GQ Men of the Year 2011 Red Carpet

Posted on November 19, 2011

Darlings, it was the GQ Men of the Year 2011 party in L.A. and the boys were feeling the pressure to bring it to the red carpet. As with any sausage-fest post, expect us to sound like a broken record or a skipping mp3 or whatever the fuck the kids call it now.


Aaron Paul

Oh, and we should mention that the photographers were apparently dangled from the ceiling, several feet above the attendees, in order to make them all look like lollipop people.

Anyway, he looks cute.


Aisha Tyler

We love a black and gold combo but we love it even more on a gal who was born to wear it. If only this thing wasn’t so shapeless.


Alexandra Breckenridge

Sweetie, someone needs to school you on red carpet posing. You might as well be having your driver’s license picture taken. The dress is cute, but it requires zhuzhing of which there is sadly none to be seen.


Alison Brie in Mackage

Cute, put together, not too showy; a look that says “I’m here to support my bros.”


Anna Faris in Preen

The posing isn’t helping, but this looks a little precious to us.


Anton Yelchin

Very cute. Get your hands out of your pockets.


Armie Hammer

There is a serious disconnect going on between his and her outfits. Did they just meet five minutes ago? He’s looking dapper, but that suit looks like it’s too tight on him.


Ashley Madekwe

The motorcycle jacket over the cocktail dress has been done and done, so if you’re going to bring it back, at least pair it with an interesting dress and shoe.


Brie Larson

She’s not boring; we’ll give her that.


Chris Pine in Ralph Lauren

Another very dapper attempt that is being harmed by the fact that everything’s just a bit too tight. Also, a contrasting tie is needed.


David Arquette

While the male shoe and accessory pairing rules are even less stringent than the female ones, we think his shoes, tie and hankie are all fighting each other for attention.


Elisabeth Moss in Cushnie et Ochs

Someone’s feeling mighty sexy with her new hair, aren’t they Lady Miss Clairol?


Emma Roberts in ASOS

Stylish accessories and hair make a basic red dress a classic, honey. Little tip from us.


Jaime King in Oscar de la Renta

Very cute, but it is impossible for us not to get this one …

Jaime Pressly

… and this one mixed up. Mental note: Pressly dresses a little tackier.


Jason Ritter

Cute, but the tie’s too long.



Competently done, but the unbuttoned jacket and hands in pockets make him look like he’s on a coffee break during a managerial conference.


Jesse Williams

We’re thinking the white collar requires a tie.

Actually, the GQ Man of the Year party require a tie, period.


Jessica Biel in Antonio Berardi

Kind of “office Holiday party.”


Jimmy Fallon

Cute. The angle makes it seem he’s not best suited for vests, but we don’t know if that’s really true.


Joe Manganiello

Another conference attendee (albeit an ucommonly hot one) on a break.


John Cho in Simon Spurr

And his buddy. Later they’ll all go to strip club together, where they will all continue to keep their hands in their pockets.


John Hamm

That is one packed Hamm. Outside of his Draper costumes, we don’t think we’ve ever seen him in something so fitted.


Justin Timberlake

We hate ourselves for saying this, but: adorable.

Kellan Lutz

We see he took our advice about white shirts and no vests. Even at this bad angle his shape looks better.


Kerry Washington in Prabal Gurung

Chic and sassy.


Lake Bell in Andrew Gn

She strikes us as the type who doesn’t pay much attention to what she’s going to wear so long as it shows off the bod and is paired with some showy shoes. There are worse ways to approach style.


Michael B. Jordan


Michael Fassbender



Milo Ventimiglia

That includes you, Svengali.


Minka Kelly in Versus

Not bad, but it looks a little office-y.


Ryan Kwanten

Good God, he takes the absolute worst pictures whenever he’s on a red carpet.


Zachary Quinto

A little on the business-y side.


