Girl That’s Not Your Dress: Elizabeth Olsen in Valentino

Posted on November 29, 2011

Okay, girls. Grab your coffee and meet us in the conference room. We have issues to discuss.

Elizabeth Olsen in ValentinoElizabeth Olsen attends IFP’s 21st annual Gotham Independent Film awards in New York City in Valentino.

Elizabeth Olsen in ValentinoValentino Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Ruby Aldridge

Elizabeth Olsen in Valentino

Elizabeth Olsen in Valentino

Elizabeth Olsen in Valentino

We were checking out the wires, looking for celebrities to criticize, when these pictures popped up. In thumbnail size, they elicited “Ooooh, she is WERQing that! She looks fabulous! Huzzah! Huzzah, I say!*” Then we got a closer look.

It’s almost there, right? Like, it’s almost a really pretty dress and she almost looks really pretty in it. There’s almost a cool, glamorous, Grace Kelly sort of vibe.


But this dress is doing her figure no favors at all. That line cutting right across her waist isn’t terribly flattering. In addition, we think the colors, such as they are, aren’t helping. She looks too washed out. We think this dress would probably look amazing on a dark-skinned woman, but on Elizabeth, it takes on the hues of old bras.

A really pretty dress on a really pretty girl and it just doesn’t work. Girl, you need to set that dress free so Viola Davis can get a hold of it.

Also, you should leave the old lady clutches at home.

*We still don’t talk like this.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images,]

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  • Anonymous

    What is that weird seam running across her clavicle? Is that the neckline to the lining? Ick.

    Makeup is also washed out. Who chose that lip color?!

  • Terence Ng

    What an uncanny Maggie Gyllenhaal look she has in that third picture…

    • Anonymous

      It’s Maggie’s hairdo, eyebrows, and slouchy posture. –and horrible styling.

  • That dress is crying for a belt or other way to deal with the transition between the two fabrics.  🙁

    • Anonymous

      If the dress had been made with an elongated, dipped waist, it might have made her look less squat. Better bra support might have helped as well

      However, the whole look screams “matronly.” I really wouldn’t want to see it on anyone under 35.

  • She looks really pretty though. It’s nice to see that she’s not going the eating disorder route her sisters took.

    • Anonymous

      That is so true, but at the same time, I know she is small-framed, but this dress is making her seem large – or thick waisted.  It is really not your dress when you are a slip of a girl and yet the photo makes you think, wow, she’s got a lot going on in her stomach area!  

      • I went to go see her movie and there is a lot of her unclothed in it. I think she’s actually a little curvy. I’m not calling her fat by any means (I shouldn’t be talking about weight because there is no way to not be offensive). She’s a little fleshier than your average hollywood girl – which is nice.

      • She’s got a “normal” build. She’s hardly a slip of a girl. And she’s about 5’7″, much taller than her sisters. 

        What it comes down to is that that’s just an ugly unflattering dress.  The model looks shapeless too but it’s less pronounced because she’s skinnier and turned to the side.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s the kind of dress that models can pull off and nobody else can. Not that it looks stunning on the model, but it looks like the kind of thing that only the rail-thin can wear without looking chunky.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I think she’s gorgeous. Really very beautiful, and I’m not partial to fair blondes. It’s amazing how similar she looks to her sisters without taking on their gremlin look.

      • It’s called eating. It really helps the looks. 🙂

  • Gorgeous fabric, beading, clutch, hair and makeup, but the cut of that dress stump-ifies her in an UNBELIEVABLE way.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  I love that dress–LOVE it!  And if I were 30 years younger and 30 pounds lighter and a lot richer than I am, I would buy it and wear it.  Everywhere.  I would pump gas in that dress. But why does it look so short-waisted on Elizabeth when it looks long-waisted on the model?  Whatever the reason, she is too chunky to make a dress like this werq, and I feel her pain in that regard.  You need to be a stick to wear it.  Sigh…

    • Anonymous

      She is FAR from chunky. She is just too short for it…if her torso were a few inches taller and her legs a few inches longer, it may have worked.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      She is NOT chunky. That’s a word used to describe peanut butter, not people, and even if it were, she would not qualify. 

