing/lattice-work should have been put on the bottom and it should have faded the further up it went, and also a slightly different color because the underlying color without the lattice-work is a little too close to her skin tone.  OUT

  • Coco Cornejo

    She looks matronly. And the dress makes her look like she’s gotten wide in the midsection. 

  • Anonymous

    Not loving it – it’s definitely some other girl’s dress (but whomever that is, she is a lucky girl). It’s just not doing anything for her.

    The earrings are pretty fab, though.

  • Anonymous

    That “butt-part” in her hair and goopy lipstick are doing her no favors.  Get some sleep, honey.  O-U-T

  • Girl needs a nap and a spa day.

  • BerlinerNYC

    That dress is weird. I can’t tell just how it fits on the model since we see her only from the front, but it makes Anne look thick and lumpy in the torso, when surely she is neither. It doesn’t even look like a better bra or a different size would help; it seems like a congenitally unflattering garment!

    The shoes are cute, though.

  • Amanda B

    Maybe it’s my screen but her makeup looks fairly natural to me, other than perhaps being a little heavy on the cheeks.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Not her dress. Not crazy about the full coverage from waist up…must be what T Lo means by “heavy”? Love the shoes. Love.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking at the look for the last 24 hours.  Really unclear as to why I hate it.  In theory, I love the dress.  In practice:  Not so much.  OUT.  (Maybe it would look better on Cathy Cambridge?)

  • Love the dress and love the shoes. BUT… the fit is a little… off up top. Hair and makeup are ok. I still give her a (lowercase) ‘in’.

  • Anonymous

    Makeup with an outfit like this seems to be a problem for everyone, actress or normal person. If she didn’t use such a heavy lip, we’d be dinging her for looking completely washed out. 

    The dress doesn’t make me think old… makes me think more of a ice skating costume.

    Annie get your gun… and threaten your stylist with it.


  • Anonymous

    A slightly shorter skirt and this would be a contender for the win in the Sasha Cohen challenge on PR S2.


    • Yes! It would be fine in motion on the ice, wouldn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Can I give her one snap for lining the skirt?
    I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with the top – is it her posture, her foundation garment or just the dress itself? Something is wrong.

    I like her better in vibrant colors and pretty hair so this is all “kinda pretty but meh” for me.

  • Anonymous

    I say IN, and I don’t usually like these washed-out pastel frocks. I think she looks quite nice, although the wispy hair is not my fave. I like the fact that her makeup has some color. She’d look like zombie if it were pale.

    She does look a bit tired, though.

  • I don’t think the makeup is the problem. If it had been too light she would’ve look washed out. Its because the look is so plain that the makeup had to be brought up a few notches.

  • paula.pertile

    If it was floor length, she’d look Medieval. Its like chainmail. The hair would even work. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful dress, but I’ll just say it y’all, it needs to be on a woman of color.

  • Anonymous

    Full Marks for perfect posture.  Maggie Gyllenhaal, takes notes.

    Pretty dress, but it’s not working for me on her.  I’d like to see it on Dakota Fanning, though.

    It’s neither in or out for me.  It’s just “meh”  

    I guess that’s a half-hearted “out”  Hard to give such a pretty frock an out, but it’s just not her dress.

    • Anonymous

      Full marks for posture, yes, but the dress isn’t really flattering on her. Half hearted OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, that makeup is bad. It’s all streaky and she’s all sweaty. That’s like me when it’s like 102 degrees in the subway and everyone’s all crammed into one car in our wool coats and scarves.

    I do love those shoes, though.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the shoes. The dress is cute but it looks as if her breast is imprisoned in there. Can’t decide, what the heck…IN. I like Anne.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to say out just because she could do better.  …The dress is pretty, but Anne’s shoulders are not as broad as the model’s and that combined with raglan sleeves results in her looking physically frumpy.   Makeup is too orangy (and too much).

