Hilary Duff in Rachel Roy

Posted on November 16, 2011


Hilary Duff in Rachel RoyHillary Duff attends the Launch of The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer in Los Angeles in a Rachel Roy dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. Bracelet by Brumani and clutch by JustFab.

Hilary Duff in Rachel RoyRachel Roy Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Daria Strokous

Hilary Duff in Rachel Roy

Brumani 'Candy Terracotta' BraceletBrumani ‘Candy Terracotta’ Bracelet

Hilary Duff in Rachel Roy


Thank you for providing such a vivid illustration of this T Lo Style Maxim. Now set this dress free and go find your dress. It’s out there, just waiting for you to give it a home.



[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com, brumani.com]

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  • Pregnancy is no excuse to dress like this.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. She looks like a snausage and that’s never a good thing.

      • A day-glo snausage, you mean.

  • Anonymous

    It’s really a shame, too, because she looks so happy (much happier than that dress does). 

  • Anonymous

    This is so unbelievably horrific! SHINY DRESS, HAIR, FACE, LIPSTICK! OH No, Lizzie McGuire! You know better!!

  • Anonymous

    She forgot to bring the trailer park with her.

    • That was my first thought, too. The impression was so strong that I took her clutch in the first pic for a bottle of booze.

      I just… wow, no. Not only does she need to set that dress free, I think she’s obligated to put it in counseling. Totally not her dress.

    • Anonymous

      Jennifer Coolidge in Legally Blonde.

    • Anonymous

      You were kind, I was thinking more like pregnant hooker trying to get the last miles out of her body

    • Anonymous

      Rolling on the floor laughing at you comment

  • Okay, I had to go Google to see if she is pregnant.  Which is really a BAD thing, because at five months, she should be dressing so that it’s obvious she’s got a baby bump, and not a fat lump that just looks like a baby bump.

    • bookish

      I had to Google it, too.

      • Me too! How unfortunate.

        • Anonymous


          • I thought she already had her child and that ‘pudge’ was her leftover pregnancy weight gain. (  ._.)

          • e h

            Me too.

    • I’d give her a pass for wearing a tight dress when she’s five months pregnant. Just not this dress. Not only is it not her dress, it’s not anybody’s.

      • But… it’s not supposed to be a tight dress. That’s why I’m confused. Look at how it drapes on the model. I know she’s a twig, but surely the proper size would be a bit more forgiving.

        • Oh! You’re right. That’s what I get for posting before I’ve had enough coffee.

          • No worries. If she were wearing a tight dress that were meant to be tight, she might werq it – I think it’s fabulous when pregnant women highlight their pride in their bump – but obviously it has to be a dress that’s meant to be tight, and the right dress. The shape of the dress is making it bunch in that unflattering, shape-obliterating sack-like way right between her boobs and bump, which is her narrowest part right now and which should be highlighted to contrast the bump. Plus that chartreuse is making her look a little flushed and sickly, which she may be, after all, but a darker richer color would have made her glow a little more. 
            And that lipstick. No no no. It’s adding ten years. I can hardly believe she’s only a year older than me.

    • Anonymous

      I knew she was pregnant, but I guess forgot because, really, who cares that much? And I just saw this picture and thought, GIRL. What HAPPENED.

  • Wow. That’s… Wow. That is just Not Her Dress. *I’m trying not to be mean*
    O.O Wow…

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t she pregnant?  (or just had a baby?)   The clutch is cute…  Not a great dress for either pregnancy and post partum.   She looks really bad all around.

  • My eyes! My eyes! 

  • Nora Mulllin

    Seriously? They make maternity dresses. I looked fabulous at the 4 weddings I had to attend while very pregnant. Not once was I in ugly sequined dresses made for women who weren’t pregnant.

  • Just checking, you do know she’s pregnant, right? Not sure if that affects the Not Your Dress ruling – maybe not!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not her dress regardless. 

    • Anonymous

      I would judge her harsher because of it, since you know….they do make maternity wear for people.

