Heidi Klum in Brentwood

Posted on November 15, 2011

You gotta love Heidi. She can do the fierce supermodel looks in her sleep, but you can tell that she’s just as fond of the loose, flowy hippy shit and would wear it on the red carpet if she thought she could get away with it.


Heidi Klum takes her kids to karate class in Brentwood. Heidi Klum wears Georgie “St. Bart’s” pants and a Simone Camille shoulder bag.

Smell the patchouli, darlings.

Cute, right?

But let’s talk about that Simone Camille bag.


We try our best to be open-minded about certain fashion things (except nude shoes on women and long pants hems on men), but this stuff simply isn’t to our tastes at all. They’re fun; we’ll give them that. And they look pretty well made and of high-quality materials. But we’re not the audience or consumer for this kind of stuff, so we leave it up to the ladies (and the ladyboys) in the commentariat:

Simone Camille Bags: YEA or NAY?


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, simonecamille]

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  • Anonymous

    Ugly. Fussy, cluttered, loud and ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Oh christ, just give her a fucking hacky sack and be done with it.

    • Anonymous

      okay, I feel like was too much of a bitch… I’m glad she’s able to dress down and just be a comfy mom, but surely there are better options?

      • Anonymous

        And here I thought La Klum spent her leisure time in badly sewn caftans slit down to the navel by her BFF Anya….

  • Heidi’s really freaking cute. I would never put on those pants, but she makes them look awesome.

    As far as the bag… I’ll pass on this yea or nay. They’re not at all to my taste, so I don’t feel right voting. It’s like animal print. I hate animal print, but there’s clearly an audience for it. Just not me. 🙂

  • BerlinerNYC

    I don’t hate the bag, but I don’t see why you would pay top dollar for a designer label. I suspect I could get something very similar by shopping in an Indian store in Jackson Heights, Queens, or Little India, Jersey City, or Edison, NJ, for the tiniest fraction of the cost.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I have two! $15 dollars for one from Jackson Heights and one for about $6 from India.

      • Karishma Gautam-Santos

        Haha, same here, though I bought mine from India roughly 6-7 years ago, pretty much exactly the same as these bags (and yeah, about $6 each!)

      • Anonymous

        Yep. Or–gasp–World Market. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, TOTALLY seen these at world market.  Love that place. 

      • Anonymous

        We probably went to the same store in Jackson Heights, lol!!

      • You can find them at any craft fair, too, some better made than others.  I hate to think how much Heidi paid for that bag, which I absolutely love, by the way.

    • Anonymous

      I have one that I got from a charity sale for $20 that was made in Cameroon. It’s probably way more poorly constructed, but I loved the heck out of it. Plus it had way less of all that blingy crap on it, which I think really drags these bags down. 

  • I don’t know. Not my taste at all. Plus they LOOK like the cheap crap you can get at summer festivals and Cost Plus World Market (though I am positive that they are not cheap in any way). I say Nay.

  • NAY simply because I’m assuming they’re absurdly over-priced. I have a few bags like that that I break out every now and then and they cost under 10 dollars and are equally as colorful and fun. A few I’ve had in the past were lacking in construction, but it’s such a small quibble when they’re so inexpensive and when I don’t use them day in and day out.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly. Loud, fussy, cluttered, busy and ugly. Out.

  • Nope, not feeling it. They look like Holly Hobby on crack.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    They look like the kind of purses my “crafty” friends made for themselves in college.  That’s not a good thing.

  • Zach Ng Zheng Yang

    looks cheap.

  • I like them for being bold and colorful – so Yea!  

  • I’m sure if I had the energy and will power, I would unearth the cause for my new-found annoyance for All Things Heidi. 

  • Amanda Garcia


  • Ugh, I just can’t get past those horrible pants… They make heidi Klum, who’s got some of the best legs in the world, look dumpy.  The bag is OK, but definitely not my taste.

  • first reaction: cuuuute.
    second reaction, after having looked up the price of one of those bags: uuuuugh.

    seriously, you could get a similar bag at world market for 20 bucks. why on EARTH would you spend nearly 2k on it??

    • Anonymous

      Because she can?  Besides, that bag from World Market wouldn’t have some hotsy-totsy designer’s name on it!

    • Anonymous

      $2000?????  Someone needs to tell all the women in 3rd world countries they can feed their families for the rest of their lives if they sell 3 of these things…….

      • Anonymous

        I regret that I have but one “Like” to give to this comment.

        Seriously, they look EXACTLY like the kind of stuff sold at the “Third World Bazaar” that used to be held at my university, back before “Third World” was a verboten phrase. I personally got over that “look” when I was about 21, so I’d give these a nay anyway, but the idea that they cost $2K verges on offensive.