      She has more of an athletic build (broad shoulders and all that) and the cut is just not the most suitable for her.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right.  I should have been more careful in my slap-dash comments.  She is NOT chunky.  But she LOOKS chunky in this dress.  Which means it is definitely not the dress for her.

  • Dear gods that dress is beautiful and makes her look about 3 feet tall

  • Ooh, I can’t see that being flattering on anyone. Even the model looks silly.

  • Anonymous

    You are right – that dress could look great on another woman.  On her, it is too pale and too old.  I like the clutch though and it goes great with the dress.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I love this dress.

    But it does make her look rather boxy and I don’t understand what’s happening at the neckline.

  • I’m honestly not sure that’s anyone’s dress. The cut, that line across the waist, those don’t even look that flattering on the model. There’s a really great dress in there, I think, but it needs more work. The cleavage line (not sure how it’s called, the upper cut of the top) is undecided. It needs to be either higher or lower in order to be flattering on anyone.

  • I don’t ever want anyone to wear anything that, “…takes on the hues of old bras.”   🙁

  • Judy_J

    That dress is gorgeous….how it manages to make Ms Olsen look so chunky is beyond me.  Perhaps adding a belt would have given her figure some definition.  As it is, she has no shape at all.

  • Anonymous

    Love her hair, though.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else sick of these almost-naked-but-not-really dresses? I consider them with the same distaste that TLo treats the nude shoe. It’s true that many Hollywood gals have killer bodies–including Ms. Olsen here–that are worth flaunting, but the nude-undertone is not the most flattering (or the most novel or interesting) way to do it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree whole-heartedly. Ladies you are in public, wear fabulous clothes but the nearly naked look will get you NO respect. It makes look like your IQ is the same as your dress size.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the dress. Hate the color. I don’t know how anyone could look good in it, so it’s not really her fault—except for looking in a mirror (or not) and going put the door in it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she looks really thick in that dress, which she clearly is not. The drapey illusion netting at the neck looks very odd, too.

    Regarding the color, why have so many stylists decided that fair blonds should be totally washed out as much as possible? It boggles the mind.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    That is just a butt ugly dress, even on the 7 foot breastless model.  On a normally tall girl, it makes her look short and chubby, which we know she isn’t.  Ugly color, ugly seaming, ugly dress.  Makeup and hair look really nice, though.

  • I think you have to be tall and skinny to pull this one off.

  • Anonymous

    That dress really hates her.

    And I hope she learns from this episode not to borrow any sort of accessory from her sisters/grandmas.

  • Nora Mulllin

    I want to give her an “IN” simply because she looks 100 times better than her sisters ever do. She looks happy & healthy and appears to have a personality (or an awesome fake laugh) and I want her to stay that way.

  • Mary McClelland

    Personally I do not like the dress at all, it looks like ventian blinds and my grandmonther’s tablecloths had a baby. Also illusion netting makes me twitchy. I think I would like it a lot better with a detail at the waist like a belt, a bow, a broach – something.

    Second of all it gives her a sausagy effect. She has the wrong figure for this dress, the proportions are all wrong because the waist is not natural on her and hits at the wrong part of her torso. Really though it’s not doing too many favors on the model either…

  • Anonymous

    She is so beautiful, from the neck up.

    The dress is gorgeous, but it probably requires a woman with a models body.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what she’s wearing, I’m just glad to see an Olsen smiling. I wish it would rub off on her sisters.

  • Anonymous

    Wearing anti-color on the red carpet shows cowardice, and a lack of imagination. SHAME on her stylist!

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same thing. It’s a really pretty dress, but it looks like it’s smashing her breasts. It does her no favors up there.

  • Anonymous

    And the lacy stuff looks like it came off my elderly aunt’s slips. That is just old lady color through and through.

    I fear she may prove to be as adept as her sisters at consistently choosing the absolutely wrong garments to wear.