  • L Harlan

    In. I think it is not her best look, but not an out.

  • Anonymous

    She’s dressed perfectly for an event named after Princess Grace. I don’t think her face and hair look so awful, either. IN.

  • Lori

    OUT.  Don’t like the dress on her, the hair, the makeup and even the shoes aren’t working for me with this dress.

  • Out.

  • Cheri Lee


  • Laura Helton

    She -does- look tired and the makeup’s too heavy, but it’s a pretty dress and dark red lips are sort of her signature thing.  IN.

  • Love the idea of the dress & shoes, but her hair & makeup really bring the whole look down.  Hate to say it, but she’s out!

  • IN.

    Love the dress and the shoe, and I like the heavier make-up with it.  I think it needs the color in the face to balance out the lack of color in the look.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  With such a colorless outfit, I like the color in her face.  She does look tired, but it just makes me want to give her a hug.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the dress I wore for my first communion. Liked when I was 7; don’t like now.

  • Anonymous

    I think the color of the dress washes her out. And of course, there’s the bust fit issue. OUT, poor thing (if one can be “poor” wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars of borrowed couture).

  • Nicole Merrill

    IN! I love it 😀

  • Anonymous


  • It’s not the hair and makeup. And I don’t really think she looks tired.  But this dress actually makes her body look like a middle aged woman who has gotten a little thick in the middle and on the thighs. ugh.


  • Anonymous

    I think she was going for classic and chic and ended up looking dowdy. Anne has always been sort of…”coltish” looking to me (to put it nicely) and I’ve never understood her appeal. I understand it even less when she is so shiny and oily. Blotting papers and/or translucent powder, honey. I know you can afford it.

    As for her hair, I wonder if she was going for the casual look the designer used for the runway? I’m afraid without a tiara-headband thingy it just looks unfinished.

  • OUT.  She looks like she put on thousands of dollars worth of shoes and clothes only to quickly pull her hair back in a ponytail.  You know who this would look great on? Helen Mirren.  Which means Annie shouldn’t even be near it. 

  • I’ve always thought she can rock just about any garment that she wears, but I’ve never been a fan of her make-up. The lips are always so red that it goes into clown territory. She needs to play down the lips and just work those gorgeous eyes. Great dress on the model, but having anything larger than an A-cup makes the dress look too matronly for sure. 

  • It’s OK.  Isn’t she a Rachel Zoe client?

  • Honestly, I think it’s the hair and the earrings. I actually love her in long-sleeved dresses (remember that gorgeous Armani Prive she wore to the Golden Globes?), and this is a gorgeous couture dress – but why the sad sack hairdo? It’s like they gave up because she was too exhausted. If they had just done a slicked updo, it would have taken an extra 5 minutes and she would have looked 100% better. She ruined a beautiful look with distracting earrings and lazy hair. OUT.

  • Joyce VG

    It’s an IN.  (but her hair and shiny face is a blech.)

  • Anonymous

    Looks a little bit like a sparkly lampshade thrown over a nude-colored slip-on, doesn’t it? Puts a different spin on “burning the candle at both ends”.

  • Jessica Rowe

    Oh I like it.  I think it’s a nice, romantic look.  But maybe not good for her colouring.  If she had more pinky/fresh makeup, you’re right it would look better.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Nevertheless, an in.

  • Anonymous

    Figure skater. Out.

  • I don’t think it’s a very pretty dress. I think it looks really really expensive, but it’s not pretty. The top half looks like it belongs in a sci-fi episode and it’s meant to deflect ray gun fire. So OUT, but for I guess a renegade reason.

  • Anonymous

    She almost reminds me of Joan/Christina here. Something about her bust and the old school high heels changing her center of gravity the way they do. The makeup is a problem, yep.

  • I agree about the makeup, but I think she looks great. I love the dress and shoes paired together even though they’re both in the princessy realm (but hey, Princess Grace). She gets an IN just for her posture in the first shot.