      • Not only that, but they make some seriously stylish maternity wear.  I had a fire-engine red cocktail dress (that I inherited from my super-stylish sister…thanks, Anna!) that I adored while pregnant.  The hubs really liked it, too. 😉

  • Sam Corbett

    That’s not just not her dress, that’s not maternitywear PERIOD.

  • I said “Oh honey” as soon as I scrolled down. Glad I’m not the only one that had that reaction. Sheesh!

  • Juliana Illari

    there are no words

  • Anonymous

    Don’t follow the doings of Hilary, but assume she’s pregnant…all that aside – this is a hideous dress, pregnant or not. God awful. I don’t think it’s anybody’s dress…not even the model’s. Yuck.

  • That’s just sad… so very very sad.  Even if this fit her, it would still not be her dress as that color is awful on her.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, honey. That dress doesn’t accentuate your bump. It just makes you look like you really let yourself go.

  • bookish

    That dress isn’t at all tight on the model. If Hillary wanted to show off her baby bump, she should have found a dress that was actually meant for that purpose.

  • Anonymous

    Good God! Fire your stylist!

    • Anonymous

      And then re-hire him/her so you can fire him/her again!

  • Anonymous

    That dress is an ode to morning sickness…..

  • Anonymous

    Only supermodels can look great pregnant in fitted shiny dress. Cause, dah, they only gain a belly. The rest of us just get fat all over and should only expose the happy, happy face.


  • Ali

    This is a visual example of pregnancy brain, right here. It’s got to be the hormones – no sane person would think this looks good.

  • Anonymous


    I am usually more articulate than this.

    • decormaven

      Yes, this is a look that renders one speechless. And not in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    Oy.  That is tragic.  I don’t mind seeing baby belly, but the way the waist and blouson top are being forced to behave is gawd-awful.  Of course, she may have had a ‘nothing fits’ crying jag before she stepped out–poor thing.

    Hope she figures this out or the next few months are going to be rough.

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s solely b/c she’s pregnant, tho, so i’m not comfortable trashing the look totally.

    if it were able to hang properly, it’d be perfect…  the color is unique and hot on her; she didn’t go matchy-matchy with any of the accessories, yet they all look good with one another/the dress; makeup and hair is perfect for the look; the pumps aren’t silly putty or nude, but an actual color that adds something to the look.  i even give her snaps up for attempting to be fashion forward instead of the tragic earth mother other preggo celebs stick to … basically, the baby bump is KILLING EVERYTHING b/c there’s no way to get around the fact that making this choice whilst pregnant is an oversight at best, and worthy of banishment at worst.

    babygirl:  try this entire thing again post-bebe and i will give you a WERQ.

    • She wore a tight, non-fitting dress over her pregnant body. She knew exactly what she was doing. She failed. Regardless how beautiful the dress is (and it’s absolutely beautiful), Hilary should not have worn it. I am pretty sure there are a lot of shiny mini yellow dresses that can complement her pregnant body. She just chose the wrong one.

    • Anonymous

      At the same time it isn’t like she lacks the funds or the resources to get a killer maternity dress that wouldn’t make her look like she tried to stuff her let go body into a dress 2 sizes to small.  I think she looks positively glowing from her pregnancy and the right dress would have just made her look like a WERQ in a heartbeat.

  • Sweetie, I hope you’re not drinking while you’re pregnant, but there’s also a part of me that hopes that you did not pick out that dress sober.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Andrea. I am raising a glass to you right now.


  • MilaXX

    That will look really cute once she has the baby. Not everyone has to wear maternity clothes but at least acknowledge that you can’t wear everything while preggers.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, because in the right maternity dress, everybody might have been saying instead, “Wow, she’s really got that pregnancy glow,” because, well, she kinda does.  Her face looks radiant. Now, the hair, on the other hand…

    • Y’know, my hair has never looked as good as when I was pregnant.  Poor Hilary! How did she get robbed out of that perk??

  • Anonymous

    Lizzy Maguire sure growed up well

  • OH. MY. GAYS. Rachel Roy fans must avert our eyes. There’s a Pucci maxi dress out there that’s sobbing for its missed chance here.