    • Okay, that just makes me want to throw things. At the designer. And at Heidi. Blech. 

    • Anonymous

      Why? Because you’re the same person who’ll spend 2K or 6 K or 10 K on a fine leather purse or 600.00 on a pair of shoes? Because, frankly, you can. I’m sure these are much better made than the cheap ones from world market. Which doesn’t mean I’d be buying one even if I had a lot more money than I’ll ever see.

      I couldn’t look at designer fashion and couture and high end accessories ads if I couldn’t dis-associate the window shopping from the other things that people could do with the money they cost.

  • NAY – Too many bangles and etsy-style pom-poms for my taste.

  • Anonymous

    That bag is way too Rasta for me. Nay!

  • Anonymous

    The bags are not my thing, but on a younger girl with some other, more neutral outfit, I could pronounce them cute.

  • Anonymous

    The bags look very much like the Indian embroidered bag I carried in college 1969-1973. Surpised she’s not wearing elephant bellbottoms.

  • R. L.

    In.  I think it is super cute and I would love to have one.

    eta: If you are ever going to have a bag like this one then on your errands is the time to carry it. I think she’s cool for indulging her inner hippie this way.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. I was born in the 70s, so I can’t help but have a place in my heart for this sort of thing. I think every girl needs to have a groovy flower child moment once in a while. Love the bag.


  • Addicted2Glamour

    VERY Etsy, this entire look. The bag especially is very Seniors’ Crafts Class. And it probably cost a hell of lot more than it should. 

    • Anonymous

      More like Regretsy!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I actually love the handbag. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, and you can buy it for much less in any South Asian neighborhood (I have a few, they’re not Simone Camille but the construction is just fine), but it’s fun and easy for a day of running errands.

    • Then technically, you don’t love the bag. This bag is a pricey, poseur ripoff of the bags you DO love. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Of course, I’m biased as I love this sort of print.

  • Anonymous

    What a mess. And they’re probably really expensive too. NAY.

  • Anonymous

    Nay. Might make interesting wall hangings, but I need a little more structure in my purses. Cannot stand when everything is in a big jumble and I have to rummage around to find anything.

    • You have a bag in which things aren’t in a big jumble? I always have to rummage around to find stuff (when I’m looking for a pen, all I can find is my lipstick; when I want my cigarettes, all I can find is my wallet), no matter how structured it is.

      • Anonymous

        Yep. I have a couple of Liz Claiborne structured bags with just the perfect sizes of pockets, with zippers and without, (but no so many that I can’t remember where I put things) to hold all my stuff just where I want it so I always know where stuff is. I could find things in those bags blindfolded. Got two in different colors for cheap @ TJ Maxx. It was a GOOD shopping day!

        • Yay good shopping days. I love TJ Maxx. Good stuff cheap.

          I sometimes think I’m physically unable to keep things organized. I’m famous in two states for the disastrous condition of my desk.

  • YEA. It’s fun, reminds me of my youth. But obviously not for special occasions.

  • Cathy S

    I love the bag. I wouldn’t pay designer prices for it, but I love it.

  • Nay,
    Vera Bradley bags look better and are cheaper: http://www.verabradley.com/

    Maruca Designs are classier, plus they are made in the good ole USA (Shocker!) http://www.marucadesign.com/

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Anyone else think it’s kind of weird for items so clearly derived from other cultures to be made in the US? Not trying to argue, just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    Who would pay THAT MUCH for one of those bags!?!?! It’s not like its leather or anything! I mean, I got a very similar looking bag for my birthday from my notoriously cheap aunt, so I know it did not cost that much…. It’s now sitting somewhere in the back of my closet.

  • Anonymous

    A look like that needs Jesus sandals (remember them? The ones made from leather and old tires with the loop around the toe) and a peasant blouse. I also agree with the other commenters. You can find similar bags in so many places for a fraction of that cost. However, in Hollywood, everything has to have a designer name and price tag or no one wants it, so expect to see a lot of these bags in the future. Guaranteed that J. Aniston will be the next one seen with it. 

    • Now I am The Bee

      Jesus sandals.  Hee! 

  • Anonymous

    I love the bag.  Worn with the pants it’s all a bit much, but with a more monochromatic outfit the bag would be great.  It’s made from pieces of Rajastani (Indian) tapestry – I think it’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    YEA. I WANT THESE… but the cheap knockoff versions I can get from any street vendor, indie clothing store/restaurant, and World Market store. 

