Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards

Posted on November 08, 2011

Darlings, it was Glamour’s 2011 Women of the Year Awards in New York City and apparently, the photographers were all dangled from several feet above the red carpet because the angles here are insanely unflattering. Let’s judge everyone anyway!


Emma Stone in Lanvin

We might have gotten behind the dress, even though it’s way too Grecian for our tastes (seriously, she looks like she should be hoisting a jug in a frieze), but then she had to go COMPLETELY OVERBOARD on the matchy accessories and now we can’t look at her.

Just go, Emma.


Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston (in Versace)

This is very weird in a boobs-touching kind of way. Also weird: Aniston’s hair, Aniston’s dress, Handler’s chronic allergy to makeup.


Jennifer Lopez in Versace

She’s got a look on her face like she just spotted the woman who framed her husband for murder but we kind of love the over-the-top diva dragitude going on here.


Jessica Alba in Tory Burch

It’s like Liza got the lead in Annie.


Kerry Washington in Marchesa

It’s a terrible angle, but she looks fresh and chic here.


Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager

It looks like a very expensive trashbag, and thus, awful, but Laura never wore anything half that interesting from 2001 to 2009. The twins are clearly recycling old bridesmaid dresses.


Lea Michele in Jenny Packham

Bored now.


Sandra Lee

Kind of cute dress. She needed punchier accessories.


Wendy Williams

WOW. Those things are AMAZING. Credit where it’s due, everything fits pretty well. Christina Hendricks, take notes.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Emma looks like she’s carrying a golden cow testicle.

    • Anonymous


  • “It’s like Liza got the lead in Annie” < You just made my day with that!! hahahahaha! loved it!♥

  • I am always wondering if Wendy Williams is indeed a man, which I suspect now even more with the overcompensatory mammaries. Off with the wig and out of the closet, Mr. Williams! I have your number, sir!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, my mind always goes there too. I’m bad. 

    • Totally looks like a drag queen with those big ole’ fake boobies.

    • I actually always thought she was a he. Someone set me straight about 3 months ago.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. She’s really biologically female. What you see is all because of quite a bit of plastic surgery. A bit too much, in my opinion…

  • Leslie Streeter

    Wendy Williams looks as tailored as you can with the giant boobs. I liked the Bush twins dresses, as bridesmaidy as they are. Laura looks pretty. The dress is awful, but she looks pretty. Was the photographer on a ladder perched on a skateboard?

  • mmmm it is me…or Leah looks like a bobble head doll??? I think is the angle…but she looks funny jejeje

    • Anonymous

      she looks like those clowns you punch but can’t knock down. It’s such a weird pose. I don’t think it’s the camera angle but I could be wrong.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    From that angle, Kerry Washington looks like a big-head anime character…

  • Geeze you’re right – the angles are terrible – short fat legs… and I know that ain’t JLo.  Anniston looks like a 4 year old.  Coo Coo.

  • MilaXX

    Kerry Washington is the only one who looks good here. Wendy is fitted well, but she would look so much better if she took those bad boys down a cup size or 2. I will give credit to her wardrobe people, they make sure her outfits all fit with no wardrobe malfunctions.

    • Anonymous

      Surgery shouldn’t be a fashion recommendation, unless her breasts are already the result of plastic surgery. 

      • MilaXX

        They are, she used to be an A/B cup, got the boobs when she was on the radio here in Philly. I also remember her tummy tuck and pregnancy.

  • Anonymous

    Everything here is bad, but those Bushes are a mess. 

    • Anonymous

      Laura looks like a little person they hoisted up to eye-level. Who the hell approved these shots?

  • Anonymous

    I love JLo in full on diva mode, but the slit straight to the crotch is a bit much for a ‘women of the year’ awards dinner, is it not? I believe she should have her own scale of appropriateness that exists on a spectrum separate from that of the non-divas, but even then this falls under taaacky. 

    • Anonymous

      That and the fact that she seems to have a silver growth, crawling up her dress about to devour her head.