Zooey Deschanel in Vintage

Really cute dress. Not loving the glitter pumps paired with it. Competing golds make our eyelids twitch.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Wasn’t Zooey wearing those in a previous post (with the slightly wrinkled dark blue dress)? She must really like them. (FTR – I think she’s super cute in just about anything. I may have a blind spot when it comes to Zooey, just ’cause I love her, her music, and the show…le sigh).

    Surprisingly, there are no really huge missteps on this particular red carpet. There are things that could have been done *better*, but nobody looks truly horrible.

    I would rather have Delicious Fassbender in his GQ mag outfit though – that suit doesn’t do much for him (not fitted enough?). And that’s what I’m calling him now. Delicious Fassbender. If the suit fits…

    • I thought the same when I saw Zooey and the glitter pumps again too.  While they are adorable, the dress has quite enough gold on its own.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Who is Jaime King and can I have her hair?

    • And I just now realized, she is not Jaime Pressly.  Or perhaps she is her slightly classier doppelgänger.

      • Me too, I thought they were the same person until now.

        • Put me in that camp, too. Every time I see Jamie King I think to myself, “Wow, she looks different than she did on My Name Is Earl.”

          • Anonymous

            You might find her easier to remember if you thought of her, as I do, as, ‘hey, there’s that chick who used to be JAMES KING.” Not that she used to be a dude but she used to call herself James. C’mon! She was in Sin City! and Pearl Harbor! and My Bloody Valentine!

            But I’d never mix her up with Jamie Pressly anyway. I LOVE Jamie Pressly.

      • Anonymous

        yup, me too :)))

    • Anonymous

      Yes you can and I will tell you she plays  the very Southern Junior League Lemon Breeland on Hart of Dixie, the CW show starring Rachel Bilson. Who I say still is doing fine in that show. 

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Michael looks perfect.  He has such an air of confidence to him.  Perhaps he reads our comments on this blog before he goes out?

  • Anonymous

    Could there be anything more preppy looking than Armie Hammer’s face paired with a sweater vest?  Unless he’s happy to be forever typecast as a variation on one or another Winklevoss, he might want to change up his look next time…

    • Anonymous

      Meh. I feel like it’s the right look for him. If he tried to edge it out it would be like every time January Jones goes out in some futuristic ish: silly. I think it’s best he doesn’t fight it.

      Then again, I come from The Land of the Preps, so it doesn’t seem overwhelmingly preppy to me. Multiple popped collars, ribbon belts, those stupid pants with lobsters and shit embroidered in them, and weird pastel pairings? That’s preppy. Ugh, now I’m having a flashback to high school.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, you’re probably right.  Anyway, it’s not that I think Armie looks bad here.  At all.  Maybe he and January should both embrace the typecasting, both on the RC and in movies.  After all, not everybody can play aristocratic entitlement so well, even sympathetically, without it slipping into nose-in-the-air caricature.  And I hope we never see January putting on 30 pounds, a prosthetic nose, and dreadful clothes in an Oscar-or-bust bid for credibility!

  • Anonymous

    lol I wish that’s what I wore to an office party!

  • Anonymous

    TLo, I understand your ambivalence to Justin Timberlake.  When he was first foisted upon the world I found him to be disgusting.  But I have to say that over the years he’s sort of grown on me.  He was a really smarmy kid, but as he’s matured it turns out he’s genuinely funny and doesn’t take himself all that seriously.  The fake charm of yore has been replaced with the real kind.  Now I sort of look forward to seeing him.  He’s like that awful kid you loathed in high school that turns out to be a decent adult in spite of himself.  I’ve never found him attractive and still don’t but I find him likable, which is more than I can say for any of the current crop of manboys being foisted on us now (Ryan Kwanten, I’m looking at you right now, you smarmy little beast).

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with you. I heard Justin Timberlake in a fairly long interview on NPR (Fresh Air, perhaps?) and he sounded so grounded and down-to-earth and sensible that I was quite taken with him, in spite of myself. 