  • Jillian Kroos

    I feel like those bags have a place (with super casual and plain looking outfits) but I don’t see the point of paying zillions of dollars for one when you can get the same thing for 20 bucks at a Phish concert. Nay.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, nay.

  • Anonymous

    No.  The colors and patterns are pretty, but the overall look is overwhelming.  Messy and too much with the dangly stuff.

  • Anonymous

    They’re a high-end designer version of a hippie bag you can get in the mall for twenty bucks. And they’re super-impractical — a sack wherein everything is guaranteed to gather in the black hole at the bottom and be impossible to find.

  • Anonymous

    I had two shoulder bags that were virtually identical to these–made in India, of course–in the 1970s.  And they didn’t even come close to the cost of these bags.  I like Klum’s look, although is it really chilly enough in LA right now to be wearing an angora hat? (OK, maybe it’s not angora–but it’s something very fuzzy and very warm!)

    Side note:  Over the weekend, the Style Network showed the first half-dozen episodes of PR, Season One.  It’s amazing how much softer she looked in 2005.  And, of course, it was Season One.  In which absolutely gorgeous creations, beautifully executed (like Jay’s Chrysler Building dress, but lots of others too) weren’t good enough to win.  It’s impossible for me not to hate Klum for what she’s done to PR.  I know, I know–Get over it!

    • Now I am The Bee

      Awww I’m watching reruns of season three right now- on Bravo–the alterntive materials challenge with Jeffrey’s belted newspaper dress and Micheal’s plastic stole.  Fabulous.  One of the designers mentioned how fit and construction were *so important* to the judges so she wanted her dress to be perfect–I think it was Alison, who was ultimately aufed for poor fit.   I had to snort!  Things sure have changed….
      And–Nina said shiny, tight and short was the quickest way to look cheap! Hahhahahahahaha….I guess Heidi never really listened to that….

    • I watched those last week too. It was great to see so many fabulous designs. Thinking about the past season kind of pissed me off.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    She looks pretty cute. I love seeing her in something that’s not short, black, and shiny!

  • Anonymous

    For a dressing down hippie girl, her outfit is great.  Although I wish she had tried another color for her shirt, scarf and hat.

    The purse is okay.

  • margaret meyers

    The only thing between me and that shoulder bag?


  • Anonymous

    Hahaha people, real made craft bags are way more beautiful and cost US$25 in the crafts markets down here in Chile -and maybe half in Peru. The particular kind Hedi is carrying have more of an India style (it’s the mirrors), though. 

    They’re cute for say, jeans and a white tshirt when you’re in your 20s, but they are NOT meant to be worn with clashing pants of the same style.

  • Anonymous

    Nay but love the bag.

    I would rather go straight to the source for a bag like that. There are women’s cooperative that directly benefit from the selling their goods. I looked around a little bit on the designer’s website about her giving back but didn’t see any mention. Maybe I am just missing it. However if Simone is selling those bags for those ridiculously exorbitant prices and not investing mightily in NGOs that help the women of these developing nations where those textiles come from then frankly a pox upon her.   

  • bookish

    I could buy a bag like that at the local farmers market for $20.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, sure, a big “YEA” when I was 17 and in college, and wearing wide-wale corduroy bell bottoms with a fringed and beaded suede jacket.

    Now, no way in hell.

    • Anonymous

      Lilithcat, I find it impossible to believe that you *ever* wore a fringed and beaded suede jacket!  :>)

      • Anonymous

        And vest!  And I smoked!  And had long hair with a center part!  Here’s the proof – my college yearbook photo:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/mojosmom/5379193219/

        • Anonymous

          LOVE that photo. You actually have a classic look in this photo. Elegant, even, given the styles of the time.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you!

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I absolutely agree. You look beautiful and IN CHARGE. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          What a great photo!  It’s very editorial, LOL! And here’s the spooky part: We could have been separated at birth. Although to be absolutely accurate, a whole lot of us had the long hair with the center part, and the cigarette, and the funky clothes.

          Thanks for sharing that!

          • Anonymous

            So, Nina would like it, eh?  😉

            It’s true – for a bunch of rebels we all sure did look alike.

        • Rand Ortega

          Lilithcat, that is THE most awesome photo! So fabulously Joni Mitchell/Carly Simon! I can only imagine how many jets & trends you must’ve set. Hats off to you, beautiful lady!

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for the kind words!

        • Anonymous

          laughing…ohmygawd…just four years earlier that was me too! Long hair with the center part, smoked, and I ironed my hair. I still have the center part, but my hair’s too short to iron, and you would have to torture me to get me to smoke.

          Bitter kittens=kindred spirits

          Great photo btw.

    • Now I am The Bee

      That’s great.  Except for the blonde hair that I have–we coulda been twins in 1970.  Well–us and about 3 million other college girls….!