  • Deborah Lipp

    I guess that, since I grade on a curve with the ones who are usually OUT, I should grade on a curve with Ms. Hathaway, who is made of awesome. So, in this case, OUT.

  • The dress looks too heavy.  Not flattering to her from the waist up.

  • Anonymous

    A dress that makes Anne Hathaway look pudgy around the middle is simply Not a Good Dress.

  • Round/crew necklines are *never* flattering unless you are so flat-chested as to be concave.

    Also, she’s standing weirdly, with her back arched and her chest pushed out. Stop that.

    Love the dress though, just alter the neck.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for that statement about crew necks.  Sadly, I did not learn this until I was in my 40s.  Unable to afford a stylist.  Had to read it in a magazine.

  • Anonymous

    In. in. in. Twinkle. Glowin. Twinker 😉

  • Anonymous

    Whatever, I can’t really back it up, but IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Not a flattering dress for her.  It makes her look a bit thick around the middle. And yes, she does look tired. And maybe a little sad too…maybe she knew what was coming the minute she walked out the door but it was too late to change.

    I do like the shoes.

  • Jen

    The layer underneath the dress is too heavy and the wrong color.  Her makeup looks like she went out last night, did the walk of shame home this morning, and added more makeup without washing off the old.

    • Anonymous

      You nailed it all.

  • Anonymous

    In, though I think she might want to be in the crewneck-avoiding crowd from now on.

  • Glad you mentioned the bust area, I don’t know why exactly, but it looked off to me when I saw it on the Fug Girls site. I think it’s a lovely dress, not out, but not an enthusiastic in either. Her make up doesn’t look heavy to me, but I hang out with a lot of burlesque performers and love to play with make up myself, so I may be skewed there. Her hair just looks like an after thought. I just I may change to an OUT just because she is Anne Hathaway and usually looks so much better.

  • In, it’s pretty despite the hair and makeup.

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is really pretty, but I’m not sure it suits Annie’s ample boobage. Combined with the unflattering hair and makeup, I have to say OUT.

  • vmcdanie


    Wouldn’t have really noticed the makeup or hair had you not pointed it out. I do think the torso is made for someone who doesn’t have a lot going on in the bosom but this is still pretty and classy and visually interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress and shoes, but she seems very…busty…in the dress. Makeup is too heavy and the hair is not polished enough. So I guess that makes her an OUT. Sorry, Annie…

  • She also standing in really weird poses…I’m reluctant to give an out because it’s not truly bad, but this outfit just isn’t working.

  • I’m conflicted. The dress is beautiful in concept, but if someone as good looking as Anne can’t pull it off.. well, it’s problematic. I think the fit is really the issue. The weight of the bodice impacted the way it flows across the midsection, so that it wasn’t as flattering as other things she’s worn. I think it’s telling that the only runway pose that really works here is the wonder woman pose…

    Hair – meh. Makeup – meh. I agree, she looks tired.

    So I guess it’s an “out” – though it’s a whisper rather than a shout.

  • Anonymous


    The bust is crazy.  It looks haphazardly padded, for last minute modesty I assume…doesn’t have a light feel like the rest of the sheer dress.  The original is completely sheer up top. Hair and makeup are a mess and she does look tired. 

    I like her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    In!  Although what a difference it makes between “Shoulders Back!” and slouching.  Seems like she needs to find a happy medium between the two.  Yes, too much blush.  Her eyes are fine, though, and she tends to wear strong red lipstick in general.  Her hair, on the other hand… well, it looks like her hair stylist missed the appointment.

  • Annabelle Archer

    Why is a lovely young lady wearing Debbie Reynold’s dress?


    • Anonymous

      Bwahahahaha. Exactly!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing about this look is quite right. Out

  • Out. Not a great color or cut for her. She looks heavy somehow, and I’m sure she isn’t. The dress is lovely but would look better on a naturally curvy girl like ScarJo.