    • Anonymous

      I think he’s turned out to be an old style entertainer, in a way that used to be par for the course but is less common in the past few decades. We thought of him as a teen-pop singer because that’s what being in NSync required. But he’s really an all-round show biz kid turned all-around show biz grownup.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, BB, and I appreciate that about him.  But what elevates him from talented yet repulsive douchebag to a more palatable human is that he seems comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Somewhere along the way the smarminess dropped away and was replaced with a more likable guy.  Would that all of the current crop of males being foisted upon us would take this lesson to heart.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. I don’t know if he sings well (I’ve never heard him!) but he reminds me of the old school entertainers like, I don’t know. . . Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Bing Crosby . . . in that he can sing if that’s need, he can dance if that’s needed, you can dress him up, you can put him in a dramatic movie role, you can ask him to make a fool of himself — whatever — and he’ll deliver. Of course, I have no idea what he’s actually like, but that’s the vibe I get.

          • Anonymous

            That’s my take, too.  Whatever he might really be like, he projects intelligence, competence and fun.  That right there gets him points with me.  And since he doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time with his face plastered all over the tabloids for being an asshat it could be that he really is those things.  The illusion of it is enough to keep him from getting on my last nerve, as so many others do.

        • Anonymous

          I really do appreciate the ones who don’t take themselves too seriously.  It’s a good quality.

    • I’d love to agree but all I can see is an immense phony. Still.

    • I have had a soft spot for him since his NSYNC days (I was their target demographic back then.) I love when he hosts SNL and I was super impressed with him in the Social Network. He just seems like a fun and surprisingly talented guy to me.

    • I’m coming around on Justin as well.  Very talented and likeable.

  • Lindsay Lowe Worthington


  • Anonymous

    Is that Envy Adams dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo? None of these guys is doing it for me today. I must really be sick…

  • That’s the best I’ve seen Arquette look in years.

    • agreed- he needs some positive encouragement for dressing his age.

    • Since he discovered sobriety, his tailoring has been impeccable. Who would have guessed?

  • Anonymous

    “That is one packed Hamm……..”  I’ve had a bad week, TLo, and that’s the first honest guffaw that has escaped my lips in days.  Thanks!  And PS: I agree.

  • Oh Ryan Kwanten. He seems much more comfortable nekkid than on the red carpet. Maybe taking his shirt off will help…

    • Anonymous

      I am also more comfortable when he is nekkid.

  • Anonymous

    Did I not get the fashion memo about wearing a tie of the same colour as your suit? Who came up with that idea and how do we kill it?

    Look, we men don’t get to wear much pretty stuff and ties are one of our key ‘pretty’ things. You take that from us and there ain’t much left.

    Also, tight suits don’t ‘suit’ everyone. Or anyone really.

  • Anonymous

    Most of this was unremarkable, although I do like a man in a suit vest. Very adorkable. Is Ryan Kwanten wearing his mucking-out-the-horse-stalls boots from L.L.Bean? What is he wearing on his feet?

    I realize that I’m the only woman in America who feels this way, but Jon Hamm does nothing for me. 

    I loved Zoeey’s dress–my favorite out of the bunch. Did not love the shoes. I might have liked the shoes better if she hadn’t been wearing black hose; somehow the hose looked weird with the shoes. 

    • Anonymous

      I adore John Hamm on Mad Men, but outside of the show he always appears awkward, tired/hungover. I don’t think he could take a good picture if his life depended on it. 

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I’ve never gotten the Hamm love either.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, you’re not the only woman in America who doesn’t get the John Hamm love. I don’t even find him attractive in the period drag on the show, and as himself in real life, eh. Not hot at all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy to see three-piece suits. That brown Ralph Lauren suit worn by some guy (Chris Pine?) is  AMAZING. I don’t know who many of these fellows are, and nearly all of them, even the ones in nice suits, do nothing at all for me.  And the TLo legacy continues: whenever I see men dressed in suits (or even just suit trousers and shirts), I first check the hem/break, then check if hands are out of pockets. Really, they should hire you to go around the country lecturing younger men (and some older ones) about how to dress. I would consider that a great public service.