  • I actually think if they had put a sash/belt on to tie the top and bottom together it would have worked.  The whole thing, including her make up and hair just looks unfinished.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    That’s an off-dress, for sure.  I’m not sure, looking at the closer views, that it’s quite right for another girl, either.  Why does it have illusion netting going up above a perfectly modest neckline? (That it’s sheer under the perfectly modest neckline just looks odd.)  That didn’t seem to be there on the model.  It doesn’t really do the model any big favors, either, and presumably she was chosen because she had the body type it was meant for.

    ETA: Also, sheesh–what is with that upper angle they’re doing on everyone? Has there been some sort of new photographers’ perch added to red carpet events, where the guys with the camera must be on an elevated platform so that they can’t run out and bother people?

  • Anonymous

    Ooo, I wish I loved this because I love how gorgeous and smiley she is – basically the polar opposite of her sisters. If only that dress didn’t cut her right across the middle in an unforgivably unflattering manner. Still, she looks like she’s having a fecking blast of time anyways, good on ‘er.

  • I agree with you. It IS a very pretty dress, but for someone who should be at least 5’8″ or taller.

  • Anonymous

    No, the dress is not flattering, but I want to give her a pass since she seems to be the only Olsen sister with a personality (or teeth).


  • Anonymous

    “hues of old bras”!, must think of a way to work that line into everyday conversation, brilliant! The dress makes her look boxy and thick, i am sure she is neither, she is simply too short and busty to carry off that style, its definitely not her dress.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is making her look thick through her middle and therefore fat.  She is not thick through her middle and definitely not fat.

    She needs to fire her stylists or whomever let her walk out of the house in this dress.

  • I don’t think this is anybody’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    whoa……….bad karma’s a funny thing !!

  • Maybe it’s because I haven’t commented in at least a week, my opinionated meter’s might be a little off, but: she looks pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I like the skirt portion of the gown, but hate the top..especially the color.  The top looks to be smashing her boobs and that waist seam is just way too abrupt and unflattering, especially where it hits across her stomach.  I can’t imagine that waist being flattering on anyone, and don’t think a belt or sash would help.  Just odd.  Not the right necklace either.

    Her makeup is very pretty and I like her hair. 

  • Anonymous

    Fit issues aside, this makes her look very childlike, which is strange since she can rock a sophisticated look just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Never in million years did I think I would say this about an Olson … I am not sure how but the dress makes her look thick waisted.

    Must add I also never thought an Olson could look so happy. The other two often look like nervous raccoons that have just had a spot light shinned on them while overturning your trash.

  • Anonymous

    I think Viola Davis would have the good sense not to wear this dress.

    • Anonymous

      She sure wouldn’t if it looked like this on her. She seems to have excellent dress sense – rarely if ever does she wear anything that doesn’t make her look good.

  • Anonymous

    My personal jury is still out on whether this would look good on anyone.  It’s not even good on the inhumanly thin model.  Maybe a belt would help?  But probably not.  It’s just a bad dress. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks pretty good on her, EXCEPT you can clearly see her panties. The dress is obviously lined so I don’t even know how its possible. Next time don’t wear panties kid.

  • Anonymous

    Had to google her age–she’s 22! Looking like 45 (not that there is anything wrong with 45–pretty much my age…).

  • Anonymous

    I cosign 100% of this post.  Up close the beading is beautiful.  Stand back and it looks like it just came out of a musty old trunk.  And she is not a curvy girl – this would look better on someone with curves.  Or maybe she is curvy and this dress is hiding hers.  Either way – what Tlo said.

  • Anonymous

    I think this dress is beautiful–very vintage looking. Sadly, it makes E.O. look like the toddler-sized baby doll I used to have as a child–it’s the way the waist is cutting across her torso, coupled with her blonde hair and big blue eyes.

    I do think this dress would be beautiful on Viola, Zoe Saldana or Frieda Pinto.

  • Anonymous

    Poor dear needs the one thing that can’t be changed… a longer neck. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the top half of that dress looks so pretty on her. I wonder if something similar could work on her with a different skirt. But TLo is definitely right that a full body shot of this look just is not working. Shame.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what size she is, but she’s never looked like anything but a tiny thing to me.  In this dress she looks like she’s carrying many extra pounds.  This is so not her dress!

  • Although it’s nice to see a girl looking a healthy weight and looking like she’s having fun

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I was hoping you guys talked like the pirate king! Too bad.