    • She had another tacky dress when she went to that charity dinner with Bill and Cathy Cambridge.

      She needs some lessons in dressing her age.

      • Completely disagree- I LOVED that dress; this one looks kind of boring and washed out. She really looks dynamite in color. 

    • Anonymous

      She is almost never appropriately dressed, and she looks so much better on the occasions that she is.
      I’m not fan of her drag look, and this dress in particular.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Aniston is practically unrecognizable. J Lo is bringing Banjee Realness. Alba channels Wednesday Addams Drag.  The camera angle makes it appear the Bush twins are hefting their Mom off the carpet. Sandra Lee is standing like it’s her first time in heels. Wendy Williams is my Hero. That is All. 

  • Anonymous

    Not a lot to choose from but I think that is the best I’ve seen from Wendy and The Girls.

  • Lea Michele’s dress is a boring color, but it is gorgeous.  Sandra Lee’s dress is the uber-boring one, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto to the Wendy Williams WOW!

  • Wait, Lea Michele looks great! She’s werqing the old school pretty. BE NICE TO HER!!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I was going to say the same thing. She looks pretty, I dig her lipcolor, and she’s not trying to make SEXY FIERCE LEA happen.

      • Anonymous

        i think TLO is very bored with her now. 

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been bored with her for a year.

      • Anonymous

        That dress has been on a lot of women and it hasn’t failed one of them yet in my eyes.  It calls for sleeker hair, but her mop isn’t killing the look. 

  • Sobaika Mirza

    The reason Aniston is clutching at Handler that way is because Chelsea has on an utterly tragic jumpsuit. That’s what friends are for.

    • Anonymous

      I actually had to do a triple-take just to make certain it was in fact a jumpsuit and that it is in fact 2011.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of eh or yecchh going on here, except for Kerry’s pretty yellow gown. The Bush ladies should have coordinated their gown plans. Their respective colors together make each one look more awful than they might alone.  It’s a given they’d be photographed together, so why the hell didn’t they plan ahead? Kind of sweet in a way — they obviously don’t care that much. Which, compared to other celebrity sisters, is refreshing in theory. But not when you actually see the colors together.

  • Anonymous

    Haha!! Laura Bush is now out of the closet as the Joker!!! She looks just like Batman’s nemesis!! And that picture of Aniston and Handler was very strange. JLo was horrible and Sandra Lee actually looks pretty good, as does Kerry Washington. What weird pictures!!!

  • Love Wendy’s “Lady Boss” drag.

  • Did Jennifer Aniston get new plastic surgery to her face or what?  She doesn’t even look like herself.

    • You know how she’s been talking about having a baby? Her face looks fuller than usual. 

    • I think it’s the strange angle the photographer was shooting from–all the celebs pictured look a little “off” because the photog seems to have been perched at a much higher angle than usual.

    • Anonymous

      Her face does seem extra smooth and expressionless–a little odd. But the weird hair part isn’t helping. It reminds me of  a little girl wearing one of those hairclips.

    • She’s been quite visibly using fillers on and off in the past year (see her appearances promoting her fragrances and then the de-flating process in the RCs subsequent to that period). She needs look to Madonna as a warning to others.

  • I think Aniston looks beautiful. Also, “It’s like Liza got the lead in Annie.” Beautiful. Go away now, Jessica Alba.

  • Anonymous

    “WOW. Those things are AMAZING”

    Which – the boobs, or the blond Farrah wings in her hair?

  • “This is very weird in a boobs-touching kind of way. Also weird:
    Aniston’s hair, Aniston’s dress, Handler’s chronic allergy to makeup.”

    Very true, most all of it. I kept looking at Jennifer Aniston, trying to figure out why her head looked weird. It looks like it was pasted on from a different picture.  However, I think women no matter their age, reserve the right to not wear makeup if they so choose.  Although, I am aware that in their positions it’s kinda a requirement. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. ; )

    • Anonymous

      I think that maybe she looks a bit weird because she’s wearing her parting to the other side. I know that sounds like it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but it can change the way a person looks.