  • She should set whoever styled her on fire.

  • I, on the other hand think she looks fabolous. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I love it on the model, especially with that jacket on top (and the green backdrop is of course very flattering as well).

    On Lizzy, though, it looks like a golden shower-curtain (or golden-shower curtain) of shame.

    • Anonymous

      yes.  on the model it looks classy- that blue with the mustard/chartreuse is perfect.

      on hilary, not so much.  i think you are onto something with your golden-shower theory (giggle).  nice bracelet, though.  too bad it’s on her and not me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not against clingy clothes on pregnant woman, but this is just awful. The tight & shiny with the belt-ish thingy that looks like an extra tummy roll is so bad. Her face, arms and legs look so good, and she’s got a great pregnancy rack going on. These features could be so well highlighted in thousands of other looks! Why grease yourself up and shoe horn yourself into this?

    • Anonymous

      i am so glad to hear she is preggers.  the only other option was that she chose her outfit to make her look fat deliberately, and you don’t see a lot of that going around these days.  is she ordinarily a skinny girl?  i don’t follow her celebrity, so i have little to compare this to.  is she still in that earlier phase, where one should wait for her to bring it up before asking? or is she a skinny girl  at nearly full term?  not snarking, just curious.  ok, the second sentence was pretty snarky.  but seriously, who dressed her?  is her stylist blind?

      • Anonymous

        I love your comments. If I can summarize: “Why God WHHHYYYY???” LOL

        I just checked; she is 5 months pregnant. I think she was trying to be a hot mom, or as the British say a yummy mummy (ick), but I think it backfired horribly.

  • Rand Ortega

    Gah! My Eyes!
    This poor child left the house looking like this trampy mess & expected to be photogged positively?
    Can’t wait to read about how she looks back on this picture.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s like she’s competing with Christina Aguilera.

    • MilaXX

      To her credit Xtina actually dressed appropriately when prego.

  • Susan Walker

    In her defense, she admitted on camera that she suddenly popped out.  Maybe she didn’t have something more appropriate to wear?

    • Anonymous

      That’s kind, Susan, but at her income level, there are minions who can be sent scurrying for such things.

  • OH WOW. I know not every pregnant lady goes for the loose-n’-flowy dress when their belly’s showing, but there are BETTER fitted options out there. Wow. WOW. WOOOOOOW SO BAD.

    • Anonymous

      Look no further than Victoria Beckham or Frau Seal for evidence that pregnant women can still be chic.  You can still do fitted, but it needs to have special allowances for fitting around your belly.

  • Anonymous

    Wearing something that tight around your bump is never cute. Strong yellows are rarely cute on anyone. Short, tight and shiny is rarely cute on anyone. What a terrible combination.

  • Allison Drury

    This is beyond tragic. She obviously took a non-maternity dress and just hiked it up. I can’t even begin to fathom how she thought this was a good idea. Kind of reminds me of when I accidentally bought a maternity shirt at Target on sale and then tried to belt it thinking I could save the look. I should have never left the house in that mess.

    I actually think that she looks great as a pregnant lady… if she were wearing a different dress. The color isn’t bad on her and I like her hair. The shoes really suck.

  • Allison Drury

    Then you just can’t go to the ball if you don’t have a dress. I would have rather seen her naked than in this thing. 

  • Anonymous

    It is not her dress, but also not her color, her hair, or her accessories. Oy Hillary. I know it’s tough to dress when your pregnant, but this surely is not the way.

  • O_O

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, this is bad. That dress…I can’t. I don’t pay much attention to her but doesn’t she normally look fresh and pretty? WTH.  

  • Oh honey….no.

  • Sam

    I literally gasped when I saw this.

    I have never done that before.
    And that’s pretty telling about this look.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving her a pass. She’s pregnant.  

    • margaret meyers

      Even prgenant doesn’t get this a pass.  There are dozens of ways to look good while pregnant.  This is a fashion disaster.