  • Anyone else think this looks a bit like a figure skating costume?

  • Anonymous

    Out, the dress doesn’t fit her right – makes her look oddly proportioned and older than it should.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see how I can put this?
    She is perfect in this!
    (Now leave her alone so she can catch a little shut eye.)

  • Out. Love the dress and shoes, just hate her. Always out. 

  • Anonymous

    Frumpy with too much make-up to compensate. OUT.

  • The dress makes her look bulky, the shoes are the same putty color as the dress, with a little added bling. The hair is bad, the makeup isn’t great. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It also seems like more of a Kiera Knightly dress (maybe someone who is slimmer on top).  I don’t usually think of Anne H. as busty, butt the neckline seems to exaggerate her bust and makes her look a little older or at least not youthful.

  • Anonymous

    She looks very bosomy and not in a good way

  • Daisy James

    I love all the pieces on their own but somehow, put together and on her it just doesn’t look good. Not sure what went wrong, but it’s a tentative OUT for me.

  • Hair and makeup have been better, but I LOVE the dress and shoes.  IN.

  • IN

  • Anonymous

    Gosh. If it has to be in or out, I guess it’s out just because it’s kinda super-hero ship’s figurehead in the torso, too much lip & cheek color, and literally ‘didn’t have time to do the hair.’

    Which seems kind of nit-picky for an out but it definitely precludes an in.

    (and if you want to see washed out & tired, you should have seen about half the parents escorting their young kids trick-or-treating in my neighborhood on Monday. Miss Hathaway ain’t in it.)

  • Anonymous

    This is just not her dress.  It is gorgeous but not on her.  Sorry Annie, but OUT.

  • Rachelle Neame

    I actually just love it. She looks very pretty. Not WERQ-worthy, but come on, guys. She’s in.

  • This might be the fact that I cannot stand Ann Hathaway talking, but she looks washed out, messy, and chunky. Ew.

  • Anonymous

    I like it! And I don’t even like her all that much. In.

  • Even though it is an OUT for flyaways and oddly fitting bust area, this woman is still freakin’ gorgeous and I love her.

  • Michaela King

    In, I’d say. I just wish the slip underneath were more of a soft white instead of the peach color. It makes it sadder.

  • Anonymous

    Incredibly In

  • it’s such a gorgeous dress but something is not working. can it really be that that particular dress just looks off on anyone above a size zero, even on a size two?

    i think it might be the length. for some reason, theres a current trend for just a speck above the knee dresses when they should really be just a speck below the knee dresses. that inch or so, i think, makes a lot of difference.

  • Anonymous

    This dress does nothing for her.  Except make her look top-heavy.  And not in a good way.

    Totally agree with the comments about her hair and–gah!–scary makeup. Maquillage should have been applied with a much lighter hand, in a much lighter color (especially the lips), and with a matte finish.  Hair:  She should have done something, anything, with it.  How about a nice chignon?

    I appreciate that she got rid of the odious granny panties, but it’s still OUT. And if Rachel Zoe styled this look, shame on her!

  • Anonymous

    OUT again, girl. I dunno. Something just looks wrong about the opaque gold/nude underskirt and top – wth ??. She looks clunky. It’s an okay dress, but not all that; too matronly the way it’s been modified. I like the shoes, though – very classic. Why is she doing cheerleader pose?

  • Anonymous

    Out. A really really pretty dress for someone else.
    She doesn’t have the right coloring.

  • Out.  I like the dress and shoes in theory, but it’s not doing her any favors.

  • Not her dress. But I’d like to see it on Keira Knightley.

    Sorry Anne. Go home, take off those shoes (which are horrible BTW), and take comfort knowing that next time, you will probably be IN. Just not tonight.

  • M M

    I’m kind of leaning on In, although the shiny lining underneath is too much shine and also make her torso look lumpy. Overall its very pretty and fitting for the event. I adore the shoe, too.