      • Anonymous

        I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t have to iron my hair!  Remember that?  Setting up the ironing boards in the dorm hallways – not for clothes, but for hair?

  • Alison Jimenez

    If she had different pants on (say a great pair of jeans like the ones she’s known for wearing) then I wouldn’t think the bag was so bad.

  • MilaXX

    I would never carry oe, but Heidi is making this look work. Yes for fellow minions less high maintenance than I .

  • Anonymous

    I think alot of these comments are strange – sure you can get it cheaper somewhere else, as you can with EVERY OTHER BAG MADE BY MAN. Or is it more that the bag comes across as ‘cheap’ (read: foreign) and thats not suited to your tastes?

    • Anonymous

      I think the difference is that you can buy bags that are virtually identical to these bags elsewhere–for dramatically less money and often to the benefit of women’s collectives in the countries where they’re made.  Yes, you can buy a Prada or Vuitton knock-off, but the quality of the original won’t be there.

    • Anonymous

      My take is that this style of bag has been popular for decades and has always been pretty inexpensive. So, this is a designer take on something cheap and widely available…kind of the opposite of what most knock-offs are.

  • Yay Heidi for being willing to wear such a silly silly silly bag.

  • Anonymous

    I like the bag and have a couple – far cheaper – versions. I think the real issue here is that she’s wearing that bag AND those pants. Had she slung that bag over that same top and a pair of jeans, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  Well, maybe we would…

  • Anonymous

    Oh–in my PR Season One fog, I forgot to vote:  For the insane price tag:  NAY!

  • You can get for more beautiful handwoven bags in Rajasthan – all over India, in fact, although the cheap machine-produced crap has taken over to an alarming degree so you do have to search a bit. Granted, not everyone’s from India, so that may not exactly be practical!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a hippie chick @ heart, and I would rock this shit everyday of the week if I could be taken seriously by my son’s teachers and my healthcare profession.  I think I’d likely get hauled in to be drug tested!  I used to dress like this in college, only I bought my shit @ folk festivals and head shops, not from high-end designers.  Still hanging on to a lot of it.  My updated hippie chick look includes lots of tunics and flowy skirts and leggings.  I love her for this.  And I love the bag.  I’m sure it costs hundreds of dollars. Too bad, I want one.

  • Sara Leigh Merrey

    I left those behind in the late ’60s, early ’70s. Too busy.

  • Anonymous

    You can buy these bags in a boutique that sells patch work skirts and incense just off campus in literally any college town in the US. This, my friends, is not fashion. 

  • Anonymous

    Those purses look like the unholy union of mid-80s denim purses + Vera Bradley + a 5-yr-old’s Bedazzler.

  • The set up for that ad is horrible. I think they are going for earthy but it looks like something you would find hanging at midnight in a cemetery in New Orleans. I bet you there are shrunken heads in that bag. 

  • So… how much are those bags? 

    I admit I used to have pants exactly like that. Bought them in Guatemala. 

    • Anonymous

      The one Heidi is carrying is $1800.

  • Anonymous

    Meh I think they are just kind of a “fun” thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have something fun and different. I would carry one of these. I might not go to the opera or out for an evening with one, but I would certainly carry one during the day just goofing around shopping. I’m okay with it.

  • Yay! Except that if she’s walking it, I doubt I can afford it.

  • I like the bags, and I like the pants, but I don’t like the bag and the pants at the same time.  I think those bags would look great with jeans.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, together they are a bit much.  She does look adorable though.

  • Anonymous

    I think I had that bag in the 60’s in college. I think everyone had that bag in the 60’s in college.

  • Oh hahahaha. Those hippie dippy bags run between $630 and $2,000.  I think they’re cute and fun and would look cool with jeans but at those prices, seriously, someone needs to get their head examined. I guess when you’re in the high paid celeb league spending $2G’s on an embellished cloth bag is akin to my spending $20 on one. And for $20, I’d buy one. As for those pants, in the house, lounging around sure, and yet to me, Heidi somehow just looks cute. It’s the combo of the bag and the pants that makes my head explode. Love the comfy sweater and hat though.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. In the olden days when I was in college, we used to buy crap like that for a song from street vendors. Plus this version looks like it was tarted up after a trip to Michael’s.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I think I had that bag in college, I bought it at a farmers market…still hate it

  • Lauren Frankel

    They’re for someone… just not me.

  • Anonymous

    she looks cute. the bag is even fuglier than vera bradley and of course even higher priced. hate it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m back in high school… except mine cost a couple a bucks!