  • scottyf

    Okay Soul Brothers

    Somebody somewhere has GOT to be advising a lot of these men to put their hands in their pockets. Maybe their stylist and or publicist is saying “If you don’t know what to do with your hands–put them in your pockets.” With a suit, I generally agree that it breaks up the line and gives a sloppier look. But sometimes I think a few guys hit a hands-in-pocket pose just right.

    However, to make you happy, I offer Joe Manganiello, John Cho, young Michael B. Jordan and Milo Ventimiglia MY pants pockets to put their hands in.

    Ahhh, the sacrifices I make to appease T&Lo.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I think you’re right.  The gals can pop a hip and place a hand on it, hold a clutch, dress em up with lots of bangles…more options.  I think that men sometimes have the awkward feeling that their hands are just dangling from their wrists like two hams (no offense Jon), and without a partner to clutch resort to the pockets.

      • Anonymous

        Remember when Michael Caine explained why he held his hands behind him so much in “Zulu” (1964) and he said he wanted to convey privilege, and that’s how you always see the Duke of Edinburgh in public.  Try that.

        • Anonymous

          And were I a man, I would. 🙂

        • My best friend’s father is a minister and ex-priest.  He has been performing weddings for over 40 years, and that is what he ALWAYS tells the male half of the bridal party — at your sides or behind your back.  Pockets are sloppy and too casual, and holding them clasped in front just makes you look like you need to pee in the photos:)

          • Anonymous

            So True. Many men often take very awkward wedding photos, with half the bridal party trying to look suave, and the others just kind of dorky. But even hands held at the side can look strange, as my husband’s do, from long ago, not quite on the side, held rather stiffly in front of his legs. LOL. Perhaps he was terrified!

  • Why oh why are they photographed at that angle? It is supremely unflattering. Everyone looks deformed.

    • Thank you–was starting to wonder if it was just me since it looked like no one had said anything. The angle or lens (or both) has turned every one of them into bobble heads. Awful!

      And now of course I see TLo said something.

    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to imagine the scene and place the photographers in relation to the celebs, and it doesn’t make sense. It’s like they’ve replaced human photographers with Google hovercraft cameras or something…

      • This seems to be a common occurrence lately. Maybe they’ve hired out-of-work NBA players to be red carpet photogs.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, so TLo suggests dangling photographers, I suggest hovercraft cameras, and you suggest NBA players.  We’re gonna close in on this mystery eventually!  Then the only mystery left will be WHY???

          • Well, Kobe and LeBron need to supplement their unemployment insurance during the lock-out.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Chris Pine, just because you will always be remembered for your Captain Kirk doesn’t mean you should actually morph into William Shatner. FIX THE HAIR.

    • Rand Ortega

      But at  least he doesn’t have to take it off to do it.
      (I’m going to hell for that 1, I know it!)

      • haha too funny! He’s also got Shatner’s fondness for overly tight pants! I also think he needs to go with cuts that have a higher rise.

    • Anonymous

      Still, Shatner is like Regis, love em or hate em, each is one of a kind. And Shatner killed on Boston Legal.

  • I so completely get Pressly and King mixed up that at first I thought they were the same person and I was confused because I thought you were saying those two *dresses* were too much alike (WTF?).  On an unrelated note, Elizabeth Moss looks sultry as hell with the darker haircolor. 

    • Elizabeth Moss looks like Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing with the Stars in this picture.

    • I didn’t even recognize Elizabeth Moss!  You are right–she looks beautiful and sultry.

  • HATE Zooey’s tights, Lizzy Moss is FABOO, and I will personally take Fassbender aside and show him what he needs to do with his hands.

  • Anonymous

    Big winner for the guys to me is Kellan. He looks great in color! Love this suit on him. For the ladies I’ll pick Jaime KING with a side of Kerry Washington.

  • I nominate Kerry Washington for the win.

    • MilaXX

      Yes she seems to be hitting al the right notes on the RC lately.

  • Anonymous

    Of the Jaimes — Pressly seems like the one I’d want to hang out with.