  • Joanna Schuth

    Oh dear. While I can understand wanting to look beautiful despite feeling like an achy, nauseated beached whale, this is so not her dress.

  • Anonymous

    Rule one for starlets: Do not dress like a tobacco hornworm on the red carpet.

    • Anonymous

      OK–that one made me snort my second cup of coffee!  Brilliant, you!

  • Anonymous

    Weeelll, good for her with being happy with her pregnancy body.  That’s all I got.

  • Anonymous

    The clutch is fabulous, love the bracelet too. The rest has already been covered.

  • Mariah J

    This is a desperate cry for help. An intervention is needed immediately.

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad. When I just saw the “headshot”, I thought mammary glands. But once you see the whole look, you just think fleshy.

    Do you think it was a dare? There is NO WAY anyone could look at themself looking like this and think “yes, I think I will have myself photographed in this.”

  • She needs gays more than anyone has ever needed gays before.

  • Anonymous

    Have fun explaining this look to your unborn fawn.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no…

  • Did anyone watch Beauty and the Briefcase? I thought the wardrobe Hilary had in that movie was terrible and this reminds me of that.

  • Sara__B

    Where were her friends, her husband, her staff? Someone should have told her not to wear this dress.

    • Doesn’t look like she had gays or straights here.

  • First thought:  I dont think thats the way that dress was meant to look.   When I see the original dress on the model, I realize Hillary has distorted the dress to hell…bless her heart. Someone needs to tell her its time to move to the maternity wear section in the store. That poor dress is screaming “Give me free!”

  • Anonymous

    OK, the biggest question of all:  WHO LET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE, & WHY DO THEY HATE HER SO MUCH??

  • This dress isn’t just wrong for her, it’s actively working against her.  The vertical strips of missing sequins look like she popped a few rows getting the dress on.  The loose fall at the midsection is stretched and rippling against her like bulging sausage casing.  The slick fish-scale shininess highlights every place the fabric is pulling and folding in the wrong place.

    If she had worn this dress’ cousin, in the proper size, and cut for a pregnant girl, it might be her dress (I’m inclined to say no, that yellow looks positively acid against her skin), but this dress right here?  This dress hates her and wants her to get pied in the face.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, is this where you stand in front of mirror and from one angle and with your hands on your hips and when you take the biggest, deepest breath in and hold it, it looks okay. For a minute. Until you exhale.

  • Anonymous

    My eyeballs hurt.

  • Anonymous

    A happy, pretty, glowing pregnant young woman…in a dress that makes her look like a slattern with a beer gut.  

    Honey, you have the raw materials for a real kind of lovely.   Don’t massacre it with Not Your Dress.

  • Joyce VG

    Someone is in denial.

  • Kill it with fire!!

  • It’s all the bubbling above the bump, as if the baby is about to boil over. Scary!

  • OMG the dress is so small, compared with the side detailing it looks like she’s literally ripping at the seams.

  • OMG why is it so tight?

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth did she think this dress would fit a pregnant woman? Beyonce is not a lesson to be learned, mother-to-be.

  • Linde Hoff

    What was she thinking?!  And the color…….ewwwww.

  • Anonymous

    Mustard-toned sausage casing is not a good look on anyone. 

  • This is some kind of an inside joke, right?  A pregnant person with a lot of money stuffs herself into a non-maternity, tacky dress to poke fun at…something.  See, Hilary, the thing about being rich and pregnant (and pretty) is that you can wear that really awesome maternity wear that the rest of us didn’t want to, or couldn’t, spend the money on when we were pregnant.  I mean, what is the POINT of being rich while pregnant if you don’t actually wear that stuff?  Good day to you, missy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear. What an unfortunate choice.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    See, you’re never supposed to ask a woman if she’s pregnant, because she might be just fat.  In this case, she looks fat, not pregnant.  And even so, that’s still no excuse for not combing your hair.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a little old to be sporting the black nail polish, no? I can’t comment on the dress. I have no words.