  • Anonymous

    Wendy looks great and actually seem more aptly dressed for the event than half the ladies shown

    Chelsea Handler-ugh. That woman annoys the crap out of me. She acts like one those people whose idea of being supportive is to be a total venomous bitch 

  • Anonymous

    Really, JLo? Really? Not even you have the legs for that. 
    And may I ask how you managed to sit down without getting cold in your cooch?

    • Anonymous

      I was asking myself exactly the same question.  There is no way she can sit down in that dress and not display the good china for all to see.

  • Anonymous

    granted the bush family is not rc material BUT laura that dress is so bad. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s like Liza got the lead in Annie.”

    This is why I love you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Hubby and I are utterly convinced that Wendy is a tranny, and this does nothing to change that opinion.  Come out and be your true self, Wendy/Wendell.

    Emma looks like she’s carrying the censer (is that the correct word?) that a priest swings with the incense (I used to know a guy who told a hilarious Tallulah Bankhead story about such a thing…but I digress.).  And that she should be shooting an arrow or carrying a pitcher, indeed.

    And Chelsea and Jennifer look like they’re about to motorboat each other any second.

  • Anonymous

    I wore a dress that looks an awful lot like Ms. Aniston’s to my senior year homecoming in 2002. She looks about the right age for that as well… does she never age? 

  • Emma Stone gets the Anya made my dress award. 

    • Anonymous

      That is hilarious! 

  • Anonymous

    “It’s like Liza got the lead in Annie”   I’m still laughing at that one!  It’s perfect.  Oh Jessica…smh.

    I think Chelsea Handler looks really pretty there…but that jump suit…eek!  No wonder she’s hiding behind Aniston. 

    JLo really does have quite the divatude face…her dress is stunning though and looks fab on her. 

    The Bush women should have been banned for showing up in those awful dresses to a Glamour party.  awful!

    Wendy looks fab…she usually does, considering what and all she has to work with and around.  The girls are always up and in their place and her clothes suit her body type. 

  • Anonymous

    Major props to Wendy for managing to put together a chic, tailored look that fits perfectly, even with her bodacious ta-tas.  She looks fabulous!

    Not much else to comment on. Most of these gals look totally meh, although Mrs. Shrub and the two little Shrubs definitely have their handmade hillbilly look going on.  Actually NOT going on.  (What the hell with the hem of Mrs. Shrub’s dress?  I mean, what the freakin’ HELL?)  Kerry Washington looks nice, but she seems overdressed.

    Although it’s hard to tell.  Don’t people give dressing instructions on invitations any more?  Black tie, black tie optional, evening wear, etc.?  This is quite the range.

    Liza in “Annie?”  Beyond perfection, comment-wise.

  • BerlinerNYC

    I can’t stop laughing looking at J-Lo’s picture. Sandra Lee probably did originally have sparklier accessories, but after cocktail time they ended up getting incorporated into her tablescape.

  • Anonymous

    Aniston with a side part.  I hardly recognized her.

  • margaret meyers

    Emma Stone looks like she’s wearing Gladys Cooper’s “My Fair Lady” leftovers.  All she needs is an up-do and some ropes of huge beads.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that camera angle is weird. For example, I don’t have much nice to say about Laura Bush, but she doesn’t naturally look that weird.

    • Yeah, they weren’t kidding about the angle! Yow!

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with not wearing makeup? It actually makes me love Chelsea more knowing that she truly doesn’t care. You might not like her brand of comedy but you’ve gotta admit, she looks better than half the ladies that DO wear the stuff.

    Aniston looks like jailbait here and I refuse to look at her.

  • I’ve seen Chelsea Handler look so much better, usually on her show. I’m guessing she has a stylist for the show, but decided to dress herself for this event. She looks awful. That jumpsuit should be burned.

    JLo’s dress is totally ridiculous and she looks totally fabulous in it.

    I cannot stop marveling at how bad the Bush women look.

    I can’t imagine why Sandra Lee would be receiving a Woman of the Year award from any organization other than The Over-salted, Pre-packaged Foods Association of America, but I also can’t imagine why else she would be at this event.