    As for the Sane Olsen, she deserves more flattering clothes than this, but I will say that it’s a step in the right direction as far as the silhouette goes. Less edgy, more feminine.

  • CQAussie

    Grandma on Bingo Night trying to impress that cute Mr. Evans from 3D.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible dress for her – love the photo where she’s laughing though. Fun shot.

  • penn collins

    the way the waist cuts it almost looks like slacks. The rings look like they are attached to the purse. This would be breath taking on dark hued diva…  could you mix this with a darker top or bottom to salvage it?

  • Cathy S

    I like her old lady clutch but the dress makes her look stocky and square. Definitely not her dress.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, that dress makes a teeny starlet look a mile wide. And when I saw the picture of her laughing I thought at first that she was Kim Cattrall. I think it’s the hair.

    No, that dress does her no favors at all. Time to hire new gays.

  • Anonymous

    When did she start resembling Kim Cattrall? Not that that’s a bad thing, but there’s a 40-year age difference. That is so wrong. Love the clutch.

  • Anonymous

    Girl…That is NOBODY’s dress.   terribly unflattering and odd

  • Lauren Maier

    It’s the Olsen Curse!  

  • Anonymous

    Agreed; it really isn’t her dress. So pretty, but unflattering to her body type.  
    Take heart, Elizabeth. You’re still The Cute Olsen.

  • Joyce VG

    How in the world did a single dress make this pretty young woman look boxy and frumpy?  That’s some magic.

  • aimee_parrott

    Ooh, NO.  That is not her dress, not by a long shot.  It makes it look like she has no waist at all, and she looks all pale and monochromatic.  Not good.

    You’re right, though.  Viola Davis would KILL in that dress.

  • Ruth Gottesman

    Oh, that dress looks like it would be good for Helen Mirren, not for a gal in her 20s. Seriously old.

  • Linde Hoff

    Is she pregnant?

  • Anonymous

    That dress really needs a super-skinny 1920s type to show at its best. :

  • That dress makes her look heavy…weird choice.

  • Brooke U

    Somehow I feel like her boobs need a good lift. That dress seems to just be pulling her doowwwwwnnn.

  • Anonymous

    What a gorgeous dress. What a pretty young woman. But not together.

  • Anonymous

    “The hues of old bras.” So true, so very very true.

  • Anonymous

    what’s wrong with that waist? and what about that stringy bit across her upper chest? must have looked nice on the dressmaker dummy, but it doesn’t look good IRL. and if it doesn’t look good on someone as pretty as she is, then it is fatally flawed. 

  • MilaXX

    Agreed this is a dress for a darker skinned woman. Like her hair and makeup though.

  • I don’t know her height, but I assume she’s short like her sisters. As a 5’0″ woman, I can confidently say that this is not a dress that helps a short girl out. It just makes her look squatter and wider.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not feeling the love for the shot of her laughing.  kinda looks like she’s braying like a donkey.

  • Anonymous

    Someone please get this girl a stylist for Christmas.

  • foodycat

    I think this is the dress for a taller, darker, older woman. Angela Bassett maybe? But it’d still need something around the waist to make that transition work.

  • Girl, that’s not anyone’s dress.  I don’t even like it on the model.

  • Anonymous

    be kind; to save money, she’s using her sisters as stylists. In this economy, we all need to watch our pocket books!

  • kim i

    i do not understand the sort of line above the neckline.  why would illusion netting be needed at that place?

  • Jenny Martin

    I legit thought the thumbnail was of Kim Cattral. :/
    This is just straight up an unfortunate dress for her–it does nothing for her body shape and makes her look weirdly thick when you know she’s not. And jesus, the netting on the neckline with the hugely visible edging makes me cringe.

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute girl and such an unfortunate dress. Hair and make- up look great, how can you miss with her bone structure?

  • Anonymous

    The proportions are all wrong for her.  Makes her look even more short-waisted.

  • Anonymous

    What that dress has is some interesting use of fabric and trim. It’s not cut for her and there are lots of people for whom it would not be cut.