  • Anonymous

    OK, so maybe somebody died and she’s Jewish and they covered all the mirrors in the house and her new pregnancy clothes were accidentally burned in a freak accident and all her friends were crying too hard about the dead guy to see her before she left the house and then it was raining so she had a big trench coat on and she didn’t take it off until right before the picture was snapped.  THEN we might cut her a break on this atrociousness.

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    Common!  She’s preggers and spending half of her time hurling and half not ihurling.. that which does not male you strong…And I will not be accepting the republican nomination.  

  • NO, no no no, they make beautiful maternity wear, even designer and girlfriend can AFFORD it!! Don’t take that “she’s preggers” crap.  Either she bought that dress and grew or someone LIED to her about how she looked.  It doesn’t even fit her, in no way shape or form

  • she just gives Stacy London great reasons to make a handsome living by teaching people what not to wear!

  • For 5 months preggo, I get it that you want to still look hot, Lizzie McGuire, but there’s definitely a better way to do it than this dress.

  • Anonymous

    To quote from Steel Magnolias:

    It’s like two pigs fighting under a blanket.

  • Yikes.

  • CQAussie

    OK….so she IS pregnant.  That part is real and not a dress illusion.  But still….wow….this is an awful dress on her.  Someone needs to be fired off the Hilary Duff staff for this.  Yipes.

  • Anonymous

    Are her thighs giving birth, too?

  • R. L.

    YIKES! She looks fat instead of pregnant.

  • Oh honey. See, if this were me- this is how I would look as well. I’m so of the “If if zips, it fits” mentality. One size up girl and you’ll be hot, I promise you…

  • I feel like this is one of those situations where she tried on a dress a couple of days ago, looked good and since then it went from pretty to not. It’s her first baby and she probably wasn’t expecting such a dramatic change, but it happened and she needed to course correct before leaving the house. Because I’ve had friends who have popped right around the five/six month mark and suddenly things that were perfect one day are a disaster the next.

  • Anonymous

    oh that poor dress.  it actually looks pretty on the model…

  • And I just watched ‘Lizzie McGuire’ yesterday…

  • Anne Slovin

    I don’t mind the dress in theory, but you can’t have any kind of curves or anything if you’re going to wear it.  Maybe if it were darker, or less shiny.

  • This dress does not work because it makes her look chubby and not pregnant. When you wear a form fitting dress it should be obvious you’re pregnant. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree 100% !!! She looks chubbers not preggers!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    First of all, she looks happy and pretty as ever. But no. And is it me or should pregnant women not wear such short dresses? Surely stuff is gonna show once she sits down. And we don’t want to see stuff in public.

  • Anonymous

    How could she go out in public in this?  She couldn’t see how it pulled at her?  How it looks like she has jelly rolls between the boobs and the belly?  Oh honey NO is the best response.  There are great maternity clothes out there, go find them.

    • Mary McClelland

      There are fantastic maternity clothes – particularly if you are rich! What WAS she thinking?!

  • Anonymous

    I guess she doesn’t own a mirror…

  • Anonymous

    It could be her dress. But that is not her size.

  • Oh I so thought that when I saw her on other sites.  Honey, you’re preggers, please, save the straight dresses for next year.  

  • Anonymous



  • M Carlson

    That color…..ew.

  • Anonymous

    NO. No, Hillary Duff, no.

  • I’m going to be contrarian here and say, I love the way she’s flaunting the whole idea of what a pregnant woman should look like. She obviously loves the roundness of her shape and has the big smile to prove it. She’s making a statement: I refuse to be covered up in some balloon dress just because I’m expecting a baby. On some level I want to cheer that sassy attitude.

    • Agree with the idea, but the execution is not so good. Same shape, fine, but she’s going to need a different colour, different hair and different shoes. Although on second look, the original shape of the dress seems to be thrown off more than it should – I’m not sure why a pregnant woman, even one that wants to show her body, would choose a dress with an elasticized waist placed there?

    • I think it’s great that she doesn’t want to hide her body. The dress is the problem. I can’t come up with the right adjectives to describe how awful that dress is.