    Wendy Williams looks rather amazing. She comes in 2nd for this group, after Kerry Washington, who takes it by several hundred miles.

  • Anonymous

    The top half of Wendy Williams looks amazing and I am tres jealous. However, boobs like that ought to be balanced out on the lower half somehow, and a pencil skirt just doesn’t do the job.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. It’s an . . . interesting red carpet when Sandra Lee is in my top 3 and Wendy Williams looks better than most.

    When Jen Aniston looks as chesty as Chelsea Handler, I give MAJOR props to her dress & undergarments.

    I liked Emma Stone’s dress better than y’all did. I think I just like the color.

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this about someone whose dress can be described using the words “yellow” and “chiffon,” but Kerry Washington slam dunked the rest of this line up.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some seriously messed up camera angles.  And the lighting is terrible.  Nobody looks good in these pics.  But as for clothes, Kerry Washington takes the win.  And it’s not even close.  Her dress is beautiful.  I think Wendy Williams comes in second, even though she looks like she’s headed to an entirely different event than the other ladies.  Still, she’s chic.

    Laura Bush was apparently never interested in clothes or fashion.  I read somewhere that she bought her wedding dress off the rack at some department store.  It was some floral printed thing, I think – not even white or a typical wedding dress.  For some reason, I always found that endearing.

    • Anonymous

      Laura Bush IS endearing. I am acquainted with several women who went to high school with her and apparently she’s just never taken on the aura of an ‘important person.’ 

  • Anonymous

    Kerry Washington has been KILLING IT lately. Flawless.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear Tory Burch on the RC before and I guess now we all know why.

  • Anonymous

    I think Lea Michelle looks lovely, regardless of the dress.  Her greatest accessory is the 1000 Watt smile which she should turn on all the time rather than the pouty, sexy wanna be look.

  • Anonymous

    JLo looked WERQ!  Right Dress on theRright Girl.

    THe bush women are missed labeled: should be Barbara Bush, Laura Bush,  Jenna Bush Hager

    • Anonymous

      Actually it is – left to right – Jenna Bush Hager, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear Jennifer Aniston: I appreciate the risk you’re taking by diverging from your usual style. However, that is not your dress. (But I would really like it to be my dress. Except, you know, a couple sizes larger.)

  • Liza got the part in Annie… I can’t breathe….

  • Anonymous

    I like Emma Stone’s look but then I want to live in ancient Greece. Living on the Mediterranean, all those cute, muscular guys in togas…

  • Toto Maya

    Damn, now I know why I never developed boobs. Wendy Williams was hogging em all! Hey Wendy! Send some over here!

  • Anonymous

    So happy to see Wendy Williams here.  She looks surprisingly classy.  Nice job gal.

  • Anonymous

    He he. It’s funny to see the Bushes who, while insanely wealthy, obviously don’t employ stylists, dressers and professional gays, beside all the studio actresses who obviously do,

  • Sandra Lee must not have been drinking before the event. She looks too sober.  and where are here accessories? Does Cuomo not let her have any?

  • Anonymous

    J-Lo has been in the business far too long to be trying so hard.

  • I’m sorry, but Barbara Bush’s dress is just God awful…couldn’t she have at least put a steamer to that thing after picking it out of the heap of clothes on her floor?!?!?  Just a mess….

  • totally right about the weird angles, everybody looks like shit!

  • Anonymous

    Were these pics taken by a very tall photographer?

  • You are definitely on to something:  Christina needs to borrow Wendy’s gays – and Wendy herself!  Gal knows the importance of tailoring and presentation.

  • Anonymous

    Laura Bush really, REALLY fell victim to a bad camera angle.  And the daughter on the left could use a steam.

  • Judy_J

    The Bush gals….WTF?  I’ve seen better dresses at the local Goodwill.  But that Wendy Williams looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Aw… I think Aniston looks cute.

  • Anonymous

    the photographer managed to make everyone look like midgets