    I haven’t got to the end of the comments so I don’t know if it’s been explained, but the obviously seamed edge of the strangely oversized understructure of the bodice that is laying out halfway to her neck is just wrong. It looks like it was the underpinning for a collar or detail at the neck that has been removed.

    I’d have refused to wear it like that. I guess since it’s a borrowed dress they couldn’t just trim it & pin it out of the way.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Given the waist and color, this dress needs a women with curves and dark skin. I think Viola Davis is about right. It’s certainly not EO’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was Kim Cattrall in the thumbnail. And I adore Kim Cattrall, but that isn’t the look Elizabeth Olsen should be going for, you know?

  • Anonymous

    No, no, no. The dress makes her look thick. I’m so over washed out colors, on her or just about any pale person. Really hate the hair thing there, too. It looks like she rolled really straight hair and the curls are in the process of falling apart like straight hair does in damp conditions — not a good look.

  • Anonymous

    It IS the hue of old bras, but how did you fellas know that! 🙂

    I think the stringy bit across her chest is, or at least looks like, the hangar loop. Which is a bad thing to make people think about your dress.

    But wow she looks adorable otherwise. What a great smile.

  • Pretty, really?  I don’t think that’s anybody’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    That dress makes her midsection look barrel-like and I know she’s teeny tiny, therefore the dress is evil.

  • She certainly has inherited the Olsen family predisposition for dressing matronly.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch. That dress isn’t doing her any favors at all. No no no.

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable but there is something too weird happening at the waist.

  • Anonymous

    perhaps if she had posed like the model 😉

  • Oh Lord, she looks obese!

    • Anonymous

      this is obese?

  • Anonymous

    I always feel confused when I see pictures of this girl. She looks so familiar because of the strong resemblance to her sisters, but then she is also very different. I look at her and see other people before I see her…if that makes any sense. Pretty girl though! But OUT.

  • Anonymous

    nah, it’s me that spends all day saying “huzzah.” in a kind of dead voice, of course.

    it’s the length, but most importantly, it’s the line. the rest of it could kinda sorta work if that line were not there. she’s too little for that line. there isnt enough stretch on both sides of it to compensate for the chop job it’s doing. tiny handbag works w/ the pattern & fabric of the dress, wouldnt work elsewise. of course if you eliminate the dress there’s no need for it. the mugging is sort of annoying. looks ingenuous, sometimes, when it’s jennifer hudson not blowing a kiss, disingenuous here.

  • elzatelzabelz

    The dress makes her look all kinds of weird and fat, neither of which she is. Bad dress.

  • Oh no.  That is so unfortunate.  It is making her look awful.

  • Unflattering, but she is pretty girl :)))

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this is not her dress, but BOY is it refreshing to see an Olsen enjoying herself. That natural smile is the best accessory. 🙂

  • I think this looks way better than some of her outfits that you guys have given a WERQ to. I just don’t like her choices. I’m sorry, my dear gay uncles, but we don’t see eye to eye on this particular celebrity.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I don’t think this is any worse than anything else she’s worn.

  • Jai Mystery

    she looks 30 lbs heavier. It’s a lovely dress but it’s made for flat chested, hipless girls. Curves just throw it all off.  The way the bodice wrinkles should have warned her/her stylist.  One look at that waist division and I was thinking “Granny Panties” which is probably not the look she was going for.

    (And you guys usually jump all over guys who don’t have properly hemmed pants . . . . I’d love to see more comments about the gals’ hems too. Sure the RC dresses are usually loaners but all that extra material looks just as sloppy on women as it does on men)

  • Anonymous

    “Takes on the hue of old bras.”  YES.  And how on earth do two darling gay men know what old bras look like?  This is deeply troubling to me as I cannot imagine any stylish gay man being in the presence of ANY old bra and not running screaming into the street.   I think this dress makes her look too plump and round, which it would do on anyone who is not truly anorexic because it’s designed all wrong. 

  • It makes her look kind of chunky on top, and she is anything but chunky!

  • It flattens her chest in a weird way, which I think is partly to blame for turning her into a rectangle. In MMMM, you can see she is very busty, but it seems her undergarments have completely flattened them