  • Anonymous

    Only slightly built men should be wearing these tight suits.  Slightly build guys who give themselves manly muscles must make the adjustment!

    And whoever the guy is who is going with double breasted jacket, pocket square but no tie?  blech.  And Mr. Mousketeer?  Take your  wallet/iphone/whatever out of your freaking pocket.  oy!

    • margaret meyers

      This look is only for a certain body type.  Even a very fit but bulky man like Jon Hamm can start to look like a lumpy sausage, and the idea is to look sleek and sophisticated.

      • Yes you basically need to be a Bowie type.

  • Anonymous

    Love Zoey’s dress. Black shoes might have worked better. I bet she tried on a million pairs, including black, and finally decided what the hell — gold glitter. At least Michael Jordan is smiling. The camera angle kind of ruins almost every shot, alas. As for all the business suits, how can a man wear a dark suit and NOT look like he just came out of a conference room? Funky tie? Also, I hate BLUE suits. My dad always said blue suits were for men who worked at utility or insurance companies in non-executive jobs. Safe, boring, dull, they’d be secretaries if they were female. Yes, this is old school, but I still agree. 

  • Anonymous

    What, no critique on Josh Hutcherson’s sweater vest? Missed oppurtunity!

  • I am wondering if there was something on the invites (or a memo sent to stylists) mentioning gold & black. So many of the ladies are sporting the combo, even if just the accessories. I wouldn’t have even noticed, if not for the gold & black logos on the backdrop.

  • Anonymous

    Yeeech – didn’t someone check the lighting and the angles for the photographers? This is a lineup of supremely handsome and beautiful men and women – and I’d say all of these photos look terrible. Everybody looks odd and washed-out. That said, Elizabeth Moss looks fantastic with the darker hair.

  • Go Alison Brie! (I don’t know if you guys watch Community, but it’s hilarious, even if it’s not in your wheelhouse – 8PM on NBC!)

    • I love Community… sadly, it’s being put on hiatus, probably b/c people don’t get it.

      • I am so irritated by this. How can they take away Community? / cries/

        Allison Brie was on The Soup last night.  She was hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    All their little legs looks so itty bitty from that ridiculous angle that I can’t even focus on the clothes. 

    • It makes the girl with Armie Hammer look like her head is as long as her skinny little calf.

  • Anonymous

    While you’re getting the Jaimes mixed up, I’m thinking that if Brie Larson married Alison Brie. . . 

  • Anonymous

    Somebody needs to slap the photographers. No excuse for such gawd-awful angles. 

    John Hamm and Ryan Kwanten are tied for worst photos. Mr. Hamm is consistent I’ll give him that. I can’t recall one single good photo of him, outside of the Mad Men set. Fassbender looks horrible here. Just ew. But I’d happily attend whatever conference Mr. Manganiello is at.

    You’d think Alexandra Breckenridge would really bring it to the RC, what with her looks and sex appeal, but she ends up looking surprisingly generic. Something about her face reminds me of Gretchen Mol, esp. when her hair is up. Zooey D. looks pretty cute though she’d look better with different shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Armie Hammer’s date actually does look like someone he met 5 minutes ago, and someone who he will pay after the date is over. I like Elisabeth Moss’s new hair and her decision to wear clothes that we can see instead of her usual beige.  Her eyes have also been visible recently, so apparently someone has told her about makeup.  Now for a lipstick color and her entire face will be revealed. I like Alison Brie’s dress, and I love Zoey Deschanel’s entire look, even the shoes.  

  • Anonymous

    How do all these good-looking people all look so strange?  Whoever set up the lighting/camera angle really accomplished something. 

    Hands in pockets and all, I have such an undignified crush on John Cho it’s not even funny.

    • John Cho is dreamy. I absolutely love him, even with the helmet hair he’s sporting.

      • Anonymous

        My Cho crush went to nuclear levels when I found out he used to be an English teacher before he became an actor.  He taught middle and high schoolers, I think.  I don’t know what it says about me that I’m kind of fanning myself just writing this.