  • Anonymous

    NAY.  Way too much of everything – color, shine, pattern, geegaws, and oh my GOD are those decorated with Wooly Balls?

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather order one from India, so that I know I’m helping a family buy food and shelter.  Not really my thing, but if I was in India, this type of bag would be something I would buy. 

  • Ben

    the bags are kinda cute

  • Anonymous

    I love them.  But it’s nostalgia for me, as I was there the first time around. 

  • I want those pants. They are awesome. And bravo to her for wearing whatever the hell she wants on her time off.

  • Oh my god, what a great idea! I’ll take a touristy cliche – something you can buy on a beach in Cabo or a open air market in Europe – and make it here in the US and sell it as ‘high end’ and no one will notice it’s hiddy. I’ll be rich. Now let’s see…ugly embroidered bags have been taken so how about…wooden clogs from Holland!!!   Why have the real thing when I can make ones ‘inspired by’ the real thing (read: copy) and sell them for thousands? It doesn’t even matter that they are ugly, impractical and hurt you – they’re shoes right? Yes! I knew this was going to be a good day. I hope no one steals my idea. But if someone wears wooden clogs on the red carpet anytime soon, this post is archived right?

  • Anonymous

    nay on the bags. They remind me of the Vera Bradley bags many of my friends like but I just can’t get into.

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of these bags (I’m from Santa Fe, after all), but would probably not buy one. I don’t like bags with jingly little doodads all over them because doodads fall off (or get yanked off by your toddler) and then you have to replace the doodad or retire the bag. Also, those things jingle as you walk and that drives me right up the wall. 

    Still, Heidi looks cute and comfortable. 

  • aimee_parrott

    I think a bag like that, while not to my taste, could be super-cute with jeans and a white tee and some sandals.  With those pants she’s wearing, it’s a color clash of cornea-searing proportions.  Me no likey.

  • Anonymous


  • Megan Sears

    I’m pretty sure I bought this purse from Pier1 Imports in 7th grade.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly!  I just don’t think of these bags as chic and cool–not that they can’t be but my personal history with this look is exactly the same (junior high, Pier 1).  Just like plaid skirts–too much personal baggage from childhood to ever consider in any rational way.

  • kim i

    yay, for people who like that kind of thing, of which i’m usually not one.

  • It’s difficult for me to be impartial because those bags are incredibly far away from my personal taste.  I guess for what they are they are nice, but I just really don’t like them at all.

  • Leslie Streeter

    Love that bag. Sorry. It’d be more fun without the hackysack duds, but I love it.

  • paula.pertile

    yeah, baby! its a fine line, and these work.

  • Anonymous

    NAY, not my scene.

  • Upscale Urban Outfitters. Blech.

  • Yea.  It looks like fun.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Looks like typical hippie wear and often seen in my college town.

  • Joyce VG

    YEA!  Love it!

  • Deidre Robbers

    I’m sorry… I’m old enough to have had a bag like that in the early 70’s, except I made it in 4H sewing class.  Out for me on the bag.

  • It looks like it’s made from the same fabrics as my mom’s favorite purse she got on vacation in Guatemala. That makes it an out for me.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Oh my word.  Why…WHY?  Is it because she was too young to dress this way in 1968?  (Was she even born yet?) 
    And no–the bag is OUT.  It may have been made by a designer of high-end materials, but it looks exactly like those one can find at every street fair in every city all summer long for about $12.  And should not be carried by anyone under the age of 25.  Yikes.

  • oohsparkley!

    She looks cute and casual. I’m sure she’s over paid for the bag.  Unless it’s leather?  It’s funny to see her so dressed down and un-sexy.

  • Anonymous

    yay!!! thanks for the info on those bags… I loved the bag since i saw her picture a few weeks ago….  my mom can make similar ones, i’ll send her these pics 🙂

  • Deidre Robbers

    Did you say Crocks? 😀

  • Anonymous

    Not my style at all, but I can see how the bags could be cute with a really simple outfit.  If Heidi had worn jeans the outfit would’ve worked much better.

  • That bag looks a lot like the ones you can get at Tijuana (I live in Chula Vista, pretty close to TJ) for around 10 dollars. Im guessing this one costs like 50 times that, so nay.

  • Yea.  Although I feel like if your “hippy shit” has a designer name attached to it, it sort of defeats the purpose of being hippy shit.

  • Anonymous

    This is Heidi? Coulda fooled me. She looks cute though.

    This is a great example of high end consumerism at its worst, regarding the bag. What nonsense, to pay this much for a fabric, unconstructed purse with dangly doodads. A trip to Michaels, indeed!