  • Anonymous

    yikes.  I usually find something nice to say about red carpet looks, but this one just hurts.  Wrong color for her, wrong pairings, wrong fit, wrong hair and makeup … the bag’s cute, but not with this look. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Back in the dark ages my family was on a road trip. We stopped at at Pancake House to eat (which was an extreme rarity and treat. ) Anyhoo the whole family slides into this booth, and the waitress who was French comes up and says to my mother “Zee booth is for four, Madam.”  All us kids busted out laughing and we still laugh about it to this day (Maybe you had to be there).

    Someone needs gently let Hillary know that “Zee booth is for four”.

  • Mary McClelland

    OK – She’s preganant and there is that weird inbetween mid-trimester thing in pregnancy when you still *think* you look like yourself pre-bump and try to wear non-prego clothes and it usually comes off bad.

    That being said she looks horrible! Worse than the offending dress is the colorscheme of the lipstick and the dress both of which make her look greasy and tea stained. And that hair… was she running here AFTER hitting the gym. All of this is a complete horrid unbelieveable mess. Just go home HIlary. Smiling won’t save you now!

    And I actually love her for being one of the few child stars who hasn’t self-destructed and she seems so sweet, genuine, and down-to-earth. 

  • What an awful look on her. The overall look is just so greasy and shiny.

  • Anonymous

    Her being pregnant is certainly not an excuse for this tragedy. She has money and I know there is some great maternity wear available if you’ve got the money….so what’s her excuse?

    • sweetlilvoice

      Hell, I see cute stuff at Target all the time which makes me wish it was made for non-moms-to-be.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap that’s bad. Holy crap.

  • That color is atrocious on her.

  • She should be taking advantage of the good things about pregnancy, not highlighting the bad things–boobs, not legs, from now until you wean the baby, mmm-kay Hilary?

  • She would look so much less offensive stark naked.

  • Anonymous

    These pictures make a strong case for the days when “maternity wear” meant hiding the pregnancy.

    This is gross beyond imagining in every way.  She doesn’t look like a healthy pregnant woman (I wouldn’t have known she was pregnant if I hadn’t read earlier comments)–she looks like she’s auditioning for the next season of “Jersey Shore.”

    Just awful.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, didn’t know she was pregnant either. Still the rest of what I said goes.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear! What was she (and/or her stylist) thinking? Awful color, awful shine and I won’t eve comment on the awful fit! I could style myself better and I never go out in fancy clothes and I’m old and fat!

  • Anonymous

    The fact that she’s pregnant makes it even more important for her not to wear tight-and-shiny.  What’s even worse is that judging from the model, this dress is not supposed to be tight.  Hil-Hil is just wearing a dress that is several sizes too small.

  • Anonymous

    Train wreck! The dress looks very “off the rack” from TJ Maxx. In fact the dress is more Rachael Ray than Rachel Roy.

  • Horrifying. It’s at least 2 sizes too small. I will never understand squeezing into a too-tight dress when no one will see the number but you. 

  • Chantelle James

    Oh, dear, the pregnancy hormones have made her delusional or wilfully blind: she thinks she’s still smaller overall and not pregnant. 

    I can’t see the colour of the dress for the fit so I have no idea whether this colour works for her. Love her accessories, however.

  • aimee_parrott

    Oh, no.  TRAGIC.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This might be her dress, in another size.  I appreciate the joyful sparkle and the color, but it wasn’t designed as a maternity dress (see the wrinke right over the belly) and it’s definitely 3 sizes too small. 

  • Wow… I just… I can’t. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit!   That is AWFUL!!!  Wrong size, wrong color, wrong EVERYTHING for poor Miss Hillary.  Her stylist should be FIRED immediately. And never allowed to work again.

  • Anonymous

    Gezz these ladies can not let go can they?  You’re preggers, you don’t have to be hooker girl still workin’ preggers.

    Don’t worry honey, you can wear that dress in a few months and knock it out of the park.

  • Holy shizz. That is just so awful on so many levels. She looks like a shiny pregnant sausage, and even without the shiny and tight parts, that color is terrible on her. The one tiny bit of praise I can give is that I love the clutch.