  • IN! I think that dress would be a skosh more flattering on someone less busty, but I still think she looks lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Her knockers are stretching that thing out. I think that dress is made for a small boobed woman, unfortunately. And her hair is really bad. All the attention goes straight to her neck.

  • Samantha Irene

    Makeup ruins it – OUT

  • Jessica O’Connell

    The dress makes her look weirdly proportioned…OUT

  • Anonymous

    I’d like the dress better with a different neckline.
    Still, she looks fine.
    And I WANT those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Although she has a slammin’ bod, she just doesn’t have the right body shape for this dress.  Her waist doesn’t indent much so she should avoid designs that draw attention to the waist ie. with a belt and her boobs are too big for such a high neckline. It makes her look a bit chunky and we know she isn’t. And nude does nothing for her colouring.  Put her in a rich colour and she would look far less exhausted.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The dress is colorless and unflattering and reads “old” on her. It would be more appropriate on Florence Henderson. Hair and makeup are horrid. Yikes. And yes, she does look exhausted.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Ice skater dress and fugly shoes.

  • Out.  I don’t like the color on her, HATE her hair, and she needed some color SOMEWHERE.  Like colored jewelry would be nice.

  • Annie has that horrible habit of thinking a very beautiful, very expensive dress is all she needs to look put-together. But without the right hair and makeup and accessories, even the world’s greatest Valentino gown just doesn’t do it for me. She needs to remember that she’s photographed from head to toe, not neck to knee, and consider the styling.

    Thus, out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to have to stay neutral on this one.  I love the dress (though I wish the neckline were different) and I love the shoes.  But her hair looks dreadful and the makeup is not flattering.

    I would also like to have seen some ruby or emerald or sapphire drop earrings instead of diamonds that sort of disappear into the whole look.

  • Out. Not liking any of it

  • Adella Thompson

    I want to like it! I really do. But there’s just an offputting end-result. Out, but I could see how she might have mistaken it for WERQ in a mirror without looking too long. Sometimes my clothes decides to go from gorgeous to horrible between visits to the mirror, so I sympathize. 

  • Out. Love the dress and the shoes but they need a lot more effort in the hair/makeup/accessories department to stand up to them.

  • Anonymous

    I like the shoes, but the dress… I’m trying to figure out how such a sparkly dress can look blah.Plus her hair is a mess.  Out.

  • glennethph

    Christina Hendricks’ little sis!  So very, very out.

  • What is going on with her bust?  It’s so distracting I didn’t even notice her makeup.

  • Anonymous

    kills me, but I’m gonna have to say OUT

  • Anonymous

    The more the boobage, the lower the neckline should be. Any woman over the age of 22 should know that. If you look closely at the cut of the top of her dress, you’ll see it’s basically a bejeweled baseball shirt. And who are baseball shirts designed for? Not women. A crew neck is not most women’s friend. I’m beginning to wish for an “Indifferent” choice. There’s nothing to love here, but there’s nothing that’s horribly wrong. As they say on PR, don’t bore the judges!

  • Anonymous

    It’s just not the dress for her. OUT

  • Out.  I’m having trouble putting my finger on why this doesn’t work for her, but it’s just not as flattering as it seems it should be.

  • Anonymous

    umm,, no!

    • Anonymous

      But at least she doesn’t appear to realize how bad she looks in this.

  • Anonymous

    Limp and washed out. OUT

  • Anonymous

    The dress looks like it belongs on someone twenty years her senior.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ar we sure Anne’s head wasn’t photoshopped onto someone else’s body? OUT!

  • IN IN IN. I think she looks beautiful! I actually really like her makeup. My nitpicky problem with Louboutins has always been that sometimes the red sole doesn’t compliment the rest of the outfit, but here it matches her lips 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Her breasts look terrible and maybe from being on a Batman set, her lipstick is coming dangerously close to the Joker territory!!!