  • BerlinerNYC

    I LOVE Alison Brie, and I also love her look here. The dress isn’t too showy, but it’s also a fascinating color: goldish black?

    Zooey is going to keep wearing those gold glitter pumps until the heels fall off. Twice in one week—really?

    Jamie Pressly dresses a little tackier, but that’s part of why I like her better. Seeing her makes me miss My Name is Earl.

  • Amrita Singh

    Is Fassy wearing that Armani suit again?

  • Ben

    Jesus, what is this angle? it makes everyone look terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s your primer, my lovely gay uncles…it helps you keep them apart if you spell their first names correctly, too.
    JAIME was in Sin City and sort of has no accent.  JAMIE was in Joe Dirt and has a hint of a Southern accent.

    The most fierce ladies—Aisha, Jaime, and Kerry.   I like Zooey’s dress, too…not sure about the shoes with it either.

    And the QuiltRx Snort Count was off the charts on this one…one bobblehead after another was KILLING me!  Is the photographer still in school, or up on Cecil B’ DeMille’s boom or something?  (I think I snorted the loudest at Arquette for some reason.  And is Ryan Kwanten HALF as big of a drunk douche as he appears to be on EVERY RC???)

  • ack! the camera angle is giving everyone crazy short legs. it’s freaking me out!

  • Don’t you mean “Canned Hamm”?

  • What is up with the new camera angle for red carpets?  This seems to be a new trend, and I think the publicists need to get together and make it stop.

  • Anonymous

    The ladies look nice, except Elisabeth Moss who, no matter how much she flops those boobs around and fuckmusses her hair, always look dull and schlumpy to me.

    Zoe D’s shoes were ugly as eff the first time – they grow more hideous every time she wears them.  Enough, new girl.The men all look sloppy and/or too tight.  JayZ’s pants are partick radick.  Young Master Jordan is the exception.  He looks real fine even – especially, actually – sans jacket.

  • Kellan Lutz’s suit is pulling so hard across the crotch that it looks painful.  Mr. Timberlake needs to take his phone out of his pocket.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Elisabeth Moss is wearing black because it really suits her! She is wearing that terrible bronze-y eye make up she likes that doesn’t suit her complexion though- embrace the smokey eye honey! And those nude pumps look worse than any other nude pump I’ve ever seen- what a terrible choice- why not a black or metallic? Or ANYTHING other than nude!

  • Anonymous

    Are Joe M’s shoes blue???  If so, he gets a few extra points!

  • Anonymous

    OK, who came up with the idea to shoot the photos from so high in the air? Geez, it makes their heads look all weird and disproportionate to their bodies. Whomever came up with THAT brilliant idea oughta be strung up. Please don’t do it again.

  • Anonymous

    For the record, Armie Hammer’s date is his wife. I think it’s a little tacky to say that she looks like she was hired to be there with him.

    • Anonymous

      That is not at all the inference I got from TLo’s comment. I just thought they meant that they looked like complete strangers pushed together for a photo op.

    • Anonymous

      It’s tackier to wear a lace shorts jumpsuit. Is that what that is?

  • Anonymous

    I swear my mom had Jessica Biel’s dress in the 80s, it was her fancy dress for winter.

  • What is a “Lake Bell” and how did it get invited to this event?

    • Anonymous

      Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim! Watch for the blood-covered clown doctor, stay for Henry Winkler’s sexual attraction to butterflies.

      As to why she’s at this event…no idea. I do like her though. Not sure how many other actresses would be okay playing a bisexual doctor who has a 6-year-old’s baby.

  • Jasmine Moten

    I can’t believe someone is named Armie Hammer!

    • Anonymous

      He’s named for his great-grandfather, oil tycoon, art collector and philanthropist, Armand Hammer (1898-1990). Not to be confused with the iconic brand name Arm & Hammer, which actually existed more than 30 years before Armand Hammer was born. Ironically, the senior Hammer owned stock and was on the board of directors for the parent company of Arm & Hammer.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming:)

    • Anonymous

      Even knowing the origin of his name, that has always been my reaction.