  • Deb

    MY EYES!

  • Anonymous

    this dress makes her look like a sparkly urine sample.

  • Anonymous

    “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?’

    Yes. Yes it does.

  • Usually, I think it looks great when preggo ladies wear tight, short dresses but what is going ON here?? That is a MESS.

  •  I’m preggy.. a lot more than her, due in 5 days. But.. that would not be COMFORTABLE.. let alone look good! She has bizarre taste.

  • Cathy S

    That is so not her dress. She’s pregnant? Is she trying to squoosh little baby Duff?

  • Anonymous


  • holly sh*t! she’s about to explode! that dress is just child abuse to her unborn child!

  • Anonymous

    It’s beyond is it, or is it not, her dress. We’re into THIS DRESS DOES NOT FIT YOU.

    You need not hide your pregnancy. And you’re not too heavy for a gal more than half way along. But it is TRAGIC to dress so that you look not pregnant, but overweight and stuffed into a too-tight dress.

  • That is SO not her dress.  I hate the color and it is SO not flattering.  I just want to release her from it!  And get her some more comfy shoes!

  • Anonymous

    At five months, be proud. Go to the local Rodeo Drive maternity boutique and find yourself a FABulous dress that’s actually CUT for a pregnant woman. Also, invest in powder. See Kate Hudson: http://sssblinky.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/617xca5la1rx.jpg OR Ana Ortiz: http://cdn.blogs.sheknows.com/pregnancyfashion.sheknows.com/2009/03/pregnant-ana-ortiz1.jpg

  • Anonymous

    This seems to be the new thing – wearing short tight dresses that aren’t for someone pregnant when you are pregnant.  Beyonce is trying to make this trend stick.  It just winds up looking unfortunate and making everyone (even, I suspect, the little bun in the oven), a bit sad. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god. I mean, oh my god. I’m sort of upset because I really, really love Rachel Roy, and this is such a disservice to her name and her brand. (Hillary Duff I really don’t care about.)

  • Judy_J

    WRONG on so many, many levels. Too tight, too short, bad color, wrong shoes, bad hair, the list goes on and on. Does she not have any friends? Didn’t look in a mirror, perhaps? Hillary, please go home and change clothes. NOW.

  • Anonymous

    wha.. wh..w… wa happened?

  • Anonymous

    We’re clearly not in on the joke

  • The shame here is that even pregnant, her body looks amazing.  I’ve seen non-pregnant women look worse is bigger dresses, so she’s got the goods for a sweet look here.

    Too bad there’s nothing sweet about SHINY DAYGLO SAUSAGE CASING.

  • Anonymous

    The only good thing I can say about this is that at least she looks confident. Sometimes when you see pictures of people in NOT THEIR DRESS, you know they know, and they have that “Where is a rock I can hide under?” schlumped over pose. She looks like she’s on top of the world; more power to her for that.

    But, srsly, kill that thing with fire. Chuck the shoes on, too.

  • Oh good god.

  • Anonymous

    Oof. Head-to-toe a mistake, not just the dress. Is she pregnant?

  • even if she wasn’t pregnant this would be awful

  • Diana Martinez

    I didn’t know she was pregnant before reading comments – she doesn’t look pregnant, she looks awful.  Having been pregnant a time or three, I know it’s no fun to try to dress a pregnant body.  BUT  – BUT – there are plenty of ways to do it so that you don’t look like an overweight hooker without a mirror.   Yowsers. 

  • Ebony Dawkins

    Dear Hillary:

    Call Beyonce’s stylist, Ty.  He can help.

  • First thought:  I dont think thats the way that dress was meant to look.   When I see the original dress on the model, I realize Hillary has distorted the dress to hell…bless her heart. Someone needs to tell her its time to move to the maternity wear section in the store.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my diggity

  • decormaven

    [Places thumb over outfit and focuses on face and smile.] There’s another dress out there for you, dear. Please go find it, and give this dress to a friend.