  • Natasha Fairweather


  • L.

    I thought the same thing about the makeup, but if she went easy, she’d be washed out.  This color dress, I’m sorry to point out, belongs on someone with an Anniston Tan.  Maybe the lipstick was to coordinate with the Louboutin soles!

  • Anonymous

    I’m ok with the hair, but the makeup is a bit heavy. Too much blush, and her lips look dry under that liptick. Still, overall she looks pretty and yes, twinkly – IN.

  • Anonymous

    THAT HAIR. Is unforgivable! And she looks so tired. Out out out. 

  • OUT!!!! Yuck I hate the entire look – she looks so washed out. That colour does nothing for her.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out. Dreadful non-colour

  • Anonymous

    Casper the friendly ghost is out.   Meow!

  • IN! i think she looks amazing. but then, i have such a soft spot for ms hathaway

  • Her make-up looks way too heavy ALL THE TIME. Hair is a mess, interferes with the earrings in a disturbing, unpleasant way. Dress is nice, not enough, though, for me not to give her an OUT this time.

  • Anonymous

    Annie honey, the fact that you’re going to the Princess Grace Awards doesn’t mean that you have to look like you were born in the same year as Princess Grace. Out.

  • I like it. I don’t LOVE it, tho. The dress looks like it weighs 50 lbs. Maybe that’s why she’s shiny – it’s an effort to remain standing in heels…

  • Anonymous

    My eyes were drawn to her chest and not in the good way. It’s a very pretty dress and all, but something is off here. OUT.

  • Shiny uni-boob. Out!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta go with OUT on this one.  The whole ensemble is very un-flattering in every way: bad color, bad cut, bad length, bad fit.  How amazing that this dress can make a skinny, fine-boned starlet look thick around the middle?  Now the hair disaster is her own making, but it’s likely she looked in the mirror & said, “Nothing will save this disaster.  Gimme some red lipstick and a few bobby pins, and I’m fuckin’ outta here.”

    I rather like the shoes.  Not enough to say they save the ensemble, mind you……

  • Anonymous

    Oh Annie, you’ve let us down! We’ll let you get away with this shapelss, colorless bag that makes you look fat and washed out, and the fell-asleep-on-the-plane hair ONCE, you hear me? No more!

  • It looks like a skating costume that had a different skirt attached (although the shoes are cute). Out.

  • She looks bedraggled.  But that’s not why she’s FIRMLY OUT.  It’s because that dress is not flattering on her, what with it making her look way too boobified plus it does weird things near her stomach.  AND it’s flesh colored (yawn).

    Casper in a cocktail dress would be much livelier than poor Anne in this chain mail frock.

    Also, who the hell approved of her being fucking Catwoman???  1) She’s not athletic.  2) She’s not a cat person!  3) SHE IS NOT ATHLETIC.  Look, I love her as much as anyone who loves Princess Diaries, but unless she really delves into the depths of her deepest self, I don’t see buying her as Catwoman for one second.  

    Let us remember, Heath Ledger DIED as a result of playing the Joker because he became the Joker.  And subsequently could not deal with the horrors in his head without the pills which eventually killed him.  So if Anne can’t even ADOPT a cat to keep permanently in order to prepare for her role as Selina Kyle, I don’t see her pulling it off.  Also, did I mention she is not athletic?  Because she isn’t.

    Actresses who could pull this off better and more naturally that Anne:  Reese Witherspoon because of her spitfire determination and long-standing history of quiet activism; Jennifer Aniston because even if you hate her she’s a good actress (Horrible Bosses anyone?) and is very physical;  Jessica Alba because she was a gymnast and played a genetically modified cat in Dark Angel;  Denise Richards because she has nerves of steel to survive Charlie Sheen and because she’s very catlike and probably has them in her house;  Kate Winslet because she’s fierce;  Keira Knightly because I watched Atonement six times in two days. 