    As numerous kittens have said, many of us rocked similar bags in the sixties and seventies, from street vendors, or making one ourselves. In fact, just for old times sake, I just might make myself one. I’d forgotten how cute they are.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a NAY, for the blatant excessive $$$$$$$$$.

  • Anonymous

    If her hair were in dreds, she’s be the perfect trust fund baby begging for money on the Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, I can just see that. Two of my kids went to CU Boulder, and we heard stories about the rich kids who threw away their computers and such at the end of the school year. The curbs are probably still ripe for the picking.

  • Anonymous

    NAY.  I’m sure they’re expensive, but they look like something I could make just from visiting the discount dump bins and Hancock’s and Hobby Lobby.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the bag, but I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for it and definitely wouldn’t pair it with those pants!

  • Anonymous

    there’s a bit of south & central america to these, true, but what they really reference is south asia.
    vintage handbags from thailand, case in point. these usually go for a decent, if not extraordinary, amount of money [say $250].
    so i looked up the abovenoted, simone camille. you would have to multiply a thai bag x 5 or more to get the equivalent.
    hardly worth it. on her site she references people like thea porter. the difference between simone & thea, though, is that thea took references & flew from them. camille, otoh, reproduces them very close to note for note.

    after the PR finale, i am surprised heidi, there, isnt wearing an anya bag.
    i am also not displeased that she looks not much more than five feet tall here. i wouldnt normally be, but i am still annoyed.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna assume they are absurdly overpriced too. Therefore, nay.

    Heidi does look cute though.

  • Not my taste. Also hate the pants.

  • I LOVE these bags!

  • its a left coast thing darlings …. just love the hippie dippy explosion of colors… brings back memories of peace,love, rock n roll. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the bags.  They work for a look.  It’s a very specific look: hippy, community garden, co-op chick look.  I see the look a lot, and adopt it myself sometimes, and I would definitely pick up one of these bags for those days.  They’re kind of joyful and relaxed at the same time. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea, but no. Not for me.

  • I guess I’ll say nay. They’re fun and cute, but there’s a limited population that would be able to wear them everyday.

  • Anonymous

    NAY.  I live in Utah.  The Granola State.  Those sorts of bags are hanging in the Whole Foods. Yawn. Derivative.

  • It looks like something that would be sold at an International Arts and Crafts Fair.

  • I think it’s a fine bag but honestly it’s also a bag I could buy at a store that showcases bongs as art and smells of incense. Not sure why I’d buy a designer boho bag.

  • NO.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How cold is it in southern california? I live in Maine and I don’t need to wear that hat.

  • Anonymous

    I have a strong boho side, but these bags are a big NAY. Ditto on those hiddy pants. They look like they come with a free bong.  *shudder*

  • Nay.  They are all so similar that I thought TLo posted the same bag 6 times.  That being said, the top half of her outfit is pretty cute, it’s those pants that ruin it.  I see it with some skinny jeans and she’d look great.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure I had a bag like that from in 6th grade, bought by an ill-advised but well-intentioned aunt from one of those “New Age” bookstores, along with some patchouli potpourri.

    So, in case you couldnt’ tell-NO from me.

  • Kate Pearce

    I like the bags, I am fatally attracted to shiny things. LOL

  • HATE those bags. Especially when they cost that much.

  • Anonymous

    Nay. I thought there was an error and I was scrolling past the same picture in a row. It’s so busy, I can’t even tell when it’s a different color or design.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I can smell the weed and patchouli from here.

    Oh, and OUT. That’s a Pier 1/World Market bag. Nobody should have to pay more than $20 for that thing.

  • Anonymous

    I like.  🙂

  • Nae. That is some ugly stuff there.

  • Ugh, NO. I think I made a bag like that in first grade.

  • Sara__B

    I suspect the handbags are more West Coast than East. But why would anyone pay top dollar for them when they look like something hand-crafted with love by a 3rd generation hippie at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon? (Been there, bought one.)

  • Anonymous

    HA! Looks like a craft project from summer camp. I’ll fix it if you let me borrow your ‘BEDAZZLER”!

  • Anonymous

    YEA YEA YEA on the bags!  they are so norcal via guatemala.  as for heidi, that is a get-up I would wear.  except the hat, which would make me look about 90 yrs. old.  but, seriously, where can i get those pants?  for under $50, please.

  • NAY.  

  • Linde Hoff

    Very college-campus-in-Berkeley-California look…..hey, she’s rich and can wear whatever she wants, right?  It’s not like she has any clue about fashion herself (as indicated by her TV show).

  • CQAussie

    Ooohhh cute, YEA.  Love them.

  • Anonymous

    Cute, colorful, yes. 