  • You’re right about the high angle! All the guys look like they have stumpy legs! You KNOW Jon Hamm is NOT stumpy! A lot of new Star Trek people here too (Zach Quinto, Chris Pine, John Cho, Anton Yelchin)  Man, I can’t wait until the next Trek movie with this crew! 

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t mind the hands-in-pockets. To me they look awkward with their hands at their sides, or too posey gesturing like Timberlake.

    I never noticed the two Jamies’ similarity before. Yeesh.

  • Anonymous

    Kellan Lutz: “Let’s see… I 1) wore a white shirt, 2) no vest… what else did TLo say?”

  • I was really hoping for some Matt Smith or Tom Felton to drool over in this post. Sad day for me. 

  • Anonymous

    Michael Fassbender-that’s all I needed to see, but then I get a packed Hamm, and Manganiello,too!Score!

  • Anonymous

    The photography is awful! They all look like bobble heads with short stumpy bodies.  I want to like Chris Pine’s suit but all I can see is his massive head. Timberlake does look cute, though. And I love Kerry Washington. Elisabeth Moss’s hair extensions, shiny makeup and a dress that makes her shoulders look huge are all unflattering. 

  • Are any of these men over 5’4″ tall.  WTH.  Ok, I know Jay Z is taller than that.  But these are pictures of dwarf males.  I am soo unimpressed.

  • Is that girl with Armie Hammer wearing a romper?

  • MilaXX

    It’s nice to see an event where the men are pretty much obligated to wear a suit. It’s just a shame a few of them didn’t quite step up to the plate as they should. Can someone please tell them to stop suspending photogs from the ceiling to take pictures? It interviews with my being able to properly critique a celeb.

  • Kim

    omg every photo angle for all of the guys make their legs look super short!!! I bet if there was a required red carpet picture etiquette class, you would be the experts~

  • Anonymous

    hate yourself and you should OMG he looks like SUCH a tool.

  • Anonymous

    Does Kellan Lutz’s suit have a checked pattern? Extra points for that, even if it doesn’t fit well. All in all this is a pretty well-turned-out crowd. I really like Ana Faris’ dress. Bright and fun, and suits her.

  • Anonymous

    I think Ana Faris’ dress is neato.  Although it looks like they hemmed it with masking tape. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. No one looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the camera so high. Interesting. Trying to think of a reason…very short photographer?

  • Judy_J

    Glad to see Elisabeth Moss has finally decided she needs a hairstyle that covers at least part of her forehead.  Not really loving the color, but hey, it’s an improvement.  And glad also to see Jon Hamm in full Don Draper drag.  I presume that means they’ve started filming season 5 of Mad Men, and that’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    One wonders: if women didn’t carry purses to these events and dressed in gowns that had pockets, would they pose with their hands in their pockets?  And what would the response be?  Either way, why can’t these guys master the “checking my cuff buttons” pose that you see in every men’s catalog?

    • As a rule, when you see a cocktail-type dress with pockets, it looks great with hands in it, because it’s meant to walk the runway that way.  And the cuff posing works in a photo for a catalog because it’s supposed to be staged — RC posing is such a challenge because you’re supposed to pose in a flattering way without looking like you’re posing at all. 

  • Anonymous

    Worth it just to see the radiant Fassbender smile!  Thank you, gentleman.  Elizabeth Moss is looking much better.  Alison Brie is lovely.  And why doesn’t Jon Hamm work for me when he’s being himself?  It’s so odd … Am missing Don Draper terribly these days — 2012 cannot arrive quickly enough.

  • Jessica Rowe

    What happened to Envy?

  • Don’t know who he is, but Anton Yelchin looks like he just passed gas.

  • Am I the only one who noticed a dark stain on Hamm’s pants? Is his prostate acting up? Did he unwittingly Fergie us? WTF, TLo? Look into that, please.