    Anyways, I guess my main bitch is that they pick crappy female leads for Batman Begins and Dark Knight and Anne as Catwoman (did they really think they could improve upon Michelle?) is just another tick to the “mistake” board.

  • In.

  • Melvis Velour

    Beyond OUT!

    Hell, even Julie Andrews looked better than she did…

  • Anonymous

    If someone would have described the dress to me, I would have liked it. Seeing it in this picture though, it looks a bit boring.
    It is really a Meh, but I’ll go with an in.

  • In! I like the shoes very much 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Out.  First impression: it’s from the Zsa Zsa Gabor collection.  While pretty, it sure seems geriatric.  Make-up definitely didn’t help.

  • The bodice reminds me of the costume in the finale of a Chorus Line. It’s REALLY Broadway. But she looks very, very tired.

  • Anonymous

    It is a pretty dress but I don’t know that it’s her dress. It makes her look a little thick waisted, no? Also, BORRRING! OUT!

  • sweetlilvoice

    Lukewarm in….I think the dress is interesting. 

  • Boring, bad, bland, beige… OUT

  • Those shoes are clearly killing her feet! Her toes and the sides of her feet are all red. Ouch.

    • You’re right. Ouch!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  don’t like the dress. Looks like a circus costume gone awry.

  • Casper.

  • Anonymous

    Out, but I’m really sorry that she feels so tired.

  • What the hell is she doing in Helen Mirren’s dress?

    Anne, take it off and give it back to the Grande Dame, NOW!

  • Anonymous

    No, uh-huh.  This dress is all kinds of beautiful but it works best on someone with small-to-no boobs.  OUT

  • IN! she looks gorgeous and very wintery.

  • Sorry miss Annie, but the (lack of) color is doing you no favors here. We fair-skinned brunettes are better served by bolder colors. Out.

    • akprincess72

      I know right?  Jewel tones Anne, JEWEL TONES!!!

  • Anne this is just not your dress. set it free, to… Halle Berry? Selma Hyaek? it’s a really gorge dress though. shame we won’t get it see it done right

  • Anonymous

    The dress is gorgeous, but even it can’t salvage the devastation done by the hair and makeup. Regretfully, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    If her makeup was lighter than she’d have Elizabeth Moss’s “I’m too beige!” problem.

  • Anonymous

    Casper in a cocktail dress!   AHHHHHHH ha haaaaaaa haaa   the shit you two come up with is hilarious! 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the color is right for very many women, and definitely not Anne.  OUT.

  • I love this so much. IN IN IN!

  • Susan Crawford

    This is definitely not Anne’s best look. I can only assume Rachel Zoe let Joey handle this styling, or else styled Anne after an exceptionally long night of Schuyler feedings and Rodger whinings. The normally impeccable Miss Hathaway looks disheveled and overly-spackled, and the cut of this dress actually makes her look top-heavy and awkward. OUT!

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Out. This dress makes a thin girl look like a chunk. Plus I am miffed that Biel didn’t get the Catwoman role over Hathaway, who looks absurd in the Catwoman outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful dress that looks so much better on the model.  It makes Anne look heavy and matronly.  And were her breasts always that big?  She’s either had an enlargement or else the dress is doing horrible things to her chest.   Love the shoes.  The hair is a mess.  So even though there are some great elements here, none of it comes together on her.  OUT.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    I’d say this is not Anne’s dress. It’s for a broad-shouldered, more flat chested girl – maybe for Princess Grace’s latest daughter in law’s athletic physique.

  • Anonymous

    It all looks a bit figure-skatey.

  • Diana Martinez

    OUT! Dress is wrong, hair is wrong, makeup is WRONG.  Ugh.

  • Everything below the neck is In.

  • not flattering on her, and the styling makes it way too mature for her age.  out!

  • Anonymous

    I love this dress.

  • I give in an In, and would give it a capital IN if her makeup were lighter and the gown was in black or an dark color.