  • Heidi manages it with her hippy look, but as for me I say NAY to that bag.

  • Nay. You can find those for $10 at a flea market in Texas or South Cali. $1000+ for a bag like that is just plain stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable, colorful, fun, comfortable. Sophisticated pairing of colors and prints, too. That patchouli is artisanally produced, not some stuff from a head shop.

  • Anonymous

    @ModernBoy:disqus …….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that whole outfit was off the rack at World market 8 years ago.  Sorry, you can slap a fancy French sounding name on that bag but it is still World market/Pier 1 at best.  Not that there is anything wrong with those stores and there fun, funky bags, ect but you know Ms. Seal either forked over a butt load for that thing or had it sent to her free to encourage other lemmings to fork over buttloads of money for it.

  • Anonymous

    Yay.  This kind of photo is inspirational for when I’m on errand day and feel like jeans and a tee. How much cuter with just different choices. Same comfort.

    As for the bag, World Market, oh yeah. If we are talking about the look of the bag for everyday, I like it. Go buy one for cheap. If we are talking bout spending beaucoup dinero for a designer bag, then  nay. 

  • I love those pants and wish I could wear them. I also love the bag, but, Great Holy Mary Mother of God, even if I had $1800 to spend on it, I wouldn’t.

  • Samantha Irene

    Nay – I don’t really want a designer rip off of something you can/should buy in a market in thailand – a designer ‘take’ on the look might be fun – but it just looks like you dragged it back from somewhere abroad and it should be bragging about how it only cost $1.50 or something.

  • Anonymous

    I had bags like that in the ’70s.

  • Anonymous

    Fun bag but it clashes horribly with the pants. Honestly this is HEIDI KLUM — yet her thighs look ginormous. Kill the pants. Agreed with prior posters who say why pay big bucks for this bag when it’s available in many other far cheaper versions looking more or less the same. It’s not like this is [likely] her daily go-to bag so it needs to be made to last for a year or two. Bet she uses it now and then only. 

  • Anonymous

    Nay.  stoner faux patchwork-y stuff like what I craved in the late 60s

  • Nay. You could get them at Nepalese stores all around my city…why buy a designer bag??

  • Nay. So many nays, I’m like a frickin’ stable over here. Nay, nay, nay.

  • Anonymous

    Exhibit 1: these heinous pants are ample evidence of why Anya one.

  • Love the bags! 

  • LOVE! Love love love love love. That is EXACTLY how I would’ve dressed if I had many dollars when I was 16 instead of very few. Except I would never ever have worn beige. I’ve had my eye on a very similar bag for a while now, still for more dollars than I have (though probably considerably less than what Mme Klum laid out).

  • So I can get behind some pretty absurdly-priced handbags, but I could buy something that looks just like that at any hippie event for about $40. And ‘timeless’ they are not – at least, not for most people – so spending over a grand on one of those things just seems like insanity to me. (Also, I find it hideous, personally.) Verdict: a big ol’ NAY.

  • Nay to the nth degree.  Also nay on the clown pants plus winter hat & scarf in California halfway into November, ferchrissakes..

  • Anonymous

    NAY on the bag. YAY on Heidi.

  • Anonymous

    NAY.  If you want this, I can direct you to any number of people on etsy and at your local craft fairs that will be able to do the same thing for much, much less money.

  • Anonymous

    Really really not for me.  I don’t love the jingle things and I am not a tribal cloth kind of girl. 

  • Somehow I felt compelled to google those pants. For those that love them, good news, they’re on sale for $149. http://www.calypsostbarth.com/Ikat-Pants-p-18730.html

  • Anonymous

    Love the bag, don’t love the price.

  • Marie Monroe

    Nay. I had the same bag in high school only I paid a lot less for it at our local head shop.

  • Anonymous

    i like them! they are of course not to everyone’s taste but to the young ladies (which includes myself), they are perfectly cute and fun. YEA

  • Anonymous

    Nay. There are a few that are approaching OK, but they are none of them symmetrical enough for me. Give me MODERN, not hippy.

  • Anonymous

    But not for the same outings for which you use the classic leather shoulder bag.

    Indeed, for many of us, not for work days at all.

    But perfect for fun & funky. I prefer this style of cluttered to those damn hobo bags with all the little metal thingies and leather tassels dripping off of them.

     ETA: and the fact that it costs way more than I’d spend on a purse, even if I had way more money than I ever imagine I’ll have, doesn’t enter into my yea or nay. If I could only like fashion that was reasonably priced, I wouldn’t be visiting this blog.

  • Melanie Clark

    Love it hard. But a hippie like me would.