  • elizabeth moss looks soooo gorgeous, she def should have gotten a WERQ!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give two shits about these others but Zachary Quinto looks muy sexy to me. Even if his jacket doesn’t fit right and he looks like he works in a bank. Still pretty hot.

    • Problem is, this is the red carpet at a GQ function, for FSM’s sake!  For a gay man to show up on a red carpet at a FASHION MAGAZINE FUNCTION is a suit that doesn’t fit is unforgivable.

      I wash my hands of him.

  • Anonymous

    I hate myself for wondering this but is David Arquette wearing underwear? Or are his pants tight? Or is just really happy to be at this GQ event?

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, I know this comment has been made about Fassbender before, as well (and I’m sure others), my screen obviously doesn’t have the resolution to really know. But, my thought when I’ve read it before is ewwww–aren’t many of the men’s suits, like the women’s designer dresses, on loan? What you do in your own trousers is so much different (to me at least) than what you do in loaned clothing. Rather like trying on swim wear without panties. I know–showing my age.

  • Anonymous

    BTW I always chuckle when you scold men for putting their hands in their pockets because it brings back repressed memories. I attended Catholic school back in the day when nuns ruled the day. One nun in particular was always admonishing boys about putting hands in their pockets. Intimating this activity would led to a less than holy activity which would put in purgatory for a millennium.

  • Anonymous

    These were all taken at a horrific angle. 

  • Anonymous

    Zooey does like those gold pumps! I’d wear them more than once, too. And her style’s growing on me. 

  • Anonymous

    I have a mental image of TLo standing on the approach to the red carpet, pulling boys out of line for not having worn a tie or jacket, standing there frowning while the problem was corrected, and then sending them on their way with warnings about detention if they didn’t keep their hands out of their pockets. Kinda like the nuns on the days the middle school went to Mass.

  • Is it just me or does John Hamm have a wet spot on his pants?  Did he forget to finish shaking?

    • Nope, I noticed too and commented above. I can’t believe there was no hue and/or cry raised over this.

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      Busted! Which also leads me to believe he is going commando.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Pine needs a little eyebrow pruning. Suddenly they look gargantuan. 

  • Those are some of the most unflattering pictures I’ve ever seen, between the angle and the lighting.  Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    ENOUGH with the scuffed shoe’s just plain silly…much like the “pre-dirtied” jeans a few years back..who dreams up this crap?

  • Anonymous

    Finally I get to comment on Elisabeth Moss–She’s looking pretty good in this photo but I’ve just begun to watch West Wing on Netflix and when she was a just out of her teens (or at least playing one) in early 2000 she was exceptionally pretty (at least on screen) well made up and styled. I know she is playing an entirely different era and role on Mad Men but she seems to bring it to the red carpet too and it rarely shows just how lovely she is IMHO anyway.

  • Anonymous

    What is it with guys and suits? Not to mention hands in pockets. Really, how hard can this be? The women have to deal with SO MUCH MORE! It’s really not much to ask for the men, and they still can’t get it right. Really? This is too hard for them? Are our societal expectations so low they can’t even visit a tailor once in a while? Can’t pose with their hands away from their genitals for 30 seconds? What lax standards they have. No wonder they’ve made such a mess of our country.

  • The angle of the photos is insane! Anything making Joe Manganiello look short is just plain wrong.

  • I’m disappointed in The Fassbender for obscuring his hotness. Chris Pine looks like the college lecturer that all the girls have the hots for, but who’s (not so) secretly gay. Lake Bell’s face is disturbingly… manly.
    Oh, and Jason Ritter’s facial fungus makes my eyes bleed.

  • Please ‘splain why Aisha Tyler’s shapeless dress is “shapeless” and Kerry Washington’s shapeless dress is “chich & sassy”. 

  • Dan Kramer

    Chris Pine actually looks better than usual. He just need a (I agree) contrasting tie and hemmed pants. 

    • Dan Kramer

      And despite their mistakes, Ventimiglia, Fassbender, and Kwanten can dive the f*ck in. Hot!