  • Anonymous

    I want those sunglasses…

  • Anonymous

    Yay. Would be great for summer.

  • I think Heidi looks adorable, and I love the hippy-dippy stuff myself, but… HATE the bags.

  • Anonymous

    Nay, nein, non, nyet…in any language, no to these bags.

  • Anonymous

    The bag is fun but unspecial.  I used to have a zillion just like it in college, purchased for $10.  ($10 in the 1990s)

    I’d be irritated to see that bag from a designer or at designer prices. Unless there’s a sign declaring it, “Head Shop Chic.” Then I would be amused and still not buy it.

  • Haley Buchanan

    Out.  I feel like its something I would’ve gotten for $5 at some flea market while on vacation when I was 13 years old.

  • Andrea and Dancy Mason

    It looks great on her, but something about the shape of the bags in the ads just puts me off. With all the boho and that shape, it just looks way too late 90s for me

  • Susan G Keavney

    Sometimes it’s nice to just have fun with something as utilitarian as a Mom purse.

  • i can get this at any and all fair trade stores…this is not something that should be expensive designer shit ever

  • Anonymous

    I typically hate handbags (I am fundamentally opposed to having to carry something in-hand), but I love that bag.  

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Pier 1 Imports for like $20, though.  

  • Not my style. Nay.

  • Anonymous

    yea.  I like this look, actually.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of want her outfit. It looks comfy. And it has colors and chotchkies (which spell-check thinks should be hopscotches).

  • She just looks like a hip mom out on the town.  I kind of love it, and I want the bag (if I could get it for $25 at the farmer’s market… definitely not at what she paid for it).

  • Anonymous

    Color, patterns and sparkle, more joyful than a lot of huge over-sized (= too heavy) bags that seem to be in fashion.

  • fragileindustries

    There’s always a place for the Cost Plus World Market Indian bag.  Especially in California, with jeans, going to the Farmer’s Market, picking up the kids, or full on hippy when you want to let your freak flag fly.  What’s reprehensible is paying more than $25 bucks for it.  I can’t believe those are pricey designer handbags. 

  • That’s a really ugly bag. You can get one of those at the flea market for $5 and I’m pretty sure that the Kluminator paid more than $5 for that p.o.s.

  • Allison Woods


  • Anonymous

    Love the bag – with a less boho look to contrast.

  • Actually if the bag is worn with something simpler like a jeans mini, a white tank and doc marts, it’ll be cute for girls like Dakota Fanning. But doing an all out hippy look can be a bit too much. It might even be cute with what Nicole Richie usually wears too. So, you gotta be that sort of girl to pull this off without looking like a costume.

  • Anonymous

    Good Lord, those bags are hideous.

  • Yay.  After all, Heidi is not carrying said bag to the Opera.  

  • Anonymous

    YAY!!! Ok so I remember the original Hippy versions in the 70’s but so what. LOVE THEM!

  • Anonymous

    Love the bags. But I’m a wanna be hippy.

  • FWIW, when I lived in Germany from 2002 to 2007, I noticed that there seemed to be more of a tendency to reference a hippie/boho look. I don’t know if that means that it’s something that’s still going on and Heidi is hip to it, or if she was influenced by her childhood, or even if she just likes the look. I think the visceral reaction to it stems from the fact that often she’s seen in something far more modern and streamlined, so this look seems cluttered and less thought-out. Just mho.

  • Nay.  Can find stuff like this at flea markets and craft fairs and head shops (not that I frequent head shops), so why spend thousands of dollars on it.  

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Nay – those are some fug bags!

  • Judy_J

    Saw zillions of these bags in Guatemala…every street vendor was selling them.

  • OK, I am in disagreement with others, but I love the bags. The textiles, coins, and tassles on it are Rajasthani and Rabari hand-embroidered shisha mirror work. They’re probably vintage, from cholis and skirts that were taken apart for reuse because parts of them were too damaged. The women of these tribes take great pride in their embroidery skills and I like seeing these textiles reused. That being said, you can buy the same textiles on eBay and make your own, if you so desired. Could get a little expensive, though, as the vintage bits and bobs don’t come cheap, and then you have to be able to assemble everything. I really do have to laugh, though, to see this as a “fashion” thing carried by Heidi Klum. I’d have fully expected to see it at a bellydance festival, carried by Rachel Brice.

  • Anonymous

    This is what 90 percent of the population wears in my hometown.  About that bag… I thought it was all the same picture at first, repeated six times for comedic effect.  I find it even more comical that they’re actually all supposed to be different but it’s completely unnoticable.

  • Anonymous

    HK looks ADORABLE and the bags a cute as hell.

  • ug nay.  Way too many design elements.